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During the invasion of New York, the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff is knocked out of the battle, and into the grounds of a prison where she suffers a rather unfortunate fate. 3Plus, Abuse, Anal, Angst, BP, D/s, DP, Fist, HJ, M/F, Oral, Rape, Spank, Tort, Voy

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Avengers: The Torment Of The Widow
by Depraved-Dirty-Girl

Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, one of the greatest agents shield has, was currently battling the Chitauri Invasion, lead by the Asgardian Loki. She was clad as she was oft want to do, in her skin tight outfit that hugged every curve she had, with her long flowing red hair tied back into a pony tail. She did have a gun strapped to her leg, and a number of explosives about her person, but she had ended up using them all dry in the fighting. The city of new york was in chaos, tens of thousands were dead, millions more in danger, with the count rising by the second. She was on the back of one of their flying transports, fighting her way through a half dozen of them, when the vehicle was hit by a wildly flailing sky worm that was exploding into pieces even as it crashed into the buildings nearby. Natasha however was sent flying, painfully smashing through the crumbling roof of the building she had been above, and leaving her dazed and bleeding in what looked, to her swimming vision, to be a prison by the way the men she could see were dressed.

All is pandemonium in the jail. The guards are dead already, some from falling debris, others killed by escaping inmates, and some of the inmates are also dead, of much the same causes. Still, the main walls hold and the gates are blocked, so the remaining felons are trapped within, a powder keg of fear, anger, and stress. The introduction of a beautiful woman is exactly the spark that causes an explosion.

"Hey! Who're you?"

"Christ, look at the tits on that cunt..."

"...I'm going to get me a piece of that," one of them announces, and with that in the air, the mood suddenly shifts. The big man in front of her steps up and hits her in the stomach, someone else kicks her leg out from under, a pipe cracks against the side of her head. Someone rolls her over onto her back and there are hands, huge hands, pulling down the zipper of her catsuit and feeling up her breasts, even as one of the inmates grabs her ponytail and uses it to pull her head back.

The Black Widow had killed hundreds if not thousands of men in hand to hand combat, but dazed and wounded as she already was, she didn't stand a chance. She had barely brought a hand up to block when a fist hit her in the stomach so hard that the busty woman was sure she felt it hit her spine. The wind was knocked from her lungs, and with the following leg sweep she was taken down with barely a struggle. Her eyes finally focused, and she could see those surrounding her, and more importantly, now feel the painful grip on her hair pulling her head back.

Never have so many zippers been pulled down so hastily. The lucky guy with his hand on her ponytail is the first to get to experience the pleasure of Natasha's body as he just crams his dick down her throat with hardly any preparation. He thrusts avidly, eagerly, with a lust fueled by too many years without a woman and the knowledge that he has nothing to fear by raping her -- adding years to his life sentence is nothing but a joke. Unfortunately, he sets the example the other inmates will follow.

Meanwhile, she's being stripped of her catsuit, her bra torn away, and a big thick dick rubs between her tits. The moment it goes lower, another inmate is already there, yanking at her panties with so much eagerness that there's no doubt what his plan is. A fourth one has already claimed his spot, sliding underneath her -- these men are nothing if not wily, vicious, and creative.

Natasha would have screamed, but the cock parting her plush pouting full lips was already hammering past her tonsils and brutally stretching out her throat and gullet beyond its limits. Pretty much every man who saw her had fantasized about fucking her face at one point or another, she had those kind of lips after all, but the young woman, veteran of a thousand battles, was unable to stop these men no matter how she struggled. Despite the way she fought, they managed to strip of her uniform without much trouble, revealing her smooth pale skin, shiny with her sweat, and her bra and panties were soon pulled off too. Her breasts were massive, especially for a woman as athletic as she was, and practically begged for abuse, almost as much as her tight hairless little waxed cunt.

The man molesting her breasts is the first to cum, even as the others are starting to enter her, his hot, thick, sloppy load spilling over her big jugs, making them glisten in the light. He's replaced immediately by another man, this one who straddles her stomach as he fucks between her tits.

As that's going, she can feel a cock being shoved roughly into her dry cunt, stretching her roughly as her rapist goes for broke from the start, that awful feeling rivaled by one caused by the big dick being forced up her ass, as if the one in her throat wasn't enough to contend with.

Someone picks up one of her arms and wraps her limp fingers around his shaft, making her jerk him off, and obviously that's such a good idea that someone else does the same with her other hand, and so she finds herself servicing six dicks at once.

