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STORY NOTE: This story theoretically would take place during the plot of the Avengers film, after Loki first appears, but before we're told that Jane Foster, Thor's human girlfriend, has been taken to safety. Also, Darcy wasn't in The Avengers, but come on, it's Kat Dennings.

Avengers/Thor: Made To Be Ruled (mc, nc->cons, FF, MF, F-mast, MFF, m-dom, feet)
by SpaceSamurai

"I think there're bugs in this soup."

Jane Foster rolled her eyes. Darcy, her obnoxious intern-turned-assistant, was running a spoon lazily through the stew Jane had spent hours slow-cooking.

"They're not bugs, they're vegetables," Jane said.

Darcy picked up a grey-green lump of something unidentifiable. "Vegetables don't look like bugs."

Jane rolled her eyes again. It was an automatic response now, to pretty much anything Darcy said.

"Right. And that's why I know they're vegetables. Because they don't look like bugs."

This was roughly the way that every conversation had gone for the whole night since Darcy showed up at Jane's meager apartment.

The first time Thor left Earth and went back to Asgaard, Jane had hoped that everything would be different in her life. Her life's research had suddenly yielded the most extraordinary discovery in human history, albeit accidentally. On top of that, her boyfriend was the king of Asgaard. That had to have some perks, right?

Unfortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. had basically kept her research out of every major scientific journal. She was basically just running star maps for the government at this point. And while it paid better than what she was making working on her own, it was still barely enough to pay her rent. The one "luxury" she was allowed to keep in her budget was a lab assistant.

But rather than somebody qualified, or at least someone nice, she had to hire Darcy.

"So, what was it you needed to tell me?" Darcy asked.

Jane couldn't even look up from her soup bowl for fear that Darcy would see the tears in her eyes. It was the whole reason Jane had invited the girl over for dinner, to tell her some news, but now that they were eating together, Jane could only skirt around the subject all night. She tucked a strand of soft brown hair behind her ear.

"It''s Doctor Selvig," she muttered.

Jane had only heard that morning that something had happened to Erik Selvig, their friend and mentor. As usual, S.H.I.E.L.D. was vague on the details and insisted they had a handle on things, but Jane knew something was wrong, that something was happening that they didn't fully understand.

And so Jane told Darcy everything she knew: Dr. Selvig was in trouble, kidnapped or something, and they needed her and Darcy to stay put for the night until someone could come and make sure they were secure, probably in the morning.

"Jeez," Darcy sighed when Jane had told her everything. "So, wait, I have to spend the night here? 'Cause I didn't bring any clothes or anything."

"Oh don't worry," a voice suddenly rang out from the corner, "you won't need them."

Jane and Darcy leaped to their feet, each spilling their stew on the floor.

From the shadows emerged an imposing figure, slim but powerful, with a gleaming golden helmet, a long glowing staff, and piercing eyes that seemed to stare deep into their souls.

"Loki," Jane gasped.

The evil god smirked. Thor must have given her a thorough description of his adopted brother, seeing as Loki and Jane had never met before, but now that he was here, Loki would ensure that they would be very well acquainted.

The two women backed slowly against the counter of Jane's kitchenette as Loki took a step towards them. Suddenly, Jane dove for the bread box, where she'd kept a gun in case of emergencies. She gripped the pistol, wheeled around, and aimed for Loki's head, but by the time she was ready to fire, he was upon her, with his staff raised and pointed to her throat.

"No no no," he whispered menacingly, "we can't have that. Besides, you know it wouldn't work. I am Loki, God of War. Such a simple device could not kill me. It would only make me vengeful."

While Loki threatened Jane, Darcy inched towards her purse at the end of the counter. If she could get to it, she could find her taser. 'It worked on Thor,' she thought. 'Maybe it'll work on this guy too."

Getting closer and closer, Darcy slowly reached out her fingers to grab her bag, ready to strike like a cat, so close now, she could almost-

Loki moved as quick as lightning, grabbing Jane by her throat and pointing his staff at Darcy's chest.

"Stop," he commanded.

The tip of Loki's staff touched the skin between Darcy's bountiful breasts, protruding as they were from her low-cut tanktop, and over her heart. At first, she felt a cold chill run through her, and it was hard for her to breathe. Thoughts began to appear in her head, first a few and then a flood:


'Free will is an illusion.'

'Humanity was made to be ruled.'

'Obey Loki.'

'It is good to obey.'

Jane watched in horror as her friend was overtaken by Loki's staff. Darcy's hazel eyes turned a frosty, silvery blue, and all at once, she stood stock still, staring calmly ahead at Loki, awaiting his command.

"You see your friend here," Loki said finally, "whatever her name is-"

"Darcy, sir," Darcy said.

"Darcy. How quaint. You see, Jane, how she is so much simpler now, so much easier to get along with. Hers is a company a man would keep, and leave behind to fly off to another, better world."

Jane felt herself starting to cry. Darcy only stared blankly ahead.

Loki put his lips to Jane's ear and hissed, "My brother played you for a fool, Miss Foster. He took your love for a trophy and then left, only returning when it was convenient for him. You were like a toy, a plaything, the human girl he could bed when he was bored with ruling over Asgaard."

"No," she choked.

"No?" Loki let out a cruel laugh. "You would deny me? My, what unhappiness your defiance brings: You toil away for a pittance, holding out a vain hope that one day, you and a Thunder God could somehow be as one, as though you could somehow satisfy him, or be his equal."

Jane shook her head. 'He's lying,' she told herself. 'Don't let him trick you.'

