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Summary: After saving Helena's life after a misstep as Huntress, Felicity is rewarded by Helena with a sexy romp, with her and Olli

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Helena Bertinelli/Oliver Queen

Codes: MFF, FF, Anal, Oral

Arrow: Alternative Timeline Part 19 - Wedding Gift Part 1
by The Chemist

"Good night, Mrs Queen," Walter Steele said as he poked his bald head into the CFO's office.

"Good night, Walter," the still beautiful for her age woman replied.

"Be sure to get some rest," he replied, giving her a last warm smile before departing.

Moira couldn't help but think the tall black man had feelings for her, but Walter was far too professional to let that cloud his mind during business. He was also gentlemanly enough to never make a move on a married woman, especially when said woman was his boss' wife. However, Walter always kept his flirtation, if it could be called that, subtle and small, just enough to flatter Moira but never to make her feel uncomfortable.

The CFO of Queen Consolidated would soon be following Walter's lead and leaving the office for the evening shortly. As she finished the file she was working on and closed it, she caught glimpse of the picture of her family and felt a swell of pride. She had a happy marriage to a great man, and finally her two children were over their rebellious phase with them now working and very much contributing to the family business.

"Life is good..."

Moira never got a chance to finish that thought as suddenly the large window to her right exploded into thousands of shards of glass. The blonde mother of two had enough time to stand and take notice of the medium-sized woman fully clothed in dark purple shaded pants and long leather jacket. Before she could even note the crossbow in her hand, the mask-wearing woman fired a bolt that took out the lamp on Moira's desk, rendering the office in even less light.

In the blink of an eye, the vigilante that the mainstream media was calling Huntress somehow had another bolt loaded in the piece, which was now aimed directly at Moira's heart. There seemed to be something oddly familiar but in a very fuzzy way about Huntress, but the panic she was experiencing somewhat stopped all thought.

"Moira Queen, you have failed Starling City," a feminine voice distorted by some type of technology stated. The older blonde thought briefly about making a move for the phone, a move Huntress guessed and soon another crossbow bolt was sent flying, knocking the phone off the desk. "Stand still."

"Please don't kill me," Moira said, panicked but still retaining some semblance of calm.

"That depends," Huntress spoke, almost in a taunting tone before snapping back into anger. "Tell me everything you know about the Undertaking!"

"Don't shoot. Please, I'm a mother! I have children," Moira said, reaching to pick up a picture of her family.

Moira was terrified, so that wasn't an act, but she was playing up how distracted by fear she was. In reality, the Queen Consolidated CFO was fairly calm if not calculating, her wheels turning about how to get herself out of this setting. Huntress was a killer and it would take the limited security staff minutes to reach her, and even then they likely couldn't help much against the murderous vigilante.

Moira was buying time, thinking of a way out until she saw something beside her on the ground. Luckily, when Huntress shot her phone off her desk, a little device that Curtis Holt down in R&D fell with it. Acting as though she was getting more comfortable on her knees, Moira palmed the small creation, took a breath then flipped the switch


"What the...."


As Huntress turned to look at the doorway behind her, Moira sprang into action. She was a proud gun owner so she quickly pivoted to the drawer on her right and pulled out a small firearm. With the automatic door closer having distracted Huntress, it allowed Moira to cock the pistol and get off a series of shots aimed at the leather-clad figure before she ducked tight behind her desk...and waited.

Moira found her cell phone a moment later and placed a call into 911, ordering help then called down to her security staff to send everyone. She realized that since the vigilante wasn't currently climbing over the desk and filling her arrows then a bullet, maybe more, had struck home. Listening, she could hear the faint grimacing and groaning from the female, but Moira still did not dare poke her head out yet.

"Ms. Queen! Ms. Queen," a commanding voice shouted as the door was thrown from its hinges. "It's your security team."

Finally brave enough to come out, Moira got to slightly unsteady legs and peered over the large wooden desk to where Huntress was last seen. Instead of finding the vigilante on the ground, Huntress must have somehow escaped, but she left behind a fair few pints of blood on the glass-covered floor of Moira Queen's office.

