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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 4.

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Arrow; My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Laurel Lance prided herself on always being on time. She was the organised one in the family, and she knew it drove her sister crazy. When they were children she used to take great joy out of teasing Sara about it, and it was something she continued to do now they were adults for more selfless reasons. Okay, it still gave her more than a bit of pleasure, but mostly Laurel just wanted Sara to better herself. That was what she'd always wanted. That's why she nagged her sister. Maybe a bit too much, but it was coming from a place of love. Sara had never seen it that way though, which was why she was probably never going to hear the end of this.

Because she wasn't just late, she was over 20 minutes late. And this wasn't for coffee or a family dinner or anything so normal, this was to help her sister pick out her wedding dress, something Laurel had hoped and prayed for ever since they were young. Almost as much as picking out her own wedding dress. But Sara had repeatedly told her she wasn't the marrying type, so Laurel had feared this day would never come. Now it had, and she was so, so happy for Sara, and yet Laurel had let her down. And she had broken a heel, forcing The Black Canary to run bare foot through the shopping mall with passers-by looking at her, smirking to themselves and judging her.

Not that it was as horrifying as the smirk and look Sara gave her when she finally arrived, "Hey there, Ms Punctuality."

"I'm so, so sorry I'm late." Laurel quickly apologised.

"Don't be, this is like the best wedding gift ever. Perfect little Laurel Lance, late to the party for once." Sara smirked, that smirk becoming wider as she added with painfully obvious false innocence, "But I wonder, what could have ever made perfect little Laurel Lance late?"

Laurel blushed and then held up her ruined shoe, "I broke a heel."

"Uh-huh." Sara nodded, giving Laurel a look, "And?"

"And..." Laurel blushed even deeper, and then unconvincingly, "My, my car broke down."

"Oh really?" Sara laughed, "Is that what the kids are calling it these days?"

"Sara!" Laurel whined, "We're not here to talk about my love life. We're here to pick you out a dress."

"No need." Sara shrugged, before pointing, "I was just going to buy this one."

"What! No, I..." Laurel exclaimed, before frowning, "Wait... that isn't just the first dress you saw, is it?"

"Well, first one that I kind of liked." Sara admitted.

"SARA!" Laurel yelled, briefly getting everyone in the shop's attention.

"Hey, I told you I'm not into this stuff like you are. And I'm on a budget. So excuse me if I buy the most affordable dress so I can just get out of here." Sara argued back loudly, "I've already told Felicity, I don't care about the dress, the flowers, the venue or any of that bull shit. I just want to marry her and have her as my wife for the rest of my life. However long that is."

The last part was added quietly, causing Laurel to soften, "I get that. I really do. But... don't you want to look nice for your bride?"

There was a long pause and then Sara crossed her arms and huffed, "Fine! But you have to admit the real reason why you're late."

There was another long pause in which Laurel blushed furiously and then Sara unfolded her arms and laughed as Laurel softly murmured, "She's trying to kill me. I swear to God she's trying to kill me."

"If anyone knows how to kill a girl with orgasms, it's Nyssa al Ghul." Sara laughed.

"Don't laugh, I'm serious." Laurel softly insisted.

"So am I." Sara chuckled, "It'd probably be through heart failure, or something. But don't worry, if she wanted it you'd be dead already. Right now, she's just bringing you to the brink of death through orgasms, so she can get as much out of you as possible."

"Yeah, but does she have an off switch?" Laurel asked, leaning into whisper, "Seriously, I've tried everything. Well, everything not super gross."

Sara frowned, still with a big smile on her face, "Na, but don't worry, things will calm down eventually. Until then, just enjoyed the honeymoon phase."

"I'm not sure I can." Laurel grumbled, before rushing her explanation, and thus causing her to blush even more, "I mean, it's just so... much. I, I've never cum like this before. Actually, I'm beginning to think I never..."

When Laurel trailed off she thought she was going to die of embarrassment, and of course Sara couldn't let it go, "Never what? Never cum?"

"No, I... I... oh God, can we just drop this and try on dresses?" Laurel pleaded.

"No way, this is way too good." Sara grinned in delight, and then after a pause in which she just stared at her sister the blonde added, "You know, Oli has always had many faults, but being bad in bed wasn't ever one of them. So, if you couldn't cum with him... chances are that you're gay."

"Please, say it a little louder." Laurel grumbled.

Sara raised an eyebrow, "It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know?"

"I know, it's just..." Laurel said before her shoulder slumped, "I feel so stupid."

Sara frowned, "Why?"

There was a pause and then Laurel mumbled, "If I am... you know... gay, why did it take me so long to figure it out? Why did I throw myself at Oliver and Tommy, if they weren't really what I wanted? Why do I feel this way? Why didn't I feel this way sooner? God, none of this makes any sense!"