"You could be so much happier if you would only submit," he continued. "If you gave in to your true desire, which is to stop struggling, stop hoping for an ending with a king that will never come. If you just give in, realize how much of your life is wasted fighting for what you want, and instead embrace what your ruler gives you, you could be at peace."

Jane studied Loki's eyes. They were soft, almost pitying, as though he actually believed the lies he was feeding her, and for a split second she thought he was sincerely as crazy as he seemed. But then she remembered who he was, his conniving ways, how he'd tried to kill his brother and everyone around her. And, with his hand around her throat and his staff poised to strike her, she did the only thing she could.

She spat in his eye.

The spit caught Loki off guard, and in reflex he struck her across the face with his backhand. Jane dropped to the ground with a yelp of pain, and immediately she scrambled as if to escape.

"Hold her," Loki commanded, and without hesitation, Darcy dove and grabbed her struggling boss, pulling her to her feet, and wrapping her arms so she couldn't break free.

"Darcy, no!" Jane screamed. "Let me go, this isn't right, let me go!"

"Stop fighting," Darcy said flatly. "It's a lot easier if you just give up."

Loki chuckled. "Your little friend speaks the truth."

"Well," he corrected, remembering the young woman's bust, now pressed into Jane's back, "maybe not so little."

Loki wiped the spit from his face and, despite the insult, grinned devilishly.

"I know exactly what to do with you," he seethed.

He examined the beauty before him. He had to admit, his brother had fine taste; the woman was an exquisite specimen. Silken hair framed an angular, proud face, with full protruding lips. Her breasts were nothing spectacular, clad as they were in a pink button-down blouse, but her body was lithe, toned, achingly perfect, as though she'd been sculpted by the finest hands of the gods.

"Oh yes," he said. "Exactly."

With steady fingers, he reached out and undid the buttons on her top.

"No!" she screamed. "Stop it!"

With each button, more of her porcelain flesh was revealed, perfectly smooth and (he noted with no small amount of glee) unencumbered by undergarments. Jane pulled and shook against his reach, but Darcy held her firmly in place, her resolve to obey Loki somehow stronger than Jane's resolve to break free of his clutches.

Finally, with her blouse undone, Loki peeled away the fabric to reveal Jane's pert breasts to the open air, her slim pink nipples hard from the adrenaline and fear.

"You know," he said, removing his helmet and setting it aside so he could lean ever closer to her skin before him, "when we were growing up, people used to say that I was jealous of my brother, that I coveted the power he had been given. But I've shown...yes, I can prove that I'm not jealous, that I never was. How could I be? I have...powers. Powers that even the mighty Thor doesn't possess."

He flicked out his tongue and dragged it slowly, delicately over Jane's hardened left nipple. Immediately Jane gasped.

'His tongue,' she thought with terror. 'It''s buzzing.'

Indeed, as he continued to lick and suckle at her open teats, first the left, then the right, then back and forth, making slight circles around her areolas, leaving trails along the underside of her bosoms, Loki's tongue not only vibrated, but it radiated power, sending thrills through Jane's core until she was shaking in Darcy's grasp. It was more pleasure than she'd ever felt on her breasts, and she was having a hard time keeping herself from letting it in.

"Stop," she moaned weakly.

And to her surprise, and, she realized with shame, to her disappointment, he did.

"You wish me to stop?" he asked slyly.

She hesitated, but nodded at last.

"You see?" he said. "Denial. Denial of pleasure. Struggling against what feels good for the pursuit of something foolish and distant. You would rather feel superior and independent than happy. And that is why your kind is doomed: You deny your true desires, your true nature, for something as unnatural as free will."

Loki produced a rope from thin air, a conjurer's trick.

"Darcy," he said, "can you tie a firm knot?"

"I learned in the scouts, sir," she replied.

He passed her the rope. "Bind her hands as securely as you can. And drop the 'Sir.' Call me 'Master' instead."

"Yes, Master," she replied, and began to tie Jane's hands behind her back.

Any hope that Jane had that maybe Darcy was faking all this, that she would tie the rope loosely enough for Jane to escape when Loki least expected it, quickly faded. Try as she might, she couldn't get free of the rope at her wrists. Darcy really had learned to tie knots, and she'd done it too well for Jane to get free.

"Take her to the bedroom," Loki commanded.

"Yes, Master."

Darcy shoved hard, and Jane was marched against her will into her bedroom. Jane had an idea of what Loki was planning, and the thought of it terrified her. But still, somewhere deep inside herself, there was a part of her that hoped he would lick her again, that she could feel more of that pleasure.

It was sickening, but overwhelmingly true: She hadn't been touched by a man in months, and Thor was usually so involved in the work of saving the worlds he was sworn to protect that he barely had time to attend to her needs. And having Loki touch her that way, even against her was intoxicating.

Still, she told herself, she had to stay strong. Had to stay strong for Thor.

Jane's bedroom was small and sparsely decorated. There was the bed itself, a hard queen-sized mattress with floral pink sheets. Then there was the nightstand, with the egg-white Victorian-style lamp and her alarm clock. An easy chair sat in the corner next to her vanity, large and soft enough to curl up reading a book but light enough to turn towards the mirror in the mornings so she could do her makeup. Everything was simple, and it suited her needs.

But now, with her breasts free to the air and her friend holding her tied arms behind her back, all she could think of was the room's only window, and how she could jump out of it if need be. She reared up, ready to dart through the glass, prepared to endure the pain and the blood, as long as it meant freedom.

Just as Jane was about to break into a run, Darcy wrapped an arm around her neck.

"Sorry Jane," she said. "Loki said to take you to the bedroom, not to let you get outside."

"Darcy!" Jane snapped. "Let me go! This isn't what you want!"

