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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

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Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Laurel Lance had been accused of being nosy a lot during her life, especially by her little sister Sara. She had gotten better in later life, although if she hadn't she might have figured out Oliver was the Arrow instead of needing to be told. More importantly while she didn't want to put a further strain on their sometimes rocky relationship, Laurel was a little worried for Sara, who was acting weird, even by her standards. Laurel kind of thought she might be cheating on Felicity Smoak with her old girlfriend Nyssa al Ghul, which would be bad because Sara had told her multiple times that Felicity was the best thing to ever happen to her, her eyes lighting up in a way which told Laurel it was true. And she truly thought Felicity was good for Sara. Which was why she decided to find out the truth. Which was far more bizarre than she imagined.

Finding out was ridiculously easy. All it really took was showing up unannounced at the bar Sara worked at an hour before it opened, Laurel ironically using the training that Nyssa had shown her to sneak into and through the bar undetected. It wasn't long before she heard the tell-tale sounds of sex, which almost had Laurel instantly turning back as it could have easily been Felicity visiting Sara before work for a quickie, and she didn't want to see her sister like that. What sister did? But for some reason she continued, and as she got closer and closer to the sounds, her eyes became wide as the moans, whimpers, gasps and cries of pure pleasure became more and more recognisable. And it wasn't Felicity's voice, or even Nyssa's, that Laurel heard. No, it was worse. Far worse.

Suddenly Sara called out, "That's right, take it! Take it you bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, this ass is so tight! How are you still this tight? Oh fuck, I love it!"

That was followed up with a familiar voice, "Yessssss, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Oh Mistress Sara! Oh God, ooooooh fuck, drill my tight little bitch hole!"

Thea Queen! Oliver's baby sister, a girl both Lance sisters had babysitted for, and oh yeah, Sara's current employer! That's who Sara was having an affair with? And from the sounds of it fucking her up the ass? WTF! Laurel literally wanted to scream what the fuck at the top of her lungs, but she was completely stunned into silence. But not stopping. She should have. As soon as Laurel realise what was going on she should have run away as fast as her legs could carry her, but she just had to see it. So she found herself making her way to Thea's office and poking her head through the door and being confronted by the most obscene sight she'd ever seen in her life.

Little Thea was kneeling on top of her desk with Sara underneath her, both girls completely naked except for a strap-on dildo firmly around Sara's waist, and in Thea's ass. Tiny little Thea Queen, Laurel could vividly remember as a little child running around in pigtails, was bouncing up and down on a dick strapped to Sara's waist, the dildo violating her most intimate hole. God, how could a girl that petite take such a big cock in her ass? How could anyone enjoy such a thing? And more importantly, why couldn't Laurel look away? Oh fuck, time just seemed to stand still as the Lance sisters watched little Thea Queen anally riding Sara's strap-on, the only difference being the older one watched in a mixture of horror and disbelief, and maybe a hint of something else, while the younger one watched with a big grin on her face.

"Hi Laurel?" Sara grinned and waved at her sister when she noticed her.

Looking over her shoulder Thea blushed, stopped what she was doing and stammered, "Laurel! I... I... I..."

"Thea, get down on your knees and suck my cock!" Sara suddenly interrupted.

There was a few long seconds of deafening silence as Thea and Laurel just stared at each other, then Thea lowered her head and softly said, "Yes Mistress Sara."

After that absurd exchange Thea slowly lifted herself off of the cock, Laurel seeing that the dildo wasn't just wide but it was long too. For a moment Laurel thought it would never end, like a magic trick, or better yet a dream, but then it was out and Thea was dropping down to her knees on the floor and taking the dildo which had been just deeply entrenched within her ass into her mouth. The little slut even moaned at the taste, which Laurel thought only the most desperate whores and porn stars did. Then Thea started bobbing her head up and down the cock, Laurel not sure what was more obscene, the ass to mouth or Thea's butt hole gaping open. Actually, it was probably the fact that she couldn't look away from them.

"Wanna take a closer look?" Sara offered, finally pushing Laurel into running away in disgust.

Once Laurel reached the bottom of the stairs she saw Felicity coming out of the secret entrance to the Arrow cave, and blurted out, "Sara's cheating on you!"

Felicity blushed slightly before admitting, "No she's not."

"Felicity, I just caught her fucking Thea in the ass!" Laurel insisted, "I saw it!"

"I, I know about that." Felicity admitted, and then after Laurel turned and ran after just staring at her for a few long seconds the hacker called out, "Laurel, wait! I..."

But it was no use, Laurel was practically already gone, Sara descending the stairs a minute or two later and telling Felicity, "It's okay. It's all part of the plan."

* * *

Laurel texted Oliver that she couldn't come out on patrol tonight because something came up, which technically wasn't a lie. Luckily he let it go and didn't push her for details, because in her current state of mind she wasn't sure what she would say to him. Or even what she would eventually say when she saw him again. Or any of them for that matter. Whatever it was Oliver should probably know about it. Then again ignorance is bliss, and she certainly wished she hadn't found out about her sister and his sister having sex. Especially not such a twisted version of it. And yet to her shame Laurel found herself in a constant state of arousal and she just couldn't get the picture of Thea anally riding Sara out of her head.

That cute little butt bouncing up and down before her, those butt cheeks jiggling ever so slightly from the force of the sodomy, Thea's butt hole stretched obscenely wide around that cock and then gaping open after the tiny girl got off of it, fuck, how could anyone find that hot? Or seeing their friend eagerly taste their own ass on a cock? For that matter how had Laurel allowed herself to get such a good view of it. Oh God, why couldn't she have just run away when she had the chance? Then at least her imagination wouldn't have been so vivid and it wouldn't have been distracting her all day and keeping her up at night. It was so frustrating by the next night Laurel was extremely eager to hit something and headed straight to Arrow HQ as soon as she was done with her day job.

When she got there Laurel almost turned and ran again as the boys were nowhere to be found, while Sara, Felicity, Nyssa and Thea were all clearly waiting for her. The only difference was that Nyssa and Felicity were sitting down, while Sara was standing in the centre of the room with a wicked smile on her face, and she was petting Thea who was kneeling besides her. Suddenly Laurel thought back to Sara's recently weird behaviour, and while she had been clearly flirting with Nyssa there might have been some flirting with Thea too which she had dismissed thinking Nyssa was the more likely candidate for trouble, and Sara would never go after Thea who was almost like a third sister to them. And yet there she was, Sara's pet. Which Felicity was cool with for some reason.

