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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

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Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara never liked Ray Palmer. He essentially stole Oli's company out from underneath him, and yet everyone seemed to forget about that. Mostly because Oliver was happier now, but whatever. That was the reason she disliked him. Then there was the whole 'trying to be a superhero thing', which was something he actually said with a smile on his face, like it was a big game to him. Something to do because he was rich and bored. Even though he had a better reason than that he was still grossly underqualified to join Team Arrow. Yeah, his suit was impressive, but if it broke down he'd be helpless. But that wasn't the reason either. Nor was it that she had a weird feeling of familiarity with him, like she might have known him better in another life.

No, the main reason Sara didn't like Ray Palmer was that he had a thing for her girlfriend, and he didn't even have the decency to try and hide it. He was looking at her. Staring at her really. And then there was the whole him stalking her for weeks. He swore that was just for a job, but not even Felicity believe that. Which was why Sara felt she was completely justified in showing up randomly to Felicity's office whenever she could to make it clear that Felicity was taken. Which led to their first big fight as a couple, which Sara still blamed on Ray, but she couldn't deny she was also to blame, which was why this time she brought flowers.

"Really?" Felicity sighed when she spotted her girlfriend, "I'm mad at you for showing up to my work and embarrassing me, so you show up to my work to embarrass me?"

"We both know that's not why you're mad." Sara pointed out, before quickly adding in a softer tone while lowering her gaze, "But if you want me to leave, I'll leave. I just, I hate you being mad at me."

"I hate it too." Felicity admitted after a pause, then after another sighed, "Alright, but close and lock the door."

"Thanks." Sara smiled softly, quickly doing as she was told.

"So..." Felicity asked after another long pause, "Why am I mad at you?"

"Is this a test?" Sara quipped, placing the flowers down on Felicity's desk.

Felicity frowned, "Don't be cute."

"Because that's your job?" Sara quipped, unable to stop herself, and then becoming serious as Felicity gave her a look, "You think I don't trust you. That maybe if any man came onto you, you give in because you're straight, not strong enough to resist, or whatever, when nothing can be further from the truth and I'm so sorry Felicity. I'm not this girl. I'm not a jealous freak. Or at least I wasn't. But until I met you. Before I didn't really care. My boyfriends were just distractions, and Nyssa, well, she never really cared about monogamy. But with you it's different. Suddenly I'm this overprotective nutcase who can't stand the idea of anyone even looking at you the wrong way, and, I don't know, maybe it's what we do, the danger we're always in, or we both go looking for, or that we're surrounded by so much darkness, or you're just so stunningly beautiful and don't know it that trust other people not to hurt you, but I just, I just-"

For once it was a rambling Sara being cut off by Felicity's lips, this kiss being so soft and sweet that both of them were disappointed when it of seconds later as Felicity pulled back and smiled sheepishly, "I told you not to be cute."

Smiling softly back Sara asked, "Does this mean I'm off the hook?"

"Not quite... but... you haven't exactly been imagining things." Felicity admitted, and because she knew that sounded quickly clarified, "I spoke to Ray about his recent behaviour and he admitted I reminded him a lot of his ex-wife, which was why he couldn't stop looking at me, even when you were around, but he's been seeing someone recently. Which I know sounds like a line, but I swear, I met her. And soon you will too. See, we went for coffee down the street, and I met his sort of girlfriend, who is a barista, and I agreed to a double date so you can give her the 3rd degree all you want if it means putting all this nastiness behind us."

"Sounds good to me." Sara smiled leaning in for another quick kiss before adding with a wicked smile, "Now, if there was only some way I could make this all up to you?"

Before Sara could really try anything Felicity quickly told her, "Well, there is one thing?"

"What?" Sara grinned.

