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Stars: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson)

Codes: FF, Dub-Con, Oral, Toys, Anal

Avengers/Veronica Mars: Whore Of SHIELD
by MeanBlackjack

"I want... I want..." Veronica wanted to plead for a lawyer or anything but the words just weren't coming to her. The blonde fidgeted in place when Natasha stroked at her and as Natasha leant in to Veronica's neck and let a cool jet of air

"You want what? What do you want Veronica?" Natasha teased, her fingers brushing against the blonde's shoulders ever so gently as the redhead moved her fingers towards the top of her spine and brushing the hair away. Natasha's fingers threaded through the long blonde locks before she gave it a sharp tug, Veronica's head rocking backwards and exposing the private eye's throat to the hardened agent. Leaning in, Natasha ran her tongue all over the blonde private investigator's throat before giving it another sharp tug. Hearing Veronica pant and moan even with how Natasha was treating her, Natasha could only smile as the drug was doing its job. Letting Veronica's head drop down, Natasha stood up and helped the blonde stand up. Kicking the chair away, Natasha pushed Veronica down, her chest against the table and her short denim skirt just below the lip of it. Natasha reached between Veronica's legs and placed a merciful finger against Veronica's dripping slit.

As soon as the tip of the digit touched Veronica's almost painfully wet slit, the blonde private eye had to chomp down on her bottom lip to not squeal in pleasure there and then. Veronica could feel the pressure being applied to her lower lips and she knew that the redhead would no doubt be able to feel just how wet she was. God, how was this happening to her!? Her panties were pushed to one side and the redhead had the same finger right back inside of her. The new position of her bent over the table had it so that she wasn't able to really push back against Natasha and get the finger deeper inside of her. But, the grip she had on her made the blonde PI feel like she wasn't able to even do it if she wanted to. Veronica let out a long, erotic groan as Natasha's index finger slipped all the way inside of her and made one experimental stroke against the roof of her pussy, stroking it and making the blonde spit out an aroused groan. Looking up, Veronica's bright blues spotted her reflection and she was amazed at just how she looked in the mirror. Her hair was slick with sweat and she already had some matted to her forehead as she looked up at Natasha who only had a cocky grin on her face.

"I think I know what you want Mars... You want to get fucked by me don't you?" Natasha teased, the squeezing of Veronica's pussy almost confirming the answer for her. Hearing the blonde groan, Natasha reached down and swatted her right on the ass. "Say it out loud."

Veronica groaned, her eyes squeezing shut as Natasha's finger continued to slip in and out of her, sometimes roughly, sometimes not so rough and more of a gentle style sliding. When Natasha spanked her, she let out a short shriek and the pain quickly spread over her entire rear, almost mixing with the pleasure of feeling Natasha's finger rubbing against her insides. Fidgeting in place, moving her hips from side to side, the woman was swallowing more and more of the noxious gas that was only working to further lubricate herself. Her body rocked from side to side as Veronica tried to ignore the sheer pleasure that was being forced on her. Another spank came down to her ass and the blonde, this time, screamed out in delight at the contact.

"Say it Mars. Say you want me to fuck you."

"Ngh... Fuck!" Veronica cried out as Natasha pulled her finger out and stroked the tip of her digit against Veronica's soaking lips. Sliding the digit right back inside of her and adding a second one, Veronica could barely believe what was happening as the lewd, erotic sounds of her being fingered filled the small cell.

"Say it."

"Oh shit... Fuck... Fuck me! Fuck me!" Veronica finally relented, her head falling down to the surface, the cool metal of the table doing something to try and relieve the heat that was warming her entire body. Hearing the redhead chuckle but not even being strong enough to look up at the sight of the agent being able to claim Veronica as her own little toy. Feeling the two digits of Natasha slide in and out of her, Veronica closed her eyes and simply let the pleasure take her. She was being stimulated so strongly and as she felt Natasha's body step closer, Veronica found herself being willing to say whatever the redhead wanted if she was able to get off.

