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Babylon 5: Morality War
by PJ

Chapter 2

Earth Year 2258

The orbital station hung peacefully over Ragesh 3. The
tranquility of the planet was broken when a large Jumppoint swirled open,
disgorging a fleet of Narn battlecruisers and fighters. Remote drones
surrounding Ragesh 3 opened fire, destroying several fighters before the
attacking Narn ships returned fire, filling the void with sheets of plasma
bursts that ripped the drones apart, then crippled the station. Fires
flared from breeches in the station's hull as the facility's commander
desperately sent a distress call towards Centauri Prime. Two Narn
battleships locked their weapons on the dying station, firing two focused
proton beams that sliced the facility apart with obscene ease.

"Good morning, handsome," purred Catherine Sakai as she wrapped
her arms around Sinclair's bare shoulders.

"Don't, I'll be late for duty," moaned Jeff while Cath rubbed her
breasts against his back.

"You're the captain, you can demote anyone who complains,"
whispered the alluring woman into Jeff's ear.

"Cath, I'm shocked," smiled Jeff before he disentangled himself
from Catherine's warm embrace, then fastened his uniform trousers before

"Lunch at the cafe?" offered Catherine as she lay back upon the
bed, tempting Jeff with her naked body.

"Sure," agreed Jeff while he tucked in his shirt, then pulled on
his blue jacket. "When do you go back out?"

"Two weeks. Interplanetary Expeditions wants a scout to check out
a system that they're thinking about surveying. It's far out along the
Rim, in a region of unexplored space," replied Catherine casually.

"Sounds dangerous," remarked Sinclair as he poured a glass of
processed orange juice, then drank it quickly.

"I've been to the Rim before. Remember last year?" retorted
Catherine indignantly.

"Yes, every agonizing minute. You can't imagine how many times I
wished you were here while the ambassadors whined and threatened each
other. Sometimes I think that I'm a baby-sitter, not a military
commander," frowned Jeffrey.

"You've done a great job. At least you kept the station in one
piece," smiled Catherine mischievously.

"So far," grinned Sinclair before he leaned over Cath, kissing her
passionately on the mouth before he sighed with longing and left the room.

Jeffrey Sinclair walked casually down a corridor towards Command
and Control. He nodded a greeting to the various alien guests and
residents who passed by, his mood cheerful and content. Sinclair's
contentment faded as he watched Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova rush towards

"Captain! Earthforce just sent us a gold channel message. Narn
warships have attacked Ragesh 3, a Centauri colony. The Advisory Council
is meeting, and Earthgov wants you to declare Earth neutral," gasped Susan

"Great way to begin a day," muttered Sinclair before he marched
towards the Council room.

"This attack is an outrage!" shouted Lindra Mollari as she stood
before the gathered League worlds. The ambassador of the Centauri
Republic was dressed in tight purple leggings and polished, black jack
boots. A purple waist coat covered her torso, the jacket festooned with
medallions and other shiny ornaments. A short cape draped over her left
shoulder, and her long, silky black hair was tied behind her back in a
loose ponytail. Lindra pursed her brightly painted red lips, then pointed
accusingly at G'Kar, who sat on the far right side of the Advisory table
watching Lindra's antics with grim amusement.

"This butcher and his race have attacked a defenseless Centauri
colony and slaughtered its inhabitants, women and children! You cannot
allow this crime to go unpunished!" spat Lindra.

"And now we see the Centauri gift for exaggeration in action,"
retorted G'Kar smoothly as he stood up and moved to stand opposite
Mollari. "The Narn were merely answering a call for assistance
transmitted by Ragesh 3. Imagine our shock when our ships Jumped into the
system and found the entire colony destroyed, obviously the work of

"Narn lies are transparent!" hissed Lindra as she glared hatefully
at G'Kar. "If you think you can get away with this, you're mistaken. The
Centauri Fleet will tear your precious Regime to ribbons!"

"You are welcome to try, ambassador," smiled G'Kar coldly.

As the League members argued over whether to censure the Narn
Regime, Captain Sinclair and Ambassador Delenn entered the room. Sinclair
took his place at the head of the Advisory table while Delenn stood to his

"Gentle beings, please!" shouted Sinclair as he pounded the
table's gavel firmly. "We must have order!"

"If you want order, then I suggest you eject this Narn from the
chamber and declare war on his barbaric Regime!" retorted Lindra hotly.
"Better yet, expel this female who lusts for death and innocent
blood!" growled G'Kar.

"Ambassadors, please! Return to your seats," suggested Sinclair
with a firm glance at both standing officials. "Let's conduct this
meeting in a civilized manner."