"You can ask me that thing you've almost been asking me for weeks." Felicity said, and then when the other blonde looked taken aback added, "Oh come on Sara, did you really think I wouldn't notice? You've been tiptoeing around something for weeks now, just man up and tell me already. I already said I wanted you to tell me what you want, and while I appreciate the baby steps there's obviously something else, so what is it?"

There was a long pause and then Sara softly said, "Anal?"

There was another pause and then Felicity asked, "As in?"

"As in anal sex." Sara said firmly, "I want to have anal sex with you."

"No, I get that." Felicity blushed, this blush seeming even redder as her cheeks had been so pale the last few seconds, "I mean, giving or receiving. Me! I mean are you, I-"

"I want to fuck your ass." Sara admitted bluntly, a slight smirk crossing her face as she added, "Well, I'd be good with either, and eventually I really want to do both, but I think it would be easier if you were on the receiving end first."

"No, I believe you." Felicity said softly.

"Of course we don't have to do it right away, or at all, it's just that-" Sara began babbling.

"Ok." Felicity abruptly interrupted.

"Huh?" Sara frowned, taken by surprise.

"I said ok." Felicity clarified, before rolling her eyes, "Sara, you've been eating my ass for months now, and fingering it, and staring at it every chance you get, so if you really thought I had no idea whatsoever I'm going to be really insulted. And I thought about it. From time to time. It's just, you coming out and saying it makes it real, and that's a little scary, you know?"

"I know." Sara said softly, "That's why we don't have to do it right away."

"I'd rather we did before I lose my nerve." Felicity admitted, and then added with a slight grin and blush, "Besides, it wouldn't be the first time we'd had sex in my new office."

"Works for me." Sara grinned, "Turn around."

"God!" Felicity swore as she did as she was told, "How is it that I was mad at you when you came in, and now I'm giving you my anal cherry?"

Sara smirked and moved closer, "I don't know, maybe you're not the only one who is irresistibly cute, huh babe?"

"Please..." Felicity scoffed, "You'll never be as cute as me."

Even though it was clear from her tone of voice Felicity meant it as a joke Sara knew that it was the gospel truth, and it made her smirk as she quickly retrieved one of the items they would need from one of Felicity's desk drawers. The other she had brought with her, that being a bottle of lubricant, which she pulled out of her pocket once she attached one of the smaller dildos in the draw to the harness she had been wearing underneath her jeans. See, it helped whenever they had sex in Felicity's office to remained as clothed as possible in case there was a knock at the door and they needed to make themselves presentable in a hurry.

It was also the reason Felicity was allowed to keep her dresses on, Sara normally slipping a hand or her head underneath it, or pulling it up just far enough so she could slip her strap-on inside the other blonde's welcoming pussy. But this time Sara pushed Felicity faced down on the desk so she was jutting out her meaty ass and then slowly pulled the dress upwards to reveal her prize. The dress was halfway up Felicity's back by the time Sara stopped as she became distracted by that beautiful butt, and then her hands glided down to the juicy flesh to give it a little smack which made Felicity let out an adorable cry.

Shortly after that Felicity scolded, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"What, you don't think you can be quiet for me?" Sara teased.

Felicity shook her head and blushed, "No."

Sara laughed and then softly told her, "Well, you know I'm going to want to complete the look, don't you?"

Felicity nodded weakly, "Yes."

"In that case, hands behind your back and open wide." Sara ordered.

Felicity did as she was told and seconds later her assassin girlfriend was securing handcuffs around her wrists and popping a ball-gag into her mouth, both retrieved from her draw and leaving her completely at Sara's mercy. Technically she always was, as Sara was so seductive and sexy that she could have easily talked Felicity into anal sex months ago if she really wanted too. Hell, she could have probably talked her into it before they were even dating, or maybe even when they first met, because she had always been secretly curious about doing something so taboo, and again it was hard, if not impossible, to say no to Sara.