"You're right, Jane, this isn't what I want." Jane tried to wiggle free, but Darcy tightened her hold. "That's what makes it so easy. I don't want anything anymore. I don't have to. I just do whatever I'm told, and as long as I do that, I get to be happy. It makes so much more sense than wanting things, you know?

"Besides," she continued, now rubbing her breasts against Jane's back with purpose, "it's not like this isn't fun for me too. You think I kept working for you because of the job security? I liked having a boss I could dream about while I fingered myself. It made me feel like I had a dirty secret whenever I'd peek around the corner and see your ass in the lab. Now I think I'm gonna see more of that ass than I ever got to before."

Jane, despite her situation, rolled her eyes. It was an automatic response.

"This is an interesting development," Loki said as he suddenly appeared before them, next to the bed. "It seems I'm not the only one who's enjoyed watching you, Miss Foster. Darcy here is already proving to be a valuable servant."

Darcy nodded at her Master without emotion, acknowledging his praise.

Loki appeared to think for a moment. Then he smiled, like a teacher smiling at a willful child.

"Alright, Miss Foster, I'll make you a deal," he said.

Jane shrunk back in fear. This sounded like a trick.

"You get two chances. Darcy and I will each try to make you understand your place, your inherent need to be dominated, and when you finally learn your lesson, you can be made to serve me in peace as Darcy does."

Jane was prepared to scream 'No' at the top of her lungs, but Loki placed a finger over her lips.

"But," he continued, "if after we're done, you still desire the misery and torment of free will, I will oblige you, and Darcy and I will be on our way."

Jane knew this had to be a trap of some kind, but she couldn't deny that this was her only chance. If she didn't take Loki up on his offer, she had no idea what he might do to her, to them.

Suddenly she had an epiphany.

"When I say no, you have to let both of us go," she said. "You'll give Darcy back her mind."

Loki surveyed the buxom lass he might be forced to give up, and he had a brief moment of doubt; she was an awfully fine prize to relinquish over a bet. But then he shook the thought away.

'Why worry?' he thought. 'I know how this will end.'

"Deal," he said.

Jane steeled herself. "Fine," she said. "Do your worst."

Loki smiled as he stepped back and motioned to the bed. "On the contrary."

Before Jane could think to ask what that meant, Darcy was tugging hard at Jane's shirt from behind until it tore and fell away in pieces.

Jane could only gasp in surprise as Darcy shoved the doctor face-down on the bed and began planting kisses down her back with her pillowy lips.

"Mmm, you just don't get it," Darcy said between wet kisses. "It's, mmph, like the difference, *smooch*, between having sex, and, nnnff, sitting in a waiting room."

Darcy reached under Jane's prostrate body and found the clasp on her slacks.

"I know you know what that feels like."

Tenderly, Darcy unzipped and began to peel away Jane's pants, taking with them her plain blue panties.

With her boss finally naked, Darcy leaned in and began to knead and play with her ass.

"So firm," she noted. "You're so fucking hot."

Darcy stepped back off the bed for a moment, leaving Jane to shake fearfully with her face buried in her comforter.

"It's not like you think it is," Darcy explained. "I don't feel like I've lost anything. Actually, I feel better, like I've gained something. And what I've the truth."

Darcy heaved, and flipped Jane onto her back, revealing to the older woman that she'd stripped off her clothes. Jane couldn't help but admire the softness of Darcy's body; her young flesh was pale and full, especially her large, round breasts, peaked as they were with sensual, thick pink nipples. Surveying the young woman up and down, everything about Darcy was primed for sex, from her plump lips to her generous curves, all the way to the neatly trimmed, heart-shaped pubic hair pointing to her glistening womanhood.

Jane had never studied a woman's body so closely before, but she had to admit, despite everything she was going through, the sight of her assistant's supple flesh turned her on.

Gingerly, Darcy reached down and grasped Jane's left foot, pulling it to her mouth. Jane tried to flinch away, but Darcy held tight.

"Ah-ah," Darcy chided. "Remember the deal. I get to convince you."

Darcy let her tongue dart out and lick the tip of Jane's big toe. She never took her eyes off the restrained woman, desire burning through her gaze even through the hazy blue of Loki's power. Her thumbs massaged the soles of Jane's foot as she began to suck on her toes, each one in turn, each suckle and teasing twist of the tongue leaving no doubt to Jane what she was pretending to really be licking.

Slowly, with practiced patience, Darcy let her tongue run down the arch of Jane's foot, her hands reaching up to her ankle. Then from the smooth ball of Jane's foot, Darcy let her mouth wander to her calves. Her hands wandered ahead of her lips, letting Jane know where she would kiss and wet next with her hot tongue.

It was agony to Jane to have to endure this treatment as punishment, as trial. Had she known that Darcy would be so fiery, so attentive, she might have...well it was hard to say what she might have done under different circumstances. But she hated that she had to fight this desire that Darcy was creating in her, had to deny what she was so lovingly being given.

As Darcy reached up to Jane's thighs, the older woman couldn't stop her breath from quickening, her pulse from racing.

'So close,' she thought. 'She's so close.'

Darcy was methodically slow, as she let her lips drag across the inside of Jane's sweet thighs, first one side, then the other, then back again. Soon she was circling it, the source, the place where the greatest pleasure lay waiting, and she let herself play around it, licking close to it, then backing away, then kissing a spot next to it, then moving to the side.

Jane let out a soft whimper. She hadn't meant to, but it had come from deep down inside her, and as it left on her breath, she prayed that it would trigger something, that Darcy would receive the sound and act on it, would take her with her tongue.

And she came close. Oh so close. Darcy's face hovered over Jane's mound, playing in her soft, unkempt bush, breathing deeply of her musky need. And just as the heat from her wet tongue seemed so tantalizingly near to Jane's opening, Darcy moved on.

