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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

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Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara Lance had been thrilled when then ex-girlfriend Nyssa al Ghul had suggested a threesome with Sara's then girlfriend Felicity Smoak, and it worked out better than she could have ever imagined. Surely nothing could beat that, right? Well, they were about to find out, because tonight she wasn't going to be just a Stuffed Canary. No, tonight she was going to be a Fully Stuffed Canary, meaning there would be a nice big strap-on cock in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time. And that was thanks to Thea Queen, their youngest teammate on Team Arrow and the girl she used to babysit for, and who now was the little fuck pet of Sara and her girlfriends. So surely Thea deserved a reward, right?

That's why Thea was currently handcuffed to the same bed where Sara had taken her anal cherry, naked except for a cute little dog collar around her neck and the butt-plug in her ass, whimpering so wonderfully as Sara slowly kissed her way back and forth between her nipples. Of course this wasn't the real reward, just a preview, one which had lasted a lot longer than Sara had anticipated as Felicity was running late, again, perhaps proving that Sara needed to have another talk with Oli about overworking her genius girlfriend. Or maybe not, as in this case she loved the excuse to make Thea squirm, until her desire to please Sara was overridden by her need for some satisfaction.

"Please..." Thea whined softly and pathetically, "Please Mistress Sara, fuck me."

"Did we give you permission to speak?" Nyssa asked softly.

"It's okay Nyssa." Sara quickly placated her watching girlfriend before turning her attention to her little sub, "It's okay. We've waited for Felicity long enough. And it might even be better this way."

With that Sara started kissing her way down Thea's flat stomach, forcing herself to go at least a little slowly while the younger girl cried out, "Oh God yes, mmmmmm, oh Mistress Sara fuck me! Fucking lick me! Eat my pussy! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, please, please, please do it. Lick me! I need you tooooooooo oooooooooh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd!"

It wasn't the first time Sara had gone down on this girl. Oh no, that came the day after the first foursome with Thea, in which Sara had genuinely been trying to be good, despite what Felicity might think, and stay away from the other girl at work, only approaching her at the end of her shift to explain that the previous night had been fun but Thea was under no obligation to do anything else if she didn't want too. It wasn't her fault that a few minutes later she had cleared her boss's desk, laid Thea down on top of it and then fucked the younger girl's brains out. It was totally Thea's for dropping to her knees and begging for the privilege of being Sara's bitch. Because really, what else could she do at that point?

Once she reached her destination Sara was thrilled to learn that Thea's pussy was just as tasty as she remembered it, although unlike the first time Sara went nice and slowly so she could really savour the taste of the girl who was still technically her boss, even if it had become crystal clear that Thea had no power over her, and didn't want it. In fact she seemed perfectly content with just squirming against Sara's tongue, although she did occasionally pull at the restraints on her hands and feet. Particularly her feet, although Sara was pretty sure that was just because Thea wanted to wrap her legs around her head like the very first time she had eaten her out.

Thea definitely wanted to do that, if just to reignite that precious memory of the first time her pussy had been treated to the incredibly skilled tongue of Sara Lance. Although she very much like the fact that she couldn't. That for all her training she was now completely helpless and at the mercy of these superior women. Of course that was true without the restraints, but they were an added thrill which Thea had quickly grown to love. Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa were two very experienced Doms, and with their help Thea had embraced the role of the sub and would happily do anything these dominant women wanted.

That this was now what they wanted was beyond thrilling, and if Thea had to endure a little pleasurable torture in the process so be it. Unfortunately Mistress Sara had pushed her beyond her capabilities, and while Mistress Sara had promised her she wouldn't be punished if it truly became too much like it did a few seconds ago Thea couldn't help but hope she would be punished anyway, and from the look on the face of Mistress Nyssa she would anyway, even if Mistress Sara wouldn't find out about it. Which was good, because there were a few things Thea like more than being bent over the knee of a superior woman, or her desk at work, or some other surface so she could receive a nice hard spanking from one of her Mistresses.

Although it as hard to think about things she might receive in the future while another woman was going down on her. An incredibly experienced woman who was only too happy to show off her skills at eating pussy, skills which easily put her to shame despite over the past few weeks practically living with her head in between the legs of one of her owners. Her wonderful Mistress Sara, who was currently driving her crazy with just a few gentle licks, and just as Thea thought she was getting used to it Mistress Sara lingered on her clit to pull her from her mind and makes her cry out extra loudly once again. God, it was heaven. Or at least it was for a lesbian slut like Thea Queen.

Bisexual slut would probably be more accurate, but Thea's dating life after Roy wasn't exactly stellar and she had made it very clear to her Mistresses that she was only too happy to give up men if it meant being their little dyke fuck pet. Hell, given the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling right now Thea would have become a nun if Mistress Sara would only make her cum. So overwhelmed was she that Thea didn't even notice when someone else entered the room. Partly because they remained uncharacteristically silent for a few long seconds before making their presence known, initially startling Thea before she grinned happily.

"Sara, what the hell!" Felicity exclaimed, forcing herself to sound angry before she grinned and playfully scolded, "You started without me?"