The redheaded super agent looked up and smirked into the double sided mirror before she focused back on making the young blonde PI cum again. Stabbing her fingers in and out of Veronica's slit, Natasha listened to the blonde wail for her probing fingers. Sliding them in and out roughly, the green eyed Russian woman listened to how Veronica panted for her and she was only going to drag more of them out of her. Slipping her fingers inside of her, Natasha probed around, her fingers stroking over Veronica's petalled lips before she found a sweet spot that made the handcuffs rattle and the PI shake and bounce as she was bent over the table. Pushing the fingers all the way in, Natasha used her thumb to brush against Veronica's clit, stroking the pad of her thumb against the hardened nub and making Veronica cry out. Natasha watched as the blonde grunted, grit her teeth and then simply screamed.

"NATASHA!" Veronica wailed at the top of her lungs, her pussy drenching the three digits that were attacking her lower lips. With every pump inside of her, it felt as if one thousand fingers or dicks were attacking her sensitive folds and making the blonde see stars. Slowly, Natasha slid her fingers out of Veronica's folds, a near comical noise filled the small cell as the redheaded spy withdrew and inspected her dewey fingers, Veronica's cum glistening under the artificial lighting of the cell. Sucking her middle finger clean, Natasha made a pleased sound before looking down at Veronica, whose head was now pressed to the table and she was panting for release, her cunt still dripping wet though. Walking around the other side of the table, Natasha reached down and took a hold of her by the chin, lifting Veronica's head up off of the table and forcing the other finger into the blonde's mouth.

Veronica made a face but quickly got with the programme and started to clean Natasha's finger up. Her tongue ran all over the tip of Natasha's index, and trigger, finger. Cleaning the digit, Veronica was moaning around the finger before she cooed in pleasure as the digit slipped from her mouth and Natasha eagerly stroked the side of Veronica's face. The redhead looked down at the blonde, made an amused face before walking away from the table, her gaze locked on the men behind the mirror, already knowing that it would have been some of the SHIELD recruits who were about to see a whole lot more of the Widow.Unzipping the front of her catsuit, Natasha slowly rolled the suit down and tugged the suit open, her black lacy bra showing off her impressive cleavage before she bent at her hips, showing off her ass to the blonde, before she unzipped her boots and stepped out of them. Sliding the catsuit down to a leather puddle at her feet, Natasha stepped out of the catsuit and looked back to the blonde.

"How's your pussy eating game Mars?"

"I... Uh..."

"You're going to learn now then." Was all the redhead said, walking back to the table, Natasha reached between the valley of her breasts and pulled out the key to the cuffs on the table. Before the blonde had much of a chance to react, Natasha had rearranged the blonde on the table and now, Veronica was flat on her back, her legs hanging off of the side of the table but now she was facing the ceiling, the Private Eye was now facing the ceiling and her pussy was almost dripping onto the floor as Natasha climbed onto the table. Stroking the side of Veronica's face, she almost loved on Veronica. "You're going to learn a lot."

Veronica watched as Natasha lifted her hips up and stuck her thumbs into the waistband of the super spy's panties. Sliding them down her long, athletic legs, Veronica chewed down on her bottom lip and watched the panties roll down. Natasha held her panties in her hands, almost wondering what to do with them before she leant down and stuffed the panties into Veronica's cunt. The blonde groaned as she felt the lacy material rub against the soaking wet, velvet walls of her entrance. As she was panty stuffed, the blonde watched as Natasha moved herself back to where she was and then threw her left leg over Veronica's face and slowly moved her hips down to sit on Veronica's face. As the folds came closer and closer, Veronica could smell the sheer arousal on the lips and the blonde found that she couldn't wait to really taste what was on offer to her.

Now, Veronica had never eaten pussy before. She had had her own pussy be eaten before by exes, both in college and outside of it, but she had never been on the giving end of it. Running her tongue over her lips, the blonde looked up at the sight of the lowering pussy and with every moment of the superior woman's cunt getting closer and closer, Veronica could feel her own folds gushing. Pressing her legs together as if that would do something to suppress the raw, sexual energy that was flowing through her. Closing her eyes and doing her best to remember to breathe through her nose, Veronica slipped her tongue out of her mouth and the tip of her tongue found Natasha's folds. Almost surprised at the get go of the taste of Natasha's aroused folds, the blonde dipped her tongue inside of Natasha and mimicked one of the moves she had first found arousing.