"Nnnnnnoooo..." Jane groaned in frustration.

Darcy smirked as she continued to kiss her way up her boss's body.

"That's your problem, Jane," she said, licking the sweat from Jane's taught stomach, "you want too much. You want love and equal footing and sex, all at once. And you could have all of those things. You just need to stop wanting them. If you stop fighting what's good for you, then you can only take whatever you're given, and suddenly, it doesn't matter whether or not your lover comes home to you, or the next time you'll get laid, because those things aren't up to you, and as long as you just take what you're allowed to have, then your life is always perfect. Because there's nothing more to want. You can just exist. Free from freedom."

Darcy stopped to caress and toy with Jane's modest chest, her own globes swaying hotly over Jane's stomach as she leaned in to suck on one of her still-hard nips.

Jane was reeling, and having a hard time shutting out the things Darcy was saying to her. She knew she was supposed to fight it, and so she was, but something about the argument was so logical. If she didn't want anything, she couldn't be disappointed anymore, and she'd always be happy with what she had. Why couldn't it just be that easy?

'It could,' she thought, but silenced the idea as quickly as it came. She had to do this. For Thor.

When Darcy had finally reached her way up to Jane's neck, the physicist realized that Darcy's fingers were travelling downwards. They pawed first at Jane's slight bust, but soon they were tracing a trail down her stomach, down to-

"Oh god," Jane gasped.

"I mean, look at me," Darcy whispered, nibbling Jane's earlobe. "I gave in, and I got what I wanted anyway. It's a win-win."

Darcy grabbed the back of Jane's head with her right hand and twisted it towards her, planting a deep, probing kiss on Jane's open mouth, just as Darcy's left hand, at last, parted the folds of Jane's sex and found their way to her clit.

"Mmmm!" Jane moaned into Darcy's eager maw, the young woman's tongue sliding unabated past her boss's lips, where Jane, without even realizing she was doing it at first, met it with her own, their tongues dancing together, one overtaking the other and then the roles reversing, a sloppy, improvised dance that left them both gasping for air when it was through.

"Ooooh godddd," Jane groaned.

One of her roommates in college had told her that a woman's touch was always the best, because a woman knew best how to please another woman. She hadn't fully believed it until this moment, when Darcy's gentle but forceful fingers deftly manipulated her folds, sliding, squeezing, teasing in all the right places to make Jane shiver with maddening desire.

Without warning, Darcy's hand dipped down and slid two fingers into the entrance of Jane's hole and began to pump slowly, in and out, in and out. Jane mewled like an animal in heat, the pleasure overwhelming her senses, blocking out the deal she'd made, the fight she was trying to win, focusing everything on Darcy's skilled fingers, and trying to ride the waves of pleasure they were bringing her.

'Almost there,' Jane thought, though she realized she may have whispered it. 'So close, oh god, please, I'm so close, I'm gonna-'

"Stop," Loki commanded.

And all at once, Darcy pulled away.

"No! Please!" Jane pleaded, not thinking clearly about what she was saying.

"I see Darcy was very convincing," Loki said proudly, his servant standing next to him impassively as he stroked and prodded her available softness.

'Damn it,' Jane thought. 'Damn it, I was so close.'

She felt tears running down her cheeks in shame as she realized how close she'd come to giving in entirely. She still needed so desperately to feel release. It was killing her.

"Do you understand your place then, Miss Foster?" Loki asked, lording over her. "Are you ready to enjoy the peace of obedience?"

Jane shook her head but could hardly speak.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. What was your answer?"

Jane knew that if she gave in to Loki she would be betraying Thor, but still, it was incredibly hard to ignore what she was feeling. She had almost no fight left in her. 'Maybe it would just be easier to say yes,' a voice in her mind said. But she felt her resolve build, and knew she couldn't just quit so easily. She needed to try. She wanted to survive this as a free human being.

"No!" she spat finally.

To her surprise, Loki actually looked concerned.

"No?" he asked sincerely. "Oh my dear, you really must be struggling. All those forces in your mind fighting for control, when all it would take to make all the negativity and the fear and the doubt disappear would be to submit, to let someone else guide you and let your thoughts rest."

Jane continued to cry. She knew it would be the easy way out, he was right about that, but she couldn't let herself take it, couldn't let herself be controlled. Though, if she were really honest, she could no longer think of a good reason why not.

"Well then, I suppose you've lost the first part of the deal," Loki sighed, and suddenly his armor began to disappear from his body; first his cape, then his boots, little by little until he stood before her naked, his muscles riddled with scars from battles fought and won, and his hard ('huge,' Jane realized with fear) manhood standing at attention. "You have yet to understand how things should be. So I's my turn."

Jane tried to back away, to wiggle as far on the bed from Loki as possible, but he was quick. With precision, he pounced on her, holding her down as he straddled her torso. His cock lay long and thick across her. But for now, he wouldn't use it. Not until it was time.

Loki knew exactly how this would go. He'd known from the beginning. Of all the shortcomings he'd been told he had, the one thing no one had denied of him growing up was that he could make women buckle at the knees, could make them love him like a deity after only an evening's ministrations. Something in his bloodline had changed the way he mated. Combined with his skill with magic, and now with his power from the Tesseract, he was virtually all-powerful when it came to sex. No woman could deny him, least of all a simple mortal.

And so he straddled her. And stared into her eyes.

At first Jane was terrified, fearing he could, at any moment, strike her, or rape her. But for so long, he just stared into her eyes. He was seeing deep into her, considering what to do next. Or maybe...

Maybe he was concentrating.