* * *

Felicity knew that her new job in charge of the IT department at Queen Consolidated would come with more responsibility, which correlated into longer hours. However, she wasn't complaining because she simply loved the work. In truth, it was the closest to her dream job that she could get.

Once more she left the office and noticed that both Moira Queen and Walter Steele's car were in the parking lot as well. As she climbed into her car, which she was finally able to trade up from an old clunker to a new, sleek model, she looked over her shoulder to back-up when something, actually a someone, caught her eye.


"Relax," a strangled feminine voice stated, the girl clearly in a good deal of pain as she laid on her side in Felicity's back seat. "I'm not going to hurt you Felicity."

"How do you know my name," the blonde retorted, shocked to have found the Huntress laying in her car.

Reaching up, the vigilante pulled off her mask and revealed her uncovered face. Felicity gasped as she recognized the killer known in the media as Huntress to really be Helena Bertinelli. Oliver's Helena...his fiance.

"Helena...oh wow," Felicity said, startled by the revelation. "You're bleeding."

"I don't need to be told that," Helena still had the strength to retain some of her wit. "And no, no hospitals. I knew you were thinking it. Drive towards the glades. There is an abandoned warehouse formerly belonging to my father. 5477 Jordan Drive. Go."

"Helena, you need a doctor."

"Felicity, losing strength. Just promise you'll take me to that location and nowhere else. Understand," the vigilante said with still some steel in her voice, though it was clearly weakening.

Felicity nodded her head after a second of thought and peeled out of the parking lot. Though she didn't like anything about the circumstances, she knew she had to listen. She did her best not to think about a potentially dying woman in her back seat, that said woman was both Olli's fiance and the murderous Huntress. Instead, she just drove.

* * *

Laurel Lance, known to only a select few as the Black Canary, sat in her lair watching the news. The headline on channel 52 read 'Attack on Queen Consolidated' and described how the masked vigilante made an unsuccessful attack on Moira Queen. Laurel didn't give it much thought, mainly because Helena's goal for tonight was information gathering, not killing.

"Excuse me...Laurel?!"

Black Canary, only in her civilian clothing with no mask, spun with gun loaded and ready to face her trespasser. As the panic died down, Laurel realized that it was a shocked looking Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen's part-time lover, standing in front of her. The eldest Lance girl didn't know what was more surprising; Felicity finding the lair she and Huntress used or the fact the meek nerd's clothing was covered in blood.

"Can you help? She's lost a lot of blood," Felicity explained, all while staring down the barrel of a gun.

Both girls let go of their utter surprise of seeing the other in such a random place and sprang to action. Within minutes they had Helena on a metal gurney with her top completely removed in order to work on the gunshot wound in her left shoulder. The way in which Laurel moved and the tools available let Felicity know that treating their own injuries was commonplace here.

And that was even before Laurel pulled out from a freezer chest a pint of blood marked 'HB' and fed an intravenous line into Helena's arm. Felicity kept her questions to herself, allowing Laurel to order her around as they worked frantically to save Huntress' life. Blood was transfused, the bullet was extracted and the wound was sealed, all in under an hour.

"Good job," Felicity told Laurel as she tied off the last of the stitches.

"Her heart's still ticking and the bleeding is stopped," Canary replied before pulling off her latex gloves. "Thank you for helping."

"I always wondered how I would react if I ever found my boss' fiance in my car bleeding," Felicity mused, looking around the basement of the warehouse.

"I figured this would be more of a shock for you," Laurel said, sitting on a stool. "But you're acting really cool."

"Well, although I'm not exactly a fan of the manner in which she deals with all the criminals in this town, it's nice to know someone is punishing white collar criminals who ruin thousands of lives and aren't held accountable," Felicity answered.

"Listen, she's gonna be out for awhile yet and I'm gonna stay with her. Head home, get some rest and forget about this."

"Forget about this? How? Her blood is still in my car, on my clothes. I know Helena is Huntress and you, the Black Canary! And I'm suppose to lose my memories all of a sudden," Felicity pondered. "I feel like more explaining is needed."

