Babylon 5: Morality War
by PJ

warning. adult content.

Chapter 1

It was the Second Age of Humanity. The Earth year was 2257. The
Babylon Project was
a dream given form, a place for all the races of the galaxy to meet and
work peacefully. Babylon 5
was the latest station to be constructed, the previous four had all been
destroyed by xenophobic
Earth factions protesting the principles of alien co- existence
represented by the massive stations.
Babylon 5 was a joint Earthgov/Minbari venture, since the Earth Alliance
could not afford to build
another station on its own. In exchange for financial and material
assistance, the Minbari
government claimed the right to name the commander of the facility, they
chose Captain Jeffrey
Sinclair. Capt. Sinclair was a distinguished naval officer, he served
courageously during the
Minbari Border War and the Narn-sponsored Mars Rebellion. The Minbari
respected Sinclair as a
warrior and as a man who exercised restraint, he was famous for treating
Minbari prisoners of war
with fairness and compassion.

The main diplomatic body of Babylon 5 was the Advisory Council, made
up by the
ambassadors of Earth, Minbar, Centauri Prime, Narn, and Vorlon. The
League of Non- Aligned
Worlds held a lesser role, they could advise the Council, but had very
little power of their own
since they were made up of a large number of varied races. Captain
Sinclair represented the Earth
Alliance, Ambassador Delenn spoke for the Minbari, G'Kar spoke for Narn,
Lindra Mollari
represented the Centauri, and Kosh Naranek spoke for the ancient Vorlons.

Explosions blossomed around Babylon 5 as it rotated serenely in
space. Flocks of Starfury
fighters careened wildly around the station, emitting trails of
multi-colored fire while huge
Omega-class Destroyers spat more vibrant flame from their pulse cannons.
The long, sedate
Destroyers sailed above and below the station while a Narn Dreadnaught and
a Centauri
Battlecruiser flew along B5's flanks, their own fighters orbiting their
ships and adding to the visual
spectacle. A Minbari warship hung in front of the stations' entry bay,
surrounded by Non-Aligned
vessels and agile fighters. The space around B5 was a graceful cacophony
of starships, a ballet
enjoyed by several hundred spectators as they watched from the enormous
view portals of the
habitat area. The ambassadors watched the show from an area near the Zen
garden. Food and
drink were plentiful as the various alien dignitaries preened at the
military prowess of their ships.

"Pity we cannot see the awe-spiring beauty of my Regime's
Dreadnaught," growled
Ambassador G'Kar before he drank heavily from a golden goblet. "This
Centauri ship is a joke."

"This Centauri ship was once part of a fleet that filled the breadth
of this galaxy," retorted
Ambassador Mollari with a sneer. "Your Dreadnaught isn't fit to ferry

"Would you like to test the power of my ship?" spat G"Kar.

"If we weren't in neutral space, you bet," glared Lindra.

"Ambassadors, please!" placated Captain Sinclair as he quickly moved
between the two
fuming aliens. "We are trying to celebrate the beginning of an age of

"Your age won't be in my lifetime," replied G'Kar before he stalked
away from Sinclair
and moved to chat with a group of fellow Narn.

"The Narn are such a barbaric race," smiled Lindra smoothly. "The
universe will be a
better place when they are erased from existence."

"We need to understand the Narn so we can co-exist with them,"
admonished Sinclair.

"The Narn only understand violence and death. They will continue to
threaten both of our
realms unless they are broken for all time," disagreed the beautiful
Centauri woman.

"I hope it won't come to that," frowned Jeffrey.

"You're an optimist. That's very charming," smiled Lindra as she
slid a slim arm around
the captain's.

"Uhh, I better see to the other guests," excused Sinclair while he
escaped Lindra's grasp,
then hastily moved to a gathering of League representatives.

"Such a handsome human," grinned Lindra hungrily.

The assembled guests halted their conversations when a bright
Jumppoint emerged from
empty space. A long, exotic-shaped vessel exited Hyperspace, a Vorlon
Flyer. The other
performing ships quickly moved out of the Vorlon vessel's way as it slowed
its approach, aligning
with B5's landing bay before sliding inside. Fifteen minutes later, the
ambassadors turned in
unison as ambassador Kosh entered the Zen Garden, his armored form
hovering above the ground
as he drew close to the awe-struck attendees.

