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Summary: Felicity sees Sara and Nyassi enjoying themselves with Slade and two other men. Reminders her how unhappy she is about the Oliver twist. Leaves the party early before Kara joins. Not seeing Kara and sensing something wrong with how their is some people from NAtional City around, Kara leaves in search of Felicity. Sara and Nyassi fuck Slade (Nyassi decides to lose anal virginity to a man - Sara had been doing it for awhile) while Sara entertains the other 2

Pairings: Nyassi/Slade Wilson, Sara Lance/2 Guys

Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, Oral, Orgy

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 13 - After Party
by The Chemist

"Loosen up babe," Sara Lance said to her friend. "No one died."

"I know," Felicity Smoak replied, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

After signing the paperwork for Queen Consolidated to take over Isabel Rochev's company, the Russian did the customary thing and threw a party for Felicity. Oliver had sent his personal assistant to Russia in his stead, making it look as though he was trying to get the deal done quietly and secretively.

So far Oliver's plan was working out...for the most part. By tipping off Kara Danvers of Catco Media, she followed Felicity to Russia to get the scoop, but not of Queen Consolidated buying the dirty company. As he hoped, Maxwell Lord got wind of the fake takeover and launched his own hostile bid.

"Her heart is broken, my love," Nyassi Al Ghul answered, coming over to the other two women.

However, Oliver didn't factor in Felicity overseeing him hooking up with a random girl, Alex Danvers, after giving the brainy girl his word that he wanted to settle down with her as his only mistress. On the bright side though, Maxwell Lord was currently buying Isabel's company as she distracted Felicity with the party. Not only would Maxwell be out a billion dollars once the authorities caught wind of the dirty transaction, but his fairly pristine reputation would be ruined as a bonus.

Which was why Oliver called in a favor and had Sara and Nyassi come to Russia and act as Felicity's personal bodyguards. Trained killers from the school of the League of Assassins, the brainy MIT grad couldn't be in safer hands. And while Felicity wasn't able to enjoy the party, the two beautiful women were easily able to.

"Felicity, you know that we love Oli but he is who he is. He is a womanizer and likely a sex addict as well. He probably had the best of intentions but at the end of the day, changing is hard and I'm not sure Oli is able to," Sara comforted the girl.

"Come dance with us," the dark-haired girl offered. "It will help."

"Maybe in a minute or two," Felicity replied.

Luckily for Felicity, her two escorts left her alone to go off dancing with a trio of men that they took turns with the whole night. The personal assistant easily recognized one of them as Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev's number 2. His eye patch made him stand out, as did his tall, dark and handsome good looks and a physique that would make weightlifters impressed.

Leaving his two associates with the gorgeous blonde and her lesbian lover, Slade came back over to Felicity and continued to flirt with the brainy girl. It started in the limo on the ride from the airport with the couple even kissing before Felicity rejected his efforts. She was so broken hearted though that the thought of hooking up with the handsome older man didn't even cross her mind.

"Not leaving so soon are you," he spoke in his accented voice.

"I'm afraid so. I'm not feeling myself, you know," the blonde replied.

"Well your adsense is our lost," Slade retorted.

Even though Oliver had lectured her on how mad Maxwell Lord would be for getting screwed into this deal, Felicity threw caution to the wind. Looking one last time at her bodyguards, who were currently dancing a few feet apart each with their own man, Felicity decided against robbing them of fun and started the trek back to her room, which was only a few floors below.

It was only happenstance that prevented the gorgeous MIT grad from running into the National City reporter. After her threesome with the two bouncers to get into the private party, Kara Danvers went to the bathroom to tidy herself up. And of course it was during this minute or two that Felicity descended the staircase and walked by the recently laid men, who still checked out her unbelievably meaty ass.

"I believe I will choose that gorgeous one-eyed man to sodomize me," Nyassi said to her lesbian lover.

"Really?! You naughty girl," the blonde retorted, playfully slapping the other woman.

"Yes well, I've been enjoying you taking a more dominate role lately and using that strap-on you fancy so much. I figured it is time to see how a man feels," the brunette added.

As Slade left Felicity and came back over to the two women, Sara gave her lover a smile as Nyassi separated and pulled the Aussie to the side for some dancing, which was little more than the pair grinding their fit bodies against each other. The second Sara was alone, the two associates of Slade Wilson sought her out, with one dancing against her front and the other pressing his crotch against her plump ass.

"Where is she," Kara thought as she finally joined the party.

