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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

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Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara Lance closed the door to her apartment, leaned back against it and sighed in relief. She'd been officially 'off the clock' for about half an hour, but it didn't feel like she could truly relax unless she was in the presence of her girlfriend Felicity Smoak, or at least something that reminded her of her cute girlfriend. Their home was Sara's favourite reminder, as it was where they had officially become a couple, although the training matts she had first seduced/fucked Felicity on was a close second, Sara briefly grinning at the memory before she suddenly became aware of the fact she wasn't alone.

Her training prevented her from giving away that she knew about the intrusion, but inwardly she cursed. She had been on her feet for the better part of eight hours, and she had been so looking forward to just crashing on the couch before heading out to join the rest of Team Arrow for their usual nightly activities. She'd definitely rather avoid a physical confrontation that she might be too exhausted to win, but it was very possible that she might not have a choice. Fortunately she was a Master Assassin, and the vigilante known as the Canary, and if someone was trying to rob her and her beloved Felicity then Sara pitted them. And if it was someone more dangerous, well, Sara still pitted them, because no one broke into her home.

Well, almost no one, Sara breathing a sigh of relief as a familiar figure stepped out of the shadows, "Nyssa, what the hell?"

Nyssa smirked softly, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"You didn't." Sara huffed, crossing her arms, "I just... I just can't believe that after all this time you refuse to do me the courtesy of knocking, just to look cool."

Lowering her head Nyssa softly apologised, "I am sorry. I, I wasn't sure you'd see me."

"Do you really believe that?" Sara asked, uncrossing her arms and stepping closer.

"No." Nyssa admitted, then with a chuckle added, "I guess old habits die hard."

There was a long pause and then Sara asked, "What are you doing here Nyssa?"

There was another pause, then Nyssa stepped closer and said, "I have a proposal for you."

Sara raised an eyebrow, "Really? What is it?"

Yet another pause, this one the longest yet, and then Nyssa finally spoke, "First I wanted to congratulate you. I did not think it was possible to find someone worthy of you, but the more I see of Miss Smoak the clearer it becomes that she may be the only one worthy of you. I see now why you speak of her so highly."

Sara was taken aback by this. Nyssa al Ghul was nowhere near as egotistical as her father, or many other people she had met, but she normally had a healthy swagger about her which was half earned and half a mask to hide any doubt she may have. For her to lower that mask and be vulnerable was rare, Sara only bearing witness to it a few times in the past, and that was mostly during an after sex glow. Which meant whatever Nyssa wanted she was willing to do anything to get it, and while Sara had an idea what that might be she wasn't sure how this was meant to achieve it.

"Thanks, I guess." Sara murmured, "But why-"

"It was hard for me... letting you go." Nyssa interrupted, "It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Watch you with first Queen, and then her. Fall in love with her, and she with you. I, I hoped to win you back with a little threesome, but it only showed me you are truly happy. And that's what I want. Above all else I want you to be happy. So I want you to know, whatever happens Felicity has nothing to fear from me. I would never hurt your beloved, because it would be like hurting you, and I cannot bear the thought of that. But... I've been thinking about it a lot, and maybe I don't have to lose you to her. Maybe there's another way."

Sara frowned, and as Nyssa gave her the opportunity to speak she asked, "What do you mean?"

There was another pause, then Nyssa stepped closer and softly pleaded, "Promise me... promise me you'll hear me out?"

Taking her ex-lover's hand Sara, softly smiled, "Always."

Nyssa returned the smile and then after another pause began, "I remember when I first brought you to Nanda Parbat. You were fascinated by our ways, customs... the things we did to unwind. There was one thing in particular that fascinated you. Do you remember what it was?"

Sara smirked briefly, "Your Daddy's love for threesomes?"

"Yes, that." Nyssa said awkwardly, "Since last we met I have been researching the League's history and found that it was not uncommon for the reigning Ra's al Ghul to marry as many women, or even men, as they wanted. One Ra's had as many as five wives at the same time, and a sizeable Harem. Of course I never imagined wanting to enter into such an arrangement myself... until now."

"Wait, you want me and Felicity to marry you?" Sara exclaimed, letting go of Nyssa's hand.

"In a manner of speaking." Nyssa smiled softly, quickly adding, "Although I am not proposing marriage."

There was yet another long silence and then Sara softly murmured, "So what... you want to date me AND Felicity?"

Nyssa lowered her head, "I know it sounds absurd, but I love you. And I think you still love me, while you clearly love Felicity. And Felicity clearly loves you, and I know I could love Felicity, because I'm halfway there already. Besides, I never recall you cumming quite as hard as when myself and Felicity DP'ed you, and I believe we could all achieve similar ecstasy if we took this... unconventional step and became a couple. Or whatever this would be."

There was a long pause and then Sara mumbled, "Felicity would never go for that."

