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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 4.

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Arrow: My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"Late again." Sara grinned as she opened the door.

"Oh don't even start." Laurel groaned as she quickly walked through the door, and then lied, "It really was traffic this time. I swear."

"Uh-huh." Sara raised an eyebrow, sounding unconvinced.

"SARA! Who is it?" Felicity yelled louder than necessary.

"It's just my sister." Sara called out, before lowering her voice and telling Laurel, "I'm so happy you're finally here. She's been so stressed out lately. I'm worried. I think she really needs this."

"Well, maybe if you helped out planning the wedding more, like I told you too, she wouldn't be so stressed." Laurel pointed out with a sigh.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don't have to keep reminding me." Sara grumbled as she and her sister slowly approached her girlfriend, adding softly just before they were in earshot, "I still get all the credit for this, right?"

Ignoring her sister Laurel softly approached the table where a frazzled haired Felicity seemed to be trying to do a million things at once and smiled at her, "Hey Felicity, how are you?"

"Fine." Felicity grunted without looking up, not sounding convincing at all.

After a brief pause Sara spoke up, "Erm, Felicity sweetie... I was thinking you could have a spa day with Laurel or something while I take over finalising our wedding plans."

"Oh, now you care!" Felicity snapped.

"Hey, I have always cared." Sara said firmly, taking a seat opposite her girl and taking her hand, "Ever since we met I've cared about you and what you want. And I'm so sorry if it hasn't felt that way lately, I just wanted you to have everything you wanted. Or at least everything I can give you. I'm sorry if I ever implyed I didn't care about our wedding. Please, let me make it up to you."

Felicity looked between the two sisters for a few long seconds, then said dismissively, "It's too late. There's too much to do now, you'd just be lost."

"You could always write her a detailed list." Laurel pointed out, "The type which not even she could screw up."

"Or I could call you if I get stuck." Sara pointed out.

"Alright." Felicity agreed after a few long seconds, quickly adding as the Lance sisters started smiling, "But don't think this makes us even."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Sara said softly, kissing Felicity's hand. And then because she just couldn't resist added flirtatiously, "I'm sure I can find some way to make it up to you."

Which of course prompted both Felicity and Laurel to scold her, "SARA!"

* * *

It still took like an hour to get Felicity presentable and for her to finish writing a detailed list for Sara before Laurel could finally get her out of the house, but it was clear that Felicity thought it was worth it given the way she moaned, "Oh God, I love you and I'm leaving my stupid fianc‚e for you."

Laurel smiled warmly, "Thanks, but I don't want to make a habit of stealing my sister's girlfriends."

"Huh, what?" Felicity grumbled in confusion, before confessing with a shy smile, "Oh, no I... I, I was talking to the hot tub."

The two women shared a laugh, then Laurel's phone buzzed, causing them both to tense for a second. Then Laurel grabbed it, opened it up and then relaxed, "It's okay, it's just Sara thanking me again."

"Awww, that sweet." Felicity smiled as she relaxed.

The phone buzzed again and Laurel scowled, "And now she's ruined it."

Felicity giggled, and then against her better judgement enquired, "What, more sex tips?"

"Yes!" Laurel sighed, "What is wrong with her? She's my sister?"

"I don't know." Felicity shrugged, "She's messing with you. That's what siblings are supposed to do. Or so I hear."

"Yeah, but..." Laurel began.

"But what?" Felicity frowned, before her eyes went wide, "Wait, are you actually following the advice?"

Laurel blushed, which was like admitting the truth anyway, which was obvious to Felicity given the look on her face, so Laurel quickly protested, "It's just, she knows Nyssa so much better than I do. Especially in, that way."

"Oh honey, that doesn't mean you should take sex tips from your sister." Felicity said, "Besides, Sara is a bad influence. I should know, I'm marrying her."

"I know, it's just... Nyssa is so experienced." Laurel said, lowering her head, "I feel so inadequate most of the time. Even when, you know..."

"Yeah..." Felicity blushed, clearing her throat to try and force the image of her soon-to-be sister-in-law making her soon-to-be wife's ex-girlfriend cum, "Have, have you told Nyssa this?"

