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Summary: Sara and Oliver discuss having a threesome during pillow talk. Sara knows that he's had his eye on Felicity and she's a fan of the nerd too. Takes her opportunity while Felicity is high on painkillers after taking a bullet. Now Felicity wants more girl love but Sara's condition is that she joins her and Oli in bed

Pairing: Sara Lance/Oliver Queen

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral

Arrow: Sara's Devilish Plan Part 1 - The Proposal
by The Chemist

"Can I ask you something Oli," Sara asked, laying prone on her stomach while staring into his eyes.

"Of course," he responded earnestly.

"You have feelings for her, Felicity I mean," the blonde question.

"What? Sara I love you, I want to be with you," Oliver replied, turning onto his side to better face her.

She smiled at him warmly before continuing. "I'm very aware of that stud. I'm not going all jealous girlfriend on you Oli, I'm more curious then anything. She's a gorgeous girl, plus smart and funny. Very much your she has a big ol' ass especially for a skinny white chick."

"You're one to talk there," Oli smiled before giving her naked ass a swat, staring down at it while the cheek continued to jiggle even after his smack.

"God you are such an ass man," Sara joked.

"What can I say, you bring it out in me," he laughed.

The happy, scarred couple shared a laugh about the sexual joke, basking in their ability to be together after all those years. Sara shivered when Oliver's large hand went from lightly kneading her plump ass to working its way up her back along her spine.

"But serious, do you find her attractive? The whole naughty librarian thing she has going on," Sara pressed. "No strings attached, just answer honestly."

"Well if I have to be 100% honest then yes, I find Felicity to be a very attractive young woman," Oliver replied with his smile disappearing, wondering where Sara was going with this.

"Good, because so do I," the blonde replied. "Another question, same honesty. You won't get into any trouble stud. Would you want to have sex with her?"

"Sara, what is all this about," Oliver asked as his hand pulled away from her glowing skin.

"I asked you first," she smiled.

"Ugh, fine. If you and I weren't a thing and there were no strings attached then yes I would. But we are together and feelings would likely develop," Oliver huffed.

"Great! That's what I wanted to hear," Sara beamed as she leant in and kissed her man.

"Ok now explain Lance."

"Sure. You aren't the only one in this relationship that finds Felicity Smoak super hot. The more I get to know her and spend time around that skinny bitch, the more I want to sit on her face. I may be more into sausage now, but every now and then I get a real craving for tacos," Sara explained.

"So elegant," Oliver teased. "But..."

"So I will propose something to you. If I can guarantee no one gets hurt or new feelings develop then what do you say about a threesome? Me, you and Felicity," Sara asked hopefully.

"Sara, I love you but you're insane. I'm not going to cheat on you even if you could convince Felicity to do it. She's not like you," Oliver said before grimacing at what he just implied Sara was.

"No offence taken by your big whore of a girlfriend," Sara replied in response to the last part of his sentence. "And I wouldn't consider it cheating since we would both be participating. So I ask again, if and when I get Felicity to agree, will you be in or out?"

"Ok, if you can get her to join us in bed and it won't affect the team at all then I suppose I would be on board," he finally agreed.

Sara smiled brighter then he could ever remember her doing so. She rolled onto her side as well, her medium-sized tits swinging into view so she could cozy into Oliver and give him a kiss. Oliver was surprised by the suddenness of the action but he returned the kiss with vigor, their tongues tangling in the space created between their lips.

"Let's hit the shower," Sara told him, breaking the kiss.

"Hmm," Oliver said with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"What's up," the woman replied, walking naked towards the washroom.

"Well I'm allowing you to pursue this venture but I think I should get something else out of the deal," the Hood stated.

"You're right, you aren't getting enough already by getting to see your hot girlfriend fuck another girl plus getting to partake as well," Sara mused.

Oliver had rolled out of the bed that they shared and joined his girl who had stopped to face him in the middle of the room. As he approached, equally nude, the pair embraced in another warm hug, the much smaller Canary wrapping her arms around his powerful neck.