"And I will...but not tonight. That I promise you. Any questions you have, we'll answer," Laurel agreed honestly. "And I think we both know that this needs to stay quiet."

"Yes, of course. But if it's all the same to you, I think I'd like to stay, wait to see how she's doing," the girl in glasses replied. "I feel invested."

Laurel gave her a comforting smile and nodded her head in ascent. "Showers are down that way, spare cloth in either of the rooms along the way. If you're hungry or thirst, we have an improvised kitchen down there."

* * *

"Well I guess I didn't die," Helena murmured groggily without trying to sit up.

Laurel and Felicity both came rushing over to see the gorgeous vigilante, but this time they both wore smiles for the first time in hours since Felicity brought her in. They caught up Helena on everything that happened while she was recovering, how the blonde nerd hacked the police crime lab to have the blood sample collected from Moira's office destroyed.

"Thank you," Huntress said, getting help as she sat up. "Now, go ahead with your questions. I know you have a lot of them."

"Why were you going to kill Moira Queen," Felicity didn't hesitate.

"I wasn't. I was trying to scare answers out of her about something called The Undertaking, which she may be involved in," Helena answered.

"Does Oliver know? About Huntress," Felicity asked, flowing right into the next one.

"We each have our little secrets," Helena answered. "For me, I clean up the city at night. For Olli, he uses his evenings to sleep with half of Starling City...including yourself."

"Helena, look, I'm..." Felicity started stammering, nervous beyond belief.

"Relax little kitten, I'm not upset and going to take vengeance. I have my secrets from Olli, just like he has his from mine. To me, that makes us even," the taller brunette explained.

"Okay, that's enough of the Q&A for now," Laurel cut in, noting the increasing amount of grimacing and the still pale complexion of the injured girl's skin. "Felicity, we appreciate your help, more than you can know, but I'm kicking you out. Helena, you are lying that fine bottom back down on that bed and getting more rest."

* * *

Felicity was happy that all this happened Friday night, since she didn't think she could handle seeing Oliver the morning after finding out his fiance was the Huntress. Could she still? Did she even want to? These questions and more floated through her head, which was why she didn't want to see him, at least not until she had things figured out.

However, things rarely went as planned when it came to Felicity and Oliver Queen. Sunday morning her phone buzzed with a text message from Olli, telling her to be at his family house at 2pm. She tried to lie and explain she couldn't, being as she was still conflicted with the Helena revelation, but he didn't give her any wiggle room. With no other choice, she ate, showered and changed before heading over.

"Ms. Smoak? I'm surprised to see you here," Oliver's father said as he greeted his new head of IT at his company. "Is everything at Queen Consolidated?"

However, before Felicity could answer him in some made-up excuse for why she was there for a booty call from his engaged son, Helena spoke. "Oh sorry Robert, I invited her. Felicity, come on up, please."

Felicity gave the older man another friendly smile before climbing the stairs and was led into Oliver's large bedroom. She'd been in there countless times since she and Olli started hooking up, but never with Helena present. As she followed, she couldn't help but note that Huntress seemed impressively recovered, not favoring her injured shoulder and the color had come back to her, well as much as her normally ivory complexion contained.

"So, you wanted me here? Oh my God! Your shoulder! There's no wound," Felicity gasped, even running her fingers over the location that Moira Queen had shot her 36 hours ago.

"Yes. Will I spent time on this remote island in the South Pacific, I discovered this miracle herb that, when applied to a fresh wound, accelerates healing greatly and immediately," Helena explained. "How else do you think I could keep all the rigors of being a vigilante from my fiance?"

"Touche," the blonde agreed.

"And I invited you for two reasons," the woman secretly known as Huntress continued. "The first is to thank you..."

Felicity saw the woman leaning in towards her but she still didn't believe Helena was coming to kiss her until the taller woman's lips were pressing against hers. As if she was no longer in control of her own body, the blonde with the thick ass seemed to melt into Helena's form. As Helena opened her mouth, so too did Felicity until their tongues were mingling and the depth of their kissing increased.