Her curiosity, and her anger, outweighing her apprehension Laurel made her way down the steps and walked straight up to her sister, calling out when almost there, "Where's the boys?"

"Dig has a nice evening planned with his wife, and I think Oliver has a date." Sara explained, "They owed me a favour, so we have the place to ourselves."

"Just like that?" Laurel raised an eyebrow.

"Well, they needed some convincing at first, but I can be very persuasive." Sara grinned wickedly, before proving her point, "Isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea said softly, yet quickly and clearly.

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared in disbelief at the display in front of her, then she sighed deeply, "God, why are you so weird?"

"What? You weren't returning my calls." Sara said innocently, a sly grin crossing her face, "I needed to get your attention."

"Okay, fine. Explain yourself." Laurel grumbled.

"Well, first you really need to get better at stealth." Sara gently scolded, "I knew you were following me from the beginning. And were watching me fuck Thea's butt."

"I'm very ashamed if you." Nyssa chimed in, almost playfully by her standards, "I taught you better than that."

Ignoring Nyssa and concentrating on what her sister said Laurel frowned, "You knew I was watching, and you didn't say anything?"

"You seem to be enjoying the show." Sara shrugged.

"Again, why are you so-" Laurel began, and Sara gave her a hurt look and she sighed, "Whatever. I need to work on stealth. Sure, I'll get right on that. So... what 'show' did I end up walking in on?"

"Stuffed Canary?" Felicity offered, and when the others looked at her she defensively pointed out, "What? If this was a TV show or something it would totally be called something like that. And be pretty hot."

"Anyway..." Sara said to get them back on track, "The point is, I wasn't cheating on my girlfriends. I was just playing with my pet."

"Your..." Laurel wasn't even sure where to start, "Girlfriends? As in plural?"

"Me, Sara and Nyssa." Felicity clarified.

"Nyssa wormed her way into my relationship with Felicity." Sara further explained, "Then Thea found out, and one thing lead to another."

"Please." Nyssa scoffed, "You wanted to make that sweet little thing your bitch since before you went after the hacker."

"That's true." Sara grinned shamelessly, "And now I have it all. Well, almost."

"Meaning?" Laurel asked suspiciously.

"Meaning why should I have all the fun?" Sara smirked, "After all, good sisters share, and maybe if we adopted that philosophy sooner things wouldn't have been so bad between us."

Laurel blushed furiously and murmured in disbelief, "You can't be serious."

"Why not?" Sara asked.

"It would be weird." Laurel said.

"Why?" Sara pushed.

"Because, because we're sisters!" Laurel exclaimed, unable to believe she had to remind Sara of that fact.

"So? We could just double-team my hot girlfriends." Sara pointed out, "I don't mind, and I know they would love it. Isn't that right girls?"

"Yes." Nyssa agreed eagerly.

"Yeah." Felicity admitted bashfully a few seconds later.

"At the very least you could borrow Thea." Sara then insisted while stroking some hair out of Thea's face, "She's been dreaming of a Lance sister sandwich her whole life. Mmmmm, and she'd look so cute sandwiched between us, don't you think Laurel? Can't you just imagine this beautiful face in between your legs while I'm pounding one of her little fuck holes? Or vice versa? Or we could make it a real sandwich, you know, with one of us on the bottom and one of us on top with pretty little Thea Queen in the middle, us fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, making her the Lance sisters' little stuffed Queen. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, come on sis, let's DP Thea together."

Which shouldn't have sounded remotely appealing to Laurel, but God help her it did, and she did a poor job of hiding it as she protested, "But, but I'm straight."

"Please!" Sara scoffed, "I've seen the way you look at Nyssa and Felicity, and Nyssa definitely think she could have fucked you during training. She just wanted me and Felicity more."

"It was pretty close." Nyssa chimed in apologetically.

This caused Laurel to blush and weakly protest, "But it's Thea!"

"I know." Sara grinned, before looking down at her pet, "But little Thea Queen is all grown-up. Yeahhhhh, she's not a little girl anymore. No, she's a hot little fuck toy. Isn't that right baby girl?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea said obediently.

"I know, why don't you show us? Mmmmm yeahhhhh, put on a show for us, and show Laurel just how much you've grown-up, and filled out." Sara ordered with a grin on her face while stepping back to give Thea plenty of room.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea repeated, slowly getting to her feet.

Thea was super nervous that she was about to screw up Mistress Sara's plan. It was terrifying because Thea lived to please her Mistresses, and this would be the ultimate way to displease them, perhaps even become the Queen causing problems between the Lance sisters. The worst part was that it would be so easy, and Thea just couldn't read the expression on Laurel's face. As a result the beginning of the striptease was anything but sexy as Thea bought trembling hands up to her mask and pulled it off before undoing her top and pulling it off slowly. When Laurel didn't run screaming from the room after that Thea slipped out of her shoes and went to work on her pants.

Again Thea wished she had opted for a sexy costume, like Sara's, instead of one which mirrored her brother Oliver's, and her ex-boyfriend Roy's. But on the bright side Sara had given her some tips on using what she had, like turning her back to her intended audience and bending over while pulling down her pants to show off her cute little butt. She did the same with her panties, after removing her bra perhaps even more slowly than the rest. The fact that Laurel didn't run during these things was very telling, and despite her limited experience with reading people Thea was fairly certain that her old babysitter was looking at her with lust, which was something she had wanted for a very, very long time.

"As you may have noticed I love fucking girls up the butt." Sara broke the silence as she pressed a hand gently on Thea's back, silently telling her to stay in place. Then she slid her hand down to Thea's now naked ass and pulled apart the cheeks to make sure Laurel got the best possible look at the little handle of the butt-plug sticking out of Thea's back hole before she continued, "There's nothing I love more than taking a nice big dildo and shoving it up a sexy girl's ass. Especially Thea's. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I've butt fucked Nyssa and especially Felicity lots of times, but there's something special about this little bitch hole. I fuck it whenever I can, and when I'm not using it I like knowing it's ready for me, so I make Thea wear this. It keeps her stretched, and reminds Thea of her place. And who knows, maybe I'll get another pet to plug someday."