"Or, it makes perfect sense." Sara said after a brief pause and then when her sister gave her a look she added, "You were always obsessed with being the good girl. Good girls aren't gay. They go to college, get a respectable job, marry Prince Charming and have kids. So anything which didn't fit with your perfect idea of yourself you repressed. Until I died. Then you completely lost it."

"I wouldn't say I completely lost it." Laurel grumbled, "That makes me sound crazy."

"You kind of were." Sara insisted, then when Laurel gave her another look she quickly added, "Think about what we do. You honestly think we aren't all a little crazy?"

There was another pause and then Laurel reluctantly agreed, "I guess."

"I didn't say it was a bad thing." Sara smiled, "If anything, I think it helps the likes of us. It certainly helped you come out of your shell. You finally stopped trying to be the perfect good girl and embraced who you really are."

"What, a dyke?" Laurel murmured softly, "Oh, sorry. I mean lesbian."

"Call it what you want." Sara shrugged, "I think it's okay if you're at least a little gay. And for the record, I was going to say bad ass."

Laurel blushed, "Great. I'm a lesbian bad ass. Are you happy now?"

Sara smiled, "I'm marrying Felicity Smoak. Happy is an understatement."

* * *

After that Sara finally started trying on dresses, Laurel cooing and swooning over almost every one of them until Sara made her promise to stop. Even then she had to use all her skills to hide her true happiness, and even then it was clear Laurel wasn't doing a very convincing job of it giving the glares she got from Sara. Despite this she noticed more than a few little smiles from Sara which indicated despite her initial reluctance Sara was enjoying this. Not as much as Laurel, but enough that Laurel was convinced this wasn't the nightmare Sara claimed it to be, in despite how embarrassed the blonde was she would cherish the memory of that afternoon almost as much as Laurel would.

By the time they left the store it was almost dinner time and Laurel was able to talk Sara into eating with her simply by offering to pay. Laurel didn't mind, she was the one with a high-paying job, and it was worth it to spend a little more quality time with her sister. And, as Sara accurately teased her about, it was nice to get out of the house and away from her sex machine of a girlfriend so she could have a much-needed rest from Nyssa's skilled touch. Especially as after the initial embarrassment Sara allowed the conversation to be strictly PG13. At least until the end of their meal.

"Sooooooo... would you like some tips?" Sara offered, feigning innocence.

"Tips?" Laurel murmured distractedly, silently working on the bill in her head.

"You know, sex tips." Sara grinned, and then when Laurel's eyes went wide she gleefully added, "After all, who better to tell you how to fuck your new girlfriend than that girlfriend's ex-girlfriend?"

"Sara!" Laurel scolded, while blushing furiously.

"Oh, here's a good one." Sara pushed, "She prefers tongues over fingers."

"Sara." Laurel whined.

"And next time your tongue is inside her, try curling it up. That'll really get her off." Sara added, not letting this go.

"SARA!" Laurel snapped, getting them some funny looks. Then after a few long seconds she leaned forward and stammered, "How, how do I convince her to let me have a turn?"

"What do you mean, exactly?" Sara asked, fighting the urge to smile as she had a good idea what Laurel meant already.

"I... I mean..." Laurel blushed furiously, and then after a few long seconds forced herself to tell her sister, "How do you get her to let you, you know... return the favour?"

Feeling as though she could die with glee Sara grinned wider than ever, "Have you tried asking?"

"Yes." Laurel hissed in frustration, "A lot."

"Have you tried begging?" Sara pushed, and then when she got her answer from the look on Laurel's face added, "Because with Nyssa you really need to beg if you want anything from her. Also it drives her crazy to hear it."

"Okay, thanks." Laurel blushed again.

There was a moment of silence were it looked like Sara was about to finally drop it, and then she added with a grin, "Oh, and beg her to fuck you with her strap-on. Trust me, that will really drive her crazy, and make you cum so fucking hard."

* * *

Nyssa al Ghul was practically vibrating with excitement. She couldn't read, she couldn't train, she couldn't even watch TV, the last one of which was an obsession she had mostly avoided until befriending Laurel Lance, the wonderful woman who was now her girlfriend and mere seconds away from coming through their door, if the text Nyssa had received just under five minutes ago could be believed. But she fought herself to stay on the couch with an open book, even if she wasn't reading it, as she didn't want to overwhelm her new lover.

When Nyssa had fallen in love with Sara it had consumed her. Her whole world had been Sara, and she feared she had been too 'clinging' and ultimately drove Sara away. Now she was in love for the second time in her life she was determined not to make the same mistakes. Although so far she hadn't been doing a good job of avoiding those mistakes, as thanks to her inheritance she didn't need to work outside of the vigilante work she now joined Team Arrow in, and after wanting Laurel for so long and denying herself Nyssa just couldn't get enough of the other woman. Which was why she couldn't resist getting up and greeting Laurel the second she heard the door open.

