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Summary: Felicity is completely creeped out when she discovered her mom had hooked up with Oliver but not totally disgusted. Oliver sees the potential for some Smoak family fun. Gets Felicity on board by showing her a video of him and Thea to test the waters.

Pairings: Thea Queen/Oliver Queen

Codes: MF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Voyeur

Arrow: Alternative Timeline Part 7 - Queen Family Fun
by The Chemist

It was another regular day for Felicity Smoak, personal assistant to Oliver Queen for over a year now. However, roughly 2 months ago their relationship changed, and now Felicity knew it was for the better. They came to an arrangement that Felicity was in need of a raise to stop from being kicked out of her apartment and now she was the sex slave to Oliver.

It was odd at first, wearing two different hats for the heir to the Queen fortunes. She was never reluctant to spread her legs or open her mouth for Oliver, but more and more it was her initiating the encounters as the time passed.

That wasn't what brought her to Oliver's family manor in the early hours of this Saturday morning, sadly it was business. However, the team of boss and assistant were learning well how to merge the two, often times wrapping up the end of the day with a leaving fuck on his desk or mid-lunch blowjob.

"Who does business on the weekend," the assistant pondered.

She didn't mind giving up a Saturday morning, after all it meant more time with Starling's most eligible bachelor, though he was engaged to Helena Bertinelli. She still didn't understand the arrangement as the pair acted formal with each other rather than in love, and there was the small fact they were both fucking around behind each other's back.

She pushed that musing to the back of her mind for further thinking about later as she stepped from her car with files tucked under her arm. She ascended the several steps up to the main door with little difficulty despite the tightness of her short dress and high heels she wore, which were essentially the dress code for her job. As she balled her hand into a fist and prepared to knock on the grand door, it suddenly swung open and was startled beyond belief.

"Mother," Felicity gasped.

Donna Smoak was hoping to slink out of the Queen mansion undetected after a wild night of fun, and she almost succeeded. She knew her daughter worked for Oliver Queen but she thought it was highly unlikely to run into her here, now.

"Felicity! Hi baby," Donna replied, sliding past her and out of the house.

"Um...what you doing here mom," she asked.

"Oh nothing...other than doing my very proud walk of shame...from Queen manor," the older Smoak girl said with a wide smile.

"But Robert is married," Felicity said, keeping her voice down despite the outrage.

"Robert Queen? No, gross, he's married and old. Oliver. I slept with Oliver," Donna corrected.

"You...Oli...together," Felicity gasped, her breath leaving her like a punch in the stomach.

"Listen, I gotta go. You go and do your business thing and we'll meet up later at your apartment or for lunch," the blonde told her daughter before walking away and entering her car.

Felicity stood with mouth agaped until her mother's car had pulled out and rode out of sight. Suddenly her emotional state went from shock to good old fashion anger. Storming into the house, she stomped her way up the stairs, passed Thea's section of the wing and straight into Oliver's bedroom, the man sitting at the edge of his bed and stretching.

"Oliver! We need to mother fucking...mother fucker," Felicity yelled after loudly slamming his door.

"Good morning to you too," Oliver smiled at her outburst. "Care for a coffee?"

"No I do not. What I want is to know why you slept with my mother!"

"Your mom? Donna is your mother? Felicity I had no idea," the blonde man lied.

"You thought it was a coincidence that her last name was Smoak," Felicity continued though some of the fire was gone.

"Her last name didn't come up. All I knew was that she was a hot blonde with a killer body, & bubbly personality," Oliver explained. "If I would have known...I never..."

"Thank you," Felicity cut him off, the fury burnt out.

Oliver had in fact sought out to bed Donna the moment he first realized Felicity had a smoking hot mother. Not even 40 years old and as fit looking as anyone half her age, Donna Smoak had been at a bar waiting for a blind date to show last night when Oliver took the chance he was presented. After a meal, a few drinks and cancelled plans with Helena, the pair ended back in Oliver's bed with Oliver eyeing a greater plan.

Seeing that the initial storm was weathered and that Felicity was still in the room with him despite the fact he fucked her mother hours earlier, he took it as a great start. Raising from his bed, Oliver turned to face his assistant who was rubbing her temples. It was only then that he remembered he was still stark naked, never having gotten dressed after his fun last evening.

"Oh my God! That," she pointed at his crotch. "Has been inside my mom. And inside me."

