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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2.

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Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

"Marry me."

Deafening silence fell over the room, then after a long pause Felicity was just about able to get out a single word, a dramatic change from seconds before, "What?"

Sara had been trained to make split-second decisions which were the difference between life and death, but in this moment she just stood completely still, her mouth kind of open, like a total idiot. Seconds before Felicity had been rambling on about something, and even though it was nothing out of the ordinary Sara had been left dumbstruck by just how much she loved this woman, with blissful happiness as she stared at her, and then those two little words had just fell out of her mouth without her permission, leaving her with limited options. Namely to chicken out in denial, or to be brave and push forwards now those words were finally out there. For better or for worse, she chose the latter.

So taking a calming breath Sara step forwards, gently took Felicity's hands in hers and told her, "I've been thinking about it for some time. Since I met you, honestly. But, it's been two blissful years, which is a lifetime in our line of work, and I just... I just couldn't hold it in any more. Not while watching you be irresistibly cute, and gorgeous, and way too good for me, and I don't have a ring, but I'll get one. I'll get you whatever you want. Do anything you want. Just please, baby, say yes. Be mine forever. Please? I-"

After cutting her new fiance off with a passionate but brief kiss Felicity pulled back and grinned, "Now who's being irresistibly cute?"

"Well..." Sara began breathlessly, before grinning and wrapping her arms around her girl, "We always know how to get the other's attention."

Felicity grinned, leaned in for another kiss, and then pulled back to clarify, "That's a yes, by the way. But you totally owe me a ring and a proper proposal."

"Done." Sara promised before giving Felicity another kiss.

"And you've totally got to set aside... some time to do the wedding planning with me... and not just say, whatever you want sweetie... no... I want this to be our wedding... not just mine..." Felicity just about managed to get out in between kisses as Sara slowly began moving them through their home in the direction of their bed, "And you got to... go wedding dress shopping with Laurel... and not just for ten minutes... I'm talking at least half an hour here... really find something you like... although I'm sure you'll look amazing no matter what... you always look amazing... so amazing... so Sara... oh God!"

Sometimes Sara mumbled yes before kissing Felicity, but mostly she just kissed her as a reply, as she felt the fact that the kisses were increasingly passionate and long was answer enough. Felicity certainly didn't complain, especially when Sara began stripping off their clothes, and then gently lowered her naked girlfriend onto the bed and got on top of her. Then she just concentrated on kissing her for a few long minutes, before breaking away and starting to kiss her way down her body, at first lingering on Felicity's neck before a few minutes later moving even lower to kiss her way to a breast and then take a nipple into her mouth.

She then went back and forth between those nipples, giving them a similar treatment to what she had just given Felicity's neck, namely sucking and kissing the soft flesh underneath her in the name of making her girl feel good. Both time she very much succeeded, Felicity constantly moaning and groaning with pure pleasure as Sara went to work on her, using what was now years worth of knowledge to drive her wild. That included digging her teeth into the sensitive flesh, in the case of Felicity's neck leaving a mark, or more accurately re-doing a previous mark. Actually it was the same for Felicity's tits, except she was giving her a little more pleasure.

Then just as Sara was about to move lower Felicity moaned, "Sit on my face."

Sara did briefly consider protesting. After all, it really felt like a night she should be worshipping Felicity. Maybe even exclusively with her mouth. Although Sara normally save that for when she really screwed up, and this was exactly the opposite of that, and honestly, it was really hard to turn down the chance to sit on Felicity's pretty little face. So after thoughtfully sliding her tongue around Felicity's nipples for a few long seconds Sara grinned up at her fiance, and then scrambled up her body to position herself over her face. She then paused to savour the moment, before slowly lowering herself down, the assassin crying out with delight as the hacker reached up, grabbed her butt and forcefully pulled her down onto that pretty little face of hers.

Felicity had wanted to just flip Sara over and insist that she worship her body, but it was a little difficult for her to think coherently, let alone go through with something like that when Sara was using that wicked mouth of hers on her. Besides, while she had occasionally taken Sara by surprise mostly Felicity found if she tried to flip their positions the Canary would just pin her down, grinned wickedly, and then be even more determined to take control. And as Sara seemed to be in one of her dominant moods Felicity eased into taking control by letting the other woman sit on her face. Also, Felicity just loved it when Sara sat on her face.

That was mostly because she became surrounded by nothing but Sara Lance. It was all Felicity could see, smell, and taste, and it certainly consumed her sense of touch and hearing as she reached up to grab a handful of meaty butt while Sara cried out loudly in pleasure, first long, slow lick. Which was followed by soft cries, along with gasps, moans, and even occasionally whimpers of pure pleasure as Felicity eagerly settled into a slow and steady pace of licking the other girl's pussy. Which was once just a fantasy, but now was practically her life. Her heaven. Her privilege. Oh yes, Sara Lance defended innocent people by night, and it was Felicity's honour to reward her for that more or less every single night.

