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Author's note: This story takes place during The Avengers.

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Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

Maria Hill wasn't the type of person to drink on the job. Even when she was undercover in a bar she would take whatever shortcut necessary to remain completely sober. More or less. Now though the bottle of scotch she had been saving for a special occasion was open and she was savouring her fourth glass after downing the first three without hesitation.

The thing was, Maria had been hoping that the special occasion which prompted her to open this bottle would be a celebration of some truly epic victory, either for herself or for SHIELD. If the latter, something like saving the world. If the former, probably that final promotion which would at last see her take complete control of this entire organisation. Instead she was mourning the loss of a friend and a crushing defeat.

Loki had played them all for fools. Had pitted the members of Fury's precious Avengers Initiative against each other while his brainwashed men launched an attack against them which came close to destroying them all. And the bastard had got away. He killed one of the precious few friends she had in this world, Phil Colson, and then he had left with his army to conquer the world.

The fact that they were still in the air and maybe had the cocky archer back was of little comfort to Maria, hence why she was drinking instead of doing something useful. Problem was, she couldn't think what else she could do. She had played her part so far, stood there uselessly while Fury manipulated Stark and Rogers with the memory of their dead friend as if this was some kind of movie or a coach rallying his team when they were losing. She understood it had to be done, it was more or less their only move left. Not that it made her feel any better about it, hence the drinking.

All of a sudden the door to her sleeping quarters opened to reveal Natasha Romanoff. Lately this had become a very familiar sight, especially since Natasha quickly slipped into the room and locked the door behind her, although this time round Maria wasn't exactly excited to see her, "How's Clint?"

Natasha was surprised, both from the fact that Maria used his first name and that she chose that to be her first question. Then again Maria always did seem to be surprising her, "I knocked some sense into him. I think he's going to be fine."

"You wouldn't be here if you thought otherwise." Maria pointed out, hating herself for acting like a jealous girlfriend, but she just couldn't stop, "You know, I always wondered about you two."

"Please, we're both too damaged for that. I mean, can you imagine us together? What a disaster that would be?" Natasha asked softly as she slowly stepped forward.

"Yes, I can. Which is exactly why I have a rule against workplace fraternisation." Maria grumbled, unadvisedly looking down at her glass instead of the advancing assassin.

Cupping Maria's chin Natasha forced the other woman to look up at her and then gave her an infuriating smile, "Don't you mean used to have?"

Gritting her teeth Maria slapped Natasha's hand away, stood up and got into the deadly redhead's personal space, "No, I HAVE a rule, and WHEN I'm running this place it will be strictly enforced, which means you'll have to get your jollies elsewhere."

"Like anyone could stop me fucking whoever the hell I want ." Natasha smiled arrogantly for a moment, then it was gone, "Provided I survive this mess."

Maria sighed, "Is that why you're here? A pick me up? Because you know I'm no good at speeches, but I could try, if you really want."

Natasha smiled, "You really would do that for me? After everything I said?"

"Being a leader means inspiring people you don't necessarily like." Maria replied coldly, "And don't flatter yourself. You'll have to try a lot harder than that if you want to actually hurt me... which to be clear, is not an invitation. We've had more than enough infighting for one day."

There was a long silence between them, then Natasha lowered her gaze, "I'm sorry."

Honestly a little confused Maria frowned, "What?"

"I'm sorry." Natasha repeated, looking the other woman in the eye, "I'm sorry for what I said to you before. I didn't mean it, but I do not understand how you can doubt your beauty."

At the last words Natasha reached for the brunette, only for Maria to slap her hand away and step back, "Thanks, I guess, but this thing between us... it was a mistake. You know that, I know that. So let's just try to be civil from now on."

There was another long silence and then Natasha said, "I'm a spy, not a soldier. This whole thing, it's monsters and magic. Nothing I was ever prepared for. My chances of survival are slim. So I will not allow my last words to you to be a lie."

