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Author's note: This story takes place after The Avengers.

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Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

During her time working her way up the ranks of SHIELD Maria Hill had the unenviable task of comforting the 'worried girlfriend'. Not that it was always a girl, but most of them were and most didn't have the decency/self-respect to hide the fact that they were so overcome with fear for their lover's life that they were falling apart, often opening weeping like an embarrassing stereotype. Maria had promised herself over and over again she would never become that stereotype in any way shape or form, and yet here she was once again waiting to see if her lover got back alive, powerless to do anything to change the outcome either way.

It could be worse. At least she was maintaining her normal cool, calm and collected demeanour. Mostly. And the one thing worse than comforting the worried girlfriend was telling her what she feared the worst, and as long as no one came to tell her the worst had happened everything was fine. Natasha Romanoff was alive and well and coming back to her, the two of them picking up right where they left off. Until then she watched the monitor, listened in and prayed to any God who would hear her prayers.

One advantage Maria had over all the other worried girlfriends was at least she could watch and provide Intel, even though she rarely got to do anything Jarvis couldn't do, Maria longing for the days when there were thousands of men at her command. Then again maybe it was for the best SHIELD was gone, because she was now so compromised she would have sent all those men to their deaths if it gave Natasha a better chance of getting out alive. It was also a blessing and a curse, because every time Natasha nearly died her heart nearly stopped. Ultimately though she preferred at least been able to physically see Natasha was ok, even though she was in constant danger.

Still, in the end Maria was just like every other worried girlfriend, waiting on the edge of her seat for her lover to return to her, unable to fully relax until she saw Natasha again. A couple of times that involved being carried back on a stretcher, or in the arms of another Avenger, but for the most part Natasha returned to her with her usual swagger. This sadly wasn't one of those times, Maria finding herself slipping into 'worried housewife' mode as she scurried towards the infamous spy who was staggering towards her, Natasha practically falling into her arms and then slipping into unconsciousness.

"Natasha?" Maria cried out, cradling her girlfriend and checking for any wounds.

She couldn't see anything fatal, or even obvious, but Maria was so lost in checking Natasha over she noticed the other Avengers approaching until she heard their leader reassuring her, "It's ok, the mission just ran a little long and she refused to sleep on the plane. But, you know, Australia's pretty far away so it takes a while to get back."

"Yeah, The Black Widow just couldn't get to sleep without someone spooning her." Tony grinned, "I mean, I offered... but she wanted her personal cuddly teddy bear."

"Shut it Stark." Maria grumbled as she picked Natasha up in the classic carrying position and turned to head to their quarters.

"That's shut it, sir." Tony said with a smirk, "At least put a little effort into pretending to respect me."

"You're right, I'm sorry." Maria said, briefly turning back to them as she added, "Shut it, sir."

* * *

Maria didn't wait around to see if her boss made an allegedly witty remark in response and instead headed to the quarters she shared with Natasha, grumbling the whole way about how Tony Stark was now her boss. It was without a doubt the best course of action, his lawyers keeping her safe from those idiots in Washington after the fall of SHIELD and more importantly she got to stay in the loop and at least help protect the world, if for no other reason than to keep herself busy. Stark didn't make it easy though, and Maria had come close to punching him several times. If it wasn't for Natasha she would have probably already taken a swing, or something that was guaranteed to get her fired.

Of course Natasha was the main reason she was here, and not just because she was addicted to the sex, but because she had fallen hopelessly in love with the other woman. Which in some ways were still disconcerting. Not that she had fallen for a woman, but because she had fallen so hard she was consciously making life choices based on what her lover was doing, something Maria wasn't at all use too. That, and thinking about how blissfully happy she was, often freaked her out, although luckily she had her best coping mechanism for that right here.

All Maria had to do was look down at the unconscious woman in her arms and all her problems just seem to melt away, her mind filled with puppy dogs and rainbows. Or more accurately visions of holding Natasha's hand, holding her in her arms, kissing her, being chivalrous by opening doors for her and pulling out chairs, the deadly assassin sitting on her lap and being the little spoon when they snuggled at night, and best of all introducing the redheaded goddess as her girlfriend. And these visions weren't delusional fantasies, they were memories, the mighty Black Widow becoming completely subservient to her.

Out of instinct she was able to open the door to their quarters, close it behind them and carry Natasha to their bed without breaking her train of thought, Maria dwelling on the fact that Natasha still didn't feel safe enough to sleep without her. It was equal parts infuriating and flattering, although right now Maria could only feel the latter as her girlfriend slowly blinked her eyes open and returned to the land of the conscious.

When Natasha awoke she was momentarily confused by the softness surrounding her, and then she smiled and relaxed into Maria's arms, enjoying the feeling of security for a few seconds before murmuring, "Hey."

"Hey yourself." Maria said before kissing the top of Natasha's head, "Long day?"

"The longest." Natasha admitted sheepishly.

Maria knew her girlfriend was uncomfortable revealing her soft underbelly, but in this case she felt she had to push, "You can't keep this up Nat? This isn't a 9-to-5 gig. Sometimes we're going to have to go days without seeing each other. Maybe even weeks. You've got to learn how to sleep on your own again."

"I know... and I will." Natasha promised, "It's just-"

"The dreams, I know." Maria said softly while rubbing Natasha's back, "But the bad dreams are a small price to pay for you coming home safe."

Natasha made an noncommittal noise, and then when she felt Maria staring at her grumbled, "If I need it, I will. I promise, but until then let me have this, please Mistress? You know I only feel safe in your arms."

Maria smiled as she heard the word which signified Natasha wanted to 'play', "Are you trying to distract me, slave?"

"Maybe." Natasha sing-songed, before quickly adding, "Mistress, how long was I out for?"