"Sorry babe, you were just taking so long." Sara apologised after reluctantly removing her mouth from Thea's pussy and turned to the other blonde. She then stood up and strolled over to Felicity while telling her, "But now you're here... the real fun can begin."

Felicity opened her mouth to ask what exactly Sara meant by that, but before she could get a word out the Canary kissed her. Although assaulted her might have been more accurate, Sara pushing her tongue into her mouth straightaway so Felicity would have absolutely no choice but to taste Thea Queen's pussy on her girlfriend's lips and tongue. Not that it would really matter, because after a year of being together Felicity couldn't imagine ever turning Sara down for a kiss, even if it resulted in her feeling incredibly guilty. In this case especially guilty because she undeniably liked the taste, and even moaned softly when it hit her tastebuds, causing Sara to smirk triumphantly for a few seconds before Felicity started kissing back.

After making out for a few passionate minutes Sara grinned knowingly, "How did our slut taste?"

"Good." Felicity blushed, unable to deny it, "But I'm still not sure I can, you know..."

"Oh come on baby, you know you want too." Sara pushed, "And Thea does too, isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress Sara!" Thea quickly agreed, "I want Mistress Felicity to eat me. Please Mistress Felicity, eat my pussy. I want you to eat my little dyke cunt soooooo bad Mistress Felicity, please do it."

"You heard the girl." Sara said, slipping behind Felicity, placing her head on her shoulder and pointing her in the direction of Thea's open legs, "Just look at that wonderful little invitation? Can you really turn it down when I got it all nice and ready for you? Wouldn't that just be a waste?"

"Well, yeah... but-" Felicity began.

"No more buts." Sara quickly interrupted, before softening her tone again, "Come on Felicity, Thea has been our dyke bitch for months now and you still haven't tasted her."

"Which is cruel given how much you've used her mouth." Nyssa chimed in with a wicked grin.

"Exactly." Sara agreed, giving Felicity a gentle push forward, figuratively and literally, "So come on babe, go get you some of that 20-year-old pussy."

Felicity stumbled forward, gulped softly, and then whispered to herself, "Oliver, please forgive me."

With that Felicity took Sara's place on the bed and took her first long lick of Thea Queen's pussy. Well, straight from the source, because she had tasted it before on Nyssa's lips and tongue, and the fingers of Nyssa and Sara, as both of her girlfriends prepared her for this moment. Although nothing could have really prepared her for the moment she tasted Oliver's little sister right from the source and heard Thea her moaning for her as she licked her. The guilt was just so overwhelming, but not as much as her desire for more, Felicity quickly establishing a steady tongue rhythm as she began greedily licking Thea's little pussy.

Those first half a dozen licks were slow and gentle, and Felicity completely ignored Thea's clit despite the fact it looks so swollen and needy, because despite her apprehension now she had finally crossed this line Felicity wanted to savour the first time she fucked her friend and little sister of her boss with her mouth. However the constant whimpering out of Thea's mouth ultimately convinced Felicity to show her friend some mercy in the form of some attention to her clit, at first just touching it with every stroke of her tongue, but then quickly moving to lingering on it and then taking it into her mouth, both of which really made Thea cry out in pleasure and her yummy juices flow.

It was tempting to push even further, but then Sara scolded her, "Felicity, don't spoil our bitch."

"I think that's a little hypocritical given how much you've spoiled her with all those ass fuckings." Nyssa grinned wickedly at Sara, before turning to Felicity, "But Sara's right, there is no need to spoil her. Or rush this. Mmmmmm, especially not when your pretty little blonde head look so good in between the legs of Oliver Queen's little sister."

The little reminder of who this was had Felicity blushing a little, but thankfully her girlfriends didn't keep reminding her. In fact they remained suspiciously silent, Felicity glancing over at them to see what they were up to, without pausing the pussy licking of course, as she was very used to having to keep one eye on especially Sara. To her surprise, and delight, the worst the other two did was strip themselves. Other than that they just seemed generally content with watching her, which Felicity actually found a little flattering. It made her want to put on a show for them, and that's exactly what she did, using every wicked trick that Nyssa and Sara had taught her to tease Thea for what felt like hours before finally giving her what she wanted.

Thea whimpered joyfully throughout this. Lately all her secret desires had been satisfied, or more accurately the ones involving having amazing lesbian sex with Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul. However sex with Felicity Smoak had been limited to Thea being given the privilege of eating Mistress Felicity's pussy and there was a big part of her which selfishly wanted more. Which wasn't surprising considering she used to be a spoilt heiress, but Thea felt she had done a good job of shaking the bratty nature she may be had as a young child turned into mature women, and more importantly a good sub who patiently waited to be given a treat.

It had been hard, because Thea really wanted Mistress Felicity to join in the fun some more. At lease with Thea involved. The hacker had no problem when Thea was chained up and forced to watch her Mistresses go at it, but she had only had the privilege of watching that ones and while it gave her plenty of masturbation material watching it had been torturous as she wanted in so badly, and was ravenous when she was finally unchained. Fortunately Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara were happy to oblige, even if unfortunately Mistress Felicity hadn't. But she was now, and that's all that mattered, Thea forcing herself to remain silent and just enjoy this even as her body ached for more.

