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Summary: Set in the middle of season 2 though no spoilers or plot points are discussed. Sara overhears a pocket dial from boyfriend Oliver with two people having sex. Fueled by rage from the relentless cleaning up of Starling City, Sara acts irrational

Pairings: Thea Queen/Roy Harper, Sara Lance/John Diggle, Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen, Sara Lance/Oliver Queen

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Inter

Arrow: Pocket Dial
by The Chemist

"That," Oliver Queen simply stated after taking a minute to think of a better word but nothing summed up their time better than that.

"No kidding," Sara Lance panted as she covered her naked form with the bed sheet.

Oliver and Sara had a checkered past together to say the least. They were both stranded on the military controlled island in the South Pacific Ocean, though they were presumed dead by the world. Now they were both back in Starling City after Sara spent 4 years with The League of Assassins and Oli was in Hong Kong with Amanda Waller and her splinter group.

However, the crime fighting vigilantes had been together for over several months now after meeting one another in a confrontation on the rooftops of Starling City. The spark they shared for one another instantly began to smolder once again and when they found themselves working for the same cause and sharing close quarters they finally hooked up. Ever since that time they decided to become exclusive and have been happily monogamous ever since.

"Can't wait for this stupid board meeting to be over and done with tomorrow," he stated as he laid back and tried in vain to catch his breath.

"Oh yeah, forgot you had to do that," she said as she looked over at the dirty blonde haired man with chiseled features. "Anyway, care to join me in the shower?"

"Would love to but it's already midnight and I need to be in at the office at 6," he told her, the news greeted by a frown on Sara's normally smiling and beautiful face.

"That's in like 4 hours," she said after checking her watch. "You've never had to be in that early before."

"Normally I'm not but Felicity needs me to come in and help practice what I'm going to present," he told her.

Oliver didn't wait for her approval in going into work early and rolled out of bed. Sara couldn't help but be disappointed that he wasn't going to stay for the night however seeing his muscular and scarred naked figure made it a little easier to swallow. Her disappointment came back when he threw a shirt on and covered his enormous penis with boxer shorts then eventually pants.

"You could stay and I'll even make you a lunch and coffee like a proper girlfriend or wife," Sara pleaded with a smile. "You know, we could play house."

An honest smile flashed across Oliver's face at the suggestion from his beautiful girlfriend that she was thinking of something more serious than just being his exclusive booty call. He had been blessed in the looks department from an early age so getting girls into bed was never an issue for him but the combination of Sara being special and her coming around at a time when he was looking for something more permanent made him more than happy enough to settle down.

"That would have been nice...if we weren't in the back room of our home base, which doesn't have food. Plus I didn't have the forethought enough to bring a suit with me," Oliver told her, wanting to kick himself for not planning ahead. "Listen I'll come right after work. I won't even go home and change out of my business clothes."

"Well alright I guess that'll have to do," Sara pouted. "But you better make it up to me."

"How about I make you my world renowned dim sum...from scratch," he offered.

"Deal! Plus I want the good sex. The sex that you keep on the top shelf and is to only be used in emergency situations," Sara mused. "So pretty much the sex we have after catching the head of the mafia."

"Like when an apocalypse is inevitable and we only have one last night together," he played along though was serious at the same time.

"The very same," she laughed.

"I'll run you a bath on my way out," Oliver told her before disappearing out of the room, only to return a couple of minutes later. "All ready ba..."

Upon his return to her room Oliver found that Sara had passed out in the time it had taken him to draw a bath for her. He wasn't that surprised as they had a business night out protecting the people of Starling City. Before leaving, the Hood stepped closer to the bed and planted a soft kiss onto Sara's forehead.

"I love you sleeping beauty," he said to his girlfriend, using the L word for the first time.

* * *

Several hours later...

"Last night was...amazing," Thea told her boyfriend of the past year as she joined him on the couch.

Roy Harper hadn't been outside in the Queen's living room in the kid's wing of the mansion for very long before he was joined by the very attractive girl. As was their usual custom after a night Thea worked managing Verdant, they went back to her parent's massive home for some fun time. The secret apprentice to The Hood also worked at the club, as a busboy, so by the end of a hard working shift Thea would reward him for his service. Roy didn't mind the hard work though, it gave him money for rent plus he got to work every day with his girlfriend, as well as help keep his hard-earned gym body in even better shape.

Thea was still dressed in her tight orange dress that she wore last night at her club that made her legs looks impossibly long and hugged her supple curves deliciously. Her black high heels not only made her look taller but helped show off her amazing legs and surprisingly plump bubble booty, its sheer thickness incredible given how athletic and thin the rest of her body was.

"Yeah it was," Roy smiled while taking a sip of his coffee. "Didn't know how long you'd sleep for but there's more coffee in the pot. I'll get it for you."

As the girl with the tanned skin sat beside him, Roy couldn't help but let his eyes roam over the beauty again. She was a tall girl, roughly 5'8 and was truly an impressive specimen that made him question daily how he was able to land her. Shoulder-length wavy brown hair framed her perfect model-esque face with the skin angels would surely have if they were walking amongst us.

"Great thanks," the youngest Queen replied. "Lotta milk and only a little sugar...I'm already sweet enough," she mused.

Roy took one last sip out of his bright red mug then stood from the plush sofa. He hadn't realized that he was still sporting his morning wood from earlier and even though it was tented within his boxer shorts, the organ nearly took Thea's large eyes out.

"Wow...good morning Mr. Penis," the raspy-voiced girl giggled.

"Oh well the little man likes to see beautiful woman in the morning," he replied.

"Trust me, there is nothing little about him," she said while licking her lips.

Sensing where it was going, Roy took the cue and lowered his only article of clothing draping his muscular body. Sure enough once his shorts hit the floor Thea's beautiful eyes grew even larger than what they were normally and she had to catch herself from drooling.

"What about Oliver," he asked with Thea's hand already circling the fleshy shaft.

"Already left for work. It's just me and you," she told her while Roy stood right in front of her.

Even though they'd known each other for less than a year, the pair had great chemistry and timing. Roy stepped closer to the Queen heiress, who was still stroking his length, and reached down to corral her shoulder-length hair and keep it out of her face. With that distraction dealt with, Thea leaned in and placed his crown in his mouth and applied suction all while tracing circles around his pee slit.

"Mmhm yes," Roy grunted as he squeezed harder on her hair.

Encouraged by his audible noises Thea pushed forward and took more of his thick cock into her mouth. She stopped when his head hit the back of her throat and held him with half his length swallowed in her mouth while firmly yet still softly stroking the remaining flesh with her hand. She held him in the warmest of her mouth before slowly dragging her wet lips over his dick as she removed him until only the every end of his tip was left.

Thea was now finding her stride while bobbing on his cock from her knees. With one hand continuing to stroke the portion unable to fit in her mouth she sucked on the first 6 inches with passion. Roy was thoroughly enjoying her oral skills and he doubted that he would ever grow tired or bored of her blowjobs as they were superb.

Although Roy would have liked his sexy teenage girlfriend to emulate her technique from a few hours prior where she essentially let him be in complete control, he was more than fine with her having more input. He would have liked to have grabbed the sides of her head and fuck her mouth with his rock hard cock, going deep enough to cause her gag reflex to become active just enough to cough some spit up and make for a wetter and noisier blowjob. However, he'd have to be content with having a more passive role and allowing Thea to show off her well-versed fellatio ability.

Even though it wasn't the blowjob that Roy wanted, he had to admit it was still a very good one. So good in fact that while he was reminiscing about the night they had just shared together, he was creeping awfully close to cumming. This normally was a very good thing, especially since he'd be good for round two in no time at all but after the amount of energy he doled out a few hours ago he wouldn't be able to go again this morning.

"Couch...lay," Roy practically screamed.

Luckily for the horny man, Thea listened right away and pulled her mouth from his sensitive cock. He offered her a hand, which she accepted to get to her feet before sitting on the sofa in a very slouched position with her legs wide open. Roy beat his brown-haired girlfriend to her panties and pulled them down her toned legs and off her feet, which were still donning her black high heels.

With the silk thong out of his way, nothing laid between Roy and his one girl for the past year's pink opening. Her bald pussy except for a thin, trimmed landing strip looked red and sore from their marathon drunken sex session from last night. He didn't pay it much mind as he lined up his well lubricated dick with her folds and in one stroke buried half his length into her.

"Oh shit," she grimaced as her abused pussy was penetrated once again.

"You alright," he asked although at the same time making strokes within her. He had gotten to know her pretty well and knew that it was the right play.

"Yeah just need a minute to get use to your size again," she said while bringing her hand down to rub her clit to get herself wetter for more ease.

Whether it was her licked fingers on her clit or Roy being gentler with his thrusting or probably the combination of the two but Thea's folds became much easier for the horny man to glide his dick into. What had started out as an uncomfortable but bearable encounter was now a full fledge erotic tryst where her body was thrashing about on the couch in pleasure.

"Fuck you feel good," Roy grunted through gritted teeth.

"Right back at you stud," Thea said in her sexy raspy voice.

Roy was plowing into her incredibly tight pussy without regard for anything else in the world and Thea wouldn't have had it any other way. The force of him slicing his entire length into her pink fold were making her modest tits bounce in unison under her skin-tight orange dress. The sight of them jiggling beneath him made Roy reach out, push her straps down her shoulders in order to make her boobs accessible then he groped the very perky set.

"Forgot how suckable they looked," he said in regards to her bouncing breasts.

"If they're so suckable they why aren't you sucking on them," the youngest Queen retorted.

Roy took a moment to pause from attempting to drive her threw the sofa with his forceful humping and instead buried his dick deep inside her to get closer to her fit body. Arching his back and craning his neck in a fashion that would have been painful if it wasn't being done in the middle of sex, Roy was able to get his mouth around one of her small pink nipples that instantly hardened.

"Ugghh yes," Thea groaned.

As Roy greedily sucked on her nipples, taking the time to switch tits every so often, Thea gyrated her hips from beneath the horny man to grind on his dick. She could tell that he liked her efforts as she could feel the vibration from his grunt on her erect nipples.

Roy didn't want to admit it but he was getting close to cumming even though it had only been 10 minutes of sex, even if it was only meant to be a quickie. So he was glad the leggy girl suggested for him to motorboat her medium-sized breasts as it gave him a chance to slow things down. However, now that he had taken the interlude he felt fresh again and ready to give it hell once more.

"Hold on," he warned.

Thea heeded his advice and wrapped her long legs around his muscular back and locked her ankles together while also latching her arms around his neck. Once she was secure Roy used his legs to lift off of the sofa before he spun around 180 degrees then lowered himself down. In a move that they both had performed countless times together, his pole never left her wet snatch as the pair now found themselves with Roy on the bottom and the sexy brunette straddling his waist.

"Oh yes," Thea moaned while starting to bounce on his fat tool.

Then again, Thea wasn't the only one moaning and screaming at this point. Roy was slumped on the sofa below and was very much enjoying the sensual feeling of her velvety pussy gripped tightly on his cock as she rode his entire length. With her twat clamped tightly on him, his sexy girlfriend rode his dick using her toned legs to climb to his tip before crashing all the way so she was flat against his lap.