"I think that I deserve some super special sex," Oliver shared.

Before Sara could inquiry on what he meant by that, she felt his large hand on the small of her back begin to creep downward. His palm slid effortlessly over the sexy curve of her low back and onto her extremely thick ass, a backside plumped than most girls her size could even dream of having. His true intentions became known when his fingers were placed in her crack, and glided down until his tips softly rubbed her crinkled backdoor.

"Well...I guess I could accommodate that request," she smiled before breaking away and heading into the shower room.

* * *

Oliver's POV

I wasn't quite sure of what just happened with Sara, but I knew I liked it. In fact, I knew that I really liked it. The woman who I loved, the trained killer who learnt from the League of Assassins wanted to sleep with my adorable assistant, then they'd invite me into the fun afterwards. On top of that, I still had my pre-Island flair and had talked Sara into some anal sex, which I was about to go cash in on.

I laid in bed for another few moments until I heard the water start up in the adjoining washroom. Sara was still fiddling with the water controls, getting it to that perfect temperature before stepping her athletic body into the jets of steaming aqua. When I first spied the first wisps of steam escaping from the doorway was when I sprang to motion.

As I got to my feet I realized how sore I was. Sara and I, as well as Roy and Diggle, had been out only a few hours ago and it was a rough evening. I had given a lot better than I took, but that didn't mean I wasn't beaten up. With each step towards the blonde beauty I could feel aches, right calf, left hamstring and low back. They weren't horribly painful or limiting at all, in fact I had lived the last 5 years with similar soreness, but that didn't stop the fact that I felt them.

In an event, I found myself in the large, rather industrial looking washroom. We didn't spend a lot of time and energy decorating the basement of the club where we had our hideout located, so there was no paint on the large cinder blocks. There were several bathroom stalls off to the left, faded and chipped green paint coating the metal surfaces.

Looking to my right I saw Sara, the gorgeous crime fighter that I was in love with. The showering area was long with 5 shower heads in the space and the blonde was currently using the one in the middle. The hot water was jettisoning out over her curvy body and I simply leaned on the doorway and observed.

She was sideways to me which allowed me to look at her entire body and amazing features. She wore her blonde hair, drenched with water, cascading down to her mid back, between her shoulder blades. Given our line of work, she was obviously in peak physical fitness with well toned muscles in her arms, not large but strong and still feminine, and a stomach almost as flat as mine. Due to that same work, her body was like mine in terms that there were old cuts and burns, scarred over throughout her creamy white skin.

Then I started to observe her actually features. Her face was pretty, but what made it special was that it wasn't perfect. The girl may have only been 5'4 and 115 pounds but Sara had an amazing rack that could compete with most any other girl, easily bettering her sister, Laurel. Her tits weren't massive but were a healthy B/borderline C cup, but what made them so great were their shape and the bright pink nipple capping each one. However Sara's best feature was easily her ass, the size of which defied anatomy, as how such a slim girl could possess a booty that thick was incredible. Hell, her breasts weren't even her 2nd best feature, the first being her amazingly thick and juicy ass with the second being her meaty legs, sculpted from our extra-curricular activity at night.

"Well are you gonna stand out there all night like some creep," Sara asked, sensing my presence.

Seeing as I was already naked I stepped towards her, feeling my feet go from the hard cement flooring to the equally hard, but tiled surface of the shower. I swung wide and came up from behind Sara, wrapping my arms around her flat stomach before moving them up to feel her soft breasts.

Despite being a trained killer and crime fighter, Sara was still so feminine it was quite impressive. As I kneaded her handful-sized tits, I leaned in and kissed along her neck. Just like always, this move always got her moaning. My much stronger and taller body was pressed against hers, and she undoubtedly felt my growing erection poking against one of her insanely plump ass cheeks.

"Is this for me," Sara asked as her hand came back to stroke my manhood.

