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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2.

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Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara Lance had always known Felicity Smoak was too good for her, and that everybody had known it, but that was never more clear as she walked through Parma Tech, formerly known as Queen Consolidated. Everybody knew who she was. Knew she was just a bartender, and not worthy of the new CEO. See, Ray Palmer had reportedly died in an explosion, and while Sara never liked him she hadn't really wanted him dead. He even seemed like a decent guy, after he stopped hitting on her girlfriend. But as a result of his death Felicity had been named his successor, which was his idea apparently, believing that Felicity would do right by his legacy.

As far as Sara was concerned he couldn't have picked a better choice, but she knew her girl was a worrier, which was why she thought she'd surprise her on her first day with a little picnic. And ideally a couple of orgasms to relax her. And she certainly didn't mind walking through a sea of disapproving gazes to do it. In fact, Sara rather enjoyed the disapproval, and gave a few of her girlfriend's new employees a wicked smile, unnecessarily telling them she wasn't just here for food and conversation. Because she never was whenever she visited Felicity at work, every time ending with some sort of sexy fun, and Sara really had her heart set on bending Felicity over her new desk, because she'd never butt fucked a CEO before and was eager to find out what it was like.

Unfortunately as she got to the office Felicity's new secretary practically jumped out in front of her and told her, "Sorry Miss, she's in a meeting."

For a few long moments Sara considered insisting, by force if necessary, which would be easy enough for her, but instead she grumbled, "Fine, I'll wait."

* * *

So she did, and the first hour or so she was even good about it, however even after the League of Assassins had repeatedly tried to beat patients into her it was never one of her virtues, so inevitably Sara barged into Felicity's office before the secretary could stop her, "Hi sweetie!"

"Sara! I'm in a meeting!" Felicity snapped angrily.

"I know, I'm sorry." Sara apologised, "But you know I hate it when you work through lunch. It's not healthy."

"We'll talk about this later." Felicity said dismissively, before turning to the other people in her office, "I'm so sorry about this, it won't happen again."

"How much longer will you be?" Sara asked softly.

"As long as it takes." Felicity said firmly.

* * *

As long as it takes, turned out to be another hour, ruining Sara's chance for the picnic she wanted as she just couldn't wait that long to eat. She almost ate Felicity's too out of pettiness, and if she was honest Sara kind of wanted to make her girlfriend yell at her like that again. Sara knew it was super inappropriate, but she was so used to submissive little Felicity melting and letting her have her way, even when the Canary had genuinely been the wrong, so seeing her being so commanding was a huge turn on. But Sara was also worried about her. So as soon as the stuffy businessman finally left Sara practically rushed into Felicity's office, despite the protests of the secretary. Although when she got there she was unsure what to say, partly because Felicity was glaring at her.

The secretary was close behind, and quickly told his boss, "I'm sorry Ms Smoak, I couldn't stop her."

"It's okay, no one could. Just leave her to me." Felicity said dismissively, and then when her secretary lingered firmly told him, "Now!"

Sara tried not to smirk as the secretary left and shut the door behind him, and forced a genuinely sorry look on her face as she told her lover, "I'm sorry, I just-"

"Shut up and hand me my lunch. I literally only have a couple of minutes." Felicity sighed, holding out her hand.

Glad she hadn't eaten it herself Sara handed it over, and grinned as Felicity wolfed it down, then after about a minute asked, "So, we good?"

"No. Now seriously, shut up." Felicity said firmly, finishing her lunch before grumbling, "You know Sara, you can be so embarrassing sometimes."

"I know." Sara said, unable to keep a smile from crossing her face.

"Do you?" Felicity questioned, wiping that smile off of Sara's face, "Because I love you, and bringing me lunch is so sweet, but you completely ruined the gesture by being so rude and impatient. Which was kind of cute when I was just a secretary, but now I'm a CEO it's just not acceptable behaviour. Not while I'm working. And that goes double for your possessive attitude."

"I thought you liked it when I'm possessive." Sara quipped, unable to help herself.

"Not while I'm working!" Felicity hissed, getting out of her chair and walking around her new desk, "So things are going to have to change around here... bend over my desk."

"What?" Sara frowned.

"Bend over my desk." Felicity said firmly right in Sara's face, "Don't make me say it again."

There was a brief pause and then Sara smirked, "Yes Ms Smoak."

Sara did as she was told and then after another pause Felicity placed her hand onto Sara's ass and began to slide that hand over it, "This is exactly where you wanted me, right? You wanted to bend me over my desk just like when I was Rey's secretary and butt fuck me, because Sara Lance is incapable of doing anything sweet without an ulterior motive."

Yet another pause and then Sara reluctantly admitted, "Yes."

"Do you miss it?" Felicity asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

"What?" Sara frowned.