Luckily Mistress Sara was a big softy at heart, and showed some mercy by offering up some encouragement, "Come on Felicity, you know I love watching you eat pussy, but there's no need to overdo the teasing. Trust me, poor little Thea has suffered enough."

"And who's fault is that, beloved?" Nyssa quipped with a smirk.

"Felicity's." Sara replied without hesitation, then when Felicity lifted her head and gave her a look she simply shrugged and added, "What? You were late."

"And you need to learn some self-control." Felicity pointed out, before licking her lips and looking up at Thea while she continued to talk to her other girlfriends, "But Thea shouldn't have to suffer for your impatience, so as long as she asks nicely I'll be more than happy to make her cum."

Her eyes lighting up Thea whimpered, "Please Mistress Felicity, make me cum. Please fuck me and make me cum for you. I want to cum for you, I want toooooo ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddd! Fuck yes, fuck me, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Honestly Thea would have liked the opportunity to beg a little longer, simply because she didn't know when it would be her getting her pussy eaten again, and there would never be another first time that Felicity Smoak would be doing it, but really that was just the spoiled brat in her threatening to come out again. Anyway, it was really hard to be disappointed when another woman was slipping a finger inside her very welcoming pussy, Thea losing the ability to speak as Mistress Felicity slowly pushed her finger inside her. She then leaned back when Mistress Felicity gave them both a moment to savour having her finger all the way inside Thea's cunt, but it was only briefly as soon afterwards the other woman officially began finger fucking her.

Soon after that Mistress Felicity lent down and began gently licking Thea's clit, Overwatch effortlessly bringing Speedy to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. She then kept her there for a little while, but it wasn't long before Mistress Felicity was slipping a second finger in and then wrapping her lips around Thea's clit and sucking on it. Not hard, but hard enough to make Thea cum. Oh was it ever hard enough to make her cum, Thea throwing her head back and letting out a loud scream of pleasure as her pussy clamped down hard on the fingers of her Mistress and covered them with her girl cum. Then she did it again and again and again, Mistress Felicity effortlessly spoiling Thea with multiple orgasms.

Felicity didn't mean to make Thea cum quite so much, and she was surprised her assassin girlfriends didn't say something. Or just pull her off. It wouldn't even be hard as they were a lot stronger than she was, but they must have been enjoying the show too much to stop it. Which was flattering. Mostly. There was a part of Felicity which felt like they were smirking at her the entire time, and at least Sara was probably touching herself, but mostly it was a flattering testament to her vastly improved skills, and watch her with someone who wasn't technically part of the relationship without any jealousy. Which just showed how twisted their relationship had become, but still.

It also helped that Felicity knew exactly what they had planned for the night, and unless that changed for some unlikely reason Thea wasn't going to need to do much but just lie here and look pretty. Hell, Felicity could have fucked Thea into unconsciousness and they could have still probably gone through with what they had planned. In fact she could all but guarantee they would, which was good thing, especially when Felicity tasted Thea's girl cum and instantly wanted more. She had felt that way when Sara had gone down on Thea and then kissed her afterwards. In fact that memory was one of the many reasons why Felicity had agreed to do this. But tasting it because she was making Thea Queen cum was a wholly different experience.

Her mouth was so close to Thea's cum leaking cunt it was inevitable that she would taste some, and when she did Felicity immediately removed her fingers from her friend's pussy and replace them with her mouth, greedily sucking at that yummy hole until there was no more girl cum to swallow. Then she slammed her tongue inside that tight little twat and hammered it in and out until Thea once again came, her experience with Nyssa and particularly Sara allowing Felicity to instantly remove her tongue and swallowing at least the majority of that precious liquid before she reinserted her tongue and repeated the process.

This continued until finally someone intervened and suddenly Felicity found herself being yanked upwards, turned around and roughly kissed. It all happened so fast Felicity honestly wasn't sure who it was, but as she felt a soft feminine body pressed against her own she relaxed and assumed it was one of her girlfriends. Probably Sara. In fact she'd be willing to bet money on it, both on the way the other woman kissed her, and her impatience of waiting for Felicity to stop of her own accord. Then after a few minutes of frantic kissing Felicity was proven right, Sara breaking the kiss and then stepping back to give Felicity that megawatt smile which was so rarely seen, and made her heart flutter at the fact that she was the one it could bring this out of Sara given how solemn she had been when they first met.

"That was amazing babe." Sara grinned wickedly, "Now we just need to get you to strap on your big dick and fuck Thea up her tight little ass."

"Assuming that you'll leave that hole alone long enough for Felicity to have a turn." Nyssa quipped, "Or anyone else for that matter."

"Hey, it's not my fault I'm the one with the most access to that sweet little butt." Sara pointed out, and then looking over her shoulder before Felicity got her attention.

Those words of course made Felicity blush a little, but she joined in on the fun by reaching down to roughly squeeze Sara's ass and as confidently as she could manage told her, "It's not Thea's tight little ass I'm going to be fucking tonight."