"You're getting side tracked sweetie." Felicity warned.

"She does that a lot." Nyssa grumbled.

"Right, sorry." Sara apologised, composing herself after becoming lost in her lust for Thea's ass, then smacking that ass and ordering, "Thea! Stop distracting me with your hot little ass and get on your knees!"

"Sorry Mistress Sara." Thea apologised, quickly doing as she was told.

"Now, where was I..." Sara pretended to think for a second before grinning, "Oh yeah, trying to share my toys with my sister. Which I know, isn't exactly normal, but then again neither are we. We're vigilantes who spend all our time kicking ass, and then working our asses off to pay the bills. I mean, come on sis, when was the last time you had a date? Or even met someone? Better yet, when was the last time you had a good fuck? Because that's what I'm offering. I'm doing my uptight big sister a favour by offering her my slut to give her orgasms. You don't even have to commit to anything. You can go away and think about it, or preferably you could take Thea's mouth out for a test drive. She has been so looking forward to this, and you wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?"

On cue Thea started begging, "Please Laurel, let me eat your pussy. I want to eat it so bad. Please give it to me. Let me make you feel good. Mmmmm, please let me make you cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum. Please? I'll do whatever you want, be your little fuck toy, just please, please let me taste your pussy. Please, just a taste?"

There was a long pause and then Thea cautiously shuffled over to where Laurel was standing and then looked up at her pleadingly. When there was still no reply she cautiously reached for Laurel's pants and undid them. Then with one final nervous look up Thea pulled Laurel's pants and panties down and buried her face in between the older woman's legs. It wasn't exactly super fast, but it certainly wasn't slowly, and it almost sounds like there was a protest about to come out of Laurel's mouth when Thea took her first long lick of The Black Canary's pussy, causing whatever words might have been about to come out to immediately dissolve into a loud cry of pleasure.

Not wanting to give Mistress Sara's sister a chance to regain her bearings Thea immediately followed up with another lick, much faster than the first. The following ones were just as fast, and although they weren't at top speed they were much faster than the normal teasing Thea had been trained to start out with. She also made sure to linger her tongue on Laurel's clit, which particularly got some satisfying sounds of satisfaction out of the older woman, which in turn made Thea grin with delight. Especially when she glanced upwards to take a look at the expression on Laurel's face, their eyes briefly meeting before Laurel blushed and looked away, prompting Thea to let go and even linger on her clit.

Laurel couldn't believe she was actually allowing this to happen, but God help her, seeing Thea act so submissive had really gotten to her. Both now, and how she had acted before when Laurel had caught her with her sister. Worst of all, Sara's words had actually gotten to her. Which was something Laurel would never admit, but at least some of her arguments weren't so crazy. It had always been challenging finding the right guy, and it was virtually impossible now Laurel was spending all her free time training or kicking ass. Laurel really needed to blowoff some steam, and as Thea seemed so willing... really, what was the harm? Other than the simple fact that she was totally betraying Oliver and the Queen family. And Thea was like another little sister to her. And her friend. And, oh God, this was so wrong.

Those reasons and so many more echoed inside Laurel's head for the rest of the night, but especially for the few minutes after Thea finished begging to eat her pussy. However even as Thea approached, exposed her lower half and then started licking her pussy in the middle of Arrow HQ in front of an audience which included her own sister Laurel just couldn't seem to be able to tell Thea to stop. She even opened her mouth several times intending to do the right thing, but instead just moaned, groaned, whimpered, gasped and cried out in pure pleasure. Laurel even found herself resting her hand on the back of Thea's head and pulling her closer instead of pushing her away like she should.

She just couldn't help it. It just felt so good, it had been so long, and she had always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, and Thea was just so enthusiastic, and God, did Laurel mention it felt so incredibly good? Like, way better than when men had done it. So, so much better. Thea found the most sensitive areas of her pussy in what felt like seconds and then started a ruthless assault on them which rendered her completely speechless. It also paralysed her body, leaving her with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Or at least that's what Laurel told herself. In reality she had been trained by two of the women watching her now to overcome such feelings, to the point where Laurel knew she could stop this if she really wanted too. And yet she didn't, which made her feel so guilty.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the guilt she was feeling Laurel closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was with Oliver. Of course that was a mistake considering who was actually going down on her, and as much as she tried Laurel just couldn't think about anybody else other than the two siblings of the Queen family, so ultimately she found herself opening her eyes again and staring down at little Thea Queen lapping away at her pussy. Which should have been offputting, but it was anything but. As sadly was the fact that she had an audience, Laurel's eyes briefly darting up to those of Felicity, then Nyssa, then finally worst of all Sara, the last making her whimper pathetically.

Sara was fighting with every fibre of her being to keep a stupid grin off her face. She knew it would be a losing battle, but she fought valiantly for a surprisingly long time. Of course, it didn't take long for her to initially lose, but somehow she managed to wipe it off her face after Laurel didn't protest to Thea taking off her pants, and then more importantly beginning to eat her pussy. But then Laurel looked over at her with this priceless expression on her face, making this whole thing worth whatever would come next, and Sara just couldn't help herself. In fact the biggest stupid grin of her life crossed her face, and Sara was pretty sure it stayed there as she watched her sex slave fuck her sister.

Most sisters probably wouldn't be so overjoyed at seeing their sibling having sex in front of them. Especially not when it was with one of her lovers, and her other lovers were watching along with her. However the Lance sisters hadn't been normal for a very long time, especially Sara, who had meant every word she had said to Laurel earlier. Well, the most important parts of it, like the fact that happiness was hard to come by in their line of work, and most importantly that Laurel needed to get laid. Perhaps Thea wouldn't have been Sara's first choice to make that happen, but considering the circumstances it was more than satisfying. Clearly both for Sara, and more importantly Laurel.

It was harder than it should have been for Sara to look away from her fuck toy tonguing her sibling's cunt, but The White Canary forced herself to do it on occasion just so she could check up on Nyssa, and more importantly Felicity. After all, Nyssa was the one who initially suggested adding her into their relationship with Felicity, pushed them to allow Thea to join them as their pet, and back when it was just the two of them invited many, many women to join them in their bed. Felicity on the other hand still felt guilty for what she had done to Thea, and had misgivings about Sara's current plan. However to her credit Felicity just seemed to be enjoying the show at the moment.