That didn't stop Felicity from being incredibly nervous, especially as Sara return to shamelessly groping her butt, the hacker half expecting the Canary to just shove her strap-on into her virgin ass hole straight away. Thankfully Sara wasn't that cruel and after a few more playful spanks, making Felicity wonder, and maybe even hope, that the other blonde would give her a real spanking Sara dropped to her knees and started to cover Felicity's ass in kisses. This was quickly followed by Sara pulling Felicity's cheeks apart and pressing her lips directly to her ultimate target before beginning to lick it, Felicity moaning happily into the ball-gag as Sara started to rim her.

Considering where they were Sara was probably a little more slow and teasing then Felicity would have liked, but it wasn't like she was in a position to argue. Although ironically that helped, as to Felicity's surprise, and Sara's delight, it turned out the hacker really enjoyed some bondage fun. It was better when they had the time to properly tie Felicity down with ropes or some form of restraints in Sara's seemingly bottomless collection, but in a hurry the handcuffs were definitely enough. And having a gag in her mouth, literally forcing her to be quiet for a change, God that made her so hot. And on top of that they were doing this in her office in the middle of the day. So yeah, Felicity hadn't wanted Sara to penetrate her right away, but she probably didn't need this level of teasing.

Then again this was her virgin ass they were talking about, so it was different to just arousing her, so this was probably for the best. Plus a nice long drawn-out rim job was always welcome from Sara, even if it did increase the chances of getting caught. Maybe Felicity should have been more patient and waited until they got home to do this? Yeah, she probably should. But the reasons she had skipped straight to it was still valid, and even though she was concerned how long this was taking she was really enjoying it, especially when Sara finally slipped a finger into her ass, which was a very good sign considering what was about to happen.

Sara let out a soft gasp as she penetrated Felicity's ass hole as slowly and gently as possible, the assassin blown away by the tightness of the back hole and then the back passage which she felt as she slowly pushed her finger deep inside of her girlfriend. Of course this wasn't her first time fingering Felicity's butt to prepare the other blonde for this day, but the other times Sara had been preoccupied with eating Felicity's pussy. Which normally meant Felicity was more relaxed and the penetration was easier. Now both of them were very much concentrated on the anal penetration, which was a good thing given that Sara's soft gasp of pleasure was drowned out by a louder one from Felicity, despite the ball-gag in her mouth.

Despite this very positive sign Sara continued moving slowly, especially during the rest of the anal penetration and even with a few long seconds before officially beginning to finger fuck Felicity's butt. Okay, maybe that had just as much, if not more, to do with the fact that Sara was savouring the moment, and the anticipation of being so close to something she'd wanted ever since she laid eyes on cute little Felicity Smoak. And especially ever since she laid eyes on Felicity's well-rounded rump, which was even more gorgeous now Sara was getting an up close look at it. But she also didn't want to hurt Felicity. She would never do that. Not really. Okay, a little pain would be inevitable, but Sara was determined to make it as easy as possible for Felicity. Just like Nyssa had done for her.

Smiling dreamily Sara vividly remembered that very special night when Nyssa al Ghul had made her ass hers. Before Nyssa she had occasionally considered it, but Nyssa had made it also natural, easy, and good that in just one night Sara had been turned from an anal virgin into a total ass slut. And she had totally been telling the truth before. Sara wanted Felicity to fuck her ass. But more than that Sara wanted to show Felicity just how amazing it could be getting fucked in the ass, and now she finally had the chance Sara would not waste it by going to quickly and hurting Felicity, even though part of her desperately wanted to bury every inch of her dick in this perfect ass and make it hers.

That was why Sara continued gently finger fucking Felicity's butt for several long minutes before she added a second, and then eventually a third to make sure that her girl was nice and stretched out. She had lubricated the first by briefly rubbing it against Felicity's pussy, and while she had inadvertently done that already as her fingers were so close to that hole Sara just couldn't resist bringing her fingers up to her mouth each time so she could suck the wonderful combination of her girlfriend's pussy and butt cream off of them before returning to the fingering. Then when she was finally satisfied Sara stood up, replaced her fingers with the tip of the strap-on and left it there for a few long seconds, giving her girl a chance to relax.