The blonde had no idea how much time had eclipsed, not that she cared. She just allowed herself to kiss and be kissed the the taller vigilante, allowing Helena to show her appreciation to the thick-rumped IT girl who had saved her life two nights ago. The kissing just felt right, everything about it was perfect. The softness of Helena's lips, the hunger of her tongue digging in her mouth and the grazing her hands were doing over her body.

"Mhmm...And the second," Felicity murmured in almost a dream-like trance.

"To give Olli my early wedding gift to him."

Felicity didn't immediately understand the other woman's comment and before she could spend a great deal of time thinking about it, lips were being used on the nape of her neck. It didn't take Helena long to use her hands for roaming the thicker girl's body to then using them to remove clothing. First was Felicity's shirt, followed by her bra at which point Huntress' mouth latched onto one of the free nipples.

"Mhmm...yes," Felicity moaned.

Having her small but perky tits sucked on seemed to wake the sexual beast within Felicity. She had felt the release of tightness of her denim shorts as Helena had undone the button on them but before she could pull them off the blonde, Felicity had reached down and pulled the taller woman's dress up over her head, leaving her in only her purple thong.

The woman known as Huntress by the media was pleased that the shorter girl was getting ramped up by the excitement, but she wanted to remind Felicity that she wasn't in control, Helena was. She felt the MIT grad to remove her thong, but the vigilante beat her to the punch by hooking strong hands onto Felicity's jean shorts and pulling down.

"God...that ass really makes these shorts work hard," Helena mused as she needed all her strength to get the garment over Felicity's mountainous booty.

Huntress didn't know if her conquest hadn't worn panties to Oliver's at all or if they were removed with her shorts. Regardless, the blonde now stood in front of her stark naked, without even some peach fuzz in front of her sex. Helena's eyes couldn't stop staring at her bald pussy, making her lips look even pinker...and the need to taste her grew too strong.

"Oh! Oh, God! Oh God, yes!"

Felicity was no longer thinking about the vile things Huntress was accused of, or what if Olli came into the room, or anything else other than Helena's tongue licking through her snatch. Looking down, the nerdy girl saw her new lover's face dipped between her legs with what can only be described as smiling back up at Felicity with her eyes.

Over and over she directed her tongue to orally assault, in the most pleasurable way possible, the other girl's sex. Helena let her wet muscle lick through her folds, flick her clit and dip into her hole, all in random timings and bursts. Felicity was rendered to a standing, moaning figure, one hand rubbing her own breast and the other holding Helena's head between her legs.

"Come here," Helena said.

With a sudden burst of speed, Felicity was thrown down onto the bed by the much stronger girl, who had to only pivot on her knees to stay with her face buried in Felicity's lap. The standing position was sexy and all, but to better access the blonde's soaking wet hole, Helena needed her laying down on her back.

Felicity propped herself up on her elbows to view the action once more, but her arms nearly buckled seconds later as Helena spent the next long while digging her tongue deep inside Felicity. Once more the blonde used her hands to knead her round globes, occasionally twisting her nipples to make them harder, an act that was both a little painful and pleasurable.

"Oh my God...just like that," Felicity encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Helena pushing her tongue inside her.

Even though Helena knew this was exactly what Felicity wanted, she didn't give it to her all the time. Instead she would do a rapid series of licks through her folds before latching her lips around her clit and sucking. This drew a sudden cry from the shorter blonde, whose eyes constantly locked with Helena's, unless they were shut hard as she screamed in delight.

With the combination of the surprisingly experienced girl stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Felicity stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Helena sought to pleasure her only added to the sudden onslaught of her own orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"You're trembling baby. I think you're going to cum for me soon, aren't you," Huntress asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"Yes...keep going," Felicity pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being cooed from the thrashing blonde as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Knowing she could accomplish that whenever she wanted to give it to her date, Helena decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later. After all, this was only ever meant to be a little taste, an appetizer for the rest of the day that was to follow.