"What are you talking about?" Maria frowned.

"I've been compromised." Natasha said, taking a step forward and taking Maria's hands in hers, "I was arrogant. I thought I was too good to fall into such things, that we were too much the same for me to ever want something more. But... I do. I want you Maria, more than just physically, and it terrifies me."

Another long silence, and then Maria mumbled maybe a little bitterly, "I thought love was for children. Isn't that what you told Loki?"

Natasha smiled, because of course Maria was watching over her as usual, "You make me very childish. Hence our last conversation."

"And that's why I should never have broken my rule." Maria said, pulling her hands away from Natasha's grip, "Love is a weakness which makes fools of us all."

Natasha smiled sadly, "I couldn't agree more, but... what I'm somehow only just now realising is ignoring a weakness or pretending it isn't there makes us even more foolish. After all, if I did the same with any of my other shortcomings I'd be dead by now.

Maria bitterly faked a gasp, "You mean The Black Widow is admitting she's not perfect!"

"I never claim to be." Natasha said softly, "I'm very good at what I do, but this whole thing with Loki and you is completely outside my comfort zone, and there's no way I'd be telling you this if I wasn't about to die-"

"Natasha! Look at me!" Maria practically yelled, grabbing Natasha's face in a way no one else would probably ever dare and force the redhead looked directly into her eyes, "You're The Black Fucking Widow. You're the greatest spy this world has ever seen. You're awesome, you're unstoppable and I forbid you from dying!"

For a second Natasha just stared at the other woman, and she smiled, "As motivational speeches go, that wasn't too bad."

"Thanks." Maria lowered her head, feeling embarrassed of her outburst.

There was another pause, then Natasha mumbled, "Look, I didn't come here expecting anything from you, I just needed to tell you the truth for once."

That line was a bit nerve wracking, but Maria chose to ignore it for now, "You know what? It could be hours before SHIELD finds Loki, and I don't want to spend precious time drinking alone or discussing my feelings."

Natasha smirked, "Then what do you want-"

Before Natasha could finish Maria pressed her lips hard against hers, the redhead not hesitating for a single second to kiss the brunette back. Simultaneously they add their tongues into the mix, those soft muscles battling for control as Natasha grabbed a firm hold of Maria's waist and pulled the other girl's body as close to her own as possible. Maria responded by moving her hands from Natasha's face to around her neck and then redoubling her efforts to defeat the superspy's tongue with her own, although despite her recent successes this time the battle seemed to have no end.

Submitting completely to Maria had been a thrill Natasha couldn't have possibly imagined, but at least for the moment she wasn't in a submissive mood. Exactly the opposite, and she wanted to dominate Maria's tongue with her own, something she could have easily done with anyone else, but The Deputy Director just wouldn't go down. So Natasha decided she would in a manner of speaking, the redheaded spy effortlessly stripping herself and her lover before gently laying Maria down on the tiny single bed they had both got a lot of use out of as of late. Then after getting on top of her for a few more minutes of kissing Maria's lips Natasha moved to her lover's neck and then swiftly to her breasts.

When she reached her destination Natasha slowed her role, savouring the few precious moments she spent kissing along soft flesh of Maria's right boob and the equally delectable moment she slid her tongue around the other woman's nipple. Then she slowly got it into her mouth and sucked on it for a few long seconds before kissing her way to Maria's left boob, repeating the process over and over again. The only deviation was how much she smirked against her lover's flesh as Maria rewarded her by caressing her hair and pushing her firmly against her, and occasionally shooting her own head back to let out the most adorable moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure.

Natasha knew that Maria would be deeply offended to be called adorable, and if some lower ranking officer or dumb punk outside of SHIELD uttered anything like that around The Assistant Director of SHIELD they would most likely be put in their place in the blink of an eye with a physical or more likely verbal beat down. And to be fair only a few days ago Natasha had been scolding herself for thinking of her superior officer in such a way. But now? Now Natasha was looking at Maria Hill in a whole new light, and in moments like this were the brunette wasn't trying to be the 'Head Bitch In Charge' adorable seemed to be a perfectly acceptable term. At least as long as it wasn't uttered out allowed. And even then, Natasha was far from someone who wouldn't push her superior's buttons.

