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Summary: Felicity is tasked by Oliver to go give a document to his lawyer. She works in the same building as Laurel. Felicity sees Helena head to see Laurel so she them have sex. Dropping off the files has Felicity stumble upon Oliver's best friend and his baby sister

Pairings: Laurel Lance/Helena Bertinelli, Thea Queen/Tommy Merlin

Codes: MF, FF, F-solo, Oral, Voyeur

Arrow: Canary, Huntress and Speedy
by The Chemist

"So have any last jobs for me to do today," Felicity asked her boss as she entered his office.

Oliver Queen couldn't help but chuckle at her very obvious ploy to ask him indirectly though heavily implied if he wanted her to suck him off. She had performed the task admirably already once today, right after lunch in which she thanked him for giving her the extra sauce she loved.

"Actually yes," he answered, at which point she closed the door behind her. "But not like you think."

"Oh," Felicity said with a surprised look.

"I need this stack of files and statements brought to our attorney before they close today. You know the place? 4th and Masters," Oliver instructed.

It took Felicity a few moments to shift her brilliant brain back to business mode after having it firmly stuck in whore mode. "Yes. I know where to go. Our lead their is...what's her name..."

Felicity donned a thinking face though Oliver knew it was fake. He knew that Felicity could recall the name at will, she wasn't the type to lose such an important piece of information. This was a display from her of jealousy or envy simply because Oliver use to be regular fuck buddies with the lawyer.

"Laurel Lance," he filled in the gap.

"That's right. I had forgotten her," Felicity added.

"Of course. Anyway, she normally works late at her firm so drop off the documents and pick up a few that she has for me. They are sensitive so rather than dropping them back off here or keeping them at your apartment I want them brought to my house, understood?"

"Yes sir," the bubbly girl answered.

Felicity hadn't realized how late it was when she got into her car with a bag full of the business files. Almost 8:30, it would be nearly 9pm by the time she got to the lawyer's office and parked. Her assessment was right as she entered the building she had been to just last week. Not to her surprise, the greeter had gone home so she used the directory to find out Laurel's office was on the 26th floor.

For some reason the elevator overshot the floor she desired and brought her to the one above. She had already stepped out and the doors had closed by the time she realized her folly that she selected the wrong floor. Knowing time was of the essence and that the lift would take awhile, she went to the stairs and began her descent to the 26th.

Just as Felicity got to the door leading to the lawyer's floor, she could hear voices. Hearing through the small window at face level, the girl with glasses saw someone she never would have expected to see. She'd only met Helena Bertinelli on a few occasions, whether that be at parties or when she visited Oliver at his office, but it was clearly the striking brunette.

"Thanks for coming on such short notice," Laurel Lance spoke as she met her.

"I'm meeting Oliver later tonight and plans with my family's business ended early," Huntress of a different Earth replied.

Felicity was steeling herself to walk out into the conversation between the two friends when she stopped dead in her tracks. Thinking that Laurel was going to hug Helena, she instead brought hands to the said of the Huntress face and brought her in for a passionate kiss. Bertinelli was ready for it and eagerly kissed her back, all while Felicity gaped.

"I can't wait to get inside and have your sexy ass all too myself," Laurel told her lover as they made their way towards the back office.

"I'm already wet just thinking of your legs wrapped around my head," Helena replied, her heavy chest heaving with panted breaths.

"Finally," the eldest Lance girl exclaimed as they finally made it to what Felicity assumed was her office.

"Hurry up with that keycard or I'll start out here," the daughter of the mob boss demanded.

After working her keycard out from her shoulder bag, Laurel fumbled with them until she found the right one and slotted it in the hole. No sooner had the lock been turned, Helena whipped open the door and dragged the unbalanced girl along with her. The door closed as one of the women connected with their foot, slamming the door hard against its frame.