Jane was beginning to think nothing would happen, when suddenly, figures formed in the air, bodies appearing all around her.


She was surrounded by Lokis, nude, multiplying, all gazing down at her exposed body.

There was a moment of silence. And then it started.

With care, two Lokis bent low and began to suckle at her left breast, their tongues enwrapping her flesh and vibrating as before, making Jane gasp in surprise.

Loki smiled. Conjuring doubles had always been an easy trick for him to pull off. But it wasn't until he was given the power of the Tesseract that Loki was able to make them corporeal. It took a great deal of concentration, too much to use in battle, but for moments like this, it was perfect. He could generate an army of himself, all working towards the same goal: Breaking her defenses until she was absolutely open to him.

As Jane began to lose herself to the energy surging through her left breast, two more Lokis bent and began to match their efforts on her right.

"This is the only way I can explain this to you, Jane," Loki whispered. "You're a scientist. You need evidence of the happiness that absolute obedience can bring. There's no way you can ever know the true joy while you still fight in vain for freedom. But by taking away your control, and showing you pleasures of the flesh greater than you've ever felt, I can at least help you. Help you understand. This bliss you feel now is only a morsel of the bliss you'll feel if you submit to me. So feel this, feel it all, and know that you could have it and so much more under my rule."

Jane didn't want to let Loki's words in, but after Darcy's performance had left her so empty, she couldn't help but be filled by what he said, especially when the joy in her chest was spreading so deliciously, pulsing throughout her body. She almost came just from their tongues on her tits. Almost.

Suddenly, Jane felt a presence between her legs, a gathering of energy. Her eyes flew open, and she gazed up at Loki, still staring down at her.

"I-" she started, but he silenced her.

"Stop thinking," he said. "Feel."

And suddenly, two tongues like those on her bosom, two vibrating, scintillating, energy-filled probes, were on her sex.

"OH!" Jane screamed.

She couldn't control her body now, as it convulsed and spasmed to force more of Lokis' many tongues on her tender areas. Suddenly her body was like a power plant, churning ecstasy from her every cell and sending it straight to her brain. She may have even cum, many times, but orgasm was no longer the end in her mind. She didn't know what the end was supposed to be, but she no longer cared. All that mattered was the feeling, and if it never ended, than she would die in pure sexual bliss.

A long tongue made spirals around her clit while another dove into her hole, each thrust of one tongue matching the swish of another. Juices gushed from her folds. Her skin felt hot all over.

Jane couldn't even remember why she'd been fighting it before. If it meant feeling like this, she didn't care about being in control. She would just take what was given to her.

Loki saw it, the look in her eyes as they rolled back into her head, that look of absolute acceptance and pleasure. He'd seen it on women before, but this was the first time he'd ever seen it come so quickly. He almost regretted making such short work of her, but her bucking frame beneath him was plenty of reward for his success.

He knew he didn't even have to ask the question now, she wouldn't even notice the loss of her free will, she wouldn't even realize anything was different until after he retracted his doubles from her erogenous zones, but still, he couldn't resist. The fun was in the question.

"Do you understand now?" he asked.

She practically shrieked her response: "YEEEEESSS!"

"What is freedom?"

"Freedom....freedom is a lie!"

"And you'll give up your silly free will to me forever?"


His doubles all paused at once. "Yes what?" he asked.


All at once, every Loki save the real one returned to their efforts, with even more vigor, turning Jane into an incomprehensible mess of quaking, open flesh as she came again and again and again.

"Darcy," Loki said, holding out his hand. Darcy handed over his staff.

Savoring the moment, Loki placed the tip of his staff over Jane's heart and, in her sex-crazed haze, her eyes filled with the steely blue of the Tesseract's power.

And just like that, Jane Foster was Loki's willing slave.

Loki retracted his doubles and settled himself above Jane, whose breathing slowly returned to normal as she acclimated to her new condition. Loki reached cautiously behind her and untied the bonds around her wrists. When she'd finally come down from the height of her orgasms, Jane smiled.

The sight made Loki very hard indeed.

"Well, Jane, it looks like you lost our little deal," he sneered.

"Actually, Master," she said, the word already natural on her lips, "I'd say I won."

Loki examined the woman before him, his brother's human love, now totally and unchangeably devoted to him. He'd finally done it. He'd finally bested his brother.

And now he would enjoy the spoils of his victory.

"Suck," he commanded, thrusting forth his extraordinary member.

"Yes, Master," she intoned as she leaned forward, parted her lips, and took his cock into her gaping, willing mouth.

Loki sighed happily. The warm, wet suction of Jane's mouth was better than anything he'd felt since he had fled Asgaard. It had been so long since he'd had someone so eager to pleasure him, he wanted only to savor every second of the experience.

He noticed again the busty young maid awaiting his orders at the bedside and decided she needed to have something to do.

"Darcy," he ordered, "I know this sight arouses you greatly. You will make yourself ready for me. And when I first achieve my fill, you too shall climax, and then come join us."

"Yes, Master," she said, hands already finding their way to her prodigious tits and down to her dripping pussy as she walked to the chair in the corner of the room.

Jane was no expert in sucking cock, but she was more than adequate to what Loki needed. Even with his immense prick (at least the size of his brother's, if not larger, Jane noted), she managed to get a fair amount of his length into the vacuum of her throat before she began to use her tongue, slowly, lovingly running it along the underside of his shaft, then up to swivel around his head. In a very short amount of time, at least for Loki's standards, he found himself building to a climax. As her head bobbed up and down and her hair brushed her shoulders through her labors, Loki felt himself tightening, and let out slight gasps of delight.