Not wanting him to get too comfortable Thea altered the routine. Instead of simply bouncing her slim bubble butt up and down his shaft she descended on him one last time before grinding her hips into Roy's lap to make it a different sensation for both of them. Thea moaned louder since his fat cock was reaching new areas of her pussy while the saucy heiress caught Roy off guard and made him enjoy the shorter stroke.

"Damn you're so tight," he murmured between grunts with his hands going to fondle her surprisingly meaty ass.

* * *


Sara Lance was still asleep in her somewhat cozy single bed when her phone began simultaneously buzzing and ringing. Letting her groggy mind have a moment to shake off the cobwebs, the short but strong girl remembered that she had no plans this morning so hadn't set an alarm. Looking over to her nightstand she reached her arm out and grabbed her phone then a quick swipe across the screen and she brought the cell phone to her ear.

"Hey babe," Sara's smooth voice said as her caller ID indicated her crime-fighting boyfriend was on the other end.

But instead of hearing his gravelly voice in her ear, she heard the sounds of a woman moaning at the top of her lungs. Sara's eyes widened in disbelief as she let the revelation sink in. Her boyfriend, who she loved very much and had gone through so much with, was cheating on her and she was hearing the proof due to a stupid pocket dial.

"You son of...mother...ass...fuck," she screamed, unable to get out a coherent stream of curses.

Sara was pissed beyond belief and didn't know what to do. Instincts kicked in and the 26-year-old sprang into action. Firstly she fired her smartphone across the room and had it smash into the far wall, luckily hitting her night robe and falling harmlessly to the clothes-covered floor. Her rage attack did not end with that simple action though. Throwing the covers off of her, the blonde-haired girl climbed to her feet and stomped angrily around the side of the bed, all while screaming. Eventually she hooked her fingers in her night shirt and pulled it up over her head, releasing her fairly large, extremely perky tits.

The girl may have only been 5'4 and 115 pounds but Sara had an amazing rack that could compete with most any other girl, easily bettering her sister, Laurel. Her tits weren't massive but were a healthy B/borderline C cup, but what made them so great were their shape and the bright pink nipple capping each one, however they weren't even her 2nd best feature, the first being her amazingly thick and juicy ass with the second being her meaty legs.

Next the Canary peeled off the pair of her boyfriend's boxer shorts she had been sleeping in and tossed them straight into the wood-burning fireplace, incinerating them just like he had just done to her heart.

Completely naked now, the gorgeous girl stormed to her dresser and picked out the first bra that she found and snapped it on. She skipped over putting on a pair of panties, something that wasn't out of the norm for the short busty girl, and slide on a pair of extremely short shorts put her flawless legs on full display. Though not overly long, her legs were gorgeous with slender calves, strong thighs and a great big booty behind her. The shorts were a very fade blue on the verge of being white with strew strings of denim exposed from their rough cut. She wore a simple white shirt with a faded black graphic on the front, but it hung loose on her body, so much so that one shoulder was hanging out the head hole. up her toned legs. Fully dressed now, Sara stormed out of the room, but not first winding back and kicking her bed in anger.

* * *

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMING," Thea screamed within the empty house.

The Verdant club manager had been riding on Roy's cock for the past 10 minutes non-stop and the effects had finally caught up to her. She didn't know how the man didn't cum with her given how his groans were matching her screams near perfectly yet he just made some face contortions and still made thrusts upwards to penetrate her twat deeper.

Just because his girlfriend had climaxed and he had not yet didn't mean that Roy had any intention of stopping. Last night they were drunk and fucked for what seemed like hours, cumming multiple times each but always nearly at the same time. However, with Thea already finished and collapsed on his chest he just had to work harder to thrust up into her wet snatch than before.

Thea didn't know how long she'd passed out for after cumming but it must have been long enough for her already sore pussy to wake her up. Apparently Roy had kept fucking her while she was in her near-unconscious state and it must have been for awhile since all of her juices from her orgasm had been used up.

"Oh my! Let me suck you for awhile," Thea suggested. "My pussy is practically raw from last night."

He nodded his head but Thea could tell that he didn't seem very happy in having to pull out and stop fucking her despite the discomfort it was causing her. Wanting to please him for the disruption Thea moved from his lap and back onto the floor in one fluid motion. By the time her knees hit the floor in front of him she already had his cock in her hand and her lips wrapped halfway down his pole.

"Man that feels really good," Roy groaned, the moist heat from her mouth feeling as good as ever.

Unlike before, Thea really bobbed her head on his dick with more vigor and urgency than before. Her pussy had taken a real beating over the past 8 hours so she was happy to have a break and hoped to suck him off and have him simply cum in her mouth to make sure he finished with a happy ending. It appeared that watching her suck him off when he came straight from her twat was a real turn on for him with the girl inevitably licking her own pussy juices

"I have an idea," Roy said. "Go on your hands and knees."

Thea stopped blowing him but made sure to add plenty of saliva to his cock to help herself out, knowing full well what Roy had in mind. Normally he was fine to be sucked off after she was done if it was taking him too long to cum, but lately he had been all about her ass. She had gotten his pole really slick by the time she climbed off the floor and took the position he told her to on the sofa.

Now that Thea gave it some thought, which she was currently doing to help suppress some of the inevitable pain that was about to happen, Roy had changed in the past few weeks. He was still Roy Harper, the boy from the Glades with the heart of gold most of the time, but times when his more carnal and primal emotions were evoked he changed. He was more rough but not in a violent, scary way, just more firm and took what he wanted...though would stop if Thea wanted him too.

Of course Thea didn't know the reasoning for this, though there was a clearly defined one. He had been taken by goons of Brother Blood and injected with a mystery drug. Though originally manufactured by the Japanese, the green super liquid was named Mirakuru and had made it's way to America, specifically Starling City. It made the injected into a super soldier of a sort, wit increased speed and strength but also kinda insane.

"Let's give your sore pussy a well earned break and plunge the depths of this perfect fat ass."

By the time he had said that comment it was too late for Thea to do or say anything about it if she didn't already know, but she was fine with his idea. He had already wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her in place and prevent squirming while his free hand clutched the base of his cock and lined it up with her hole. Once he had said his warning he had his tip placed against her puckered hole and was pressing into her firmly until his head popped inside her super tight asshole.

"Oh my god! OH MY GOD," Thea screamed uninhibitedly.

"Yeah that's right. You fucking love my cock in your ass," Roy grunted.

Roy was lost in his own world of pleasure that had been pumped up by the mirakuru pumping through his veins, that he didn't even realize that his sexy girlfriend wasn't enjoying being sodomized. He was listening for her to say no but even as he made some gentle thrusts within her bowels, working in only 2 inches total, all she kept doing was a whining moan as her crinkled hole was stretched.

"Fuck...awwhh...mhhm...ouuww," Thea said in a steady chorus, unable to form words as she was taken in her dirt road for the first time.

She was so tight that Roy wasn't able to get any power or depth to his thrusts. He had stopped making any progress into her rectum after only 3 inches which wasn't even half his length. However, the tradeoff was that even though he couldn't get much speed the sheer grip of her muscular ring was milking him as only an asshole could.

"Gonna cum," he warned.

"Thank God," Thea thought while her mouth still groaned in pain.

After a couple more thrusts into her impossibly tight ass Roy reluctantly pulled out of her. Standing up a little straighter he gave his dick a couple of pumps with his fist before his sperm started flying. Thea realized right away where he had cum when she felt the cool sticky liquid plaster on her rounded rump as he painted her already milky skin with more white sauce.

"Fuck that was good," Roy said as he fell back onto the sofa. They both took a few minutes to recover before Thea spoke next

"Just so you know," she started to say in her raspy voice. "I'm not sure what got you started with anal the last few weeks, but as long as you go slow and not too fast then I'm fine with it."

"Awesome," he smirked widely.

"There is just something about how hot you are that is hard to resist," she tried to justify.

"Listen I gotta go meet up with Sin. You can for sure come if you want," he said as he started to find his clothes.

"Cool but I have plans with Laurel soon," Thea said, standing from the sofa. "Call me?"

"Yeah...of course," Roy said nonchalantly.

* * *

Sara continued to stomp about the underground hideout and base of operations that her band of vigilantes were using, but eventually walked through the corridors to arrive in the main area. Her best girl friend and the team's tech expert Felicity Smoak was sitting on the counter holding a bowl and casually eating some cereal as Sara stormed in and threw open the door to the fridge.

Although both girls had blonde hair, the colors couldn't have been more different. Felicity's hair was a very clearly dyed blonde, and even though it wasn't her natural color, it looked great on the glasses-wearing girl. Sara's was darker, mixed with brown hair that made the exact shade hard to describe accurately.

Much like their hair color, the pair were fairly similar but had some differences that made them distinct. Although they both had an exquisitely beautiful face that was used to first grab a man's attention, Felicity's was cuter with freckles in tow and her naughty librarian glasses. Sara also had warm inviting eyes but she highlighted them more with darker eyeliner to make them pop, accompanied with a lips that were so plump that they must have been designed to suck cock all day long.

Their bodies were also quite similar different with the technology expert and The Canary having roughly the same size boobs, though Felicity's bra would have felt pretty tight on Sara. However, much like with Sara, Felicity's greatest asset was also her ass, with both woman rocking a truly meaty booty that led into meaty legs.

"Where the fuck are the chocolate chips," Sara fumed at her friend.

For a woman who had literally been through hell and back to be pissed about no chocolate in the kitchen, it seemed rather trivial. However, at the end of the day, she defaulted back to her adolescent self when she had boy trouble, and Oliver cheating on her with some random girl definitely constituted boy trouble.

"Your boyfriend finished them a couple nights ago. If I remember correctly, you melted them down and used them to pour over your body and have him lick it off you. Yeah that's right because I know for a fact because I could hear you two all the way out here," Felicity replied in her usual frantic tone.

"Oh," the trained killer replied, closing the door and resting her back against the metallic appliance.

"Now what's up your ass," the tech girl asked.

"Man I'm sick of his shit," Sara said in a defeated tone. "He's such a huge asshole."

"Wow...this reaction over some chocolate," Felicity questioned.

"No it's not just the chocolate chips, it's everything. He eats all my food, even when he knows I'm saving it. He empties the milk carton then puts it back in the fridge and he never hangs his towel after a shower so it gets all musky and moldy," she ranted before she took a long pause. The next time she spoke was in a very hushed volume. "He's cheating on me."

Felicity almost didn't hear the last sentence her teammate spoke given how low the other girl's voice went. Her face was that of shock as Felicity had known Oliver for the better part of a year and he didn't seem the type of guy that was a cheater, well not anymore. Sara went on to explain how she found out, which explained why she was so upset.

"Did you recognize the girl's voice," Felicity asked.

Still irritate Sara snapped out. "No but she sounded like a big whore."

"Whoa Sara. No need for that," the dyed blonde told her friend.

"I know Felicity," Sara huffed apologetically. "In all honesty she seemed like a really sweet girl."

"I know sweetie, you're just upset and I'm so sorry to hear he's cheating on you," the normally bubbly girl consoled. "Did you try to call him yet?"

"No...I don't know what I'd say," Sara replied.

"I'll tell you what I would do? I'd drive right over there and catch him red handed," Felicity suggested, running over to the computer behind her.