"Of course, she just brushes it aside like I'm being silly. I'm not." Laurel whined, adding softly, "I just want to please her."

There was a long pause, and then against her better judgement Felicity offered, "Well, like I said, you don't need Sara's help for that. Just the right outfit..."

* * *

A few hours later Laurel was changing positions on her bed yet again, nervously trying to choose the right pose. She kept picturing Nyssa walking into their bedroom, taking one look at her and bursting out laughing, and it was really getting to her. The thing was that Laurel wasn't insecure about her looks. She worked very hard on her appearance, not just for a lover's benefit but for her own. Looking good made her feel good, or at least it didn't hurt the equation, and she had been accused by the likes of Sara of getting lost in trying to make herself look perfect more than once. Admittedly she had, but never more than now as she was consumed by her desire to be perfect for Nyssa, so her girlfriend wouldn't find this funny.

On some level Laurel knew she was being silly. Nyssa not finding her attractive had never been a problem. In fact, it was exactly the opposite, especially before they got together. Now they were Nyssa could barely keep her hands off her, so finding Laurel waiting for her dressed in fishnet stockings, a garter belt and a corset which made her boobs look at lease one cup size bigger would almost certainly not result in laughter from the infamous assassin turned vigilante. But still, Laurel was a perfectionist, and it was hard to be patient when she knew the most likely result of her present for her girlfriend was the kind of amazing fucking only Nyssa al Ghul had ever given her.

As she waited Laurel reflected on her day with Felicity. It had seemed to do both of them a lot of good, but especially Felicity who had seemed on the verge of going full Bridezilla. As a thank you Felicity had taken her lingerie shopping, something Felicity had unsurprisingly never done with a friend, or apparently anyone, and something that Laurel hadn't done with friends since she had been trying to keep the interests of Oliver Queen. So there was some irony to the situation which wasn't lost on her, she just didn't want to dwell on it right now. Not when she could hear Nyssa firmly unlocking the door to their apartment, walking inside and locking it.

Laurel then change one more time, taking the opportunity to sliding a hand over the fishnets again. She had never felt anything designed to be sexy which was so comfortable. It really did feel that for now, which led to her making a joke about fighting crime in them which now she was almost seriously considering. Then all of a sudden Nyssa was standing in front of the bed, staring down at her with an intense look on her face, and then a wicked smirk which gave Laurel a ridiculous amount of relief. She then returned the smirk as confidently as she could as her girlfriend slowly circled the bed, sliding one finger over her thigh as she knelt in front of her.

"For me?" Nyssa purred.

"Always." Laurel smiled.

Nyssa preened, and then asked, "And what did I do to deserve such a treat?"

Laurel smiled again, "Just you being you."

For that Nyssa couldn't resist smiling, leaning down and pressing her lips against Laurel's in a gentle kiss. Then a thought occurred to her and she frowned, pulling away and asking, "And?"

"And... I was still feeling so insecure about the experience gap between us and Felicity thought this might help." Laurel revealed sulkily.

Nyssa smiled softly, cupped Laurel's cheek and told her, "My love, have I not made it clear that you need not worry about such things? That I adore teaching you how to please me? And that you are proving yourself a natural at it?"

Laurel smiled, leaned into the touch, and admitted, "Yeah, but-"

"But nothing." Nyssa said firmly, giving Laurel another peck to the lips before adding just as firmly, "You have nothing to worry about. I promise."

After biting her lip for a few seconds Laurel pushed, "Prove it."

"How?" Nyssa initially asked, and then when she saw the look on Laurel's face quickly added, "I'm sorry my love, I'm still not ready for that."

"Then how about something new?" Laurel pushed again, "Something you didn't do with Sara?"

"There wasn't much." Nyssa smirked, then raced to think of something as her words clearly upset her girlfriend, and she blurted out, "There was one thing."

"What?" Laurel's eyes lit up.

"But I warn you, I didn't suggested to her because it is highly degrading for a warrior." Nyssa revealed, quickly adding, "And I do not see you as less than her in that respect. In fact you may be further along than she was at this stage. Or at least more disciplined."

There was a brief pause and then Laurel pushed, "So, what is it?"