Maria shrugged, "Not long, a few hours tops."

"And my sweet Mistress just watched me sleep?" Natasha grinned, finally looking at Maria who gave an noncommittal reply, leaving Natasha to add, "Awww, that's so creepy."

"Well, it's tough to do anything else when I've got my own personal itsy-bitsy spider wrapped around me." Maria huffed.

"All the more reason to punish me after each cuddle session." Natasha softly smiled.

"That's a lot of punishment." Maria smiled.

"I can take it." Natasha bragged.

"We'll see." Maria said ominously, before adding, "On your hands and knees. Now!"

Eager to comply Natasha jumped off of Maria's body and got on all fours on the floor. Part of her was hoping to be punished for assuming that's what her Mistress meant, but instead Maria simply retrieved her collar and lead, Maria giving her a look to double check that this was what she wanted. Natasha smiled. It was sweet that Maria constantly did this, but unnecessary, especially as this was such a little thing. Then again she would have never allowed herself to endure this type of humiliation unless it was absolutely necessary to gain someone's trust so she could get the drop on them, and there had been no time in the past that she'd had to surrender this much.

So it was thrilling to lower her head in a sign she was ready for her collar to be tied around her neck, Maria doing it quickly and efficiently without hurting her before yanking on her lead and murmuring, "Walkies bitch."

Natasha eagerly barked as a sign of compliance before crawling after Maria, her girlfriend yanking her lead around the room before making her rollover and beg. Traditionally Natasha would do this naked except for a butt-plug with a fake animal tail attached, and her collar of course, however she did have to admit it was thrilling to go through this humiliation while wearing her Black Widow outfit. For so long her costume had been a symbol of power, something which made her equally feared and desired amongst her allies and enemies, boosting Natasha's confidence as she used her sex appeal as a weapon. Now her symbol of power was reduced to a sexy costume she was wearing for her lover's benefit.

For better or worse after a few minutes of literally acting like a dog Natasha was ordered to remove it, Maria folding her arms and ordering, "Good doggy, now everything off except your collar."

Frequently they would have sex as equals, and if that was the case Natasha would have slowly and seductively removed her costume as normal. Instead Natasha scrambled to get naked as fast as she could, something which had taken a lot of training for her to get comfortable with because again it was abandoning one of the most important weapons in her arsenal and showing just how completely she was submitting to Maria. It made her extremely uncomfortable, but it was worth it for the happy look on Maria's face.

"Good girl." Maria said softly as she took a seat on their bed and patted her lap, "Now get over here and bend over my knee. It's time for your spanking."

With a happy grin crossing her face Natasha quickly crawled over to Maria and then lifted herself up so she could place herself over the brunette's knee with her juicy ass in the perfect position for a spanking. She even wiggled her ass once she was in position hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle a bit, and looked over her shoulder to give Maria a teasing grin. In return Maria just glared at her for a few long seconds, then she smirked, reached down and began groping Natasha's butt cheeks. Which was just fine, because Natasha could wait as she lived to please her Mistress.

Maria almost felt guilty about indulging in her obsession for Natasha's ass, but at least on this particular occasion she had ulterior motives, namely to give The Black Widow a taste of her own medicine by teasing the bitch. Natasha was such a shameless flirt, and while Maria enjoyed it tremendously when they were verbally sparring or her girlfriend was trying to get her attention it annoyed her when Natasha did it with others, even for a job. Mostly she hated it because Maria hated playing the role of jealous girlfriend, Natasha constantly putting her in that position just so that she would end up like this, over Maria's knee and awaiting to get her butt beaten.

While she was waiting for quite a while Maria doubted that Natasha would be disappointed. Sure, when Maria finally did stop playing with her girlfriend's ass and started smacking it she wasn't using her full strength, not by a long shot, but she did slowly build up to a more 'respectable' spanking. Besides, it wasn't necessarily the pain that really got Natasha off, it was the humiliation. One of the most dangerous women in the world, perhaps THE most dangerous, and here Natasha was, bent over someone's knee and getting her butt whooped as if she was a naughty child. That it was someone she could defeat only made it all the better for The Black Widow.

For her part Maria did have to admit there was a thrill to spanking the ass of a girl who could kick her ass. Not that she had ever liked admitting it out loud but it was the unspoken truth of the matter that Natasha was tougher than her. After all, Natasha was The Avenger, one of Earth's mightiest heroes and certainly one of its most deadliest, a woman feared and respected around the world, and here she was, her ass slowly turning red under Maria's increasingly hard blows until those bright red cheeks were jiggling gelatinously at the force of every strike while the sound of flesh connecting with flesh echoed throughout the room.

Eventually even the mighty Black Widow was crying at the force of the spanking, although unless Natasha asked her to stop Maria just took it as a sign to spank her harder. After all, her girlfriend had confessed long ago how therapeutic she found it to be spanked, that it felt like some small atonement for her past crimes. Plus, as their constant love making proved, Natasha Romanoff liked it rough, and Maria had no problem giving her girlfriend what she wanted/needed. However as much as she liked beating that perfect bubble butt Maria was aching to fuck Natasha, or to be fucked, so without warning she stopped the spanking, turned the other woman around with practised ease until she was sitting in her lap and then she kissed her girlfriend.

Natasha would have preferred the spanking to last a little longer, although she wasn't going to complain. No, Maria Hill was in charge here, and it was Natasha's honour to serve her. Especially when that involved massaging Maria's lips, and eventually Maria's tongue, with her own, the two now former Agents of SHIELD making out for quite a while before Maria lowered her down to the floor. Anticipating Maria's needs Natasha rested her weight on her knees and then lent back so that she was sitting on her legs, the pain of wasting any weight on her well beaten butt making her grin into the kiss. Well, that and thinking about all the different things Maria could have planned.