"What are you doing," Sara asked.

"He's at his mother's house right now. Now are you going to be the girl that gets cheated on, or are you gonna be the kick ass chick that you are," Felicity lectured grabbing the keys for Sara's bike from the table and dangling them from her fingers.

"We're totally right! Thanks," Sara said as she snatched the keys from her hand and walked with a purpose towards her bike. "You know, you're pretty bad ass."

* * *

At the Queen mansion, Roy and Thea were both departed. After their morning sex session, Roy had gotten dressed to go meet his friend Sin while Thea had remained naked since she was the only one home. After a nice, hot shower she put on some professional looking clothing and headed out to meet Laurel Lance for brunch. One her way out the door she bumped into her brother's massive driver, John Diggle.

"Oh hey John," Thea said, flashing him her patented smile.

"Ms. Queen," he nodded.

"I don't think Oliver's here," the leggy teen told him as she went through the doorway.

"Not since early this morning. I just have to pick up something he forgot here," Diggle responded.

"Oh cool. Well I gotta run so see you around big man," she said, heading towards her car. "And for like the 100th time, call me Thea."

"Yes Ms. Q...Thea," Diggle replied, catching himself.

John closed the door behind himself, but not after first watching his boss' sister saunter away from him, swaying her thick booty as she went. Diggle had recently tried to rekindle his relationship with his extra military lover Lyla, but after several months the relationship didn't take. It left him heartbroken and more importantly the point where he was now thinking of sticking his giant cock into Oliver's baby sister and not feeling a morsel of regret.

The hulking figure shook the thoughts from his mind and went about the task he was charged with; finding Oliver's cell phone he lost when at the house earlier this morning. Though he was a combat expert and Oliver's partner in his war on crime in Starling, he was also the driver and errand boy for the billionaire. It was the part of the job he hated the most but it kept up appearances so it was necessary, if not degrading.

"Oliver! Oliver where are you," Sara Lance's voice echoed throughout the mansion.

"Sara? It's John."

John had moved upstairs and was looking for the object Oliver sent him for when he heard the door kick open and Sara screaming. He walked to the main staircase and called out to her so that she could see him.

"Diggle? What are you doing here," Sara asked. "I'm here for Oli."

The tiny blonde began walking up the stairs to meet her friend and occasional sparring partner. Though she was in a committed relationship with the billionaire, Sara would have been blind if she didn't notice how gorgeous the dark man in front of her was. She was always attracted to tall, dark and handsome, which John was, but her panties dropped for muscular men as well.

"He left," Diggle said.

The larger man didn't describe the whole situation, which probably would have quenched Sara's anger and chalked the whole thing up to a misunderstanding. However, the large black man was distracted by his horniness as he drank in the sight of the short blonde in front of him. She checked off all his sexual boxes: meaty legs, pretty face and most importantly a big ass.

"Oh," Sara exhaled in a pout before rage kicked in again. "Dammit John, I need to find him. He's not in this God damn house and...and...he's cheating on me."

"He's what," John said, staggered by the revelation.

"Don't worry about covering for him John, I know you're a good guy and a friend of his so I know you want to. I fucking caught him red handed. Hell, he's probably fucking everyone in this whole shitty city. His secretary, his doctor, definitely his sexy masseuse and even the ugly grocery clerk I bet. Hell he's probably even fucking your mother!"

"Sara, I'm sorry. You two were great together but you know what they say...once a cheater..."

John gave the smaller girl a hug which it seemed like she need. She melted into his strong arms and appreciated the consoling gesture, but she wasn't done ranting just yet.

"I put up with so much of his shit and I don't even know why! I let him put his thick foot-long cock in my ass every Friday night, week in and week out and it's fucking huge. I mean it takes so long to recover from that since it's like the size of a baseball bat. But I do it because I care about him. But you guys don't care, you just go sticking your dicks in anything," Sara fumed.

John Diggle had already been paying attention to the smaller girl but when she mentioned she took it in the ass from Oliver really got his ears perked. Well, not just his ears, which was why he broke the consoling hug and straightened out his suit and pants, to hide his erection which was threatening to form. Her words were surprising, not just the suddenness but he never thought of her as a chick into anal so he was surprised and suddenly turned on by the fact that she was.

"You know what, I'm going to start not caring about things too. I'm gonna start going around fucking all these dicks, just getting them shoved in me wherever they want. That way he'll know how it feels. I need...I need to fuck everyone...or just someone," Sara finally stopped.

John was surprised when he felt her small hand wrap around his wrist and pull it towards her. He was caught off-guard and the tiny girl was able to yank his right arm from inside the pant's pocket it was residing in. Diggle glanced over and down into her large eyes to see the determined look in her eyes, combined it with the bits of words he retained from her emotional speech and allowed her to pull him away from the bannister at the top of the stairs.

Walking a step ahead of the much bigger man, Sara towed Diggle through the house straight to Oliver's room. She knew that the guest room was probably the better location and closer but she really wanted to get back at her cheating man. Throwing the door open, she swung John around and with strength that surprised him, he found himself tossed onto the bed on his back.

Sara slowed down now and stalked towards him with her sexiest strut. She now had his full attention as she climbed onto him and straddled his lap, her short shorts pushing higher up her thigh to accommodate. John had always had a thing for the large booty girlfriend of his crime-fighting teammate but always knew better than to act on it. Things had changed now and he was sure as hell going to take advantage of the situation though.

With her sitting on his lap John tilted her back to give his hands better access to roam her tight body. Starting at her flat and highly toned stomach, he ran his massive paws up and over her insanely perky tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the blonde so the ex-military man gave them another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face so that he could bring her in for a passionate kiss.

They continued to kiss with emotion that Sara hadn't felt in some time. She knew she was getting driven by anger and rage and revenge but they were blending together to make such sexual chemistry with Diggle, who wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out. They pulled each other's hair as they made out while she grinded her ass against his dick and he continued to roam his large hands over her petite body.

John pulled her loose-fitting shirt off then made short work of her bra in order to reveal her firm tits. They were even better then he had been imagining for the past 6 months as he watched her flaunt them in her revealing, leather outfit. Huge for her size, perfectly round and suspended firmly in front of her with the cutest pink nipples, Diggle had to remind himself to swallow and not drool. Leaning in he took her left tit in his hand and began sucking. Sara wasn't surprised by his focus being solely on her tits now, most men she had been with did the same, but what did catch her by complete surprise was when he bite down on her now erect nipple.

"Aawwhh," Sara screamed sharply.

It hurt at first but wasn't really painful after the initial contact and actually started to feel nice. He released his grip after a few more second then slide to the other boob and did the same there. She yelped again then followed it up with a chorus of moans. She was upset slightly when he unclamped his teeth but it was only so that he could wrap his arms around her petite frame and roll her over so that she was resting on her back now.

He positioned her in the center of Oliver's bed so her head was resting comfortably on the pillows as the pair re-engaged in their kissing and fondling of one another's bodies. John's hands naturally never left the slim girl's incredible rack as he kept squeezing and twisting her pink nipples like an obsession. Sara was loving the attention her mammilary glands were receiving and was sure to voice that for the stud vocally.

Kissing his way back down her fit body, Diggle of course stopped to suck her medium-sized tits for another spell before reluctantly continuing down. He grabbed her ass and rolled her back slightly to get her weight off her shorts so that he could push it undo them and pull them down her very thick thighs and discovered that her bald, completely shaven pussy was already exposed.

"No panties. I like," he told her with a smirk.

Rather than leaving her skirt balled up around her ankles uncomfortably, the horny man pulled it down free and discarded it somewhere behind him. Hooking his hands under her knees he pushed them back up towards her head so that her pink folds were spread wide open. Like a heat seeking missile he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy.

"Oh sweet heavens," the normally leather-clad girl screamed.

John couldn't help but snicker at the girl's comments as he danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her nub. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as the girl with dirty blonde hair began thrashing around wildly on the bed, like she had done so many times on this bed.

The large black man let the girl have a bit more of his tongue lashing her clit before breaking the seal he had created around the top of her folds. Sara stopped her high pitch, almost maniacal screaming and returned to a more bearable moaning as he moved mouth back down along her pink trick.

Along his descent he must have scrapped his scruffy facial hair on her smooth inner thigh with the result causing the attractive woman to buck her hips. Sara's flail made him travel down further then he intended and before he could stop he had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole. Since the much smaller girl was clearly into their sexual tryst, John tested her resolve began exploring her puckered hole.

"Mmm...awwhhh," she replied.

Diggle was almost caught off guard by Sara's extremely positive reaction to him rimming her back door. Most girls protected their butthole during sex at all costs, Lyla especially, almost like the damn thing was in witness protection but his best friend's girlfriend didn't hold such reservations.

He continued to press his luck by moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. He felt her sphincter give slightly but not enough to get inside so he moved his hands off of her plump, perfectly shaped tits so he could grab a handful each of her large meaty bum and pull her cheeks apart. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as he caused enough of a gap in her backdoor to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

"Oh shit Ol...John," Sara shrieked in bliss, catching herself before calling out the wrong man's name.

"So am I gonna get a chance to plug this fine ass," Diggle asked her as his tongue gave her crinkled hole another swipe.

"Make me cum a couple times then we'll talk," she reasoned.

It was rare for John to have a chance to experiment with a girl's least preferred hole so he was taking the opportunity to do so by continuously plunging his tongue as deep into Sara's gaped hole as he possibly could. She kept responding with loud moans, no doubt helped by his two fingers pumping into her pussy and her own digit that was rubbing her mound.

"Cum for me baby," Diggle encouraged.

He couldn't believe that his first time performing a rim job in years was going to actually bring a girl to orgasm. Then again, Sara Lance was far from just any girl. While still exploring the depths of her bowels, John thought about the stories that his teammate Oliver had told him about the sexy blonde and her sexual exploits. He could remember getting hard hearing him brag about how effortlessly Sara could take his cock in her butt and how she would beg him to give it to her harder.

"Sooo...close," Sara announced.

"And I think I have just the idea to get you there," the ex-military man thought to himself.

With his tongue still slipping around inside her butthole, John took his hand that had found it's way back up to her healthy sized chest and brought it close to his mouth. Taking a brief break from licking her ass he wet his index and middle finger and spat a lot of saliva onto them. Taking them out of his mouth he pressed them together to make them as small as possible then slide them up into Sara's anus with little effort.

"Mmhmm yeah...more of that," she panted.

John had no idea of stopping even before the athletic blonde's comments. With his two fingers now fully inserted up to the big knuckle, the horny man spread the digits as far apart as he could to make a view within her rectum. Now as he pistoned his fingers within her ass it caused her to gape far enough for him to simultaneous lick inside her bowels at the same time he fingered her ass.


With a loud scream that surely woke everyone up in the neighborhood Sara came all over the fingers Diggle had buried deep in her pussy. The horny man could tell that she was cumming with the amount of pressure her sphincters for both holes clamped down on his digits, making thrusting impossible.

He gave her a minute to come down from her intense orgasm with his fingers lying limply still within both her orifices. Once the African-American felt her sphincters release it's super constriction around him he retreated from her and finished undressing himself with the view of getting to assfuck the beautiful crime fighter while she was perfectly relaxed and exhausted.