"You do not have too." Nyssa insisted.

"Just tell me." Laurel insisted.

"Well..." Nyssa hesitated, a wicked smile slowly crossing her face, "You were clearly trying to manipulate me into giving you what you wanted. Surely the only proper punishment would be a spanking?"

Laurel blushed, "Oh."

With disappointment filling her Nyssa quickly reminded her lover, "As I said you need not do it."

"No, I'll do it." Laurel insisted quickly.

"Are you sure?" Nyssa pushed.

"I can take it." Laurel said firmly, and then quickly added, "I would do anything for you."

Nyssa smiled softly, leaned in and told her girlfriend, "If at any point it becomes too much callout red and I will stop. I promise you, I will understand."

"I won't." Laurel promised.

"If you have too." Nyssa said firmly, before changing the subject, "Now, to make you more comfortable shall I assume a similar state of undress before we begin?"

Nodding enthusiastically Laurel replied, "Oh yes, please."

"I thought as much." Nyssa smirked.

Nyssa then leaned forward and pressed her lips against Laurel's for a kiss which lingered longer than any kiss that they'd shared so far tonight, but for the way before it could get truly passionate. She then slowly crawled backwards until she was off the bed and on her feet in front of Laurel before slowly removing her jacket, shoes, shirt and pants. Although it was far from a strip tease, like the ones that Sara had given her frequently while they were together and Laurel had given her once when Nyssa had managed to restrain herself from tearing her current girlfriend's clothes off, but it still did the job of teasing her lover, and making her feel like they were more an even ground to make what came next easier on Laurel.

For the same reason Nyssa considered removing her underwear, but she didn't want to give up the advantage, so she simply sat down on the bed, patted her lap and told the other brunette, "Place yourself across my knee so you may present your ass for punishment."

With obvious nervousness Laurel nodded and slowly crawled along the bed and into position. It was enough to make Nyssa reconsider going through with this, but she quickly became even more determined to do it than ever when Laurel was in place and Nyssa got up a close look at her girlfriend's beautiful bottom. Nyssa had always had another thing for women's asses, and had done all sorts of wonderfully wicked things to them in the past, and she wanted to do all those things to Laurel, but not at the cost of losing her. That was why Nyssa had told herself she could be content without that stuff, but looking at it now Nyssa just had to lick and more importantly fuck that perfect ass.

As she placed her hand upon those mostly exposed cheeks and began to gently caress them Nyssa allowed herself a few long seconds of entertaining a fantasy she'd had long before she and Laurel had become an item. One which she bent Laurel over for a thorough rim job followed by a deep hard anal pounding, Nyssa taking Laurel's obviously virgin ass and the only hole on her body she hadn't fucked so far and surely making every part of this extraordinary woman hers. Then she concentrated on her other fantasy about Laurel's butt, the one about giving it a nice long spanking, Nyssa quickly lifting her hand up high in the air and then bringing it down just as quickly onto her target.

This of course caused Laurel to let out a little cry, but no real protest. Not that Nyssa had been expecting it. After all Laurel was a stubborn woman, and would certainly not give in so easily. Of course Nyssa had no intention of rushing the spanking. No, she hoped it to be a great deal of time before she reached the part that she thought Laurel might quit, although even then it was far more likely that Laurel would force herself to endure whatever Nyssa dished out. It was one of the reasons Nyssa had been hesitant to bring up this particular desire, because of course she didn't truly want to hurt this woman she adored so dearly. She knew though that Laurel would not make it easy on her.

Laurel promised herself she would not let out another pathetic sounding cry like that again, so she gritted her teeth and dug her fingernails into the palm of her hand in preparation for the worse. Instead the next half a dozen strikes were much more gentle than the first, and between each there were long periods where Nyssa just caressed her ass. At first this confused Laurel, until she realised exactly what it was Nyssa was doing. Because of course it was not the pain Nyssa would consider the worst part, but the humiliation of finding oneself bent over the other's knee while being spanked like a naughty child. So Laurel allowed herself to relax somewhat, which of course was a mistake.