"Enough," he said at last, and she pulled off, a trail of spit at first leading from the head of his swelling dick to her lips, then dropping down her chin to stick against her heaving chest.

Loki leaned back and reveled in his power. Across the room, Darcy was leaning back in the easy chair with her legs splayed, one hand gripping tight to her heavy tits, the other playing roughly with her sopping cunt, three fingers knuckle deep in her opening while her thumb toyed with her clit. She sounds of wet fingering and barely muffled moans echoed off the walls.

"Slave," Loki said to Jane, "I know you now want for nothing, but it would please me if you would beg for me to enter you like the lowly slut it is my will to make you."

"Yes, Master," Jane replied, lying back. With a flexibility that surprised the villain, she stretched her legs straight up into the air and apart, revealing her open and willing holes to him.

"Oh Master," she moaned, rubbing herself seductively. "Oh please put your mighty cock into my unworthy pussy. I'm so wet and ready to please you, to make you feel good. I need it, I need your royal dick to punish my slutty fuckhole, please. Please, I'll do anything, just please fuck me, fuck me so hard!"

Loki knew it was vanity to demand such debasement for his amusement, but the sound of his brother's former love lowering herself in this way while she presented herself for him like a common animal...well, it was too good to resist.

He knelt before her sopping holes, and, with a wicked smile, he pushed himself into her cunt. Jane gasped loudly, at once because of the force and size of his thrusts and also because she knew the sound of her pleasure would turn him on, as it made her sound low and slutty, which, if he wanted her to be, she was.

Loki pounded himself into Jane's willing sex with fervor, forcing more and more of his length into her until he felt himself pushing up against her cervix. Once he found her limit, he sped up his thrusts until soon she was gasping for breath from pleasure.

Something about her, whether it was her legs draped over his shoulders or her face (eyes half-lidded, mouth formed into a perfect little "O") or the sweet feeling of victory that rang through him, or a combination of them all, he wasn't sure, but something was special about fucking this woman. Loki was feeling himself closer to orgasm faster than he'd ever been, and yet even now, he knew once would not be enough. Her cunt was so tight, he realized.

'Must be a human thing,' he surmised.

On Asgaard, he'd never felt a pussy so tight or so attuned to the rhythms of his thrusts. And as he built to orgasm, so built the strength and speed of his thrusting, and he saw on her face that she was building too.

He couldn't help himself, the power was too delicious.

"Swear your allegiance to me!" he ordered.

"I swear allegiance to Loki!" she managed.

"You're my slave!" he growled.

"Yes!" she shouted. "Yes, Master, I'm your slave!"

Loki couldn't hold back any longer, and with a mighty thrust, he let loose his cum deep within her, making her shriek and howl in bliss as she came too.

Darcy's hands were furiously working at her pussy, one focused on her love button while the other was reaching into her cunt, even slipping a thumb into her asshole, and when Loki came, she contracted so hard that she sprayed, just a little, just enough that the eyes rolled back in her head and she nearly passed out from the lack of breath.

Loki collapsed on the bed, briefly sated but knowing there would have to be more fun to come. He could hardly believe his luck at the power he'd been granted, at the authority he would have over this world once it fell to his rule. He was so enraptured by the thoughts of his global domination, he almost forgot about the women he was subjugating. That is, until Darcy, on his instruction, climbed over and joined him and Jane in the bed.

Here was Loki, with two beautiful women, absolutely in his service with no thoughts to disobey him, their hot breath on his chest as he held one in each arm.

And the best part of it all was that he'd beaten Thor. He'd taken from him what he most loved in this world, and now he would use it against him.

The thought was already stirring him back to life.

"Darcy," he said at last, "I don't believe you got the chance to taste Jane's lovely sex earlier, did you?"

She shook her head. "No, Master. Well, I licked my fingers when no one was looking, but it had rubbed off a bit by then."

He smirked. "Well, then suck me until I am hard again, and you can taste the mixtures of our juices before I let you have a taste of her wonderful garden."

She noded. "Yes, Master."

Darcy made her way down to her Master's softened member and took him into her mouth, enjoying the tangy blend of his and Jane's sexual juices that were still drying on his tip.

Loki turned to Jane. "Look at me," he commanded.

She turned.

"Repeat after me," he said. "You will never touch Thor again."

"I will never touch Thor again." Her voice had as much emotion as someone reading names from the phone book.

"You no longer desire Thor in any way."

"I no longer desire Thor in any way."

"As far as you're concerned, Thor is an enemy, and must be avoided at all costs."

"As far as I'm concerned, Thor is an enemy, and must be avoided at all costs."

"Good," he said.

"Good," she repeated.

With a laugh, he pulled her to him and kissed her, deeply, passionately, the way she would have kissed Thor before but now would never again. And she returned his passion in earnest, because it was what he wanted.

Between his tongue entwined with Jane's and Darcy's suction on his ever-hardening erection, Loki was almost ready to resume his celebrations.

He just needed one more piece of encouragement.

"Enough, Darcy," he said. "I want you two to pleasure one another for my amusement."

"Yes, Master," they said in unison.

"And please, show some enthusiasm."

They each smiled, and immediately Jane and Darcy began to kiss, erotically, longingly, as though they were long-lost lovers reunited at last. Loki stood next to the bed, cock in hand, and watched as the two stunning vixens put on a show for him.

First they knelt, facing each other, their mouths playing delicately together and apart.

Jane leaned forward, grasping one of Darcy's great breasts in her hand, and sucking it into her mouth. Darcy threw her head back and sighed in contentment, her hands roaming over the perfection of Jane's skin, fingers combing lovingly through her hair.

Jane chanced a glance over at Loki and smiled impetuously, making sure he knew this was all for him.