"Being butt fucked?" Felicity clarified, reaching down to squeeze Sara's ass before beginning to slide her right hand over it, "You said Nyssa fucked this perfect little ass of yours all the time when you were together, and nothing made you cum harder then a nice hard butt fucking."

"Yeah, well..." Sara blushed a little, before quipping, "That was before I knew the joy of banging your sexy little butt."

"You asked the question." Felicity pushed with a smirk.

There was long pause and then Sara admitted with another blush, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Felicity pushed.

"Yes, I miss it." Sara clarified, "I miss being butt fucked."

"Okay." Felicity said, taking her hand off Sara's butt, walking back to her and sitting down before continuing, "I have another meeting in a couple of seconds, and then more throughout the day. If you can stand quietly in the corner I will butt fuck you over my desk when everyone has gone. If not, I will just spank you, and find a way to make you not enjoy it. Either way, I will spank you."

For a few seconds Sara just knelt there in disbelief, then Felicity gave her an angry look and she scrambled to get up and get in the corner. She got there just in time for a bunch of people in business suits to come in, beginning the first of many boring meetings which were more than punishment enough for Sara's actions. Although it was something Sara could respect, because she wasn't sure Felicity could spank her hard enough that she wouldn't enjoy it, and she truly had missed being butt fucked, so this would be likely the only real punishment she would received today. And even that was bearable as she got to watch Felicity work, her girl totally in her element as she commanded those around her, which was so sexy. She also got to imagine what was going to happen at the end of the day, which was it's own torture as Sara impatiently waited for it.

* * *

Felicity Smoak had spent the last few years working job she was ridiculously overqualified for. Rey's assistant had been a massive step up, as he delivered on his promises on having more to do within the company, but that didn't mean she was ready to take over from him. Now she was ridiculously underqualified for her new position, and she had been freaking out pretty much non-stop since he died and left her with this enormous responsibility. The only thing that had really got her through it was her second job, and more importantly the most supportive and loving girlfriend ever who constantly told her she could do this, and reminded her why.

Ironically that might now be Sara's undoing, or at least a catalyst for a change in their relationship. But as it turned out Sara was right, when it really mattered Felicity could lead Team Arrow to victory better than Oliver ever could, and that translated to giving her the confidence she needed for her new job. It wasn't unlike her lover and her friends who put masks on to save their city, meaning that Sara hadn't barged in on her meek and smitten girlfriend, she had interrupted the powerful and commanding businesswoman Felicity Smoak, and was now paying the price for it. More importantly she would pay later, if only Felicity could maintain this level of confidence when everyone else had gone home, which wasn't a given, but Felicity was more determined than ever to go through with it.

Today had gone surprisingly well, leaving Felicity on an credible confidence high. She even had the confidence to 'shhh' her normally dominant girlfriend at the end of the day when everyone started to go home, Felicity finishing off everything that was urgent, and a few things that weren't, just to further torture Sara. Also if she was honest with herself Felicity was psyching herself up for what it felt like she had to do if she wanted to keep Sara long term. After all, Sara Lance liked a variety of things, and sometimes it felt like it was just a matter of time before she went back to her first love Nyssa al Ghul who had dominated Sara like no one else. This was Felicity's chance to make sure that didn't happen, and against her better judgement Felicity decided to admit that.

"I still can't believe it, you know?" Felicity murmured softly without looking at the other girl.

"What?" Sara frowned.

Felicity smiled softly, and finally looked at Sara for the first time in hours, "That you're mine."

Returning the smile Sara happily admitted, "I still can't believe the same thing."

Mostly ignoring the compliment Felicity continued, "I keep expecting you to get bored, or freak out because we're getting too serious, or-"

"I won't!" Sara said firmly, "I promise, I-"

"Quiet!" Felicity snapped firmly, then quickly explaining, "I'm not looking for reassurance here, I'm just stating a fact. I know you have your fears too, and it's natural, and we've talked about this several times. But here's something we haven't talked about enough, Nyssa. I've always been afraid that you'll leave me for her. I know, I know... Sara, hear me out! I've been afraid, because duh, she is amazing, but she also was so many of your firsts. Your first love. Your first woman. Your first... Dom. You said it yourself Sara, no one ever dominated you like Nyssa al Ghul. God Sara, she took your anal cherry! I know from experience what a big deal that is."

"You don't have to replace her." Sara interrupted, "I love you. I love you so much."

"What if I want to replace her?" Felicity asked, "What if I want to spank you and fuck you up the ass?"

Sara gulped softly, and forced herself to reply, "Only if that's really what you want."

"You know what I want?" Felicity asked rhetorically, getting out of her chair and slowly walking over to Sara while answering her own question, "I want to show you just how much I love you. I want to give you a fraction of the pleasure you give me every God damn day. I want to give you everything you want. Everything you need. But Sara, do you know what I really want? I want to punish you for being such a little brat whenever I'm working."