The second she did this Nyssa took advantage of it by giving her the hardest spank so far, causing a loud sharp cry to escape her lips and cause Laurel to blush fiercely. Then Nyssa went right back to the groping, leaving Laurel to her misery without any pain to distract her. And the groping was adding to her humiliation somewhat, but it was Nyssa doing it. If it had been anyone else, even her ex-boyfriends, it would have been insulting, but Laurel like the way that Nyssa dominated her. It was the gentle teasing of the spanks she didn't like. Of course then Nyssa showed her another form of teasing which embarrassed Laurel even more.

"You must tell Felicity I really approved of her choice in lingerie." Nyssa said almost casually as her hand slid down to Laurel's legs, "Or I could tell her myself."

Laurel blushed, and then revealed, "I picked everything out. Felicity just thought this was the best."

"Even better." Nyssa smiled as her hand slipped up and down those legs, before eventually back to Laurel's ass, "But still, one of us must tell her that I particularly liked your fishnet stockings and garter belt. They look like they were made for you. Perhaps I should make you go out like this, huh? Maybe with a little skirt or something though, because I wouldn't want anyone else to see the perfection which is your ass, especially not when being so beautifully framed by a garter belt. Or better yet the thong, which may be my favourite part."

Trying to sound as cool as possible under the circumstances Laurel pointed out, "Well I noticed you were a butt girl, so I figured you'd like it."

"Oh I do." Nyssa quickly confirmed, "In fact I insist you start wearing these things underneath your regular clothing. Whether it be your lawyer pants, or your super suit, I want to know you're dress up for me at a moments noticed. Will you do that for me Laurel? Will you secretly dress up like a slut for me?"

"I told you." Laurel said softly, looking back, "I'll do anything for you."

"Good." Nyssa said almost breathlessly before moving her hands to Laurel's thong and then beginning to slowly pull it down, "Because I'm having a lot of fun, but a true spanking should always be bare bottom."

Again Laurel blushed but offered up no real protest as Nyssa made this as humiliating as possible by removing her thong as slowly as possible, obviously savouring every moment of it. Then she suddenly attacked again, squeezing yet another pathetic cry out of Laurel's mouth. For better or for worse instead of going back to groping right away Nyssa actually delivered several hard strikes in a row this time, meaning that pathetic cry was quickly followed by a couple more and by the time Laurel got herself under control it was over. That happened again and again, the pause in between those blows slowly decreasing until Nyssa was constantly beating her butt with what had to be every ounce of her strength.

For a while Laurel tried to fight it. To grit her teeth and dig her fingernails into the palm of her hands like she had done before, but unsurprisingly Nyssa skill and strength was just too much for her and she was left whimpering and crying out constantly. It was embarrassing, almost unbearably so, but in a weird way it was also thrilling because she was pleasing Nyssa, and perhaps just as importantly she was tapping into a side of herself she hadn't known existed before she had got together with Nyssa. A side of herself which craved submission, and Laurel could think of nothing more submissive than being spanked like a disobedient toddler.

Nyssa listened out carefully just in case Laurel asked her to stop, but as she expected the stubborn woman took everything she had to give which mostly delighted her. There was a small part of her which was worried this would be a step too far for the American, that it would cost her this most precious relationship, and most importantly that she would surely hurt Laurel. But The Black Canary continued to prove she was the perfect mate for Nyssa, and not just in what she didn't do. In fact what she did do, and what her body did, was far more delightful than even her adorable stubbornness, especially one very particular part of it.

Throughout the spanking Nyssa had adored the way Laurel's perfect ass jiggled for her, and slowly turned from pale to pink, then to light red, and then finally to a dark and angry red. And now she was using every ounce of her strength to make that beautiful beaten red bottom jiggling even more for her, and the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as wonderful as Laurel's screams, which was nearly as ear piercing as her Canary Cry. But even more than all this Nyssa love the way that Laurel's pussy was becoming increasingly wet, proving that her girlfriend was getting off on being spanked just as much as Nyssa was getting off on spanking her. And perhaps, she was even enjoying it more.

Yet it wasn't surprising when Nyssa finally stopped, allowing her hand to soothe the bruised flesh for a few long minutes before softly telling her lover, "As I said, I'm not ready to give up control completely. But I am ready for us to be truly equals."