"Not yet sailor," Sara told him as she felt his tip butt up against her crinkled starfish.

John trying to bury his absolutely massive dick up her ass had shaken the cobwebs from her brain after her powerful orgasm. Even though she would gladly do anal for her beloved boyfriend Oliver, she still wasn't just going to get sodomized by anyone and everyone, after all it still was somewhat painful especially when not done right. Instead she rolled over to her stomach and propped herself up on her hands and knees.

John didn't react to her sudden movement and just watched with his dick held in his hand as the blonde with the dimple in her chin positioned herself directly in front of him on the bed. Sara wasted no time in opening her mouth as wide as possible and taking easily half of his length between her lips.

"Holy fuck," he exclaimed as her moist heat worked its way over his shaft.

Sara simply smiled with pride after his compliment of her oral skills but didn't grow complacent. She almost had an arrogance about herself when it came to sex given her wide range of abilities with the jewel of her crown being her blowjobs. Ever since she blew her first dick at 14 years old she released how much satisfaction took from them. This confidence grew over the years as she effortlessly learnt how to deepthroat aided by the help of the senior she was dating while being a freshman a high school.

"If you liked that," she said with a glint in her eyes. "Then you should really enjoy this."

Sara took her hands from holding up her slim upper body to placing them on his hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Her small but toned biceps bulged as she held herself up in that position with her mouth still on his cock. Although she was only able to move her lips over him a very short distance, it gave the massive man the ability to have complete control over her.

Diggle was impressed with the tactic of the big booty girl and was more than willing to take advantage of the unique opportunity. Sara had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her. He would have jumped at the chance to do this with anyone, but with this particular blonde made it all the better. That was because Sara's face was how he would describe perfection; cute but still sexy with just a hint in her big bedroomy eyes that she'll do whatever nasty shit in bed that you're into.

Grabbing the sides of her head John began pulling her towards him slowly until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his 10-inch length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

He began the same method again but this time he felt Sara pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, pleading him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his black meat pole in her mouth but he retracted hard on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

"Gggulllllggkkk," Sara coughed as spit slouched in her throat.

When she didn't put up any signs of resistance or cues for him to stop Diggle pulled her backwards then immediately slammed her back down his length, instantly impaling his dick in her oral cavity. She continued to make her gurgling noises with each thrust but the female crime fighter didn't try to stop him from abusing her throat.

"This...your great," he eventually said after another 5 minutes of face fucking the beautiful girl. "But can I..."

"Fuck my tits," Sara finished for him as she freed herself from his grip.

"Well yeah," he said. "Good guess."

"You're hands or mouth have barely left them since we started so..." she explained. "Plus every guy wants to fuck them."

"And for good reason," he bantered back.

The pair knew where each other was required without speaking a single word. John watched and waited as Sara rolled over from being on her hands and knees and settled onto her back in the middle of the bed once again. Once in position the horny man crawled over top of her so that he was straddling her impressive chest with his spit-layered pole resting in the valley of her cleavage.

Once he and his cock were in position the horny girl placed a hand on the outside of either of her breasts and pushed them towards the center of her body. With her medium-sized, plump tits squeezed together it made a tight seal around Diggle's member and produced a sensation like he being squashed by pillows.

He reared back his hips then pushed forward, much in the same fashion that he had done earlier while fucking Sara's beautiful face. The bind her tits made felt great for his cock as it was tight enough to rub his dick from all sides while the spit from her amazing oral exploits allowed him to slide with ease through her cleavage.

"Fuck your tits are so good," John grunted after a couple more minutes.

Diggle was thankful that he had the bait of assfucking the gorgeous blonde or else he would have been extremely tempted to have cum by now. Hell even with that he could feel his resistance giving in little by little as his dark cock continuing blasting in her white cleavage, especially after her deep throat blowjob. He'd have loved to kept up doing what he was doing until he was raw and chafed but he had other plans for his roommate's sexy girlfriend.

"Roll over," he huffed while still thrusting up towards her face.

Sara released the grip on her tits and did as her partner asked once he moved out of her way. She didn't stay on her stomach for long as she felt Roy's hands clutch around her curvy hips and pull her sharply backwards. The result was the blonde being propped up on her knees with her upper body still resting on the bed causing her tight thick ass to be pointing up in the air right in front of the horny male.

"Condom," Sara told him, pointing to the side. "Over there."

John rolled over just enough to have the nightstand come within arms reach. Opening the drawer he searched inside with his fingers for the tiny square but couldn't find one. He realized that Oliver probably didn't have any since he'd been with Sara for the past year and they weren't using any. Wanting to fuck the horny and upset girl really badly, Diggle clutched a tissue paper and quickly folded it into a small square. The room was dark enough that when he emerged with it he let Sara see that it was the same size as a condom wrapper then tore it open. She stopped paying attention at that point and Roy just pretended to put it on while he looked forward to fucking the sexy girl without an annoying condom.

"Done," he lied.

"Good. Now fuck me," she demanded.

John needed no encouragement for that activity. With dick in hand he lined it up against her wet folds and after the smallest of efforts he eased inside of her. The pair both bit down on their bottom lip and let a low moan escape with the initial penetration as for Sara it felt good getting a stiff cock in her while her moist heat felt great for the horny man as he continued moving his meat pole inside.

"Damn that's tight," Diggle exclaimed as he worked half his length into her than began withdrawing.

" feel huge too," Sara replied from beneath him.

Even though his comment told her that John was impressed with how tight she was, Sara moved her legs from having a wide base of support so that now they were touching each other. Her boyfriend's driver felt the result immediately as her pussy seemed to double in its firm grip around his dick. He was sure it would have even been painful if she hadn't done such a good job with her mouth earlier as the spit proved a needed lubrication.

"Fuck," he grunted and reflexively brought his open palm down hard onto her meaty ass.

"Whhoaaa," Sara screamed.

The spank wasn't painful for her, at least not very much anyway, but it caught her off guard. Oliver had never brought any rough play into the bedroom, even something as elementary as ass slapping but she had to admit that she kinda liked it so far. John had picked up on the fact as well so while he inched more of his dick into her pink hole with each passing thrust, he also slapped down hard on her ass again, this time on the left side.

"Mmhmm...yesss," the dirty blonde girl groaned in another mixture of mostly arousal with a hint of pain.

The pair kept up their antics for the next long while as they both worked up a layer of sweat on their toned body which made them glisten in the sunlight pouring in from the window. Sara kept her legs pressed together to make herself stay as tighter than Diggle thought was humanly possible, and at some point began wiggling her hips so his cock rubbed different places with her pussy.

John, for his part, was the main energy provider and he was sparing no expense. He took the occasional break where he'd slam his dark 10-inch rod as deep as possible into her mound and hold it in there for a few second as she grinded her ass into him but he mainly supplied her with a steady stream of deep thrusts that hit so hard it made her thick booty ripple.

Sara knew that her orgasm wasn't going to take too much longer to arrive. Whenever she had sex that was fueled by pure passion, whether it be break-up sex or hooking up after a romantic date, her climax tended to come quickly. This time was no exception to that rule of thumb as she could feel her euphoria building with each deep, hard thrust into her pussy.

"I' so so close," Sara panted in between moans.

John had his pride and making the girl cum during sex was always a priority for him. He knew that the sexy blonde had already climaxed once but he was in the market of leaving behind satisfied customers so that's what he was going to do. What made him even more proud was the fact that until this point he had been in a cold slump, every since Lyla left, so it was a miracle he hadn't cum yet.

Diggle thought back to what worked last time and acted right away. He took one of his hands from clutching her hips and wrapped it around her body so that his finger could land within her wet folds and begin rubbing over her sensitive clitoris. The feedback was instantaneous as Sara began to scream louder and grab the sheets in pure arousal.

He knew that she was going to peak in no time now but he couldn't help himself. Moving his right hand from holding her hips still he brought his thumb to his mouth to suck on it then placed it in her crack between her cheeks. He rubbed his finger pad against her backdoor then applied pressure and watched as his thumb popped inside her asshole.


Sara screamed once again then buried her face in the pillows and silently yelled into them as the orgasm rocked her toned body. It was another powerful climax as John seemed to really be in tune with what she needed at exactly the right time. However, a consequence of talented man taking both hands from her sides was the lack of balance so it was no surprise when she was rolled onto her side.

Diggle kept showing off his impressive dexterity by continuing to plow into her tight pussy all while rubbing her sensitive nub and fingering her ass with his thumb as he fell to the bed below. He reacted quickly and scrambled to his knees so he was propped up as he still slammed into Sara's pussy. He would have loved to sodomize the beautiful girl now that he had reached his target in giving her two orgasms but the truth was he was on the verge of cumming as well.

"Need to cum...where do you want it," he grunted while thrusting erratically.

"Uhh...the condom," Sara replied sarcastically.

Diggle had forgotten that he had lied to the girl in order to tap her fine body without the annoyance of the plastic dome. He quickly agreed and made some brief comment about how forgetful he is as he began to just ram his cock into her without care of breaking rhythm or how it would feel for Sara. It didn't take him too much longer as a couple of hard thrusts later and he felt the cum in his balls begin to bubble.

"Gotta let me cum on those tits," he told her.

John didn't wait for a response from the side-lying girl and just went for it. Pulling out of her wet snatch, the clever boy simulated removing the condom and tossing it to a corner of his room, which contained a garbage can. Sara felt him crawl up the bed and rolled her supine as she watched as he stroked his cock all while pointing at her chest. It took no more than 5 seconds before the beat his load onto her tits with the first stream of white goo landing on her left breast. The remainder of his jizz splattered mostly in her cleavage or on the inner curve of either boob.

John laid on the bed for another moment to appreciate the glorious body of Sara for another few moments before what they had just done clicked into place. He had fucked his best friend's girl, even though she was insisting Oli cheated on her first.

Diggle took one more glance at Sara's glorious naked body then rolled out of his boss' bed. He went to the nightstand and passed Sara some tissues to clean herself up with then tracked down his suit and put it on. He sat back down on the edge of the bed to reach down and tie up his large dress shoes before getting to his feet again.

"Was this a mistake," the big booty girl asked the handsome man.

"I think so, yes. It was great but wrong," Diggle frowned.

After hearing John's voice of reason, a flood of emotions overtook Sara again. She felt pathetic for not being able to hold the attention of a man due to some bro code or something. It also made her feel sad about the choice she made to sleep with someone who cared so much for her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend.

Sara began getting dressed as she thought back to how much she was scared to be without Oliver since he really was a great guy. How exactly she was suppose to find another great guy was an issue given her night job of being a risk-taking, death-defying vigilante assassin.

Then she heard what sounded like gongs, which Sara immediately placed. So to did Diggle, as the pair moved with pace out of Oliver's room and into the living room of this wing of the house. It was a shared space between Oliver and Thea and the noise was coming from the leather sofa in the middle of the room.

The more agile Sara reached the couch first and took a seat on the piece of furniture Roy and Thea had sex on earlier that morning. While looking for the source of the ringtone, her plump ass fell into the crack between the two seats and something hard poked her bottom. Hiking her hip up she dug her hand in the groove looking for the source of the discomfort and when she pulled it free she was holding a cellphone with an all too familiar waterproof case.

