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Babylon Five and characters created by J. Michael Stracynzki.
Crossworld concept owned by Arcane ([email protected]).

Note: It's best to read the Buffy/Charmed/Sabrina crossover Crossfire to get
a better understanding of what the overall storyline is about, but that still
doesn't mean you can't enjoy this tale. Enjoy!

Crossfire: Crossworlds - Babylon 5: Babylon Two (m/f,celeb,ncon)
by Anynom

The lightning crackled through the city, winds picking up around the small
house. Although no one could see it, the stars seemed to be flashing brighter
above the coverage of clouds, the constellations on a different pattern of
sorts than usual. No one paid it mind though. The weather on Earth was much
more important to them then what lay above. Which was why no one saw the
flashing light coming from above. It zipped down towards the city below,
seeming to pause for a moment before heading towards one house in particular.
The light flashed through the window and formed a small portal through which
a figure emerged.

Commander Susan Ivanova was a professional soldier whose years as
second-in-command of Babylon 5 had allowed her to attain an instinctive
knowledge of when something was wrong. That came to the forefront right now,
her hand going towards her hip and pulling out her gun, even as she took in
her surroundings. What the hell was this? One minute she was standing on the
deck of her ship, the next she was in some sort of home. She moved through
the darkness, letting her eyes adjust to the light, her steps trodden
carefully. She swept around a couch and took in the decorations. Strange. It
looked like 20th century furnishings, couch and tables, chairs and a display
case. Garibaldi would feel right at home.

Ivanova shook her head, her dark brown ponytail flicking slightly as she
glanced about. The possibility of abduction was hard in her mind, the
question of who though baffled her. It wasn't like she hadn't made her share
of enemies in her time on B5. She thought she'd left most of them behind when
she'd gotten her own command but someone wanted her here. She swore to God,
if this was Bester, she was going to shoot the son-of-a-bitch. After what he
did to Garibaldi, it would be a small price.

A rustling got Ivanova's attention and she stiffened seconds before the
lights came on.

"Okay, hold it right there!" said a voice. "Just drop what you have and turn
around!" Ivanova had to pause before turning. She was shocked by the voice.
Not by what it said but by the voice itself.

The voice that sounded exactly like hers.

Ivanova spun about, gun ready to go, her body tensed to move if the other
person tried to shoot her. She needn't have worried. The person before her
was frozen in shock, a shock Ivanova was sure she mirrored. In all her time
on B5, she'd learned to go with the flow and deal with a lot of things that
weren't in the handbook. But nothing in all her training or experience could
have prepared her for what to do when she came face to face with herself.

* * *

Claudia Christian stared at the intruder, her mouth open in shock, her gun
loose in her hands. It was her, an almost exact duplicate of herself, clad in
a Babylon 5 uniform. The way she carried herself, the way she held the gun,
the fire in her eyes, it was Claudia in character. Definitely not the sort of
intruder the former star had expected.

They stood there for a moment, staring at one another before Claudia spoke.
"Who the hell are you?"

"Who am I, who are you? Huh? What is this? Shape-shifter, hologram, where am

"Um, San Diego," Claudia replied. "A friend of mine lent me his house for the

"That's impossible," Ivanova said. "San Diego's been a wasteland for

"Look, who are you?"

"Who are you?"

"I asked first, all right?"

"Commander Susan Ivanova."

"Sus-----Oh, you've got to be shitting me."

"I'm not, all right? Why, who are you?"

"Oh, like you don't know."

"Humor me."

"Okay, who pulled this off?" Claudia said. "What, you work for a look alike
agency? Did Bruce set this up? I hope this is natural because I'd hate to
think you had plastic surgery. That's going a bit far."

"Wait a minute," Ivanova said, staring up. "Garibaldi? This is you, isn't it?
You're getting back at me for your birthday party, aren't you?"

"Look, just stay there, all right?" Claudia said, motioning with the gun.
"The phones aren't working, so we'll just stay put."

"I'm not moving," Ivanova said. "Drop the gun!"

"Or what?" Claudia laughed. "You'll shoot me?"

Ivanova shrugged and moved her gun to the side slightly. She squeezed the
trigger and a burst of light came from the barrel, followed by a small ball
that smashed into the lamp beside Claudia, breaking it into a hundred pieces.

Claudia looked at the lamp, then at Ivanova. She watched her, the way she
carried herself, the fire in her eyes and it clicked.

* * *

"Oh my god," she whispered. She slowly lowered the gun down to a nearby

"Okay. Um, Susan, can I call you Susan?"