I allowed us to stay like this, her back to me as I felt up her boobs while she gave me a handjob in reverse. I tilted my body to the side to allow the side of it to stay pressed against her meaty cheek while her hand could enclose the other 3 sides of my shaft and pump. It didn't feel as good as being inside her, fucking her until we had both cum, but it was getting us both in the mood.

"It will be," I replied after a while.

I would have liked to have just started plowing into Sara's tight snatch right there and then, but we weren't in a hurry tonight. I didn't have to be in the office early and Sara had nowhere to be tomorrow so this was one of the rare times when we could take our time.

She moaned lightly as I tweaked her nipples, not too roughly but with enough force that I knew always made her respond. I moved them to her sides, dragging them over her ribs until I arrived at her thick backside. I gave each cheek a hearty squeeze before rearing my right hand back and swatting her ass, followed swiftly by doing the same thing on the other side to give her matching handprints on her snow white skin.

I allowed Sara to continue stroking my manhood for seconds longer before I slowly descended down to my knees behind her. When I got too low, her slippery hand and my wet cock broke contact, to both of our disappointments, however I had something else in mind. Kneeling directly behind the blonde stunner, I used my hands, still on her thick ass, and pulled apart her cheeks with my considerable strength.

Sara, knowing exactly what I had in mind to do, leaned forward while keeping her feet planted in the same place. I didn't need to watch as her face and upper body came closer to the tiled wall in front of her to rest while she hinged her hips back to give me a better target and access.

I stared at her amazing ass and she sensed me doing that so she made it look even more tempting by simultaneously swaying her hips side to side while dropping one knee then the other. It caused her amazing ass to both go side to side as well as up and down. With that amount of movement, her cheeks were really bouncing now, and my erection grew even larger.

She probably was expecting me to split open her pussy lips with my cock since that was what the norm as we normally needed to rush with intimacy, but I had something else in mind. She seemed to be slightly surprised when she felt my tongue licking the length of her clean shaven pussy, but the loud scream she voiced told me she accepted my change in plan.

I licked her snatch a few more times, feeling it get wetter with each pass, a combination of more of my spit, the occasional stream of shower water cascading down but mostly due to her own juices as she got hornier. On the next pass, once I reached her puffy sex, I extended my tongue as deep inside her pussy that I could and elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the sexy singer.

"Oh Oli," she screamed out.

With each passing minute of me munching her rug and appreciating her sweet jelly, I knew that I could savor in my craft for a change. Over and over I plunged back into her snatch until running out of air, content to staying down on my knees behind her perky ass for as long as I'd like. However, I could sense that Sara was already getting ancy for my fat dick to fill her up, because as good as I was with my tongue, nothing could replace a good hard fucking.

On the other hand, I ignoring her physical cues for a little while longer and crammed my tongue up into her pussy and bathed my taste buds in her juices. Although eating her out gave me no direct pleasure, there was something so sensual about licking the inside of The Canary's pussy that made my erection grow even harder.

"So tasty," I told her.

While I took a break to brief gather air in my lungs and dirty talk my girlfriend, my hands remained active. They weren't currently needed to pull her fat cheeks apart to give me access to her pink slit, so I used them to light swat her bottom or graze my fingertips over the rounded flesh, including towards her middle, getting dangerous close to her protected asshole.

"Shit you're dangerous with that tongue," Sara moaned back to me. "But just do it baby, I know what you are working towards."

"And what is that," I asked, knowing that we both knew the answer.

"Lick my asshole. You know I love it and you love doing it since you know it gets me off like nothing else," the blonde crimefighter responded.

"Your wish..."

Little did Sara know was that I wasn't going straight for her crinkled rosebud. I was quite the accomplished pussy licker if I may say so, and though Sara had considerable skill and experience in that department as well, I wasn't going to let her call the shots. I rearranged my body position slightly so that my head was directly behind her bouncy ass anymore, instead it was between her strong thighs with my face looking up at hers.

I was comfortable enough so I went back to licking her slit while using my fingers to spread her pink lips apart to give me clear access to her clit, which was standing in clear view for me. The first time my tongue flicked over the concentrated bundle of highly sensitive nerves, her feminine body went rigid from the intense sensation.