He stroked himself harder.

Finally, Darcy couldn't wait any longer, and pushed Jane sideways down on the bed. With slow, careful steps, she crawled over the woman's slender frame, eyes locked on her Master the whole way, as her bouncing tits swayed beneath her. She crawled until her hands could find no purchase, then shuffled with her knees until she was straddling Jane's head, facing him, arching her back for his gaze, and just when Loki was so turned on by the sight that he reached out to touch her, she turned, carefully picking up her knees and placing them on the sides of Jane's head as she turned around and put her healthy, round butt on display.

Darcy leaned forward, like an old pro, her ass wiggling with the motion of it and, finally fulfilling the promise of so many minutes ago, she dove her face into Jane's pussy. Jane cooed encouragingly and basked in the expert treatment Darcy's mouth was providing her until, with a shake of her rear, Darcy made it clear that she wanted much the same.

Tentatively, Jane leaned her head forward and gave Darcy's snatch a soft lick. The musk and heavy wetness from Darcy's earlier motions hung heavy in the space between her thighs, and Jane, having never tasted a girl before, was all too eager to return the favor Darcy was doing her.

Ever the intrepid scientist, Jane decided to jump straight in, and, parting the younger girl's folds with her fingers, she slid her tongue wildly throughout Darcy's mound. She explored every inch of her dripping womanhood, looking for those spots that would make Darcy quiver with pleasure.

Soon enough, she found the girl's clit, and focused her energies there. Darcy did much the same for Jane, and together each woman attacked the other's clitoris with all the tricks they could, encircling the nub, making hard waves over it, licking hard and fast up and down, up and down. Eventually, they were both squirming with the need for release, groaning into the pussies that occupied their mouths and letting the sounds of their throaty affections travel deep into the other woman's body.

Darcy was getting very close to cumming again when she felt a pressure on her opening, and she knew her Master was ready to join in. With her ass practically hanging over the edge of the bed, all Loki had to do was slide himself into the slick tunnel of her walls and begin to take her from behind, like the raw, unthinking beast she was.

Loki was slower with Darcy than he'd been with Jane. She was younger, and clearly her primary experience was not with male interactions. But more importantly, her little display of teasing him had left him primed for a little show of his own.

So he pushed himself into the young woman with care, inch after inch spreading her apart, eliciting gasps and rapid breath. Every time Darcy thought she'd taken all of him, he somehow pushed more. The realization began to dawn on her that Loki's was not a normal penis, and that his full length and girth would soon press against her womb.

All the while, Jane watched the penetration up close, saw the glorious parting of Darcy's sex by their Master's forceful rod right before her eyes. Playfully, she let her tongue wander up to tickle the underside of his shaft, the mingling of Darcy's sweet flavors and the sweat and cum on Loki's rigid extension creating such a wonderful bouquet on her tastebuds.

Neither woman was fully aware of Loki's plans until they were already underway.

Loki pushed, much like he had with Jane, until he felt himself blocked by the edges of Darcy's cervix, and began to pull back.

"Ooooh," Darcy moaned as his prick retreated, the ridge of his thick head dragging along her walls.

Loki pulled nearly all the way out, leaving just his head, and for a moment, he settled there, until Darcy let her head fall back between Jane's thighs to continue lapping away at her mound.

And then, only then, when she least expected it, he grabbed Darcy roughly by the hair and slammed himself into her to the hilt.

Darcy practically choked on her screams, so that she emitted only squeaks of shock and pain and, surprisingly to her, pure pleasure. The force and rage of Loki's attack on her womb pushed him deep into her, deeper than anyone or anything had ever reached, and the suddenness of it made his treatment exciting, despite the ache.

With surprise on his side, Loki let fly with his thrusts, slamming himself in and out of Darcy's womb with a violence that shocked them all, but which made their three-way entanglement only more vibrant, more alive, more aggressive. As he balled his young slave with his godlike cock, Loki let a free hand reach down and grip hard on one of her jiggling tits.

Meanwhile, Jane took the cue from her Master and clamped her lips down on Darcy's protruding clit, sucking her love button for all she was worth. With her hands, she spread her assistant's fat ass cheeks apart, giving Loki an easier path to drive his vengeful dick into its sheath. Her nails dug hard into the girl's soft meat as she held her.

The sounds that escaped Darcy's throat were low and primal and thick and full of only lust, like her remaining thoughts.

Loki continued to plow Darcy's inner workings long after the girl came, squirting uncontrollable juices onto Jane's gleeful face. With Darcy too far gone to continue licking, Jane had taken to fingering herself beneath the thick girl's quaking body, and when Darcy came, so did Jane, with a satisfied squeal.

With each hard thrust, Darcy's pain turned more and more to pleasure, and she became totally enraptured by the rough treatment. All her dreams had really come true: She'd found a job worthy of her talents, and she got to eat out her boss to boot, the woman after whom she'd been lusting for over a year.

Best of all, her Master had chosen to give her the joy of his cock, and if that's all he wanted to give her, then that was all she ever needed.

Her lust abated for the time being, Jane slipped out from under Darcy and stood next to the her Master, fully engaged in his defiling of his young servant.

She watched him. His strokes were intense. His teeth were gritted in fury. His muscles were smaller than his brother's, certainly, but he had his own powers. And he used them well. As long as he was there to rule her, Jane was happy with whatever was to come.

Jane realized she had never felt quite so contented before. She would never have to want again, so she'd never have to wait again, never have to feel lonely or confused or neglected. She could simply enjoy what her owner and ruler allowed her to enjoy. The burdens of being Thor's lover were suddenly gone.