Looking around, Kara scanned the face until she settled onto three that she knew from their earlier interactions with Felicity. The two girls that had been with the personal assistant were out on the dance floor with the blonde dancing as the meat in a Russian man sandwich while the dark-haired girl was slow dancing with the one-eyed man.

"I want to feel you in my ass for the first time," Nyassi spoke into Slade's ear.

"Yeah? Well I would very much like to fuck your tight little behind," the Aussie replied. "Follow me."

Taking the striking dark-haired girl by the hand, Slade led her off the dance floor and to the back of the private room. Using his master keycard, the one-eyed man opened up a door that led to a small sitting room. Hot on their heels were Sara and her two Russian escorts as well, who closed the door behind them to keep the party limited to the five of them.

Slade passed by the bar and continued to the leather love seat in the center of the room, sitting down as Nyassi instantly climbed on his lap, straddling him. Meanwhile as the pair started kissing, one of the Russians poured Sara a glass of champagne, which he swiped from the wet bar, while they both used their hands to rub each of the blonde's meaty thighs.

"I poshel na khuy tak tyazhelo," the man to Sara's left spoke in Russian.

"I'm going to assume that means you like my legs," the blonde replied as his fingertips run along her inner thigh, almost brushing her panties.

"Close...he said he is going to fuck you so hard," the other man clarified. "And I can't wait to do likewise either."

Sara couldn't help but laugh at the comment but when she looked across at him with her large hazel eyes she watched as he ducked his head down towards her. She couldn't wait to feel his lips press against hers as the endorphin high from a night full of dancing, the multiple tequila shots or actual finding him attractive cause the blonde to need to feel him.

The pair tilted their heads to the side and Sara accepted the kiss from the man. It started softly but in short order they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other. His mouth felt warm and tasted vaguely of salty lemons, likely due to the tequila. As they continued to make out on the large sofa, Sara felt hands begin to roam her tight body.

"Mhmmm," the trained assassin moaned as hands closed around her tits.

Starting at her flat stomach, she felt strong hands run up the silky material of the little black dress and over her perky tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the blonde so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face.

"Come," the other man beckoned, apparently exhausting his knowledge of English words.

And it was at this point that Sara realized that it wasn't her kissing partner who had been feeling her up and kneading her boobs, not that she cared whatsoever. Upon hearing the other man, apparently named Igor, the pair broke off the kiss, allowing Sara to twist around with hands still rubbing her upper thigh. Igor wasted no more time as he moved his hands from her tits to her face, pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

Sara allowed herself to be controlled by the two horny men...for now. With her face being devoured by Igor, her tongue was fighting with his as his hands moved back down to grip her tits. Meanwhile behind her, Sergei got more adventurous and was now rubbing her dampening twat through her underwear, causing her to moan into the other man's mouth.

"What have I found here," Sara joked as each of her hands rubbed over their crotches.

Knowing that their own pleasure was within reach, the men stopped groping Sara so that they could pull their pants down over their ass. The blonde didn't delay as she licked the palm of each hand before taking them both in a light fist. Of course they were both hard from their shared makeout session and now it was their turn to groan as she stroked their dicks simultaneously.

While Sara was jerking off the two Russians, Nyassi had Slade Wilson all to herself. Normally exclusively a lesbian, as she and Sara experimented more and more with dildos and toys, Nyassi got more curious about fucking a man. Usually she was the dominate one with her American lover, but lately she let Sara fuck her and now she was curious as to how being with a man would differ.

"My God you are a fierce creature," Slade complimented.

They continued to kiss with raw emotion that spoke volumes of their sexual chemistry despite their brief time together. They were also being very active with their hands as Nyassi used hers to run through his neatly cut hair plus over his ripped chest and abs which made her wet in excitement. Better then just feeling them through clothes, the Daughter of the Demon decided the shirt must go as well.

After breaking just long enough for his dress shirt to be ripped from his ridiculously chiseled body, Slade got in on the undressing as well. He rapped his fist in her flowing locks and pulled lightly, forcing her head to tilt backwards. As his mouth attacked her neck with passionate kisses, his hands pulled her dress straps from her shoulders before the garment settled around her flat stomach.

"Mhmm...yes," Nyassi moaned as his lips latched onto one of her nipples.

Not only had Slade pulled her dress down so that he could suck on her tits in alternating fashion, but he pulled the dress up from the bottom as well. The muscular man immediately got the impression that she clearly worked out often as his hands kneaded her tight ass. How his monster cock would fit into such a well-formed booty was a mystery but one that Slade was sure he'd solve.