Not delaying the inevitable, Helena drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them in her and began pulling upwards. She felt the familiar ache in her forearm as usual while her fingertips relentlessly assaulted the smaller girl's G-spot, a move that was always received with 100% success when performed on her usual partner, Laurel Lance.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Felicity screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that the blonde was done cumming, Helena pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and put them on her own tongue. Felicity's cum tasted even sweeter than her usual pussy juices, which was why she savored the cum on her fingers, sucking them deeply so she didn't miss a single drop.

Felicity was still basking in the after-orgasm bliss that washed over her mind and body, unknotting ever muscle fiber and relaxing her every thought, when she felt herself being moved. Helena's appetite apparently was satiated with only munching Felicity's pussy for the last while, as now she was rolling the blonde over onto her stomach so her thick ass was now facing upwards.

"Glorious! Truly glorious," Helena gushed, her hands running over the large, rounded surface of Felicity's highly impressive rump.

Felicity went to thank the gorgeous dark-haired girl but her words were cut off by a hard, double-handed slap to both cheeks. It didn't hurt despite being delivered by the vigilante, but it succeeded in both causing her giant ass to quake and begin to redden.

As if the spank was just a warm up, this time when Helena did the slap again she kept her hands on the large rump and pulled the two cheeks outwards to expose her adorable looking butthole. Helena smiled as the crinkled hole gave way just slightly, a tell-tale sign that the MIT grad was no strange to backdoor loving. With a wide grin, Huntress extended her tongue and ran it directly over the hole and felt it pulse against her tastebuds.

"Shit! Why do I love having my asshole licked so much," Felicity mused through another series of moans.

It made Helena wet thinking that the girl who her future husband was fucking regularly was getting off having her ass played with. While normally she wouldn't have gone right to rimming a new lover on their first hook-up, Felicity's ass was just to gorgeous to not try wiggling her tongue in ASAP. Helena kept her tongue wagging over the tight hole after the successful first lick, getting more of her taste on her buds.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," the vigilante asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Felicity responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the bedroom without regard if anyone outside in the hallway heard her due to the amazing work of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of the sexy Huntress, the blonde allowed her to use her however they wished.

However, Helena only got a little more time in eating out her asshole before the vigilante heard the squeak of a floorboard right outside the room. Felicity hadn't heard it, nor did she hear the faint creak of the door hinges as they opened up. Helena didn't stop her rimjob, even though her peripheral vision told her that a large, broad shouldered man was standing in the doorway now.

"Helena! Felicity," Oliver nearly screamed as he opened his bedroom door and saw the scene on his bed. Hurriedly he stepped into the room and quickly closed the door behind himself, locking it as well. "What is happening?"

"Oh my, Olli! Can you believe the rump on this one," Helena cooed, her hands never leaving Felicity's large and firm ass.

"Helena invited me," Felicity stated, raising her head from being buried in the pillows to address her boss and secret lover, her face reddening already.

"So, are you just going to stand there with that goofy look on that handsome face, or are you going to come enjoy the wedding gift your soon-to-be wife got you," Helena asked. "Now come on, don't keep us waiting."

By the time Oliver had walked to the edge of the bed, both girls were kneeling, waiting for him. Naturally he kissed Helena first, after all he had no idea how she got the idea for a threesome involving his prime mistress of all people. He was curious if they hooked up like this often because as he kissed Helena, she undid all the buttons on his dress shirt and Felicity seamlessly pulled it off his shoulders.

He may have been taking completely by surprise, but Olli's primitive urges were still fully functioning. His hand dipped between Helena's legs and felt the massive dampness between her thighs, his two fingers having no problem pumping into her sex. He could feel Felicity's kisses on his back as her tits pressed into him as well, all while her hands undid his belt then loosened his pants.

"So, are there any rules," Olli asked, knowing that some ex-girlfriends had some strange guidelines to use when in a threesome.

"Yeah, fuck us," Helena mused with a smile. "But since you ask, and since I'll be your wife, you make me cum first and then we play with our new toy together."

Oliver didn't saw anything else, he didn't need to. Twisting his body so that he could kiss Felicity now, he began to finger her sex as well with his free hand. Both girls were taking their turns to moan into his mouth as they danced with their tongues, all while he pumped each of them as foreplay.