"Why does it gross you out so much," Oliver asked nonchalantly. "She's a gorgeous woman, plus is responsible for you."

"She's my mother," Felicity practically yelled, her emotions rekindled.

"So you deny she's beautiful," he asked, trying to trap her in a tangle of words.

" What I mean is that for a mom she's hot," Felicity agreed. "But she'"

Oliver knew that she was reaching and he tried to keep her on the backfoot. "Old? She had you at 15, you're 23 so that means she's a few years away from 40. Not even a cougar by the standards the kids use."

"True...but we share the same DNA," she said, her resolve weakening.

"I'm no biology expert although I did pass that course in first year college, but only half your makeup is from mother dearest. Plus, why does the incest aspect creep you out? It only became taboo because of the genetic issues it caused in offspring after a few generations. If there is no intention of making children..."

"What are you saying," Felicity said, eyeing him suspiciously.

"I'll put it flatly. I find you both sexually attractive..."

"...Wait. I know that face and more importantly I know what you're angling for. You want a threesome...with me...and you...and my mother," Felicity finished for him.

"I know it may take you a little time to get your head wrapped around the idea but technically you've already watched incest in action and found it very arousing," Oliver informed her.

Felicity searched and searched her mind for any clue as to what the billionaire's son was talking about. The girl in glasses had absolutely no idea what Oliver was talking about. She wasn't a big porn person, although since Oli awoke something primal in her she had been viewing more and more but never between family. Orgies, lesbian, anal but never incest.

"You don't know what I'm talking about, do you," Oliver continued after seeing the confused look on her face. "Thea and Tommy. For one, yes I knew about them. I have this place set up with videos so yes I saw their little display."

"Okay, how very Big Brother of you. That's a Nineteen Eighty-Four reference not the fact that you are actually her big brother," Felicity commented. "One thing though, they aren't related."

"Thea is my sister, we share the same mother and father. Tommy is her half-brother, they share the same father. A little Queen family secret is that Thea's dad is actually Malcolm Merlyn and not Robert," Oliver explained.

"Whoa! Do they know?"

"Yup," he grinned. "So you have actually seen incest occur and based on your reaction from the video, you enjoyed the show."

Felicity had to let those words play around inside her mind as she thought about what he was saying. Her being rendered speechless didn't happen very often given how smart and quick-thinking she was, but when brother and sister were making love it tended to slow her down.

"But I didn't know at the time they were half-siblings," Felicity countered, her weakest argument yet.

Oliver noted that Felicity started off super disgusted by the whole scenario but rather than storm out she stayed and argued, meaning that some portion of her was open to it. When he digressed the conversation to about Tommy and Thea and away from her mother it shifted something in his lovely assistant and now he was back with the upper hand.

"Well if that's the issue then let's change that," Oliver suggested, his words drawing a puzzled expression from Felicity. "As you know I have cameras throughout the house, meaning I have tape of Thea getting romantic from both her brothers..."

"...And now that I know the truth you want me to watch and see if I'm revolted by the idea," Felicity completed his thought.

"Precisely. Even if nothing further happens, I want to show you that what I do with Thea is nothing wrong or perverse, but arousing and sensual," Oliver explained, though clearly he had something else on his mind.

"Plus if it results in me being less affronted that you fucked my mom then you get me back as your sex partner," Felicity continued.

Oliver agreed to that though he knew more about that then she could ever. For one, she was his sex slave, not partner. He bought and paid for her several times over the last 2 months, purchasing her a car and a fat raise to pay for her new apartment. She was the highest earning personal assistant at Queen Consolidated and if she chose to leave him he'd blackball her so bad she couldn't get a job at tech retail store.

"So shall we go to the theatre room," he suggested, extended his hand to her.

Felicity reluctantly let him guide her to the family's theatre room in the basement of the manor, though making a quick stop off in Oliver's room. He went to a secret panel in the wall and after careful search, selected a DVD that was labeled with a date from several months ago and titled 'Almost Caught'

The girl with the phat ass took a seat on one of the plush seats as Oliver went to the controls. After powering up the unit he inserted the disc before joining Felicity on the comfortable chair next to her. Within seconds the screen activated and showed a clear image of Thea and Oliver talking in their kitchen, though without sound.

"Surveillance cameras but no audio. Makes sense I suppose," Felicity observed. "Good resolution too, 1080p."

"Yes. I'll narrate as needed but it's fairly simple," Oliver explained.