During that second question Felicity cupped Sara's face with both hands, then when she answered it moved one of those hands to the back of her girl's head to grab a handful of blonde hair and yank it roughly. She then dragged Sara by the hair over to her desk and roughly shoved her over it. God, if Felicity ever went back in time and told herself she'd ever do this to a deadly assassin she would have laughed in her own face. Then probably asked her about a billion questions. The point was the feeling was incredible, but had nothing on what came next. Which wouldn't have been possible if Sara hadn't wanted it to happen, which just made it even more incredible.

"Look at this!" Felicity exclaimed, rubbing her hand over Sara's ass, "Look at these jeans! This is a place of business, you couldn't throw a skirt on or a nice dress? Are you trying to make me forget that you are a girl, because with those tits good luck honey. Or are you just playing up the stereotype? Big bad Sara Lance, the tough butch to her meek little bitch of a girlfriend Felicity Smoak? Is that what you think? Well guess what, your meek little girlfriend is about to spank your ass for being a naughty little bitch! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, at least your butt looks incredible in these jeans Sara, but it's going to look even better when I'm done making it rosy red!"

Sara cried out a little when Felicity yanked her hair, and then again when she was pulled over to the desk, and then again as she was forced face down over it. Then she cried out extra loudly when Felicity concluded her latest rant with a hard slap to Sara's ass. Of course each of those cries were mostly of enjoyment, and part of Sara wanted to keep crying out as a way to encourage her girl to keep doing what she was doing. However Sara prefered the idea of Felicity earning those cries. If it was anyone else they would have earn them, especially if it was someone like Nyssa, and Sara guess that Felicity would want her to stifle something just in case there was anyone hanging around.

"Unacceptable." Felicity grumbled when she finally got another cry from her girlfriend, unknowingly proving Sara right, "I'd love my co-workers to hear me finally getting revenge on you, but it would be way too inappropriate. Besides, if were going to do this right, I think we're going to need a few accessories..."

With those words Felicity moved round her desk, and slowly pulled out a ball-gag, handcuffs, a bottle of lube and finally a large strap-on dildo one by one out of her desk, each one making Sara smile with delight. Sara then just stared in equal delight as Felicity slowly stripped off her long beautiful dress, followed by her pants and panties, leaving her in her high-heeled shoes and cute little nerd glasses. Then Felicity slowly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and then she tightened it around her waist. She then push the other items closer to Sara and walked back around so she was behind her again, briefly slapping her ass before giving her another order.

"Hands behind your back." Felicity ordered, then pushed, "What do you say?"

Sara thought for a few long seconds, then grinned as she replied, "Yes Ms Smoak."

As soon as Sara placed her hands behind her back Felicity slapped them on with a grace which ironically Sara taught her, because who knows what would come up in a fight, then ordered, "Open your mouth."

"Yes Ms Smoak." Sara barely got those words out before her mouth was stuffed with the large black ball.

Given Sara hadn't thought this would come up in a fight Felicity tightened the straps with a lot less grace, but she got it done. Then Felicity pushed Sara back down, stepped back and pretended to look thoughtful for a few long seconds, before adding, "Something is missing... oh, I know, if this is going to be a proper spanking, and revenge for what you did to me, this really should be a bare bottom spanking."

As she said those words Felicity got behind Sara, reached around her, grabbed her belt and began undoing it. Given she didn't have any experience with this it wasn't particularly graceful, or quick, but Felicity got the job done, slowly 'pantsing' Sara so her ass slowly came into view. Which was something Sara had done many times so she could savour revealing the prize that was Felicity's backside, but Sara was quite proud of her own butt, and Felicity had made it very clear that she thought it was irresistibly cute. She'd never admitted to a desire to spank or fuck it before, but Sara was very glad that her more twisted desires were rubbing off on her girlfriend, as it meant she was about to benefit from it a great deal.

First came the pain. Not much at first, but after some unnecessarily slow and gentle build-up Felicity did eventually start giving her all she had, and Sara loved her for it. That was when Sara allowed the cries to slip through the ball gag, partly because she wanted to reward Felicity for doing a good job, and partly because she genuinely couldn't help it. Felicity had obviously learned well from the times that Sara had spanked her, and was using them on Sara's ass, making the Canary so very proud of her. Of course this meant when the tables were turned she'd find an excuse to spank Felicity again, but not too hard, as she wouldn't want to discourage her from doing this again.