Occasionally there was some days they were just too exhausted, or just didn't have the time, or it just wasn't convenient, but Felicity wanted Sara just as much today as she had when she first saw her. More even. So Felicity refused to let them become just another statistic in lesbian bed death. Just as she was determined not to let them turn into an old married couple anytime soon. No, they weren't old, and they certainly weren't just friends. They were too young, beautiful women, with an insatiable desire for each other, something Felicity was only too happy to prove now, just as Sara soon would. All to celebrate the fact that they had just got engaged.

Engaged, Felicity thought again with a wide smile crossing her lips. She was engaged. To another woman. To the woman she loved. To Sara Lance, the superhero simply known as the Canary, a deadly former assassin who had devoted her life to helping people, was sweet, kind and funny, and had abbs for days. And big boobs. And a booty that just wouldn't quit. A big round booty which was so fun to squeeze and fondle while Felicity continued to lovingly lick the yummy treat that was gently pressed against her mouth, the hacker already looking forward to when her superhero would inevitably grind down upon her face, so she could give her new fiance even more pleasure.

Sara was doing a good job of regaining her normal cool, but inside she was giddy as a teenage girl who had just got a date with the person she liked. Only it was ten times better, because this was the person she loved agreeing to marry her. This was the woman she loved, brilliant hacker and underrated bad ass Felicity Smoak, who had literally taken a bullet for her in the past, and that was before they had even started dating. Felicity was selfless, kind, wonderful and just so irresistibly cute. And she just agreed to be Sara's wife. Sara was going to have a wife. And she was going to be the most amazing wife in the world, silently promising herself she would devote her life to making her new wife happy.

At the moment it was very much the other way round, and while it was important for a relationship to have a healthy amount of give and take Sara just couldn't resist giving at least something back right now, even if it wasn't much. That was why she had been sure to mount Felicity's face while facing her new fiance's body, so it was nice and easy for Sara to reach down and gently cup the other woman's tits. Felicity let out an adorable gasp into her cunt from just that small touch, which in turn made Sara let out an extra loud moan, and it was more or less the same story when Sara began playing with those tits. She of course started slowly and gently, and Sara tried to keep that up, she really did, but ultimately she couldn't help getting rougher.

Eventually Sara even began pinching them roughly, partly to get an extra loud cry out of Felicity, and increase the pleasure, but mostly just to encourage her new fiance to make her cum so she could return the favour. Unfortunately the other girl didn't take the bait, and for a while Sara just let her have her way. After all, she did love her, and was truly overwhelmed with gratitude to her right now. Although that was ultimately the reason she pressed the issue, because as much as Sara loved spending hours gently making love she just wasn't in the mood for it now. Or at least she wasn't in the mood to receive it. No, she wanted to give.

So Sara began begging shamelessly, "More! Mmmmmm, give me more! Fuck me! Oh Felicity, sweetie, ohhhhhhhh, give me more. Fuck me, oooooooh, fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck my little queer cunt! Fuck it hard! Please? Oooooooh Felicity, mmmmmm, that feel so good babe, but I need more. I need your tongue. Ohhhhhhh fuck, I need it. I need it inside me. Please Felicity, mmmmmmm, baby, give it to me. Please? Make me cum with your talented little mouth you love to you so much. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me baby! Tongue fuck me and make me cum. Make me cum so I can make you cum. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, fuck me! Please? Please Felicity, ooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddd, I can't wait any longer, I need more. Or are you waiting for me to take it? Are you? Because if you are, we can do that."

Initially Sara was disappointed when Felicity didn't respond to her begging. However then a wicked thought crossed her mind, and soon she was grinning wickedly and lowering her upper body down. Which was a really obvious answer she should have done a long time ago, but Sara wasn't going to waste time scolding herself, not when she could be licking Felicity's pussy in a 69. Of course that created a difficult dilemma for her. She wanted to make slow, gentle love to Felicity, but at the same time Sara wanted to cum. For better or for worse she definitely hadn't faked that desire. And while it definitely felt like it was for worse right now Sara still concluded that she owed Felicity some gentle attention.

Felicity definitely welcomed it with a loud cry of pleasure into Sara's cunt as soon as the other girl's tongue slid across her pussy lips. Honestly Felicity had been expecting this sooner. Well, either this, or Sara starting to grind down onto her face, and while Felicity would have been happy with either if she was being honest with herself this was her preference. Because God, was Sara good at eating pussy. Even just those first half a dozen gentle licks was enough to have Felicity moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out into Sara's pussy with pure joy, which just caused Sara to do the same, creating a wonderful circle of pleasure.

As wonderful as it was it soon had Felicity craving more, and while she ignored that feeling just for the best of both giving and receiving pleasure at the same time with her brand-new fiance it was not long before it just became too much for her. However begging for more wasn't worth the sacrifice of pulling away from Sara's honeypot, especially when delicious liquid was pouring pretty much directly into her mouth and down her throat. So instead she stole a page out of Sara's sneaky assassin playbook and again hit the other blonde's clit with every swipe of her tongue, instead of every other lick, and began lingering on the entrance to Sara's pussy.