"Oh sweet it's Oliver's phone! That's what I came back to search for," John stated happily.

"Wait! Do you know where Oliver is," she questioned.

"Yeah he's at the office locked in talks with that Rochev woman. He's been there all morning except when he came back here to get dress and lose his cell in the process," he answered.

"Fuck," Sara swore as she got up and left the house.

* * *

With Sara being too busy getting fucked by her boyfriend's best friend, she wasn't aware that Oliver was in the midst of calling her, albeit from the office phone. Sitting in his glass office at work, Oliver was kicking himself for having lost his cell phone. He knew that he had it while at his parent's mansion so he must have misplaced it at some point during the trip back to his place or it was in his house. He got in so late last night that he didn't remember doing much other than showering and going to bed. Then when he got up he dressed himself in a nice suit, ate breakfast on the couch and bailed for the boardroom.

"Hey babe it's me. I'm really sorry I had to leave so abrupt last night but I couldn't risk missing this early meeting at work and you know how hard it is to leave your bed in the mornings. Anyway, left my cell at home so won't be able to chat all day but make sure you wear something nice tonight because we are going out. Okay love you, bye," Oliver said as he hung his work phone up.

* * *

After a long, grueling day of battling Isabel Rochev in the boardroom of Queen Consolidation, preventing her from stealing the company his dad had built, Oliver was finally done for the day. It wasn't easy battling the more experienced business woman given her plethora of knowledge and his own extra curricular activities that commonly forced him to divide his attention, but today was a positive step. In his mind, his dream life was slowly coming together in which his company would be kept, he had an amazing woman and the city was slowly yet steadily improving after the disaster of The Quake last year.

Oliver did his usual small talk with some of his fellow board members after the meeting, mostly spending time with Walter Steele, catching up with his former step father. However, before long he was backing up his briefcase and locking his office up for the weekend and heading to his car. John Diggle, hours removed from his romp in the sack with Oliver's girlfriend, was waiting for his boss to drive him back to the training facility underneath the Verdant club. He avoided the congested freeway and navigated the back roads, using his knowledge of the city to make their winding way back towards where Oliver hoped his gorgeous blonde girlfriend was waiting for him.

"Hello? Sara," Oliver shouted when he didn't see her in the main area or the training room.

"She's not here Oli," Felicity Smoak said.

Oliver diverted his eyes to his trusted friend and tech expert as the blonde came out from one of the smaller side rooms in the basement. He was so use to seeing her at the massive super computer she had organized after The Quake that he just assumed the highly attractive 23-year old wasn't in.

"Oh," he said in his dour tone.

Several thoughts ran through the billionaire's head, including where Sara was all day. Every since he left her late the night before he was unsuccessful in reaching her. He had left his cell phone at home, but for her not to be here was strange at this time of day. It was possible she went to go see her friend Sin in the old clock tower, so he'd tried there next.

"Hmm...okay. Well have you seen her," Oli asked.

"Yes...and she wasn't overly happy with you when I did," the good looking assistant told him.

"What? What are you talking about," Oliver asked. as he stopped puttering around.

"Don't play innocent with me Oli, Sara already told me," Felicity said, deciding to not dance around the subject. "We all love you big fella but you're a man whore. A player, a womanizer, however you wanna dress it up."

"What in God's name are you talking about," he questioned.

"Okay fine, play dumb Oliver, whatever. All I know is that Sara is fed up and breaking up with you," Felicity revealed.

Felicity felt bad that she was the one who broke it to him, but he had to hear it. He was a cheater, always had been and now he had done it to a girl that Felicity considered her friend. Despite that though, Felicity did see a way to work this heartbreak to her advantage. She wasn't so naive as to think she could change him, but she saw this as her way to finally get closer to her boss and dream man.

To that end, Felicity had changed her clothes from when Sara left the facility earlier in the day. Now no longer in sweatpants and a loose top, the blonde looked stunning in a short, tight dress that left little to the imagination. She had been wearing this type of clothing for nearly a year to catch his eye, and though she caught him stealing glances at her body all the time, he had yet to make a move.

Currently, Felicity was wearing a grey dress that fit her like a wetsuit, clinging to her small but very perky tits. In fact the material was so tight that her small adorable nipples could be seen poking through given the cold condition of the basement. The dress only descended to her mid-thigh and changed into an orange color, which drew attention to her thick, sexy legs that were very long given her shorter stature.

"I'm not saying I don't believe you Felicity but why would she do that," Oliver questioned.

Felicity's plan had worked so far as she saw his eyes lingering over her impressive body despite hearing the bad news. He had been told his girlfriend was breaking up with him, the issue was even more complicated by the fact that he liked what he saw of the brainy girl. He'd be lying to himself if he claimed he'd never wondered what the flirty girl looked like naked or even how she was in bed so the best solution was to remove himself from that situation and left to the research and development section of the lab.

Oliver wasn't the only one who took off to the back room as Felicity pushed herself off of the desk she was resting on and followed him through into the large room. Unaware that he was being tracked, Oliver stopped against a cluttered desk and slammed his fists down in frustration as he tried to organize his next plan of locating Sara. However, his strategy session didn't last very long as he soon had company.

"Maybe she didn't like it when you covered her naked body in melted chocolate," Felicity joked. She noticed the look on Oliver's face and quickly added, "Wasn't watching but this place has really thin walls."

Oliver couldn't help but smile at that comment and reply images of that night in his brain. As he pictured his tongue dipping into Sara's twat and scooping out milk chocolate, he didn't even notice Felicity's hand being placed on his arm and rubbing his bicep. Before snapping back to the situation at hand he remembered back when Sara slathered his nuts in the chocolate sauce and took her sweet time licking every morsel off of them.

"I know Sara and I have talked about how hard it is to be in love and fight to clean this city. We've both done bad things and I know she feels she doesn't deserve happiness. I thought I was getting through to her but I guess I wasn't," Oliver conceded. "Did she say anything else?"

"Mostly focused on the cheating thing," the blonde said, now both of them leaning with their asses against the table.

"We got together for the first time by cheating on Laurel. It cuts deep but I thought we were past it. But I guess with the sisters reuniting and getting to know each other again, Sara was forced to pick a side and she chose Laurel," Oliver recapped.

"And what happened this morning," Felicity mentioned. "And the cheating on her."

"Yes and continuing to work with Isabel apparently wasn't helping matters. I suppose she didn't think I could restrain myself working in such heated terms with her," Oliver shared.

The pair had their wires crossed and Felicity had the feeling that they were, but wasn't sure she wanted to straighten everything out for him. Oliver was thinking that Sara was pissed about him hooking up with Isabel during a business/rescue operation in the Ukraine while he and Sara were just getting romantically re-acquainted. He also thought that Sara's other problem and grounds for the break up was the sudden business interest, which would take up more and more of his time that he normally shared with the little blonde.

Felicity knew that Oli was vulnerable right now as thoughts of being lonely forever danced through his mind. In Sara, he believed he found someone that understood him so thoroughly and completely that he felt...lost now. To a lesser effect, he wasn't use to having sex so regularly given the events of the last 5 years that now he was craving it all the time due to the crime fighting blonde.

The nerdy blonde reached over to take his chin in her dainty hand and lift his head. Oliver's stubble on his face dug in playfully into her skin as she directed him so that he met her gaze and looked into her eyes. Felicity waited patiently for Oli to make the first move, and just before she gave up on that idea, Oliver moved his face closer to hers. Felicity inwardly smiled as she puckered her lips as the pair met in a long awaited soft kiss.

"Felicity...I...I shouldn't. I'm weak right now and taking advantage..."

"Silly boy. You are taking advantage of me at all," Felicity said as she stared deep into his kind eyes.

Oliver watched as the girl in glasses licked her lips in anticipation of another kiss about to happen. Though the Arrow had feelings for his assistant, he normally buried them deep as he was worried about hurting her. However, now that his heart was so freshly broken he wanted a proverbial rebound girl, and the highly attractive Felicity with great legs and a fantastic ass fit the bill.

Oliver met her large brown eyes again then snaked his arm around her, placing his hand on her back and pulling her towards him. Her extremely perky tits she displayed in the tight dress became pressed against the hard muscles of his well-earned abs as his other hand was placed on her chin, turning it upwards.

Felicity felt her heart threatening to beat completely out of her chest with the sensual touching and close contact they were sharing. The second he leaned his head down and initiated another soft kiss her on the lips, it made the tech wizard practically flood between her thighs.

"Mmmm," Felicity purred after he broke the kiss.

The glasses-wearing girl was now dripping wet as Oliver pulled her even tighter and kissed her deeper. His tongue pushed against her lips and Felicity opened wide, allowing his hungry wet muscle to invade her mouth and met her own. The softness in their embrace was being replaced with passion with each second as they hungrily made out with each other, tongues massaging one another in the space created between their lips.

Oliver was the type that always liked to move forward and in the close quarters of the research and development room was no different. Since Felicity was very much responding to his advances, he let the hand that was on her back trail down the curve of her spine until it rested nicely on her pleasantly plump ass.

"Yes," Felicity moaned while her hands went to his waist and began undoing his belt.

"Wait a second," Oliver said as he hiked his hips back and pushed her hands away. "Why do you...dump me?"

"I've heard the way you make her scream Oli," Felicity said. Though the comment was way out of character for her, the tech wizard had decided she was going to become a different person in order to seal the deal.

The extremely slutty comment was brought about by desperation. Felicity knew she was so close to sealing the deal with Oliver and she wasn't about to lose it. She leaned in and kissed him again while she pushed off the table she was resting on and stood in front of Oliver. She wasn't on her feet long however, as she stepped closer to him then dropped to her knees.

"Just hold on..."

"Pick up my phone, go to voicemail and listen to my last message. I'll just get started in the meantime," Felicity told him.

While Oliver's hands grabbed the smartphone from the countertop and began tapping away on the screen, Felicity's were being used to finish unhooking his fancy dress pants. Without the belt or zipper to support them, his pants now feel down his legs and pooled around his feet. The computer expert advancing had happened suddenly so Oliver wasn't quite hard yet but the blonde felt him stiffen up when her hand reached under his waistband, clutched his cock and fish it out from his boxers.

"Passcode," he asked.

"Holy fuck it is huge...and it's not even fully hard yet," Felicity gawked in amazement while lightly stroking his thick shaft.

"Number...passcode to get in," Oliver restated through shut eyes as he appreciated her delicate touch.

"1412," she said without thinking. "The date you should up bloody in my car and changed my life forever."

Oliver took the phone from his ear and pressed in the numbers as Felicity continuing gliding her hand along his length. The businessman was now fully erect in anticipation and the leggy girl wasn't going to let it go to waste any longer. Diving her head towards his groin, she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit while her plump lips sat teasingly on his sensitive crown.

"Sweet mother of mercy," Oliver yelped as the nerdy girl first move had its desired effect.

Everyone always thought that Felicity was this little girl, a young woman who lacked sexual experience or hormones of any kind. However, this was far from the truth. During her prime in college, the slender blonde's sexual record could rival anyones, including her boss Oliver Queen back before the island.