Felicity was shocked beyond belief that Oliver's fiance who both she and Oli assumed was straight and faithful was in fact hooking up with Laurel Lance his back. Curiosity got the better of her so she silently slipped out from the stairwell and channeled her inner assassin to cross the marble floor without so much as a noise.

"Kiss me," Bertinelli begged, Felicity hearing her easily through the thin office walls.

Luckily for Felicity, as she got into position with her ear pressed near the wall, the door slamming ruffled the blinds on the near window. The two women were distracted so Felicity went unnoticed as she kneeled higher up so she could look in the crack and see perfectly into the fancy office.

Each girl wrapped their arms around the other and forcefully collided their lips against one another. They wasted no time opening their mouths and taking turns letting the other's tongue enter their mouths. Felicity had watched a great number of people embrace so she knew that the way they carried on that this wasn't a first or second tryst.

"This is so hot," Felicity commented as she watched on.

Helena was gorgeous, with her dark hair perfectly framing her pale but beautiful skin, her face one of the prettiest Felicity had ever seen. With a killer body complete with perky tits, a tight ass and long legs, it was very easy to see why Oliver fell for the daughter of the biggest mob boss in Starling City.

As Felicity was focused on the beauty, Helena had peeled her lover's suit coat from her fit figure and her fingers were quickly working to undo her blouse. Laurel, all while continuing to kiss her bisexual partner, made short work of loosing her tight leather pants before breaking their makeout session in order to pull Helena's blue shirt up over her head.

"Yes," Helena moaned, clutching Laurel's head tighter as the Lance girl sucked her exposed nipples.

Though not as big as her own, Laurel was more than happy with the size of Helena's perky twins. Plus they had the cutest little pink nipples that she loved closing her lips around and battering with her tongue. With the way Helena always screamed and wiggled in her grasp, she knew that the Huntress loved it too.

Regaining some level of self-control, Helena pulled back the undone blouse off of Laurel, who took her hands from the Huntress' body to allow her own shirt to be removed. She was wearing a bra so Helena unclasped it as Laurel shook it off. With her larger tits free, Helena wrapped her arms around the Lance girl and immediately started kneading the soft flesh, feeling her pokey nipples in the middle of her palms.

"Good try distracting me but I'm tasting you first tonight," Laurel commented.

Helena couldn't help but lightly scream as she was spun around so that she was facing the desk, which was now pressing against her thighs. Her pants were pulled down past her knees, along with her panties before Laurel's hand was pushing against the small of her back. The dark-haired beauty bent over at the waist to rest on the glass table, pushing her ass back towards Laurel in the process.

"Oh! Mhmm," Helena screamed as Laurel didn't wait to get a taste.

Felicity was fortunate enough to have the sexy lesbians with their backs to her so that she could watch without fear of being seen. The scene in front of her had Laurel with her face squished happily into Helena's plump ass as clearly her tongue was going to town deep inside the dark-haired girl's box.

Surfacing for air and changing approach, Laurel stuck out her tongue and did several long licks through her lover's folds, starting at her clit and ending by spearing deep into her pink hole. After a few times of doing this, Laurel changed and licked up her slit only to continue up and pass over her crinkled starfish. Felicity knew for herself how pleasurable it was to have her butthole played with in such an intimate way and so too did Helena, who let out her loudest moan yet.

"Mhmmm...awhhh," Felicity lightly moaned as her hand was now under her skirt and two fingers her rubbing her pussy over her panties.

"Ohh Laurel," Helena panted, helping to block Felicity's moan. "Please don't stop."

Laurel and Helena had been hooking up for months, long before her fiance had started up with Felicity, so they knew each other well. Laurel was well aware of how Helena was a huge fan of anal play, even on occasion allowing her to take a strap-on to the tightest of holes. She didn't have anything like that planned for tonight but it didn't stop her from using her tongue like a dildo in order to drill into the puckered starfish.

Felicity had her fingers dug under the waistband of her panties and as rubbing her slit with more earnest now. Though she would have loved to be on the receiving end of the other Lance sister's tonguing, comparing her to Sara no doubt, she had to be satisfied watching Helena get pleasured.