Tears are streaming from her wide eyes as she is battered back and forth between the six shafts. She can feel the semen coating her shaking jugs as they are fucked, taste the precum and her own bile as the fat dirty shaft hammmers down her throat, feel cocks so big she cant wrap her hands fully around them filling her hands, and feel ones even bigger than that brutally stretching out her most private and sacred lower holes. She would be screaming long and loud if she could, but her gullet was blocked by cock, and all she could do was painfully choke upon it as the shafts hammered ever deeper into her depths, splitting her wider by the thrust.

The man pounding her face gives a grunt and starts to shoot his dirty, rancid spunk down her gullet, not really caring if it ends up in her stomach or if she finds it in her lungs. The moment he backs off, someone nearby who was jerking his cock while watching her gang rape takes the opportunity to spew his hot, slippery load on her face, and it's massive, spraying over her eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheek, hair, as if someone had upended a bucket of cum over her face. None of these men have fucked a woman in years, and her plight is making them generate even more cum to make up for lost time. Then another one cums on her face, and a third one -- she hardly has a chance to breathe before she finds more cum being sloshed onto her.

Gagging and retching around the immense load filling her gullet, she barely manages to swallow enough of the noxious liquid to take a breath as the cock pulls out, only for another load to hit her in the face even while she was still being brutally fucked 5 ways. The splattering of semen coating her from chin to hairline, leaving a hot trail across her bare skin, coating her lips and tongue, and painfully stinging her eyes. Load after load of cum hits her beautiful face from yet another cock, and another, leaving her gasping and panting, desperately swallowing what she can so she has time enough to breathe.

If someone is finicky enough to hesitate to facefuck the sperm-drenched, gurgling girl, that guy lost out because almost as fast as the last load hit her, another man steps up to plow his dick down her face and this time by whatever luck of the draw, he's so thick that she almost has to unhinge her jaw to swallow his cock. He yanks her hair, giving him a straight line down her neck and waddles forward, trying to get his balls pressed to her nose.

It's a tossup whether the guy in her cunt or the one in her ass comes first, both of them relentless sawing back and forth inside her with only a thin layer of her flesh between their cocks, and she can feel it too. As it works out, the one in her cunt starts to shudder, then the guy in her ass starts to spew, then they're both going at her, busting their nuts in her like they were having a competition to see who could stretch her more.

And stretch her out they do, almost as much as the obscenely large guy nearly unhinging her jaw as he fucked her throat rotten was. It was painful beyond anything she had felt before, and that was saying something considering she had been tortured by the KGB. The hot sperm was like boiling acid as it coated her dirty bowels deep, and splattered past her bruised and battered cervix and coated the walls of her vulnerable fertile womb.

She isn't given time to recover from that rough stretching -- her cunt and ass are hot properties! There was even a brief scuffle to determine who was next in line, but that argument has been resolved by the time they become available, and her new rapists immediately start an alternating rhythm that shakes her whole body, the only small mercy being the cum lubricating her formerly dry holes, for what that's worth.

Another load drops on her chest, then someone who is getting jerked off by her hand sees fit to spray the side of her body, soaking her further. He too is replaced quickly.

She might think that this is as bad as it would get when a seventh man figures out a way to position himself over her to start cramming his cock into her as well, and if he succeeds, her cunt is going to be twice as stretched out as it was ever intended to be... that low criminal cunning always finds a way.

He does succeed. Eventually. It's hardly a pleasant experience for the overly busty young woman though, and the pain she was feeling spiked to whole new levels of agony. Sure her cunt and ass were partially lubed now by the splatters of thick creamy semen, but a shaft that size would never be comfortable, and pounding away with that level of force, and now with that many at the same time, it was torture of the highest order! A sensation that was swamping all others apart from the thick lashings of semen that were splattering her overly large and sensitive breasts, and all over her face!

Another load of cum splatters her, and it's impossible to say whether it was from someone who was jerking off or someone who was using her hand. After so much use and abuse, it starts to get difficult to keep track of how many men have cum on and in her -- before long, she may start losing track of how many men have been inside her, especially once they start getting ready for a second go around.