Helena succeeded in getting his pants halfway down his thighs, far enough so that his thick, 8-inch cock sprang free. She was bent down onto her elbows and knees the next moment, taking his tip and the first several inches into her mouth before bobbing on that much length. Felicity had come around beside Helena so that she could reach out and fondle Olli's nuts as his fiance blow him.

"Glllggg...hhgglll," Helena gurgled as her future husband's cock repeatedly poked the back of her throat.

Oliver rested a hand on his wife's head as his other was wrapped around Felicity's as the two work colleagues kissed deeply. It felt like such a rush to show Felicity such passion and desire all while his wife was in the bed with him, filling the room with her noise blowjob.

"Come share with me Felicity," Helena urged.

"Gladly," the blonde retorted.

Oliver took the slight pause to get down onto his back and perch himself up on his elbows after doing away with his trousers. Felicity and Helena were now on opposite sides of him, his wife holding the base of his member so he stood straight up before the girls, as if they had rehearsed it, began licking their side of his cock.

Their licks evolved into them each running their lips over his cock in such away that they were actually touching each other as they rode their mouths up and down his tool. Their upper lips constantly bobbed the length of his underbelly while their tongue and bottom lips glided along the harder topside.

"Here, take my husband, your boss," Helena told Felicity.

Helena was well aware that Felicity had gone down on Oliver countless times, but she was putting the show on for his benefit. The blonde played along, opening her mouth and accepting Olli into her wet opening and immediately closed her lips and began bobbing. He was thick and long, a combination insuring she would only be able to fit just over half his length into her mouth at one time, which he seemed to appreciate.

As she handed him back to Helena, who went back to nearly gagging on his awesome size, Felicity bent lower so she could tongue Olli's nuts. She knew from vast experience that Oliver loved having his balls played with, and it made it all the better that it happened all while still being blown.

"Now this time Felicity, take him down," Helena explained, at which point Felicity bobbed her head until his tip hit the back of her throat. "And hold him until he chokes you."

Felicity went along with her decree, past the point where she normally would have pulled him out of her mouth. She felt saliva start to drip from her mouth, running down Olli's cock and coating it as she gave a small but sexy cough then retreated back up his length.

"God that was hot," Helena cooed, reaching over to kiss Felicity overtop her husband's cock as she stroked the now well-lubricated meatpole with gusto.

Olli couldn't help but rest back and enjoy the show. The two girls had lowered their kissing, which had transformed into a series of tongue wagging at each other so that his bulbous head was caught in the crossfire. The girls continued to dart their wet muscles around, licking his cock as often as finding each other. Occasionally they would ignore him altogether to traditionally make out with each other, but they never left his dick orally unattended for very long.

"I think you should fuck us now," Helena said with a wide smile.

"Absolutely," Olli replied, just as excitedly.

Helena didn't give her fiance the chance to get up as she was already throwing a long leg around his lap to straddle him. From her positioning on the side, Felicity made herself usefully by grabbing Olli's spit-covered dick and lining it up with Helena's cunt. When the Huntress felt him in position, she sat down, descending all the way until all 8 inches resided in her wet furnace.

"Oh God, fuck that's good," Helena shrieked in pleasure.

Helena soon fell into a good rhythm, rocking her athletic body up and down his full length and cooing the whole time. Felicity stayed just behind them, rubbing Olli's nuts as his future wife rode his cock. Her pussy looked tight as her lips hugged his member tightly, but with each passing minute the vigilante started to ride him harder and faster.

Felicity couldn't get over how much of a screamer Helena was. Olli must have been hitting all the right spots with his cock, not to mention his lips latching onto one of Helena's nipples was probably adding up as well. However, Olli soon took control, his strong hands on Helena's ass controlling her now, making her go slow and ride every inch.

"Taste it, now," Olli demanded from Felicity.

The blonde nerd waited for Olli to slowly drag Helena's pussy up his shaft until it popped free with a wet pop. As soon as it was clear she wrapped her lips around his head and bobbed downwards, her taste buds become flooded with Helena's pussy juice. Knowing her role was to sample the good and probably to add more lube for his fiance's tight snatch, Felicity did just that before placing his cock back in the brunette's hole.