"Yeah. You like it when my tongue goes from your pussy," Laurel asked rhetorically as she shoved inside her tasty wet hole. "...then right back into your tight, little ass," she continued as she did exactly that.

Helena was responding just as the woman between her legs had hoped for, with loud and near constant screams of approval. Laurel continued to shove her tongue straight into the dark-haired girl's pussy over and over again, working Helena into a frenzy before pulling out and going to lap at the rim of her asshole. It delayed her orgasm enough each time while keeping her climax always within reach when she decided to bring it about.

"Yes...Ohhhh...Ahhh...Yes," Helena moaned while in pure bliss.

Laurel was having fun but knew that tonight had to be a quickie; she had work to do after this impromptu visit. This time after she licked deep inside Helena's pussy, she went back to her oral assault on her ass. However, she used her fingers to run between Helena's legs and started to rub her clit, getting faster and harder with each passing second.

Knowing that Helena had been close for a while now, she decided to let the dark-haired girl have what she so desired. Using her free hand, she took two fingers and pushed them into Helena's slick hole before curling them upwards to caress her G spot. The triple assault on her most sensitive of places proved way too much for Helena, who was screaming her approval for anyone within range to hear.

"Yesss! Shhiiitt...I'M CUMMMMING," Helena screamed as she gushed all over her lover's fingers.

Laurel heard the younger woman's scream before feeling her hole clamp down tightly on her two fingers and a rush of liquid rapidly coat them. Not wanting to miss tasting any of Helena's nectar, the eldest Lance daughter withdrew her digits from deep inside her friend and replaced them with her eager tongue.

"Holy crap," Helena screamed once again as her sensitive pussy was being explored by Laurel's tongue.

"She seems as good as her sister," Felicity mused, two of her own fingers digging into her pussy.

"God you're tasty," Laurel said after finally surfacing. "Here, have a sample."

Helena peeled her naked body off the desk and turned around to find Laurel was back to her feet as well. Pulling at each other, the topless women pressed their open mouths against one another, this time Laurel's lips coated in Helena's juices. Even through the wall Felicity could hear the wet, slurping kiss as Helena greedily searched for her pussy cream on Laurel's lips.

"It's good...but I prefer yours," Helena told her lover before pushing her into a chair normally reserved for a client.

The Huntress didn't bother removing Laurel's pencil skirt, instead she pushed it up her legs to rest around her fit stomach. Laurel wasn't wearing panties, which was one less thing for Helena to remove she she spread the brunette's legs and lowered her face. Immediately Laurel moaned as her lover did a teasing lick at her clit, followed by grabbing the back of Helena's head and pushing it against her sex.

Right away Felicity could not the difference in technique between the stunning women. While Laurel was more aggressive and forceful, Helena was more measured and controlled. She deduced it was a matter of experience as Laurel was confident after having many lady loves while this was Helena's first serious dabble into lesbianism.

"That's it...yes! Lick my pussy," the fit lawyer demanded.

Arching her back and sinking lower onto her knees, the curvy dark-haired girl craned her neck so that her tongue had better access to her folds. Without hesitation Helena did one long lick from clitoris to the entrance of her hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of the lawyer's juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived inside her pussy and began getting acquainted with the warm, wet environment.

"Such a sweet pussy," Helena spoke but was mumbled as Laurel still held her head in a tight grip.

Felicity was finding herself moaning audibly again, forcing herself to bit her lip to help stifle them. She was building up to an orgasm, she could feel it. It was quicker then most times she got herself off but that was because of the two hot females going down on each other as she watched unnoticed.

Snapping back in to watch the action unfold, Felicity noted that Laurel was thrashing around more then ever on the chair. For the lawyer, it had been a few days since she had gotten any lesbian love and it had been an even harder week. Helena was finally able to give her sexual relief and the eldest Lance girl couldn't have it come fast enough.