Making a scooping motion with her tongue, Veronica flicked her tongue from the bottom of Natasha's slit, all the way up to the top. Tasting Natasha's sweet juices, Veronica could hear the redhead moan in pleasure and that seemed to encourage the private eye to replicate what she had just done. Flicking from the top and then down to the bottom as if swiping downwards, Veronica found herself to be something of a natural at eating pussy. Her tongue slipped from Natasha's folds and then moved to suck on the redhead's lower lips, her mouth latched onto the sides of Natasha's pussy. Running her mouth up and down the sides of the lip Veronica was sucking on, her eyes flicked open and she watched the redhead who had her own eyes closed and her head tilted back as she rode Veronica's face. Focusing on the woman on top of her, the blonde doubled down and gently bit into Natasha's lower lip, sucking on it firmly while dragging her mouth down towards the bottom of Natasha's entrance.

Looking up towards Natasha, Veronica found herself beaming with pride as the redhead reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Dropping the lacy piece of fabric down to the floor, she reached to her front and started to grope at her tits, pinching and pulling on the hard nipples that were freshly coming to life with not only arousal but also the cool air inside of the cell. Looking down at her, Natasha thrust her hips forward, her folds sliding along Veronica's face as if to encourage the blonde to hurry up. "Come on... Take me to Mars!" Natasha teased, her voice low and husky as she moaned at the action. Looking down, Natasha threaded her hand through Veronica's hair, held it there and started to buck her hips back and forth, rubbing her cunt against Veronica's face as the blonde did her best to eat Natasha out with the eagerness of the thrusting SHIELD agent.

It was difficult for Veronica to fully oblige Natasha's request, she was looking up at the redhead and was trying to work with her but with her hands still in cuffs, Veronica could only push her tongue in and out of Natasha's pussy, essentially 'fucking' her with her tongue. Moaning around the gushing liquid that was flooding her mouth, Veronica continued to lap and lick, her tongue working as fast as she could do, her tongue working through the ache that was filling her mouth as she ate the redhead out. Hungrily lapping at her core, as if Natasha were her one source of energy, which frankly wouldn't be that far away with how the redhead was manipulating her, Veronica wanted to see Natasha's back arch and her fully cum. The arousal was palpable in the room and Veronica could see the faintest trace of sweat bullets appearing on Natasha's body. Should she take that as a win? Probably but the blonde was too pussy drunk to fully appreciate just what was happening. Stabbing her tongue in and out of Natasha's sweet pussy, Veronica started to time the probing thrusts in time with the pants and squeals that were pouring out of Natasha's mouth. Looking up at her, Veronica licked and licked until the redhead's back arched, her grip in Veronica's hair tightened and the SHIELD agent exploded all over Veronica's face. Still though, the agent continued to rub her cunt against Veronica's face, thrusting as if she wanted to drown the pretty, blonde private eye in her pussy juices.

Natasha, finally, came down from the throes of her orgasm and sighed softly before nodding her head. Leaning forward gently, Natasha pressed her hands to the table and slowly rolled her hips off of Veronica's face, allowing the blonde to breathe as the athletic redhead climbed to her shaky feet and wobbled over towards the door, close to where he discarded body suit was. Sighing, Natasha reached down and rummaged through the bag she had brought in with her, her fingers working on unzipping a side panel. Producing a large, jet black strapon dilde, Natasha took another breath to steady herself before turning around and looking at the blonde, whose eyes were now locked squarely on the large toy that was jutting out of Natasha's hips.

"Oh fuck... Have I... Have I not passed the test or whatever?"

"Oh that's not up to me. I just need to make sure you won't squeal. Well, you'll squeal for me. I just want to make sure you won't tell anyone else." Walking towards the blonde, Natasha's hips moved from side to side in an almost hypnotic way of moving. Stroking the base of the fake cock, Natasha looked down at it and then over towards the dripping wet entrance of Veronica Mars. "Hmmm... Do I need lube?"

"Natasha..." Veronica moaned, her head falling back to hit the table.