"Do you truly believe that?" Nyssa raised an eyebrow, "Because the girl has proven to me that she would do anything for you, and I think you know that."

More silence and then Sara said, "Maybe, but I didn't leave you for her. We broke up. Not because we stopped loving each other, but because I could never make you choose between me and the League. It's all you know, and I get that, but I don't think Felicity ever has, and if we were all... together, I don't think she could look the other way."

"You never gave me the choice." Nyssa said after staring at her beloved for a long moment, "Sara, I would have chosen you over the League."

"Would you?" Sara frowned, stepping into the brunette's personal space, "Be honest Nyssa, would you?"

There was another pause and then Nyssa admitted, "Alright, maybe not. But that's only because now I truly understand what I've lost. Now I would do anything to get you back. Anything, except hurt Felicity, who I now think about almost as much as you. Please Sara, please give me the chance to prove how much I want you both."

Sara thought about it for what was only a minute or so, but felt like an eternity to both women. On paper it was a dream come true, but could such a thing actually work? Could Sara actually have Felicity AND Nyssa? Sara loved them both so much, and the potential sex between the three of them, if it was anything like the last time, was enough to make her want to say yes. However, it was hard to imagine such an arrangement working. And yet Sara just couldn't say no, not when Nyssa was looking at her like that, and not when it was what she truly wanted.

So Sara simply said, "Leave the League. If you're serious about choosing me over them... about choosing us over them-"

"I am." Nyssa said, adding more forcefully, "I will."

Nyssa turned to leave, naturally via the window, Sara then called out to her, "Are you sure your father will let you?"

Without looking back Nyssa said, "I will not give him the choice."

* * *

One week later...

Felicity Smoak closed the door to her apartment, leaned back against it and sighed in relief. She'd been officially 'off the clock' for about half an hour, but it didn't feel like she could truly relax unless she was in the presence of her girlfriend Sara Lance, or at least something that reminded her of her sexy girlfriend. Their home was Felicity's favourite reminder, as it was where they had officially become a couple, although the 'Arrow cave' worthy had first met, and first made love, was a close second, Felicity briefly grinning and blushing at the memory before she suddenly became aware of the fact she wasn't alone.

Without thinking she called out, "Sara?"

She then cursed to herself because if someone had broken in she had just totally given away that she was here. Then again she didn't open and close the door to softly, and while her self-defence skills had greatly improved there was only so much she could do, so if Sara didn't answer in the next five seconds her best bet was probably just to run. Then again what kind of burglar, or assassin, broke into someone's home and then started softly weeping?

"In here." Sara called out from the bedroom.

Instantly relief flooded Felicity's body and she breathed a sigh of relief. That relief quickly faded after hurrying to the bedroom she shared with her beloved Sara and she found her girlfriend snuggled up with another woman. Sara's ex-girlfriend no less. Although to be fair 'snuggled up' was an exaggeration as it was more like Sara was gently holding Nyssa in a comforting embrace, which in itself was weird as Felicity never thought she'd see Nyssa al Ghul looking this vulnerable. Not that it lasted long, Nyssa moving away from Sara and wiping her eyes, which didn't help the feeling that Felicity was interrupting something.

Trying and failing to make a funny joke out of this Felicity murmured, "Well, it's good I'm not an insecure kind of gal, otherwise... erm, well... you know."

As Felicity trailed off lamely the two assassins stared at her for a few long seconds before Sara explained, "Nyssa's father disowned her."

"Oh." Felicity murmured, eyes going wide as realization hit her, "OH! Nyssa, I'm so sorry."

Lowering her gaze Nyssa simply said, "It was the preferable choice."

Felicity frowned and looked at Sara who filled her in, "Ra's wanted to marry her off. To a man."

"But she's..." Felicity frowned again, then her eyes went wide again, making her feel like a cartoon, "Oh God!"

"It, it isn't uncommon." Nyssa said, desperately trying to compose herself as much as possible, "In the League everyone is expected to make sacrifices, especially the Heir to the Demon. If things were different I would have made that sacrifice. Even given my father the grandchild he desired. But he has become increasingly unreasonable, and when I confessed wanting to leave the League, if only for a short time, he became enraged and forced me to make a choice. Fortunately I'm not the only child of Ra's al Ghul, or I would not be permitted to leave."

Felicity stared in disbelief at this turn of events, and then because it was the only thing she could really focus on right now, blurted out, "But why did you want to leave? I, I thought you liked being the Heir to the Demon?"

"I did. But I have a greater desire." Nyssa confessed, finally looking at Felicity again.

There was a long pause and then Felicity simply murmured, "Sara."

Nyssa shook her head, "Both of you."

Felicity frowned again, then Sara gently took her hand and guided her to set down on the bed before telling her, "Felicity, sweetie... Nyssa has a proposal for us. And... I... just, just try and keep an open mind. Please?"