Felicity shut up and let herself watch the scene on the large projector screen. Oliver was dressed in his regular non-business attire of slacks and a button-up shirt, his blonde hair styled with gel like always. Thea, the slender 20-year-old who always had a twinkle of pure lust in her eyes, was in yoga pants so tight that her surprisingly bubbly ass was perfectly visible.

The pair seemed to be chatting easily though with the wicked smile on Thea's face and the way her eyes kept flashing down to her brother's crotch, she assumed some flirting was happening between the siblings. That couldn't be more plan, Thea was even twirling some of her brunette hair around her finger as she stared deeply into her brother's eye.

"Getting a little hand-sy, aren't we," Felicity observed as Oliver started to rub Thea's ass as she leant over the counter in front of him. "And you are such an butt guy."

"Guilty as charged," he told his assistant while wedging his closest hand under her own booty.

On-screen Oli reared his hand back and slapped his sister's ass, forcing the younger girl to look back at her brother with a wicked grin. Apparently curious to see if he left a mark, the older man pulled her pants down to just under the curve of her ass and exposed her barely there blue G-string in the process.

Felicity watched as Thea let her brother have a little rub at her bare flesh before straightening back up, fixing her pants in the process. For a minute they just chatted, Oliver constantly reaching out to rub her flat stomach just visible due to Thea's just too small tank top, but nothing else was happening.

"I'm asking her to fool around in the kitchen. Thea's always a bit more cautious and is worried when our parents will be returning from work," Oliver explained.

Something shifted with Thea's thinking and she decided to start teasing her older brother. This time it was she that pulled her tights down to expose her mostly bare ass except for a thin strip of material between her curvy cheeks. She bounced and wiggled until Oliver couldn't hold back and gave each of her cheeks a pair of matching slaps until Thea turned to face him.

"Why not just bring her back to your bedroom," Felicity asked as on-screen Oli groped his sister's small but perky chest.

"Because I have hours upon hours of that footage. It's nice to have variety," he answered while Thea brought his hand up to her mouth to suck on his finger.

They watched on as Oli used his free hand to rub Thea's snatch while the younger girl made short work of her brother's pants. Apparently he had convinced her for something quick as Thea soon dropped down to her knees so she was face level with his already rock hard cock.

Thea's skill on her knees was apparent from the start as she used one hand to gently tug on his balls while her mouth kissed Oli's tip. Though Felicity knew this time that she was watching Thea with her flesh and blood, she wasn't grossed out. Oliver looked over and saw his assistant watching the screen with interest as his sister parted her lips and engulfed the first several inches.

"Don't worry, you're still exceptional blowing me as well," Oliver told the MIT grad.

"You know how to make a girl blush," Felicity said half sarcastic, half complimented.

Turning back to the view on-screen, Thea kept using her hand to rub the rest of his tool that couldn't fit in her mouth while she bobbed on roughly half of his length. With the look on the kneeling girl's face, it was clear to Felicity that she was clearly enjoying herself. Despite the fact she had a cock in her mouth, Thea still a way to smile as she rode her lips along his shaft.

Thea tilted his cock skyward so that his nuts came into view. Swirling her tongue around each ball in a figure-8 pattern, the younger girl never broke eye contact with her brother. Opening her mouth she first took his left ball into her mouth and sucked on it, Felicity able to see it pop in and out of her mouth as she increased then released her suction.

Thea did likewise to his other nut before she went back to focusing on the object of her affection. She had just started bobbing back on his cock when Felicity could see a worried expression cross Oliver's face first, followed by Thea's. Felicity was about to ask why when suddenly the answer became apparent.

"Holy shit! You're mother just walked in on you two," Felicity gasped as the blonde older woman came walking into frame.

Luckily for the closeted lovers, Moira walked in from the opposite side of the kitchen from them. With the position of Thea being so close to the island counter with large marble overhanging surface it meant that the CEO of Queen Consolidated couldn't see that her daughter was sucking off her brother.

"She's asking if I've seen Thea," Oliver smiled while Thea tucked closer to the cabinets while maintaining her grip on her brother's cock.

Felicity watched as Thea went from panic-stricken to having some fun by using her tongue to wag at the very end of Oli's tip. The slender girl must have thought that if she was going to get caught she may as well have enjoyment. The on-screen Oli was now having to converse with his mother as Thea went back to bobbing on his dick, though with less energy then before so they weren't seen.