Sara gasped softly when Felicity grabbed her butt, then she grinned excitedly, "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Felicity said boldly, "And since you were the one who begged us to make you a fully stuffed Canary you can go get my big dick, strap it around my waist and get it nice and ready for your slutty little ass hole."

"Mine too." Nyssa added, "Don't forget my big dick. Or one for Thea."

"Yes Mistress Felicity, yes Mistress Nyssa." Sara said only half mockingly as she eagerly did what she was told.

Sara had already picked out exactly which dildos her girlfriends, and fuck pet, were going to be using on her, so it was a simple matter of pulling open the bottom dresser draw where they kept their favourite toys, grabbing the three strap-ons on top of the pile and then quickly returning to Felicity. She then dropped to her knees in front of the hacker and held out the harness for Felicity to step into, Felicity quickly obliging so Sara could pull it up her thighs and then tightened it around the physically weaker blonde's waist. Then Sara took a firm hold of the dildo, gave it one playful stroke and then looked up at Felicity before wrapping her lips around the head of the man-made meat and then began to bob her head up and down.

"That's it bitch, suck my cock!" Felicity boldly told the assassin, knowing it was exactly what both her girlfriends wanted, the looks they were giving her encouraging her to continue, "Yeah, suck it! Get it nice an wet for your slutty little ass hole. You don't want lube, do you? No, Sara Lance is such a massive anal whore that she can take it up the ass with just a little spit. And she wants to feel a little pain for the inevitable pleasure as her whore hole is stretched and reminded that it's a fuck hole for Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul! Fuck Sara, you look so good on your knees. Oh yeah baby, you look good on your knees, sucking my big dick so I can shove it right up your sexy little ass, but I think we are making Nyssa jealous. Aren't we baby?"

"Damn right you are!" Nyssa grinned, moving to stand right beside Felicity, "Oh Felicity, I do love watching Sara suck your cock, but don't hog her. Mmmmm, I want some of that whore mouth too. And we are supposed to be sharing her after all."

"Of course." Felicity agreed, briefly looking at Nyssa while doing so before turning her attention back to Sara, roughly grabbing the other blonde's hair and pulling her mouth away from her strap-on, "You heard us slut, don't pretend like you didn't. Strap Nyssa's cock to her and suck it! Yeah, suck it like you've been sucking mine."

"Yes Mistress Felicity, yes Mistress Nyssa." Sara said, this time without any mockery in her voice as she quickly did as she was told.

In what felt like seconds Nyssa's strap-on was firmly around her waist and Sara was eagerly taking it into her mouth. Clearly showing her approval Nyssa wrapped her fingers into Sara's hair, gently pushed more dildo into the kneeling woman's mouth and then restarted the verbal encouragement that Felicity had so wonderfully started. Sara listened to every word of it with a happy smile on her face, although it definitely wasn't her main focus. No, that was giving Nyssa a thorough blow job. One a well practised cock sucker like herself could be proud of. But before she could really get going and stuff that dick down her throat she was forcefully pulled off of it and onto the other, surprisingly by Felicity.

"My turn." Felicity said brightly, "And you better deep throat this time bitch!"

Those words of course delighted Sara and she rushed to obey, quickly taking enough dildo into her mouth that it was poking the entrance to her throat. It then slipped into her windpipe, Sara fighting her urge to gag as she continued her dissent with every bob of her head. Then just as she was about to get the last few inches she was pulled off again, this time by Nyssa, and ordered her to do the same thing for her. This process was repeated a few times before finally Sara was allowed to deep throat the entire length of first Felicity's cock, and then Nyssa's cock, which was slightly frustrating but mostly just hot for the vigilante known as the Canary.

Then after a minute or two of literally fucking Sara's mouth Nyssa pushed the blonde away and then as she gasped on the floor she told her, "Don't forget about Thea. She still needs to be equipped and prepared."

"Yeah Sara." Felicity chimed in lustfully, "Give your little bitch a cock she can fuck your cunt with."

"Oh, she won't be fucking me babe." Sara grinned, standing up and walking over to the bed, "I will."

"You mean we will." Nyssa corrected.

"Yeah, sure." Sara murmured, too busy with the final strap-on to really pay attention.

Given how Thea was still bound to the bed this final stage was difficult, but far from impossible for someone like Sara. It helped that Thea had fully regained consciousness after her rather draining series of orgasms so she was able to wordlessly lift her butt up so Sara could slide the harness underneath it and then strap it around her waist before proceeding to give the younger girl a nice and sloppy wet blow job. Although the difference was that she wasn't pushed back and forth between this dildo and another, and the entire time Sara stared up into Thea's eyes while remembering just how thoroughly she had dominated this girl over the past few weeks. And exactly what was going to happen next.

Thea was also very mindful how totally Mistress Sara had dominated her, to the point where she thought of her as Mistress Sara in her head, and of course the amazing gift she would receive next, but her main focus was on the present as Sara Lance gave her a blow job. That alone blew Thea's mind. It was a kind of kinky act Thea could have never imagined, even after becoming Mistress Sara's plaything. The fact she was handcuffed to a bed made it very clear who was in charge, but still. And God, did Mistress Sara ever look beautiful like this. Oh yes, Sara Lance looked good sucking Thea's cock. And she was doing such a good job of it, eventually taking the entire length down her throat so she could cover it with her spit.