Standing up Maria wordlessly took off her clothes right in front of the eager redhead, then she sat back down, grabbed hold of those pretty red locks and pushed Natasha's face into her cunt while softly ordering, "Eat me bitch."

Not needing to be told twice Natasha eagerly began licking Maria's pussy, her tongue starting right at the bottom and then lingering at the top before repeating the process over and over again. Every so often she also lingered on Maria's entrance, but mostly Natasha concentrated on Maria's clit. True she didn't know whether her girlfriend wanted a long drawn-out pussy licking or a quick rug munching, but Natasha was definitely in the mood for the latter and until Maria told her otherwise that's what she would do. Ok, so she hedged her bets a little by not going all out right away, but the emphasis was definitely implied.

For a while Maria gave no indication whether she made the right decision or not, then all of a sudden Maria groaned, "Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, eat me just like that, mmmmmmmmmmm, good girl. Ooooooooooh good little dyke, lick my pussy with nice long strokes, mmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, tease my clit like the good little pussy pleaser you are! Fuck Nat, you always were such a great muff diver, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, mmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm surprised it's taken you this long to embrace your inner submissive lesbian, because this is your natural state, on your knees for a dominant woman like me."

As Maria seemed to be doing her best to not reveal what she really wanted Natasha in turn tried to force it out of her in the very nicest form of torture she knew, namely licks to the other woman's clit which greatly increased in frequency and force. Eventually, having enough of the indecision, Natasha wrapped her lips around that sensitive bundle of nerves and began sucking it, gently at first then eventually as hard as she could while flicking it every so often with her tongue. Part of her hoped Maria would punish her for this. Strapped her down and cane her butt until was battered and bruised, and then slam her barely lubricated strap-on into her butt hole and sodomise her until she was gaping and aching.

Instead Maria almost instantly cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that feel soooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, you want to please your Mistress, don't you slut? Mmmmmmmmm, yes you do. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, and you know what I want now?"

Those weren't exactly instructions, but Natasha was very confident about her choice, which was mainly to move her mouth lower to Maria's entrance. She did then pause for a few seconds, but that was more about pleasing Maria than second-guessing her decision, Natasha still felt confident as she slammed her tongue as deep as it would go into her beloved girlfriend's cunt, Maria quickly rewarding her for doing so. First with her wonderful words, then with her heavenly juices, Natasha doing her best to swallow as much as possible while maintaining the priority of fucking Maria Hill with her tongue.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, that's it! That's exactly it! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddddd, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Maria moaned, gripping Natasha's hair tightly and pulling the other woman's face deeper into her cunt, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm harder! Yes harder, ooooooooooooh fuck! Oh my God Natasha, mmmmmmmmm, you always know exactly what I want. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, tongue fuck me like the dyke slut you are, oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck yes, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

Maria tried to keep up the dirty talk but Natasha's incredibly skilled little tongue made sure that her words dissolved into nothing but swearing and incoherent cries of pleasure, not that it mattered. The main reason she talked dirty during this was to make sure Natasha was properly motivated, her girlfriend having previously confessed that naughty words were like pouring gasoline on the raging fire of her lust for her. To Maria's shame it worked both ways, the brunette taking great delight in insulting her redheaded lover during their intimate moments together. Or at least she did when she could say anything coherent.

Now Maria was more than satisfied with just moaning, whimpering, and screaming in pleasure as Natasha established a steady rhythm and then quickly picked up the pace in a way which made Maria's toes curl. In a matter of minutes she was on the edge of orgasm, Natasha keeping her there for a little while until Maria cried out with frustration and pushed down hard on the redhead in between her legs. Instantly Natasha curled her tongue upwards, hitting Maria's G-spot and giving her the little push she needed to go over that edge, Maria trembling and crying out extra loudly as she came in Natasha's mouth and all over her pretty face.

She was dully aware of her girlfriend frantically swallowing her cum, that fact only making Maria's climax better. Then before she had a chance to come down from her high Natasha rammed her tongue back into her and resumed the frantic pumping which had come before, the infamous Black Widow effortlessly making her cum over and over again, Natasha fighting to swallow at least a majority of her reward although Maria knew that Natasha was happy at least some of it was ending up on her face. Marking her as belonging to Maria Hill, she had said with a cheeky grin on her face, Maria smiling at the memory, especially as a passionate kiss quickly followed.

Then Natasha added her fingers into the mix, at first replacing them with her tongue, Maria crying out and cumming again as Natasha pushed two fingers inside her welcoming cunt and began licking and sucking her clit. After a few minutes of finger fucking that hole Natasha switch to another, in one swift movement pulling her fingers from Maria's pussy and then slowly pushing them into the brunette's butt hole while shoving her tongue back inside Maria's pussy. The orgasms she received from that double penetration was almost enough to knock her unconscious, Maria whimpering as she knew she had to stop this if she wanted to fuck Natasha, and oh how she wanted to fuck Natasha.

Luckily Maria had a plan to regain some of her strength, one which involved her roughly pulling Natasha back by her hair, turning around and then shoving the mighty Black Widow face first into her ass, telling Natasha as she did so, "Dear God that was good, mmmmmmmmmmmm, but now I want you to kiss my ass. Worship my ass good, and maybe I'll fuck yours."

Natasha grinned wickedly up at her girlfriend, that grin still on her face when it was pushed into Maria's butt. At first that was because of smugness over making Maria cum so hard and frequently, then because Maria turned around and showed her that cute ass of hers. The cute ass Natasha had once thought it was a given she would eventually fuck, but instead the closest she ever got was when she was worshipping her Mistress's behind. And she couldn't be more pleased with that outcome, which was another reason she was grinning. That and Maria implying that she would 'maybe' butt fuck her, when they both knew there was no way Maria could resist fucking her big butt.