Growing up, Felicity's mom was a stripper and it didn't take long for the slender blonde to be overhearing stories of her mom's sexual conquests. She would purposely stay up late to listen to her mom explain her night with her sister on the phone. The talented hacker would then search the topics her mom discussed and soon Felicity had a large knowledge base when it came to coitis.

Felicity had an analytical mind so learning about these topics weren't enough, she had to experience them firsthand. This made her very popular with the boys in high school as she did all kinds of sex acts on them. Handjobs in the cafeteria, blowjobs in the stairwell during class, sex under the bleachers.

Felicity had a boyfriend fairly early in college that exposed her to all new ways of sex that she hadn't learnt from her mother. They had anal sex for the first time and though it wasn't her favorite right away they kept at it until the hacker could now orgasm with a dick up her ass. Sodomy wasn't the only thing they did together, as college was also the first time Felicity had a three-way, both with another girl and a second guy.

"Hey Felicity...that son of a bitch wasn't home but just in case I don't find him before he comes back here, I fucked...while I had sex with..."

That was all Oliver needed to hear before removing the phone from his ear in disbelief and hanging up. He didn't hear who Sara had ended up sleeping with, nor did he listen to her explanation of how the whole thing was a mistake brought about by rage due to her strong feelings for Oli.

However for Oliver, his whole world had just flipped upside down and he didn't know what to do about it. He was flooded with emotion as he stood in the underground bunker they used as home base, a place he had shared with Sara...and with Felicity...the girl on her knees right in front of him with his dick in her mouth. Even though he was sad, confused and part of him wanted to be alone, he was also angry, hurt and wanted to get back at the two-timing slut he loved.

"That cheating cunt," Oliver screamed.

"Let me make you forget all about her baby," Felicity said in her sultry tone, a tone he couldn't believe she knew.

Finally the last of the man's resistance had broken and he no longer prevented the kneeling blonde from doing what she wanted. The horny girl had already thrown her long golden hair into a ponytail that dangled off the back of her head to avoid any annoying strands making there way into her mouth.

Without any further distractions, Felicity was able to focus on the task at hand. The sexy girl gave his shaft a light stroke along it's full length and felt him harden to his full length while in her grasp. It was a turn-on for her to feel how her touch effected him but what really got her wet was seeing his incredible cock in its full glory. He stood a full 9 inches in length with the only thing that made it even more impressive was it's immense girth.

"He must have ruined Sara for all other men," Felicity thought to herself. "I can't wait to get him in me."

The leggy computer expert licked her lips then made her move, tucking his rod upwards and licking the whole underside of his dick. It was soft as she ran her tongue along the thick vein running up the center, which was in stark contrast to the top of his member, which she then licked all the way down until back at his tip. Oliver grunted his appreciation then grunted again when she captured his tip in her warm mouth and applied the gentlest of suction.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service just his sensitive tip for a while to thoroughly tease the man with the huge dick. Finally to his relief she pushed her lips down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. She allowed a little over 4 inches to slide inside before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Oliver was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

"Mmmphm...ammmahhm," were the sounds being emitted by Felicity's mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

"Damn you're good," Oliver grunted as the smoking hot blonde now licked all along his fleshy pole.

"You haven't felt anything yet," she remarked. "I'll have you forgetting all about Sara in no time at all."

"Famous last words," he thought to himself.

Felicity had one hand resting on his powerful thigh while the other was stroking the portion of his cock that she wasn't able to fit inside her mouth. Oliver reached down and grabbed her free hand by the wrist before collecting her other hand as well. Bringing them together, he had to hunch over but he was able to hold both of her small wrists in one of his large hands and keep them behind her back.

To her credit Felicity hardly let the recent events affect her performance as she continued to stroke her lips up and down on his slick cock. She wondered why the businessman went to the effort of holding her arms when she felt his free hand clutch the back of her head around her ponytail. Once in position he jetted his hips forward while using his arm on the back of her head to pull her towards him, forcing her to take over half his 9-inch long cock into her mouth at one time.

"Ugghhccckkk," she coughed as he caused her to choke.

Oliver didn't think the move was out of place given that his girlfriend...or ex-girlfriend now...Sara could easily accomplish the feat of taking his entire cock into her throat, let alone half of him.

"Easy dude...your dick is the size of my forearm...literally," the sassy blonde warned.

"Just relax your throat. Trust me," Oliver told her.

Simply because the first attempt wasn't successful didn't deter the recently single male. With his hands still in place he pushed his hips forwards and dragged her face towards him again, albeit at a slower pace this time. Felicity handled the first several inches without a problem until his bulbous head hit the back of her throat. She tried to take his advice but it was easier said than done. She coughed again and this time when he pulled his member he smiled as he watched a thick strand of spit still connect his dick to her lips.

Oliver gave the pretty girl a few seconds to let her catch her breath before making her take him back in her mouth. He tried again to get more of his member into her warm wet mouth but Felicity couldn't handle anything more than 6 inches, which was still an impressive feat. Oliver was used to Sara's mouth, where he could grab a hold of the side of her face and fuck her throat to that he smacked her chin with his balls and buried her nose in his trimmed pubic hair. Still, he gave the nerdy girl credit for her persistence because although she couldn't deep-throat him, she did her best to service him as best she could.

Felicity kept bobbing along his length until she felt his hand holding her wrists together behind her back release her. She immediately stood up off the ground and began to kiss the horny man while stroking his spit-covered cock with her freed hand. Oliver kissed the girl hard, almost violently as he fell into the lust he normally shared with the tougher Sara. She started to unbutton his dress shirt but didn't get very far as the businessman looped his arms around the thin girl, lifted her in the air then sat her down on the metallic tabletop.

"Won't be needing these," he commented.

Hooking his fingers into her waistband he began pulling her panties down. She helped him out considerably by hiking her hips off the counter so that the next time she sat back down her bare ass felt the cold slab of steel on her skin. Her brain barely had time to register how cold the table was because as soon as Oliver ripped her panties down her legs he had pushed her long legs apart. He was very intrigued as to how Felicity tasted so wasted no time in burying his face in her pink folds. He was surprised to find she was already gushing wet and happy to discover that she had a very sweet taste with the slightest hint of lemon.

"Mmmmhhhh....ohhh," Felicity moaned in appreciation.

Oliver licked her pink lips up and down then flicked out over the clitoris causing the vibrant blonde to quiver atop the steel counter. Not satisfied with just playing around the outside, the good looking man stuck his tongue as deep as he could inside her hole to sample her juices on the interior. The result was what he was hoping for as the taste was even sweeter than ever, not to mention he got off feeling the leggy girl squeeze his head with her inner thighs while screaming louder than before.

Oliver stayed down on his knees for another few minutes as he continued to lick the pretty girl and get her ready to receive his huge penis. He had tried sex before with other women without having them dripping wet and the results tended to be painful for them due to his massive size.

Felicity was disappointed when his magical tongue stopped lapping her inner walls and got to his feet. Instantly he pounced on her lips and she got a taste of her tangy juices on Sara Lance's ex-boyfriend's tongue. Oliver was already standing between her long pale legs so as he kept making out with the pretty girl he lined his erection up with her mound and pushed into her with his tip.

"Holy're huge,"she gasped as her twat was pushed further than ever before.

Oliver was no novice when it came to sex with women not prepared for his well-endowed manhood. He continued kissing his long time friend to help distract her from the momentary pain while he made slow, shallow thrusts into her to get her pussy to loosen up. It wasn't easy and it took some time but eventually he was able to stroke half his length into the horny girl. Felicity was no longer grunting in pain but was now moaning and begging for more.

"Yeah keep fucking me baby," she encouraged.

It was clear to Oliver that this girl was now fully enjoying herself and ready to get even more of his dick. The computer science expert had scooted her ass closer to the table's edge to allow the man easier access to her mound. He was on the same wavelength and began rearing his hips back further then plowing into her harder. Her moans began to mix with grunts again but Oliver tuned it out and kept up his pace. He was so focused on taking out his grief from his broken heart that he didn't feel her scratching on his back nor her biting on his shoulder.

"Oh yeah take it Sara," Oliver grunted.

"What," Felicity replied having heard him use his ex-girlfriend's name.

Realizing he had made a mistake Oliver instantly corrected for it by trying to make Felicity forget about the slip. Slipping his hand down between their sweaty bodies, he located her sensitive clit with his middle finger. Rubbing the digit lightly over the nub while they kept crashing their pelvises against one another as the businessman/vigilante provided her with dual stimulation to her most excitable nerves.

"I want you to come for me," he told her while staring into her eyes.

With the fast-paced tempo the couple was going at, that wouldn't be much of an issue for the brilliant but slightly naive girl. Oliver was everything Felicity had envisioned he would be in bed with his fat cock filling her better than any man previous had done. Not only was he driving deep inside her, he was also doing it at a relentless speed that lesser men would have invariably cum in the process.

Oliver knew his rebound girl was getting close to her orgasm but the longer she didn't hit her climax the more his own endurance was being chiseled away. If this was just going to be a quickie then he wouldn't have been rushing matters, but he was mad and hurt about his pending break-up and so had further plans for the horny girl in front of him.

Wanting to hurry things along, Oliver continued to thrust his hips into Felicity and stimulate her clit with his finger but another idea came to mind. Using his free hand, which he was previously using to grope the nerdy girl's firm tits, The Hood lowered it in order to clutch her leg behind her knee. Little of his strength was required to hoist the dangling limb from its resting position to being placed on his shoulder. This little moved allowed her legs to open wider, which let Oliver stroke his entire length into her sweet hole.

"Oh sweet Mary and Joseph," Felicity howled. "So good!"

Based off the way she was screaming loudly and repeatedly Oliver figured that the sexy golden-haired vixen didn't have long left in her until she gushed her juices all over his dick. Her impressive flexibility allowed him to step in closer to Felicity and really grind his fat tool deep into her and hit all of her most sensitive spots.

"Be loud! Fucking scream my name," Oliver instructed.

"OHHH MMYYYY GGOODDDD OOLLLLLLLIIII," Felicity screamed and moaned in combination as she finally came for her boss.

"Finally," he thought.

Oliver was now able to move onto the second part of his revenge sex. Under normal circumstances he would have been more than content to nail a hot chick like Felicity with regular vaginal sex. However, this wasn't a normal circumstance. He was on the rebound and the girl that pined for him for over a year had proved she was more than willing to give up her body for his pleasure.

The man dropped her leg from his shoulder and guided her off of the steel table and back to her feet. Felicity still was in an orgasm-induced fog so she was barely supporting her weight, which was fine with Oliver since all he needed to do was spin her around then bend her over the table surface she had previously been sitting on. He was lucky with the fact that she was tall enough to rest her upper body on the counter but was still short enough that his hips were higher than hers.

Oliver didn't know the best way to proceed but he knew where he wanted to end up. With Felicity bent over the counter her ass was sticking up in the air for him to marvel at, but he had more on his mind than just staring. He didn't know if the sexy blonde had ever had anal sex before and what her feelings towards it were. He was pondering if it was best to start with a finger then a toy then finally his cock, much like he had done with Sara for their first time? He discarded that option as he wasn't willing to invest that much time into their tryst. That left him with the choice of just going for it.