"Keep going deep like that. I'm close," Laurel blurted out.

The lawyer didn't release her grip on the back of her date's head, instead she used her free hand to grope her own tits and twist her erect nipples. Helena took another deep breath and dived back in, using her tongue to lap inside her lover's cavernous hole while her face was pressed so tightly against Laurel that the dark-haired girl's nose rubbed her clit.

"Oh shit. I'm gonna cum too," Felicity commented, again luck being on her said and neither of the engaged women heard her.

Knowing her lover was close, Helena focused and twisted her head. The side to side motion was able to use her nose to repeatedly flick over Laurel's sensitive nub. Refusing to take a break for more air, the Huntress licked deeper inside the lawyer, lapping over her G spot. The tongue action, combined with her rubbed clit and twisted nipples was all the stimulation Laurel could handle. She went silent as she mouth hung open in a wide O for several seconds before releasing a cry that surprised them all by not shattering glass.

"OOOHHHHHH....AAWWHHHHHH," Laurel shrieked, which conveniently masked Felicity's quieter but still audible scream as the two women orgasmed together.

Helena eventually felt the tone in Laurel's hand slacken and was free to push her head away from the other women's sex, but not before she licked up all Laurel's tasty cum that she earned. Satisfied she got it all, Helena rocked back on her heels before getting to her feet, something Laurel did after a few heavy pants.

"You know, for a supposed 'straight' girl, you lick pussy really well," Laurel commented as the pair got presentable once more.

"Walk me out," Helena asked as they left the office.

"Not this time, I have a few things to finish up," Laurel answered. "I was in the middle of something before I was gratefully interrupted."

"Hope to see you again soon," Bertinelli said before they exchanged a deep kiss before the pair departed.

Felicity had shifted to under the nearby desk and once she heard the click of Laurel's door latch she emerged stealthily from the cubicle, straightened her dress then walked to the office. The shades were still drawn, this time no longer askew she noticed as her knuckles rapped lightly on the door.

"Come in," she heard a female voice.

"Hi, I'm Felicity Smoak with Queen Consolidated..."

"Oliver Queen's assistant. Yes I've heard of you," the brunette cut her off as she eyed her up and down. "Here for these files I assume."

"And to deliver a few new documents for you as well," the MIT grad replied.

"Yes okay. Sign for these and leave those," the woman answered, apparently done her visual inspection and snapping back into the task she had at hand before she and Helena before her interrupted.

Felicity felt super self-conscious at that moment, silently wanting the approval of this powerful women. Without thinking she glanced down and made sure her short black skirt was without folds and that their was no stain or smudges on her tight-fitting white shirt. Satisfied with her outfit, her concentration was broken as a folder was thrust out towards her.

"Tell Oliver that these will take a few days," Laurel commented, using scorn with her boss's name, making her assume the pair had history more than sharing Helena the last few months.

Minutes later, Felicity was done at her car, starting the engine and pulling out onto the road. This time of night meant little traffic so she made it to Oliver's family house in a relative short amount of time. The mansion was huge, with the Queen parents possessing one wing while Oli with his little sister Thea split the other.

Felicity checked in at the main gate but the man waved her through, knowing she was a regular for both business and personal within the manor. The girl in glasses parked out front and with files in hand went to the main door. However, before she knocked on the large wooden door, it swung inward and the CFO of Queen Consolidated stood before her.

"Mr. Steel, nice to see you," Felicity greeted after they both had a startled moment.

"Ms. Smoak, always a pleasure," the tall dark-skinned man replied. "Do make sure Oliver is giving you some time off."

"Yes sir, he's actually a good boss," Felicity answered as the pair stepped around each other.

Felicity had been to the house countless times in the past 6 weeks so knew her way around. Standing in the main foray, she walked to her right and ascended the grand staircase, at which point she went left and entered the section of the house Oliver and Thea occupied. She was passing by the 20-year-old girl's main room when she heard muffled voices, and then heard moaning.