This caused Sara to smile against Felicity's pussy, and ultimately mirror the process on the hacker, although it took a lot longer than Felicity would have guessed for the Canary to do that. Also longer than she would have liked. Obviously Sara knew what she was up too, and wanted to tease her a bit. No matter, soon Felicity had the sneaky assassin right where she wanted her. Felicity kept her there as punishment. If you could call it that, considering it was on the edge of orgasm. An orgasm Felicity had every intention of giving her. But first she relentlessly teased her, giving Sara just enough to get there, but never to push her over the edge, and never entering her like Sara had so passionately begged for.

Of course Sara did the same to her, and the former assassin turned superhero had a lot more endurance than poor little Felicity Smoak, not to mention experience being tortured, both painfully and pleasurably. But after two long years of practically non-stop sex with the amazing Sara Lance she had just about caught up to the other woman. Or at least Felicity liked to tell herself that. Either way she did herself proud, perhaps even lasting a record amount of time in this particular position before giving in. Which meant shoving her tongue as deep into Sara as it would go, making her fiance cum, and then receiving similar ecstasy herself only a few seconds later.

Sara cried out in pure joy at receiving a long-awaited orgasm, although she only took a few seconds to enjoy it before copying Felicity's actions and shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her fiance, and then removing her tongue just as quickly so she could swallow Felicity's precious cum. Unlike Felicity though Sara was able to get the majority of the other woman's cum. Her girl still struggled with that sometimes, especially whenever Sara was sitting on her face. Although maybe she just liked having a face full of cum. Whatever the case Sara certainly wasn't complaining. No, she was far too busy swallowing cum while receiving a climax herself. So basically, Sara was in heaven. Or at least as close to it as she would ever get.

Pretty much every day of her life with Felicity was heaven, one which Sara didn't feel like she deserved but desperately wanted, and in that moment promised to try and make her girl this happy everyday of their lives. Even if it wasn't through sex. Although Sara would cherish every moment of the sex, and would continue to make sure she got it as regularly as she could. After all, she didn't know whether she was going to get to grow old with Felicity, but lately the idea wasn't so scary. In fact Sara was fighting twice as hard to ensure that became a reality. Of course, that wasn't her main focus right now. How could it possibly be, when she was 69'ing with the woman she loved?

Instead Sara was very much focused on pushing her face as deep into Felicity's cunt as possible and then ramming her tongue inside it the second that Felicity's first climax was over. She soon pushed her lover to another after only a few minutes of tongue fucking, then gleefully repeated the process. Of course so did Felicity, meaning that Sara was constantly having to push herself through her own climax is to give Felicity pleasure. It was truly a wonderful problem to have, but it was still a problem, as inevitably it all became too much. They made the most out of it while they could, rubbing themselves against each other's faces and using every trick they knew to make the other cum, but ultimately they were forced to stop.

The alternative was fucking each other into unconsciousness, and while that was far from unpleasant or unusual Sara definitely wanted to fuck Felicity in other ways first. So reluctantly Sara put a stop to the 69. Although at least she did it in the most enjoyable way possible, namely turning around on top of Felicity and then shoving her tongue down the other girl's throat, allowing the two blondes to taste their own cum and pussy cream on the other's lips and tongue, and inside their mouths. Then after a really intense making out session Sara rolled off the bed and retrieved her favourite strap-on dildo, only to be in for a surprise.

"No!" Felicity said firmly, enjoying the look of surprise on Sara's face for a few seconds before holding out her hand, "Give that to me."

"Are you sure?" Sara asked with a grin.

"Yes. No!" Felicity corrected herself, before standing up and grinning, "Strap it onto me."

There was a brief pause, then Sara grinned again, "Yes Mistress."

Felicity avoided the urge to roll her eyes and just enjoy the sight of Sara sauntering over to her and then dropping down to her knees in front of her. Having Sara's face directly in front of her pussy had Felicity quivering, and almost reaching out to grab a handful of beautiful blonde hair and shove that pretty little face back into her cunt were it belonged. But no, while it was tempting, she had other plans. So instead she waited for Sara to hold out the harness so she could step into it, and then for Sara to pull it up her thighs and tightened it around her waist. The second it was in place Felicity did eventually grab that blonde hair and pushed forwards, but she also grabbed the newly acquired cock and guided it to Sara's lips.

"Suck it." Felicity ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck it you little slut! Fuck yeah! Suck it like the little cock sucking slut you are! Oh God Sara, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that. Ohhhhhh yesssssss, the deadly Sara Lance is such a good little cock sucker! My good little cock sucker. Oh yeah, take it deep cock sucker! Take my cock deep down your fucking throat! Ooooooh fuck, that's so hot. You're so hot. Oh my God Sara, I love you! I love you so much. Oh yeah, suck it baby! Suck my cock! Get it nice and ready for your other slutty little fuck holes you little dyke whore! Oooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

The moment that cock touched Sara's lips she parted them eagerly and wrapped them around the head of the dildo. She did that while staring up at Felicity, although she didn't seem to close her eyes to savour the moment she began bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the strap-on as Felicity started gleefully giving her girl the kind of encouragement which she so enjoyed. Which both of them so enjoyed, if Felicity was being honest with herself, Sara rubbing off on her in more ways than one over the past few years. That thought of course made Felicity smile almost as much as the blow job she was now receiving, the hacker then beginning to stroke the Canary's hair to further encourage her.