Then all of a sudden Mistress Sara was crawling up the bed until they were again face to face, and so that her pussy was hovering over Thea's cock. Mistress Sara then smiled at her wickedly and without breaking eye contact reached down, grabbed hold of the dildo and held it firmly in place while she pushed herself downwards. Eye contact was then briefly broken as Mistress Sara closed her eyes and let out a long moan, obviously savouring the penetration. Then she opened her eyes again as she began slowly lowering herself down further, the older woman easily taking the dildo and then again savouring the moment when she was sitting on Thea's lap with the full length buried inside her.

It wasn't long after that pause that Nyssa called out, "Sara, stop wasting time and start riding that dick."

"Yeah baby, ride it." Felicity agreed, and then when Sara did as she was told Felicity happily continued, "Oh yes that's it Sara, ride that dick! Mmmmmm, you look so sexy babe. So sexy riding Thea's dick. Come on Sara, bounce up and down. Make us want to fuck you."

Shooting her girlfriends what kind of looked like a playful grin from where Thea was Mistress Sara slowly increased the pace of her bouncing. It was likely she was going to do that anyway now she had built up a rhythm, but it was clear she still enjoyed the encouragement, and so did Thea. She had loved dirty talk before becoming her friend's sex slave, and now she loved it even more. Almost as much as watching Mistress Sara's boobs bounce up and down with every thrust, or the look on Mistress Sara's face as she turned back to her. Of course she didn't have a great view of what happened next, but she definitely love that too.

"So, do you want her ass first, or shall I do the honours?" Nyssa asked Felicity.

"You do it." Felicity replied without hesitation, "I don't think I have the patience to be gentle with her right now."

"Very well. Sara, stay still and allow me to get into your ass!" Nyssa said, slowly leaning down behind her prey and softly asking, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa?" Sara replied after a brief hesitation.

"That's right bitch." Nyssa purred lustfully, before slapping Sara's butt, "Do not forget again."

When her butt was slapped Mistress Sara understandably let out an audible gasp, quickly followed by a smile as Mistress Nyssa pulled one of her butt cheeks a side with one hand while lubricating two fingers on the other hand by briefly popping them into her mouth before bringing that hand down to her target. From the happy sounds that followed Thea guessed that Mistress Sara was being anally fingered, with what happening next being pretty obvious to the bounded sex slave. It was then especially Thea wished she could see exactly what was happening, but she still felt it was an honour just taking part in this small way. Especially as the constant bashing against her clit thanks to the stimulator within the harness was giving her more physical pleasure than she could have guessed, along with the mental high of being able to DP Mistress Sara.

Nyssa was very much looking forward to that, although she would not allow her lust for Sara or her amazing ass to cause her to hurt her first love. Of course she was probably way too cautious, considering she was back to giving Sara extremely frequent anal poundings, but Nyssa didn't feel that anyone could blame her, especially Felicity as she knew how fun it was to finger fuck Sara Lance and hear the Canary go from cooing happily to grumbling about not getting what she wanted. Not that Nyssa really paid attention to such things. No, she was too busy enjoying stretching Sara's sexy little ass hole with first one, and then two fingers.

When she finally pulled her fingers out and pressed the head of her strap-on against her girlfriend's slutty ass hole Sara let out an excited gasp and Nyssa could tell she was opening her mouth to encourage this action. Before she could Nyssa rammed forwards, roughly forcing the head of the dildo into Sara's butt and causing the Canary to cry out loudly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. As not even that could force a cry of pure pain out of her little bird Nyssa had absolutely no sympathy for her, and gave a series of hard thrusts to force the rest of the dick up Sara's butt before officially beginning the sodomy. Which of course caused Sara to gasp, groan and cry out in mostly pleasure.

Then Nyssa roughly smacked Sara's ass a few times, which for most people would have been a punishment, but depraved whore that she was Sara Lance just groaned in pleasure. Which made it tempting to use every ounce of her strength to smack and fuck Sara's ass, which just might be soon enough that she wouldn't enjoy it, if that was even possible, but no. Nyssa wasn't willing to really take the risk of hurting her beloved Canary. Besides, with her years of experience pounding ass, and Sara's years of experience of taking it up the ass, it was a simple matter of minutes before Sara's bowels loosened to the point that she was moaning loudly in pure pleasure, and shortly after that she started to beg for more.

"Hard! Mmmmmm, fuck me harder Nyssa." Sara moaned softly and dreamily, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, pound my ass! Fucking slam my fucking little hole! Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me harder, AH!"

Suddenly grabbing a firm hold of Sara's hair Nyssa yanked it up violently so the blonde was forced to lift her head up, allow the brunette to growled, "What happened to Mistress Nyssa?"

"I, I, I..." Sara stammered, genuinely caught off-guard, "I wasn't being serious."