"Are you Psi Corps?" Ivanova asked. "Is this another one of Bester's sick

"Um, I'm afraid it's nothing so simple" Claudia said. "Uh, you'd better have
a look at the newspaper next to you."

Ivanova peered suspiciously at her, then moved her hand down to the table
and reached for the paper lying onto it. She glanced at it, then did a
double-take as she stared at the date. "Oh, no," she whispered. She ran her
hands over the print, feeling the ink on her fingers, something no replicator
could duplicate so well. "Oh, shit! Dammit, dammit, dammit! Not time travel,
I promised myself I'd never get involved with time travel!"

"Um, I hate to say it, but it's more complicated than that," Claudia said.
As Ivanova stared at her, Claudia moved towards the television stand set in
one corner of the room, rummaging through the piles of videotapes there.
"Come on, come on, I know it's here somewhere," she muttered. "Ah!" She stood
up and walked over, handing Ivanova a videotape.

Ivanova looked at it and felt her jaw drop. On the cover were herself as
well as several of her crewmates, the title "Babylon 5, volume two," hanging
overhead. Ivanova looked at the tape, then at Claudia, who stuck out her
hand. "Hi," she said. "Claudia Christian. I think we need to talk."

* * *

The storms and lightning kept away most people, many of them choosing to stay
indoors, out of the chaotic weather. All but one. He was tall man with dark
skin, wearing a black suit, the lightning reflected in his bald head. Had
someone been watching him closely, they might have noticed that none of the
drops of rain seemed to be hitting him, a humming from his belt the probable
cause. But no one was around to notice and therefore didn't see the man
stride purposefully towards a certain house, not caring at all about the
weather, simply making his way towards his intended target.

* * *

"I don't believe this," Ivanova said, shaking her head. "You're telling me
that I'm you? You're me? I mean, you're saying that if you hadn't left this
show, I would have been involved in that whole telepath mess on the station?"

"Hey, this is new for me too, all right?" Claudia said. "Don't get me wrong,
I loved the show but I've been trying to get into something new for a while
now. The last thing I wanted is to be face to face with a reminder,
especially you."

"No, no, this has to be some sort of trick."

"Look, Susan, I know you're suspicious, it's part of your nature. But come
on, how else can I know all this stuff? All the conversations only you and
Marcus had? Your last meeting with Talia? That scene with you on your
deathbed before Marcus saved you? How?"

"You could have read my mind."

"Hey, you're the telepath, not me."

"Low level." Ivanova bit her lip. "Oh, god, if this is for real... What does
this mean about my life?"

"It doesn't have to really mean anything," Claudia said. "Come on, there have
to be theories on alternate realities? I mean, okay, that was pretty much the
one sci-fi staple we skipped over the show but you must be familiar with it.
So, this is just a universe that considers yours a work a fiction. That
doesn't make yours any less real."

"Yeah, but it throws a lot of things off," Ivanova said. "Man, if the rest of
the guys heard about this, they'd freak."

"Raises an interesting question. I mean, I wasn't in the pilot movie for the
show, so if I hadn't gotten hired on, would you have a different life? Would
you not even exist? If a different actress had played you, would you look
like her."

"Enough," Ivanova moaned. "My head hurts as it is."

"Yeah," Claudia nodded. "Um, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Why not?" Ivanova shrugged. "If I can't trust me, who can I trust?"

"Well, were you and Talia ever... you know... involved?"

"Don't you know?"

"Television only goes so far. We don't cover every minute, you know. But it
was broadly hinted you two spent at least a night together. So, did you..."

"Yes. Yes we did. It was... interesting. I just didn't know it'd the last
time we'd be together." She looked away and Claudia could see the pain in her
eyes. Evidentially, Talia being revealed as a traitor was a lot harder for
her than Andrea Thompson leaving the show. "I have to wash up quick," Ivanova
suddenly said. "Is there-----?"

"Down the hall and to the right," Claudia replied, watching Susan go. She
shook her head, trying to come to grips with the fact that she was having a
conversation with her own character. This was way beyond what she thought her
life on the show would be. She wished she could call Bruce or maybe even JMS,
but the phones were still out and the storm didn't look like it'd be letting
up anytime soon. Her musings were interrupted by a loud shriek coming from
the bathroom.

As Claudia looked up, Susan came storming into the room, her face caught in
rage. "What the hell is this?" she yelled, holding up a magazine.

It took Claudia a moment to realize it was the October, 1999 issue of
"Playboy" and knew what Susan must have seen. "Oh, shit. Where'd you find

"In a shelf in the bathroom. Evidently, your 'friend' likes to watch you
while he's busy." Ivanova turned to a page and hefted it up, revealing the
spread of Claudia naked.