Of course Natasha wasn't going to point that out right now, and the grin did eventually fade completely as she closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Maria's puckered rosebud. Over and over again she licked Maria's ass hole, Natasha filling with pride as she made her Mistress moan again. It wasn't as loud as before, but it was still pretty loud, her lover clearly enjoying this rim job. As she should, Natasha priding herself on her expertise on every sex act she could perform, this one in particular being certainly one she enjoyed, something Natasha showed as she pushed her face as deep in between Maria's cheeks as it could go so she could really lather that cute little ass hole with her saliva.

Which of course caused Maria to moan, "Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss, lick my ass! Lick my ass hole you slut, ooooooooooooh fuck yes, mmmmmmmmm, you're a great ass licker Nat. Mmmmmmmm, The Black Widow is a great little ass kisser."

Smirking slightly at the playful teasing Natasha continued to obediently lick Maria's ass hole as her lover slowly recovered from what she had just done to her, The Avenger resisting the urge to reach out and rub or even penetrate Maria's pussy even though she was so close she could practically taste it. That was partly because some of Maria's cum and cunt cream had inevitably trickled to her butt hole, making those first few licks extra enjoyable for Natasha. Also extra challenging because she was forced not to go further, not until she got permission too. Not that it wasn't fun licking Maria's ass, it was, but mostly it was a psychological thing.

Luckily Maria didn't keep her waiting for long, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that feels sooooooooooo goooooooooddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmm, but don't just lick my hole, kiss it! Yes, that's it... a little more, mmmmmmm yeah, now the cheeks. I want The Black Widow to literally become a ass kisser. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, both of them, mmmmmmmm, thoroughly kiss both my ass cheeks, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah Nat, embrace your true nature. Now back to my butt hole. I still want you giving that a thorough rimming. Mmmmmmmmm yes just like that, worship me you little bitch! Worship my ass!"

Eagerly obeying each instruction Natasha started switching back and forth between licking Maria's butt hole and pressing her lips to her dominant girlfriend's butt cheeks, the once proud Black Widow totally humiliating herself and loving it. Of course the real humiliation would come when she inevitably got permission to try cleaning the inside of Maria's ass hole, Natasha excited to push her tongue as far as it would go up her girlfriend's butt and hopefully reignite Maria's energy enough to give her the brutal butt fucking she now constantly craved. Not that she had any doubt that she would.

Maria did indeed plan to brutally fuck Natasha's big butt. In fact it would take another alien invasion or something like that to prevent her from sodomising her girlfriend in the next few minutes, the only reasons that she wasn't already penetrating that gorgeous rump being that she wanted to tease Natasha at the same time the redhead was teasing her ass hole, and Maria was really, really enjoying this rim job. Plus before she inevitably ended it Maria intended on treating herself to everything Natasha's tongue had to offer in this department, and after denying the both of them for several minutes she finally gave Natasha the permission she had been waiting for.

"Yesssssssss, good girl, good little ass kisser." Maria taunted just before she ordered, "Now shove your tongue in my ass! Mmmmmmmm, ooooooooh yes, shove it as deep as you can into my ass hole you perverted little bitch, ohhhhhhhhh fuck Nat, that feels really good. Mmmmmmmm, I love having The Black Widow's tongue up my ass just before I'm going to fuck hers, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss rim me you whore ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Even after all this time Natasha couldn't get her tongue that far up Maria's ass, but it was far enough to feel really, really good. Good enough to make Maria almost consider shoving a toy up her ass, or even wish that Natasha had won their little battle for dominance. The latter was a fleeting thought, Maria wouldn't give up what she had with Natasha for anything, but she might do the former someday. For now she was more than happy with the feeling of Natasha's tongue sliding into her ass hole and then pumping it in and out for a few minutes, Natasha having to push her face as deep as it could go into Maria's ass. Or maybe it was Maria's fault for shoving Natasha into her butt.

Either way Maria grinded back against her for a few seconds, then she tightened her already firm grip on the red locks and instead of pushing Natasha deeper into her ass she pulled her away from it and ordered, "Now go and get my strap-on. Hurry up slut, do you want your ass fucked or not?"

Unsurprisingly Natasha scramble to obey, Maria raising an eyebrow as her anal whore of a girlfriend retrieved her biggest strap-on dildo. The 14 inch long monster which Natasha had talked her into buying, Maria unable to resist pleasing her anal whore then or now, Natasha's pleading gaze enough to make her step into the harness and allow her girl to slip it up her thighs and then secure it around her waist. Once the straps were firmly in place Natasha grabbed the toy by the base and instantly wrapped her lips around the head, looking up at Maria while beginning to suck her cock as if daring her to punish her for acting without permission.

Maria considered it, but she was just as eager to fuck Natasha's ass as Natasha was to get her ass fucked, so instead she made a mental note to spank her extra hard next time and started gleefully encouraging her actions, "Mmmmmmmm yeah, that's it Nat, suck my cock. Get it nice and wet for that slutty little ass hole of yours. Oh yeah, you like the sound of that don't you. The big bad Black Widow loves the thought of getting her butt hole stretched by this monster dildo. The one she chose because all my other strap-ons have become too small for her whore hole and she wanted a giant toy to stretch her rectum, isn't that right you giant slut? Well, little slut. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, The Black Widow is a little anal slut with a big fat ass which was made for fucking."

It was a well-known fact that The Black Widow hated cracks about her height and most people didn't dare mention it out of fear of retaliation. So of course during sex Maria frequently referenced it, humiliating her lover in the way that she craved, the only retaliation being Natasha trying harder to please her. This time was no different, the infamous Natasha Romanoff stretching first her mouth and then her throat muscles almost inhumanly wide so she could take at least a majority of the 14 incher, something Maria wouldn't think was possible if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, the brunette positive that the redhead was doing something only hookers and porn stars could do after decades of practice.