But for now, the lucky second man to fuck her face puts his hands around her throat and starts squeezing on and off, as if her neck was nothing more than a nice warm socket for him to jerk his huge cock off into. There doesn't feel like much of her separates his shaft from his hands, either, that wide schlong feeling like it's taking up all the room in her throat, and she gets to feel every inch of it sinking down her throat until his smelly balls are rubbing into her nose, by which time she might fear the huge end of his oversized dick might be already rubbing against the top of her stomach. And then he starts to quiver and spurt, filling her belly with his sloppy spooge, maybe even making her swell with it.

Every time a new batch of semen hits her, its like a blow to her soul, forever tainting and marking her for what she really is, a toy to be used by men as they wish. She tried to gag around the cock that was hammering deep down her esophageal tract, but with the hands tight around her throat, and the massive cock as thick as it was, all her bruised and battered throat could do was twitch around the shaft, giving him yet more pleasure as it unloaded its full dirge into her stomach.

He might have roared as he came in her belly -- it's hard to tell in the general hubbub around her, the yelling of encouragement, the short fights that resolve who has next of way. When the inmate in her throat pulls back at last, unplugging the backwash of seed in her belly, she might be fooling herself that nothing could be worse, that there's no way someone could follow that up... but she would be wrong if she thought that, because what replaces him are two men, both trying to cram her face full of their cocks. That they're not exactly cooperating doesn't make things any easier on her, finding her throat first full of one dick then stuffed with another, then being made to accommodate two at the same time.

Speaking of two at the same time, one of the men pounding her cunt blows his wad as well, and is soon replaced, then the one in her ass, then ... then things start to get blurry. Five loads? Ten loads? Fifteen? Twenty? No one is keeping track any more. No one really cares, it's just a gang of desperate, eager men getting their nuts off, using her body as their cumbucket. That's all a woman is to them, a set of holes to ram with their cocks until they spunk.

Natasha vomited up a splattering of cum as the thick shaft pulled out from her throat, meaning yet more slimy semen coated her features, soaked through her hair, and stung her eyes, but she barely had time to take more than a wheezing, gasping breath of air, before the next shaft was forced into her mouth... with another along side it! By the way they were fighting, they were both unwilling to share, but neither willing to pull out and let the other have a go, and already both massive cock heads were hammering at her throat, trying to push in! Her lower half felt almost numb, except instead of the fuzzy, cool sensation of numbness, there was just pain pure and unadulterated, rising to new levels every time one of her foul rapists came inside her. It felt like there were two inside each hole now, and her hands were working constantly on automatic to drain the seed from those she clasped. Her bruised and battered breasts were literally coated in cum now, so much so that the white creamy substance made it hard to even see her pale bruised skin!

The way she works her hands, the way her body jerks and thrashes as she tries to survive, only serve to convince the men even further that she's nothing but a rapetoy, encourages them to fuck her hollow, to fuck her brains out, to fuck her into oblivion.

Steadily, inevitably, her holes are getting stretched wider and wider. Her limber, sexy body will never be the same again. It's not clear if any part of her will ever truly be clean again for that matter, as every inch of her, inside and out, starts to be stained liberally with cum. Even her discarded clothes are thoroughly sodden with the growing puddle of cum under her.

She might be dimly aware that they are putting her into different positions now. She spends on times on her hands and knees, with a couple of inmates pounding her from behind while however many are rape her face. Then she's being held up, sandwiched from either side by a gang of men eager to savage her as deeply as they can. She even spends a while hanging upside down... maybe they're draining some cum out of her in preparation for filling her back up. After the majority of their lusts are sated, they spend some time passing her from man to man, each of them allowed to use her however they like in their own personal way... then one of the inside walls crumbles, and a fresh gang of prisoners surges in, and the whole thing starts all over!

By now, Natasha had swallowed more cum than any other 5 women you could name had done so in their entire lives, and far more yet coated her body, dripped from her hair, and poured from her ruined and wrecked holes. She must have been fucked hundreds of times, and the pain she felt affirmed her thoughts, as no normal gang rape would be as agonizing as this. In the brief moments she had when her wasn't full of cock, she couldn't even scream or plead for relief due to just how sore her gullet was. Her vocal cords were next to useless, and it would be days of soothing relief before she could make any sound other than a pained croaking wheeze, but that certainly didn't stop her abusers, especially not with so many fresh men from the maximum security wing who hadn't had a crack at her yet coming in!