As Felicity once again frowned Nyssa took a deep breath, turned her full attention to the new comer, took one of her hands in hers and softly said, "Since last we met I've thought of you often. Have you thought of me, and our time together?"

Before Felicity could answer Sara placed a hand against her back and softly whispered in her ear, "Don't overthink it babe. We're just looking for a yes, or a no."

"We're?" Felicity murmured hesitantly as she glanced at Sara before turning back to Nyssa, "I, I... I mean, of course. How could I not, considering... what we did."

"Indeed." Nyssa nodded, "Such a thing is not easily forgotten. But when I think back to that night, it's not the overall act, or a part of it, I think of, but the feeling. How natural it was. How... right. I confess I was trying to outdo you, show Sara I was her true love, her soulmate, and yet you made me doubt it. Since shortly after I met Sara I never doubted that she was meant to be mine and I was meant to be hers, but I wonder if it isn't that simple. If perhaps it is not I and Sara who are meant to be together, but I, Sara... and you."

"What?" Felicity frowned.

Fearing rejection Nyssa somewhat hurried the next part, "You see, in the League it is common for particularly men to have multiple wives, and often it's less a matter of sharing the man than a matter of... how did you put it Sara?"

"One big fuck pile." Sara grinned softly into Felicity's ear.

"Yes, that." Nyssa said dryly, before continuing, "I now wonder if we are meant to be together. All of us. And whether it is destiny, or a choice, I believe we can make each other happy in ways we could not on our own or in simple pairings, and if you just give us a chance, me a chance, I swear I will spend every day proving I adore you both."

Sara gave Felicity if you long seconds to absorb that information, then she gently stroked her hair and softly told her, "I know Nyssa is coming on a little strong, but she insisted on it to show how serious she was. It doesn't mean you have to decide now. In fact, I'd rather you took your time and thought about it. This will only work if we are honest about what you truly want."

"Is it?" Felicity softly murmured, turning her head to look at Sara, "Is this what you want?"

"I want you." Sara quickly but firmly replied, cupping Felicity's face as she continued, "I chose you before, and I choose you now. I will always choose you. You're the light of my life. But without me, Nyssa has none in hers. And no matter what she will always be a part of me. I love her almost as deeply as I love you, and when I had you both in this bed the last time we were all together, it was more than just a dream come true. It was like having everything I ever wanted. And I'd give nearly anything to have that again. Anything, except you."

That little speech hurt Nyssa, but if she was careful it wouldn't matter as she intended on having both of these beautiful, intelligent and amazing women. If not forever then at least for tonight, Nyssa waiting a few seconds after Sara let go of Felicity's face to gently grab it herself and turn the hacker to face her. She then told her, "As Sara said, a decision does not have to be made tonight. And when you're considering this please understand, I am not asking for forever, just for the chance to see where this goes. To see if we could work together. I would even join your misguided little attempt to better this sorry world. For now, I only ask that you allow me to show you how good I could make you feel. If nothing else, as a thank you for the previous evening, which I shall treasure forever. As I shall the precious memory of tonight, if you let it be so."

With that Nyssa moved to cup Felicity's face with both hands, leaned in and kissed the hacker. And Felicity let her. What choice did she have? Her brain was too busy trying to process what she had just been told that she couldn't have pulled away. Not that she wanted too. Did she? Because this probably wasn't a good idea in the long-term, but Felicity wasn't sure she truly wanted to resist. After all, her body didn't seem to want to, her lips going into business for themselves and kissing Nyssa back, which only encourage the deadly assassin to do more.

Nyssa was very cautious with her prey. She had been thinking about Felicity for weeks, and Sara too of course, but last time she had not given this enchanting creature the attention she deserved and Nyssa intended to rectify that. Although Felicity was far too nervous for Nyssa to just tear off her clothes and have her wicked way with her right from the start, so she had to go slow. Which was probably a good thing as it forced her to give Felicity the attention she deserved. Especially for what was essentially their first time, as while they had fucked Sara together they had barely touched each other.

Gloriously it seemed that this time it would be Nyssa and Sara joining forces to fuck Felicity, as while the hacker slowly relaxed into the kiss Nyssa sensed her beloved Canary begin to pepper kisses on Felicity's neck and shoulders, moving her long blonde hair to gain access to that soft skin. After sometime Nyssa joined her, leaving Felicity to briefly moan in approval. Then Sara took over kissing the adorable hacker while Nyssa concentrated on Felicity's neck, the assassin going back and forth for a little while between those two duties before gently encouraging Felicity to stand up so they could remove her clothes, and their own.