Disrobing had progressed on the other sofa as well with Sara also finding her skirt pushed up her legs and bunched around her stomach. It was the Russian speaking man Igor on his knees, doing a surprisingly good job of licking her bare twat, while Sara's mouth was busy blowing the other man.

"Da...ya...suck my cock," the more English speaking Sergei grunted.

Unlike Nyassi, Sara was a girl that swung both ways regularly. Though the dark-haired girl was her girlfriend and soulmate, she still had permission to fuck around, which she did with both sexes often. Therefore, as she sat on the sofa with legs spread wide and her body pivoted to the right, she bobbed her head along the Russian's cock in a practiced and very pleasing manner.

Sergei was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool and Sara was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 8 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet...well get wetter. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the sexy assassin sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

"Your friend seems to like being naughty and sucking cock," Slade commented, taking a rare break from suckling at her tits. "Is that a trait you both share?"

Nyassi had forgotten all about her soulmate entertaining the two younger men over on the sofa not 10 feet from where she sat on Slade Wilson's lap. Looking over, the Daughter of the Demon had a view of her lover getting eaten out by one while she crammed nearly half the large dick in front of her into her skilled mouth.

"You shall soon see," Nyassi replied.

Slade smiled wide and gave her firm booty a playful slap before the beautiful woman slipped off his lap and settled on her knees upon the ground. As she knelt between his legs, the shirtless Australian deftly undid his belt and had his pants around his ankles so that Nyassi was a foot away from his cock.

"My Lord...this is one exquisite penis," the dark-haired woman commented.

Nyassi was still marveling at Slade's impressive manhood when her subconscious kicked in. Instinctively her hand reached out and gripped his tool firmly but still gently and she began stroking him. If she wasn't off in her own world then the brunette would have heard the man much older man moan when her soft palm and delicate fingers picked up the tempo of her handjob.

The trained killer glided her fist on his cock a few more times before allowing her hand to finish her stroke on his member before letting it rest at the base so that her skin was touching the trimmed patch of pubic hair he had. Slade watched as her eyes began to close the closer her head got to his lap until finally her mouth slightly opened.

"Oh God that's good," Slade grunted as her full lips contacted his tip.

Nyassi had given blow jobs in the past, although they had all been to inanimate objects like Sara's strap-on dildo and even then she could count on one hand each time she had done one. However, if there was one thing Nyassi was, it was confident. Having seen her lover do them countless times to herself when she wore the toy, she reversed that line of thought

Slade didn't know why his sexy vixen had stopped with her lips only encircling his crown, but he didn't have to wonder long. Opening her mouth wide, Nyassi swallowed back half his length before closing her mouth and gliding her lips backwards, all the way over his crown. The dark-haired girl picked up speed and eagerness with each bob, going faster and though she wasn't deep-throating Slade's monster manhood, she was not far off.

"That's my girl Nyassi," Sara cheered from the other furniture.

Sara had a brief break as the Russian who was eating her out got to his feet and finished taking off his pants that he had undone earlier. The blonde was displeased with Igor having stopped pleasuring her, but she rolled with the punches and pulled her own talented mouth away from the other man on the sofa with her.

During the intermission Sara had given her lover the encouragement, the sight of a cock in Nyassi's mouth for the first time ever causing the Starling City native to get even hornier. Sergei had also gotten off the seat to get his own pants off so Sara was able to climb onto the middle of the couch onto her hands and knees.

"My God, your American ass is so thick and round," Sergei marveled, his hands kneading the soft flesh.

"That better have been a compliment," the blonde retorted with a smile.

Sergei had already shifted into position behind the Starling City girl whose ass was only bested by Felicity, which was the definition of perfection. With a hand on his cock and another on Sara's hips to stop her from wiggling her delight ass enticingly, the English-speaking Russian slid his lengthy tool into her wet twat.

The Russian went slow at first, working in the first third of his length and stroking that a few times. However, Sara was wet and though she was rather tight, she loosened up nicely in a short amount of time. In no time at all, Sergei cock was flying into the American girl with her pussy gripping tightly to his pumping tool.

"," the other Russian spoke.

The blonde didn't have to be instructed twice, in fact she would have started blowing him sooner if she hadn't been wrapped up in how good it felt to have a thick cock pounding into her wanting cunt. Focused back on the dick in front of her face, the gorgeous Starling City girl formed a wide O with her mouth and swallowed half his manhood, only stopping as it poked the back of her throat.