Minutes pass, maybe hours. It's not as if she has any way to tell the time, and nobody in the prison cares to tell her. The next man to rape her -- well, one of the next men to rape her, anyway -- turns out to be something of a sadist, because not only does he ram his cock into her ass without mercy, he also crushes her tits in his hands, then starts using her head as a punching bag. It's unclear whether the others are stopping him, cheering him on, or pitching in, especially when she feels someone kicking her too, along with that near-continuous stream of sperm on her body. Yes, someone is getting off on it, more than one someone by the feel of it.

As that's going on, someone has found a way to try to get into her cunt from another angle, meaning that a third cock will be stretching her even more than before, the trio of men competing to fuck her hardest.

Her massive breasts are a bruised mess by the time her abuser finishes crushing them, though the darkening marks were hard to see under the thick lashings of cum, and the constant bashing her head was getting as it was used as a punching bag made the constant throat fucking all the more agonizing! She had thought things were bad before, but this was clearly only the beginning of what the rest of her life would be like. Suffering for the pleasure of cruel and sadistic men.

Of course any thoughts she might have formed about what was happening, any escape plan she might have had, were all thrown out the window as a third cock tried to force its way into her cunt, painfully splitting the shredded torn hole even wider!

The pair of cocks in her ass spit spunk into her bowels as her cunt is stretched even further and further, adding even more pain and aches inside her. Her lips, too, are stretching, being stretched, maybe being torn under all the abuse they are getting, as yet another rancid variation of cum is blasted down her throat, her jaw locked open almost constantly.

But it's that third cock in her cunt which is threatening to tear her, her body stretching as wide as if she were being forced to deliver a baby, only in reverse, her vagina stuffed past full with hard prick, some of it long enough to ram into her cervix, some of it thick enough to bulge out the wall of her pussy, some of it so full of cum that it when they loose into her, that new heavy wash of seed nearly pushes out that of the other men who have spunked into her before. All different shapes, sizes, and properties, but every single one of them is using her as a pure rapetoy.

The amount of cock in her cunt alone was thicker than her fists put together, nearly equaled by that in her ass and throat, though of course that wasn't counting the cocks in her delicate hands, or those rubbing against her tits, or other parts of her body. There must have been more than a hundred sadistic prisoners watching her as they sat and stood in the ruined room, many of them with their cocks out as they surrounded her, like some central edifice in an arena, every one of them seemingly enjoying it the more she suffered, every one of them wanting to use her. To abuse her.

Every single one of them is going to get that chance, too -- multiple times. Her once-tight cunt has been stretched to the point where someone could stuff a bowling pin into her, or maybe a bowling ball. From the agony she felt inside her body, it's certain that at least one of the prisoners, one of the serial rapists, was long enough, and hard enough, and mean enough to start fucking his way into her womb, even if it wrecked her. Or maybe that was his goal.

By that time, she's taken so many loads in her ass that she might feel her stomach stuffed full of cum... or maybe that's from all the loads she had to swallow to keep from drowning. Her whole body sloshes thickly with seed as men pump her, shake her, hit her, rape her, constantly, an unending hell of cock and cum.

Every time a cock was pulled out of her body, a gush of semen inevitably followed, drooling from her wrecked and ruined holes, dribbling from her twitching mouth and over her body, the flow never seeming to stop till it was inexorably plugged by the cock of the next rapist in line, eager to get a piece of the fuck toy they were all using as the battle wrecked the city around them. For now, this was a world of its own, not a world of death and destruction like one outside, but a world of a woman's suffering and torment, as she was put to the use that god intended her for, as she was raped, beaten and ravished, all for the pleasure of men.

The men crowd around her closer and closer, and it can hardly be said that they're taking turns any more, what with how multiples of them are in each of her rapeholes. One finishes and the next takes his place, leaving her in a perpetual state of being raped in every orifice. Her hair's come loose now, but it's nothing other than another kind of cum-catcher, matted heavily with yellow-white seed, stuck to her face, stuck to the ground, stuck to whatever is nearby.

Her whole body is heavily bruised, inside and out, the men moving in to hit her, rape her, claim their piece of her. She's like a piece of meat feeding a pack of hungry hounds, tossed back and forth, battered and torn and drenched, nearly drowned in semen -- not even a prize, just something for them to tear into and take whatever they wish.

If it wasn't for the masses of training she had been put through since she was a child, if it wasn't for the tens of thousands of hours she had spent in combat and dangerous situations, if it wasn't for the experimental serums that had been tested on her that kept her at the peak of human condition, and kept her hale and healthy even through the worst situations, she would long have since died from such abuse, or at the very least pass out into blissful unconsciousness. She had no such relief however, and her senses were sharp as always, sharp enough that there was never a break from then pain, even for a moment.