"Relax baby." Sara whispered as she finally pushed forwards, "Just relax and give me that cute little virgin ass of yours."

Felicity initially tensed up when she felt the tip of Sara's strap-on press more firmly against her butt hole, causing Sara to initially pause and coo softly in an obvious attempt to relax her. If Felicity hadn't been gagged she would have quipped that Sara should try being relaxed while there was a dildo about to enter her ass, but then Felicity had seen Sara remain calm through much worse pain, and while they were nowhere near the same level of toughness Felicity told herself if Sara could do this she could do this too. It was somehow comforting thought as Sara began slowly pushing forwards again, either that thought just being distracted enough to keep Felicity relaxed until her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow her girlfriend's cock to slip past it into her ass, meaning that Sara had officially taken her anal virginity.

The sudden sharp pain she felt made Felicity very aware of this and she once again tensed, which was more painful this time now the dildo was stretching her ass hole. Luckily she had the ball-gag to bite down on, and naturally being a loving and supporting girlfriend Sara didn't move the cock any further during those few long seconds and moved a hand away from her cheeks to rub her back soothingly while again cooing. Which under other circumstances Felicity might have found patronising, but currently it was very welcome, especially as it seemed to work as the pain faded to mirror uncomfortableness, and the obscene feeling that the was the man-made dick stretching her most private hole.

Seemingly knowing exactly when Felicity was ready Sara moved her hand back to the other blonde's butt cheeks so she could spread out and get the best possible look at more of her dick disappearing into Felicity's ass, just like before the hacker feeling ridiculously exposed, which shouldn't have been a turn on but it was. Just like the entire experience of getting her butt penetrated and then filled by that 8 inch dildo, which currently felt like it was twice as thick and long as usual as it stuffed her back passage, only stopping when Felicity tensed up and bit down on the ball-gag again. Each time Sara gave her a chance to relax, which surely was the least she could do, and yet it made Felicity fall even more in love with her.

It seemed no matter what Sara did Felicity would love her. That despite how it looks right now, any pain coming from her ass, and ha, Sara was literally a pain in her ass right now, the Canary continued doing the things which told Felicity she loved her, and in turn Felicity returned that love the only way she could right now. By giving Sara her most forbidden hole. The hole which was never meant to be penetrated. The hole only sluts took it in. And Felicity was doing it for Sara, and it actually felt kind of good, because bit by bit she had been surrendering to this amazing woman, and now she was performing the ultimate act of surrender, allowing something which truly felt like a piece of Sara deep into a place that no one had gone before, and she couldn't imagine letting anyone else going.

Sara did her best to make sure to keep an eye on how Felicity was doing throughout the anal, or more accurately study the sounds she was making just in case there was a sign it was too much for her. Luckily unlike some female members of the League of Assassins that Nyssa had seduced, or ordered, into their bed for fun Felicity made no attempt to hide how she was feeling. In fact she only confirmed that the ball-gag was a very good idea indeed as otherwise they would have been discovered for sure, and while Sara actually quite like the idea of that, especially if they were discovered by Ray Palmer, she didn't want it to be before she showed Felicity how amazing it could feel to get fucked in the ass.

That thought forced Sara to stop for a few minutes as she was bombarded by the memory of losing her own anal cherry to Nyssa. It was a memory which often left Sara having to pause whatever she was doing, even if it was during a life-and-death situation or in this case and far more importantly fucking Felicity Smoak in the ass which Sara had been practically aching to do for months, she had to pause, just for a second. Because it was just that hot. Nyssa had always been a dominant lover, but she had never made Sara feel more submissive than in that moment, not even all the other times she fucked her ass. It had been a moment of pure and true submission, and no matter what happened in that moment Sara had been Nyssa's bitch.