Maria was fully aware of how Natasha was looking at her. They were just cautious glances now, the likes of which the casual civilian might miss entirely and would definitely fail to understand the significance of them. However Maria Hill was The Deputy Director of SHIELD so she could recognise the change in the way Natasha looked at her, kissed her, touched her, and honestly... it was more terrifying than when The Black Widow had been threatening to anally rape her and/or beat the shit out of her.

She hadn't asked for any of this. Natasha was the one that pursued her, Natasha who had broken the unspoken rule not to talk about their feelings, Natasha who had convinced her to break her precious rule and somehow delude herself into believing it didn't count because it was just sex, and now what? Maria was just supposed to believe the greatest liar in the world was telling the truth? That The Black Widow, who could easily have anyone she wanted, would fall in love with her? Really? And yet, Natasha was here with her now, worshipping her body, and that undeniable fact was a hell of an ego boost.

The world was in jeopardy all the time, everyday in fact, but this felt different. Their darkest hour, or at least the darkest they had ever faced, and Natasha Romanoff was spending perhaps what was only their few precious minutes of reprieve licking and sucking Maria's nipples to hardness. Oh it was wonderful, but selfishly Maria wanted more. And after a while, Natasha's talented mouth and tongue made sure that desire turned into a burning need that Maria just couldn't ignore.

"Please Natasha..." Maria whimpered, barely recognising her own voice it was so needy, "Lower! I need you to... oh yes... yes... oh Natasha! Natassssshhhhhhhaaaaaa!"

Maria found herself moaning her lover's name a few more times as Natasha obeyed her command immediately without any sass or back talk of any kind for once. No, the redhead just started immediately kissing her way down the brunette's stomach, and ok, there may have been a few smirks against her flesh but Maria was way too horny to care. Especially when Natasha Romanoff, the best pussy eater Maria had ever met, was settling in between her legs, ready and more than willing to continue worshipping her body.

Natasha often paused in this position to savour the sweet scent of her lover and the sight of their arousal. Bask in the knowledge that she had caused this, that these were the fruits of her labour, yet another person consumed by lust because of her. It was always one hell of an ego boost, especially when it was someone as powerful as Maria Hill. However this time it was different. This time Natasha felt something else as well, something which if she was being honest with herself she had felt for a long-time, but was only now admitting it. And it really, really freaked her out, but luckily there was an easy distraction.

The distraction was of course to lean forward, stick out her tongue and slide it over Maria's pussy lips, Natasha repeating the process over and over as she settled into a long slow cunt lapping. This worked like a charm, at least for a little while, Natasha finding herself consumed by one of her favourite flavours in the world for a long few minutes. Then she found herself becoming distracted by the reason why she loves this flavour so much, and why she craved the flavour that followed it.

Her whole life Natasha had believed romantic feelings were a weakness. It had been beaten into her before she could really understand this concept, and once she witnessed it for herself she found it almost comical. Now the joke was on her, because apparently she never fully understood this concept. What it was like to want someone so much it physically ached. And not even to just have sex. That was part of it, Natasha was still proudly insatiable, however she found herself craving any type of attention from Maria Hill. Even if it was the other woman screaming her head off at her, Natasha would take it, because it was something.

Right now Maria was trying very hard not to scream for her, but it was only a matter of time. Not that they had a lot of it, Natasha feeling briefly disheartened that she couldn't worship this pussy for hours, like she had done previously just to tease Maria. No, she had to make Maria scream for her now. Luckily Natasha was an expert at getting women to scream for her, particularly this specific woman, the redhead shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into the brunette's cunt and then beginning to thrust in and out just the way Maria liked.