"Hey." Laurel happily smiling in greeting.

Nyssa may have mumbled a similar greeting, she honestly wasn't sure. All she knew was that as soon as Laurel closed and locked the door behind her Nyssa was pushing her against a nearby wall and pressing their lips together. To Nyssa's delight, and relief, Laurel instantly started kissing her back, even quickly opening her mouth when Nyssa slid her tongue over the other brunette's lips in a gentle request to enter. Nyssa then gently massaged Laurel's tongue with her own for maybe about a minute, although happily it felt longer, then she pulled away and smiled at her beloved, who smiled back warmly.

"Did things go well?" Nyssa asked softly.

"Better than I ever hope." Laurel beamed, and then added apologetically, "Sorry I was gone so long, it's just-"

"This was something you'd wanted since you were a little girl, I know. And it's okay." Nyssa smiled, "I am just glad that you enjoyed yourself.

"Really?" Laurel smiled.

"Really." Nyssa confirmed, "And I am very, very happy you are back."

Nyssa then leaned in, only to be stopped by Laurel, "Wait, can... can I... can I ask you something?"

"Anything." Nyssa said softly.

Laurel took a deep breath, closed her eyes briefly and then opened them again, "Can I go down on you?"

Nyssa smiled and began, "Laurel-"

"Because I really, really want too." Laurel interrupted, "I, I need too. Please? I want to eat your pussy."

There was a brief silence and then Nyssa lowered her gaze, "I'm... I'm not ready for that."

Laurel frowned, "Why not?"

Forcing herself to lift her head back up, if not into the other woman's eyes, Nyssa tried her best to explain, "It is something I've only done with two women, and the first of them only once. She never really mattered to me, and I made her stop halfway through, because as pleasant as the sensation was... it, it left me feeling... vulnerable. You have to understand, I have been trained my whole life to be in control, so to give someone else that kind of power over me was more than I could bear. The only one I could ever be that vulnerable with was... well..."

"Sara." Laurel said softly, Nyssa unnecessarily nodding to confirm it. Then Laurel frowned again, "She didn't tell me this."

"She doesn't know." Nyssa admitted, "It wasn't something I could ever admit to her."

"Why?" Laurel asked softly.

"It was too embarrassing." Nyssa said with a half smile, before finally looking into Laurel's eyes again, "And I loved Sara, but she was never forthcoming with her own thoughts and feelings. Which I actually liked. Ours was a love that didn't need words. But... it is different with you. I feel I can tell you anything."

"You can." Laurel said softly, leaning into press a gentle kiss to Nyssa's lips before adding, "I would never hurt you Nyssa."

"I know." Nyssa smiled, "Still, I'm-"

"Would it be easier if you sat on my face?" Laurel blurted out, interrupting her girlfriend.

"What?" Nyssa blushed.

"Would it be easier if you sat on my face?" Laurel repeated more slowly, before adding, "Sara seemed to delight in over sharing today. I think it was mostly to make me blush, but I also think she wants our relationship to work. And I don't mind being embarrassed if it means I can give you what you want, and know how to give it to you."

"Yes, well... I will have a word with Ta-er al-Safar about what is appropriate and what is not." Nyssa blushed, and then when Laurel gave her an expectant look added, "But I very much appreciate her trying to help, and your desire to please me. But I am your first woman, and I would not want to risk overwhelming you, and worse risk losing you, just so I can feel pleasure."

With her best coy expression and tone Laurel offered, "If you sit on my face I'll let you fuck me with a strap-on."

Nyssa's eyes were overwhelmed with lust for a few long seconds and it was hard for her to control herself, still she managed to get out during the struggle, "This means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

"Yes." Laurel said huskily.

"Alright." Nyssa smiled wickedly, "Since it mean so much to you, beloved."

Later Nyssa really would have to have a conversation with Sara about over sharing, but for now it was very much the older of the Lance sisters that Nyssa was focusing on, the daughter of the Demon quickly picking Laurel up and carrying her to the bedroom they now shared. To her delight Laurel quickly wrapped her arms and legs around her and then started gently covering her face and neck in kisses, which only stopped when Nyssa laid her down onto the bed and shoved her tongue down her throat, The Black Canary then worshipping Nyssa's tongue with her own for a few passionate minutes of making out, as the Americans called it.

Laurel felt a great debt to Sara for finally getting her what she wanted, but the same time she was terrified she was making a big mistake. She didn't want to lose Nyssa either, as their relationship meant more to her than she could ever have guessed when they first met. And after weeks of Nyssa's hot and incredibly talented mouth being practically glued to her pussy Laurel was desperate to return the favour. But this was also jumping in the deep end, and she couldn't help worry that she would be bad at it. And/or worse, wouldn't enjoy it. So she could do with a nice long build up, and luckily for her Nyssa certainly seemed willing to spend a long time kissing her, first on the lips and then on her neck.