"Awwwhhh...shitttt," Sara cried out, louder than ever.

"Thought you might like that," I told her, other hand snaking up to squeeze her large right boob.

I wasn't just going to talk to her while I did my damnedest to give her the best rug munching of her life so I got right back to work. It was weird going down on a former lesbian/current bisexual since they had been in my position before and could be judging my every move. I ignored that and instead my tongue went back into her slit, licking as deep inside her twat as I physically could. She tasted as good as I could hope, sweet with a touch of acidity, which made me more than happy to linger as long as I could inside her honey pot.

I didn't forget the response I got from attaching her sensitive bean so after another minute of deep licking I withdrew. Any disappointment from me leaving was soon dispelled as my tongue was replaced with two fingers, easily sliding inside given the amount of wetness she was flooding outwards. Her moaning was increased to a high volume once again when my tongue moved north and found her clit, giving it several lingering licks before I latched my lips around them and assaulted the nub with both suction and my wet muscle.

"Oh sweet baby Jesus!"

Though she was being quite responsive to my actions, I changed my tactic and body position, straightening up and being back directly behind her beautiful rump. My fingers, which were withdrawn from her sopping wet pussy as I had moved, didn't go back into her twat, instead that honor went to my tongue. My hands were being used to hold her hips steady, and occasionally to run up along her spine, making her arch back into my mouth further.

My motives for the change in position was so that with my tongue buried deep in her wetness, my nose was pressing directly against her asshole. Though she was expecting it to be my tongue, I was making her wait so that when it did happen she would be wanting it so much. The thing with Sara, which I had found out back before the Island adventure and then upon our new relationship back in Starling, was that she came so hard when her asshole was being licked.

As I ate deep within her snatch, my fingers took over occupying her sensitive clit, struming it softly like a guitar. The sexy blonde was on the ropes right now after being eaten out for more than 10 minutes and I figured now was as good a time to finish her off as there ever would be. Though there was no rush, I still wanted to fuck her really badly, especially since there was a promise of where I would end up.

I was a well renown archer, as well as being more than competent with several other weapons and fighting styles. With hand-to-hand combat I was able to be particularly devastating with many different body parts, from fists, kicks to headbutts. However, with eating a girl out it only required me to be good and coordinated with both hands and tongue. Moving my hands from her hips down to her pussy, Sara was responsible for keeping her ass pushed back at me so that my left hand could rub her clit while my right hand buried two fingers into her twat.

"Oh fuck....oh fuck...oh fuck," she swore.

"Getting close," I asked rhetorically.

"Mhmm," she moaned in response anyway.

I took one last deep breath, and took sight of my target; her cute-as-a-button asshole. Leaning my face in, I could feel my stubbly beard lightly scratch the bottom of her adorable ass cheeks as I stuck out my tongue and placed the tip of my tongue on her ass. I made the contact as broad as possible to only lap at her hole rather then trying to jam it into her kester, which may have caused a defensive reaction.

"Awwhh....mmhmmm...ugghhh," she moaned in response.

"Gotcha," I thought. "Cum for me baby."

I knew I had her now and she would be cumming in short order. With a triple stimulation going, not to mention her sensitive nipples rubbing against the slippery shower wall tiles, was easily going to make her orgasm, and my bet was within seconds rather than minutes.

"Keep going...almost there," she beaconed.

Then it was her turn for the surprises. While I continued to lick her crinkled rosebud, Sara snaked one of her arms backwards so that she could clutch the back of my head. This was unexpected and I was thinking she was going to push me down, back to lap at her clit or in her twat, but instead she pressed my face further into her ass.

Figuring what she wanted I made my tongue pointy, braced it with a strong jaw and did more then lick her. This time I was trying to force my tongue into her backdoor, and I had some success as I felt her sphincter give slightly, just enough to be able to lick around the very entrance to her asshole. This, apparently, was more then sufficient for the deadly assassin turned vigilante.