She reached up, stroked her Master's back with her fingers. She nuzzled her face in his neck, leaving soft kisses and little love bites along the way. He threw back his head and grunted, spit flying from his teeth as he forced himself further and further into Darcy. As if in reflex, he reached out and spanked the young woman's ass, hard.

Jane followed suit, spanking her exposed cheeks and watching them jiggle lewdly.

Loki broke his gaze from the shaking, well-fucked meat before him, looking briefly into Jane's blue eyes.

"I'm going to rule the world," he said.

"Yes, Master," she said, and kissed him, a hard kiss, angry and vital like his desecration of Darcy's womb. They drank deeply of one another's breaths, and gave back in spades.

With a cry, Loki pulled out of Darcy's abused cunt.

"Kneel!" he commanded, and each woman hastily complied, Darcy's knees stinging from the burn of being throttled about on Jane's bed, but each still smiling, still putting on the show for their Master.

He stroked himself harder and faster until he came in spurts, spraying his hot seed across their faces, on their tits, on the bed, wherever it could fly. Loki coated his servants in his cum, and they delighted in the gift.

Spent, heaving with effort, Loki collapsed onto the chair in the corner while Jane and Darcy stared at him expectantly.

"Slaves," he commanded, enjoying one last show of his power for the evening's pleasures, "clean each other with your tongues. And be sure to share."

Not even bothering to respond, Jane and Darcy set about licking, wiping up the cum from one another's features with their slick, tired tongues. Jane bent to suck pools off the tops of Darcy's full breasts, before rising up and pushing open the girl's mouth with her own to share in the spoils. In the end, the two held each other in a firm embrace, cleaned of cum, swapping spunk back and forth across their lips until they finally felt sated and swallowed the fruitful load.

Loki stood, and his clothing and armor began to re-appear on his body.

"Well, Miss Foster, Darcy, you have proven to be extraordinary subjects," he praised. They remained kneeling before him, as instructed.

"I would be remiss if I didn't compliment you each on fine form and exquisite sexual appetites."

He picked up his staff, and his helmet, and stood before them again, the full king he believed himself to be, and whom they would follow unquestioningly.

At last, Loki smiled, not false now, evil, full of malice and hate and glee at the misfortune of these lower beings in his sight.

"I believe you will be collected by morning, gathered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect you from my horrible retribution. Of course, they'll be too late, but I don't want them to know that. Not yet. So here's what you will do-"

He waved a hand in front of their faces, and suddenly Jane's and Darcy's eyes reverted to normal, though their minds remained loyal to Loki.

"This will disguise you from their view for a time. At least until my reign is at hand and you can be as you truly are."

He placed a hand on each of his servants' heads.

"When S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives, they will find the two of you in bed, engaged in amorous embrace. You will be open about the fact that the two of you have been sleeping together. Knowing them, they won't question it too deeply, but if word reaches Thor, he'll either be devastated or, dare I say it, intrigued. No matter what, if he contacts you, you will avoid him. If he confronts you, you will explain that your relationship is over, and you cannot be together with Thor any longer. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master," Darcy said.

"Yes, Master," Jane said.

"Good," Loki said. And now bent down to find his face close to theirs. "Now I will enact my revenge on this world. Humanity will serve at my feet, and I will reveal to them the mercy of obedience. But..."

He cleared his throat.

"But, if I should fail, and I should be captured, that's where I will need your help..."




"Look, I don't know, she says it's official business."

Murray was flummoxed, while clearly Earl was getting fed up.

"What kind of official business?" Earl asked impatiently.

Murray shrugged. "A message from Thor."

Earl shook his head. "These superheroes. Can't be bothered to deliver their own messages, not even to their family. Is her paperwork in order?"

Murray checked the clipboard. "Yeah, says here it all checks out."

Earl scratched his chin. "Alright," he said finally. "But watch her. This guy's too dangerous to mess around with."

Murray snorted. "Yeah, but this broad's like 100 pounds. It's not gonna be a problem."

Earl just waved him off.

As Murray reached the gate, he found the flustered young woman waiting with her briefcase and a look of determination on her face. She'd clearly been through the ringer with security up to this point, and she was getting sick of waiting just to deliver a message. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, even with the scowl. He figured he'd probably be seeing her in his dreams if things went right.

'Jeez,' he thought, 'that's sad. I've gotta hope to dream about girls.'

Finally, he buzzed her in, and she stormed past.

"Which way is he?" she asked in a huff as she rounded the corner and turned into the corridor towards the maximum security cells.

"Um," he mumbled, trailing after her as best he could, "he's, uh, he's this way, the way you're headed, straight ahead and to the right."

Suddenly, she reached back, and grabbed his hand. She didn't turn to look at him. "Thanks," she said coldly.

Murray stopped. For a second, something about that touch seemed wrong. Then the touch wasn't bothering him, so much as how quickly the floor was flying up to meet his face.

She hurried through the doors to the cells as the guard collapsed behind her. She'd easily cracked her way into the system to scan the schematics of the facility, it was all just a matter of getting in and getting out. She'd have to be quick, have to follow every instruction to the letter.

She turned, and there was the heavy blue metal door she'd seen in the schematics. She reached the keypad, punching in the combination, her fingertips laced with the prints she was able to lift from the guards' gate door the night before. Sure enough, there was a beep, and a green light came on, and the door slid open.

There, in the middle of a large, empty room, was a cubic cell, clear, made of seemingly impenetrable materials, with no clear way in or out.

And in the center, waiting with a smirk on his face, was her Master.

"You followed my instructions very well, Jane," he said.

She nodded, her eyes revealing their true colors, the colors of Loki's power, the colors of obedience.

"Yes, Master," she said, and the plan was set in motion.




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