"Look at this! This is me! Naked!"

"It's not you naked, it's me," Claudia said.

"It's the same body!" Susan shot back. "Why would you do this?"

"Hey, things were slow, I needed the money," Claudia shrugged. "They had a
lot of requests for it."

"Requests? Wait a minute, how many men read this magazine?"

"Well, I don't know if 'read' is the right term."

"How many?"

"A few million. Worldwide."

"Oh, my god."

"What are you worried about? This isn't your time, hell, it's not even your
world! No one you know will see this. Relax."

"Relax? This is my body naked for no damn reason!"

"Geez, and I thought you were pissed against those Earth Gov ships when you
gave the whole 'god sent me' speech."

"You knew about that? Oh, yeah, of course you did."

"Yeah. One of my best moments, I think."

Without warning, Susan slapped her across the face, hard. Claudia looked up
in shock as Susan moved closer.

"Listen to me, you little bitch. We may have the same face and the same body
but you are not me. You have no idea what I've been through. What to you are
just off- screen tidbits are the deaths of good friends to me. I've lost two
people I've loved deeply and to you it's just another day at work. All those
special effects were hard, bloody battles and don't even think of
trivializing it like you do everything else. I don't know how I got sent
here, but I think it's worth it just to know how much better I am than an
actress reliving her glory days."

Without another word, Susan turned and marched away, the front door slamming
a few minutes later. Claudia just stood there for a moment, her breath caught
in her throat, trying to reconcile what she had just heard. Damn, Susan was
right. It wasn't fair for her to be treated like a character and Claudia was
ashamed of it. She tried to think of how she'd feel if the positions were
reversed. The problem was, she knew a lot more about Ivanova than most people
would, hell, she'd been Ivanova. But meeting the real thing showed her just
how little she knew.

* * *

A sound behind her got her attention. "Susan?" she called as she turned. Her
voice caught as she saw the large figure standing before her. He wore a large
black trenchcoat, his dark eyes staring down at her, a smile on his face, the
dim lighting reflected off his black head.

"Hello, Claudia," he said. "I've been wanting to meet you for a long time."

"Who----who are you?" Claudia asked.

"Dormo, my dear," the man answered, his hand moving out of his coat. "But you
can call me Master."

"Master? Look, pal, I've been having a very rough day and I'm no mood for
games so get out of here, will you?"

In answer, Dormo simply smiled and held up the small device in his palm.
Instinctively, Claudia stared at the bright flashing bulb in the middle.
Instantly, she felt a wave of lethargy overtake her, her mind dulling, her
body relaxing as the specially designed technology swiftly drew her into a
state of total obedience. Dormo lowered the device and stared at the
mesmerized woman before him. After all this time on this world, he never got
tired of entrancing such lovelies. And Claudia was one he was ready to take
to the heavens.

* * *

Susan steamed as she stood underneath a tree for shelter. How dare that
woman! Okay, so this was her world and all and she was right, she and Ivanova
were two different people. But showing herself in front of the world like
that? God, if Garibaldi heard about this world, he'd be in heaven. Probably
find plenty of ways to answer his urges, married or not. Susan looked up at
the weather, somehow knowing it was responsible for her being here. "God, if
this is a lesson, I don't get it."

Suddenly, a blinding pain filled Susan's head. Instantly, a flood of images
filled her mind. Claudia standing before a stranger, her eyes wide but
unseeing, undressing at a command. Claudia taking the man to her bedroom,
kneeling before him and taking his cock in her hands, tongue ready to lick.
And above all this a voice, Claudia's voice, Susan's voice, crying for
someone, anyone, to help her.

The vision faded and with it the pain. Susan took a few deep breaths before
looking up at the heavens. "You don't waste time, do you?"

* * *

Dormo grunted as he pushed his cock harder and harder into Claudia's waiting
pussy. The entranced actress moaned as she felt him go at her, her mind only
able to comprehend the pleasure she was feeling. Her conscious mind anyway.

Dormo lowered his face towards Claudia's pert breasts, licking at the tight
nipples as he continued to push his cock further and further into her. He was
looking forward to this, a night of passion that Claudia would not remember,
another addition to his files on human interaction. He could feel himself
build, his cock ready to explode and was therefore more than a little bit
miffed when a blow struck him along his head, knocking him off Claudia. Dormo
glanced up to see a woman who looked exactly like Claudia swinging a gun at
him, the last sigh before he hit the floor.

Taking in breaths, Susan turned towards Claudia, staring at the entranced
woman. Whoever this guy was, he'd done something to Claudia, something Susan
wasn't sure she could fix. But she had to try. An idea came to her, one that
sounded crazy. But if living on Babylon 5 had taught her anything, it was
that the craziest ideas often worked.