Just like in this moment Felicity was hers. Oh yes, Felicity was her bitch, the hacker's rather large and gloriously round ass belonged to Sara right now, something the Canary was making very clear as she continued slowly stuffing inch after inch of dildo deep into her girlfriend's rectum, the entire time having to rely on her sense of hearing to tell whether Felicity was still okay or not because it felt like all her other senses were consumed with taking this woman's anal virginity. At the very least her sight was consumed by the glorious vision of her cock sliding into that previously untouched hole, Felicity continuing to spread her cheeks giving Sara the perfect view of it.

As the pause she had taken to think about losing her own anal virginity had been brief and the rest of the time she was rarely pausing too long in her one continuous thrust it wasn't that long before Sara's thighs came to rest against Felicity's ass cheeks, announcing every single inch of that strap-on dildo was buried deep within her rectum. Sara then savoured the moment for a few long seconds before slowly pulling her hips back and then pushing forward, repeating the process to officially begin butt fucking Felicity Smoak for the first of many times. There would be no arguing about that Sara thought, which could have sounded a little rapey out loud, but she knew it was just confidence in her own abilities. Confidence which was soon rewarded.

Felicity whimpered into the ball-gag when Sara officially started fucking her ass, not because it was painful as she had feared but because it was just so overwhelming to do something so forbidden. It was a taboo on top of of a taboo. Lesbian anal sex! Felicity was having lesbian anal sex, something she had never imagined doing a few months ago, and she was doing it to please her girlfriend, the effortlessly sexy superhero Sara Lance. Luckily overthinking everything was an advantage for a change, because while Felicity was lost in those thoughts Sara was turning her forbidden hole into an eager little fuck hole.

The next thing Felicity knew she was moaning in pleasure into the ball-gag. She was moaning in pleasure from being butt fucked! She was actually enjoying it. No, she was loving it. Oh God, Felicity loved it up the ass. Which to be fair, shouldn't be such a surprise. Sara Lance was such a sex goddess it was like she could talk anyone into anything and make them love it. Or at least Felicity, Sara seemingly to effortlessly prove it by making any pain or discomfort a distant memory so that all Felicity felt was increasingly powerful pleasure, which caused increasingly loud moans to escape from her lips as she continued to be sodomised so skillfully.

She had no doubt Sara heard that first moan, however soft it was, just as Felicity had no doubt there was a huge grin on Sara's face right now. But surprisingly it didn't encourage the Canary to increase her pace, and begging for more wasn't exactly easy for Felicity right now. Not that it stopped her from trying, a desire not to get caught, and a genuine desire to cum, overwhelming Felicity's embarrassment. When inevitably that didn't work Felicity tried thrusting her ass back against Sara, which caused the Canary to laugh in delight, and then completely stop her thrusting which in turn made the hacker turn her head and glare angrily at her girlfriend. Which of course just made Sara smirk shamelessly. Briefly Felicity then glared even more angrily, and she tried giving Sara her puppy dog eyes, which caused her girlfriend to giggle and make her an offer.

"You wanna cum huh?" Sara grinned, then when the other blonde frantically nodded she added, "So you like it, huh? You like me fucking this sexy fat ass of yours? Huh? Well I fucking love it! Mmmmmm, yeah I love your big sexy ass. Oh yeah. I can't get enough of it. I could never get enough of it. So here's what we're going to do... I'm going to fuck your big fat ass so good, so long, so hard that you'll never be able to sit down again without thinking about me. About thinking how good I can make you feel. How much you love it up the butt. Mmmmmm yeah, and because of that you're going to regularly spread your cheeks and beg me to butt fuck you. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, me and no one else! Not because I'm your girlfriend, but because I own your ass! Do you understand me Felicity? I make you cum like a little bitch with a dick in your ass and your ass is mine! This big fat sexy ass is mine to do with as I please, and whenever I want a piece of it all I'm going to have to do is tell you to bend over and you will give me access to my property! Do you understand me? Still want me to make you cum? Do you want me to make your ass hole mine? Do you want me to make it my personal fuck hole? Mine to use whenever I want? Do you want to cum like a bitch? Do you want to be my anal loving little bitch?"