In the nicest possible way it felt like they had been together for that long, and Maria certainly gave Natasha plenty of time to lube up the cock with her mouth, but eventually she sighed, "Oh Natasha, I could watch you bob your head up and down my dick all day long, but I want to pound your big fat ass even more, so bend over and give it to me. Mmmmmmmm yeah get on the bed and present your bitch ass to me. That means I want you face down and spreading those glorious meaty cheeks of yours. Mmmmmmmm, that's it you little slut, show me that slutty hole you want gaped so badly."

In a flash Natasha was face down, ass up and slowly reaching behind her to pull her ass cheeks wide apart, exposing her dripping wet pussy and the tight pucker above it which had become Maria's favourite fuck hole. Oh Maria didn't think she would ever get tired of this, of the once mighty Black Widow spreading her butt cheeks and giving up her most private hole in a sign of her total submission/devotion to her. Maria had even grown to think of the ass hole in front of her as beautiful, which would have been crazy prior to Natasha Romanoff becoming her submissive bitch/girlfriend, but then again everything about this goddess of a woman was inhumanly beautiful.

Maria also had an incredible urge to lick that beautiful hole, return the earlier favour and give Natasha a long, drawn-out rim job. It was something Maria had grown to love, but something she rarely did given it felt submissive to dish it out and dominant to receive it, and now they were permanently in the roles of top/bottom it was important to maintain her dominance over the feared Black Widow. Besides, as much as Maria loved rimming Natasha's perfect ass nothing in this world could compare with the pleasure of butt fucking The Black Widow with a huge strap-on cock, Maria smiling to herself as she kneeled behind the woman she loved and then eagerly shoved that 14 incher up Natasha's big, beautiful bottom.

Not that she rushed it. Oh no, they weren't in a hurry or public place, and even in the case of the latter Maria like to take her time, watch with fascination as Natasha's anal ring slowly stretched for her dildo until the bulbous head slipped into the redhead's ass, the deadly assassin crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her back door was violated for what felt like the millionth time in their butt sex filled relationship. Then as normal Maria just stayed still for a few long moments, admiring the sight of Natasha Romanoff face down and spreading her ass cheeks to provide the best view of the head of that strap-on dildo in her fat ass.

Then Maria slowly started pushing forwards, her eyes locked to where inch after inch of long thick dildo disappeared into Natasha's cock hungry ass hole, that slutty orifice gobbling up a shaft 14 inches long and 3 thick. Not for the first time either, Maria thinking back to when she had taken Natasha to a sex store and made her pick out the dildo she had wanted her to use. Maria had been reluctant to buy the monster now strapped around her waist, let alone use it, however Natasha had begged and pleaded, and pointed out what she had been already taking. So they tried it and Maria had to admit, there was an incredible thrill that using such a big toy, the fact that Natasha could take every inch just proving what an anal whore The Black Widow truly was.

Knowing how much Natasha loved it when she pointed that out Maria happily obliged once she had finished impaling her lover's bowels on the massive dildo, "Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, that's 14 inches! That's 14 inches of strap-on dick up your dyke ass you dirty little whore! Fuck Nat, you have to be the biggest anal whore on this planet, and maybe any other. Oh yeah, I'd bet there isn't another woman out there who could take so much cock up her ass and love it as much as The Black Widow, making the mighty Natasha Romanoff the biggest anal whore in the fucking universe!"

Natasha wanted to agree with Maria, it was the gospel truth after all, but even she found being stuffed with a 14 inch dildo distracting. That's why she loved it so much. It stretched her ass like nothing else ever could, and once Maria's thighs slapped against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that monster was up her tailpipe, Natasha could barely think, let alone say anything. Hell, her rectum was so inhumanly stretched that it felt like it was stuck in her throat, Natasha's eyes and mouth remaining wide open for several minutes as Maria gave her time to relax and both of them time to savour this ultimate act of dominance/submission.

When Maria did eventually start fucking her ass with that enormous dildo it was slow and steady, the brunette continuing to verbally abuse her which only heightened the utter humiliation/submission of the moment and made Natasha fall even deeper in love with her mistress. Oh how she craved this feeling. Needed it. Maria Hill knew just how to give it to her, Natasha focusing all her energy on relaxing and continuing to spread her own ass cheeks, totally surrendering her most intimate hole to the woman who had conquered her, hoping against hope that her offering would please this dominant Alpha female.

There was nothing else in the world Natasha wanted more than to please her Mistress. It was the reason for her existence, her purpose in life, the reason she had been born, etc. She never used to believe in fate, but as her Mistress lovingly fucked her slutty ass with that massive cock Natasha found it hard to believe this wasn't her destiny. That everything she had done in her life was just preparing her to be the perfect bitch for Maria Hill, Natasha's life flashing before her eyes as her body struggled to accept this extreme abuse.

Mostly she thought about her time as the top, Natasha once again smiling at how she had arrogantly thought that it was inevitable that things would be the other way round and she would be the mistress violating Maria's enslaved ass. The memory never cease to amaze her considering how blissfully happy she had become as Maria's personal ass whore, Natasha never knowing true happiness until she was ass fucked by the woman who now owned every fibre of her being. Even now she wouldn't give this up for anything, Natasha getting so much out of the painful stretching that she actually missed it when her body relaxed and once again accepted its place as an orifice for Maria's pleasure.

Of course the change meant Natasha began moaning in pure pleasure, which quickly got Maria's attention, "That's it Nat, moan for me! Moan for me while I'm fucking you up the ass! Ohhhhhhhhh God yes, moan for me while I'm fucking you up your big fat ass! Ooooooooh yeah, you love it, don't you? You love my big dick in your ass?"