That might change later, but Sara was always confident she could talk Felicity into anything. It was Laurel who was her main concern. Luckily Thea was able to use the extensive training that Sara, and Felicity and Nyssa, had given her in the art of eating pussy to keep Laurel in place, and eventually cum in that pretty little mouth of hers. Through it all Sara grinned with various degrees of size, and struggled not to provide her usual commentary. As a result the room stayed eerily silent, except for the soft sounds of Thea's eager licking, and later sucking and swallowing, and of course the moans, groans, gasps, whimpers, cries and eventual screams of pleasure escaping from The Black Canary. So, quite noisy, just not in the way Sara was used too. Or liked. But she could more than live with it if it meant achieving that goal.

Laurel tried to conceal, or at least somewhat stifled, the sounds of her enjoyment at first. Not because she was under any illusion she could hide the truth from Sara or Nyssa, or perhaps even Felicity at this point. No, she was doing it for the sake of her own sanity. But Thea was just too good. Then she proved to be even better than her initial work suggested. Oh yes, that initial work turned out to be just teasing compared to what came later. Particularly wrapping her lips around Laurel's clit and sucking on it, which brought the lawyer to the edge of climax, then Thea pushed her tongue inside her cunt which pretty much instantly triggered that climax she had been working towards for what felt like so long now, and yet no time at all.

The second that climax hit Laurel let out a scream which could easily rival her Canary cry, so much so that she was worried that Thea might get hurt, or think she had done something wrong. Either way Laurel feared she would stop, which in that moment was unbearable. It was a fear which was quickly proven unfounded, as while Thea pulled out her tongue it was only so she could wrapped her mouth tightly around the entrance to Laurel's pussy and suck the cum straight out of her. Although it was more like just leave her mouth there and allow the cum to shoot directly down her throat as Laurel was just cumming so hard. Cumming in Oliver's little sister's mouth, that thought only making Laurel cum harder.

As soon as Thea had finish swallowing her girl cum she shoved her tongue back inside Laurel's cunt in an obvious search for more. This time she hammered her tongue back and forth, but it didn't take long before Laurel was cumming in Thea's hot little mouth again. It then happened again, and again, and again, little Thea Queen who Laurel remember chasing around her mansion in pigtails tongue fucking Laurel's now extremely sensitive pussy until the older brunette gave the younger one what she wanted, namely more girl cum to swallow. And not only did Laurel give it to her, but eventually she became an active participant.

In the middle of it Laurel heard a familiar chuckle, and she focused ahead for the first time in what felt like forever. Mostly she had been so preoccupied with throwing her head back and screaming, and more importantly focusing on the tiny vigilante in between her legs, Laurel had more or less forgotten about the three women watching her. Especially the fact that one of them was her little sister Sara, who was apparently so amused by all this that she was chuckling while watching Laurel getting tongue fucked. For a moment it put her off, but then Thea made her cum again, and then Laurel couldn't care less about her perverted little sis. She didn't care about anything except for her own pleasure, Laurel becoming completely lost in it as Thea continued worshipping her pussy.

Thea had never been more grateful for her pussy eating training from her Mistresses, as it allowed her to swallow the majority of the juices which flowed out of Laurel's cunt, particularly during that first climax. As expected, thanks to her previous experience, although Laurel's regular pussy cream was super yummy her girl cum was liquid heaven, and Thea just couldn't resist quickly switching her concentration to swallowing down every drop of that precious honey. Which she thankfully succeeded at, despite Thea being momentarily distracted when Laurel's cum hit her taste-buds, and it was official, she had just made Laurel Lance cum in her mouth.

It was a really big deal for Thea, because it meant she had made every single woman she ever truly wanted cum for her. Just thinking that made her smile with blissful happiness and pride, especially because she had made them cum in her mouth, meaning that she had swallowed the girl cum of every single strong and powerful woman currently in this room. The women who regularly kick the asses of every single scumbag in the city, and while sometimes Thea felt truly part of that team right now she just wanted to be that team's little cum bucket. Something superior women used to get themselves off after a long day of crime-fighting. And if Sara's plan succeeded this would become a regular thing, pushing Thea even more to give this her all.

So even though it ultimately ended with her missing some precious cum Thea started frantically tongue fucking Laurel in between climaxes. More accurately thanks to all the previous build up, and again her training, Thea was tongue fucking Laurel through climax after climax, making her even more blissfully happy and proud of herself, and more importantly giving her more cum to swallow. Along the way Laurel even helped out by beginning to literally fuck Thea's face, which Thea more than welcomed. It also gave her a interesting thought, namely like sister, like sister, Thea totally remembering how Mistress Sara liked to use her face just like this to get off. Then unfortunately Mistress Sara put an end to her fun.

"Okay, that's enough." Sara called out loudly enough to get through Thea's pussy drunkenness, "We don't want to spoil her. Or you. So back off Thea. You've had more than enough of a taste of my sister."

"But I haven't." Nyssa chimed in with a wicked smile, "Come here Thea. I want to taste Laurel's juices on your tongue. Provided Sara doesn't mind, of course."

"Go ahead." Sara grinned, "Mmmmm yeah Thea, go feed Nyssa my sister's cum."

As well-trained as she was admittedly Thea hesitated to remove her mouth from Laurel's cunt, even rebelliously lapping up a little leftover cum. She did however immediately slow her roll, making it a little easier on herself and Laurel when she finally pulled herself away from the yummy treat. Although she didn't hesitate for her next command. In fact she had almost finished crawling over to Mistress Nyssa when Mistress Sara gave the permission that Thea had been expecting, and when she finished her journey she was almost as eager to kiss Mistress Nyssa as Mistress Nyssa was eager to taste Laurel's cum. Thea then became completely lost in that kiss for a few long minutes, barely aware of what was happening, although it sounded very positive and exciting.

Sara enjoyed that view for a few long seconds, and especially Laurel's reaction to it, and then she closed the distance between herself and her sister and pointed out, "You owe me a favour."

Startled by suddenly having her sister in her face Laurel stammered, "What, what did you have in mind?"

With an evil smirk Sara revealed the strap-on she had been hiding behind her back and ordered, "Put this on and lay down."