The two assassins worked together as if they were one body, Nyssa's heart fluttering as she briefly remembered how well she and Sara worked together as a team. How they had beaten the finest the League had to offer during training, the various different targets they had dispatched together in the name of the League, and of course the beautiful nights they had shared in each other's beds. But this was something new and unique, although Nyssa hoped it would become routine, as it was as beautiful and natural to her as any of those other things.

Once they were all naked Sara gently pulled Felicity down onto the bed again, this time positioning her girlfriend on the edge of the bed while she was sitting behind her. Understanding Sara's plan immediately Nyssa smiled at her ex and hopefully future girlfriend and then kneeled down in front of hopefully her other future girlfriend. It was very tempting to go straight for Felicity's pussy, but instead Nyssa leaned up slightly to press a quick kiss to Felicity's lips before quickly kissing her way down to the other woman's breasts, cupping then gently in her hands as she took one nipple and then the other into her mouth.

As Nyssa began going back and forth, obviously licking and sucking Felicity's nipples, Sara went right back to kissing her girlfriend's neck, leaning back slightly so she could kiss her shoulders and upper back. She also used her hands to massage Felicity's back, sides, and sometimes thighs. Basically anything which would help her to relax, and gave her teasing pleasure, which would make it more likely for Felicity to shut off her brilliant brain and just get lost in lust. Of course if Felicity really wanted to stop they would, but until her precious hacker told her she wanted to stop Sara was going to use every trick she knew to keep things going.

Luckily for all involved Nyssa didn't spend too long on Felicity's tits. Felicity didn't normally need much foreplay to get in the mood, or at least not after Sara had teased her in other ways, and Sara knew from the way Felicity was moaning and relaxing into her touch, and Nyssa's, that she was ready for a little pussy eating fun. Nyssa realised this too, something which didn't surprise Sara because of their time together, Nyssa kissing her way down Felicity's stomach, and then... kissing her thighs. Dammit, this was giving Felicity more of a chance to freak out, which was the last thing Sara wanted. So she decided to do something about it.

Namely press her tits firmly against Felicity's back, lean in and whisper in her ear, "You're in for a real treat baby. Mmmmmm, Nyssa is so good with her mouth. I can't wait to see how good she makes you feel. To hear you moan for her. Scream for her. Cum for her. Oh baby, I love you so much for doing this for me. You really are the best girlfriend ever."

Particularly that last part was extremely manipulative. Sara knew that, and she regretted going to those lengths, but it felt like her initial plan backfired, her words only making Felicity tents as her cute girlfriend easily over thought the situation. Luckily, after a tense couple of seconds, Felicity relaxed back into her and Sara smiled against her lover's skin, knowing that she had narrowly avoided disaster. Even more luckily Nyssa seemed to be kissing in the right direction, but just in case she kissed down the other thigh Sara slowly slid her hands around Felicity's body to cup her boobs.

It was probably just as well she did, because Nyssa annoyingly kissed up and down Felicity's thighs for almost a full minute, clearly driving the poor girl crazy. Luckily for all involved Nyssa then settled over her target and gave Felicity a long slow lick, making Felicity cry out joyfully. Nyssa then began a firm but steady cunt lapping, making Felicity constantly cry out, whimper and moan in pure pleasure. It was adorable and Sara loved it, but she couldn't wait for Felicity to scream and cum for Nyssa, Sara trying to gently hurry that along by continuing to play with Felicity's tits and kiss her neck and upper body. Also just so she could remain involved.

Nyssa loved tasting another woman for the first time. Not that she didn't enjoy everything about a first time with another woman, she very much did. In fact, before she had fallen deeply in love with Sara Lance, she had been something of a 'womaniser', bedding as many beautiful women in and out of the League as she could. Her favourite part of all those seductions was sliding her tongue over another woman's centre and tasting what she had to offer. And while Nyssa had believed this would be special, her imagination hadn't done justice to just how much she would instantly love the taste of Felicity Smoak.

Letting out a long moan during that first lick Nyssa savoured that first wonderful taste, and then repeated the process, albeit without that long moan. The important part was she began licking Felicity's pussy with a slow but gentle rhythm, and almost just as importantly while Nyssa remained mostly silent for the rest of this round of oral sex Felicity very much could not, the adorable blonde letting out a series of moans, gasps, cries and whimpers which had Nyssa grinning wickedly as she continued to lick the tasty treat in front of her.

While Felicity was making those adorable sounds Sara was whispering in her ear just loud enough for Nyssa to hear, "That's it baby, moan for her. Moan for Nyssa. Mmmmmmmm, she loves it when a beautiful woman moans for her, and so do I. Oh Felicity, your so cute when you moan... and gasp, and whimper, oooooooooh, I love it so much. I love you, and I love watching you getting lick by Nyssa. Ohhhhhhhh yeah Nyssa, lick her harder! Faster! Make my cute little girlfriend cum in your mouth!"