"Yeeeeeessssssss, I love it!" Natasha cried out proudly, "Mmmmmmmmmm, oh Mistress, I love your big dick, I love your big dick up my fat ass!"

"Prove it!" Maria challenged, adding before her girlfriend could say anything else, "Prove it by riding my dick. Come on, I want you in reverse cowgirl, bouncing that fat ass of yours so hard you make your cheeks jiggle for me."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha grinned, allowing herself to be rolled back, "I live to please you."

"Yeah you do." Maria agreed softly, her eyes locked onto the perfection that was in front of her.

That perfection was of course Natasha Romanoff's big round butt bouncing up and down in front of her, the two former SHIELD Agents having only taken a couple of seconds to get in position so that Natasha could give Maria exactly what she wanted. To make matters even better for herself Maria had moved so that she would lie down with her head directly on her pillow, meaning not only was she comfortable but her head was in a raised position and obviously pointing at the ass she had become obsessed with.

As Natasha established a steady rhythm Maria smiled to herself, thinking about how absurd it was only a year or so ago that she would ever become obsessed with an ass, but even before her affair with The Black Widow Maria probably would've thought if it was possible for her to become obsessed with anything it would be this perfect ass. The roundness of the cheeks, the way they would jiggle and become discoloured when beaten, and most of all the tightness of the hole buried in between them despite how relentlessly Maria had fucked it, oh it was a dream, Maria becoming lost in staring at it for what felt like hours.

Then she ordered, "Spread your cheeks."

In the blink of an eye Natasha shot her hands to her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, giving Maria the best view possible of her butt hole sliding up and down her cock. In her peripheral vision Maria could just about tell that Natasha was looking over her shoulder and smirking at her, The Black Widow clearly amused by her perverted obsession. And perhaps more importantly the fact that she was the reason Maria was like this, the infamous Natasha Romanoff turning the once prim and proper Maria Hill into an big ass obsessed pervert, but at least in this moment Maria felt no shame.

Outside of the bedroom, or wherever else they chose to have sex, Maria forced herself to be the constant professional. No matter how much her naughty sub taunted her with her amazing body she kept her poker face firmly on. At least for the most part. After all, she was only human. She couldn't not look at that amazing body, especially when it came to The Black Widow's juicy ass, but everybody else was too distracted by Natasha, or any of the other Avengers because let's face it Maria was now hanging out with a team of incredibly attractive people, so it didn't really matter. Now, oh now she chose to indulge.

Natasha had always loved showing off her body. Whether it was genetical engineering or just regular genetics Natasha had been gifted with an incredibly curvy body which never failed to get attention when she wanted it, now being no exception as her lover's lust for her was intoxicating. Perhaps more so when it was her jiggling ass cheeks that were captivating Maria, but to know that even her ass hole could command attention was an incredible ego stroke for the seductive superspy. Plus she just enjoyed pleasing her Mistress, her earlier words not merely designed to entice Maria as at this point Natasha really did live to please the former Deputy Director of SHIELD.

From the look on Maria's face Natasha was doing her job extremely well, the redhead taking great pride on the captivated look on the brunette's pretty face, Natasha's smirk eventually fading away as she became just as lost in staring at the contentment on Maria's face as her girlfriend was at staring at her dildo stretched ass hole. Oh how Natasha love to put a happy look on that face, a quiver of delight echoing through her body as that happy smirk morphed into a smirk which could easily rival her own.

"Turn around." Maria ordered softly, finally tearing her eyes away from Natasha's butt hole to look up into her girlfriend's eyes, "I want to see your big tits bounce for me as you take it up your fat ass."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha softly mumbled just after that command, just like all the other times. Well, mostly.

Sometimes Natasha deliberately forgot her Mistress's proper title, or moved a little slower than she could, just to earn herself a nice hard spanking. This wasn't one of those times, Natasha immediately obeying Maria while giving her the respect she deserved, The Black Widow in the traditional cowgirl position and bouncing up and down in a matter of seconds. Sure enough her big tits bounced with every thrust, Maria seeming to take just as much pleasure at watching those big round boobs jiggle as she did watching her butt cheeks do the same thing. The only difference was that Maria's eyes occasionally wandered down to her cream leaking cunt and up to her face, Maria and Natasha locking eyes on more than one occasion as they continued their latest round of passionate butt sex.

During those times that their eyes were locked Natasha tried to silently beg her Mistress to let her ride her cock harder and faster. After all the slow sodomising she had enjoyed had thoroughly loosened her slutty ass, far more than she needed if she was being honest, the relentless butt fuckings she took on a daily basis from Maria also factoring into why Natasha was now desperate for a hard anal pounding. However one of the reasons she loved Maria so much was because of how long this woman tortured her with amazing pleasure like this, and sure enough Maria forced Natasha to anally ride her for what felt like hours, the once mighty Black Widow constantly turning around so Maria got plenty of chances to stare at her bouncing boobs and jiggling ass cheeks until it all became too much and even Natasha Romanoff had to beg for mercy.