The men don't really spend time wondering about her astounding resilience, as they are too busy taking advantage of it to ravage her, and delight in her reactions, her involuntary grunting, gurgling, and groaning. Such a wonderful plaything she makes, capable of endless suffering and still not catatonic or dead... not that those would likely spare her.

It's a while longer before one of them does realize it and calls attention to it, and then she finds herself the plaything of the worse sadists in the bunch, the men who are eager to push her to her considerable limits. Two of them use her as a punching bag between them as they saw her back and forth between throatfuck and assfuck. Three more spend time stomping on her, trampling her into the ground with their shoes, until they cum from that, spraying all over her already heavily glazed tits. Yet another two alternate between fucking her with their cocks and cutting her lightly with razors... in the end, it may well be the blood loss that finally pushes her over the boundary, leaves her woozy and fading in and out.

Bloody semen is leaking from her lips and nose, coating her black and blue battered breasts and tiny taut belly, drooling from her ruined holes and a constant pink, creamy wave. Of course this only makes her sadistic abusers hit her all the harder, kicking her with a force that would break the bones of a normal woman, cutting here again and again, especially on sensitive spots like the insides of her thighs and on her tits, and while she does heal very very fast, she's still loosing blood, still feeling the agony they cause her. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, she is consuming a lot of protein rich fluid, so her body is doing a good job at replenishing a lot of the supplies she is losing.

The men probably don't realize how that works at all, but she's certainly become a more entertaining plaything to them since they started. She's almost floating in a small lake of sticky, smelly spunk, her body long since immersed under layer after layer of thick, heavy, endless spooge.

They been using her so long that they're finally running low on steam, the lesser amount of cum giving her less with which to recover, an equation that's tipping toward her losing consciousness -- not that this will save her from continuing to be used as a fuckhole. But, by this point, in the midst of all the endless rape, only a few stand out any more, but of them all, that guy with the horrifying thick cock goes several rounds with her throat, each time with her coming out worse for the wear. And he's one of the ones using her as she's reamed out to her limit, her throat once against a thin layer of flesh wrapped tight and hard between his girth and his callused hands, her neck squashed down as he tries his damnedest to poke the end of his cock *into* her stomach, feel the opening of it gripping his fat mushroom cockhead.

And grip it it does, like a newborn sucking on a bottle. No cock was ever supposed to get that far down a throat, especially with hands so brutally clenching the throat so tightly around the cock filling it beyond its limits. To those watching it was clear that there was an absurdly large shaft hammering deeper and deeper down the girls gullet, and by the way she kept twitching and shaking it was far from comfortable! Of course all that twitching could be caused by the pain in her lower body, or the occasional painful kick to her massive tits, or any number of other factors.

That felon seems convinced that he's the cause of it, however, and few who saw what he was doing would have any cause to doubt. His heavy balls squash the poor girl's nose almost flat, as his hands strangle her, and the faint attempted gasps she makes for air are only helping to draw his cock that much further into her neck. Choke and fuck, choke and fuck, that's his rhythm, whether or not she can take it, and the cum that packs her stomach washes the end of his prick until he finally bursts her into, and this time he's saved up so much spunk that her belly does swell with it, even if some leaks out her ass as it does.

By now, especially with the amount of semen she had already swallowed, topped off with the absolutely massive amount the sadistic felon was spewing into her belly as he gripped her throat so hard that it felt like his fingers were digging into his cock, never mind her throat. It looked like she was a few months pregnant, with a clear and visible swell in her her taut and tiny belly, the sloshing sound as she was thrust around clearly audible to all those watching and raping her!

Leaning back, he just about levers her up by her neck and by his cock down her throat, cum leaking out of her nose to wet his balls and slide down over her eyes. Her lips might have leaked as well, if they weren't sealed so firmly around that overly thick shaft. Her lower body bends back as it broken by his cock, ready for more injections of jizz, but her belly jiggles, full past any sensible capacity with the man's added seed. And then he slams his fist down on it, as if to make her pop.

Her eyes bulge wide, and her whole body just flexes around the blow, and there is a rush of fluid against his shaft, but most can't get by, so other than a massive spurt of semen, there is no visible effect up top. Down below however, there is what feels like a rumble, and bloody semen gushes from her anus, pouring out around the two cocks splitting the bloody hole wide.