Laurel had been so preoccupied with watching Thea first crawling across the floor, then kissing Nyssa and sharing her cum with her that she hadn't even noticed Sara approach. She also had no idea when Sara got a strap-on, but then again she had been very distracted by little Thea Queen eating her out. So that was quite the one, two punch which made Laurel seriously consider running away, like she should have done from the start. But she supposed it could have been worse, and she assumed from Sara handing her the sex toy that she would be just letting Thea ride her, which before now she could never have imagined, but in that moment Laura really wanted to thank Thea for what she'd just done. Ideally without eating pussy, as she just wasn't ready for that. Not yet, she thought with a blush.

So Laurel cautiously did as she was told, strapping on the dildo and then laying down on the cold floor of the Arrow HQ and waited for further instructions. It was actually kind of a relief, as it meant covering up her currently bare lower half. But then of course Sara started stripping, Felicity and Nyssa quickly following suit, although in the latter's case a little later, and only after she pushed Thea away. They stopped at their underwear, and although Laurel was grateful to not see her sister completely naked she was a little disappointed about Nyssa and Felicity stopping. Then Sara pulled a couple of strap-on dildos from a drawer in Felicity's desk, which hopefully weren't there all the time, otherwise Laurel just wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, passed one to Nyssa and then strapped the other on.

"You see sis..." Sara began while she and Nyssa equipped themselves, "We've been taking it in turns to be made airtight, and it's Felicity's turn, and while Thea would be more than fine on the bottom, I just love the idea of getting you involved. In fact I think the two of us should get things started, that way it's a Canary sandwich."

"Oh, and why should I let you go first?" Nyssa butted in.

Genuinely startled Sara protested, "We already discussed this."

"Yes, but you didn't give us time to argue." Nyssa huffed, "Honestly Sara, you can be so entitled sometimes."

"She's got a point babe." Felicity chimed in, mostly to tease Sara.

Sara thought about this for a moment, then relented, "Okay, you may have a point. But please Nyssa, let me go first. I wanna be part of Laurel's first DP. And I promise, I'll make it up to you."

"Alright." Nyssa sighed, "But I'm not just watching."

"Well, Thea's ass is available." Sara pointed out with a wicked grin, "I'm sure she'd be more than happy to offer it up for you."

"Oh yes, please Mistress Nyssa fuck my slutty little ass!" Thea pleaded.

Before Thea could continue Nyssa said, "I think that's an excellent idea. Thea, get on all fours like the little anal loving bitch you are, and start playing with your butt-plug. Loosen that ass up for me to fuck."

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea replied, and started doing as she was told.

"You too Felicity." Sara grinned, "Take off the rest of your close, sit on Laurel's cock and then play with your butt-plug. Entice me into fucking your ass."

"Like you need encouragement." Felicity scoffed, even as she did as she was told.

Despite how lewd that exchange was Laurel kind of enjoyed it. To her shame what she enjoyed even more was little Thea Queen getting down on her hands and knees, then reaching back with one hand to grab hold of the handle to the plug in her butt and then start thrusting it in and out, moaning happily when she did so like the little anal slut she clearly was. What Laurel enjoyed just as much was Felicity stripping off first her bra, and then sliding down her panties, turning around as she did so to show off the fact that, yes, there was a butt-plug firmly up her ass, proving just how thoroughly Sara had planned this out. Which momentarily angered Laurel, but then Felicity straddled her, and suddenly she couldn't concentrate on anything else.

To be fair more than once Felicity glanced at her apologetically, and paused as if to silently say are you sure you want to do this, which was much more courtesy than Sara was giving her. But, probably because of Sara, Felicity still went through their orders, lining up the entrance to her pussy with Laurel's dildo and then pushing herself down at with clearly practised ease, Felicity even moaning happily, proving that walking around with the plug and watching Thea go down on Laurel was sufficient preparation for her. Then Felicity reached back and started playing with her plug, which caused her to moan even more, which again Laurel probably enjoyed more than she should have. Hell, the fact that she was still here was a testament to that, as this wasn't thanking Thea for what she had done. Then again Felicity had done a lot for her, and despite herself Laurel really, really wanted to see what was going to happen next.

After a few minutes of enjoying this sight Sara asked, "Felicity, are you ready?"

"Yes." Felicity immediately moaned, and then knowing all too well what Sara wanted reached back and spread her cheeks, and then continued, "Mmmmmm, please Sara, fuck my ass. Fuck my slutty little ass hole! Fuck it with your big dick. Oh fuck! Please Sara, baby, oooooooh, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Stick your big cock in my back door while Laurel's in my front, so I can be the filling in a Lance sister sandwich. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, a Canary sandwich. Please Sara, make me the meat in a sandwich between you and Laurel. I wanna be double stuffed. Mmmmmm, and then triple stuff. Or should that be, fully stuffed? Ooooohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I wanna be your fully stuffed hacker! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, one cock isn't enough, I need three. But two will do for now."

"How about you Thea?" Nyssa practically purred with delight, "Are you ready to get your whore ass fucked?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa! Yes I'm ready to get my whore ass fucked!" Thea eagerly replied, reaching back to spread her cheeks and then shamelessly begged as Felicity continued doing the same, "Please fuck my whore ass Mistress Nyssa. I want it to be fucked by you. Mmmmmm, I need my whore ass fucked! Please Mistress Nyssa, pound fuck my slutty little whore ass hole! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck my little whore ass! Please? Use my ass hole for your pleasure! Please use it to take out your frustrations at being left out yet again by Mistress Sara. Please? Please use my fucking butt hole like you own it, mmmmm, which you do. You own it, so use it! Mmmmm oooooooh yessssss, use my whore hole, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck me!"

Sara and Nyssa exchanged a smile as they listened to the encouragement before simultaneously pulling the butt-plugs from those cute little bitch holes and then penetrating those hot little asses, causing Felicity and Thea to let out a loud cry. There was then a little more begging from the anal sluts, although Felicity gave up pretty quickly as she was obviously savouring the feeling of getting sandwiched by the Canaries. As for Thea, she had a problem remaining coherent as Nyssa slammed the full length of her cock up her slutty little butt and then started sodomising her. Which made Sara smile with wicked delight, and very nearly do the same. But no, this was a special occasion, and Sara fully intended to savour it.