Felicity had smacked Sara's ass before when her girlfriend was being cheeky, and a couple of times when she was fucking Sara from behind with her fingers or even using a strap-on. Also on the latter occasions, and particularly when Sara was riding her reverse cowgirl, Felicity got a great look at those jiggling cheeks. Sara even like to tease her sometimes by wiggling her butt at her, or shaking her booty on the dancefloor. Each time Felicity was captivated by that sight, because Sara Lance truly had a perfect little butt. It was the best ever in Felicity's admittedly biased opinion. Not technically fat, but curvaceous enough to draw you in and make you want to do naughty things to it. Which Felicity definitely intended to do now.

One of those things was definitely a spanking, but Felicity never thought she'd actually have the guts to do it. To actually spank this deadly assassin who was normally so dominant with her. And yet, Sara was submitting to this without protest. Even eagerly. Partly because she liked this kind of thing, but also because she truly loved Felicity, which made Felicity's heart flutter. It almost made her feel guilty about what she was doing. Almost. But it was hard to care when she saw Sara's ass jiggling for her like never before, each strike far more satisfying than any Felicity had dished out before. Although they only got more satisfying as the spanking went on.

After the first few initial hard strikes the spanking became soft, gentle and teasing, partly because Felicity only had a limited amount of strength, speed and stamina, but also because it was what Sara had done to her before. Perhaps most importantly of all it gave her the chance to grope Sara's butt in a way the Canary with never allowed anyone else to do. Sara also loved doing this to her, but it was different because of what a bad ass Sara was, which was true throughout the spanking. However while doing this Felicity didn't get much of a reaction, which wasn't surprising as Sara had shrugged off way worse pain, but it made Felicity worry she wasn't doing a good enough job.

So eventually Felicity phased out the groping and intensified the speed and the force of the blows until she was raining down smack after smack onto Sara's butt. It was nothing compared to what Sara could dish out, but not only did it get the mighty assassin turned vigilante to cry out but it caused her perfect ass to turn bright pink, to a light red, and then to a bright red. Which probably shouldn't have been a turn on but it was, another sign that Sara had rubbed off on her, which Felicity was very happy with. It was enough to push Felicity into spanking Sara even harder, using every ounce of her strength on the Canary's bottom until her hand ached. It was worth it though just to see those cheeks jiggle, and Sara to cry out in mostly delight.

Sara had enjoyed the gentle spanking and especially the groping as it showed Felicity's desire for her, but she truly loved the hard spanking. It couldn't even compare to the roughness she had received from Nyssa, but that didn't matter. Just the fact that she would consider it a hard spanking was impressive. More importantly it was a signed of Felicity's love for her. This whole thing was. And a sign of Sara's influence over her. After all, this was Felicity stepping out of her comfort zone in a way she had probably never done before, in the process gaining a level of confidence she had never known before for own benefit, but also because she wanted to give Sara what she truly wanted, and it made Sara fall even more in love with her.

However as much as Sara loved a good spanking it couldn't make her cum, and well, she had been promised a butt fucking, and it would be truly tragic if she was denied it because Felicity burnt herself out with the spanking. Which was why towards the end Sara was considering breaking out of the handcuffs, removing the ball gag, and begging Felicity to fuck her ass. The only thing that really stopped her was that it would encourage Felicity to use the rest of her energy in beating her butt. Luckily it wasn't long after that thought crossed her mind that Felicity stopped and then gave Sara a few long seconds to recover while staring at her handiwork before taking that step to giving Sara what she truly wanted.

After taking a few seconds to slide her hands over those sore cheeks Felicity asked, "So, do you still wanna be butt fucked?"

"Yes." Sara said without hesitation, her words just about coherent through the gag. Then she quickly added, "I mean yes Ms Smoak."

There was a brief pause as Felicity considered making a big deal out of that brief mistake, before deciding to let it go for now, "Well, I'd better prepare you then."

With that Felicity dropped to her knees and buried her face deep into Sara's ass. Now this cause Sara to cry out in pure joy, and then start regularly moaning, gasping and even whimpering as Felicity started giving her a long, drawn-out rim job. God, Felicity had gotten so good at eating ass. She was good right from the start, which was the case with everything, but a simple eagerness had turned to eagerness and skill, which was a truly intoxicating combination. The only bad thing about it was that Felicity didn't start out slow as usual, as Sara could have done with some kisses to her aching ass cheeks. And maybe a few to her ass hole, along with some gentle licks.

Not that Sara would even think about complaining about the frantic licking, and occasionally sucking, that her butt hole was now receiving. Far from it. In fact she was not complaining very loudly, the gag not stopping her from letting Felicity know how much she loved this. And it wouldn't stop her from letting Felicity know how much she loved what happened to her next. The handcuffs were a different story. Sara could get out of them easily, but she knew Felicity wanted her to stay in them, so she did. But as a result she couldn't reach back and push Felicity's face deeper into her ass, which was another small downside to this. Although again, it was hard to care when she was receiving such a thorough ass licking in preparation for her first ass fucking in over a year.