Frowning in confusion Laurel asked, "What do you mean?"

Always a fan of showing instead of telling Nyssa carefully pulled Laurel upwards and into her arms for a deep, slow kiss before gently lying her down on the bed, being careful to lay her down on her side so she wouldn't have to put any weight on her incredibly sore bottom. Then Nyssa gave her a soft smile, before crawling so she was almost horizontal with her lover, except their mouths were hovering over each other's breasts. Taking full advantage of that Nyssa pulled down Laurel's push-up bra and latched her mouth onto one of the other vigilante's nipples. Which naturally caused Laurel to moan softly and then mirror her actions.

It was not something Nyssa had intended to linger on as the spanking had more than put both of them in the mood, but particularly when Laurel pulled down her bra to return the favour Nyssa found she couldn't move away so hastily, and it was far from a chore going back and forth between her girlfriend's boobs. Although it wasn't that long before she moved further down, or further up as the case may be, placing them in the classic 69 position, except on their sides. Anticipating the end result Laurel didn't complain when Nyssa started moving, and even kissed the other brunette's stomach as Nyssa got into position and then pulled the assassin's underwear to one side so she could again mirror Nyssa's actions. Of course as Nyssa had no such barrier she went straight to work.

Laurel let out a soft gasp followed by a loud moan as Nyssa gently slid her tongue over her needy pussy and even hesitated pulling Nyssa's panties aside because she was so caught up in her own selfish pleasure. Ashamed by that fact Laurel made sure her first lick was ever so slightly quicker and lingered on Nyssa's clit for five long seconds before she repeated the process. Although when she did the following licks were slow and gentle, both to tease her lover and to savour the heavenly taste of Nyssa's pussy which Laurel had become so addicted too. And to be fair, Nyssa was giving her the same slow treatment at that point.

It wasn't entirely necessary given that despite how she had been reduced to a whimpering wreck, or maybe even because of it, Laurel had enjoyed getting spanked far more than she should have, while Nyssa had unsurprisingly loved going to town on her butt, meaning that they could have probably gone right into fucking each other hard. However despite part of her very much wanting to do that Laurel was grateful that Nyssa was wordlessly insisting on starting out slow, as this was another first for them and Laurel wanted to savour every minute of it. Especially because it was so wonderful, not that it was remotely surprising.

She had of course been in a 69 before, many times in fact, mostly with her on top, but as much as she had enjoyed it none of those times could have ever compare to this. Nyssa was just so good at eating pussy she easily blew her competition away, so much so that it remained a struggle for Laurel to concentrate on licking Nyssa's cunt, especially when her girlfriend lingered on her clit. Laurel return the favour, but Nyssa was just tougher than her, better than her, at everything but especially this, meaning most of the time Laurel was struggling to keep up and desperately hoping she was giving Nyssa at least half the pleasure that she was receiving.

Luckily Laurel was far too busy eating pussy to truly focus on her insecurities. Or more accurately the combination of the pleasure she was receiving at her desire to focus on at least trying to keep up kept her mind focused on pleasing Nyssa, which was by far the most important thing in her life. Right now it was the only thing in her whole world, Laurel having to fight the urge to shove her tongue into her girlfriend's cunt and make Nyssa cum before Nyssa beat her to it. The only thing stopping her was the desire to continue in this wonderful state of giving pleasure while being pleasured by the woman she loved, which was something so wonderful that Laurel never wanted it to end.

Nyssa felt the exact same way. Pretty much. She wasn't feeling as overwhelmed as she was almost certain Laurel was feeling, which was what Nyssa intended, but she felt everything else. For this was easily one of the most wonderful experiences of her life as it was a level of intimacy she had only ever known with the other Lance sister, and like always Nyssa was determined to show Laurel that she meant as much to her as Sara ever had, and more. Because in this moment Nyssa was never more certain that as much as she loved Sara it was Laurel who was her soulmate, something she was trying to show her current girlfriend through her actions rather than her words.