It was some time before Nyssa even started removing their clothes, as always Laurel doing her best to help but it was definitely the Heir to the Demon who took the lead. Thankfully Nyssa barely broke the kissing session between them, only pulling away from her when absolutely necessary and then quickly returning to her lips or neck. Then once they were naked Nyssa didn't immediately move on like so many men Laurel had been with, and even chose to caress the 'non-fun' parts of her body. In fact it was left up to Laurel to make that move first, although one squeeze of Nyssa's butt and the vigilante was quickly moaning into the assassin's mouth as her fingers worked their magic on her.

A few minutes later Laurel broke the latest kiss and gasped, "Can I suck your nipples? You know, to get us both ready?"

For a moment Nyssa just looked at her, clearly thinking about it, then she smiled wickedly, "I have a better idea."

Laurel opened her mouth to ask what, but all that came out was a long moan as Nyssa ducked her head down and wrapped her lips around one of the other brunette's nipples. Which was just as well, as it would have made Laurel sound stupid, because of course this was what Nyssa meant. They'd been having sex for a week now, and had known each other for much longer, so Laurel should have guessed. She also probably should have insisted it was her turn, and probably should be doing that now, but it was hard enough to convince Nyssa to ride her face so she didn't want to push her luck. Besides, it was hard to complain when it felt so damn good.

As the last week proven Nyssa was very, very good at pleasing a woman, although Laurel was happy to be reminded of that as her lover went back and forth in between her nipples, kissing the soft flesh that surrounded them in between long licking and sucking sessions. Not long after that she bought her hands up to start playing with whichever nipple she wasn't sucking, while pushing the other more firmly into her mouth. Then with both hands playing with her breasts Nyssa moved up to give Laurel one more kiss, this one slow and gentle, before moving upwards and positioning herself directly over Laurel's face. Which understandably made Laurel bite her lip nervously, but she also reached up to grab hold of Nyssa's butt to try and pull her down was on top of her.

Nyssa smiled at her lover's eagerness, but didn't allow her to pull her down. Mostly out of her own stubbornness, although one thing Nyssa had made very clear was that she would be the top in this relationship, while Laurel would be the bottom, and she wasn't about to undermine the great work she had done so far by allowing Laurel to top from the bottom. Ever. Also she wanted to make this as easy for Laurel as possible, and Nyssa dropping herself straight down onto her girlfriend's face, or allowing herself to be pulled straight down, was not the way to do it. No, she needed to slowly lower herself downwards, which was exactly what Nyssa did.

When her pussy lips were almost touching Laurel's lips Nyssa stopped to see if Laurel would push her downwards again or hesitate. If she hesitated Nyssa would offer her the chance to back out. Selfishly she didn't want to, but before they got together Laurel identified herself as straight, and Nyssa was terrified of pushing her too far and then losing her. Yes, Laurel had suggested this, and practically begged for it, but that was one thing. Actually going through with it was another. Luckily as it turned out Nyssa had been worrying too much, as although Laurel didn't try and pull her downwards again she did lift her head upwards, stuck her tongue out and slid it across the assassin's pussy lips. She didn't even hesitate.

The sensation of the initial lick alone was almost enough to force a sound of pleasure from Nyssa's lips, but then it was combined with a moan from Laurel. Laurel actually moaned from her first taste of pussy, strengthening the idea that regardless of what she considered herself before they got so close perhaps Laurel really was a lesbian. Either way having this incredibly beautiful woman moaning from tasting her pussy was incredibly flattering and combined with the lick itself Nyssa was unable to stop a little gasp of pleasure from escaping her lips, something Nyssa normally preferred her lover to work harder to earn.

There was then a brief pause, which made Nyssa nervous. Given how that moan had sounded it was unlikely that Laurel didn't enjoy it, but it was possible that she would freak out because she did like it, and while Nyssa wouldn't have been that patient with a random girl she was head over heels for this woman and would fully accept making out, however disappointing that would be. Luckily that was not the case, Laurel beginning to frantically lap at her cunt with an eagerness that forced another sound of pleasure out of Nyssa, Nyssa then deciding to hide those sounds as a way to encourage the woman she loved, although The Black Canary had to be stopped before she made this wonderful act too short.

"Slow down Laurel, there is no rush." Nyssa said softly but firmly.

"Sorry." Laurel replied, allowing her head to drop back down as she looked up at Nyssa and told her, "I just want to please you."

"I appreciate that." Nyssa smiled softly, slowly lowering her cunt down the rest of the way, "Now, just concentrate on the sound of my voice. I will guide you my love. Now start again by gently licking my cunt, although try and avoid my clit for now."