Oliver was already in position behind the girl with the thick, curvy ass with his cock in hand. Felicity still knew little of what was going on around her and barely realized that he was pulling her legs further and had cupped one of her perfect ass cheeks and was pulling it away from the midline. He was ready now so he placed the tip of his bulbous cock against the entrance to her tightest of holes and applied enough pressure until he finally entered her anus with just his tip.

"Ughh," Felicity grunted, more out of surprise than pain.

"It'll feel weird at first but don't fight it," Oliver told.

The vigilante known as the Arrow had stopped advancing into her ass and just held his head within her rectal walls and gave his friend time to adapt to the new sensation. The first time he and Sara had tried anal it took her awhile until he was able to do more than rest with the first inch of his swollen member in her backdoor and he hoped that things would progress quicker with Felicity.

The computer expert was still experiencing the endorphin rush from her orgasm so was able to relax better than most girls who were taken a cock in their ass without warning. Luckily for her it wasn't her first time taking it in the ass so even though she was tight and it hurt a fair bit currently, she was fine with the man of her dreams sodomizing her.

Oliver felt like he had given the horny girl a long enough grace period to adjust and began moving his dick inside of her. He didn't get too ambitious with his thrusting but instead slowly just pulsed in her ass until he had worked the first several inches inside of her.

Even though he wasn't using any lubrication, her pussy juice from her orgasm was more than allowing his cock to move easily enough past her vice-like sphincter. After a few minutes of having him gently thrust into her asshole, the sassy blonde-haired girl was enjoying the feeling of having her backdoor fucked, even though she would have preferred if her partner wasn't so well-endowed.

With Felicity's juices having transferred onto her anal ring and still coating his member Oliver was now able to make solid progress towards his goal of stuffing her ass with his entire length. The skilled hacker was still grunting in some discomfort, but they were also mixed in with moans of pleasure, especially when he started rubbing her clitoris again. She was still wet between the legs so his finger had gathered up moisture and was sliding over her sensitive nub.

Oliver was ready to make even more headway of getting more of his tool into her anus but wanted Felicity as loose as possible. This way not only would she have less problems in a pain perspective, but she would be more relaxed and allow him to not cum as quick since her tight grip on his member was threatening to milk him with every thrust.

Oliver acted quickly and decisively this time. Using the hand that wasn't rubbing her clit, he dipped two fingers into the blonde's pussy and made sure they were completely covered in her sweet nectar. Once he was content he removed them and brought them towards Felicity's face until he found her mouth and traced his fingertip along her plump lips.

Felicity instinctively opened up and Oliver didn't hesitate sticking them inside and resting them on Felicity's tongue. She shut her lips around his digits and explored every nook and cranny of the fingers he had given her. The computer hacker had been known to hook up with other females from time to time so she did her best to suck his digits dry and savor every drop of her tasty juices.

"Mmmhmm...awwhhh," Felicity moaned around the fingers in her mouth as she was now enjoying her sodomy.

"I had a feeling you liked having a big dick in your tight ass," Oliver shared with a hard spank to her pale but thick butt cheek.

Felicity had been lost in her own world of pleasure that she didn't even know that the handsome man was now stroking well over half of his lengthy shaft into her asshole with ease. He had made some serious progress while the blonde was distract by taking advantage of her loosened sphincter. She had reflexively clamped back down on his dick with her asshole when she was made aware that he was so easily fucking her once-tight hole.

With the added tightness back, Oliver realized he was getting closer to cumming again but he still wanted to properly finish ass-fucking the slutty teammate of his ex-girlfriend. He needed to occupy her again so he took the finger away from rubbing her mound and stuck two fingers into her pink hole. As he probed her pussy he flattened his hand and used his palm to simultaneously continue to stimulate her clit. He felt the pressure around his dick lessen and instantly pushed further into Felicity's bowels.

"Tell me what you want me to do baby," Oliver said, smacking her reddening cheek again. He hoped that the dirty talk and the ass slapping would continue to distract her as well.

"Keep giving me that hard cock up my ass," Felicity begged as she rocked her hips to shove his eager cock deeper into her rectum.

"I'm gonna make you cum again," Oliver told the blissful girl.

True to his word, it didn't take long until the computer expert was on the verge of her second orgasm, this time while being fucked in the ass by a cock the size of her arm. Both the ass pounding and the stimulation of her clit had the pale beauty moaning loudly until finally that euphoric feeling was at the doorstep.

"I'm gonna cum again," Felicity screamed.

"Cum for me baby," Oliver encouraged.

Although Oliver was a considerate lover who wanted his woman to cum during sex, he had another motivation for making Felicity cum again. When the long legged girl began her high-pitch scream Oliver felt all the resistance against his penis go away. With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against the tech expert's well-formed butt cheeks.

The Arrow held his entire cock in her bowels for a few moments to savor the victory until he was reminded that he was going to cum soon as well. With time of the essence he reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines.

"My fucking God," Oliver huffed exhaustedly.

The tired man waited a minute to recover some energy levels before he pulled his still-erect member from her gaped asshole. He still wasn't back to his normal self so he took a step backwards and leaned against another table in the small work area. Out of instinct Felicity dropped to her knees once she felt Oliver leave her and crawled the short distance to him. Clutching the base of his cock the slutty blonde began to lick all over his tool before finally taking him inside her mouth for some post-sex head.

"Yeah suck all your ass off my dick," Oliver encouraged since not even Sara would do this act.

Felicity had been lost in her own thoughts after her second great orgasm of the day that she had completely neglected the fact that his cock had come straight from her asshole and into her mouth. She had already licked both sides of his enormous tool from ball sack to tip, not to mention bobbed her head on the first 6 inches. What was even more upsetting to the computer hacker was the fact that she wasn't repulsed by the taste of her own anus and actually somewhat enjoyed it.

* * *

With the latest batch of information Sara had no idea what to think now. She had assumed it was Oliver's voice on the phone this morning but it could have been someone else's instead who accidently butt dialed her. She was cursing herself for flying off the handle and acting so rashly, so emotionally and for not rationally processing the situation. She should have been a grown up and talked with Oliver first before getting mad and fucking his best friend out of revenge.

Sara didn't know what to do. She just kept running through different scenarios in her mind. One second she was justifying her actions then the very next instance she was lambasting herself for being rash and stupid like some teenage immature girl. She knew she needed to speak with Oliver once and for all and not just toss around ideas in her own head or with her best friend. With the decision made she slammed her car into drive and took off towards Club Verdant.

20 minutes later...

The drive didn't help to distract Sara nor did it provide her with any more clarity. She locked up her ride and headed into the club through the side entrance that Thea wouldn't have noticed her slipping into. She had made it into the underground lair and noticed that Felicity was sitting at the computer, but she was posed in a very awkward posture, almost as though it hurt to sit directly on her rump.

"Hey Felicity, you okay," the blonde asked.

"Yeah...just bit off more than I think I could chew," the sassy girl replied.

"Have you seen Oli," she asked in a dour mood.

"Shower," she answered before shifting uncomfortably again.

Sara gave her friend another warm smile before walking away from her and further into the bowels of the underground bunker. The showers were fairly centrally located so that the 3 rooms connected to them all had access. Sara went into her room to take off her jacket, which she took off then entered the showers, just in time to see her man shutting off the hot water and emerging from the steam.

"Hey babe, what's up? When did you get here," Oliver said as he stepped out of the shower and began toweling off.

"Not long ago," she answered with a calm tone.

The pair continued exchanging small talk but the conversation was fragmented and awkward. Sara had never cheated on a boyfriend before so was having a hard time deciding what to do. Unknown to her, Oliver had actually cheated on her as well, but only after thinking they were breaking up.

"So we're cool right," Oliver asked.

"Yeah...yeah we are honey," Sara smiled with her perfect teeth.

"Good because we made amazing headway today and should have that vulture Isabel subdued for now. Plus I talked to John and his squad assembled by Amanda Waller want to come into the city for a training exercise. That means that Starling will have vigilantes and police so The Hood and Canary can take a vacation," he told her. "If that sounds good to you, that is?"

"It really, really does," she beamed.

Finally the pair came together and wrapped each other in their arms. All the shit that had gone down that day seemed to go away, or at least the little voices in their heads seemed to shut up. Sara loved the warm feeling of his bare chest against her exposed skin, a sentiment that Oliver felt as well.

"I love you Sara," Oliver told his girlfriend.

Sara looked up and flashed him her million-dollar smile than pulled his head down so that she could kiss him. Neither one of them knew at that moment when, or even if they would tell the other about their sexual transgressions, but that was the further thing in their minds currently.

The athletic blonde could feel Oliver's erection pushing against the towel that hung against his waist and press into her flat stomach. She smiled through their kissing and began walking towards the bedroom all without breaking the liplock. Knowing what the sinfully beautiful girl had in mind, Oliver just smiled back at her and went back in for more kissing. Their mouths parted the instant their lips smacked together and they went at with a renewed ferocity.

Wrapping one of his muscular arms around her back, Oliver helped quicken their pace until they were out of the on-suite washroom and in the bedroom they shared more nights than not. Finally butted up against the king-sized bed he slowly reclined her back onto the plush bed.

Now fully horizontal, the horny man slide his hand from around her back and over her firm boobs, giving each of the perky set a firm squeeze. Sara was hoping he'd have played with them longer but she was happy when his hand kept travelling further south until his fingers clutched the top of her white short shorts. He undid them and had them pulled down low enough that he could drag his hand over her mound, touching her wet pussy instead of panties that she still wasn't wear. This just got him excited beyond belief and in a frenzy he had pulled off all of her clothing to render her completely naked.

"Just perfection," Oliver commented as he groped her bare tits.

Bring his lips down he kissed her milky white skin above her flat stomach and slowly migrated up her lean body. The girl was a perfect mix of skinny with meat on her bones so that she wasn't gross with bones sticking out everywhere and by no means fat either, or even slightly chubby. The size of her ass defied anatomy, as how such a slim girl could possess a booty that thick was incredible. He didn't waste much time until his mouth had kissed it's way up her perky tit and was now hovering over her bright pink nipple. Descending on it he took it into his mouth and sucked on it all while flicking it with his tongue.

"Mmmm....yes," Sara moaned loudly.

Sara continued to be on the receiving end of his suckling at her perfectly rounded globes as he was constantly swapping sides. She would have let him do it all day but she understood when he stopped. She was going to get on her knees to blow him but Oliver had other ideas. Rolling her onto her stomach the businessman then propped her up on her knees while allowing her upper body to stay resting on the bed.

With her curvy ass waving up in the air, Sara was prepared for Oliver to split open her pink folds with his unbelievably huge dick and give her the pounding that they both were crazing. However, Oliver had other ideas so instead of his rock hard manhood, he surprised her by licking the length of her clean shaven pussy, sending a shiver of surprise and delight up her spine. Once reaching her puffy sex he extended his tongue as deep inside her pussy that he could and elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the sexy girl.

"Oh Oliver," she screamed out.

Oliver was relieved to be back licking his own girlfriend's pussy instead of any random girl's, even if that girl was Felicity, who he did have some confusing feelings for. The taste of her sweet jelly was just the way he liked it and he knew exactly how to make her moan louder. He would have been content to stay down on her all day but he was getting the feeling that Sara wanting his fat dick to fill her up.

