by BioDread

Lyta Alexander tossed and turned on her bunk. Lyta's short red hair was
plastered to her gleaming face, her lips were open and gasping, her eyes
rolled from side to side beneath her clenched lids. Despite the fever that
raged inside her slender body and the perspiration that soaked her, Lyta
shivered from cold, she held a thin sheet up to her chin.

Lyta's small ship sailed serenely through the scarlet maelstrom of
Hyperspace. The strange other-dimension allowed Lyta to feel thoughts from
hundreds of light-years away, the voices were an insistent buzz in her
troubled dreams, Lyta felt their fear, their anger, their desire.

Something else tugged at Lyta's mind, a familiar resonance, a light that Lyta
knew well. When Lyta touched that revered light, her eyes snapped open, she
sat up sharply from her bunk.

"It can't be!" panted Lyta, wiping sweat from her hot forehead with the
back of her hand. Lyta climbed out of her bunk wearing a sweat-drenched
nightshirt, she ignored her discomfort and padded across the cold deck to
the hatch of her sleeping cabin. Pressing her left palm against the metal
bulkhead while she walked down the corridor, Lyta combed her right hand
through her wet hair, her heart raced in her chest, she struggled to breathe
through burning lungs.

Lyta blinked from the harsh, blood-red glow of Hyperspace visible through the
view ports of the tiny ship's cockpit. Lyta collapsed into the pilot chair,
she ran her green eyes over the flight displays, she was still on course for
the next Jump Beacon, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Lyta tapped
some keys on her navigation terminal, she was on the edge of Minbari space,
close to the Vorlon border.


A vision of a black tower appeared in Lyta's mind's eye. The gnarled spire
was surrounded by a ring of angry red flame, blue lightning snapped from a
boiling, black sky, a blood-thirsty howl flew upon the air.

"Third Space," whispered Lyta, her blood turning cold at the memory of the
ancient Vorlon Gate, the..things that had almost escaped from a dimension of
death and darkness.


Wet tendrils caressed Lyta's warm cheeks. Lyta twisted in her chair, she was
alone, but she could feel one of the aliens from Third Space behind her,
breathing corrupted air onto the back of her neck, glistening tendrils
reaching out to stroke her, to take her.

Lyta searched for the source of the voice in her mind. Nodding, Lyta reached
out her hands and altered her ship's course, the small vessel banked away
from the Jump Beacon's path, it flew into the crimson vortex of uncharted
Hyperspace, where no ship had ever returned.


A week passed. Driven by exhaustion and weakness from lack of food, Lyta
lay outstretched upon her disheveled bunk, naked on the clammy sheets. The
thoughts Lyta followed filled her mind, they never stopped, they tormented
her. She writhed upon the bunk, she experienced her tormentor's ecstasy and
pain. Lyta quivered when the memories of the Third Space aliens returned,
pleasure swelled inside her, a result of her link with whatever hid in
Hyperspace. Lyta ran her hands over her nude, dripping body, she pressed her
legs together and moaned, she imagined slithering tentacles caressing every
inch of her flesh, goblets of saliva splashed between her trembling breasts
and slid over her swollen, pink nipples.

* Masters,* groaned the Voice.

"Must submit, must submit," panted Lyta, her hands slipping between her legs,
her pussy sticky and hot from the mental tendrils caressing her, tasting her.

Lyta arched her back, she gasped raggedly, her stomach tightened when her
orgasm washed over her, even as illusionary tentacles wriggled inside her
pussy, slithering eagerly into her belly.

Lyta sucked in a mouthful of air, her spine was bent backward painfully,
her legs were splayed apart, shivering while juices from her drenched cunt
stained the wrinkled sheet beneath her. Lyta swung her smooth legs over the
side of the bunk and rose to her feet, thighs trembling from the strain. She
crossed the freezing deck and threw open a locker, she tugged on a clean pair
of panties, then slipped into tight, black pants. Jerking on leather boots
next, Lyta shrugged into her favorite black leather vest and zipped it up to
just below her glittering breasts before she left the musky sleeping cabin.

Lyta's green eyes widened when she saw the ship floating in the cockpit view
port. It was a ship Lyta thought she would never see again in her lifetime,
a Vorlon ship.


It was a Vorlon construction ship, it had the basic hull of a transport, but
the vessel's forward tendrils were designed to serve as tools for building
whatever the Vorlons required. The ship was blackened and shriveled, Lyta
narrowed her eyes, the ship still lived, though barely. The Vorlon vessel
felt incredibly old, Lyta was amazed it had survived so long on its own, cast
adrift in Hyperspace.

The Voice emanated from this ship, but it was not the ship's barely aware
consciousness, the Voice was something else... someone else.

Lyta jumped into the piloting chair and brushed slick red hair from her eyes.
She grasped her ship's controls and eased the small vessel alongside the
Vorlon ship. Lyta knew where she could dock with the drifting ship, she
handled the flight controls delicately, her vessel shuddered when she made
contact with the shriveled derelict.

The Voice died away, Lyta felt nothing from the Vorlon ship. Climbing out of
the pilot chair, Lyta raced to the exit hatch, hope welling inside her.