It was also important to keep an eye on Laurel, who still seemed unsure about all this. Or at least Sara tried her best to casually glance at her sister's face, although that was difficult when she had two other sights which were much more captivating. Especially Felicity's butt hole slowly swallowing her cock, and the little nerd spreading her ass cheeks to provide Sara with the perfect view of that obscene sight. Watching Nyssa fucking Thea's tight little ass came pretty close, but she obviously was involved in it, and as much as she adored Thea she didn't love her like she loved Felicity. Besides, she regularly got to watch Nyssa sodomising Thea, but this was the first time she was DP'ing Felicity with her sister.

Hopefully it would be the first of many times, although Sara couldn't help pushing her luck when her thighs came to rest against Felicity's ass cheeks, causing her to moan with delight, "Oh yeah, every inch. That's every inch of my big dick up your butt Felicity, meaning it's official, you're the filling in a Canary sandwich. How does it feel? You like it? You like being double stuffed? You like being the little DP slut of the Lance sisters?"

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, it feels good. It's also good." Felicity moaned happily, "Mmmmmm, I love being the filling in a Canary sandwich. I love being double stuffed. I love being the little DP slut of the Lance sisters! Oh fuck, please, please fuck me! Fuck my holes like the little lesbian slut I am!"

Before Felicity could get any more out Sara interrupted her by turning to her sister and asking, "What about you Laurel? Do you like it? You like making a hacker sandwich? Double stuffing one of my girlfriends with me? Making her our little DP slut?"

Laurel blushed furiously, and then after a long pause stammered, "I... I... I..."

"Do you think we should fuck her?" Sara eventually prompted.

After a few more long seconds Laurel nodded. It wasn't even a particularly enthusiastic or clear nod, but it was better than nothing, and Sara didn't really need much excuse to fuck Felicity Smoak up the butt, especially right after Felicity had secretly begged for it. Besides, Sara was fairly confident that this wouldn't be the thing to push Laurel over the edge into freaking out and bailing on this very special sister bonding moment. So Sara began slowly pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning the latest butt fucking of Felicity Smoak, and the first time that she was DP'ing another woman with her stuck up big sister.

Given how nervous and unsure Laurel had been during the response Sara redoubled her efforts into concentrating on her sister, despite the previously mentioned distractions becoming even more attention grabbing, Sara unable to look away from them entirely as she did spend the majority of that at least half aware of the expression on Laurel's face. That vigilance proved rewarding as while Laurel seemed constantly unsure of herself and more than a little embarrassed she also seemed to enjoy herself. Not quite as much as the rest of them, but enough for Sara to feel confident with her decision. Perhaps even confident enough to take the next step.

Nyssa still resented being left out of this special moment, even if it was minor compared to the moment she would be enjoying in a matter of minutes. But it was hard to stay mad when she was ass fucking another woman, especially one with such a nice little ass hole as Thea's little fuck hole. Oh yes, Nyssa couldn't be truly mad when pounding the most intimate hole on Thea Queen's body, Nyssa revelling in the chance to show off her speed and stamina by sodomising Thea to the edge of orgasm and then cruelly keeping her there no matter how much she whimpered and beg for more. Nyssa did this in record time, even for this little slut, and she felt no remorse because she knew Thea had been loosened up by her butt-plug, and from Sara abusing her rectum earlier in the day.

Speaking, or more accurately thinking, of Sara, the original Canary suddenly called out, "Nyssa, ready to make Felicity air tight?"

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, pulling out of the whimpering Thea without a second thought and then shuffling over to shove her dick into Felicity's face, "Suck it my pretty little hacker! Suck Thea's slutty ass off my cock! Become our little, what was it now... ah yes, our fully stuffed hacker! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it, suck it Felicity! Suck that ass flavoured dick."

Of course twisted little ass to mouth slut that Sara had trained her to be Felicity had no hesitation in wrapping her lips around the head of that dildo the second she got the chance and began greedily sucking on it. Felicity then seem to savour the taste of the deepest part of Thea's butt for a few long seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down the cock, eventually beginning to push it into her throat so she could give it a thorough cleaning. The type of thorough cleaning that Nyssa had always expected from Sara, and now thanks to Sara she could expect it from both her girlfriends, and their bitch. Okay, maybe Felicity wasn't quite as good as Sara, but it was pretty close.

Although if anything Felicity seemed more into it than usual, which was very understandable given this was officially the first time she was taking it in all three of her fuck holes at the same time. Nyssa was also a little overwhelmed from that knowledge, and from the sight of Sara behind Felicity and giving that cute little butt the fucking it deserved while there was another woman underneath Felicity stuffing her pussy. Yes, they were truly ganging up on Felicity Smoak and it was glorious. Especially because the woman underneath Felicity wasn't simply their slut Thea, but Sara's sister Laurel. Which hopefully meant that Nyssa would be soon having some fun with the older Lance sister. It was extremely unlikely she wouldn't now, given Sara's wicked plan, although this was more than enough.

Throughout the blow job Nyssa gleefully encouraged Felicity, "Yesssssss, that's it Felicity, take it deep! Take it all! Mmmmm, take the entire length of that cock down your throat. Make sure you get every drop of Thea's ass cream off that cock. Oooooh yeahhhhh, clean my cock while Sara uses hers to fuck you up the ass while you ride her sister's dick with your little queer pussy! Or should that be Mistress Sara to you right now? Whatever, just take those dicks! Take every inch of those womanly dicks in your slutty little fuck holes like the little three hole whore you now are! Oh fuck Felicity, you look so good getting fucked in all your holes. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, we're definitely going to have to do this more often. Oh fuck yeah, every inch! Every inch right down your whore throat! That's a good whore. What's that? You want more Thea ass? Well, I suppose because you have been a very, very good girl it would be okay. What do you think, Mistress Sara? Should we reward Felicity?"

"Fuck yeahhhhhhh!" Sara agreed eagerly, "Go get some flavouring for that big dick!"

With that Nyssa returned to fucking Thea's butt, that little bitch hole remaining open and ready for her return. Thea wasn't quite ready to cum any more, however it didn't take long for Nyssa to get her back to that point, then Nyssa return to Felicity's mouth and then back to flavour her toy. For a while Nyssa cruelly went back and forth, only occasionally rewarding her bitch for her good behaviour by shoving her cock into Thea's mouth a few times so she could clean it. Whenever she did Thea cleaned that cock enthusiasticly, the tiny girl trying not to complain, but there was a limit to what anyone could take. Unfortunately for her Nyssa wasn't interested in showing mercy, just in getting her turn with Felicity's butt.