Mercy in this case being a brutal rectum wrecking of course, Natasha whimpering as she stared Maria in the eye, "Please Mistress, please, please, please, pleassssseeeeeee let me cum. Mmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck, fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole! Pound my butt hole hard and deep! Slam it with every single inch of your monster cock and completely ruin my rectum! Please? I wanna be butt fucked! Mmmmmmmmm, I wanna be butt fucked by my Mistress, the woman who owns all of my fuck holes, including her favourite one which she is inside right now, oooooooooooh, my Mistress, Maria Hill, the woman who owns my fat ass, ohhhhhhhhhh, I want her to, to aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit, please Maria, Mistress, I need to be ass fucked! I need to get my slutty whore ass destroyed by you so I can finally cum! Please Mistress, please-"

Before Natasha could utter another word Maria flipped the other woman onto her back, pushed her legs onto her shoulders and then started pounding her favourite fuck hole hard and deep. Not that there wasn't a little build-up, but after over a year of relentlessly ass fucking The Black Widow Maria knew exactly how rough she could be with Natasha at this stage, pushing her girlfriend to her very limit without pushing her over it. Her reward was incoherent squeals of pleasure from the woman she had grown to adore so much, Maria staring lovingly into Natasha's eyes as she first took back complete control before her eyes inevitably fell to Natasha's huge boobs.

It didn't seem possible and yet Maria couldn't help think that Natasha's big tits were bouncing even more now than when the deadly assassin had been anally riding her. Either way there was always an incredible thrill watching Natasha's massive melons bouncing up and down as Maria fucked her in the ass, hence why she took her in this position so often. Unfortunately the downside was that she often became so lost in staring at Natasha's bouncing boobs, and/or her wet pussy and/or her face awash with ecstasy, that Maria would often butt fuck The Black Widow for hours without giving her the release she so desperately needed.

Maria extremely doubted that it was that long, at least this time, but she did become aware of the once mighty Natasha Romanoff whimpering pathetically and struggling to form the words to beg for mercy. To save her from that embarrassment, and because really Natasha had earned her climax by now, Maria switched from fucking the other woman's ass hard to trying to brutally wreck Natasha's rectum. She even lent down so she was bending Natasha in half, partly to intensify her girlfriend's pleasure by bringing them face to face but mostly to stop herself from being distracted by Natasha's huge tits.

This gamble paid off and she soon had Natasha's cum squirting out of her cunt and onto both of their stomachs, the sensation of The Black Widow trembling underneath her just causing Maria to fuck the other woman's ass even harder. Of course the combination of this beautiful woman orgasming underneath her because she was fucking her up the ass, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer mental paradise of sodomising The Black Widow caused Maria to cum several times herself, but she pushed through them in the name of giving her girlfriend what she so desperately needed, and from the sound of her screams Natasha was very grateful for that.

Natasha was. More than she could ever put into words. Not just for the hellacious butt pounding she was gleefully taking, although that was part of it. Oh yes, the once proud top Natasha Romanoff was definitely grateful for every thrust of Maria's dick into her slutty ass hole. Her bitch hole. That's what that hole was now. Not her untouched forbidden hole, it was her bitch hole. The place on her body she used the most to please her top Maria Hill, the once mighty Black Widow feeling incomplete unless her wonderful Mistress was fucking her bitch hole, that orifice for Maria Hill's pleasure stretched out and taking everything her Mistress had to give her.

Those wonderful thoughts helped Natasha to receive another powerful orgasm, but they had gotten her off-track. Originally she was thinking how grateful she was, and it was not merely for one sex act but for this entire relationship which sexually fulfilled her like nothing before it ever had. For finally finding someone who could put her in her place and allow her to become the submissive bitch she had never dared to admit she had wanted to be. Most of all, she was grateful to/for Maria Hill. The woman who had finally conquered her and fulfilled her in ways she could have never imagined.

Maria Hill had compromised her, destroyed everything she had once been, broke her down until she barely recognised herself and then built her back up as the perfect lesbian sex slave. And Natasha loved her for it. She truly, deeply loved this woman, and considered it a privilege to be her bitch/girlfriend. Besides, she had literally brought her enslavement upon herself, acting all high and mighty and going after a superior woman when she had known deep down she was just looking for the right person to put her in her place. Thank God she had finally found her, Natasha weeping softly with pure joy as her Mistress once again made her cum by pounding her bitch hole.

In the past Maria had stopped to check in, but now her Mistress just gave her one look and kissed her lovingly, Natasha eagerly returning the loving gesture by worshipping the tongue which invaded her mouth. At the same time she slid her legs from Maria's shoulders, wrapped them around the superior woman's waist and encouraged her to keep fucking her ass, something Maria did for what felt like hours before pushing one of Natasha's legs up and over her body so that the brunette could spoon the redhead from behind without taking her cock out of her ass, Maria still lazily pumping Natasha's ass as she brought them down from their highs.

After a few minutes of gentle pumping Maria whispered into the redhead's ear, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me! Mmmmmmm, oh Mistress, I'm your bitch!" Natasha moaned proudly.

"Yeah you are." Maria grinned dreamily, "Ohhhhhhhhh, and does my bitch want a special treat?"

Turning her head so she could look directly into her lover's eyes Natasha whispered, "Oh God yes Mistress."

The two women then briefly kissed, Maria honestly unsure who initiated it, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was it was a surprisingly romantic moment given it coincided with her finally ending the butt fucking, Maria making sure to stop with her dildo fully entrenched inside her girlfriend's rectum. Not that it appeased the insatiable redhead, Natasha whimpering into the kiss, clearly unhappy that her ass wasn't still getting abused. Fortunately for her, Maria plan to abuse it even more, in an extra special way they had never done before.

Maria smiled into the kiss just before she broke it, pulled back slightly and ordered, "Show me my handiwork."

Grinning wickedly at the order Natasha slowly pulled herself forward, causing the dildo to gradually slide out of her obscenely stretched ass hole while providing Maria a perfect view of it. Halfway through she even began pulling one of her cheeks aside, and then when it was all the way Natasha got up onto her knees and used both her hands to spread her cheeks wide apart, giving Maria the best look possible at her gaping butt hole.

"Nice gape." Maria said, almost conversationally, "Wide and deep. But I think we can get it wider and deeper. Would you like that?"