Lyta played the beam of her torch around the passageway. The corridor was
filled with a thick, golden gas, methane with a mixture of other chemicals
harmful to humans. Lyta wore a respirator mask that hissed as she walked
along the arched corridor. The Vorlons had implanted air filters along Lyta's
throat so she could breathe their atmosphere for a limited duration, but it
had been years since she had served Kosh and his successor, the mask felt

Lyta ran her left palm across the bulkhead as she walked. The hull was warm,
Lyta could feel the beating of the Vorlon ship's heart, it felt hunger, it
was alone. Lyta searched for the Voice, she concentrated, used her
Vorlon-enhanced telepathic abilities to their limit, she sensed nothing.

Whoever this person is, they're hiding, thought Lyta as she reached an
intersection of four passages. Lyta tilted her torch towards the ceiling,
along the upper edge of the bulkhead was Vorlon script, labeling where each
of the corridors led.

Servant races used these ships as well, remembered Lyta, her Vorlon race
memory showing her scenes of humanoids repairing Vorlon ships, flying Vorlon
fighters against their masters' enemies.

Lyta's boots made no sound upon the Vorlon ship's deck, golden fog swirled
around the young woman's legs, Lyta's torchlight was diffused by the coiling
vapors. Lyta slowed when she reached the threshold of the vessel's "cockpit",
she sensed something now, an entity, gibbering and distraught.

Walking cautiously into a wide, domed chamber, Lyta froze when she saw who
stood in the center of the room, hunched over nearly double, long, tapered
fingers clutching a glowing cranium.

A squid-like head turned to stare at the open-mouthed Lyta, wide, ethereal
wings billowed above the entity's back, two burning, mind-searing orbs of
golden radiance locked with Lyta's green eyes.

"A Vorlon," murmured Lyta, her heart swelling until it felt like it would


*Have you seen it?* asked the Vorlon, levitating towards Lyta. *Have you
found the Gate?*

"It's gone, Mas..sir," stuttered Lyta, her enormous eyes looking up at the
fluttering Vorlon. "Humans found it, then destroyed it before the aliens from
Third Space could cross to our universe."

*Destroyed? My Gate destroyed? By humans?!* growled the Vorlon, his golden
eyes shifting to fiery red.

" helped build the Gate?" asked Lyta tentatively.

*Yes. We were driven to build it, guided by thoughts from another reality,*
sighed the Vorlon, his wings drooping, his glowing eyes dimming.

"Why are you here, wandering in Hyperspace?"

*My building ship was heavily damaged when my brothers tried to save the
Gate. I was separated from my comrades, I was drawn into the powerful
currents, tossed like a piece of flotsam upon a raging sea.*

The Vorlon focused his glowing orbs upon Lyta, his long face drew close.
*Where are my brothers?*

"They're...they're gone. A few years ago the Shadows returned, there was one
last battle, a human convinced the Vorlons and Shadows that they should end
their guardianship of the younger races. Lorien, the First One, led the
Vorlons and Shadows beyond the Rim," explained Lyta, her face sorrowful.

*Gone? Beyond the Rim?* murmured the Vorlon in Lyta's mind. The Vorlon
peered deep into Lyta's thoughts. Reflexively, Lyta lowered her shields, she
grimaced as she felt the Vorlon shift through her memories, he was not as
gentle as Kosh, but more restrained than Ulkesh.

*I am the last Vorlon,* realized the floating entity. The Vorlon slipped out
of Lyta's mind, Lyta felt almost..reluctant to lose her link with him.

"Will you rejoin the other Vorlons?" asked Lyta timidly.

The winged, radiant being turned away from Lyta, it stroked the gray bulkhead
of the ship, the vessel sighed with pleasure, a little of its vitality

*There is an eternal void beyond the Rim. It is cold..very cold,* whispered
the Vorlon.

Lyta bit her lower lip, she raised her eyes hopefully to the floating Vorlon.
" could stay here. I'll help you!"

The Vorlon glanced at the young woman. The Vorlon's radiant face was
emotionless, utterly alien, but Lyta could feel doubt from the entity, fear,

The Vorlon spread his transparent wings wide, he flared with golden light, he
shined like a star. Lyta stared at the hovering being, tears slid from her
green eyes, love filled her heart.

*You would serve me as you did Kosh? You would be my vessel, my link to the
younger races?*

"Yes, Master! Oh, yes!" smiled Lyta ecstatically.

*Then I will stay, I will watch, I will learn,* declared the Vorlon, dropping
in front of Lyta, enfolding her in his golden wings. *We will be One.*

Lyta reached up and slipped off her respirator. Gills flared open along
Lyta's slender neck, she inhaled the cloy gas deeply. Dropping the mask, Lyta
opened her slim arms. The Vorlon's radiant face drew close to Lyta's, two
golden beams flared out, light streamed into Lyta's green eyes. Lyta opened
her mouth wide, she shivered with pleasure when a third gold beam poured
between her lips, she felt the Vorlon's warmth suffuse her entire body.
Elongated fingers of gold reached for Lyta's clothing. Lyta smiled and helped
the Vorlon open her black vest, she moaned when the Vorlon's hands covered
her milky white breasts, squeezing her, caressing her like an ardent lover


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