It seemed to be working, as there was no denying how much pleasure the two women were giving each other given the amount of pussy cream leaking out of them and into each other's mouths, both of them able to swallow as much as they could while still making the cunt lapping the priority. As a result a lot ended up on their faces, but that just added to the intimacy of this wonderful act. One which Nyssa now regretted not going to doing before now with this enchanting woman, although they would be doing a lot from now on. Ideally of course they were just do this forever, and for a while it even felt possible as Nyssa became so lost in pleasuring Laurel while receiving it from her girlfriend in turn.

Although eventually the growing desire to cum meant that it was just a question of who could out last the other, and it would be Nyssa who would prevail. There was no other outcome Nyssa would accept, and more importantly no other outcome possible. That may seem arrogant, but it was true. Laurel had made great strides in every category, stamina included, but she was not quite on Nyssa's level yet as the previous sparring sessions, and sexual escapades, had proven. Also while Laurel's enthusiasm and the love they shared made up for her lack of experience it could not entirely bridge the gap between them, and even if it did Nyssa's pride would not allow her girlfriend to get the better of her. At least not without a fight.

Sure enough Laurel put up quite the fight, making Nyssa very proud of her, but inevitably she was always the one to give in first. To her credit Laurel tried to postpone the inevitable by lingering on Nyssa's clit a increasingly long time, and took it into her mouth for a gentle, and then not so gentle, sucking. But then ultimately Laurel pushed her tongue as deep inside Nyssa's pussy as it would go, which change the game between them. No longer were they in competition with each other to see who would push their tongue in the other first, now it was a race to finish and Nyssa's pride certainly wouldn't allow her to cum first, and again she was confident the outcome would be favourable to her.

Laurel paused once her tongue was buried inside Nyssa's cunt so she could savour the feeling of her girlfriend's womanhood wrapped around her. To intensify that feeling she closed her eyes, but they were only closed for a few seconds before she opened them wider than before and let out a sharp cry directly into Nyssa's pussy as her own pussy was invaded by Nyssa's tongue. Which was far from surprising, although Laurel had thought her girlfriend might give her a few more seconds to enjoy the moment before she penetrated her. Not that she was really complaining, it just meant what she needed to do next would be more difficult.

Of course that was one of the things Laurel loved about Nyssa. This wonderful woman was always challenging her, especially during sex. It just made everything even more fun, again especially during the sex. Although in this case it was also frustrating, because again Laurel found herself in a fight she knew she just couldn't win. All she could really do was try and put up a decent fight, which at least in this case was easier as instead of holding her desires back her main focus was to give in to them and ram her tongue in and out of Nyssa's pussy as hard and as fast as she could. Ironically it also meant trying to resist them as she fought the urge to cum.

Again the result was the same, and again while it was frustrating Laurel's reward for failure was a powerful orgasm, the type of which she had only ever received from the Heir to the Demon. So it was hard to be too mad about it. Especially when she was able to bring Nyssa to climax a short while later, which coincided with Laurel's second orgasm, meaning that they came together, which was nice. It then happened over and over again as the two stubborn women fought through their own pleasures to continue giving it right back to each other, the 69 beginning to more resemble the fight it had actually been throughout.

Taking a risk Laurel rolled them over so that for a brief moment she was on top of Nyssa, but before she could even enjoy it Nyssa flipped them over so she was on top. As punishment she then began to grind her cunt into Laurel's face, which was actually Laurel's plan all along as it just made it easier to make Nyssa cum. Although to hide that fact, and just because she could and because she enjoyed being on top for a change, Laurel flipped over a few more times before she just concentrated on trying to keep Nyssa cumming as her own climaxes threatened to overwhelm her. To her credit Laurel kept this up throughout, which made her feel very proud of herself and more importantly only made the pleasure she was feeling that much more satisfying.

Nyssa was surprised at Laurel's audacity. Surprised, and oddly proud. After all, with the obvious exception of Sara no other woman had dared to try such a thing with Nyssa, and there was no one else Nyssa would really let get away with it, which reminded her of how special Laurel was to her. Of course just because she wasn't going to truly punish her for it that didn't mean there wasn't another spanking in Laurel's future, and Nyssa particularly enjoyed putting Laurel in her place and then grinding down onto that pretty face of hers, naturally increasing the pleasure for them both. And that Laurel continued to obediently tongue fuck her and swallow her cum, again making Nyssa proud of her.