With a loud scream that surely everyone in the underground hideout, if not the whole club above had heard, Sara came all over the fingers I had buried deep in her pussy. Apart from feeling her gyrating body go rigid, and the added pressure in her twat, I could also feel her asshole quiver as she came, allowing me to briefly lick all the way into bowels rather than just rimming the hole, however that was short lived.

I knew my time between her thighs was over so I withdrew my mouth and fingers from her holes. I though for an instant that if I moved my hands from holding her that she may fall over, but she regained her composure quickly and was soon able to support herself, albeit with somewhat wobbly legs. However, before getting to my feet I found myself still close to her smoldering sex, I really wanted to taste her right from the source so I dipped back down and licked deep in her twat, tasting her lady cum.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself," I said with a grin.

Sara dipped her head for a few seconds until I guess she was fully recovered, at which point she flipped herself back over, giving me another long look at her amazing tits. She looked at me with a stunned expression then ran a hand through her long, wet hair, in an action I interpreted to mean that I had done a hell of a job.

"You're a world class archer but you are even better with your tongue," the blonde spoke after several long seconds.

"And yet always the tone of surprise," I said with a wink.

"Oh shut the fuck up," she grinned.

I knew Sara was devoted to me, but she always had a thing for girls, hence her wanting to bring Felicity into our bed. But just because she was with me now didn't mean she didn't have to forgo all her lesbian tendencies, illustrated when she wrapped an arm around my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I knew she was doing it to taste her own pussy juices but I was fine with it, just like I was fine with it when she broke the kiss, brought my fingers I had used on her up to her mouth and sucked them clean.

"Taste good to you too," I asked with a grin.

"I really do taste amazing, just didn't think you should be the only one who got to sample," Sara replied.

"That's fair," I replied, going in for another kiss.

"So you gonna get this thing in my ass or what," the blonde said after awhile.

I couldn't help but smirk at that comment of Sara trying to act all tough by demanding anal sex. However, as confident as she was, I knew taking it in the dumper was by no means her favorite act, though in recent weeks I had been successful with it enough to get her off several times, more than 50% of the times I sodomized her in fact.

Smiling wasn't the only thing I did though. Staying face-to-face, I kissed her again while I played out in my mind how I wanted to do this. It would most definitely by standing, which would make her asshole tighter as a result, but there was no way I was gonna lay on hard tile. With my left hand I groped her good-sized, natural breast before moving it further down. In the crook of her knee, I lifted it up until her ankle was up on my shoulder while her other foot remained on the ground.

"Thought I'd stretch you out while know...stretched you out," I told the flexible girl.

Most girls wouldn't have been able to pull off this position, but we were no ordinary couple. Years of intense training, not to mention the blonde's background as a dancer, left her with long, lean and lithe muscles that were able to handle having her legs practically 180 degrees apart as her 5'4 body accommodated my much larger 6'2 frame.

"Well I appreciate your consideration," Sara retorted, flashing me one of her own smirks. "Speaking of considerations, what did you want to use as..."

"Body wash," I replied, answering her unasked question.

Her slight nod told me that was a suitable replacement for lubrication so my right hand made it's way around her sexy body to the rack of shower products behind her. While I fumbled through the bottles until my fingers closed on the bottle of my desire, Sara and I kissed passionately, doing our best to make up for 5 years of lost intimacy.

Without our lips ever breaking contact, I opened the body wash, poured a healthy dollop of the fragrant, blue soap into my empty palm and began rubbing it along my impressive manhood. Though I am a confident person, I wouldn't call myself cocky, however I had every right to be based on the pipe I was working with it. One ex-girlfriend had called it the perfect cock, and I was obliged to agree with her. 10 inches long, girthy but straight as an arrow, no pun intended, it was smooth and lacked any oversized veins that tended to mare a good looking dick.

As I massaged the gel into my cock, Sara was busy getting prepared as well. Reaching back behind her, the staff-wielding crime fighter moved her hand from her side and ran it through her pink folds and even dipped two fingers inside herself. With her digits lathered in her own natural juices she moved them posterior and rubbed them around her butthole and then poked one inside to coat the inner ring of muscle.