Ignoring her physical cues for a little while longer he crammed his tongue up into her pussy and bathed his taste buds in her juices. Although eating her out gave him no direct pleasure, there was something so sensual about licking the inside of her pussy that made his erection grow even harder within his towel.

Oliver got lost in the occasion and didn't notice her shifting her weight. The next thing he knew Sara had moved at the speed of a panther and ended up on the floor at the foot of the bed between his legs, which were dangling off the side. Anything but a willing lover, especially when it came to oral sex, Sara was dying to get his massive cock in her mouth from the moment she felt his get hard in the bathroom.

While looking him dead in the eyes from her position on the floor she opened up his towel to expose his already erect organ. The mere sight of his 9-inch meat sword, not to mention his ripped ab muscles made Sara get wetter between her legs and made her need to get him inside her that very moment.

Making sure she didn't drool and ruin the sexual heat, the nimble blonde grabbed a hold of his lengthy love muscle in her lightly clenched fist and gave it a long lick up it's main vein on the underside all the way up to the tip. She used her tongue to give his small slit a few quick licks before popping his mushroom-shaped head into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," he moaned in response to her warm mouth.

Sara figured that there weren't any competitions in the world for blowjobs, but she knew if there was then she'd definitely win first place every time. As a talented singer growing up she was well versed in relaxing her throat and controlling her mouth for any length of time. Though the ability didn't help in fighting crime, it did translated extremely well when it came to oral sex as it made taking a man deep into her throat was about as natural to her as breathing. Couple that with her incredible feeling of guilt for cheating on the man she loved, Oliver was on course to receive the best hummer ever.

Sara stuck to just bobbing her head on his wide tip for awhile to get them both warmed up before exhibiting more of her talents. Opening her jaw wider and using her lips to cover her teeth she ran them down his cock until he hit the back of her throat, at which point she dragged back along his length to his tip again. The blonde worked this maneuver over and over again, gaining more side and making more slurping noise each time until she was a golden blur between his legs.

"Fuck yeah Sara suck my cock," Oliver grunted.

"And if I remember correctly, you always seemed to go nuts when I...well...sucked on your nuts," she spoke.

Tucking the loose strands of her long blonde hair behind her ears, Sara sank down lower onto her knees. While stroking his spit-covered dick with her fist, she angled his manhood upwards to give her better access to his sack. Each of his balls were roughly the size of an apricot, it was particularly impressive given the fact he had cum in another girl's asshole less than an hour ago.

Opening her mouth wide again she popped the first testicle into her mouth and worked it around inside with her tongue. She could taste a hint of his lavender-scented body wash on his wrinkled skin from his recent shower as she thoroughly polishing the nut before swapping it out with his next one.

Sara seemed to have thought her effort sucking his nuts was complete so after finishing applying a touch more suction she freed her mouth from his sack. After all, she hadn't even gotten to the main event of her oral presentation so she parted her lips again to take his tip back inside her wet oral cavity.

Oliver was grateful that he had just finished having sex or else he would have came the instant his tip touched the back of her mouth and she began swallowing him down her throat. Slow but steady the talented girl took inch after inch inside her esophagus as her face moved closer to his lap. The first time she deep throated Oliver was the crowning moment of her pole smoking career as she knew no one else that could come close to the feat. Her eyes began to well as the eighth inch passed by her lips but she continued to suppress her gag reflex until finally her nose made contact with his wiry pubes.

"Now that's a real woman," Oliver commented.

If Sara hadn't had more on her mind currently than she may have thought longer about what her boyfriend had just said. As it was, she was taking his nearly foot long member from down her throat until only his purple-colored tip was left in her mouth. She took a deep breath and was relieved when Oliver reached down bundled up the loose annoying strands of hair from around her face and held it on top of her head. Without that distraction Sara descended on his lap again and this time touched his lap with her face in the time as the first one. Each time she bobbed her head along his full length now she was quickening the pace until Oliver was full-out face-fucking the willing girl who was emitting loud gurgling noise that Oliver couldn't help but find sexy.

"Fucking hell," Oliver grunted. "Need to tap your amazing ass right now."

"Thought you'd never ask," Sara smiled as his dick left her mouth and throat for the last time.

Sara was so horny and so energized that she was more than happy to start out riding his big pecker. Climbing onto the bed she went to straddle his lap then had an idea. She was still planning on being on top but decided to give him a view of her plump ass to start with so she spun around 180 degrees then threw a leg over his pelvis. Oliver felt her guide his cock with her hand against her pink folds then finally into her pussy as she sank down slightly.

Oliver had his own ideas though and he also wanted to really fuck his partner. With his head still resting in the pillows at the head of the bed, he looped a powerful arm around her narrow waist and brought her crashing down on her side so that they were spooning together. The position was perfect for the hooded vigilante as he was able to control the tempo while also reaching around to molest both her perfect tits with his hands.

The only drawback to their positioning was that Oliver was only able to push so much of him inside her sweet jelly. However, that was a good thing for now as Sara could only take so much of his enormous dick inside her pussy at one time. After a brief slow period to get her stretched out a bit, the pair had found their stride and Oliver was easily pushing in 7 of his inches into Sara all while she rocked her hips back to meet his thrusting.

"You're so wet you feel so good," Oliver complimented without pausing.

"Mmhmmm...forgot how...aawwhhh....good you fill...oh up," Sara groaned.

Oliver couldn't complain about how their steamy tryst was going but he wanted to alter it slightly. Since he couldn't stroke his length into her completely from their current position, he knew of another way to get more pleasure. Leaving one hand to still grope her impressive chest, he used the other to grasp her rounded hip tightly. First he began moving it around in a circular pattern and before he knew it, Sara took the hint and began to gyrated her hot body so she rocked side-to-side on his cock. Now he simply clutched onto her and began driving his organ into her snatch with raw power. Over and over again he drilled into her juicy mound while they both screamed out in unison at a frantic pace.

The relentless pounding by the sexual beast in bed with her was taking her closer and closer to her orgasm every time he pumped into her. With past boyfriends she didn't tend to cum so quickly into sex but Oliver was exceptional in bed so the savage way that her man was fucking her was having its toll on her.

"Getting close," Sara huffed through moans.

"This'll probably do it," he thought.

Oliver lowered his hand down from on her hip and moved it between her toned, soft legs. He normally would have liked to cum together with her, but Sara seemed to be on the edge already so he'd give her an orgasm then allow her to repay the favor with her mouth the most likely option. Oliver extended his long middle finger and immediately found her clit with his soft pad, much in the same fashion he had done with Felicity earlier. Making short, quick circular motions with his digit the screams he was eliciting from her indicated she'd be gushing all over his cock within seconds.

"Shit Oliver...I'm cumming! UUGGHHH...AAWWHHH....YEESSS," the beautiful girl yelled.

Once she was done cumming and her voice lowered to that of a more appropriate volume for inside a lair occupied by others, Oliver stopped furiously rubbing her sensitive nub. He also slowed his thrusts into her soaking wet sex so that the girl had a few moments to recover. He wasn't surprised when she rolled off of him and let her exhausted mind and body recuperate on the bed next to him for a couple of seconds before she spoke.

"Do you know what day it is," Sara asked with a sly look over her shoulder.

"I dunno...the 16th?"

"'s Friday. And you know what that means," she smiled.

That certainly got his full attention and caused the horny man to feel like his cock had grown longer and harder. Sara moved her hand from her side and ran it through her pink folds and even dipped two fingers inside herself. With her digits lathered in her own natural juices she moved them posterior and rubbed them around her butthole and then poked one inside to coat the inner ring of muscle.

Sara pushed him so that he rolled from his side onto his back then swung a strong leg over his lap so she was straddling her man. She aligned his fleshy pole over her crinkled rosebud and sat down enough so that she felt his mushroom cap press against it firmly. This being a weekly tradition of the pair, Sara knew that it would initially hurt being pierced by his organ but then it would subside soon after.

With the tip against her dirt road entrance she allowed gravity to pull her down his spit-covered cock until she engulfed the first several inches of him inside her warm hole. The sudden intrusion of his hard pecker inserting in her backdoor caused her to grimace and pause for a few seconds. Once she adapted she sat down further so that there was only a few inches that weren't currently occupying her than paused again to allow her bowels the chance to handle the 9 inches filling them.

Not wanting to stay still any longer, Sara used her strong thighs to propel herself up his length until only this thick crown remained inside her anus. She repeated the same action as earlier and sank down into Oliver's lap and this time descended down his pole swifter. Each time she rose and fell on his fat dick resulted in the big booty blonde doing so faster and faster then the preceding attempt.

"Damn we fit good together," Oliver told the bouncing girl.

"Mmhmm," she replied.

Sara kept bouncing on her lover's cock while treating the lucky boy to a great view of her amazingly bouncy tits. She still wasn't going at neck-breaking speeds but she was fully riding the entire length as faster as she was able to without ripping herself in half. She kept up riding Oliver for the next several minutes in the same manner, which had coated Sara's body in a thin layer of sweat that made her skin glisten beautifully in the sunlit bedroom.

Feeling the burn of lactic acid building in her thighs, she needed to let them rest for a little bit. Changing her tactic slightly, Sara sank fully on his manhood so her cheeks were tickled by his leg hair. Instead of lifting her body to the tip of his cock using her thighs, Sara only made her booty raise halfway up his erection by arching her low back before sending her award winning butt crashing down into his lap.

Oliver wished he could have done this all day but that was a pipedream. Despite the fact he sodomized Sara on a weekly basis and that her asshole was more elastic as a result, it was still a damn tight orifice. Her muscular ring that protected her backdoor was strong and hugged his vein organ like nothing else he could described. It was tight to the point of pain but also elicited pleasure due to its soft edges, making it hard for him to withstand for very long. He had been going strong for over ten minutes which was a no record for them, and that was only because he came in Felicity not long ago.

"Need to cum any second now," Oliver thought to himself, prepared to do so in her bum.

Sara knew that Oliver was going to blow his load at any moment now. His thrusts into her ass were becoming more erratic and hard so she knew that soon he would buried his tool in her one last time then coat her bowels with his seed. However, feeling guilty from her earlier actions, Sara really wanted to please him and she knew for a fact his favorite place to cum was in her mouth and watch as she swallowed his salty load.

She descended one last time on his pecker then sprang upwards causing his rock hard member to thump against his stomach. Acting quickly, the blonde moved down between his legs and didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around his bulbous head despite knowing exactly where it had been prior. She rarely voluntarily took his dick straight from her ass into her mouth but she wanted to please him as best she could so was willing to make some sacrifices.

"Cum for me baby," she swooned.

He didn't need the encouragement one bit. No sooner had the words left her mouth and went back around his shaft did he do exactly what she asked for. He could feel the salt brine bubble up from his balls and travel on its path to eventually blast out of his tip and coat the back of her mouth. Sara knew the amount of sperm he normally produced so she swallowed down his salty offering with each blast he gave her. Eventually he stopped squirting so Sara finished taking down into her stomach the last of his load then cleaned his cock with her mouth to be sure she didn't miss anything.

"Fuck," Oliver exclaimed. "I love you Sara."

"I love you too Oli."


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