Hey everyone, this is my first story, I wrote this over the course of a few hours, and because Arrow is one of, if not the hottest show on television right now, and I hope to inspire more Arrow stories

Summary: Laurel is injected with Vertigo and learns of a fear she didn't know existed.

Arrow: Vertigo Part 1 (FF,inc,ncon,drugs)
by Elliott Lee ([email protected])

"Ugh!" Laurel groaned out as she was knocked to the ground.

She looked up, still in shock, to see her sister Sara as she stood above her with a grin full of malevolence, wearing the original Black Canary uniform, consisting of an all leather bustier and tight leather pants, armed with her bow staff, and several extra pockets Laurel could only assume contained knives and other instruments of destruction.

"Lying Laurel Lance," Sara spat at her.

Laurel paralyzed with fear simply from hearing her.

"Why are you trying to be me?" Sara asked.

"I'm- I'm ju-" Laurel was cut short by another strike with Sara's bow staff, this one crashing into her stomach.

"You'll never be like me!" Sara shouted as she grabbed her beaten sister and lifted laurel by her neck, slamming her into a nearby shipping container.

Laurel, her mind still attempting to understand what was happening, was unable to remember any of her training on breaking free of her sister's vice like grip, as Sara once again had that grin of pure contempt aimed at her. "You don't have the abilities, or the skill to take up my mantle, and you can't wear this until you do."

Sara grinned as she grabbed Laurel's top, and ripped it open, exposing her black skin tight tank top underneath, and slightly exposing her midriff. The sounds of her buttons scattering on the ground and the feeling of the cool night's air against her toned stomach seeming to slightly jar Laurel into some mild plane of this altered reality.

"Sara! Please! I'm your sister... that has to count for something. I'm fighting for you." She groaned. Her side ached when she spoke, due to the onslaught of bow staff strikes from before.

"Bullshit." Sara grit her teeth in anger, her eyes becoming a darker, piercing shade of blue. "Your fighting for you. You're selfish, as you've always been." One of Sara's hands brushing down over her sister's stomach. "You've been training, not to fight for the city, but to run from your feelings, and from your fears." She said as her hand moved north, gripping Laurel's right breast.

Laurel's eyes widened in fear. "Wh-what are yo-"

Sara's Cheshire like grin making another appearance. "If you want to fight for justice you must be willing to face your deepest darkest fears sis. And I know one of them."

Laurel winced as she felt Sara's hand squeeze harder. "You've always wondered why Ollie was so interested in me. What drove him to cheat on you with me? Wondering if it was these?" Sara grinned as she now squeezed both of Laurel's breasts for emphasis.

Laurel shook, causing her leather top to fall to the ground from her shoulders. She knew where this was going, and knew she had to escape.

"Ollie did always prefer bigger ti-"

Laurel cut off her smug sister with a surprising amount of force behind her punch. Unfortunately, Sara easily side stepped her and immediately turned her around and shoved her into the same container face first, and quickly pulling a pair of zip cuffs from a pocket on her suit and applying them to Laurel. "Sorry sis but you're facing your fears today. Maybe Ollie left you because of this?"

Laurel could practically feel her sister's cold grin. But more frighteningly, she felt her sister's cold hands rest on her as of late slightly ample rounded bottom. "Sara please! Please don't do this!" she pleaded, only to feel the hands begin lewdly squeezing each cheek, through the tight leather pants.

"My my, someone's been doing squats hmm sis? I mean sure you still don't have my kinda body but it's a start." Sara reached forward around her sister's waist and began unfastening her pants. Laurel could feel her tears begin to fall as she felt her pants pool around her ankles.

"Pathetic." Sara spat at her as she heard her sister's sniffles.

She was now left in only her high heeled boots her tank top, in a disheveled state, and a black thong, and a burning sense of shame. "This whole outfit is just a mess sis. The clothes nothing but a cheap imitation, they go to shreds easily, and underneath them is pure sluttiness." She grinned, knowing that Laurel understood the parallels. She then noticed something that caught her eye. She noticed that Laurel's thong was darker in the crotch. "My god sis. You're wet aren't you?" She grinned even wider at the sight.

"I'm- I'm not." Laurel managed to get out as a choked out sob. She felt her thong begin to ride up further between her toned cheeks. And more importantly, felt it riding further up her rapidly moistening lower lips. Laurel didn't completely understand why she was in this state, but she did realize that if she could get through this crucible, she could overcome it, and be stronger. She let out the most quiet of moan's when Sara let the thong snap back into place.