"Mhmm...wanted you for so long," Tommy grunted. "You always flaunting that skinny white girl butt of ours all the time."

Those words, and that voice made Felicity come to a stop. Using her well practiced sneaking skills that were really being put to the test today, the personal assist crept closer to the ajar door and looked in. sure enough she found Thea Queen, Oliver's younger sister wrapped in the arms of a much taller, handsome man that she recognized right away as Tommy Merlin, Oli's best friend.

"Show it by fucking me good," the skinny girl replied.

The 20-year-old was tall for a girl with Felicity putting her at 5'8, and even with her ankle boots adding a few extra inches she still was smaller than Tommy's impressive 6'3 frame. He had to bend his neck in order to kiss the billionaire's daughter, his hands roaming down her sleeveless purple top.

Thea gave an extra squeal as hands continued south until they roamed over her skin-tight jeans. The youngest Queen would definitely be in contention for tightest buns on a skinny chick...if that award did indeed exist. And luckily for the population of Starling City, Felicity included, she didn't mind showing it off either, whether at the beach in a tiny bikini or in the snuggest of pants like she wore now.

"I plan on doing just that," Tommy told her as with a sudden jerk he undid all the buttons of her top.

"Impressive," Thea smirked as she shrugged the garment to the floor.

The older man made short work of her bra as well, leaving the lanky girl topless with her perky twins soon in his large hands. Thea allowed him to roam her body, tweaking her nipples firmly to get them hard and pointy. While he was busy with that, she used her nimble fingers to undo his jeans before pushing him backwards so he fell to her bed.

With lust in her eyes, Thea slowly sunk to her knees in front of the eager man. Tommy couldn't help but have his cock harden as the slender girl worked on pulling his jeans down to his mid-thigh. It didn't take her to loosen his pants before he propped himself off the bed to allow them to be dragged down his legs.

"I like what I found," Thea whispered as she grabbed his stiff 7-inch member. "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Suck it babe, but be quiet," Tommy quietly instructed the gorgeous brunette, half aware that Oliver could be lurking about, not realizing that Felicity was already watching them.

With a wicked grin on her face, Thea glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Tommy couldn't help but let an audible moan as her wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny man was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Remember to keep it done," Thea playfully warned him. "Can't have big brother storming in here to find his baby sis with his best friend.

"I will, I will. Just keep going," Tommy pleaded, ignoring her attempt to get a rise out of him.

"Alright stud," she replied as she started to lick at his nutsack before slowly coursing her way up his shaft until finding the tip and getting her plump lips wrapped back around it.

Felicity couldn't help but get wet as she watched the girl with the adorable face and beautiful smirking smile take a thick cock between her lips. Thea looked absolutely at home and natural on her knees sucking a dick as her face clearly had a cheerful look about it. It also made Felicity wish she had a penis based off the wet slurping noises Thea was making as she bobbed in his lap as Tommy rested her hand on her head.

Knowing that they were making a little bit of noise, the personal assistant to Oliver did a quick scan of the floor. After discovering no one present she tuned back into the action inside the bedroom. By the time they turned their attention back to the couple, Thea had his balls in her mouth. With her free hand, she was still stroking his spit-covered cock, much to the delight of the handsome man.

"Mmmmppphhh," the man moaned in response to Thea's warm tongue licking its way from the very base of his cock to the tip.

Smiling at the effect she had over him, the much younger girl did another slow lick along the underbelly of his dick and got the same low-pitched noise as the first time she did it. This time she stayed at the head of his penis and used her tongue to lick all over his bulbous tip. More grunts made there way from Tommy's lips, which only spurred on motivated woman.

"As good as your mouth is, I want to fuck," the spoiled rich boy demanded.

"Thought you'd never ask," the beautiful girl smirked, getting to her feet.

"Who said I was asking," Tommy retorted with a devilish glint in his eyes.