It only later occurred to Nyssa that this was Laurel's plan. That her girlfriend had manipulated her into getting on top and grinding down onto her face, making it easier for Laurel to make her cum. Which of course only made Nyssa weirdly proud of her again. Although that wasn't the only reason she smiled at this revelation. She also smiled because she had a way of countering the other girl's sneakiness to make sure that it would be Laurel who would cum the most. Or it would at least be a draw, considering how much Nyssa was cumming, and just how hard, which was just as much to do with Laurel's work as with the sweet taste of Laurel's cum.

Honestly Nyssa felt this would be overkill, that she could get the job done with her mouth and tongue alone, and that maybe she should do that so it be more of a challenge. But she wanted to win, and treat her lover of course, so Nyssa reluctantly pulled her mouth away from Laurel's cunt and replaced her tongue with two fingers which she shoved into her girlfriend after just a little pussy rubbing. Not giving Laurel a chance to get used to that sensation Nyssa then started frantically licking Laurel's clit, only stopping to occasionally take it into her mouth for a passionate sucking. Which of course made Laurel cum incredibly hard, but in a way this was still just a warm-up for what Nyssa truly had in mind.

Like the well-trained Master Assassin she was Nyssa made sure that her ultimate goal didn't become clear for quite some time as she relentlessly pumped those fingers in and out of Laurel's pussy, only subtly adding a third and then a fourth during one of the many orgasms she gave her girlfriend. Although when it came time to execute her plan Nyssa just couldn't resist seeing the look on her lover's face. So she reluctantly pulled her own pussy off of Laurel's face, her girlfriend weakly protesting but unable to stop her. Nyssa then quickly turned herself around so they were face to face again so she could kiss Laurel passionately, naturally keeping her fingers inside of The Black Canary the entire time. Then Nyssa broke the kiss and smiled wickedly down at her prey before executing the final phase of her plan.

Just before she did Nyssa whispered, "Tell me if this is too much."

Laurel opened her mouth to ask exactly what Nyssa meant, but her mouth just hung open and her eyes went wide as realisation hit in the form of Nyssa slipping her thumb inside her and pushing forwards. Considering how stretched she was already the thumb was no problem. In fact it was only barely noticeable. What was very noticeable was the feeling of being stretched like never before, Laurel automatically trying to tell Nyssa to stop only to find she was incapable of speech. For a long second she panicked, but then Nyssa stopped and backed off while studying her face quizzically, which just made Laurel fall in love with this incredibly experienced woman all over again.

It was a reminder that Nyssa would never intentionally hurt her, or do something she didn't truly want, and constantly kept an eye out for any sign that Laurel was uncomfortable during the, extremely frequent, times that she tried to push her out of her comfort zone. Which actually had Laurel seriously considering it. If a man had suggested such a thing, or perhaps even if Nyssa had suggested it, Laurel would have turned it down without hesitation and refused to listen to any counterarguments. However, that part of her body was designed to push a baby out of it, and if it was something Nyssa truly wanted she'd give it to her, especially in this moment as she was still cum, and pussy, drunk.

So when Laurel finally found her voice she whimpered, "More... I... I can take it."

That promise had Nyssa smiling softly and then slowly pushing her hand in up to the knuckles into Laurel's pussy, making The Black Canary cry out again. She then backed off and repeated the process a few times, leaving her knuckles there for increasing amount of time before finally slipping them inside. This time Laurel let out a wordless cry as about a second later Nyssa's entire hand was inside her cunt, the rest of it following the knuckles into her fairly easily given it wasn't stretching her quite so widely. It was even kind of a relief on her entrance, although just passed it her pussy was being stretched like never before, and as weird and uncomfortable as it felt it also felt really good.

Of course loving girlfriend that she was Nyssa stayed perfectly still for a few long seconds, letting Laurel get used to it, then she leaned up, kiss Laurel's lips and then whispered, "I love you."