During that last part Sara pulled away from Felicity's ear to address Nyssa directly, Nyssa doing her the courtesy from between Felicity's legs so she could lock eyes with her beloved. This of course led to Sara grinning down at her, Nyssa returning the grin even though it wasn't very visible to Sara from her current position. Also, because she couldn't deny Sara anything anymore, Nyssa began licking Felicity faster, if not harder. She also made sure to hit Felicity's clit with every lick instead of every other lick like she had been doing from the start, which in turn squeezed more moans, gasps, cries and whimpers out of the other woman.

Even though she couldn't help but do as Sara said Nyssa tried not to increase things too much as she wanted to savour tasting Felicity's pussy for the first time. Unfortunately the faster she licked, the more cunt cream there was, Nyssa soon wrapping her upstairs lips around Felicity's downstairs lips so that yummy liquid flowed directly into her mouth and down her throat. Then she just couldn't resist sucking the tasty treat in front of her, which in turn made Felicity let out even more adorable sounds and pushed Nyssa to lick and suck harder and faster, the process repeating over and over again. Not that Felicity complained.

Exactly the opposite in fact, Felicity even whimpering, "Oh my God Nyssa, fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd Nyssa, oh Nyssa, oh fuck me, fuck me Nyssa, oooooooooooh fuck! Tongue fuck me! Oh fuck, fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! OH NYSSA! SARA! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!"

Felicity said a lot more than that, in between and often during all the dirty things Sara was whispering into her ear, but those were the loudest and certainly the most coherent words that came out of her mouth throughout the incredibly oral sex she received from Nyssa al Ghul. And she only said that when she was really, really desperate to cum, Felicity holding off for as long as she could because Nyssa was predictably wonderful at eating pussy and Felicity just couldn't get enough of her mouth and particularly her tongue. And everything Sara did only made it better. Not that Felicity could imagine doing it without her. Well actually she could, and she had, but that was far from the point.

If Felicity was truthful herself she'd had a crush on Nyssa al Ghul since she met her. Before than actually, Felicity having hacked into the airport security system when Nyssa first came to Starling City over a year ago under Oliver's orders so he could have some idea what he was up against. Felicity had tried to resist the urge, but Nyssa was just so hot, and her fantasies of Sara were briefly replaced with fantasies of Nyssa. Since then she'd had the occasional fantasy of the two assassins ganging up on her like this, but her wildest fantasies couldn't compare to the actual experience.

Hopefully things would only get better, because as good as Sara was making her feel Felicity knew her girlfriend could do better, the hacker particularly tempted to try and push Sara backwards and onto her face so she could eat her pussy while Nyssa was eating hers. Try being the important word, as Felicity guessed Sara was in a giving mood, and she had no chance of forcing the Canary to let her share the love as Sara clearly had her heart set on concentrating on the MIT graduate. Of course being helpless under the force of nature which were the two assassins was part of the charm, Felicity revelling in the power the other two women had over her until touching, licking, sucking and the bad words being whispered into her ear became too much.

Luckily when she asked for it, or more accurately beg for it, Nyssa seemed more than happy to give her what she so desperately wanted, Felicity screaming at the top of her lungs as the brunette shoved her tongue inside her while the other blonde chuckled in her ear. Then Nyssa started thrusting her tongue in and out of Felicity's pussy, gently at first but quickly picking up speed while Sara poured pure filth into her ear, the combination of the dirty words and the tongue thrusts pushing Felicity over the edge of orgasm pretty quickly. The two assassins then effortlessly kept her on her high for what felt like hours and seconds at the same time, the ecstasy melting Felicity's brilliant brain until she was nothing but a quivering, screaming mess.

In the moments before she made Felicity cum Nyssa mourned the loss of her chance of giving this enchanting woman a long drawn-out pussy eating and promised that if the two blondes excepted her little indecent proposal then she would bound Sara and force her to watch as she spent hours in between Felicity's thighs. Or better yet bind them both so the two of them would be at her mercy, poor little Felicity only able to whimper and writhe as Nyssa ate her pussy to her heart's desire. Maybe she would even place a vibrator against Sara's clit so she could keep both blondes on the edge of orgasm for hours. But that was in the future.

For now Nyssa very much was concentrating on swallowing Felicity's cum, the brunette of course loving the flavour of it the second it hit her taste-buds and craving more. Getting more was easy now the floodgates were open, Nyssa simply moving her tongue from Felicity's cunt to gulp down her cum and then returning her tongue to that lovely little fuck hole for some intense tongue thrusting until she got another mouthful of cum. Nyssa then repeated the process over and over again, the only deviation being when she briefly pushed her finger into Felicity's entrance and used her tongue to lick her clit, but even then it wasn't long before she returned to her favourite routine.