After half a dozen gentle licks to her pussy lips this sudden change of pace was a shock to the system, but not one which was unfamiliar for Maria. Natasha had been pulling crap like this throughout their little affair, even when she was supposed to be the submissive one, so now that things were a little up in the air it was no surprise. It was a little frustrating, but it also felt so good there was no way Maria could complain with any type of sincerity. Nor could she form any coherent sentences whatsoever right now, her only words being a series of cursors she was now screaming into the pillow she had thrown over her head.

There weren't many people in the Helicarrier who could override the lock to her door without fear of serious retribution, but Maria statistically remembered a couple of them catching her in this exact position, laying on her cheap mattress while practically suffocating herself with a pillow as The Black Widow made a meal out of her cunt. She blushed at the memory, and the horrifying thought of it happening again. Only this time it may be worse. After all, Tony Stark was wondering around, and it wouldn't take much for him to hack through the door and find her in such a compromising position.

As always the danger of getting caught mixed with the rapid thrusts of Natasha's tongue pushed Maria even faster to the edge of orgasm. Thankfully this time round she wasn't kept there for long, which was something she'd experienced many times with Natasha. No, this time if anything Natasha sped up her tongue work even faster, perhaps giving Maria one of the most powerfully satisfying orgasms she'd ever had, which was really saying something considering her choice in lover. If choice was the right word for it.

Naturally Natasha swallowed what had to be at least the majority of Maria's girl cum before going right back to tongue fucking to several more climaxes. At some point Natasha exchanged her tongue for her fingers, inserting one and then eventually two into Maria's pussy and another one up her ass, but by then the poor brunette was too far gone to really register what was happening to her. She even gave up on the illusion of dignity that the pillow gave her, instead passing it aside and hoping that the soundproofed walls did their job and kept the entire aircraft from hearing her scream hysterically.

While Natasha didn't have time to tease Maria she had all the time in the world to make her cum so that's what she did. Over and over again, using every trick she'd picked up throughout their affair and all her skill from bedding countless women. Sure, her own pussy burned with need for attention, but Natasha had spent many nights taking her satisfaction from reducing another strong willed person to a quivering mess, and there was just something so indescribably satisfying about making another woman cum. And she never cared about any of those women like she cared about Maria Hill, so if she could only make Maria cum without receiving anything that would be just fine with The Black Widow.

So Natasha continued until Maria weakly pushed at her head and whimpered in a barely coherent tone, "Nooooo... I can't... I can't take any more."

Natasha smiled triumphantly. Part of her was disappointed, no question, but this was a much-needed ego boost after recent events, and not exactly something she was unfamiliar with. So Natasha gently kissed and licked the escaped cum and pussy cream from Maria's thighs, and then ever so slowly made her way north, this time giving much more attention to the brunette's stomach and sensitive little nipples while giving about the same to her neck. Then once they were face to face Natasha smiled down at her lover softly, before Maria surprised her by grabbing her head and shoving her downwards for a passionate kiss.

After what they had just done Natasha had doubted even with the stamina Maria had gained from their constant private sessions together that her lesbian lover would have the strength to move a muscle, and yet here she was kissing Natasha with as much passion as she had ever shown. It was almost insulting, Natasha briefly worrying that she had lost her touch or something, although just how hard Maria had cum was fresh in her mind, her fellow SHIELD agent tasting the proof of that in her mouth and on her lips and tongue. Which as always rejuvenated them both, Natasha soon abandoning all thoughts in favour of just kissing this woman she was now so very attached too.

In another pleasant surprise in the middle of the kiss Maria shoved her hand between Natasha's legs and immediately started to rub her needy pussy. This had Natasha moaning in relief into Maria's mouth. Because sure, Natasha had been fully prepared to leave just with the satisfaction of knowing she had fucked Maria to half a dozen orgasms, but as always she would much rather get off as well. Thanks to her addiction to pussy/girl cum, especially Maria's pussy/girl cum, it wouldn't take much to get her off, Natasha so horny that it would only take a little more pressure on her clit or a finger or two being thrust inside her cunt or even her ass to send her over the edge of the orgasm she could now practically taste.