Sara felt like a dirty whore as two men she had known for barely a couple of hours used her at both ends for their own pleasure. However, rather than feeling gross by it, she was loving it! She didn't think a soul alive would be able to deepthroat Igor's thick manhood, however she was doing her best to please him by taking as much of him into her mouth, even nearly gagging herself in the process. She knew enough Russian to know his words told her she was doing a very good job, but she had to give some credit to Sergei, who was making her moan, which just made the blowjob all that much better.

"Yes...aawhhh...give me that dick," Sara encouraged as she transferred her mouth from Igor's shaft down to his balls. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me!"

It felt great for her as he was big enough to hit all the right spots and his massive girth stretched her out immensely, giving her a little extra pleasure. The rocking that he was making Sara do meant it was tougher to capture Igor's sack between her lips, but Sara was talented and soon had one nut latched in her mouth, sucking him and tasting the heavy sweat flavor.

"You've got such a smackable ass," Sergei told her before bring his palm down right onto her thick behind.

"Mmphh," Sara grunted in a mix of pain and pleasure from around Igor's nuts.

As the blonde was getting fucked, so too was her devoted soulmate, no less than 3 strides away from her. Nyassi and Slade had essentially swapped positions so that it was the muscular man on the ground kneeling with the dark-haired assassin laying reclined on the seat with her ass overhanging the sofa.

His need to be inside her was too great and he stopped her rather enjoyable blowjob sooner than he would have liked. He threw Nyassi onto the couch, though something told him that she wouldn't allow herself to be thrown anywhere unless she wanted it. With the comment about him fucking her ass still in his mind, he opted for her other hole first, easing his large cock into her pussy.

"I need to fuck you so badly right now," her horny date groaned.

Slade only paused briefly to bend down and run his tongue through her folds and into her snatch, pleased to find she was still gushing wet. Straightening back up, he clutched onto her hourglass hips from between her thighs and lined up the tip of his cock with her opening. With minimal force since she was so wet from his brief job eating her out once again, the eager man easily slid into her pink hole.

"Yes! That feels rather adequate," the stuffy woman said in her English accent.

"Oh shit. Now that is how a cunt should feel," Slade said much more crudely than his date.

Luckily for the Australian businessman Nyassi was loosened up from last night when Sara had fucked her senselessly with her favorite toy. Reaping the benefits of a looser cunt than normal, which was still almost virgin tight, Slade was easily able to get balls deep in her pussy within a handful of thrusts into her wetness. It happened so fast that by the time he was pumping his full length into her, the trained killer had only just wrapped her legs around his back to help drive him deeper.

"Yes Sara...mhmmm....ohhh," Nyassi moaned, using the wrong name out of habit.

Her screams, which were partially drowned out by the music in the other room, were cut short when the burly man covered her mouth with his own and stuffed his tongue back inside. The move surprised the athletically built woman for a moment before she regained composure and returned the sloppy but appropriate kiss with as much as vigor as he was using. He ended the kiss shortly thereafter, pressing up with his arms to plank above her to allow his hips to thrust harder and deeper.

Nyassi squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as Slade Wilson continued to pound his hard cock into her. She didn't think she was a fan of such intense fucking but apparently that was a myth as she only needed the right motivation. His member was on the slightly slimmer side but it was still thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Nyassi breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Slade asked with a grin.

The one-eyed man didn't bother listening for her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Nyassi's pussy. He made sure to really grind his abs against her with each push with the thought his would rub her clit, which is exactly what was happening. The sexy League of Assassins member was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the couch while Slade could also feel her heels dig against his ass to spur him deeper.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Nyassi screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

Slade buried himself inside her cunt one last time as the fit woman reached her climax, her nails scraping the skin on his back in the process. Her pussy clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet so he easily rode out the storm until Nyassi went from a rigid screaming girl back to a satisfied, spent sack of muscles. All the while the Australian never pulled out, he just slowed his pumping down to barely much.

"That's my girl," Sara said, suddenly appearing beside her lover.

Even though she was with two men at the same time, both intent on deriving as much pleasure from her curvy body as possible, Sara had kept one eye over on how her girlfriend was doing. Slade appeared to be hitting all the right buttons, which was soon confirmed when Nyassi clearly came all over his cock.

Having returned her own mouth to Igor's cock earlier, with his strong hands holding the side of her head as he pumped his hips forward towards her face, Sara squirmed out of his hold. With hands on the sofa, the blonde used her strength to push back really hard against Sergei, driving him deeper than ever into her pussy until timing it just right as she scooted forward and joined her love on the loveseat.