"Awwhh...fuck yes," Helena screamed again as his cock drilled up into her.

Felicity couldn't help but admit that the pair made a sexy couple, and without thinking Felicity found her hand tucked between her meaty thighs and rubbing her snatch. Watching as Olli's thick prick continued to rocket upwards, in perfect rhythm with her thudding back down onto his lap, Felicity began rubbing her slit faster and faster.

"Oh my God! Yes! Keep fucking me," Helena shrieked, her hands curling tightly onto the bedsheets.

Olli's cock continued to be a flesh-colored blur as he thrust upwards into her cunt. He was giving it to her as hard as Felicity ever remembered him ever fucking, but apparently that was exactly what his fiance wanted and needed. Her face was reddening from the constant stream of moaning, her knuckles were turning white from the death grip she clutched the sheets with.

"I don't think she's gonna last much longer," Felicity mused to Olli, her mouth pressing over his as her fingers rubbed her own snatch.

As much as Felicity wanted to speed things along by reaching her finger down between their bodies and swiping at the girl's sensitive nub, she couldn't. Their thrashing bodies were simply going to damn fast and chaotic, so the blonde had to content herself with kissing the bearded man in front of his fiance and playing with her own sex.

"Shhiittt...really not...mhmmm....gonna...cum...awwwhh...close," Helena screamed.

"Go real deep Olli," the MIT grad instructed, not that he really needed the tip.

The billionaire did just that, continuing his assault from under his fiance so his pelvis constantly thrust up. The brunette was more than pleased to repeatedly accept his girthy 8-inch cock inside her pussy, his cock tip grinding against her G spot each time. Finally, unable to sustain such a repetitive force for too long, Helena took one sharp breath in and felt a tingling run up her spine than explode outwards.

"OHHHH YYEEESSS...SSSHHIITTT," Helena swore as she came.

The bearded man continued to slowly fuck his fiance, coating as much of his dick in her juices as he could before pulling out. He knew from experience that Felicity was gaining more and more appreciation for lesbian theatrics so when he presented her with his cock, completely coated in Helena's cum, she took it gleefully and sucked him dry with vigor.

"God that's a tasty pussy," Felicity cooed as Helena joined her a moment later. "Here, try."

Helena had no issue sucking on his dick that was coated in her own cum, extending her tongue to make a few swirls over his head before descending down his length. Felicity stayed close by, in fact her face was tilted lower so her tongue could lick at the portion of flesh that the brunette couldn't fit in her gullet as they worked as a team again.

"I guess that makes it my turn now," Felicity reasoned after the pair finished sucking him.

This time Olli wasn't content to just lay back and have the action done on him. Rolling over, he placed Felicity down so her perky tits and face rested on the mattress but with her knees under her so that big, beautiful ass was pointed up in the air. He stood above her then squatted down, his cock in hand as he lined it up with her waiting pink snatch.

"Oh no, Olli. When a girl has an ass this perfect you don't waste it by merely fucking her pussy," Helena explained before grabbing his cock and lining it up with Felicity's asshole. "You show her the proper respect and only plow her booty."

Apparently Helena didn't want the third wheel in their relationship to have any lube as she was assfucked by a thick cock. Luckily for Felicity, her asshole was still rimmed in Helena's spit from earlier, while Olli's cock was coated in a thick layer of the two ladies' spit. It also would help that Felicity was used to getting reamed in her giant rump on the regular for the last half a year.

With his cock already in position, Olli squatted down even further to test out her anal sphincter, which soon gave way after a brief fight. Her asshole always felt like a soft vice, not painful as it squeezed his cock for all it was worth though. For her part, Felicity was accustomed to anal sex so even the initial penetration was only a slight discomfort, especially when he stopped after pushing in with several inches.

"Holy God above, yes," Felicity cooed as Olli started thrusting in with more speed, using half his length.

"I know you were a butt slut when I was rimming you," Helena smiled before kissing the sodomized girl. ""You must really love my fiance's big cock stretching out your ass."