She tried to echo those words, but as soon as she opened her mouth Laurel found herself letting out a sharp cry as Nyssa began pumping her fist back and forth, the other woman now fucking her with her whole hand. Fisting her! Laurel was being fisted by her girlfriend, the incredibly sexy Nyssa al Ghul, that fact overwhelming her for a few blissful moments. Then Nyssa leaned down and wrapped her lips around Laurel's clit and began to gently lick and suck it, causing Laurel to become overwhelmed by pleasure, another incredibly powerful orgasm hitting her what felt like only a few seconds later as Nyssa continued ravaging her.

It wasn't quite seconds, but it wasn't that long before Nyssa was smirking in triumph as she once again made the woman she loved cum for her. Once she had her fist inside Laurel it was relatively easy as the other woman's cunt, naturally relaxing and even welcoming the large invader. Of course the attention to her clit helped a lot, Nyssa gradually increasing the force of the licking and the sucking at first to make sure her lover relaxed, and then just to make her cum. It was also why she gradually increasing the force of the fisting, and pulled her hand out to the knuckles again and then shoving in deeper than before.

As expected it all paid off masterfully, Laurel's cunt squeezing down on her hand so tightly Nyssa almost thought it would break, and her sweet Black Canary crying out loudly like she was wearing that little device of hers which amplified her screams. And of course, one orgasm wasn't nearly enough, Nyssa once again determined to prove herself the best lover Laurel had ever had by pushing the other brunette through climax after climax. As always it was easy enough for her skill level, even when she removed her mouth from Laurel's clit so she could stare into her beautiful eyes as she made her cum. Or to kiss her, Nyssa taking advantage of both throughout the next few minutes.

Soon after this Nyssa was left with a choice, one which was even clearer in her current position. Either she could keep going and fuck Laurel into unconsciousness, or she could bring her down from her high and try to get another orgasm for herself. The latter was tempting, although the truth was she still felt more than satisfied from the 69. Although she didn't go for the former either. No, instead she brought Laurel to the edge of unconsciousness and then gradually decrease the pace, giving Laurel at least one more orgasm and a few very decent after-shocks in the process which had her lover trembling beneath her. Then she gently pulled her fist out of her, stroked her face, gave her one last soft kiss and then roll them over so they could spoon, Laurel quickly slipping into unconsciousness as Nyssa whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

* * *

Like most nights Nyssa was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake, in both cases cursing her body's need for sleep as caused her to lose precious hours of staring at the sleeping form of her beloved. Which served as a necessary reminder of just how embarrassingly hard and fast she had fallen for this woman, her time spent as this woman's friend doing little to conform Nyssa as even then her infatuation had been obscene. But then, beautiful women, especially those belonging to the Lance family, had always been Nyssa's weakness. And she hoped it always would be, Nyssa unable to feel too bad about her feelings, especially while staring at the object of her affection.

"I know you think watching me sleep is sweet and romantic..." Laurel softly said before opening her eyes, and then continued as she lazily opened them and looked over her shoulder, "But it's also kind of creepy."

"Does it truly bother you?" Nyssa asked apprehensively.

Laurel thought about it for a moment, before answering truthfully, "No."

"Good. Because I'm not sure I could stop." Nyssa confessed, beginning to gently stroke Laurel's hair before softly praising her, "Especially now you are becoming so good at remembering to listening to your surrounding before opening her eyes. It is very difficult skill to learn, and I'm very proud of you for it."

"Just that?" Laurel teased.

"That, and so many other things." Nyssa smiled, leaning forward for a long, slow kiss before asking, "Now, shall we share a morning shower? Or would you prefer that I fucked you in our bed?"

After briefly glancing over at the clock Laurel sighed, "As tempting as that sounds I've got to be at work in about an hour, so rain check?"

"I'll hold you to that." Nyssa said, pressing her lips against Laurel's again briefly before getting up, "I'll go make some breakfast while you shower first."

"You're the best." Laurel smiled, any response from Nyssa interrupted by Laurel's phone. Reaching over to her nightstand Laurel grabbed it, looked at the caller ID, and then to punish Felicity she answered, "Your plan backfired, and she spanked me. Are you happy?"

"Oh, you have no idea." Sara grinned.

"Oh God." Laurel groaned.

"So, what happened next?" Sara asked, totally unsurprised when she was hung up on.

Laurel was going to kill Felicity. And Sara.


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