"I'll take it from here stud," she whispered in my ear.

I did my best to coat my dick in a thick layer of the suds, without working it in too much where it lost its excellent gliding properly. I simply waited as Sara went up onto her tip-toes on her one standing foot while her hand clutched my manhood. She stroked it once, apparently satisfied that it was ready to go.

She aligned my fleshy pole over her crinkled rosebud then I stepped closer to her to that we both felt my mushroom cap press against it firmly. She rubbed my lathered tip against her backdoor, exhaled and then let gravity do the rest. With the tip already against her dirt road entrance, Sara lowered down onto a flat foot enough so that my tip did more then knock at her entrance, in fact my bodywash-covered cock popped in the first several inches of her warm hole.

The sudden intrusion of his hard pecker inserting in her backdoor caused her to grimace and pause for a few seconds. This had become somewhat more commonplace for us, so Sara knew that it would initially hurt being pierced by my organ but then it would subside soon after. Once she adapted better, she bent her standing knee further so that there was only a few inches that weren't currently occupying her than paused again to allow her bowels the chance to handle the half-foot of my cock currently filling her rectum.

I remained still, though it was killing me to not just grab her wide hips and start pumping my length into her asshole. Allowing her to grow accustom to my presence in her bowels, I kissed the side of her neck while Sara used her strong thighs to propel herself back up my length until only the thick crown remained inside her anus. She repeated the same action as earlier and sank down again onto my rod, but this time descended much swifter. Each time she rose and fell on my fat dick resulted in the big booty blonde doing so faster and faster then the preceding attempt.

"Damn we fit good together," I told the bouncing girl.

"Mmhmm," she replied.

Sara kept up this strategy for a few more minutes, and I was impressed that her level never slowed despite the amount of fatigue that surely was setting in. I, of course, didn't mind the tiny blonde being in control, as after all, it was the cock going in her ass so how was I to complain.

"Go for you baby," Sara breathed in my ear after a spell longer. "You already gave me a hell of an orgasm."

That was all I needed to hear. With a devilish smile, I gave her a quick kiss then pulled away from her. As much as I love kissing my girlfriend and wanted to make up for the 5 years we spent away from each other, right now I was more interested in fucking the beautiful Sara Lance with more power.

I bent my knees more until Sara's sole standing foot was back flat on the ground. I could power squat 700lb even on an average day, so my thighs could easily handle the strain of the position. I put even more weight on as I wrapped both strong arms around her waist and hoisted Sara up, and instinctively she hopped upwards, reaching her meaty legs around my powerful waist and locking her heels together.

Despite all the squatting and lifting and moving around, my cock had remained buried in Sara's asshole. Now, as I pressed her back flat against the tiled wall, the water falling on the top part of my head and mostly spraying behind me, though some cascaded down our pressed bodies. Holding her body still, I reared my hips back until only half my length was left in her bowels then I slowly pushed back into her ass.

"So big," she moaned as I fucked her again.

For the next few minutes I had managed to get most of my thick slab of meat in Sara's tight backdoor while her legs held tightly around my waist. I didn't rush things because though going slow is never as fun, it felt amazing to inch my way inside her vice-like booty, despite the overwhelming presence of the shower gel. I let her fall down in my arms by an inch then would pull her up until finally my balls slapped her on her curvy ass as she bottomed out on me.

"Fuck...tight," I murmured as I started to bounce her with more speed.

Now with a steady pace built up, I felt comfortable to start moving my legs. I still wanted to last as long as I could, but when she told me she wouldn't be cumming again I knew I should be considerate and finish at a respectable amount of time. Over and over I did a mix of thrusting up with my hips and thighs, making her take my entire 10 inches of hard cock, while occasionally making her do all the moving as I bounced her in my arms, her bare back sliding easily on the slick wall.