Maria knew that. Natasha's trembling body was frantically grinding against her fingers, and her body in general, that even if she didn't know The Black Widow probably better than anyone left alive she would probably understand just how aching Natasha was to cum. However Maria was frustrated, confused and maybe a little scared, and Natasha Romanoff was maybe the biggest reason why, and not because of anything she had ever expected. So, angry with Natasha and to be honest herself, Maria decided to punish the subordinate little redhead by rubbing her needy cunt just enough to keep from the edge of orgasm for several minutes.

During that time Maria wondered whether any of Natasha's numerous other lovers had dared to do this to her. She couldn't remember seeing any during all those hours of studying the tapes SHIELD had of the redhead in action, but her mind wasn't exactly reliable when having sex with this goddess of a woman. Perhaps especially when she could feel just how wet Natasha Romanoff was for her. How wet this incredibly beautiful yet deadly woman was as a result of tongue fucking her cunt to orgasm, Maria trembling with after-shocks as she vividly recalled what Natasha had just done to her.

Just then Natasha broke the kiss and whimpered, "Maria... please... oh God... fuck me... fuck me please..."

The wide-eyed desperate look which accompanied that needy tone was one Maria had seen way too many times. At first she had been fascinated by how easily The Widow could manipulate her prey, turning the strongest willed people into her little puppets using looks/words like this. Then despite everything she knew about the deadly spy Maria became one of the suckers Natasha manipulated, even now helpless but to give the redhead what she wanted. Namely two fingers deep inside her cunt, Maria thrusting them into Natasha as hard as she could while groaning in frustration at once again being unable to resist Agent Romanoff.

She somewhat made up for it by switching positions. Sure, it was a pretty meaningless symbol, but it made Maria feel better to turnover and start grinding against Natasha. It also allowed her to start frantically licking, sucking and biting Natasha's nipples, which didn't make Maria feel any more in control than she had before, but it was hard to think about that or anything else when Natasha's gloriously big tits were directly in her face. Hell, she was so consumed by her lust for Natasha's big boobs that she barely even registered the other woman's pussy clenching down on her fingers in a clear sign that The Black Widow was cumming. Cumming for her, that thought breaking through Maria's cloudy mind and caused her to smile around the nipple that was currently in her mouth.

Natasha certainly didn't feel in control at the moment. That was the best and worst thing about an orgasm, it was a moment of true vulnerability where you were so overwhelmed it was hard to register anything else going on around you. Which was particularly true when Maria Hill was the one making her cum, Natasha cupping her lover's head to her chest and crying out Maria's name as she succumbed to the blissful ecstasy rushing through her. And of course Maria didn't stop with one orgasm. Oh no, Maria had known better than that even before Natasha had started training her to be the perfect little fuck buddy. Yet, much like the people behind the red room, she had created a monster.

This particular 'monster' kept fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, Maria using her mouth, tongue and fingers on Natasha's tits and pussy to squeeze pure heaven out of the redhead's body. Maria even remembered to rub Natasha's clit with her thumb and curl her fingers inside her at just the right angle to get her G-spot, making her scream extra loud and cum extra hard. At least until Natasha pulled Maria's face upwards for another kiss, the brunette resisting at first as she had made quite a home for herself in the redhead's cleavage, although ultimately she relented and Natasha was passionately kissing her superior officer again.

It was one of those kisses where Natasha tried to fight Maria's tongue with her own, like they did most of the time, but she was just so overwhelmed by the fingers pounding her sensitive cunt and the wonderful sensations rocking her body that even The Black Widow was struggling to keep up. She would have probably still 'won' if this was one of her other conquests, but Maria was an expert at this and had a hold over her like no one else, so Natasha was dominated by Maria's lips, tongue and fingers, her mouth and pussy nothing in this moment but conquered territory.