Nyssa raised an eyebrow, then asked knowingly, "But you wanted to be?"

"Permanently? No... but for right now, hell yeah." Sara admitted with a grin.

"Then beg properly you whore!" Nyssa demanded, yanking back on Sara's hair.

"AH, fuck me! Fuck me Nyssa!" Sara grinned mischievously just to get another yank, then when she got it continued more submissively, "AH FUCK! Oh Mistress Nyssa, please fuck my ass! Mmmmmm, please fuck my tight little ass hole. Fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a bitch. Please Mistress Nyssa, fuck me harder in my bitch hole."

Nyssa grinned, "One harder ass fucking, coming right up."

"Wait!" Felicity interrupted, "Don't hog her. She's my girlfriend too. I want a turn with that slutty little bitch hole of hers."

There was a brief pause and then Nyssa grinned again, "I'm sorry Felicity, you're absolutely right. You should have a turn with this bitch's butt hole... so go ahead. Do it! Mmmmm, stuff Sara's bitch hole so we can make her air tight."

"Oh God yes, stuff my ass Mistress Felicity!" Sara begged gleefully, "Stuff my slutty little ass full of your cock so Mistress Nyssa can stuff hers in my mouth and make me suck it clean while you're fucking my ass. Make me your stuff Canary. Mmmmmm, your fully stuffed Canary. I wanna be Mistress Felicity's and Mistress Nyssa's fully stuffed Canary. Oh God, my ass feel so empty, and so does my mouth. Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa fill my holes. Ohhhhhhh shove your cocks up my ass and in my ass so I can be made air tight. Come on Mistress Felicity, take my slutty little ass hole and fuck me like a bitch, just like Mistress Nyssa did. Please just fuck me! Fuck me, fuck ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck my ass, oooooooh fuck!"

As she had spoke Nyssa pulled her strap-on completely out of Sara's ass, shifted her body so she was kneeling to the side of the Canary and then spread her cheeks widely and invitingly for the hacker. Felicity watched this with interest, and opened her mouth to either taunt Sara or tell her to beg, but as Sara beat her to it, and wouldn't let her get a word in edgeways, ultimately she just seemed to give up and kneeled behind her ultimate target and took aim at it. Despite her earlier words she then slowly violated Sara's loosened and open ass hole, which was a little disappointing for Nyssa, but only a little as she got a front row seat to the debauchery.

Sara was far more disappointed by it, and frustrated, and yet it was another reason she loved Felicity so much. Her nerdy girl knew Sara want her to tease her, and slowly pushing that dildo up her desperately wanting to be fucked ass was probably the best way she could do that. Well, that and giving her an infuriatingly slow and gentle butt fucking once the full length of that strap-on was buried inside her bowels, which of course Felicity did. Although as much as she craved to be fucked hard this way Sara would be able to enjoy the sensation of getting triple stuffed even more, something she literally couldn't wait any longer for, so once again she began begging.

"Mistress Nyssa, please give me your cock. Mmmmmm, I want your cock in my mouth." Sara whined in between moans, "I wanna suck my own ass off your cock while Mistress Felicity fucks my ass with hers. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I wanna be made air tight. Please make me air tight like the little slut I am. Please? You promised, ohhhhhhh, you promised you'd make me air tight. Ooooooh yeah, to stuff all my holes and make me your little stuffed Canary, mmmmmm, your fully stuffed Canary, so just do it! Feed me your yummy ass flavoured girl cock as Mistress Felicity uses hers to fuck my slutty butt. Oh come on Mistress Nyssa, you know you want too. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck my mouth, mmmmmm, fuck my dyke mouth with your girl cock! Oh yes!"

Finally Nyssa moved towards her and pressed the tip of the dildo which had just been deep inside Sara's ass against Sara's lips, the Canary immediately parting them so Nyssa could push forwards even more so that the strap-on slid inside Sara's mouth. Sara then moaned happily as the taste of her own ass hit her taste-buds, and she closed her eyes not only to savour the flavour but the moment she was officially made airtight. Oh yes, she finally had a cock in her cunt, and another in her ass, and yet another one in her mouth, which had to be the ultimate slutty thing she could do. It certainly made her feel like a total slut, which she adored. And just when she didn't think it could get any better, it did, as her girlfriends began taunting her.

"Yessssss, that's it you perverted little bitch, suck it! Mmmmmm, suck my cock!" Nyssa ordered gleefully, "Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that, but you look even better with a cock in every single one of your holes. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, my sweet Canary looks good with everyone of her holes stuffed with dick! Yeahhhhhh, take it! Take it slut! Take it in every one of your holes! Yesssssss, let's see Sara Lance take a girl cock in each one of her dyke fuck holes at the same time like the total lesbian whore that she is! Oh yeah, that's so hot! How does it look to you, Mistress Felicity?"