Of course Sara never needed much encouragement to do things like this, but often giving her that kind of encouragement meant wonderful rewards. In this case Sara bobbed her head even lower than before, pushing the strap-on into her throat with practised ease, even looking up at Felicity and obviously smiling around the dick. Felicity just couldn't resist returning the smile, overwhelmed for a second by her love and lust for her new fiance. Then she remembered that she was supposed to be taking control here and being dominant, so she pushed Sara's head down so the full length of the cock was down her throat and then kept her there.

It was something most women couldn't do, and to even try it would be simply abuse and something no one in their right mind would take. But not Sara Lance. No, Sara let out a muffled sound of delight in between choking and gagging on the cock and then when Felicity let go the Canary showed off by staying there for a few long seconds before coming up for air, and then repeating the process without any prompting whatsoever. Which was really twisted, and really hot, but the dildo was now nice and wet and ready for Sara's no doubt equally wet pussy, so it was not long after this that Felicity tightened her grip on Sara's hair and pulled the other girl up into a brief kiss before pushing her back onto the bed.

Sara's instincts screamed at her to counter the simple manoeuvre and continue doing what she wanted, and she could have done that very easily. They both knew it. But why would Sara do anything like that when she wanted this just as much as Felicity. If not more. So the assassin allowed herself to be manhandled and even giggled like a schoolgirl as the weaker girl pushed her down onto her back. That giggle gave way to a soft smile as her girl crawled on top of her, the recently engaged couple then sharing the smile for a few long seconds, before Felicity reach down and gently slid a hand down Sara's body to where she really needed some attention.

The closer Felicity's hand got the more excited Sara became. Okay, she was a little disappointed that when she reached her destination Felicity didn't grab hold of the cock and shove it directly inside her, but Sara was also proud of her usually submissive girlfriend at teasing her instead by just starting to gently rub her pussy. Then after a few long seconds of that Felicity slipped one and then two fingers inside of her cunt and then started gently pumping them in and out of her, the entire time either staring lovingly into her eyes or gently kissing her. Then finally, just as Sara was about to complain, she felt something much bigger invading her needy hole.

Just to further tease her Felicity went unnecessarily slowly in the penetration, with the feeling of the large dildo invading her was more than enough of an increase in pleasure for Sara. At least for those few glorious seconds. Or maybe it was minutes. It was hard to tell. Whatever the case Felicity didn't wait that long to start officially fucking her with her own strap-on, and shortly afterward Sara automatically wrapped her arms and legs around her lover and just clung tightly to her. Unsurprisingly Felicity didn't complain about this, at first just smiling down at her and then kissing her again, Sara not allowing that kiss to be nearly as brief as some of the others.

While Felicity using a toy on her had become more frequent, especially a strap-on, it was almost always to fuck her ass, and while admittedly Sara preferred getting fucked in that hole this was more than enough to make her regret not allowing Felicity to do this to her more often. Then again it was nice to save something for a special occasion, and there were definitely be no more special occasion than the night that Sara got engaged to her dream girl. This perfect woman, who even now was proving that she would do anything to give Sara what she wanted. And perhaps what she needed. Oh God, Sara was just so overwhelmed with love for her in this moment it was hard to think. Or maybe that was the pleasure. Or a combination of both. Yes, both was definitely the most likely.

Felicity was definitely regretting the fact that she didn't do this more often. Mostly because Sara did such a good job of making sure her pussy wasn't left out of the fun when it came to toys. Although that wasn't always a good thing, as Felicity blushed at the memory of Sara insisting that she wear a pair of vibrating panties to work, only for the wicked little Canary to randomly turn up the volume, causing several embarrassing incidents. And to be fair it wasn't like she ignored Sara's pussy, as her eating it was perhaps the one thing sex thing they did the most of. That or Sara fucking Felicity's ass. But still, in that moment Felicity couldn't shake the feeling of neglecting Sara's pussy when it came to toys.

Part of it was because she had been so caught up in trying to return the favour when it came to anal sex, which was extremely difficult because Sara was obsessed with her big booty. Although that at least meant that some of the techniques she had picked up while taking Sara's ass translated into taking her pussy. Like kissing and staring at her in this position, and having her arms and legs wrapped around her, and most of all going nice and slowly to make sure that Sara was nice and relaxed for the harder fucking to come. Also having the stamina to pull it off, although her many hours working out with Sara had a lot to do with that too.

On the occasion that Felicity would be on top like this she often switch their positions to save her strength for that hard fucking. Or because she just really loved watching Sara bouncing on her lap, and it was really, really tempting to do that again. But no, this was supposed to be a special occasion, and Felicity was determined to show Sara while she might not be on her level, all these years of sex and training had turned her from a weak and feeble nerd into, well, still very much a nerd, but someone who could take care of herself in a fight, and more importantly take care of her lover in bed. Including things that were outside her comfort zone, like this.