If Maria just slipped her other hand slightly under their bodies to stuff a finger or two into Natasha's ass hole the redhead was sure she would pass out with submissive joy. For better or worse Maria just fingered her through a few spectacular orgasms before pulling those fingers out and pressing them to Natasha's lips. Natasha wasn't thrilled that Maria ended the kiss to do this rather than just push her fingers in between where their lips had been locked, but there was something to be said for being able to stare into her lover's eyes as she took those cunt cream covered fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked them clean.

Maria loved watching Natasha do this, although truth be told there was a few times where The Widow had 'cleaned up her mess' without permission, the redhead grabbing the brunette's fingers and licking/sucking them clean while Maria just laid on her back while her eyes closed as she tried to recover from their latest round of rough sex. During those times just the feeling of Natasha's mouth sucking her digits was enough to reinvigorate Maria, so to watch it happening while the deadly Black Widow gazed up at her lustfully insured that Maria was up for another round in no time.

To that end Maria reached out for her bedside table and opened the nearest draw, but before she could retrieve her favourite toy Natasha squeezed her hand to get her attention and then softly pleaded, "Use the double dildo. I want us to fuck as equals."

Desperately avoiding the urge to smile Maria simply nodded her consent, and then lifted herself up to find the toy they had only used once because it hadn't quite felt dominating enough. It was also kind of big, even by their standards, Maria knowing she had found the right toy just from the first touch of it, although she lifted herself up onto her knees so she could be sure. Then, upon seeing she was right, lifted it out of the bedside draw, closed that draw and then presented Natasha with the requested item.

"Suck it. Get it nice and ready for your slutty little fuck hole." Maria ordered firmly.

Predictably Natasha gave her a sultry smirk before slowly parting her lips and wrapping them around the end of the dildo Maria had pressed against her mouth. Then The Widow began silently bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the toy, then not so silently, Natasha sucking and slurping loudly in a blatant attempt to turn Maria on. It worked, Maria unable to stop herself from biting her lip from the combination of the obscene sight and noises. Which of course made Natasha smirk around the dildo and suck even harder/louder.

After a few moments of this Maria pulled the toy cock out of Natasha's mouth and replaced it with the other end, the redhead sucking that with just as much enthusiasm as the first. During that Maria positioned herself so she could push the already lubricated end into her cunt while Natasha was sucking the other end, which of course led to the infamous Black Widow trying to swallow enough dildo that her upstairs lips could meet her superior officer's downstairs lips. Knowing that the stubborn Natasha wouldn't stop trying until she succeeded Maria impaled herself on the double dildo, taking as much as she could into her pussy as Natasha Romanoff showed off her impressive deep throating skills.

It was really rare for Natasha to find something she hadn't done before when it came to sex. This was new, and while it wouldn't become one of her favourite things, not even close, there was a certain twisted appeal to stuffing her throat with cock to get to taste another woman's pussy. And not just any woman, but Maria Hill, the woman Natasha had become so fixated on. In fact if it hadn't been Maria then Natasha might not have forced those last few inches into her throat so she could finally get at the brunette's honey pot again, the redhead moaning loudly around the dildo as the sweet flavour she craved above all others hit her taste buds.

For a few seconds Natasha just enjoyed the moment of finding something new, taking perverted delight in tasting pussy while sucking cock in this way. Then she redoubled her efforts in sucking the dildo, although she was no longer moving her lips up and down as that would involve leaving Maria's cunt, something Natasha couldn't bear to do. Not again. Unfortunately for her after a few minutes the choice was made for her, Maria reaching down, grabbing a firm hold of the middle of the double dildo and yanking Natasha's half away from her.

"You wanted to be equals, didn't you?" Maria pointed out when Natasha gave her a look, and then when understanding crossed the redhead's face the brunette added, "Well then, let's do this."