Nyssa would have very much like to continue that routine, but she was vaguely aware of Sara moving from the bed to the side of her and then she cupped her face gently before tugging her backwards. As there wasn't much force behind it Nyssa could have resisted, but again she couldn't deny Sara anything, especially if the Canary wanted what Nyssa thought she wanted. Sure enough it was a simple kiss, except this was different to any they'd ever had before as Sara was tasting another woman's cum and pussy cream on Nyssa's lips and tongue, making the experience even more erotic than usual, and Nyssa wouldn't have thought that possible.

After a long, deep kiss Sara pulled away and breathlessly told her ex, "There are strap-ons in the bottom draw over there."

Getting the implication Nyssa got up, walked over to where Sara had indicated and studied what was on offer. After a brief moment of contemplation Nyssa chose a modest sized strap-on dildo for herself and a similar one for Sara, assuming they were going to mirror the last time only with Felicity in the middle. Or at least she hoped they would. Just in case she also retrieved a bottle of lubricant before turning around so that while she strapped on her weapon of choice she could watch Sara continuing to have her wicked way with Felicity, a sight she very much enjoyed.

After Nyssa got up Sara couldn't resist turning to Felicity and giving her pussy one long lick. Then a few little licks, just to make sure any remnants of cum were gone. Then despite a nearly overwhelming urge to continue Sara began slowly kissing her way up her girlfriend's body until she reached her lips. Well, she may have lingered on her boobs for a little bit, but that was just to make extra sure that Felicity had recovered from her orgasms and was ready for more. Fortunately Felicity's stamina had greatly improved since they'd started having sex a little over a year ago and by the time Sara reached her lips Felicity welcomed her with as passionate a kiss as they'd ever had before.

Felicity then tried to flip them over, only for Sara to stop her, break the kiss and grin, "Not so fast babe."

This caused Felicity to frown, "But it's your turn. Isn't it? I mean, it can be Nyssa's turn if you want, I just thought-"

"Have you ever thought about being DP'ed?" Sara asked bluntly, then when she saw the shock on Felicity's face added, "Cause ever since you fulfilled that particular fantasy of mine I've been wanting to do the same to you, and see the look on your face when you cum as hard as I did."

There was a brief pause and then Felicity softly mumbled, "I, I don't know."

"Oh come on baby, please?" Sara whined automatically, before quickly adding, "I mean, it's totally your choice, but you love it up the ass almost as much as I do, and I know it's always scary to try new things, but babe, seriously, if anything is worth pushing through fear it's this. And we'd totally stop if you wanted too. Or we could leave it for another night if you really want, but trust me, if you do you'll be kicking yourself. And, and you do trust me, don't you sweetie?"

There was another brief pause, then Felicity smiled, reached up and stroked Sara's face gently before replying, "Look who's rambling now."

"What can I say, you rub off on me." Sara grinned widely, wiggling her eyebrows to heavily imply the innuendo.

"Well I know you love it when I rub off on you." Felicity giggled, happily embracing the cheesy innuendo.

"And you love it too." Sara giggled back.

"I really do." Felicity said, staring lovingly at her girlfriend, "I love it, and I love you."

"Me too." Sara smiled softly, "I love it, and I love you too."

Feeling jealous for the first time tonight as for a couple of seconds the two blondes stared lovingly into each other's eyes Nyssa cleared her throat and asked, "Well Felicity, what is your answer?"

Startled out of her lovesick daze Felicity blinked a few times, looked back and forth between Nyssa and Sara and then eventually said, "Alright, but be gentle, okay?"

"Always." Sara smiled softly, that smile becoming wicked as she added, "At least as long as you want it that way."

That caused Felicity to blush so adorably that Sara just couldn't resist leaning down to give her girlfriend a quick kiss before jumping up, grabbing the dildo Nyssa held out for her and then strapping it around her waist. She then considered what exactly to do next. Obviously she wanted to get to the DP, but how should she lube the dildo first? She knew for a fact Felicity's pussy was nice and wet so the tube of lubricant would probably be overkill, and she preferred making Felicity give her a blow job before she fucked her pussy. But Felicity seemed a little nervous for that, so ultimately Sara decided to just spit into her hand, rub that saliva into the dildo and then simply lay down next to her girl.

"Hop on babe." Sara said, Felicity quickly complying and positioning her pussy over the dildo and then slowly pushing herself downwards.

The dildo easily slipped inside of Felicity's cunt and the hacker let out a long adorable moan as she first penetrated her own cunt and then lowered herself down the rest of the way. When she was fully sitting on Sara's lap Felicity closed her eyes and took a second just to enjoy the sensation. She then opened them again, and the two blondes exchanged a brief smile before Felicity began bouncing up and down on the dick, either because she remembered how Sara had told her that relaxed her when she had been in the middle of a DP or just because she wanted too. Either way Sara was in no hurry to stop her as there was nothing she liked more than Felicity Smoak riding her strap-on dildo.