It was far from easy, but Felicity thought she got a good rhythm going, and Sara didn't exactly complain. In fact given how close their faces were Felicity got to enjoy an up close look at just how much Sara wasn't complaining, that beautiful face a mask of pleasure and sounds of whimpers, cries, gasps and most of all moans of pleasure were constantly sliding out of the assassin's lips and caressing the hacker's ears. Although it soon got to the point that she was hoping to hear more. Namely Sara begging for more, so Felicity could give it to her and make her cum before her limited steam ran out. Then again, she didn't mind being pushed to her limit, especially when having such delightful sights and sounds in front of her.

Sara wanted to beg Felicity to make her cum, but not quite as badly as she wanted Felicity to continue to fuck her just like this. At least for now. Inevitably the need to cum would just become too great, but right now Sara had never been happier, and she didn't want a single thing to change. She just couldn't get enough of her normally submissive girlfriend taking control of her like this, and the fact that this wasn't just her girlfriend any more, it was her fiance. Her fiance Felicity Smoak was fucking her pussy with a strap-on while staring into her eyes lovingly, or kissing her, which means it was pretty much heaven for Sara. Or at least as close to it as she would ever get.

To be fair Sara knew she could cum harder from ass fucking, and maybe even the build-up would given her more mental pleasure at acting like a nasty little slut, but there was definitely something to be said for this act they barely ever did. It felt like simple love-making, and given they were fresh off a successful proposal nothing felt more right in this moment than receiving this, or holding back the urge to cum, even when it kind of became painful. Sadly while Sara's stamina was impressive, it wasn't infinite, and ultimately she gave into temptation and pleaded for what her body so desperately needed, from the only person she wanted it from now and ideally forever more.

"Please Felicity, baby, mmmmm, give me more." Sara whimpered, "I need more. I need you to fuck me! Please? Pound my pussy and make me cum! Please make me cum, oh Felicity, oh God, oh-"

Interrupting Sara before she could even really get going Felicity pressed her lips firmly to Sara's and almost literally pushed her tongue into the other blonde's mouth. Instinctually Sara welcomed the kiss, but she was a little annoyed at being cut off, and furious that for a few long minutes Felicity continued the gentle pussy pumping. And then, just as Sara was seriously considering breaking the kiss so she could continue the begging, or more likely demand more, Felicity finally gave her what she wanted. Oh yes, Felicity increased the pace of her thrusting, just a little bit at first, but with all the build-up that was all it took to make Sara go over the edge of a nice hard orgasm.

She was then given another, and another, and another as with well practised ease Felicity continued fucking her while continuing to build up the pace until she was pounding her pussy with every ounce of her strength. Most of all she slipped a finger in between their bodies and, after collecting a little escaped pussy juice, pushed that finger firmly into Sara's butt hole, which of course made the little slut cum extra hard. About the same time Felicity broke the kiss so Sara cried out nice and loudly at this wonderful edition, and anticipate what was to come, which in turn melted her mind with pleasure and excitement to the point where she couldn't really think coherently.

Felicity loved reaching the point where she couldn't really think during sex. It meant she was unlikely to embarrass herself by saying something she shouldn't, and even if she did she probably wouldn't remember it. Better yet, her partner wouldn't remember it, and Sara certainly seem to have reached that point, something which made Felicity very, very proud of herself. After all it wasn't exactly easy to do this to the mighty Canary, and yet now she had plenty of practice Felicity found herself doing this all the time. Albeit not with this exact thing, in this exact position. Still, it was an incredible ego boost, which pushed her into cumming that much harder.

At that point Felicity had already cum several times despite her best efforts, because unlike Sara she really wasn't good at holding back when it was her turn to where the strap-on. To be fair she had tried, and outdone her previous record, and by itself she could have probably resisted the constant bashing against her clit, it was just the sheer joy of seeing Sara cumming up close like this, and the fact that they were now engaged and making love to celebrate that fact was just too much of a mental stimulation for her and Felicity had no choice but to cum over and over again. Although she tried to make up for that by making Sara cum as hard and as frequently as possible, and there was one very easy way she could do that. Which was of course, to go for Sara's ass.

Ever since their first time together it had been clear that Sara was a butt girl, although back then Felicity had no idea how right she was. Then Sara had taken her anal virginity and treated Felicity to two years worth of butt sex, which eventually included Felicity returning the favour and ass fucking Sara. That was when she learned just how hard even just a little anal could make Sara cum, even if it was just slipping a finger up her butt during moments like this. Of course it was almost never just a finger, but it was always a nice start. Felicity just wished she had time to lick it first. Or more accurately the patients. But no, they were both too far gone for that, and being an anal slut Felicity knew Sara could take anything she had to give her.

Which was why eventually Felicity added a second finger, and then more. Normally the more in question would be her strap-on, but there had been something she'd wanted to try for a while now, and was a rare first for them, at least with her on the giving end, and this seemed like the perfect time to cash in on one of the rare firsts they had left. Especially because she just knew that Sara would love it, which was proven true as Sara continued only letting out positive sounds as Felicity cautiously began adding fingers to her fiance's ass hole, stretching her out like never before. At least with Felicity being the one to stretch her.