Felicity watched as his strong hands clenched around her narrow hips and threw her onto the bed, her head settling in the pillows, her perky tits jiggling with the motion. Roughly Tommy grabbed the waistline of her skinny jeans and yanked them down her legs and off her altogether before repeating the trick with her microscopic panties as well.

Tommy was between her spread legs in the next heartbeat with his cock in hand. Thea was already gushing which was a good thing as the horny man wasted no time in butting his tip against her pink entrance and pushing inside.

"Awh yes! Fuck me hard," Thea practically begged.

Tommy appreciated her eagerness but didn't needed any advice on how to treat such a sexy girl in the sack. He made sure to push her legs further apart to make her pussy wider and easier to take his substantial girth. He went at an easy slow pace as he pushed all 7 inches into the girl a decade his junior to loosen her up before stabbing into her the second time.

"Ohhh God," Thea mumbled into her pillow.

Once her hole had stretched to accommodate his thick member, Tommy was relentless in his hammering into her tight pussy. Holding his large frame over her slender body, Oliver's best friend watched as Thea's perky tits jiggled each time he crashed against her sex. Even from the doorway Felicity could see Thea's her body shake with each pass into her cunt.

"Ohh Thea! You're so tight," he grunted from above her.

Lowering his thrashing body down, Tommy's chest was now pressed against her soft tits. Flexing his head forward, the black-haired rich boy kissed her neck before their lips found each other's again. Pounding into the tight girl at a great speed was starting to lower his stamina, especially as his balls were smacking against her impeccable ass cheeks, such was the ferocity of his thrusts.

"I love how good it feels when you go so deep," Thea groaned.

Encouraged by her words, and the build up of passion he had for the younger girl after seeing her mature from a pre-teen with potential to a super hot 20-year old, Tommy reared back and pounded into her harder. Thea's body quaked again from the contact but her long legs wrapped around his powerful back and used her heels to dig into his backside, begging him to go harder.

"He is really giving it to the skinny chick," Felicity noted, her left hand squeezing her tit through her shirt. "Hope he doesn't break her in two."

With a light layer of sweat forming on Tommy's long back, Felicity realized just how relentless his thrusting actually was. A sheen to his skin wasn't the only thing freshly formed, as the man grunted from Thea digging her nails into his skin and dragging them down, leaving 2 sets of 4 long scratches.

"You like it rough, don't you," Tommy asked while spiking into her hard several times.

"How about we change it up a little bit," the girl smirked. "Give you a chance to sample more of the Thea Queen experience."

The dirty blonde was figuring that he wouldn't have any complaints with her request as long as it included still getting to fuck her. Thea didn't have to wait long for his answer as he drove into her fully one last time before engulfing her in his strong arms and rolled over. The youngest Queen child found herself straddling his waist, her back to the door, while Tommy already was groping her small but perfect tits.

Thea rode him a few times from her knees, being slow and deliberate before she got up onto her feet and steadied her body with her arms against his strong chest. She arched her back and thrust her ass back at the unobserved Felicity more to show him an even better look of his cock entering her bald cunt. Now as she climbed to the top of his length and threw herself down she did so with enough force to cause her slender yet thick ass to jiggle against his hips.

"Shit. Ride that dick," he encouraged while massaging her boobs.

Tommy had no idea how he weathered her initial onslaught as her energetic body bounced relentlessly on his cock. Needing a slight break as she could feel the lactic acid building in her lean legs, Thea got back onto her knees so that she could take every inch of him inside her then grind on his dick, rolling her hips forwards and back. The way her booty looked as she did so was intoxicating for Felicity, who could look at the finely tuned piece of meat without risk of being seen by the couple as Thea's body was blocking Tommy's view.

Felicity could tell that the horny man appreciated Thea's energetic efforts as his hands constantly went from squeezing her plump backside one moment to groping her bouncing tits with a strong grip. She groaned whenever he gripped too hard but the discomfort was only ever short-lived and she actually found herself enjoying it.