"Welcome to Babylon 5, ambassador," greeted Sinclair.

The Vorlon nodded in acknowledgment, then looked up at the assembled
starships above.

"He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword," rasped Kosh from
his glowing

"Yes, that's a human expression," smiled Sinclair appreciatively.

"There is truth in it," replied Kosh before he spun around and
floated out of the Garden.

"Not much of a party guy, is he?" remarked Lindra as she slid up
behind the captain.

Captain Sinclair entered his quarters, then slowly eased out of his
dress uniform jacket. A
noise from the bedroom jolted Sinclair fully awake, he unholstered his PPG
and aimed it at the
sliding glass panel as it moved aside. Catherine Sakai stood abruptly
within the paneled doorway,
her brown eyes wide as she stared down the barrel of Jeffrey's PPG.

"Hello to you, too," said Catherine as she raised her arms into the
air in surrender.

"Cath! I'm sorry!" grinned Jeff sheepishly as he holstered his gun,
then rushed forward to
squeeze Catherine tightly within an embrace.

"You're forgiven," whispered Catherine as she affectionately nuzzled
Jeff's neck.

"What are you doing on B5? I thought you had some assignment along
the Rim," said Jeff
as he backed away, his hands still resting on Catherine's shapely hips.

"I leave in a month, but I thought that I would visit you first.
This is your big day, opening
ceremonies for the station, right?" asked Cath.

"Yes, all of the represented governments are trying to outdo each
other," replied Jeff as he
led Catherine to a chair, then sat opposite her. "It's a real headache."

"I can imagine," smiled Cath sympathetically. "Well, hopefully I can
cheer you up a bit."

"You already have," said Jeffrey. "I can use the company."

"Lonely at the top, huh?" retorted Cath while she left her chair and
slid onto Jeff's lap. "I
think that I can chase your blues away."

"Show me," grinned Jeff mischievously.

Catherine lowered her lovely face next to Jeff's, kissing him warmly
on the lips. Jeff
returned her kiss enthusiastically, his hands sliding up and down her
back. Catherine pulled away
from Jeff, then grasped his right hand, leading him into the small, snug
bedroom. Catherine
pushed Jeff onto the sheets, then pulled off her tunic, revealing her
small, pert breasts. Jeffrey
smiled with appreciation as Catherine slid out of her pants and panties,
her ass firm and tight as she
wiggled it before Jeff teasingly. She climbed onto the bed, straddling
Sinclair as she leaned
forward and kissed him on the mouth, her tongue insistent as it probed
within Jeff's throat. Jeff
placed his hands on Catherine's breasts, squeezing the soft mounds
lovingly while he savored the
sweet flavor of the young woman's lips. Cath moved her body so that Jeff
could place his mouth
on one of her tits, his lips sucking loudly as they enfolded one of her
nipples and suckled it

"That's good," moaned Catherine as she closed her eyes and bit her
lower lip, her body
burning with arousal as Jeff slid his hands over her naked flesh. Jeff
caressed the naked woman's
short, black hair, then pressed her face against his, their lips wrestling
sensually together.
Catherine rubbed her crotch against Jeff's cock, her pussy folds
glistening with honey as her labia
quivered in anticipation. Jeff and Cath laughed as they struggled to
remove his uniform pants and
underwear, then Cath began rubbing Jeff's cock with her hand until his
body grew relaxed with
ecstasy. The naked woman rubbed the head of Jeff's rod against her
throbbing slit, then pushed
the engorged member into her ravenous vagina. Jeff grasped Cath's breasts
firmly as he began
pumping into her cunt, his pole hard and thick as it slid up and down
within her clenching fuck
hole. Both lovers moaned loudly as they writhed against each other,
Catherine's nude skin became
slick with sweat as she rammed her pussy against Jeff's tool. Cath
grabbed the head board of the
bed with her hands, her hips gyrating rhythmically as Jeff's cock rammed
into her belly. Jeff
grunted as his member released a stream of jism into Catherine's womb, her
vagina milking his
pole for every drop of cream.

"Hopefully this will bring the station luck," whispered Catherine
impishly as she lay sated
upon Jeffrey's strong chest.

"With a christening like this, Babylon 5 could survive an attack by
dragons," smiled Jeff
before he kissed Catherine's slick hair affectionately.


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