That causes crude laughter to spread through the horde, and before long, men are taking turns pumping her full of spooge and punching her in the stomach to force it back out. Although not all of them are so thick that it can't come out one end, so she ends up even more of a mess, not throwing up the stuff of her own accord but when it's forced out of her.

Despite all the horrors the young woman had seen in her life, the assassinations she had committed, the fates worse than death she had inflicted upon many a man, woman and child in the name of her former country, and more recently, for shield. She couldn't quite believe that these men could be so cruel, so sadistic as to want to hurt a woman who had been giving her all to save them from what would be the end of the world. Yet these men wanted more than just to hurt her. They wanted her to know in her very soul, that this is what she deserved, that this is what she was for. That as a woman, she belonged like this, in agony, being raped and tortured non-stop for the pleasure of men.

At every blow that landed in her swollen gut, bloodied semen spurted from whichever holes were most unoccupied at the time, but somehow, it was more painful and uncomfortable each and every time, as if it was exposing fresh nerves that she never knew she had, allowing her to feel to depths inside matched by no other woman.

That's not the last of it, though. By now her holes are so loose that some of them no longer get enough pleasure from using their cocks on her, and others are busy recovering and generating a new load to fill her with. But whichever it is, some of them are using their fingers to add to the pressure, or even their entire hands, when she's not crammed full of cock already. She finds herself getting punched in the cunt while fucked in the ass, punched in the ass while fucked in the cunt, dicked down the throat while someone fills both her ass and cunt with each of their fists and the others are taking a break -- apparently anything they can do to make her suffer is fair game.

And fair game it is. The sensation of having two fists in her cunt, battering at her cervix with wrecking-ball like power as another fist worked elbow deep into her bleeding and gaping ass was something she had never even imagined possible before. Every time a fist hammered deep inside her, every time a painful blow landed on her, or a cock went so far down her throat she couldn't breathe, she trembled and tensed up, massaging every limb or cock inside her.

The cocks keep coming, but joined by the occasional fist or foot -- getting kicked in the cunt while choking down a schlong or three is not something that's likely she ever expected to experience, but now she gets to suffer it repeatedly. And even though her abused body is an endless source of pain, they aren't letting up on her, they keep trying to find ways to make it worse and worse and worse. A piece of rubble is used like a dildo to ravage her cunt while she's made to warm an endless succession of balls in her mouth. Someone's foot gets crammed into her already stretched sphincter while hands twist her nipples like they wanted to twist them off. Cum gets shot up her nose and down her throat until her lungs must be filling with it as well, and her pathetic mewed choking sounds only get her face fucked harder.

Considering the amount the young woman had bled, there was more cum in the young red hairs system right now, than blood. The battered girl currently had two fists in her ass, from two different men, each had one of her legs over their shoulder and were even in a competition to see who could pound their thick arm in the fastest and the furthest, and currently both men were getting the now blood-and-semen coated limbs in clear past the elbow. Her butt was a nexus of pure agony as this happened, but it was nothing compared to the torment happening to the rest of her body. Her bleeding and cum filled cunt was currently filled with the roughest and sharpest looking rocks any of the cons could find, of which when they had stuffed her bleeding cunt full with them, they had had fun stomping and kicking her cunt with their booted feet.

The black and blue cum covered masses that were once called her breasts, were each being used in different ways, the right was being used as a boxing bag, by a particularly vicious con who was put away for more than 70 counts of assault and battery, who more importantly was an avid boxer, and was speed boxing the tit back and forth, sending occasional hammering blows into the young girls gut to break up the routine. The other breast, was being gripped in the claw like hand of an older con, the fingers sinking deep into the bruised fatty flesh, and in his other hand he had some sandpaper that he had on him, since he was in the workshop when the prison started partially collapsing. and was rubbing it furiously over the girls bleeding and erect nipple.

The girls mouth was currently filled with 3 cocks, all of whom were straining to get in as far as they could, stretching the throat out even further than ever before, each shaft making its own visible bulge down it. Yet more cocks were spewing their loads all over her legs, through her cum sodden hair, some were even pressing their cocks directly on her eyeballs as they shot their loads, temporarily blinding her. Some even came in her ears and up her nose. There wasn't a single spot on her person that didn't have at least some cum dripping from it.


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