Laurel hadn't meant to sound so submissive, but she just couldn't help it. Nyssa was just so naturally dominant she fell into the role easily, and it was one Laurel had thoroughly enjoyed embracing over the past week, and especially now. She certainly loved Nyssa telling her what to do, which was both helpful and comforting given this was her first time going down on another woman. Sure, she occasionally tried to copy the things she remembered what Nyssa, and to a lesser extent her male lovers, did to her, but mostly Laurel felt lost and out of her depth, and it would be even worse without the guiding light which was Nyssa's beautiful voice telling her exactly what she needed to do. And she hadn't been lying before, Laurel really, really wanted to please Nyssa.

So she did her best to follow the instruction she was given, sliding her tongue over Nyssa's pussy lips over and over again, which was much easier now that Nyssa was officially sitting on her face, Laurel getting an incredible thrill out of the thought and of course the feeling of it. God she loved it. She loved everything about this, far more than she thought she would. Her entire world had become Nyssa al Ghul. All she could taste, see, or smell was pure Nyssa, and just when she didn't think it could get any better she started to hear her too. Which was good, because Laurel had been unnerved by Nyssa's lack of moans, which was an extra shame now she knew how beautiful her moans were.

Desperately wanting to hear more of them Laurel began disobeying orders. Nyssa had recently ordered Laurel to start touching her clit with every other lick, but as that finally led to the moans of pleasure The Black Canary had been craving to hear it wasn't long before Laurel increased the frequency of her touches to Nyssa's clit. This got more wonderfully positive reactions from Nyssa, including a order to linger on her clit, which Laurel happily did. As a result of that Nyssa began frequently moaning, groaning, gasping and occasionally even whimpering in pleasure, which drove Laurel crazy. So much so that she wrapped her lips around Nyssa's clit and sucked it without permission, forcing the most wonderful cry out of her lover.

That was when Laurel began an all-out assault on Nyssa's clit, only pausing to swallow the delicious cunt cream which was practically pouring directly down her throat. And to think, Laurel had been so nervous that she wouldn't actually like eating pussy. But no, she had loved it from the first taste. Loved it so much that it had been overwhelming. It was quickly becoming even more overwhelming as Nyssa pressed her cunt so forcefully down onto her face Laurel thought she would pass out from lack of oxygen, although she couldn't help think it would be worth it as long as she got to taste Nyssa's cum first, which she was sure would be even more tasty than her regular pussy juice, even if that was hard to believe right now.

Nyssa gritted her teeth and, having reached out to grab the headboard some time ago, gripped the wooden board so hard she was surprised it didn't break. This was partly because she was fighting her approaching orgasm, but it was mostly because she was frustrated at giving up control and feeling helpless against Laurel's wonderful little tongue. She should have been concentrating on praising her girlfriend for a incredible first time eating pussy, but instead Nyssa was at war with herself as she tried to decide if she should prolong this wonderful agony or put a stop to it. Of course there was a way she could take back control, at least somewhat, and still achieve orgasm, but was Laurel ready for that?

Deciding she would have to be Nyssa told her firmly, "Laurel, you are truly an angel, mmmmmmm, a pussy eating angel. You have done so well for your first time, and I am so proud of you, ohhhhhhhhh God, but I must take control now. I NEED too. I hope you understand. Ooooooh fuck, I hope you understand what I must do now, ah shit, but if at any time it becomes too much raise your hand and I will stop. I promise you that. Now, stick out your tongue and stay very still so I can ride your beautiful face. Yeeeeeessssssss, that's it my angel, just like that. Oh my angel, my beloved, my Canary, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Everything else was either swear words or in her mother tongue. Or swear words in her mother tongue. The point was that Laurel wouldn't understand it, and Nyssa barely understood it herself as she was so focused on what she was doing she honestly wasn't sure what she was saying. At least Laurel would be equally focused on what Nyssa was doing to her. And breathing. Also she was glad she had been able to praise Laurel for her work, because it was way overdue, and if her girlfriend was still speaking to her after this Nyssa would praise her even more, and thank her for putting up with her needs. Unfortunately that wasn't a given, although Nyssa was fairly confident she could mend fences by fucking Laurel into unconsciousness with her strap-on.

It may take several sessions of strap-on fucking, among other things, because what Nyssa did next was truly unadvisable for such an amateur like Laurel, or even expert at pussy eating. Because Nyssa didn't just ride Laurel's face, she brutally fucked it. Sure, at first it wasn't too bad, Nyssa just grinding herself back and forth on Laurel's tongue, but soon she was gyrating her hips on it and thrusting up and down. Finally Nyssa just pushed herself down as firmly as she dared and started rubbing herself back and forth like Laurel's beautiful face was nothing but a fuck pad, meaning that Nyssa could feel every little movement Laurel made as she squirmed under her.