"Amazing." Felicity moaned softly, a little preoccupied by the sight before her, but for Sara's sake she forced herself to recover and get into the dirty talk, "Sara's ass looks like it was made for my girl dick. And it was! Oooooooh yeah, yours and mine. Sara's little ass hole was always meant to take our dicks, just like her mouth was meant to clean them afterwards. Which is what's happening right now isn't it? Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I see you Sara. Sucking on that dick just been in your ass. Mmmmmm, fucking ATM whore. And now yours our little air tight whore! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, thanks to Thea you're now our little air tight whore, our three hole slut, our fully stuffed Canary taking it in each and every one of her hot little dyke fuck holes! Isn't that right Thea?"

"That's right." Thea piped up, "Mmmmm, and she really does look so fucking good. So-"

"Shut up slut, superior women are talking." Nyssa interrupted, before going right back to the dirty talk, "Oh yes Sara, you look so good taking it in all your holes. Mmmmmm, and you're taking it so well you dirty little slut."

If her mouth wasn't full Sara would have thanked them for the flattery, and be happily agreeing with all the dirty words that she loved so much. As Nyssa's dick was stuffing her mouth Sara settled for smiling around it and staring up lovingly at her first true love, as the second one continued gently sodomising her. Most of all she greedily sucked that cock, cleaning every single drop of her butt cream from the head of the strap-on in a matter of seconds before working her way down the shaft. She took a little more time with the middle portion before ultimately stuffing the dildo down her throat so she could clean the last of her ass juice, Nyssa helpfully shuffling forward every so often to make it easier for her.

Shortly after Sara's lips reached the base Nyssa paused the taunting and said, "Awww, looks like this deep-throating slut has no more ass cream to clean. Any idea what we could do about that Felicity?"

Taking the hint Felicity smiled, "I might."

With those words Felicity yanked her cock out of Sara's ass and Nyssa pulled hers from Sara's mouth and the two swap places. If Sara had been the one pounding some ass she would have been seek it as well, especially as Nyssa could be such a butt hog, but she suspected this was just another example of how selfless Felicity could be, once again putting Sara's needs before her own. In this case Sara's need, or at least perverted desire, for butt cream, Sara eagerly opening her mouth like a baby bird a second before Felicity was even in position. This earned her a look which seemed to say 'typical' from Felicity, but the selfless girl didn't hesitate in giving Sara what she wanted.

Neither did Nyssa. In fact she seemed to deliberately time it so that as soon as Felicity was pushing her ass flavoured cock into Sara's open mouth she was shoving her spit coated dick straight up Sara's slutty ass. Her ass hole was nowhere near as open as her mouth, but it was so loose and slightly open so all Sara really felt was pleasure from that penetration. Well, there was little pain, but that only added to her pleasure because she was a twisted little slut. Further proof of that was how she moaned again when the unique flavour of her own butt hit her taste-buds, Sara closing her eyes to savour the sensation of her mouth an ass once again being filled, making her air tight.

She got plenty of chances to savour that feeling as Nyssa and Felicity switch places over and over again, making sure Sara was constantly tasting her own ass on one of their cocks. It also ensured that her slutty ass was thoroughly stretched out and prepared for the pounding to come. Honestly it was a bit much, considering just how regularly her two girlfriends butt fucked her, and then Sara liked a little pain with her pleasure. Of course she still got it, just another way. An arguably more pleasurable way, as Felicity and Nyssa kept up the constant switching much longer than was necessary, making Sara ache for a climax. Which in a way made her love them even more, but there was only so much teasing that even a trained assassin could take.

Inevitably as Felicity and Nyssa switch places for what felt like the millionth time Sara cried out desperately, "Hard! Fuck me harder! Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, make me cum. I need to cum. Oh please, I need to cum with your cocks inside me. All of them! You too Thea. I want all your cocks inside of me, fucking all my fucking fuck holes like the greedy little whore I am. Please? Please pound all my slutty little fuck holes at the same time. Make your fully stuffed Canary cum. Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, use my mouth and ass hole like a whore's cunt while I ride Thea's cock with my whore cunt so I can cum like never before."

There was a brief pause, just to make sure Sara had finished, then Nyssa turned to Felicity and asked, "What do you think my love?"

"Well, she did asked nicely for it. And she did remember our proper titles." Felicity pointed out with a grin, "So I say we give it to her."

"Agreed." Nyssa smiled wickedly as she and Felicity finished switching places, "I'm in the mood for some hard fucking anyway."

With that Nyssa shoved her cock back into Sara's mouth, the blonde not savouring the flavour this time and instead just eagerly starting to suck as she knew what was to come. Meanwhile the other blonde slowly pushed her dick back into Sara's ass, honestly more slowly than Sara would have liked, but she always trusted Felicity to give her what she wanted. Sure enough after a initial slow thrust which buried every inch of that strap-on back up her butt, and also establishing a steady rhythm, Felicity began picking up speed, inevitably giving Sara the hard butt pounding she so desperately wanted. About the same time Nyssa started fucking her mouth, making this heavenly experience even better than what came before, and even though it didn't seem possible it was only going to get better.

For a few long seconds Sara found herself on the edge of orgasm, but she was so overwhelmed she couldn't tell whether Felicity was teasing her or her body trying to resist just so she could get a few more precious seconds of awareness of this wonderful assault on her body. Either way as amazing as the triple fucking was her inevitable climax came as a relief, and a powerful one at that. Perhaps even more powerful than any she had ever known. The ones that followed it definitely were, because Sara was being roughly pounded by the two women she loved, and their pet slut, making her feel just so overwhelmed. So loved. So fucked.