Felicity managed to nod her head as her mouth was currently being used to moan and scream in bliss. Olli knew her well so kept the pace to a reasonable pace as he continued to push deeper and deeper. Felicity smiled all the while, Helena kissing her neck as she took his big dick in her ass until finally they felt his full ball sack tap against her ass cheeks.

"What a fucking ass! Taking such a thick cock all the way," Helena said excitedly, now kneeling up so she could watch her fiance's tool constantly disappear fully inside her bowels. "Show me how much it gapes."

Olli smiled at his future wife before telling her to grip Felicity's mountainous ass cheeks and pull them apart. When she complied, Oliver spiked down one last time into the other girl's ass before pulling back sharply and leaving her grip completely. Helena had a perfect bird's eye view to look down and see the blonde's wide hole hang open a good inch and half before it slowly started to seal back up.

The bearded man saw the glee in his fiance's eyes as she watched Felicity's hole open so he decided to give it to her again. After pushing his member back inside her rectum and fucking her deeply several times, Olli pulled back out and showed his future wife the massive gape. Helena loved how it went from flesh-colored to pink-purple and finally to utter darkness.

"God! I love when you stretch me out," Felicity cooed after another series of jackhammer thrusts before his pulling out.

Oliver seemed to satisfy his fiance's love for looking down into the blackness of Felicity's asshole, as she was now sitting further back so she could caress and kiss her new sex partner. That suited the billionaire just fine, as well as Felicity, as he entered her once more and wouldn't exit her booty until he was ready to cum.

Olli resumed his deep strides but now was going harder, not quite as hard as he did when fucking Helena, but close. He knew Felicity could not only handle the pace, but thrive due to it, which she was demonstrating in front of Helena now.

"Keep fucking her ass so she can cum," Helena said rushed to Olli, as if he didn't recognize the signs from his favorite mistress.

"Lick her pussy," Olli encouraged, fucking with more wild strokes. "Help her cum so I can too."

Feeling like the orgasms of the two others was solely on her shoulders, the horny brunette rolled off the bed so that she could come up from behind the fucking pair then squirm her way under both sets of legs. Her pussy was wide open and she could still see her fiance's cock pummelling her large ass as Helena made a seal around her friend's clit then bat at the nub relentlessly with her tongue. That was until Felicity suddenly tossed her golden blonde hair back and let out a howl that could indicate only one thing.


Felicity came like a freight train, harder than usual as it combined the best aspects of being with a man and a woman. Helena's tongue dancing along her slit helped greatly, as did the way his cock seemed to fill her bowels without ever hurting.

Now knowing that both girls had hit their orgasm, Oliver found his resistance was broken as well. After several more hard thrusts, the billionaire grunted in an animalistic fashion before burying his manhood as deep as possible in her rectum.

Felicity could feel his cock twitching against the smooth walls of her colon before he squirted his warm load into her ass. Having him cream inside her asshole was a big-time favorite of hers, as she loved the feel of her boss and lover pumping his seed inside her. As he pulled out after spending over drop, the blonde was smacked with an idea. She took a step further up the bed until it was now her bum hovering over Helena, rather than her pussy.

"Say awwhhh babe," Felicity told her as she pushed, not thinking that it may be something Helena didn't want.

Helena didn't know what she meant until she opened her eyes. She had just enough time to make sure Felicity's gaping asshole and her own mouth were perfectly in line. No sooner did her lips form a perfect "O" did Olli's cum come leaking out of her bum. To her credit Helena didn't spill a drop before she swallowed down like she always did.

Wondering how she would react to having a woman she barely knew squirt a lod of jizz into her mouth directly from her used asshole, Felicity watched as Helena got to her knees and stared at her. Her emotionless face soon broke into a wide grin, and finally Felicity's heart started beating again as the Huntress was no longer intimidating her.

"That was so fucking sexy," Helena celebrated, giving Felicity a deep kiss as a reward for her awesome idea.

"Holy crap ladies," Olli spoke up finally. "That was a hell of a wedding gift."

"Just wait for the wedding night, stud," Helena said to her fiance with a wink.


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