Sara had indeed been stretched wide like this by Nyssa, but that was a long time ago now, and she hadn't exactly been expecting it from sweet little Felicity. No, she had been expecting her to switch fuck holes, probably after way too much pleasurable but unnecessary preparing. Which was why shortly after Felicity added the second finger Sara seriously considered begging Felicity to push her cock up her butt and be done with it, but something inside her kept her silent. Maybe it was her confidence that her girl would ultimately give her what she wanted, or simply exhaustion, or a combination of the two, Sara wasn't sure, but she was glad she remained silent, as it meant what happened next was a total surprise to her. A wicked, wonderful surprise.

It was a surprise which had Sara crying out loudly, and then grinning wickedly at the implication. Of course, it didn't necessarily mean that Felicity was going to fist her. It wasn't something she even did that often to Felicity, given they both preferred strap-on fucking, and Felicity hadn't even tried fisting her pussy yet, so it was unlikely she would go straight for her butt hole. And Sara had to admit, it wasn't impossible that Felicity was being cautious with her slutty ass hole. But no, because after adding the third finger and thrusting it in and out for several long minutes Felicity added a fourth and repeated the process, surely confirming Sara's suspicions.

"Yes, fist me, ooooooh Felicity, babe, oh fuck!" Sara grinned widely in between moans, "Ohhhhhh fuck me, mmmnm yesssss, fist fuck my slutty little ass! Stretch it wide and deep and make me cum like an anal whore! Make me cum like the anal whore I am! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, oh fuck! Fuck me! Ah shit, fist my butt, oh fuck!"

For the next few minutes Sara continued rambling like that, barely aware of what she was saying as the pleasure she was feeling slowly grew. More to the point, her need for more slowly grew. Then, just as she was getting a little frantic, Sara was rendered speechless by two things happening in quick concession. Firstly, Felicity yanked the dildo out of Sara's cunt, causing the Canary to cry out and hope her lover was doing this to get a better angle for the anal fisting. Thankfully she got what she wanted, as the second thing Felicity did was tucked her thumb into Sara's ass and then slowly push forwards until her knuckles were stretching Sara's most private hole.

The hacker then kept her fist in place for a few long seconds, which was pretty much heaven and hell for the vigilante. Sara then whimpered with disappointment as Felicity pulled back, but before she could start begging again the IT genius pushed forwards again, causing the assassin to cry out with joy as her butt hole was stretched wide open once again. Felicity then repeated this process a few times before finally pushing in all the way, Sara letting out a sharp cry and then moan as she felt her fiance's entire hand slip through her anal ring and deep into her butt. That was when the real fun began, Sara throwing her head back and letting out more moans, groans and cries of encouragement.

Eventually Sara even managed to continue verbally encouraging her girl, "Yesssssssss, fist fuck my slutty little ass! Oh Felicity, baby, that feels so good! Soooooooo goooooooddddddd, mmmmmm, I love it! I love having your whole hand up my butt! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, the hand you use to hack, ooooooh, to help out me and the Team when we're on mission is up my ass right now, and making me feel soooooo gooooodddddd, mmmmmm fuck! But I want more! Please baby, fuck me harder! Fist my ass harder and make me cum. Please? I need it. Oh Felicity, baby, destroy my fucking ass hole and make me cum! Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, fist my ass, fist it, mmmmmm yeeeeeeesssssss!"

Felicity had partly hesitated to push her fist all the way in because she had worried about hurting Sara. Sure, Sara had fisted Felicity many times now, and more importantly she knew just how much abuse the Canary could take, however just because Sara could take pain didn't mean that Felicity wanted to inflict it upon her. Of course she didn't need to worry, because when she actually worked up the nerve to push her entire hand into Sara's butt her perverted superhero let out a cry of mostly pleasure, followed by moans of pure pleasure, and then the verbal encouragement that she had become so used to receiving from her whenever they had sex.

She really, really loved to receive any kind of encouragement, but this was by far Felicity's favourite, and she happily listened to it for a few long minutes while keeping her hand perfectly still inside of Sara's ass. Also she did this to give her fiance a chance to relax, and just to enjoy the twisted feeling of having her whole hand completely buried in Sara's butt. As Sara had said, it was the hand she used to help Sara and the rest of Team Arrow when they were out on patrol, saving their city. Essentially it was her superpower. Or at least what she used to use her superpower. And now it was inside Sara's ass, completely gone from view as now all Felicity could see was Sara's ass hole stretching around her wrist.

Of course inevitably she gave Sara what she was pleading for and began to pump her hand back and forth inside her fiance's bottom. She started out slow and barely moved in inch, but as they continue to make Sara cry out with pure joy and beg for more Felicity got more adventurous, pulling her fist all the way out to the knuckles again so she was stretching the other girl's ass hole as wide as possible before pushing it in as deep as it would go. And of course, more or less at the same time, she increased the speed of her thrusts until she could tell she had Sara on the edge of cumming for her again. Then to make it extra special, and to make Sara cum that much harder, Felicity lean down and gently licked her clit.