Felicity had eaten Sara's ass out a lot over the past year or so, but it had always been a sign of Sara's dominance over her. Which Felicity had always thought was ironic because Sara loved to rim her before butt fucking. Now she kind of got it, because the feeling and the intention was so much different now she was the one preparing Sara for an ass fucking. It also meant she was so excited Felicity just didn't have the patience to start out slow, instead giving Sara's ass hole all she had right from the start, at least from her tongue. Which she kept doing longer than strictly necessary, both to make sure Sara was ready and because she was just really enjoying her 'meal'.

Eventually though she had to move onto more intimidating acts, so while her face was still buried in Sara's ass Felicity reached up and over to grab the bottle of lube. Sara had done something similar several times with such grace that Felicity thought it would be easy. It wasn't. She knocked over the bottle and it rolled to the floor, which made her blush a little. Which was ironic when she was in the middle of licking another girl's ass hole. She briefly pulled her face out of Sara's ass to grab the bottle, then when she got hold of it and opened it up she returned her face to Sara's butt hole and tried to literally push her tongue up it while covering her fingers in the lube. Felicity didn't get very far, but she wasn't expecting too. At least not with her tongue.

Her fingers were a different story, and with a calming breath Felicity used one hand to pull Sara's ass cheeks aside and used the other to pressed the tip of her index finger to the other woman's most private hole. Then with another deep breath Felicity began slowly pushing her way inside Sara's ass, causing both blondes to let out a little cry of mostly pleasure and anticipation. Fuck, Sara was tight! Much tighter than Felicity would have imagined given the stories that Sara had told her about her time with Nyssa. It almost made Felicity want to call Sara a liar, although she couldn't think of a reason she would lie about such a thing. She also couldn't seem to say anything, not even that Sara was tight, the normally chatty Felicity Smoak rendered speechless by the tightness of her girlfriend's butt hole.

The thought made Felicity blush, but again that was ironic given what she was doing. Choosing to focus on that Felicity finished burying her finger inside Sara's butt, and then started pumping it in and out, eventually twirling it around and pushing it up and down and side to side to loosen the oh so tight hole, which got more encouraging sounds out of her beloved Sara. Felicity had fingered Sara's ass before, but only during oral sex, so this was totally different. This was her only focus, and it was stretching Sara for a strap-on, which pushed Felicity to add a second and then a third finger, doing everything she could to make this as easy as possible on the girl she loved.

Inevitably though Felicity straightened up and announced softly, "Relax Sara, it's time for a taste of your own medicine. Ohhhhhh yes, give me that ass! Mmmmm, give me your ass baby. Let me make you feel good."

Sara could have got out of those handcuffs fairly easily, and she got very close to doing it, just so she could remove her ball-gag and beg Felicity to hurry up and ass fuck her already. Because seriously, Sara loved a nice long rim job as much as the next girl, as long as they were at least mildly adventurous, and she loved the fingering too, but it was unnecessary for Felicity to tease her so much. She would have hoped it would have been clearer at this point she could handle a little pain, so this much preparation was unnecessary. In fact the constant teasing was almost more painful, especially when Felicity straightened up only to slide the strap-on up and down Sara's ass crack, making the Canary want to scream. Instead she just groaned in frustration, which actually got a little giggle out of her lover.

Thankfully then Felicity finally pressed the tip of her cock against Sara's butt hole and began pushing forwards. She did so as slowly as possible, but that was okay with Sara because it gave her the opportunity to savour the feeling of having her back door opened for the first time by sweet little Felicity Smoak. Maybe the best part of that was looking back and seeing how Felicity's eyes were glued to her stretching shit hole like a shameless pervert. Or like Sara. Which just made Sara so proud of her girl. Felicity then continued making her proud as she kept up this slow pace throughout the anal penetration, which was a kind of teasing that Sara very much enjoyed.

What she loved even more was the moment her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of Felicity's cock to slide through her back door and deep into her butt, causing Sara to let out a cry of joy into the ball-gag. It was soon followed by several more, because after a pause to savour the moment Felicity continued her slow push forwards meaning that Sara got plenty of time to enjoy the feeling of her ass slowly beginning to stretch as it was reminded just how much she loved getting fucked. Oh yes, relentlessly butt fucking Felicity had been pure heaven, but so was this. Just a different type of heaven. A submissive heaven. One which she had missed greatly.

Inevitably Sara thought back to the woman who had taken her anal cherry, Nyssa al Ghul. One of her favourite memories was the night she had lost her anal virginity to the Heir to the Demon, however that had been so long ago now her ass almost felt virgin again. Maybe that was just because she wasn't getting ass fucked multiple times a day like she had when she was with Nyssa, or maybe it was the intensity of submitting this way to Felicity for the first time, after over a year of relentlessly butt fucking Felicity no less. Whatever the case even though she could have taken a rough anal penetration Sara had to admit it was probably for the best Felicity went slow, and again it allowed them both to savour this perverted act.