Nyssa also loved this sight, but there was only so long she could wait to get involved again, and it already felt like an eternity, so it probably was not long before she called out, "Felicity, are you ready?"

Seeing the apprehension in her girlfriend's face Sara quickly chimed in, "Nyssa will lube up your ass first, right Nyssa?"

"Of course." Nyssa nodded.

"And like I said, we can stop at any time, but I really think you'll love it." Sara promised.

"Okay." Felicity agreed hesitatingly after a brief pause and then turned to Nyssa, "Just make sure to work up to two fingers. Really stretch out my butt before you fuck it."

Nyssa grinned wickedly, "This isn't the first time I've done this."

Felicity blushed slightly, which even to her seemed absurd under the circumstances, "I know."

Sara grinned as Nyssa kneeled down behind the blushing Felicity and, Sara assumed, pressed a well lubed finger to Felicity's ass hole and slowly pushed it inside her. Nyssa was too much a pro for it to be anything else, and the moan of mostly pleasure Felicity let out indicated that it wasn't anything the hacker couldn't handle, Felicity staying still as a statue as Nyssa finger fucked her ass. She had been that way ever since Nyssa broke her concentration, and while Sara mourned the loss of the bouncing watching Felicity's face as she was anally fingered to prepare her for a DP was almost just as good.

Just as Felicity had requested Nyssa thoroughly stretched her butt, eventually adding a second and then even a third finger into her butt hole, and then continuing to finger the forbidden hole until Felicity moaned, "Okay, that's good. Now fuck me. Mmmmmmm, fuck my ass! DP me! Oh please, DP me."

"As you wish." Nyssa smirked as she pushed one of Felicity's cheeks aside and then pressed her dildo to the girl's butt hole, "Relax little one."

"Felicity, look at me." Sara said softly, and then when Felicity looked her in the eye she told her, "You can do this. I've fucked that cute little hole plenty of times, and I know you'll love this even more, trust me babe."

Even though she couldn't see her face Nyssa could tell that Felicity was blushing, and that blush was adorable. It was reflected in Sara's sparkling eyes and the way her beloved grinned, Nyssa feel a twinge of jealousy before she remembered she intended to make both these beautiful women hers. That this was her chance to make what had become her greatest fantasy a reality, and perhaps all she would have to do is make a beautiful woman cum, which was her favourite thing in the world. Especially when she was using anal sex to achieve that goal, Nyssa focusing once again on Felicity's ass hole as she began pushing forwards, watching with delight as that hole stretched for her, eventually wide enough for the head of the dildo to slip inside.

"Oh God!" Felicity gasped as she felt herself begin stretching, then when her ass was actually penetrated she cried out, "OH GOD!"

"Baby, are you-" Sara began.

"I'm fine." Felicity insisted through gritted teeth, "I, I just need a minute."

Nyssa gave her one, tearing her eyes away from the beautiful sight of Felicity's ass hole stretching for her to Sara giving the other blonde a sympathetic look, quickly followed by a gentle kiss. That turned into a gentle kissing session, Nyssa's jealousy resurfacing, although Nyssa didn't have to look away this time. All she had to do was look back down at her cock stretching Felicity's butt hole and her most perverted of desires consumed her thoughts, Nyssa actually having to struggle to hold back for a full minute and the moment the brunette thought the blonde was ready she pushed forwards again with the same result as before.

Except this time there was no verbal exchange, Felicity just broke the kiss to cry out and then went right back to kissing Nyssa's beloved, not that Nyssa blamed her. In fact, she rather enjoyed it now that her lust consumed any other emotional response she might have been having, Nyssa's eyes flicking back and forth between where the two beautiful women were kissing and where her dildo was disappearing into Felicity's delightful bottom. Until of course the anal penetration was completed, Nyssa giving Felicity a chance to relax and to enjoy the moment before she officially started sodomising this enchanting creature who had managed to do the impossible.

Nyssa wouldn't have believed anyone could tear her heart away from Sara, as while Felicity hadn't technically did that she had been able to grab her heart and hold on, these two beautiful blondes consuming Nyssa's thoughts until one of them wasn't enough. And maybe that was actually a good thing, because it meant she could 'stuff' her beloved Canary and delightful nerd, Nyssa grinning with pride as thanks to her years of experience sodomising women she soon had Felicity moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering, and crying out from pure pleasure, Sara eventually breaking the kiss so that the two assassins could get the full enjoyment out of this sounds of the woman who had come between them in the best way possible.

Felicity wasn't sure what she had been expecting. Pleasure mostly, but with a lot of pain and weirdness she would need to get over to truly enjoy it. Instead she pretty much loved it right from the get go, Nyssa skilfully entering and then loosening her back passage so that big strap-on could slide in and out of her butt, not just rubbing against her rectum walls but the dildo inside her pussy. Or at least the thin wall of flesh separating them, that feeling better than Felicity could have imagined.