With that Natasha slowly got on her back and spread her legs as wide as possible, allowing Maria to position herself in between the redheaded spy's legs, grab onto the dildo and then lined the head of the toy up against Natasha's wet entrance. More accurately, it was the head of the toy which wasn't deep inside Maria, the fact that half of the double dildo was buried inside her while the other hung out of her sex created an almost comical sight. Although Natasha didn't find it humorous, she found it oddly hot. Not that she had the chance to savour the sight for long, Maria quickly penetrating her pussy with the toy hanging out of her and in the process making Natasha let out along happy cry of pleasure.

That cry turned to a long drawn-out moan as Maria slowly pushed the appropriate end of the dildo into her cunt, Natasha welcoming every wonderful inch and wrapping her arms and legs around her lover's body when Maria was close enough. Her eyes remained locked on Maria's face looking bizarrely cute as it was a mask of concentration. As for Maria, she only looked away from Natasha's cunt when the dildo wasn't visible and their bodies were pressed firmly together. Then Maria looked up into her eyes, and after a brief staring match Natasha grabbed the back of the other SHIELD Agent's head and forced her downwards into a passionate kiss.

Forced somehow seemed inaccurate to Maria. At least in this scenario. Of course, she couldn't remember a time she didn't want to kiss Natasha Romanoff, which was as confusing as it was infuriating. But normally sex was a contact sport for them, specifically boxing. To the casual observer it may seem wild and violent, but there was a certain amount of psychology to it. But this time was different. This time it didn't feel like Maria was allowing Natasha to get the upper hand on her, or that Natasha was forcefully taking it from her. No, for the first time they kissed as equals, no battles for dominance, no force, just painfully sensual pressing of their lips and tongues.

They even moved as one, Natasha pushing up into Maria just as much as Maria was pushing down into Natasha, the double dildo ensuring they were both fucking each other at the same time in equal measure. Even who was physically on top and who was on bottom didn't seem to matter, as Maria found out at some point when Natasha gently flipped them without breaking the kiss. Honestly Maria was so wrapped up in the lip lock she barely even noticed it, her arms and legs automatically wrapping around Natasha as the deadly redhead gently pressed down on top of her, their bodies melting together in this new position like something out of a cheesy romance novel for lonely housewives.

It was so intense, and wonderful, and... romantic? Was that even the right word? Maria was so overwhelmed she didn't know for sure, she just knew it made her want to scream with annoyance and frustration. She shouldn't be allowing this. They were standing at the edge of a cliff, the whole human race was, and they needed The Black Widow, not some love sick teenager. And SHIELD needed at least one leader with their head on straight. This was not the time to be indulging in childish fantasies. And yet, Maria found herself falling hook, line and sinker for everything she felt in Natasha's touch, and what she saw in her eyes when their lips finally broke apart.

Part of Maria wished that Natasha would laugh in her face, flip her over and stick a toy up her ass, metaphorically or even literally 'stick the knife in' so Maria wouldn't have to endure any more of this namby-pamby lovey-dovey bull-shit. Another part of her wanted to finish 'making love' to this beautiful woman and then run away with her. Run away from their responsibilities. Become oath-breakers and abandon this world to whatever Loki had planned for it. Which was such a cowardly and selfish thought Maria became angry, with herself and especially Natasha, the Deputy Director of SHIELD grabbing onto her fellow superspy and flipping them over again before beginning to seriously pound her pussy, and her own in the process.

Even though she'd embraced her true feelings as much as she possibly could that didn't mean that the high and mighty Natasha Romanoff wasn't terrified of them, the redhead spending the first few minutes of that intense sex session feeling blissfully happy and agonisingly distressed in equal measure. Then Maria gave her something familiar, a deep and hard pounding which awoke Natasha from her haze and restored normality. That made Natasha very happy, the redhead grinning wickedly up at her lover, who seemed to become even more annoyed and slammed their cunts even harder than before.