Felicity was also going slowly because she just couldn't believe this was happening. After everything that happened between them here they were, the roles literally reversed for when she lost her butt cherry with Sara bent over a desk, a ball-gag in her mouth, her hands cuffed behind her back and now a big dildo slowly sliding into her ass hole. The only thing missing was this was her desk, Felicity really wishing at that moment Sara had taken up her offer of being her secretary so she could have bent Sara over her desk. Oh well, maybe she could talk Sara into a desk job in the future, or she could bend her over her precious bar. Or at least in the stockroom. Oh yes, Felicity liked the sound of that. Actually, they all sounded good.

Over the past year Sara had relentlessly butt fucked Felicity whenever and wherever she wanted. It wasn't enough for Felicity to bent over in the bedroom, she had to do it regularly in her office, mostly over her desk, but also about while sitting in Sara's lap on her chair, or up against the glass wall overlooking the rest of the city. And it was the same story in Sara's bar, and in the Arrow cave, and sometimes even in public bathrooms. Most of all when they were at home Felicity never knew when Sara would pounce on her, which was incredibly exciting, but also incredibly exhausting. Also Felicity had forgotten what it was like to sit down without pain. Well now it was going to be Sara's turn! Oh yes, Felicity was going to be just as shameless when it came to sodomising Sara. See how much she liked it.

The answer was apparently a lot, as Sara moaned happily throughout the anal penetration and through the ass fucking itself. She even whined and complained through the ball-gag when Felicity stopped after burying every inch of the dildo inside of her, "No! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh God baby, fuck my slutty little butt!"

At first Felicity ignored Sara. And why shouldn't she? It wasn't like Sara didn't constantly tease her when the roles were reversed, and the pausing probably could be good for her. Of course it wasn't that long before Felicity was slowly pulling her hips back, pushing them forwards, and then repeating the process, officially beginning to butt fuck the superhero known as the Canary. Fuck yes, Felicity was now officially butt fucking the other woman. Sara usually dominated her so effortlessly, could take down multiple guys twice her size and was effortlessly sexy and confident in a way Felicity couldn't even imagine, and yet now it was Felicity who was the one who was fucking her in the ass and dominating her so completely.

It seemed impossible to make this amazing moment even better, but Felicity somehow found a way by pulling Sara's ass cheeks wide apart with both hands while continuing to gently pump her hips back and forth, meaning she got the best possible view of her cock sliding in and out of Sara's ass hole. That combined with everything else just completely overwhelmed Felicity and her brain kind of short-circuited. Luckily because of receiving so many skilful ass fuckings from Sara, or some unlikely natural talent, Felicity's body took over and she switched to some kind of autopilot, meaning that the sodomy continued, much to the delight of the hacker and the Canary.

Sara loved the fact the roles really were reversed now and it was Felicity who was teasing her instead of making her cum. She had half expected Felicity to be so nervous that she would give her what she wanted right away, but this would be so much better as it would mean her eventual orgasm would be much more powerful. And there was simply something to be said for the slow sodomy Felicity was currently giving her. It allowed Sara to wallow in the feeling of ultimate submission, her cute little hacker turning her most private hole into her personal fuck hole. Felicity was even spreading her cheeks so she could get the best view of Sara's stretching ass hole, in turn increasing the wonderful humiliation for the vigilante.

What would make this even more perfect was if Felicity spanked her a little, and/or taunted her while fucking her up the butt. Sara tried to manipulate her into it, first by begging through the ball-gag, then thrusting her ass back against the steady pumps of her lover. Impressively Felicity stopped her by moving her hands to her hips and holding her in place, but sadly she didn't offer up any taunting words or spanks. Then to Sara's surprise Felicity undid her handcuffs and removed the ball-gag, although the reason for that became clear as Felicity leaned down so that her boobs were pressing into her back and while she continued to fuck Sara's ass she began whispering filthy things into her ear.

"You like that, huh Sara?" Felicity purred in Sara's ear, "You like it up the ass? You like it up the ass like a filthy little slut? Yeah you do, mmmmm, my girl is a filthy little anal slut, and I love it. Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, I love your hot little ass Sara! I love it, and I love you. Mmmmm, and you're mine, that means that this slutty little ass is mine too. Oh yeah, Nyssa might have popped your ass cherry, but as of this moment I fucking own your ass hole! Do you hear me you little anal whore? Your ass is mine! All mine! I fucking own it, like you own mine. Oooooooh Sara, I'm all yours, and now finally every part of you is mine. Ohhhhh yesssss, your mouth, pussy and ass are mine, ooooooh fuck, the mighty Canary, who kicks all kinds of ass, is my filthy little ass slut, oooooooh shit, my dirty little anal whore, ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, my nasty little up the butt bitch, mmmmm, say it Sara! Tell me what you are!"