5 minutes at passed now and I felt like I was finally hitting my full stride. Keeping the trained assassin on her toes by changing my style up, I planted Sara's scarred back against the wall and held her firmly there again. Using it to support some of her weight, I was better able to use my strong thighs to squat up into her rectum. Her modest moans became full out screams of pleasure as I thrust into her loosened asshole as I sodomized the beautiful woman with more vigor.

"Mhmmm...yes...fuck me," she thrashed against me.

I would have stayed like this all night and fucked her as hard and as long as I could, and physically I was more than able to cope with the demand, but after 10 more minutes of this relentless pace, my balls burning from the demand to explode. However, I wasn't done just yet and I figured another change of position and tactic would buy me a few more minutes to assfuck Sara.

With a new way to carry the athletic girl, I still used the wall to hold her up, it taking more of her weight while I rearranged my arms. No longer wrapped around her back and holding her by her thick, rounded ass, I now had them hooked under her knees then laced my fingers together by the small of her low back.

I stepped away from the wall and turned to my right so that she had nothing behind her so that I could swing her like the new position was meant for. My strong arms were more then enough to move her fit but small body away from me then they went slack so that she swung back towards me, plunging herself on my cock completely.

"So deep," she moaned as her asshole was constantly taking me balls deep.

The girl wasn't wrong in that assessment. Over and over I pushed her lower body away from me as she held her tits pressed tight against my chest with arms around my neck. Each time she would reverse course and come right back against me, taking the entire length of my dick in her ass in one shot as she made the sexiest pendulum I could imagine.

Despite the fact I butt fucked Sara on a weekly basis and that her asshole was more elastic as a result, it was still a damn tight orifice. Her muscular ring that protected her backdoor was strong and hugged my thick organ like nothing else I had ever experienced before her. It was tight to the point of pain but also elicited great pleasure due to its soft edges, making it hard for me to withstand for very long. I don't know how long we had been going strong for, but it was time to bring our tryst to end.

"Need to cum any second now," I told the girl, warning her before I shortly would do so in her bum.

Sara was a smart and perceptive girl so I assume she knew I was close without my words. My thrusts into her ass were becoming more erratic and hard so she probably knew that soon I would buried my tool in her one last time then coat her bowels with my seed. However, Sara had a surprise for me.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded. "Right on my face."

"You sure," I asked, almost in disbelief.

In our months together, and even back when we would fuck behind Laurel's back before the Island, Sara had never taken a facial from me or any other man I imagine. I would guess she found the act degrading, though getting fucked in the ass wasn't exactly liberating, or maybe just excessively messy. My bet was now the mess theory, since in the shower with the water flowing was the cure for that.

I made her descended one last time on my pecker before stopping her arching motion and settling her with my dick completely buried in her ass. She knew time was of the essence so she freed her legs from my arms and got them underneath her before descending even lower to her knees.

"Cum for me baby," she swooned again.

I didn't need the encouragement one bit but hearing my sexy girlfriend begging for me to drop a load on her face was a welcome thing. No sooner had the words left her mouth did I do exactly what she asked for. With my dick now free of her vice-like, I stroked my member, feeling I could feel the salt brine bubble up from my balls until the first strand of white cum came bursting out.

I looked down and saw Sara have just enough time to close her eyes as the warm fluid plastered her in the face, landing on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The second and third spurts were aimed at her heavenly chest as the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her nice tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, I was pleased with my handiwork there and directed the last few smaller gushes back at Sara's beautiful face, coating the other cheek and some of her lips as well.

Sara stayed on her news for a few seconds longer, but when no more of my semen was felt decorating her face or tits she realized I was done. She tried opening her eyes, but there was cum over the eyelids so she got to her feet and got back in the hot water, cleaning off the spunk on her skin.

"That was great babe," I said, exhausted.

"That was a shit ton of cum," Sara swore, disbelieving of the load I spilled on her face for the first time.

I smiled and nodded as she continued to allow the stream of water to flow over her pretty face and stunning body. I stepped closer to her, my semi-flaccid cock poking her lightly in the small of her back as I stepped right behind her. We showered together, getting clean before heading back to bed and getting all sweaty again...


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