"I think now would be the perfect time," the Starling City slut told her lover.

Nyassi took another deep breath before her composed mask donned her face once more. Looking down her perky tits and long legs, she caught Slade's one eye. The burly man was still pumping slowly into her snatch but stopped and pulled out as they looked sight with each other.

"Can you put your dick into my ass now," Nyassi stated.

"With pleasure, I'd love to do that," the Aussie replied.

He pulled out of her very wet pussy, which had transferred a lot of her cum onto his cock already. It would have to do for lube since there wasn't any in the small adjoining room. Sara clearly had the same thought because as Slade climbed to his feet, the blonde dropped to her knees.

Slade had never seen a woman attack a dick with her mouth as vigorously as Sara was doing to his currently. Her motivation was simple; she was thoroughly enjoying the taste of her lesbian lover's pussy decorating his manhood while also determined to swap as much of her spit onto his shaft to aid his passage up Nyassi's dirt road.

"That should do it," Sara commented, thick strands of saliva still connecting his tip to her lips.

"I want to control things," Nyassi said, having joined Slade in standing.

The one-eyed Aussie had absolutely no complaints about how the dark-haired woman wanted to get fucked in the ass so he sat on the seat happily. The two girls shared a quick word, obviously Sara departing some knowledge on anal sex to the virgin before Nyassi turned away from Slade only to squat deep towards his lap.

"It's her first time so you better treat her well," Sara threatened with a crazed look in her eyes before Nyassi descended any further.

Slade felt a wave of fear briefly, which was not an easy thing to evoke in the rough man. He had no intention of hurting the beautiful dark-haired woman though so he knew he would never have to receive Sara's follow through on the threat.

Focusing back on the matter at hand, Slade held his cock pointed straight up while his other hand went to help guide Nyassi down. The trained killer showed little apprehension as she squatted lower until his bulbous tip was pressing against the soft center of her asshole. Pausing to relax herself which was made easier with all the training at Nanda Parbat, she released more tone in her legs to go down even further until his tip was nestled in her anus.

"Ugg...stings slightly but not intolerable," Nyassi remarked in her stiff way of speaking.

In fact the sensation was almost identical to when Sara would peg her in the ass with the dildo as it was more pressure building than actual pain. Safe in that knowledge, Nyassi descended another few inches before starting to raise up again so only his tip remained in her ass. Getting more and more comfortable, the dark-haired beauty started to build more momentum, still only riding half his length but doing so with more pace.

With Nyassi's face contorting to show no discomfort and the begins of pleasure, Sara felt comfortable going back to her two dates. They had waited patiently while she tended to her lesbian lover but they appeared to be chomping at the bit now as the moment she'd gotten to her feet, 4 hands descended on her.

"Whoa," Sara cried as she was thrown to the sofa.

Landing softly on her back, the blonde wore a large smile at being tossed around. This time it was the large of the two that settled between her spread legs, his girthy cock buried in her snatch a second later. As Sara opened her mouth to moan in response Sergei timed it perfectly to cram his dick between her lips.

Clearly determined to make up for those lost few minutes Igor held nothing back, slamming his hips forward with as much force as he could muster. Sara felt herself jerked back with each thrust into her snatch as his cock drove as deep as possible, which pushed the dick in her mouth further against her throat.

"Gllk...kkkllllccckk," Sara gurgled as his tip repeatedly bashed the back of her gullet.

It wasn't a pretty blowjob, in fact it was getting messy. Since Sergei was hovering above her head and pounding his cock downward as he face-fucked the blonde, spit was getting everywhere. Sara couldn't care in the least as the dick in her snatch was hitting all the right places and Igor's pelvis was constantly rubbing against her clit.

Being sure not to gag, Sara took 6 inches of meat into her mouth until it smashed the entrance of her throat. It seemed like each time she spat up more spit as now her lips and lower portion of her face were covered in saliva, as well as the sofa under her head. Her voice would be raspy tomorrow but the vigorous pounding she was taking at both ends was going to get all three of them off soon, she had no doubt.

"I'm beginning to gain clarity on why Sara is such an anal whore," the realization dawning on Nyassi.

As her soulmate was getting ruthlessly used by the two Russians on the other sofa, Nyassi was enjoying a much slower yet just as pleasurable of a time with Slade Wilson. The one-eyed man was actually a tender lover, allowing Nyassi to control matters completely as she slowly started bouncing in his lap quicker, but also getting more of his throbbing erection inside her ass.