Immediately Sara came with a deafening scream, causing Felicity to grin with satisfaction. She then quickly moved her mouth downwards to swallow as much of that precious liquid as she could, before moving back up to lick Sara's clit when the latest climax was over. Felicity then went back and forth, licking and eventually sucking that clit while continuously pounding Sara's ass with her fist, making the mighty Canary cum over and over again for her. Honestly Felicity was tempted just to keep going like that, but what she wanted even more was to strap-on fuck this perfect ass, so eventually she pulled her hand out of that by now well prepared fuck hole and replaced it with her dick.

Sara whimpered with disappointment when Felicity pulled her fist out of her ass, only to then immediately cry out with joy as her girl immediately replaced it with her cock. She even slammed the first couple of inches inside her, Felicity obviously taking advantage of the loose and state of Sara's ass. Of course then she slowed down once she was as deep as her fist had been, but Sara had been expecting that, and even welcomed it, as it meant they could both savour the rest of the penetration, which was especially wonderful as they were staring into each other's eyes the entire time. Although even that part of the anal penetration was pretty quick. Or at least it felt like it.

There was definitely a long pause after Felicity's thighs came to rest against Sara's butt cheeks, and then Felicity ordered, "Wrap your legs around me."

"No problem babe." Sara grinned happily as she did as she was told, "Mmmmmm, now fuck me. Fuck my ass. Pound that slutty little butt of mine. Oh fuck, oh Felicity, ooooooooh yessssssss, fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Joyfully Sara was waiting to get what she wanted. Hell, she barely started begging before Felicity began thrusting in and out of her slutty ass, Sara barely feeling any discomfort as she was bombarded with the kind of exquisite pleasure she had only known through getting her butt fucked. What felt like seconds later her rectum relaxed completely, as always remembering it was a home for big strap-on cock, which increase the pleasure tenfold, making Sara cry out even more joyfully than before. Which was saying a lot. And again she got to stare up at Felicity the entire time and see the same love and lust she had for the other woman reflected back at her.

The only times that wasn't true for the next few minutes was when Felicity lean down to pepper kisses on her neck and shoulders, even biting down occasionally to mark Sara's skin, and of course kissing her on the lips. Those initial kisses were just as brief as the ones the rest of her body, but they eventually became more lingering, giving Sara the chance to slip her tongue into Felicity's mouth, although the normally submissive girl didn't immediately let her take control, which was adorable. Sara even let Felicity be in control for a little while, before taking over the latest kiss, and then breaking it as soon as she felt the desire to cum. Which after the anal fisting came sooner than usual, and while Sara's first instinct was to hold back she just couldn't deny herself. Not when she thought Felicity would do that for her.

"More! Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd, please baby, fuck me harder." Sara whimpered, "Harder! Mmmmm, fuck me harder! Please? Please Felicity, baby, pound my slutty little ass! Pound it hard and deep and make me cum! Oooooooh yessssssss, pound fuck my butt hole and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass. Oh yes, ram me deep! Mmmmm, harder! Harder, harder, HARDER! AH FUCK ME! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddd yessssssss, oh Felicity, please make me cum. I need to cum! Please baby, make me cum for you. Make me cum like the little anal slut I am, ohhhhhh yesssssss, ohhhhhh Goooooodddddd, oh Felicity! Oh fuck!"

Suddenly Felicity grabbed onto her, flipped their positions, and ordered, "You wanna cum? You do it."

It took Sara a few seconds to regain her bearings, and she really hadn't been expecting something so bold for Felicity. Of course she really should have, as her girl was full of surprises, and tougher than she looked, both thoughts along with the actions causing Sara to grin wickedly. Then she started bouncing up and down, gently at first, but quickly increasing the speed until Sara was on the edge of orgasm. She then kept herself there for a few glorious minutes before allowing the pure heaven to wash over her. Then of course Sara pulverised her own ass through that climax and onto another, and another, and another, cumming extra hard when Felicity would thrust up into her butt, which was wonderfully often. Especially as it was unnecessary, as just having Felicity's face so close was enough to make each of those orgasms incredibly intense.

Felicity loved getting the chance to fuck Sara's juicy ass. It was something she didn't get to do nearly enough for her liking. Because sure, she loved receiving, but giving was equally wonderful. Just in different ways. Which was why she strongly considered ignoring Sara's pleading for more in favour of a long drawn-out sodomy. However Felicity knew from Sara fisting her ass that her girlfriend turned fiance would be quickly ready for orgasm again, and she just wasn't in the mood to deny this woman what she wanted after proposing to her. Besides, Felicity could do with a break, and she did so love watching Sara riding her, especially through orgasm after orgasm.

The close up look at the ecstasy on her face, those perky boobs bouncing up and down in time with each thrust and maybe most of all the girl cum almost constantly squirting against her stomach proving just how much Sara was loving being her little anal whore was just beyond words. Literally. Oh yes, even Felicity Smoak was rendered speechless from having a superhero anally ride her. Of course that incredible image combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of making her precious Sara feel this good combined to make Felicity cum over and over again too. Maybe not as hard and as frequently as Sara, but it was still spectacular and often.