Every time Sara asked a question Felicity nodded. Sometimes it was slow and hesitant, other times it was quick and eager, but the end result was the same, Felicity agreed to whatever she had too just for the privilege of cumming. Although as embarrassing as it was all that sounded good to her right now. Well, she could have done without Sara calling her ass 'fat' etc, but she was pretty sure her girlfriend meant it as a compliment. Of course when Sara was finally done with her questioning Felicity didn't really have time to care what was said because she was too busy cumming, one of the most powerful orgasms of her life quickly hitting her shortly after Sara really began pounding her butt, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until all Felicity wanted to be was Sara Lance's anal loving bitch.

Sara did of course start out slowly, which to her delight had Felicity whimpering in frustration into the ball-gag. It was so delightful in fact that she kept up that slow pace much longer than necessary, although after already denying herself the pleasure of really pounding Felicity's ass for quite some time now it was not long before Sara gave her girlfriend what she so desperately wanted, and what Sara so desperately wanted to give her. Although she barely got going when Felicity first came, which just proved what Sara had thought when she first got a look at this girl's amazing ass, that Felicity Smoak had a butt that was made for fucking.

The ease and frequency at which she made Felicity cum, the screams of pleasure the other blonde let out into the ball-gag, and maybe most of all the way those juicy cheeks jiggled hypnotically against Sara's thighs with every hard thrust just proved her initial thought to be the gospel truth. Now it was hopefully obvious to Felicity too, but Sara had no problem doing whatever it took to prove it to her. Right now that included using every ounce of her strength and skill to almost literally destroy Felicity's butt hole, something which Sara wished she could do forever. Sadly that wasn't possible, but she gave it a good try, anally pounding Felicity longer and harder than any woman before her.

In the process Sara inevitably came incredibly hard and frequently too. She used every ounce of her training to hold it off as long as possible, but the constant bashing against her clit from the stimulator inside the harness, the feeling and the sound of her thighs smacking loudly against Felicity's juicy cheeks, her girlfriend screams of pleasure and especially the sheer joy of sodomising Felicity Smoak inevitably caught up with her. When it did Sara made herself proud by powering through them, although it was perhaps one of the most difficult things she had ever done, especially that first one as it was just so powerful. It also robbed her of the last of her sanity, and she truly became a wild animal pounding into her submissive mate.

At some point Felicity started pounding herself back, making the slapping of their bodies even louder. Or maybe that's just how it seemed when Felicity seemed to lose her voice. Either way it had to be crystal clear to the outside world that people were having sex in this room, and Sara's last conscious thought for a while was that she hoped someone would break in here to try and get them to stop. That this entire building, but especially Ray Palmer, would discover her in here, fucking Felicity Smoak up her big sexy butt, and now without a shadow of a doubt this beautiful woman was hers. That even the most intimate part of her body was hers. That Felicity Smoak was her bitch and her ass hole was her personal fuck hole.

The next thing Sara knew she was lying down on top of Felicity, which was uncomfortable for them both given her girl's hands were still tied behind her back. That and the fact that Felicity was now whimpering softly into the ball-gag caused a rush of guilt to flood Sara's body, but she still needed a few seconds after coming to her senses to just rest before she had the energy to move. As soon as she did she lifted herself up slightly, reach up and removed the handcuffs and the ball-gag as gently yet quickly as possible, the whole time but especially afterwards cooing softly and stroking the girl beneath her in what she hoped was a reassuring gesture.

"You okay?" Sara eventually asked nervously.

"I'm fine." Felicity replied weakly, quickly adding, "I mean, I'm probably going to die from embarrassment when I try to leave this office, because no way did no one hear that, but... I don't care."