"Let's find out." Was all Natasha muttered, almost to herself before stepping forward and thrusting inside of Veronica's waiting folds with a single pump of her hips. Veronica moaned, or rather wailed as the redhead forced the toy inside of the blonde, loving how the blonde was already squirming on the table and trying to fuck herself deeper onto the massive fake cock. Natasha reached down and took control of the situation, laying Veronica's legs on Natasha's chest, the shins of Veronica's legs pressing against Natasha's cushioney breasts, the redhead started to pull her hips back and rock them forward, easing the fake cock inside of Veronica but not stopping despite how the blonde cried.

The private eye, once famous among the citizens of Neptune, California, could barely believe how her day was going. She had come out this morning, with the expressed mission of snapping some photos and collecting a quick pay cheque for some well paying conspiracy nut. She would have been able to top her car up, get some nice, decent food in her apartment and maybe, just maybe, track down an ex or two to see where the night took her. Now though, as she thought about Logan and Duncan, she had had something of a mental image of one hell of a sexy sandwich but now, she was flat on her back being stretched beyond belief. However, the stretching was such a good feeling. Her own pussy was lubricating the toy as Veronica bit down on her bottom lip, closing her eyes before looking up and her bright blues made contact with the redhead's emerald orbs.

Fucking Veronica's needy pussy, Natasha watched the blonde with rapt attention as her own hips rocked back and forth, sawing the toy inside of her blonde fuck toy's pussy, Natasha could barely believe just how well the sexual toxins had been working and not only that, but how easily Veronica had submitted to the fucking. All of the trial runs had been met with either some resistance or outright lack of work. The table was bouncing up and down as Natasha fucked Veronica on it, the redhead watching the blonde's face twist in pleasure as the large sexual toy slipped inside of her, filling her almost completely and her slick juices staining the toy and leaving a mark on it while Natasha worked her hips back and forth, inching her way deeper and deeper all while Veronica's head was back, hitting the table with every pump inside of her.

The sound of Veronica's head hitting the table was a near perfect compliment to the bliss that was running through her veins and her soaking wet pussy as she felt the strap on stretch her entrance around it and hit every last part of the sexual spots it had taken her ex boyfriends months to discover. Now, she could barely see Natasha through the tears in her eyes as she was fucked oh so wonderfully. Her mouth was wide open, her voice barely a croak as her pussy was wrecked beyond belief. Natasha was working her so good, so good that if she were of sound mind, Veronica might have wondered if the redhead was a mind reader as well though right now, all the private eye wanted was to cum hard and cum again and again until she would beg the agent to stop. Veronica's eyes were screwed shut tightly as she felt another orgasm coming on, the blonde's mouth was stretched open in a silent scream as her back arched up off of the table and she came all over the toy.

Natasha made an amused sound before she reached down, taking hold of Veronica's hips and then spinning her over, the toy remaining buried inside of the tight, blonde private eye. When Veronica's stomach hit the table, Natasha grinned at the sound before sliding the toy out of the dripping wet slit. Looking down at Veronica, the redheaded agent wetted her lips and then leant down, pressing Veronica's ass cheeks apart. Natasha reached up and grabbed a handful of Veronica's sunshine gold hair and tugged on it before she rocked her hips forward and buried the head of the fake cock inside of Veronica's asshole. Nudging her way forward without so much as a care for the protests spilling from the blonde. The head of the massive fuck toy popped inside of Veronica's back door and as Natasha kept her hands in the golden strands of hair, Natasha Romanoff started to really work on Veronica's ass. Sliding her hips back and forth, the SHIELD super agent watched and listened to Veronica intently.