The mental high of so completely dominating at the woman this way, and roughly using Laurel's face/tongue to get off, which allowed Nyssa to go over the edge of a truly spectacular orgasm, which was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as the Heir to the Demon relentlessly and brutally fucked The Black Canary's pretty face. The entire time Nyssa forced herself to pay attention to Laurel's hands, expecting them to shoot up any minute. Honestly she expected them to come up before she pushed herself to climax, and she was so impressed and proud of her lover that not only did she hold on long enough to allow Nyssa to essentially make herself cum but she actually never surrendered.

Laurel came close several times. What she was doing was new, and overwhelming, but she would expect nothing less from Nyssa al Ghul. Nyssa had been pushing her limits ever since they first met, so if anything it would have been a disappointment if she hadn't done so now. Yet this was anything but a disappointment, and no matter how hard Nyssa fucked her face, or how hard it became to breathe, Laurel found she loved every single second of it. She wasn't sure if that proved she was gay or not, or just that she was completely devoted to Nyssa, but in that moment Laurel truly didn't care any more. All that mattered was Nyssa's pleasure. And surviving.

Swallowing girl cum was a very close third, or perhaps second, because it just tasted so amazing. Far better than she thought it would, which was really saying something, as while she may have not always fantasised about it Laurel had been able to think about little else over the past few weeks, and it definitely intensified when she first tasted Nyssa's yummy pussy cream. It helped a lot that now Nyssa didn't seem to need her tongue, that she was perfectly content to just rubbing her cunt directly onto Laurel's face, leaving her mouth free to concentrate on swallowing the seemingly never-ending girl cum and pussy juice flowing out of Nyssa's heavenly hole.

Of course no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get all of Nyssa's cum. In fact she wasn't even close, the majority of it completely drenching her face, which was both heart-breaking and wonderful. Heart-breaking that it didn't end up in her stomach were it belonged, yet wonderful because it felt like she was being branded as the property of Nyssa al Ghul. Which was all kinds of wrong, but Laurel loved that idea in that moment. Loved the idea of being Nyssa's. Being her pussy licker, or her fuck pad as the case may be, and she never wanted it to stop. Unfortunately it did, but at least Nyssa kissed her almost instantly, the other brunette collapsing down on top of her and then shoving her tongue into her mouth, allowing them to share the taste of Nyssa's cum and pussy juices.

After several minutes of that Nyssa broke the kiss, stroked Laurel's face and asked her, "Are you ready for my cock, my love?"

During the kiss Nyssa had been grinding down on top of her, making sure that when the question was answered Laurel could only whimper in response, "Yes."

She was rewarded for that response with the most wonderful smile and gentle kiss. Then punished for it as Nyssa not only got off of her and off the bed but the assassin left the room completely, leaving Laurel to whimper pathetically. She had never missed the feeling of Nyssa being on top of her more, or touching her in some way, and her body was filled with almost unbearable need thanks to the brief grinding and more importantly getting to eat pussy for the first time in her life. More importantly it had been her first time eating Nyssa's pussy, and now she was left alone when she needed Nyssa the most. Luckily Nyssa made that brief horrible moment worth it.

Nyssa did her best to return to Laurel sighed as quickly as she could, but she was still keeping most of her things in her room, despite the fact that she hadn't slept there since crossing the line she promised herself she wouldn't cross and making Laurel hers. A big part of this was because Laurel already had a great deal of things already, especially clothes, and although Laurel had insisted on clearing out a draw for her which would have mostly done the trick Nyssa liked having a space of her own. More importantly it was a place to hide her weapons and sex toys, most of which Nyssa believed Laurel wasn't ready to use. Or maybe even see.

Hopefully she would be now ready for Nyssa's favourite toy, but Nyssa didn't want to give her a lot of time to second-guess it and back out, so she both walked quickly back and forth and attached the harness around her waist in record time. She did however give Laurel a second to get used to the sight of her wearing the toy, and also give herself a moment to admire the nervous and excited look on Laurel's face. Then Nyssa slowly approached, spitting onto her hand as she did so and then rubbing that saliva onto the cock, which was all the lube she would need from the looks of Laurel's extremely wet pussy, which was both encouraging for what came next and a sign that her girlfriend had truly enjoyed eating pussy.

"It's sooooo..." Laurel whispered, not wanting to complete that sentence as it was so cliche.

Understanding Nyssa softly told her, "You can take it my love. You just need to relax."

Even though she didn't reply negatively the way Laurel bit her lip had Nyssa second-guessing herself. She still thought lubricant would be overkill, but now she thought of it there was one very enjoyable thing she could do first. So Nyssa slowly crawled onto the bed and in between Laurel's legs, for better or for worse keeping eye contact with her love the entire time. It seemed to be for the better given not only did Laurel not run away but she then welcomed Nyssa's lips with her own. Then after a minute or two of gentle kissing Nyssa slipped a hand in between Laurel's legs and then a finger into the other woman's cunt.