Briefly this made Natasha smirk even wider which in turn made Maria fuck her harder, then her cries of pleasure took over and her head lolled back against the pillows. Shortly after that Maria kissed her again, either to silence her cries or simply because Maria wanted to kiss her again. It was probably a combination of both. Or at least Natasha liked to think so. The real question was, what now? Did she continued laying back like she'd done for months and allow Maria to top her? Or did she attempt to make them equals again, or even attempt to take complete control?

Only a few hours ago the answer might have been different, but right now Natasha wasn't in a very passive mood. So she delivered a few extra hard thrusts upward and then flipped them again so she was on top. Then when Maria tried to do the same Natasha used her momentum to continue the flipped so she ended up on top again. They fell off the bed and crashed down onto the floor as a result, Maria crying out as her head smacked against the unprotected surface, and yet they quickly return to kissing and screwing each other like nothing happened, both women now desperate to fuck each other to sweet release.

It wasn't long before they both received it, their pussies grinding against each other as they took a break from thrusting themselves upon the massive toy cock in between them to just clutch onto each other and cry out in blissful climax. Then the moment their highs were over they were at it again, fingers clawing at each other and teeth biting at each other's skin as they slammed each other and themselves to several wonderful orgasms until they finally collapsed in a tangle of sweaty limbs.

After what could have been a few minutes or hours lying there in complete silence they heard the faint sound of the lock being picked and then Clint Barton casually strolled in, barely giving them a look as he dryly said, "Stop lying around with your girlfriend Natasha, we've got to go."

Not yet moving Natasha simply asked, "Who's we?"

"Like you said, who's ever left." Clint grinned.

There was a moment's pause, then both women sighed and began to get up, Maria grumbling, "Wait outside."

Finally giving Maria a quick look up and down once she was looking at him Clint smirked, "Spoil sport."

"I didn't miss you." Maria called after the annoying man as he casually left, leaving her to join Natasha in retrieving their clothes.

Once she was dressed, something she did effortlessly in about a minute despite how difficult it looked, Natasha returned to the now underwear clad Maria and calmly said, "You should stay here. SHIELD needs you. And whether he admits it or not Fury needs you to watch his back."

"I don't recall Barton giving me an invitation, not that I need one." Maria quipped dismissively.

"Maria..." Natasha said in a warning tone, before quickly adjusting her tactics as her lover gave her a look, "I'm compromised, remember? If you're out there with me, my head wouldn't be on straight. I'd just spend the whole time worrying about you and-"

"I can take care of myself." Maria interrupted loudly.

"I know!" Natasha practically yelled in frustration, before quickly adding, "It's just that, we don't know what exactly we're up against, but it's beyond us both, and... and I just need some time to get used to this, use to what I feel for you. I promise you can save the world with me next time, but for now you have to hang back in case things go south... so, so you can do what needs to be done. You can hate me for that, but you know I'm right."

"Of course, because you're always right." Maria grumbled childishly, even worse adding when she realised that Natasha was right, "I didn't want to go anyway."

Natasha smiled softly, mouthed the words 'thank you' and then headed towards the door, "I'll make it up to you WHEN I come back. I promise."

"You'd better." Maria muttered, and then against her better judgement look down at the ground and mumbled, "Natasha, I... I..."

Inches away from the door Natasha turned to look at the other woman and softly asked, "Yes Maria?"

Sighing deeply, Maria looked at The Black Widow and like the total moron she was admitted, "I'm compromise too."

There was a long silence, then Natasha smiled, "I suspected as much."

Then instead of just letting her go like any self-respecting person would Maria called after her, just as Natasha was walking out the door, "We can date, you can top me for a year, you can fuck my ass, we can do whatever you want as long as you come back."

Even though she didn't turn around Maria could practically taste Natasha's smirk, just as Natasha knew that shortly after she left Maria was literally banging her head against the wall for embarrassing herself.


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