Feeling a hand run between her legs, the blonde who was busy being sodomised over the edge of a table by the beautiful woman she was sharing a cell with could only hiss in delight as Natasha's fingers found her clit and continued to manipulate her while Natasha claimed her ass. Veronica had been something of an anal virgin before, as she had matured she had toyed back there but never actually been fucked in her ass. She was far too proud to say anything to the redhead but Veronica almost knew that Natasha would have been able to tell that she had never had her ass fucked before. So, she gritted her teeth and did her best not to cry out in sheer pleasure as the fake cock stretched her back door and filled her to the absolute brim. Veronica's head dipped and her arms almost gave way as she was filled far beyond what she

Natasha watched as the blonde beneath her seemed to simply accept the fact that she was having her ass fucked and seemed to be adoring it just as all the others who had fallen into the Widow's web. All of the women in the Avengers and SHIELD had been in the position that Veronica was now, bent over a table and getting fucked beyond belief. The redhead's body was light with a sheen of sweat and while the super soldier would never admit it, she was actually giving the fuck of her lifetime as well. The blonde beneath her was panting and moaning as the fake cock remained firmly buried inside of Veronica Mars' back door. Natasha reached between Veronica's legs and her left hand started to rub against the slippery slit of the blonde private eye. As Natasha fucked the blonde's ass, she began to rub and tease the blonde's pussy.

As Veronica was fucked hard in her ass, she had to admit, she was taking it harder than she ever had done before and then the addition of the redhead's fingers on her slit was enough to make the blonde cry out in pleasure. Her head came up off of the table and Veronica caught a sight of her face in the presumably double sided glass. Her hair was a mess, her makeup was running and she had an incredibly wide grin on her face as her ass was stretched. When Natasha's fingers stroked against Veronica's slit, the blonde's body tightened and her ass squeezed against the big sex toy that was sliding in and out of her. She couldn't believe what was happening to her, and what was worse, was that she wanted more. She wanted more! Looking up at the mirror, Veronica bit down on her bottom lip, scratching at the lipstick, Veronica finally managed to form something other than simple animalistic grunts and cries of pleasure.

"Fuck Natasha... Fucking ruin me!"

Natasha smirked and nodded her head while she continued to rub against Veronica's wet, tight slit. Her index finger slipped inside of the blonde, the wet fluids already providing ample lubrication for her finger to slide all the way inside of her, right up to Natasha's knuckle. The redhead continued to pump her finger in and out, the tip of her digit stroking against the top of Veronica's pussy, finding the sweet spot with the usual expertise expected of the Black Widow and with pinpoint accuracy, the redhead started to assault Veronica's gspot while she fucked the private eye in the ass. Doubly stimulating the woman, Natasha listened to Veronica beg for her while she was pounded without mercy, just how the both of them wanted it to go. With her free hand, Natasha reached around her and started to grope at the breasts of the blonde private eye.

Feeling the hands on her was almost an extra source of pleasure for the private eye as she was dragged kicking and screaming into the throes of another hard orgasm. Veronica whimpered and bit down on her bottom lip, doing her absolute best to not scream out her orgasm and submission to the hardened super agent who was hard at work behind her. When a second and then third finger was added inside of her, Veronica screwed her eyes shut tight and then exploded around Natasha's invading fingers. As the blonde came, the redhead pulled the large fake cock out of Veronica's ass and then, her fingers were removed, leaving the blonde feeling oh so empty. She was then rolled onto her back and Natasha had pounced on her stomach, the soft weight of the former Red Room agent was very obvious on the blonde private eye and as she looked up at the woman, Veronica knew what the redhead wanted and simply opened her mouth.

Natasha fed the three fingers to Veronica, watching the blonde dutifully clean the fingers in her mouth. Slipping her fingers from Veronica's mouth, her digits slipped from Veronica's mouth with a pop and the redhead was left looking down at a very well fucked woman. Sliding down to standing, the redhead ran her hand through her long red hair before reaching between the valley of her breasts and plucking the key to Veronica's cuffs off of the necklace she had been wearing. Undoing the restraints, the blonde let out a long puff of air, her golden strands lifting up ever so slightly as some of her hair wasn't matted to her skin. Lifting a hand up, Veronica wiped at her forehead and fell to her feet, wobbly and unstable, the blonde gasped as her feet touched the floor.

"I can't feel my legs..."

"That's the point Mars." Natasha said with a smile, undoing the straps of her strapon and slipping out of it. Kicking the toy away, Natasha looked over at Veronica before pressing a finger to her ear. "Yeah, I'd say she passed. You got it Bobbi, meet you at the firing range? Okay, love you too." Natasha looked over at Veronica before speaking again. "You want a job here Mars?"


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