Her finger slid in easily and Laurel moaned into her mouth, and more importantly relaxed into her arms. Nyssa then kept the kiss going as she first added a second finger, and then replaced those fingers with her dildo, although at first she just rubbed it up and down Laurel's pussy, making sure her girl was extra ready. Honestly that was how Nyssa should have penetrated Laurel, but she couldn't help being at least a little selfish and break the kiss so she could stare into her girlfriend's beautiful eyes as she took her in this way the first time, hoping that the eye contact would be just as comforting/relaxing as the kiss had been.

Laurel was still a little nervous at how big the dildo was. Hell, she had almost said it like a girl in a porno. But logically she knew that part of her body was designed to stretch for something much bigger than that strap-on, and honestly after just eating pussy for the first time she was fairly confident that she was wet enough to take it. Now Nyssa's magical fingers had worked over her pussy, along with her mouth and tongue conquering her own, if anything Laurel was worried about taking it too easily. If only very briefly. Then the tip of Nyssa's dick was pressed against her entrance, and her worries suddenly came back to her.

Fortunately she had Nyssa staring deep into her eyes with such gentleness and love that Laurel wouldn't have thought the assassin could have possessed when they first met, but now here they were, Laurel laying on her back with her legs spread, giving herself completely to the more dominant woman, and even crying out in pleasure as she was stretched like never before. It was intense, and maybe a little uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but to Laurel's surprise it felt good. It felt good to have Nyssa slowly sliding a big dildo into her pussy. A strap-on cock. Her cock. Oh God, Nyssa was pushing HER cock inside her, the thought of that overwhelming Laurel for a few wonderful moments.

Then the penetration was completed, Nyssa's breasts pressed against her own along with their nipples which felt painfully hard. When the penetration was completed Laurel let out a guttural sound and jerked her head downwards to see where their bodies met. She then looked at Nyssa, who gently smiled at her, brushed a stray strand of hair which had fallen from behind her ears back into place, then leaned in for yet another kiss. Laurel of course welcomed it and for what felt like an eternity they gently made out with Nyssa's big dick buried inside her. Then Nyssa pulled back again and gave Laurel a command which made her heart beat extra hard in her chest.

"Wrap your legs around me my love." Nyssa ordered softly.

Instantly doing as she was told Laurel not only wrapped her legs around Nyssa but her arms too, desperately clinging to the woman she trusted so much. Then and only then did Nyssa finally pulled back, causing Laurel to whimper in disappointment as what felt like part of Nyssa left her. It didn't matter that it wasn't flesh and blood, in that moment it was Nyssa al Ghul, and it was leaving her. Luckily it was swiftly returned, Nyssa then gently repeating the process over and over again, the far more experienced woman effortlessly relaxing Laurel with her thrusts and touches until any discomfort was a distant memory and all she felt was wonderful pleasure.

Nyssa felt more in her element right now then perhaps ever before during her courtship with Laurel Lance. Her father had always wanted a male heir, and he had often joked she should have been born one given her deviant desires. She did not share his wishes, but she often thought how ironic they were given how much she loved taking another woman with a strap-on cock. It just felt so natural to her to have a beautiful woman underneath her in this way, and for it to be this beautiful woman, oh it was perfection. Simply perfection. Well, perhaps there was one thing which could have made it better, but Nyssa wouldn't get ahead of herself.

Shaking what was arguably her ultimate goal out of her head Nyssa refocused on giving Laurel the fucking she deserved. The type of which she had doubted that the likes of Oliver Queen could ever give her, especially in his playboy past. Although it was terrifying to think he may have been the best of the bunch when it came to Laurel's past boyfriends. Or at least that's what Sara claimed. Either way Nyssa was determined to give her a real fucking now, not that was difficult given her experience in this department, and from the way she had already had Laurel moaning, groaning, gasping and whimpering in pleasure it seemed like she was right on track.

It certainly didn't take her long to establish a steady rhythm, allowing her to show off her impressive stamina as she gently made love to Laurel for what felt like hours. It was probably at least close to one before Laurel's cries and whimpers of pleasure slowly turned to cries and whimpers of frustration. A reaction Nyssa had always taken a sadistic pride in forcing out of her lovers, even out of those she loved. Which momentarily prompted an unfortunate flashback of Sara underneath her, but Nyssa quickly shook it as anyone who thought about the other Lance sister while making love to the other didn't deserve either of them in her opinion.

Luckily it was easier to refocus given Laurel took much longer to break than Sara. Of course Laurel had always seemed embarrassed to ask for what she wanted, which was part of the reason it had taken them so long to get together, and they needed a major push to get there. Which was why Nyssa ever so slightly increased the pace of her thrusting, not enough to give Laurel what she so obviously wanted, but enough to push her to beg for it. Because she loved her enough to give her a push, but not enough to just give her what she wanted right now. No, Nyssa wanted Laurel to beg for her first. And maybe she even needed it. Yes, she needed to hear just how much Laurel wanted/needed her. And she would hear it, even if she had to fuck Laurel all night.