Felicity loved being made air tight. After being constantly guided further and further down the rabbit hole of kinkiness by Sara and then a growing number of women Felicity had no doubt she would love it, but like most things with her girlfriends it was better than she'd ever dreamt. The fact that she got to taste the deepest part of Thea's ass on Nyssa's cock was certainly adding to the fun, although she very much wanted to taste her own butt before she ultimately came. Of course she was confident she would not have to wait too long to know that joy, or the feeling of Nyssa fucking her up the ass. And sure enough she was proven right.

"Sara, stop hogging Felicity's ass. It's my turn." Nyssa said firmly after pushing her freshly cleaned cock out of Felicity's mouth.

Sara smirked, "All you had to do was ask babe."

Without another word Nyssa and Sara swapped places, although the brunette was faster and when she reached her destination she didn't hesitate slamming her strap-on into Felicity's butt hole. As that battered back hole was gaping wide open Nyssa must have thought there was no need to be gentle. Or she was too horny to care. Either way Sara had thoroughly loosened Felicity's rectum, so the hacker felt mostly pleasure as Nyssa ram the full length of her dildo up Felicity's ass in one hard thrust. Which of course caused Felicity to cry out loudly, Sara taking full advantage of that open mouth and shoving her cock into it in the middle of Felicity's scream.

That screamed turned into a loud moan as for the first time tonight Felicity tasted her own ass while her girlfriends, and one of her girlfriend's sisters, made her air tight again. She did this to savour the flavour of the deepest part of her butt, then Felicity started bobbing her head up and down rapidly so she could get every drop of the anal cream. More importantly she wanted to clean that cock quickly so she could get more when Sara and Nyssa inevitably swapped over again. Sure enough that's what happened, although instead of swapping over again like normal they also took a turn with Thea's fuck holes which made Felicity jealous, especially when they ended up spit roasting her, leaving Felicity alone except for Laurel's cock in her cunt.

Felicity was deeply annoyed by this, but allowed Thea sometime to clean the cock in her mouth before shamelessly begging, "Make me cum! Ohhhhhh Sara, aaaaaaahhhhhh Nyssa, fuck me and make me cum! Please? Please make your stuffed hacker cum! Ooooooooh Gooooooddddd, I need it sooooooo bad, ohhhhhhhh, please give it to me. Please? Please Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, fuck me hard. You too Laurel! Ooooooh, fuck me! Pound my pussy and ass and make me cum! Fuck my mouth too if you want, just please do it. Ohhhhhh Goooooooodddddd, wreck my fucking fuck holes like the little whore I am! A DP whore! Slam fuck your little fully stuffed hacker and make her cum like the little DP whore I am! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, please somebody, make me cum! Anybody! Ooooooooh yesssssss, harder, harder, harder, aaaaaahhhhhh Goooooooodddddd, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

It took longer than Felicity would have guessed, but eventually Nyssa pulled her cock out of Thea's mouth, shuffled round to behind her and then slammed her strap-on straight up Felicity's needy bitch hole again. And again her thoroughly loosened rectum welcome this rough treatment, perhaps even more than ever before, especially as it was followed up with a steady thrusting which rapidly increased until the sound of Nyssa's thighs smacking into Felicity's jiggling butt cheeks was almost as loud as the screams of pleasure coming from Felicity's mouth. Shortly after that Felicity received an overdue climax, and happily it was the first of many, her girlfriends reminding her while they could cruelly tease her for a long time eventually they did deliver the type of purists ecstasy she had ever known.

Thea was so jealous of Mistress Felicity for being constantly made air tight. It was like the greatest ecstasy she had ever known, and she so wished it was her. But as much as part of her wanted to she could never asked for a turn. No, Thea Queen was a good sex slave, and knew better than to push her luck like that. She hadn't even asked to be spit roasted, although it had been a wonderful surprise. Thea had been so close to begging her Mistresses to make her cum in that moment, although she was fairly sure that even though they probably wouldn't admit it they were saving their energy for Mistress Felicity. So Thea stayed silent and bided her time, which was easy as she was constantly being made to please one of her Mistresses with her mouth and/or ass hole, or at least given a front row seat to Mistress Felicity being made airtight.

Perhaps best of all she got a great view of Mistress Felicity cumming all over Laurel's cock thanks to Mistress Sara wordlessly turning her body so they were both facing the main event. Mistress Sara no doubt did this for her own benefit, but Thea very much got to enjoy the show as well. It still wasn't as good as being in Mistress Felicity's place, but it was still awesome, especially as Thea had never really seen a triple fucking from the outside before. Which was what she was seeing now, and it was still thrilling. Except for the hard to read expression on Laurel's face. That was a bit worrying, considering what Mistress Sara had planned. But Thea didn't dwell on it, not when she was so close to getting what she wanted.

Sure enough after pounding Felicity to a number of orgasms Nyssa pulled her cock out of her ass, sat down besides Laurel's head and ordered, "Thea, come here and clean my cock!"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea quickly replied and did as she was told.

Which was pretty easy as almost immediately after Mistress Nyssa pulled her dick out of Mistress Felicity's butt Mistress Sara pulled hers from Thea's ass and took Mistress Nyssa's place. Just as importantly Thea was on an adrenaline high and desperate to cum, so she scrambled over to Mistress Nyssa and swallowed about half of her cock and then started working on getting the rest into her mouth and down her throat. As Thea frantically cleaned that cock she could hear Mistress Felicity scream in orgasmic pleasure pretty much right next to her ear, which only motivated her to clean more frantically, and then to shamelessly beg once she was done.

"Please Mistress Nyssa, please let me cum!" Thea whimpered pathetically when she finally removed her mouth from Mistress Nyssa's cock, "Please? I could do it myself. I just need it so badly. Please?"

Nyssa looked thoughtful for a few long seconds, and then ordered, "Alright you do it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, get that slutty little ass of yours on my dick so you can ride it! And face away from me. Ooooooh yesssss, that way you can watch your Mistress Felicity cumming like the little DP whore she is. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa, thank you Mistress Nyssa." Thea eagerly replied as she scrambled to get into position.