"Really?" Sara smiled with relief.

"Really. Those orgasms were worth it." Felicity admitted, before blushing furiously, "Oh God, now I really am going to die from embarrassment."

Sara chuckled wickedly, "You know, in my experience a little embarrassment can just make it that much hotter. Especially when it comes to something extra kinky like anal... and speaking of which, do me a favour and spread your cheeks? And keep them spread no matter what?"

"Oh God, what now?" Felicity grumbled.

"You'll see." Sara said, her eyes lighting up.

Despite her grumbling Felicity obeyed pretty quickly, Sara smiling widely as her girlfriend reached back and slowly pulled her cheeks apart. That sight alone was drool worthy, which is why Sara did nothing for a few long seconds. And of course to tease Felicity. But as hot as that was it couldn't compare with what came next as Sara started slowly pulling her strap-on out of Felicity's big ass, the other blonde continuing to spread her cheeks meaning that Sara once again got a perfect view of Felicity's ass hole stretching for her. Which wasn't quite as good as going in, especially as it signified the end to the anal fun, but Sara still loved it, as it signified the beginning of something else.

"Fuck." Sara swore softly as her cock finally came out of Felicity's butt hole, which was now gaping wide open.

Her girl let out a cry of disapproval, and a little pain, as the head of the dildo was pulled from her ass, and then Felicity let out a soft whimper as she realised just how gaped her butt hole was. Both of those sounds Sara found adorable and caused her to smile wickedly, which only became wider as Felicity continued holding herself open and exposing her battered back hole. For a few long seconds Sara was content with staring at her handiwork, and then against her better judgement she reached for her phone, as she was just unable to resist getting a memento of this special night. Something she could look at and remind herself that Felicity's gorgeous ass was hers. That Felicity was hers.

Although predictably Felicity wasn't too happy about it, "Hey. HEY! Sara! No, don't..."

But Felicity was too late to stop it, Sara's training serving her well as she quickly grabbed her phone and snapped a shot, before grinning wickedly, "What? It's just a little reminder that your fat ass is mine."

"Bitch." Felicity grown, taking her hands off her cheeks.

"Considering you're the one who just took it up the ass, I'd say the only bitch here is you. And you're not just a bitch, you're my bitch." Sara taunted before playfully smacking Felicity's ass, causing her girlfriend to yelp and glare at her. Second-guessing her actions Sara apologised, "Too much? I'm sorry babe, your ass is just so hot, and you're so hot, that I might have gotten a little carried away."

"Might?" Felicity quipped, rubbing her incredibly sore ass, "God, I don't think I'll be able to sit down for a week."

Those words, and the fact Felicity blushed furiously after letting them out, made Sara grin again, "But it's totally worth it, right?"

"Yeah." Felicity admitted with another blush.

"Mmmmm yeah, I remember." Sara nodded, allowing old memories to wash over her briefly before adding, "You could always try sitting on a frozen bag of peas. It always worked for me when Nyssa was a bit too rough with my ass hole."

"Nyssa fucked you up the butt?" Felicity exclaimed.

"Yeah." Sara admitted, "Pretty much at least once a day for two long, orgasm filled years. What, you thought I wanted to try anal without knowing how incredible it can be on the bottom?"

"Oh." Felicity blushed, then after a brief pause asked, "Does that mean I get a chance on top?"

"Depends if you're willing to finish in style." Sara grinned, "Cause after a deep hard butt fucking, there was nothing Nyssa liked more than having me clean her cock with my mouth."

"Really?" Felicity crinkled her nose adorably.

"Oh, you'd be surprised how enjoyable a little ATM action can be." Sara admitted with another grin, "Getting butt fucked always made me feel wonderfully submissive, and ATM was the perfect way to end that feeling. It totally underline the fact that in that moment, I was Nyssa's bitch. And honestly, it tastes better than you might think."