Although not even the mighty Canary had unlimited stamina, the now well rested Felicity slowly taking over the butt fucking, and eventually even flipping them back over and pushing Sara's legs onto her shoulders so she could really pound that slutty little rectum hard and deep. As this cause Sara to grin wickedly in between her screams of pleasure Felicity got the impression that even now she was only doing it because the deadly assassin was allowing it. But that just made it more special, because it was a sign that Sara wanted this, and Felicity was one of the only people she allowed to give it to her like this. And from now on, hopefully the only person Sara let fuck her ass for the rest of her life, the thought only making Felicity cum harder.

Of course the downside to that was it pushed her closer to running out of steam, and while Felicity pushed herself harder than ever before she as couldn't achieve almost becoming a ultimate goal, namely fuck Sara into unconsciousness. Maybe one day, but it wasn't today, Felicity slowly collapsing down onto her lover and then resting there in a sweaty heap. In the process Sara's legs fell from her shoulders, at first just laying either side of her. Then Sara's arms wrapped around her, caressing her lovingly while the other blonde cooed in her ear. Felicity wasn't sure whether Sara was trying to lull her to sleep, or just show her love, but either way her response was to groan and roll off of the superhero, her strap-on being removed from the other girl's butt hole with an obscene sound in the process.

Sara let out a sharp cry at the same time. That dildo had been so deeply embedded within her butt that removing it felt like something was being amputated from her body, and her slutty ass was left with a horrible feeling of emptiness. Well, it was also a wonderful feeling, as Sara could feel just how widely her ass hole was gaping open, which was both a sign of her sluttiness and Felicity's skills as a butt fucker. Besides, as much as she would love more Sara knew they were both exhausted, and it was now her job to show off her gape. Which was only fair after she'd forced it on Felicity so many times before. Also Sara loved it, so as soon as she was able she rolled onto her side to show Felicity her handiwork, and then eventually got up onto her knees and spread her cheeks.

Then after allowing Felicity to admire that sight for a few long seconds Sara cheekily asked, "So, how's the gape?"

"Mmmmm, not bad." Felicity admitted with a wicked smile, "But just give me a minute, and I'll make it even wider."

"No way, it's my turn with your ass next." Sara pointed out firmly to show she would not be denied Felicity's butt.

"Fine." Felicity sighed with mock annoyance, "But you better clean my dick first."

"Well, if I have too." Sara said over dramatically.

She then giggled wickedly as Felicity rolled her eyes. Then before Felicity had a chance to mock her words Sara quickly turned around, got in between the legs of her fiance and wrapped her mouth firmly around the head of the girl cock which had just hammered the deepest part of her butt. Sara then moaned happily at that oh so familiar taste, before closing her eyes and savouring this precious moment. Then after a few long seconds she felt movement, Sara avoiding the urge to do something as she was sure it was Felicity. And sure enough as a hand was placed on the back of her head and began stroking her hair softly Felicity offered up words of encouragement.

"If I have too, please, we both know you are a total ATM!" Felicity finally mocks Sara's words, before gleefully adding, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, we both know Sara Lance is a greedy little ass to mouth whore who just can't get enough ass cream. Especially when it's hers! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, the big bad Canary just loves sucking her own ass off my big dick after I'm done fucking that ass! Mmmmm fuck yeah, suck it just like that. Mmmmm, now deep throat it! Come on skank, take that cock deep into your throat like a good girl! Yeahhhhhh, deep throat it like the good little ATM whore you are and get every drop of your own butt cream! Oooooooh fuck yeah, that's hot! Oh Sara, I love you. Oooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss, I love my ass to mouth loving fiance."

Those last words caused Sara to glance up lovingly at Felicity and smile around the cock in her mouth. God she loved this woman. She was perfect for her, and she couldn't wait to marry her. For a moment Sara even allowed herself to picture Felicity Smoak in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle towards Sara when the two of them would exchange their vows and become Mrs and Mrs Lance, the vivid image causing Sara's smile to become even wider. Then she refocused on what was really important, and that was simply to obey her future wife's commands and get every drop of her butt juices. Something which Sara very much adored doing.

Happily proving that Sara began bobbing her head up and down the dildo, pausing on the first few inches just long enough to make sure they were completely clean before pushing the cock into her throat. With well practised ease Sara continued lowering her mouth until her lips wrapped around the base, announcing every inch of that big strap-on cock was buried within her windpipe. Sara then showed off by staying there for almost a full minute, before beginning to bob her head up and down the full length, along the way making eye contact with Felicity who stared down at her lovingly, and lustfully. Then the Canary allowed herself to be pulled upwards into another passionate kiss, Felicity tasting Sara's ass on Sara's lips, which clearly delighted them both.

When the kiss was finally broken Felicity whispered softly into Sara's mouth, "Marry me."

Resisting the urge to say something snarky Sara concerned murmured, "Yes. God yes."

"It's Felicity. But thanks." Felicity teased.

"So cute." Sara chuckled, kissing Felicity again.


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