"I'm yours! All yours!" Sara cried out without hesitation, "I'm your filthy little ass slut! I'm your dirty little anal whore! I'm your nasty little up the butt bitch! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, I'm your bitch! I'm cute little Felicity Smoak's anal loving little bitch, mmmmmm, and I love her cock in my ass! Oh Felicity, I love your cock! I love it up my slutty little ass, mmmmm oooooooh fuck, I love it up the ass! Butt fuck me Felicity! Butt fuck me like a whore! Fuck my slutty little dyke butt! Ooooooooh, pound me hard! Harder, harder, ohhhhhhh, harder! Wreck my fucking butt! Oh God! Oh Felicity, ohhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmm yes, fuck my ass and make me cum! Please? Please make your bitch cum. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh yessssssss, really make my ass yours by slamming it hard and deep and making me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Your big dick, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME FELICITY, OOOOOOOOH, POUND THAT ASS, POUND IT! POUND MY ASS AND MAKE ME CUM, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, OHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

Finally Felicity straightened up and increase the pace until the sound of her thighs smacking off Sara's butt cheeks echoed throughout the room. Sara's screams of pleasure would have easily been louder but she was concentrating on begging, and keeping herself reasonably silent, and then Felicity shoved the ball-gag back into her mouth. Sadly she didn't try and restrain her again, but they both knew Sara could have got out of them anyway, and the ball-gag alone was enough to emphasise Sara's submission. As if the dildo pounding in and out of her ass hole wasn't proof enough. It was certainly making Sara feel truly submissive to Felicity for the first time, and she loved it.

As much as Sara had loved topping the hell out of Felicity she had missed bottoming dearly. Not enough to let Felicity become her top, but Sara definitely hoped they could do this again, especially given how hard and frequently Felicity made her cum when she really started pounding her ass. What was even more impressive was that even when Sara lifted herself up onto all fours and started hammering her ass back against her girlfriend sweet little Felicity Smoak didn't miss a thrust. She even timed her thrusts to coincide with one's from Sara, eventually making the butt fucking as deep and as hard as possible, which just made Sara fall more deeply in love with her.

Felicity loved bottoming, especially whenever Sara would fuck her up the ass. It was embarrassing to admit, but it was her favourite of all the many, many wicked and wonderful things they did together. She just couldn't help it. Nothing made her cum like getting fucked in the butt. However this might just become a close second, as although she had topped Sara before nothing had ever made Felicity feel more dominant and powerful than ass fucking this incredibly dangerous woman who she loved so dearly. She just hoped she could convince Sara to bottom for her again. To be her little anal slut, her little ass whore, her little up the butt bitch, and everything else Sara had said.

If Felicity was going to have the chance to make those words come true she was going to have to give Sara one hell of a butt fucking. Which was incredibly difficult given that her competition was Nyssa al Ghul. But on the other hand she had been in competition with Nyssa this entire time, and she must be doing something right because Sara was still here. Nevertheless Felicity had been training harder for this than anything else in her life. Pretty much ever since Sara had popped her anal cherry she had been planning this revenge, albeit one which would be mutually pleasurable, as Felicity didn't want to just make Sara her bitch, but want to be her bitch. Not permanently, she liked being Sara's bitch too much for that, but she definitely wanted to do this again.

So Felicity had used every trick she had learned from Sara, and the Internet, and now was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Sara's butt hole while desperately holding back her own climax. Despite a decent attempt she just couldn't hold back as long as Sara, but by her standards Felicity thought she did pretty well. More importantly when the stimulator bashing against her clit, Sara's juicy cheeks jiggling against her thighs and the sheer joy of being the one to butt fuck the other woman for a change, instead of being the one butt fucked, was enough to send Felicity over the edge to a predictably powerful orgasm she pushed through it.

Over, and over, and over again Felicity pushed through powerful climaxes to make Sara cum as frequently and as powerfully as possible. Her own orgasms weren't quite as powerful as Sara's, but like the ass fucking itself there was something oddly satisfying at receiving an orgasm while sodomising Sara, especially the way her body shook and her cum was literally squirting out of her cunt. Of course despite all her training and preparation for this there was a limit to Felicity's stamina, especially compared to Sara's. Ultimately she was just glad she got Sara to thrust back against her, otherwise the sodomy probably wouldn't have been half as effective. As it was she collapsed down before Sara, Felicity whimpering as she feared she had let her precious girlfriend down.