Which caught Sara's eye, who briefly commented on that delightful sight, "Yeahhhhhhhhh Thea, ride that dick! Ride it good and hard with your slutty little ass hole! Oh yeah, make us proud. Make all three of your Mistresses oh so proud by riding that big fat cock with your tight little bitch hole and make yourself squirt! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhhh Thea, make yourself squirt just like I'm making Felicity squirt from fucking her up the ass while my sister fucks her cunt! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, mmmmmm, you're both such DP whores! Mine and Mistress Nyssa's anal whores! Oh yes! Cum now whores! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Not needing to be told twice Thea had quickly mounted Mistress Nyssa's dick, her well fucked ass hole easily swallowing the full length in less than a minute, leaving her to begin bouncing up and down on it. Thea was so grateful that Mistress Nyssa had specifically ordered her into reverse cowgirl, as it meant she could continue watching the action, which only made it easier and quicker for her to receive the climax she had wanted for so long. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, as Thea relentlessly slammed her slutty ass up and down that cock for the next few heavenly minutes, which only got better when Mistress Nyssa took a firm hold of her waist and started slamming upwards into her bowels, making Thea cum even harder.

Laurel still couldn't believe she had agreed to be a part of all of this. Again she should leave, but it would not only have been difficult right now but she didn't want to lessen the ecstasy that Felicity was receiving, especially as she found it so fascinating. Occasionally Laurel might have fantasised about getting gang banged by hot celebrities, but only by male ones, only it was never something she would actually thought she would be involved with. But now she was. She was in a gang bang, and a lesbian gang bang at that. Laurel was in a lesbian gang bang with her friends and teammates, making Felicity Smoak airtight with the help of Nyssa al Ghul and worst of all her own sister Sara Lance.

Some form of those words echoed in her mind throughout lesbian gang banging Felicity, but it was especially mind-boggling when Felicity started cumming on her cock. Sure, Laurel couldn't feel it like a guy would, but she was very aware of it given Felicity's screams, the look on her face, and particularly the liquid soaking her thighs, legs and stomach. Then just when Laurel didn't think it could get more bizarre Thea started anally riding a dildo right next to her face, and when she came a short time later Nyssa moved her so that Thea's cum squirted out of her cunt and landed on Laurel's face, causing her to cry out in shock. Although to her shame it didn't quell her own enjoyment. In fact, it was exactly the opposite.

Inside her harness was a little nub bashing against her clit, which had felt pleasant at first, but Laurel didn't actually think it could make her cum. Clearly she had underestimated just how much her clit would be rubbed as Felicity rode her, or as was more often the case Nyssa or Sara pounded into Felicity's ass and this caused the hacker to be impaled on Laurel's dick. But it was more than that. To her shame Laurel found herself actually turned on by the sheer joy of doing this to another woman. She even enjoyed the feeling of another woman's cum on her face, especially as it was Thea getting her revenge from earlier. But more than anything else Laurel imagined what it would be like to be in Felicity's place. That more than anything else caused her to cum. Maybe not as powerfully as Felicity, but still pretty powerful.

Mostly she imagined herself being DP'ed by Thea and Nyssa as it was easy to imagine Thea in her place whenever Nyssa was above her. But that was not the only thought echoing through her head. Incredibly, and horrifyingly, Laurel found herself imagining Sara taking one of her holes, even if it was only her mouth so she could be made airtight. It was probably because whenever she fucked Felicity's ass Sara always spent some time grinning wickedly down at her, and more importantly she butt fucked Felicity so skilfully, and made her cum so effortlessly. But even that was not an acceptable excuse for some of the horrifying thoughts which made Laurel cum so hard.

Sara loved fucking Felicity's juicy ass. It was easily one of her favourite things in the entire world, and had been ever since she took Felicity's anal cherry. To be fair butt fucking other women had been a favourite pastime of hers since Nyssa introduced her to the joys of anal sex, first giving to and then receiving from other members of the League, but with the exception of Nyssa she didn't truly love those women like she loved Felicity, meaning every time was special. But this was extra special, as not only was she able to sandwich Felicity in between herself and her big sister, but she actually watched Nyssa ass fucked Thea so hard that her cum squirted onto Laurel's face, making her chuckle with wicked delight. Of course it was only a taste of things to come for her dear sister.

On that note, Sara gave Laurel a taste of her lifestyle, by pulling her cock out of Felicity's ass and shoving it directly into Laurel's surprise mouth. Or at least that was what Sara wanted to do. Instead she took off the strap-on first, meaning technically by the time it reached Laurel's lips it was no longer her cock. Although it was hard to think of it as anything else, which shouldn't have delighted Sara, but it did, especially as Laurel made such adorable sounds as Sara shoved that dildo into her mouth and gave her sister her first taste of Felicity's butt, and probably her first experience of ass to mouth. It certainly wouldn't be her last, Sara would make sure of that.

Another thing which really delighted Sara was that it didn't take much encouragement for Laurel to start sucking Felicity's anal juices off that dick. True, it could have been better, and she didn't so much as open her mouth for it as open her mouth in surprise as Sara was approaching, and then stared up at Sara in shock and then kind of pleadingly for a few long seconds. But then the taste clearly registered, and Laurel just couldn't seem to resist closing her eyes and then beginning to suck the dick like a baby with the bottle, and Sara was only too happy to feed it to her. She even started gently thrusting it in and out, literally fucking her own sister's mouth with a cock.

"Don't be too rough with her." Felicity warned weakly as she slowly got off the cock strapped around Laurel's waist.

"Don't you have your own cock to clean?" Sara quipped.

There was a brief pause, then Felicity slowly crawled down between Laurel's legs and took the dildo she found there into her mouth so she could eagerly clean it of her cum and pussy cream. Meanwhile Nyssa pushed an exhausted Thea off of her, grabbed hold of her head and shoved it in between her legs, Thea practically shoving the whole thing down her throat and greedily cleaning it of her butt juices. All the while Sara gently pushed her cock downwards, not stopping until the full length was buried inside Laurel's mouth and throat, meaning her dear sister had got every drop of Felicity's butt cream. Only then did Sara give her a break, and that was just a few seconds to catch her breath before giving Laurel an offer she knew she wouldn't refuse. Or a threat, depending on your view point.

"Next time..." Sara grinned at her sister, "You go in the middle."


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