"Fuck! You have such a great body," Tommy complimented as their sweaty bodies thudded against each other.

As if to show herself off more to his lustful eyes Thea took her hands off his chest, where she was using them to steady herself, and leaned backwards so her arms supported her by holding the edge of the bed. Now when Tommy looked down at her he was treated to everything. His eyes ran up her toned legs, over her completely bare snatch where his cock was currently pounding up into, up to her perky breasts and finally to her perfect mix of cute and sexy face.

The visual too much for him to temper himself any longer. Tommy began hammering his hips upwards. The first jolt rocked her curvy body, causing her tits to sway upwards, but the dirty blonde didn't seem to mind. She braced herself better and was now able to handle the man's relentless thrusting deep into her pussy.

"Oh yeah...mhmm...yes," Thea moaned in a steady stream, her orgasm coming rapidly now.

"God I know," Tommy added, his own trailing not far behind.

If he wasn't sweating before he certainly was now. The horny girl was bringing out the sexual devil in Tommy and he was very happy to tap into it. With other girls he would engage them in hot, dirty sex without care if they came but with Thea he wanted to leave a hell of an impression, especially since there was a slight, tiny chance that this could be more than once, her being his best friend's little sister and all.

Having fucked enough girls to know when they were getting close, Tommy had his alarm klaxons blazing. With her leaning back like she was so his tip constantly rubbed her inner walls and G spot, he wet a finger with his spit and brought it to her very exposed clit and started to flick over the sensitive bean. Immediately Thea's face contorted into an expression of utter bliss as sher thin body began to violently tremor.

"Oh yes Tommy! I'm cumming! Keep going! Yes...yes...yes!"

With her orgasm, Thea's twat began to spasm around his cock as somehow the thin girl still managed to grind along his shaft. Being as close as he was to his own release, Tommy stopped fighting and embraced it, allowing himself to feel the full effects of her tight ride. Thinking quickly, he decided where to cum almost immediately. The key was that he wanted to coat her beautiful yet cute face, the thought of his cum plastered on her skin being too tempting to pass up.

"Fuccckkkk," the dark-haired man roared.

Thea felt herself be thrown controlledly to the side and saw him move like a blur through mostly shut eyes. She found herself rolled on her back, the comfortable mattress sunk in underneath her, with the hulking figure of her brother's best friend straddling her tapered waist. He barely stroked his cock once before the tip erupted, cum firing out.

The first stream propelled itself from his tip and streaked across Thea's face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Tommy decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn't have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including her trademark dimples.

There was silence for a few moments, in which time Tommy had tilted over to lay on his back beside the cum plastered Thea. They both drank in deep breathes as they recovered their energies and their wits. Unbeknown to them, Felicity straightened herself out as well, quietly creeping away from the ajar door.

"Holy crap! You are one bad ass chick," Tommy said as he lay in bed next to the exhausted girl.

"Why thank you sir! And you really know how to use that thing," her fingertips lightly fondling his package.

"Want me to pass you the tissues on the nightstand," he offered.

"That's okay. I'll grab a shower instead," she rebutted.

"Yeah sure. That works. And remember, this is our little secret," Tommy said, moving quickly to get dressed and disappear before Oliver came home and caught him.

Meanwhile, Felicity had gone into Oliver's room after passing through the large sitting room where he tended to entertain guests. The room was empty so Felicity put in the combination to the safe he stored business-related items in, inserted the files and locked it up behind her. She stuck around the office for half an hour to see if he'd come back and give her a good fucking, but to her chagrin he didn't.

"A cold shower will have to do tonight," Felicity commented as she left the mansion.


Again, I'm asking for suggestions for future chapters. As of now I have nothing lined up though I am intrigued by Dusk's suggestion of a Sara/Laurel chapter in some fashion. Also, if anyone has any suggestion on working in Supergirl I'd love to hear it. Hope you enjoy reading and please review!


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