Only Sara could laugh in the way that something was hilarious while clearly containing scorn. "Stop lying Laurel. You're only lying to yourself. I have the evidencehere." Sara said as she let her hand delve between Laurel's toned bottom, feeling the now damp crotch of the thong. Sara grinned as she heard Laurel begin to whimper, then let her hand travel to the left and delivered a hard slap to Laurel's left ass cheek, making Laurel jump and yelp. "Turn around, Laurel."

Laurel couldn't bring herself to face her sister. She couldn't bring herself to say anything so she simply stood there still quietly crying, until she felt another even harder slap in the same place.


"I can't!" Laurel cried out.

"You will. This isn't going to stop until you will yourself to look at me." Sara crouched down, bringing her to eye level with Laurel's essentially bare ass, save for her thong. Sara then delivered 3 swift strikes to Laurel's ass, making her groan gutterally. "Laurel, your going to turn around to face me and your going to tell your sister that you're turned on by this kind of shame and humiliation. Or else..."

Sara then pulled down the thong, that last layer of fabric between them, and immediately drove her index finger knuckle deep into her slit. Making Laurel let out a high pitched moan. "I know you want this. I know it. I can feel your wetness and your warmth. And if you turn around and tell me the truth I may grant you that small wish. But if not..."

Laurel groaned when she felt Sara's finger leave her. Her tears had dried up now. And she then felt more devestating slaps to her ass again, and again. And again. Laurel eventually keeled over, landing on her back. Facing Sara with that same grin, and that same chuckle. "The 'new' Black Canary... only able to withstand 5 minutes of light torture."

She laughed as she reached into a separate pocket, producing a small blade. She straddled her sister, bringing the blade to her throat. "Now tell me what I already know."

Laurel let out a choked gasp. "I'm...wet." She coughed out in a bitter moment of defeat.

Sara then through it dragged the blade down, slowly shredding the tank top in half. "I already know that. Tell me why your wet." Sara pushed, while continuing to cut the tank top.

"Because... I've always thought you were sexy... after you came back...I noticed you in a very different waaaay," Laurel moaned out the last of her sentence as Sara had cut halfway through the thin material, the cold steel of the blade resting against her nipple, making her chest begin to rise and fall rapidly.

"Aren't you glad to have said it?" Sara grinned.

Laurel could only nod her head, still unable to get up.

"Well, see ya sis." Sara said with a wink. Beginning to saunter off.

"Wait!" Laurel called out.

"Yes?" Sara turned to see Laurel staggering to get up on her own 2 feet.

"Please, finish it... please." Laurel moaned out.

Sara smirked at her sister, desperate, and begging for release in the middle of a shipping yard. "Your so sad sis. What will I do with you?"

She grinned as she walked back over to Laurel. She swiftly pinned her against the wall again, using her knee to push Laurel's legs apart, giving her a better view of her sister's womanhood, her lower lips swollen, and incredibly moist. Sara made sure to make a show of licking her index and middle finger.

Laurel could only bite her lip in anticipation. Then she finally felt Sara's fingers enter her, making her let out a cry on par to the canaries. She could feel her sister's fingers pumping in and out of her. A lewd squelching noise emanating from her wet pussy.

In the middle of Sara's finger banging, she noticed that Laurel kept looking from side to side, or closing get eyes. "Laurel. I want you to look at me." She said with a grin as she now grabbed Laurel's breast with her free hand. Not getting the response she desired in time, she grabbed her sister's nipple and twisted it, causing Laurel to cry out in passion and look down at her sister. "Your going to cum for me aren't you? Come on Laurel, cum for your little sister." She said, speeding up her ministrations.

Laurel could only begin to cry as she felt her walls begin to clench around her sister's fingers.

"Cum for me Laurel" Sara repeated, still staring into her sister's eye's as she came with a silent racked sob, her body convulsing.

Sara smirked as she let her fingers leave her sister's wet cunt. The moment they did, Laurel lost the only thing keeping her upright, and promptly slumped over. Still staring at Sara's devious smirk.

"Well sis, you've managed to take care of one fear. But we've still got work to do." Sara then producing a strap on black dildo from another of the seemingly endless amounts of pockets from her suit. "Now let's tackle your true fear..."

To Be Continued...


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