After a few long minutes of just panting Sara put Felicity's fears at ease when she reached up, pulled off the ball-gag and whimpered, "Oh my God, I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Felicity confessed softly against Sara's sweaty skin, the two girls awkwardly kissing briefly before Felicity asked with a grin, "Wanna show me my handiwork?"

Sara nodded eagerly, and then without another word Felicity forced herself upwards slowly and awkwardly. It almost made Sara tell Felicity she didn't have too, but she knew her girl was stubborn and would insist, and then Felicity started pulling her cock out of Sara's ass, causing the Canary to become distracted as she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Well, mostly with pain because she didn't want to lose the feeling of having Felicity inside her, but it was a feeling which couldn't last forever, and she also wanted to be gaped for the first time in over a year. And seconds later she was, Felicity stumbling back and then staring in disbelief at the damage she had caused.

Smiling with wicked pride Sara automatically reached back and pulled apart her ass cheeks to emphasise her gape, just like Nyssa taught her. She almost instantly regretted that decision though when she looked back to see Felicity looking apprehensive at the sight. This was something Felicity had never really seen before, and just because Nyssa and Sara loved it didn't mean that Felicity would. But then their eyes locked and Felicity smiled lovingly at her, which put Sara's mind at ease. After all, this was hardly the most twisted thing Felicity had put up with while being with her. Case in point, what Sara really wanted to do next...

"Can I clean that for you?" Sara asked with false innocence.

"What? Oh!" Felicity blushed, then nodded, "Sure."

Not needing any more encouragement Sara let go of her cheeks, turned around and dropped to her knees in front of Felicity. Then, after shuffling forwards a little so she was in perfect position, Sara wrapped her mouth around the head of the cock which had just pounded her butt. Impressively Felicity kept eye contact with her the entire time, which was the only reason Sara didn't close her eyes when she tasted the deepest part of her ass for the first time in what felt like forever. She didn't stop herself from moaning though, which got another adorable blush out of Felicity, but again her girl kept watching her, and continue to do so throughout the long drawn-out blow job Sara gave her.

Once she had got every drop of ass cream from the tip of the dick Sara started bobbing her head up and down the shaft, at first just concentrating on the first couple of inches before working her way down the strap-on. It wasn't long after that the dildo was entering her throat, causing her to gag a little. Clearly she was out of practice. Oh well, there was a simple fix for that. Namely by letting Felicity top her more. Oh yes, Sara had loved spending the entire year with Felicity as her submissive slut, but she loved the idea of switching it up more in the future, which happily her girlfriend confessed was also on her mind as Sara finished cleaning that cock, slowly but surely pushing every inch into her throat and then just continuing to bob her head up and down.

"So, that was fun." Felicity grinned shyly, before adding firmly, "But seriously Sara, you can't just come over and fuck me during lunch any more. I mean it! And if you do come over I'll send you away. Or send you into a corner like a naughty child again. But I think you'd like that. I think you'd like me to boss you around some more. To spank your naughty ass, and then fuck it! You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Maybe." Sara grinned around the strap-on.

"Well guess what, I'm going too?" Felicity promised, feeling emboldened, "Next time you show up at my place of work, unless it's an Arrow emergency, I'll make you stand in the corner all day long. And I won't even fuck you. No, mmmmm, I'll just spank you hard and then you'll have to wait until we get home to be butt fucked. And you know what else? When we get home today, I'm going to fuck that sweet little ass of yours again. And again, and again, and again. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I like that. No, I love it! And it's only fair, I was your anal loving bitch for a whole year, and now it's your turn. Now the Canary is going to be my submissive little bitch for an entire year!"

"Better make it a month babe." Sara interrupted, briefly taking her mouth off the cock so she was clear, then she grinned, "There's no way I can go that long without topping the hell out of you and pounding your hot little butt."

Felicity was initially taken off-guard by the interruption, then by Sara returning to the passionate blow job, the hacker watching the Canary's head bob up and down for quite a while before counter offering, "Only if you agree to be my little secretary. I know you were worried about us spending too much time together, but just think about it. I get a whole month of being on top, and then you get to be the top everywhere else but here. Here you're my bitch doing whatever I say, and if you can't act professionally I'll spank you as hard as I can at the end of the day. But if you're a good little assistant I'll bend you over my desk and fuck that slutty little ass. Either way you can then get revenge on me when we get home. Sound good?"

"Sounds amazing. I'm in." Sara beamed after once again taking her mouth away from the now thoroughly cleaned cock, and then because she couldn't help it added, "God, I love you. You're the perfect woman."

"I love you too." Felicity smiled, then because she was sure it was what Sara would want added, "Now kiss my feet to prove how grateful you are to me for fucking your skanky ass."

"Way to prove my point." Sara grinned, leaning her head down to do as she was told.


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