Susan put her hands on either side of Claudia's head and took a deep breath.
Closing her eyes, she turned her mind inwards, towards herself and her own
thoughts, then pushed it out towards Claudia. Although she was still barely
on the scale as telepaths went, Susan had been practicing a bit and had known
Talia long enough to learn some tricks. She moved through Claudia's mind,
past the overwhelming blankness left by Dormo's device and attempted to find
Claudia's real self.

Claudia's body tensed as she felt the effects of Ivanova's probe. Flashes
suddenly filled Claudia's mind. Moments from Babylon 5, some she knew from
scenes but others she'd never known about. Prominent among them were images
of herself and Andrea----no, Susan and Talia----in bed together, making love.
Claudia watched the mirror image of herself kissing the blond woman, running
her hands over her breasts, moving down to her blond patch, her tongue moving

Claudia's eyes shot open at the same time Susan's did and they stared at each

"Jesus," Claudia whispered. "What the hell was that?"

"Didn't know if that would work," Susan said, heaving with breath, sweat
staining her uniform slightly. "Tried a mind link with you, to get you back.
Had to push past a lot of blocks. He wasn't just holding your will back, he
was trying to turn you on too. Guess it triggered one of my old memories."

"Yeah," Claudia said. "I'll never be able to watch 'NYPD Blue' the same way
again." She smiled at Ivanova's look of confusion. "Long story. How'd you
know what was happening?"

"I suddenly got a flash of what was happening to you," Susan explained. "It
sounded like a cry for help. Best I can figure is, since we're both so alike,
we may have some sort of connection that called out to me when you were in

"You're the one with the universe of telepaths, you figure it out." Claudia
glanced down at the man lying on the floor. "Damn, what did he do? He just
held something up and------"

Susan bent and picked up the device Dormo had left on the floor. She glanced
over it and nodded. "I may not be up on 20th century history, but I don't
think you're supposed to have this technology yet." She glanced down at the
alien and raised her gun. She let out a single burst that tore a hole through
the man's hand, the man coming awake with a cry of pain.

"What the hell-----" Claudia's shock shifted as she watched the green blood
pour out of the man's hand. Suddenly, the hand began to heal, stitching
together as if nothing had happened, good as new.

"Refkin," Susan said. "Raised a big stink a couple of decades ago-----or
centuries from now-----when it turned out they'd been visiting Earth for
centuries for tests on humans. Evidently, this guy has a unique method of
gathering data."

Dormo looked up at the two women, his eyes wide with shock as he glanced
from one to the other. He swore in his own language, his mouth producing a
series of clicking sounds before shifting to English.

"What-----what is this?"

"You worst nightmare, pal," Susan said, hefting the gun. "A pissed-off Jewish
soldier from the future with a nasty gun."

"How many others have you done this to?" Claudia asked. "Trust me, I'm the
nice one here, although after what you just did, I'm liable to shoot you

"A few dozen," Dormo said. The two women stared at him. "Dozen... dozen...

Susan moved forward. "Here's the deal, asshole. You get dressed and you get
out of here and you find a way to get off this planet by daylight. If you
haven't, I am going to personally hunt you through the centuries if I have
to, to make sure you never hurt any human again. Leave. Now."

* * *

"I don't think I've ever seen a man run that fast before," Claudia said as
she brought the two coffees over to where Susan sat on the couch.

"Refkin's are known for speed," Susan shrugged. "By this point, he's halfway
back to his own planet by now."

There was a pause as the two women sipped their coffee.

"Thank you," Claudia said.

"Hey, I couldn't leave you in that position. It'd be like leaving myself."

"Guess you're right," Claudia said. "I got a flash of you and Talia. I'm
sorry. I didn't know how you felt about her. I can't imagine how must that
must have hurt."

"A lot of things hurt," Susan shrugged. "We just have to figure out how to
deal with them. I can handle my demons. Can you handle yours?"

"If you mean that guy, yeah, I can," Claudia answered. "So, now what?"

Susan sighed. "Well, until we figure out what's what, I guess I'm stuck here.
And I don't think the two of us can exactly go out on the town together."

"Guess so. So, TV?"

"Actually, I was thinking maybe you could play a couple of those tapes."

"Really? You're sure you want to watch those?"

"Why not? Who better to critique your performance than me? Besides, it might
help you if they ever do a reunion movie."

"An hour here and you're already slipping into 21st century speak," Claudia

"Welcome to 2000, Susan Ivanova. Our last best hope for a good time."


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