Of course it helped that her hand was back between her legs as she rubbed her clit while using the other to steady herself against his powerful legs. Not just being a slug reclined in the seat, Slade reached his arms around her front as his hands immediately gravitated towards her bouncing tits, drawn to them like a moth to the flame.

"You like it when I play with your tits," he asked, some edge returning to his gravelly voice. "While my dick slides in your ass...and you play with yourself."

"So...mhmm...much...awwwhhh," she moaned in response.

"Harder! Ride harder! Rub harder!"

" You're gonna make me cum...from anal," she screamed as she following his advice to the letter.

It was a feat that not even her lover Sara had accomplished, despite their numerous times sodomizing her. However, now that it was within reach Nyassi was desperate to cum while taking an actual flesh and blood cock in the ass for the very first time. The dark-haired beauty remembered back to how great it felt when she was double penetrated during a previous love session with Sara so she changed the script slightly. Stopping furiously rubbing her sensitive bean, she pressed three fingers together and rammed them deep inside her pussy. That alone almost made her cum, but that only started when she flattened her hand and pressed the palm of her hand against her aroused clitoris.

"Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH," Nyassi screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over her digits deep within her twat.

If her screams of unadulterated pleasure weren't a big enough tip off to Slade that he had made the beautiful lesbian cum while plowing her ass, the fact that her sphincter was now constricting around his cock did. So close to his own orgasm, the man knew that he couldn't stop now so he slowly still forced his dick in and out of her vice-like brown eye.

"Bloody hell...fucking your ass is about to make me cum too," Slade chimed in.

"I think I'd like to taste your essence," Nyassi explained, having never previously been with a man.

By the time she lifted her ass off his manhood and dropped to her knees, Nyassi didn't have long to wait long. By the time she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out Slade did a primal grunt and the first blast hit. His cum was warm and somewhat salty but not unpleasant, however there was a lot of it. Worried about it spilling off her tongue, the Daughter of the Demon moved him closer and wrapped her lips around his head in order to not miss a single drop.

"Yes. Suck that dick straight from your asshole," Slade said, hand on top of her head.

It was only now that it dawned on Nyassi that she was doing just that. In her haste to sample all of his seed, she decided that tasting her own ass from his manhood was preferable. Though the taste of cum was strong, she could detect subtle hints of her bum but it wasn't at all unpleasant. Already committed, the kneeling assassin swallowed down the last of his load then really started to suck on his tip to get any last traces.

"Give me every drop," she said between licks over his pee slit.

"You earned it," Slade said as the tension in every muscle relaxed.

"I don't think I can go much longer," Sergei grunted.

Sara heard the Russian despite the overwhelming sound of flesh slapping flesh as the other man relentlessly pounded into her. She was sure neither man knew that she had cum earlier, her cries of pleasure muffled by the dick buried in her mouth, though she was sure the vibration of her tongue on his manhood sped Sergei on his path to his own orgasm.

" too," Igor grunted in his broken English.

It was actually Sergei getting the blowjob who reached his climax first. The rough face-fucking of the beautiful American had pushed him past his breaking point and he needed to cum. Loving to degrade her further, the Russian pulled away from her lips and beat his cock a handful of times before he felt that familiar spike of pleasure.

"Grrrr....aaahhhhh," Sergei bellowed as he came.

With another grunt the handsome man came. Sara watched as the first streak of white goo rocketed from his slit and she just had enough time to close her eyes. The blonde assassin felt the warm goo coat her forehead and bridge of her nose. His second jet of cum landed on her left cheekbone and descended over her cheek to the corner of her mouth. The rest of the shots were much smaller but still decorated the rest of her face, leaving her looking like a true whore.

"That was so much cum," Sara commented more to herself then him.

"Fuck...fuckk...gggggwwwwwhhh," Igor bellowed from between her thighs.

Sara hadn't forgotten about the other Russian, who was rocking her body forward with every deep thrust into her. Ready to cum, Igor buried himself deep in her pussy one last time before pulling out and leaning further against her legs. From that position as his cum flew from his head it decorated her ripped abs and bouncing tits in long ribbons of goo, though the odd strand made it onto her neck.

"Man, we need to party in Russia more often," Sara explained as she laid on her back, a man seated on either ends of her body as she rubbed the cum into the skin of her face, boobs and stomach.

"Yes, this has turned out to be a pleasurable trip thus far," Nyassi added.


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