"Is she brave or stupid," Felicity gasped while Moira started to come closer to the island.

Moira became distracted with something, which allowed Oli to give his sister a signal to crawl around to the hallway to the right. Thea released with dick and walked on hands and knees out of the view of the camera before reappearing moments later, walking up to her mother and hugging her.

Thea had saved the day as Moira stopped walking towards Oliver and instead focused on her daughter. The two women talked for a short period, pants-less Oliver still stuck on his side of the kitchen with his cock still rock hard. Thea went back to tempting fate by joining her brother again, her hand going out of view of her mother to start slowly jacking off Oli.

"Stupid. She's stupid," Felicity answered her earlier question herself.

Oliver chuckled as they continued watching Thea rub her hand along her brother's cock as they conversed with their mother. If Moira had any idea at what was occurring between her two children then she didn't let on one iota. After another minute of talking, their mother eventually left, leaving Thea and Oli alone in the kitchen once more.

Felicity watched Moira closed the door and at that point Oliver on-screen took Thea's free hand and led her towards the booth that they normally ate at. IT allowed them a bit more protection as there was a stone half wall that covered them from the hallway from the only entrance into the kitchen.

"Where'd she go," Felicity asked.

"Back to work, only came home for a spell to change then was off again," Oliver answered.

With that distraction no longer there, it left Thea and Oli no remaining barriers to fucking each other. As he positioned her kneeling on the cushion with her tight backside facing him., Felicity took inventory of her feelings. She now knew she was watching love making between siblings, but like Oliver had told her, it didn't seem wrong.

The pair on the projector looked to be having a conversation as Oliver ran his cock through her slit and up between her ass cheeks. It wasn't an overly heated exchange but they seemed to be discussing with great urgency. Felicity guessed they came to a conclusion as Oliver went from rubbing through her sex to position his tip against the younger sibling's asshole.

"Wow Oli. Going straight for the ass, huh," Felicity noted with smirk on her pretty face.

"It was a condition for the continued risky sex. I wanted to go to the bedroom now but Thea was getting off on the excitement," he explained. "But it's also the reason I selected this encounter. No vaginal penetration, no chance of procreation so we circumvent the only actual objection to incest."

"Gotcha. Oral and anal between you guys only. Ease me into this new territory, smart," the MIT grad commented.

Without zooming in on the pair who were fucking on the booth it was impossible to tell if Oliver was indeed sodomizing her, but Felicity could tell he was saying the truth. She had fucked Oliver enough to know when he was pumping her pussy or ass and this was clearly Oli going anal on his sister. His strokes were slower and at this early stage he was only pumping into her with half his length.

"Before you ask, yes she's tight," Oliver told her as they watched him fuck his sister from behind.

Felicity knew from first hand experience with Oliver that the asshole needed to get loosened up before he was able to fuck harder. To her credit, Thea displayed no body language asking him to go slower or to pause, made more impressive by the fact the only lube was her spit from 15 minutes ago.

"What are you thinking right now as you watch me fuck Thea," Oliver asked the transfixed girl beside him.

"Honestly, how big your cock looks in her tiny ass," Felicity answered, her eyes never once leaving the action before her.

The pair slammed their amazing bodies against one another with Thea's hands digging into the leather seat while Oliver clutched tightly onto her slender hips. Felicity watched on as her boss reared his hips backwards and forwards in a slow but forceful manner, each time he sank in going that much deeper into the attractive brunette.

The pair stayed at this slow, steady pace for a few minutes until it was Thea that grew tired of the teasing strokes. Felicity knew exactly what Oliver was playing at and it worked on Thea just like it always worked on her. Wanting more of his cock harder, Thea used her hands on the booth to push her petite body backwards, fucking her own ass with Oli's dick.

"You are such a perv," Felicity mused as he made his sister rock back and forth on his dick

Felicity was completely absorbed in the continued action as Oliver finally got what he wanted so he decided to fuck his sister with ernst now. Grabbing tightly onto her narrow hips, the much bigger man slammed forward and drove his whole length into Thea was more force and speed than ever. Thea's face contort but not with pain, but with satisfaction as her hand worked double time to rub her clit until Oli pulled out.

"Why'd you stop," Felicity asked.

She asks to suck me off, to taste herself," Oliver explained as the slender girl dropped to her knees.