It felt so good that not only did her fuck holes relaxing what felt like record time but Felicity found herself racing towards a much needed orgasm. And that was just with Nyssa gently fucking her ass, and pushing her downwards onto Sara's cock. But of course just as Felicity could taste her own orgasm Nyssa slowed down, denying Felicity what she now so desperately wanted. Luckily she knew what she had to do to get it, and Felicity had absolutely no problem doing that right now.


With that Nyssa finally returned to the slow but steady pace she had been dishing out the majority of the ass fucking, Felicity crying out gratitude but continuing the begging as she has learned the hard way she would be punished for doing so. Well, technically that was Sara, but she doubted Nyssa would be more merciful. Then again Nyssa continued fucking her ass even as Felicity became increasingly incoherent, the brunette not even taunting her. Neither did Sara, although she did give her this look which might have been able to make Felicity cum on its own. It certainly helped push her to climax, as said the sudden thrust she got from Sara's dildo.

In fact Sara thrusting upwards into her pussy triggered the best orgasm of Felicity's young life, her holes clamping down around the toys inside it and her body shaking as pure bliss washed through her body. Not that it even slowed the assassins down for a second, Sara even beginning to fuck her almost as hard as Nyssa, and the brunette was really starting to cut loose, Felicity feeling like she literally lost her mind as she was fucked through orgasm after orgasm. Thankfully that wasn't the case, as no one wanted to date anyone who was literally mindless, which was the last rambling thought Felicity had for a good long while as she became consumed with pleasure.

Sara loved seeing Felicity like this. Free of all her worries and insecurities, and completely lost in what she was feeling. She just wished that her girlfriend could look her in the eye while she was cumming, because that was pretty much Sara's favourite thing ever. And that was really saying something considering all the wonderful things she did with Felicity, and had previously done with Nyssa. Of course it was no great hardship to watch Felicity with her eyes tightly closed or a faraway look in her eye and flailing so adorably from the force of her orgasms. Orgasms Nyssa was giving her, Sara weirdly delighted by that fact, which at least boded well for their little experiment.

While Felicity was in no condition to concentrate on such a thing as looking her in the eye Nyssa was more than willing to take over where Felicity left off, the former Heir to the Demon locking eyes with the Canary and smirking at her. Taking that smirk as a personal challenge Sara started thrusting upwards, gently at first but swiftly picking up the pace until it felt like more of a joint effort than her simply laying back and letting Nyssa do all the work. Which made Felicity scream louder and spasm more fiercely before finally collapsing down on top of Sara, whimpering and shaking from the after-shocks of her orgasms.

Immediately both the assassins stop thrusting and Nyssa looked extremely pleased with herself. For her part Sara bit her lip, wanting to continue but not sure if Felicity was up for it. Luckily Felicity raised her head up and gave her this look which Sara interpreted as continue, the vigilante known as the Canary cautiously thrusting upwards, and then when her girlfriend whimpered in mostly pleasure she gently but forcefully rolled both Felicity and Nyssa onto their sides and picked up the force of her thrusts.

For a few seconds Nyssa looked taken aback, then the wicked grin returned to her face and she began fucking Felicity's butt again, quickly timing it so she was using the same rhythm as Sara. The two former League of Assassins members then gradually picked up the pace somewhat, and although Nyssa never used the same amount of force when she was on top she and Sara ended up taking the hacker's fuck holes very forcefully, once again making Felicity cum even more until the poor thing passed out in Sara's arms. Only then did Sara stop completely, Nyssa following suit and then yanking her dildo out of Felicity's ass.

For a few long minutes Sara and Nyssa slowly got their breath back, then the brunette slowly got out of bed prompting the conscious blonde to softly call out, "You don't have to go, you know?"

Nyssa considered staying silent as she slowly got dressed, before ultimately murmuring, "I can't?"

"Why?" Sara asked, then when there was no reply pushed, "I want you to stay."

"So do I." Nyssa said, before turning back to her love, "She needs time to think. You both do. Until you reach a decision, I can fuck you, but I can't be around you both and just watch you be intimate without me. It hurts too much."

"Nyssa-" Sara began.

"Goodbye Sara." Nyssa said firmly, adding before she left, "I'm staying in the same place, and under the same name, as last time I was here. When you're ready with your answer, come and find me. I promise to accept whatever you decide, and... and thank you for these two special nights. They have been some of the greatest of my life, rivalling even our first time together."

"I love you Nyssa. No matter what." Sara promised as Nyssa headed for the window.

"I love you too. Both of you." Nyssa murmured, deliberately too softly for the other women to hear.


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