"I find that hard to believe." Felicity said softly, staring at the big dildo in front of her.

"Trust me, you'll love it." Sara promised as she stepped forward and gently press down on Felicity's shoulders, "Just give it a try. Please? For me?"

"Well, I am your bitch." Felicity murmured, allowing herself to be pushed downwards.

"Yeah you are." Sara agreed with another grin.

Once Felicity was on her knees Sara moved her hand from the girls shoulders to her head and gently stroked her hair. It was very tempting to shove her forwards, yank back on her hair and shoved the dildo straight into her mouth, like Nyssa had done to her after popping her anal cherry. However Sara already knew she had pushed her luck a lot, and she wanted Felicity to do this of her own accord. And ideally because she loved her. But if she didn't do this it was no big deal, they had already done more than enough new for one night. Plus Sara had already got more than she deserved from this wonderful girl. Yet sure enough Felicity did as she was asked, with amazing results.

Felicity was hesitant to do this as she couldn't imagine it actually being pleasurable, but she would do just about anything for Sara, so eventually she closed her eyes, scrunched up her nose and opened her mouth before slowly leaning forward to take that dick into her mouth. The dick which had just pummelled the deepest part of her bowels, something Felicity just couldn't get out of her head for the next few minutes especially when to her horror she found the taste really wasn't quite that bad. Even worse, she moaned from the sheer shock of it, and yes, because she genuinely liked it, causing her to blush with shame.

It didn't help matters that she could practically taste the wide grin of delight on Sara's face, Felicity keeping her eyes tightly closed as she slowly began bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the strap-on, the entire time trying to ignore her girlfriend and how much she liked the taste of her own ass. Both of which became increasingly difficult, as the more Felicity sucked Sara's cock the more her taste-buds grew to like the flavour of her own butt and of course Sara just couldn't keep her big mouth shut during this. Which Felicity tried to ignore, yet she couldn't help but blush furiously, especially as Sara became more graphic, and each word sounded so true.

"Yeahhhhhh, my girl loves it, doesn't she? Mmmmm yeah, my girl loves the taste of her own ass." Sara gleefully encouraged, "Ohhhhhh yeah, just look at you go. Taking that cock deep into your mouth like a little slut. Tasting your own fucking butt hole! Cleaning it off my cock, ooooooh yeahhhhhh, that's it baby, just like that. Take that cock deep down your throat and suck up every single drop of your yummy little anal juices. Yesssss, suck it! Suck that cock clean like a little ATM slut! Mmmmm yesssss, Nyssa made me her little ass to mouth slut, and now I've made you mine. Oh yes, you really are my bitch now Felicity. Mine! Mmmmm, all mine."

Felicity almost pulled her mouth away from Sara's dick and quipped 'duh', because of course she was Sara's. And, given what she just allowed her to do, and was doing now, she was very much Sara's bitch. It almost wasn't even embarrassing. Almost. But what truly was embarrassing was just how quickly and easily Sara had pushed her further and further into depravity. True, in this case she was at least partly to blame, but it still embarrassed the part of her which could still feel shame. Which didn't really matter, because as she was currently proving, she would do anything for Sara. Especially as each new thing Sara pushed her into Felicity ended up loving it.

She liked ass to mouth less than anal sex, but that was just because the orgasms had been truly mind blowing, and embarrassingly addictive. Like, even though her ass was incredibly sore and tender Felicity had to stop herself from begging for more anal. So she was happy to reward Sara with a little ATM action, even eventually stuffing the entire length of the dildo down her throat for a thorough cleaning. However even as she revelled in the submission Felicity was thinking about turning the tables on her more dominant lover. Partly because she was hopelessly in love with Sara Lance, and wanted to give her the same kind of amazing pleasure she had so recently received. But mostly, as in this moment she looked up into Sara's grinning face, Felicity wanted revenge. And she was determined to get it.


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