"Wow! Super slutty," Felicity commented as they watched Thea blow Oli's cock as it exited her own ass seconds prior. "Probably she needs more lube. Her asshole is more open so you're starting to rail her harder but some extra spit would go a long way," she described from her own personal experience

The assistant with the large ass realized that Thea was probably adding more lube for his dick as well though the way the younger girl swirled her head and smiled as she did so told Felicity that she too was enjoying it. Satisfied after a minute or so of blowing her brother she got to her feet, at which time Oliver laid flat on his back in the booth.

"You're so lazy," Felicity looked, seeing her lover lay down.

"Lazy...or smart," Oliver countered as his on-screen version had Thea sit down on his cock.

Felicity could see that Thea had taken the large man back into her ass as she rode his manhood while facing away from him. The pair watched as the leggy girl rubbed her own snatch as she uninhibitedly threw herself down on his lap, taking him balls deep into her asshole without pause.

Even though she looked skinny and was highly into fashion, the rich girl was apparently athletic, at least based on this display. She had long slender legs that could generate a lot of power, not to mention were blessed with good endurance. Her stomach was flat without an ounce of fat, but what got Felicity out of her body worship of the younger girl was an image appearing in the top right of the movie.

"Now your dad shows," Felicity gasped.

Sure enough, to the older man who Oliver closely resembled opened the door loudly enough that his children stopped making noise. Without time to hide, Oliver pressed as far against the booth to stay undetected while Thea did likewise with the half-wall. Luckily they had kept her tanktop on and her hair wasn't wild from sex, other than that they preyed he didn't enter the kitchen fully.

"He was asking if she's seen me," Oliver narrated. "She lied."

The good looking man in his 50s stopped at the entrance to the kitchen and chatted with Thea for almost a minute. Felicity couldn't believe that Oliver was tempting fate by actually thrusting up into his sister's ass while they talked to their father. It was slow so she didn't sway too much but it took big balls to do something like that.

Another 30 seconds went by before Thea got a panicked look on her face as Robert took a step forward. Reaching to her other side and scooping up the newspaper from the table, she quickly handed it to her dad which stopped him from entering the room. Apparently satisfied with getting the paper and not finding Oliver, Robert turned and seconds later the kitchen door swung closed again.

"That was so freaking close," Felicity commented.

"My heart nearly burst from my chest," Oliver admitted.

The pair on screen were back at with more speed and force then ever. As soon as the siblings realized they were alone once more, Oliver started to thrust his hips upwards to match as Thea rode down his cock. The result was the slender girl getting bounced and thrown about, needing one arm to steady herself on the table from being bucked off his lap altogether while her free hand went back between her legs.

"I wish there was audio so I could here that skin-on-skin slapping," Felicity told him while adjusting her glasses. "Gets me so hot."

"And now we are about to watch as Thea creams herself," Oliver detailed.

Sure enough, the heavenly girl on screen was getting wilder and wilder as her fingers worked over her clit. She wasn't throwing herself down with as much energy as before but the slack was more than compensated for by Oliver slamming skywards. Felicity could tell the face of a girl reaching orgasm and the pretty brunette wore that expression now.

"And based on the way your thrusts are becoming more and more erratic, you're about to cum as well," Felicity noted from all the body language he was giving off.

"Excellent observational skills Ms. Smoak," Oliver congratulated, the formalness getting a sideways look from his assistant.

"You came inside her," Felicity assumed.

Oliver nodded though it didn't need his confirmation. All of a sudden Oliver from the video went from jackhammering up into Thea at a million miles an hour to resting his hips flat on the bench beneath him. Thea bent to the side and rested on the half-wall for several seconds afters before sitting up, which caused Oliver's dirty cock to thud against his ripped abdomen.

"So...what did you think," Oliver asked her as he stopped the video.

"," Felicity admitted after some soul searching.

"Even knowing that Thea and I are brother and sister," he followed up.

"Yes, even knowing that," she answered.

"Now where does that leave us with our little situation," Oliver asked his assistant and part-time lover.

"As always, I defer to your surprisingly knowledgeable guidance," Felicity told him, allowing him to continue to control her, which was something she was liking more and more.

"And you are fully aware of what I want," Oliver prodded further.

"Yes," she nodded.

"Tell me."

"Me...and my mother...together," Felicity spoke the words.

"And you'll do it," Oliver asked finally.

After only a moment's pause, Felicity turned to look him in the eye. "Yes."


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