Laurel actually wanted to beg for Nyssa to fuck her harder, it was just that she also wanted to stay in this moment forever. In bed with Nyssa al Ghul, the stronger woman slowly pumping her big strap-on cock in and out of her pussy, Laurel's arms and legs wrapped tightly around that soft but incredibly well toned body, the two of them staring into each other's eyes as they made love, oh God, it was everything Laurel wanted and more. It was perfect. How could she ever want it to end? But at the same time the need to cum became overwhelming as the incredible pleasure she received became almost painful, meaning for what felt like an eternity Laurel was at war with herself.

Ultimately Laurel whimpered, "Please, fuck me. Fuck me harder and make me cum."

Over the past few weeks Nyssa had delighted in fucking Laurel to the edge of climax with her tongue and/or fingers and then kept her there until she begged for more. Then she almost always insisted on Laurel telling her in great detail what she wanted, scream even louder, or even just remaining silent as Laurel continued desperately begging for what she wanted. Thankfully this was one of the few times Nyssa just smiled softly and increase the pace, thanks to their positions also leaning down for a gentle kiss before finally giving Laurel what she wanted. What was so clear that they both wanted, given the look on Nyssa's face and the small sounds of pleasure escaping from her lips, even if they were drowned out by The Black Canary's cries.

Those cries only seem to get louder has Nyssa effortlessly pushed Laurel as close to orgasm as possible without pushing her over the edge, keeping her there just long enough that the less experienced fighter opened her mouth to beg for more again. Then in one swift movement Nyssa pulled Laurel's legs from around her waist, pushed them up to her shoulders and then started pounding her pussy with what had to be every ounce of her strength, which of course cause The Black Canary to let out an extra deafening cry as she experienced the kind of wonderfully hard climax she had only ever received from the goddess known as Nyssa al Ghul.

That climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. Which was a little surprising, Nyssa took great pride in giving Laurel multiple orgasms. In fact she loved verbally reminding her of that almost as much as physically. Now however there were no words between them, other than a few swear words from Laurel which didn't really count, not that either woman was paying any attention to them. No, they were totally focused on each other during this intense love-making, Laurel having no doubt in her heart that that's what this was, despite how hard it had become, which was a fact she tried to tell Nyssa through her eyes, along with how completely devoted she was to her.

Nyssa got the message loud and clear and hope that Laurel also got her returning look of love and devotion. If not she would be happy to tell her when this beautiful woman was resting in her arms after this wonderful love-making, the type of which that Nyssa was determined would become a regular thing for them. Nyssa loved fucking other women with her strap-on cock, and although she certainly believe this was the right position for their first time using her favourite toy she fully intended to take Laurel in every position possible, that particular fantasy echoing in her mind now as it had for months before their first evening together. Perhaps even since they met.

The wonderful picture of Laurel riding her cock or bending Laurel over and pounding her hard helped push Nyssa over the edge of orgasm too. The stimulator bashing her clit had a lot to do with it too, as did the sheer joy of fucking another woman. And not just any woman, The Black Canary. A shining light in this city of darkness. The woman who, with the help of her training, had defeated men twice her size. And she was cumming on Nyssa's cock while staring up at her with intense love, devotion and perhaps most importantly submission. So if anything it was surprising that Nyssa didn't cum sooner.

After that the floodgates were open and Nyssa came many times. Which was wonderful, but it was also a sign that this was the beginning of the end of their fun, and Nyssa was now desperate to make sure that this was a regular thing, so she pushed through her climaxes to make sure that she continued pounding Laurel's pussy at the same brutal pace which had originally made her cum. As a result she made her girlfriend cum on her cock over, and over, and over again. Maybe even twice as much as Nyssa was cumming, which was impressive even by Nyssa's standards. And even if she fell slightly short of it Nyssa was confident that she could talk Laurel into doing this again.

Of course ultimately Nyssa was left with the choice, pull her cock out of the trembling girl or collapsed down on top of her. As she wanted to maintain her control and dominance Nyssa made sure to do the former and then gently take Laurel into her arms and hold her while she quivered through the after-shocks of her orgasms. Then after a few seconds had passed and Laurel was still quivering Nyssa pulled her lover even closer to her and started gently kissing the top of her head and cooing softly and lovingly, while trying to hide the fact that she was becoming genuinely worried by this reaction. Then she heard Laurel crying, and panicked.

"Laurel, beloved, what's wrong?" Nyssa asked softly, "Did I hurt you?"

"N, no. I, I'm fine. It's just, it's never been like that. With a, you know, cock." Laurel blushed, desperately trying to get herself together and she looked up at Nyssa, "And, and... I just love you so much."

"And I you." Nyssa smiled, pulling Laurel closer again to rest, hopefully for round two.


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