"Yes Mistress." Natasha grinned, wiggling her ass with glee, "Please stretch my ass."

With an equally wide grin on her face Maria sat up, curled her right fist into a ball and then pressed against Natasha's gaping ass hole. She done this several times before and normally Natasha's slutty ass would have to stretch even wider to take her hand, but this time when she pushed forward it was barely noticeable, and Natasha only moaned in pure pleasure. Which was fine, they had escalated up to this balled up fist, and now they were going to escalate even further, Maria waiting a few seconds for Natasha to adjust and then slipping a finger on the other hand in there as well. And then another. And then another, albeit after some gentle pumping with the fingers already inside.

As she began pumping Natasha's butt with those fingers and her fist Maria asked, "Nat... baby, do you want to try for two fists?"


Eagerly obliging Maria pushed her fourth finger in with relative ease. More accurately her ninth finger. Getting the tenth inside took a lot longer, at one point Maria not sure she could manage it. The full fist was even harder, but by stretching out the palm which was already in Natasha's guts and making the other hand as flat as possible Maria was able to slowly but surely stretch the once untouchable Black Widow's butt hole wider than ever before, the redhead letting out an animalistic like cry when the brunette's hand finally slipped past her anal ring, announcing Maria Hill had both her hands deep inside the bowels of Natasha Romanoff.

Natasha felt like her ass hole was going to be torn apart, all her previous crimes against her most private hole finally catching up with her. She still thought that for a few long seconds after the second fist entered her and her butt hole was left stretching around both of Maria's wrists. Then, very slowly, her body started to adjust to this extreme abuse, not even two hands up her butt able to get the better of her slutty butt as she slowly relaxed and even began to moan softly and pleasure. Something which didn't go unnoticed by her loving girlfriend.

"Oh my God, you love it! Don't you?" Maria murmured in disbelief.

"Yes." Natasha croaked, adding with a whimper, "I love it. I love the feeling of you stretching my ass."

"I know you do, but two hands? Fuck Natasha, you really are the biggest anal whore in the universe." Maria said softly.

"I am." Natasha agreed, "I'm a total anal whore. The biggest anal whore in this or any universe. Please Mistress, fuck me! Fuck my ass, oh God, fuck it with both your hands at the same time, oh fuck, fist me, fuck me with your fists, OH GOD, FIST ME! DOUBLE FIST MY ASS, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

At first Maria pushed both fists deeper into Natasha's ass, ensuring silence for the next few minutes other than incoherent groaning, whimpering and crying. Then Maria got more inventive, wiggling her fingers deep inside of Natasha's back passage, eventually spreading them wide as she could and pushing them back and forth. Then she started balling up her hands together, making Natasha's shit pipe stretch even more. She even put her hands together like she was praying within Natasha's fat ass, or possibly holding her own hands, either way it was one of the most bizarre things Natasha had ever felt. And she loved it, Maria stretching her like never before.

Natasha tried to verbalise her gratitude, but as she couldn't quite manage it. Maria stepped in to give her what she needed, "You feel that Natasha? That's two hands inside you at the same time, and not one in your cunt and one in your ass like we sometimes do, but both in your big fat ass you fucking slut! Fuck Natasha, I've got both my hands up your big fat booty, and you're fucking loving it, aren't you? Yeah, the legendary Black Widow is such a total anal whore she gets off on being double fisted! On having her ass hole getting stretched wider than a anal only porn star, your giant butt so loose and slutty from the amount of times I've fucked it that you're actually going to cum, aren't you? Oh my God, you're actually going to cum with two fists up your butt you fucking skanky whore! DO IT! FUCKING CUM FOR ME AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH BOTH MY HANDS IN YOUR BIG FAT SLUTTY ASS YOU FUCKING DISGRACE!"

With that Maria began double fisting Natasha's fat ass with a vengeance, doing most of the things she was doing before except this time she was ramming her hands back and forth, sometimes even halfway pulling them out of Natasha's ass hole. Normally she would try that one at a time, but once or twice Maria tried pulling them both together, stretching Natasha's butt hole so wide she let out another animalistic cry. At the same time that excruciating pain triggered a powerful orgasm, quickly followed by another and another and another, Natasha never feeling like more of a slut then when she had multiple climaxes with both her girlfriend's hands deep inside her big butt.

Natasha wasn't sure how long that lasted, time losing meaning as Maria double fisted her fat ass. All she knew for sure was that she went from scrunching her face up in agonising pain and digging her nails into the bed sheets to slamming her slutty ass back against Maria's thrusts, ensuring her whore ass got destroyed like never before. At one point she may have even been the only one doing any work, Maria just staying perfectly still and letting Natasha where herself out. Given her legendary stamina that took a long time, but eventually she fell face down into the bed sheets and whimpered pathetically, Maria quickly pulling her fists out of her ass with an obscene sound/feeling and then pulling the quivering Black Widow into her arms, Natasha going limp as she was in the only place that she ever felt safe.

They lay like that for who knows how long, then Maria sighed dreamily. "I want to marry you."

Lifting her head Natasha murmured, "Huh?"

"Someday." Maria added quickly, "That isn't a proposal. I just know you hate surprises, and I just wanted to give you fair warning that, someday, I'm going to propose to you."

"I'd say yes." Natasha said softly, turning her head to look Maria in the eyes, "I'd say yes right now, if you asked."

"Well I'm not going too." Maria said firmly, "Not right now. You deserve better than a post sex proposal. I mean, I don't even have a ring."

"It doesn't matter." Natasha said, snuggling into her lover's arms, "I just want to be Natasha Hill."

"Natasha Hill?" Maria grinned, never more happy that she had broken her rule about fraternisation for this woman, "I like the sound of that."

The End.


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