Felicity did her best to hold back her own climax, but it was only a matter of time. Not just for the stimulator inside the harness constantly bashing against her clit, but because of Sara's butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust, and the sounds their flesh meeting made. Also the garbled screams of pleasure which were escaping from Sara's thoroughly fucked mouth. Most of all there was a mental high from not only butt fucking this deadly assassin, but being part of a triple fucking. Oh yes, with the help of Nyssa and Thea she was giving Sara her first ever triple pounding, and Felicity had arguably the most important role at the moment is not only was she slamming Sara's ass hole but with every thrust she was impaling her pussy on Thea's cock.

It helped a lot that Nyssa was more or less in the same boat as she was, even if Felicity was worried that the Heir to the Demon and was taking Sara's words a little too literally. Because Felicity had seen Sara take a lot of punishment, both of the pleasurable kind and the non-pleasurable kind, but she had never throat fucked her quite this brutally before. Which was really saying something, because Sara had confessed a love for rough sex, and it was hardly surprising that both Nyssa enjoyed it too and it was something they had frequently done together, but they had been having it more and more around Felicity, making her feel increasingly inadequate.

For better or for worse this led to Felicity giving Sara's ass everything she had, perhaps fucking it harder than ever before. As a result she squeezed a lot of orgasms out of Sara, and inevitably out of herself, but to her credit Felicity pushed through it and the ones that followed as she was determined to prove she could be just as much a top, or at least just as much a butt buster, as Nyssa al Ghul. Whether she achieved that goal was debatable, but thanks to her previous times with Sara and her training outside the bedroom Felicity did herself proud. Ultimately though she reached her limit, and rather embarrassing herself by collapsing she pulled out and admired her handiwork.

After a few long seconds of staring at Sara's gaping butt hole Felicity turned to Nyssa and told her, "Your turn."

Wordlessly Nyssa removed her cock from Sara's mouth, moved behind her and shoved that big dildo up Sara's ass. If it was Felicity there was no way she could resist saying something, but there was something really sexy about the way Nyssa could move so silently and then just as silently going for the kill. Which was very much metaphorical in this case, which luckily Felicity didn't dwell on as she just stared at Nyssa as she had her way with Sara's butt, contentious to watch at first. Then she remembered her insecurities, and moved around Sara so she could shove her ass flavoured cock into her girlfriend's mouth one last time tonight and try and face fuck her half as hard as Nyssa just did.

Thea was so jealous of Mistress Sara right now. She had been jealous of her throughout the triple fucking, but it was never more overwhelming than at that instant, because although it was very close Mistress Nyssa was the best butt fucker of the group and to see her delivering a hard anal pounding was truly a work of art. Combined with Mistress Sara getting to taste her own ass via Mistress Felicity's cock and the fact that every thrust from Mistress Nyssa impaled Mistress Sara's cum squirting cunt on the dildo strapped around Thea's waist and Thea wasn't sure she could even fathom how submissive pleasure Mistress Sara was feeling right now.

Surely the only way that it could possibly be better was if Thea was a thrusting upwards into Mistress Sara? Thea wasn't sure about that at first, because she had been so lost in submission lately it was hard for her to imagine topping in any way, and even what she was doing now felt kind of unnatural. But it also felt really good, and Thea would do absolutely anything to give Mistress Sara just a little bit more pleasure. However she was worried that there would be repercussions from her other Mistresses. And sure enough when she did try a few cautious thrusts Thea soon received a look from Mistress Nyssa which could practically kill a man. So she quickly cut it out in favour of letting her Mistresses do all the work.

Of course mostly it was Mistress Nyssa, but Mistress Felicity was doing her best to make Thea insanely jealous, and no doubt make Mistress Sara cum harder, as she slowly forced her strap-on into Mistress Sara's mouth and then began to fuck it. And fuck it with more force than Thea thought Mistress Felicity was willing to give. Hell, it was so hard that Thea's throat tingled with the memory of previous face fuckings she had received from Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara. It also made her cum, the stimulator inside the harness and the sheer joy of doing this to Mistress Sara making Thea cum oh so wonderfully hard. So really, she couldn't complain.

Especially considering that after who knows how many mutual orgasms Mistress Nyssa roughly pulled her cock from Mistress Sara's misused ass and after admiring her handiwork for a few long seconds walked around and shoved her cock into Thea's face, Mistress Felicity politely moving aside to make this easier on everyone. Whether there was initially more words than 'suck it' would perhaps always be a mystery to Thea as she immediately opened her mouth and started greedily sucking at the ass flavoured dildo, instantly loving the taste of Mistress Sara's ass which she had previously only sampled once before. Then after a few minutes of ravenous sucking she heard something very clearly, something which made her submissive heart skip a beat.

"Yeahhhhhh, suck it good slut, mmmmmmm, because you're next." Nyssa threatened, trying not to smirk at the clearly happy reaction this got from her pet.


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