"You better use simple words to explain that concept to G'Kar,"
muttered Mollari loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear.

The disembarkation area was crowded with humans and aliens as they
left transports or waited to be boarded on departing shuttles. Two
gorgeous human women emerged from the shuttle bay, attracting many
appreciative stares and whispers as they shouldered their travel bags
while sliding amongst the throng. Eventually, the two women entered the
Zocalo, stopping in front of a store display to say their good-byes.

"It was..interesting meeting you," smiled Talia Winters before she
tugged off the black glove of her right hand.

"I enjoyed our..conversations as well," grinned Lyta Alexander as
she removed her own glove, then wrapped her slim fingers around Talia's
bare hand. The two women gasped softly as they entered each other's
minds, stimulating each other in ways mere mundanes could only dream of.
Aware of the presence of spectators, the women quickly re-garbed their
hands, then smiled secretly at each other.

"Be seeing you," waved Talia before she turned away and
disappeared into the stream of shoppers.

Sighing softly to herself, Lyta walked to a nearby terminal, then
searched the schematic of the station for the location of Ambassador
Kosh's quarters. Finding her goal, Lyta traversed a series of passageways
and lifts until she reached the Vorlon's assigned room. The lovely
redhead donned the air mask sitting in a nearby holder, then straightened
her posture before pressing the door release and stepping into a holding
chamber of thick gas. The inner hatch raised open, allowing Lyta to walk
into Kosh's private chamber. The methane mixture that Kosh breathed was
thick and obscuring, making it very difficult for Lyta to examine the room
in detail. A decorated blind sat in one corner of the chamber, adorned
with colorful swirls and strange designs. A computer terminal was set in
the right-hand wall, along with a large array of organized data crystals.
Kosh turned away from the monitor, regarding Lyta with his one gold-green
eye port.

"Hello, my name is Lyta Alexander," greeted the young woman
nervously. "I've been wanting to meet a Vorlon almost all my life."

*What is your business with me?* inquired Kosh directly into
Lyta's brain.
Lyta gasped at the power of Kosh's thoughts, her right hand
clenched between her breasts as her red lips parted sensually. Kosh's eye
flared briefly, and the gas seemed to swirl just a bit more energetically.
Lyta frowned in concentration as she attempted to reply to Kosh's
telepathic question.

*I want to serve you. To aid the Vorlon cause,* transmitted Lyta.

*Why?* retorted Kosh.

*I feel close to you. I've felt this way ever since I saw your
image on ISN. I know that I can help you,* replied Lyta earnestly.

*A servant of the Vorlons must be strong, disciplined. Can you be
strong?* asked Kosh with an intent stare.

*Yes,* replied Lyta firmly.

*Then I will test you,* said Kosh before all of the methane gas
disappeared through floor ducts behind him. Lyta slowly took off her air
mask, hesitantly breathing the now clear air.

*Take off your clothes,* ordered Kosh.

Lyta stared at Kosh in dumb amazement, then she slowly complied,
removing her grey jacket, pants, and black blouse. The redhead stood
before Kosh clad only in her black lace bra and panties, her arms wrapped
nervously under her breasts.

*All of them,* said Kosh, his eye burning with what seemed to be

Trying to comprehend the Vorlon's strange request, Lyta undid the
back of her bra and let it fall to the sterile, cold floor, followed a
moment later by her delicate panties. Deciding to be bold, Lyta thrust
out her bare tits and placed her hands behind her back, exposing her pussy
and patch of red pubic hair to the entranced Vorlon.

Kosh's encounter suit snapped mechanically as the large helmet
slowly rose into the air. Lyta watched with wide eyes as a stream of
light escaped the suit, a stream that expanded into a bright, multi-limbed
being of energy.

* your true form?* thought Lyta in rapt wonder.

*Yes. You are the first young one to see a Vorlon's body in a
thousand years,* replied Kosh while several tendrils snaked out to caress
Lyta's naked body. Lyta moaned as the ethereal tentacles slid across her
flat stomach and full breasts, the limbs teasing her nipples until they
grew hard with desire.

"Please..don't," moaned Lyta as Kosh fondled her pussy, his
appendage rubbing against her clit until her vagina grew wet with hunger.

*You must cast off your carnal desires. You must move beyond
flesh. I will purge you of your primitive lust,* whispered Kosh as his
glowing body drew nearer to Lyta, hovering over her limp body as she
leaned back against the unyielding wall.

*Purge me,* begged Lyta as she looked up into the Vorlon's
radiance, the light of her god.

Two tendrils shot out, wrapping around Lyta's wrists and pinning
them above her head. Two more limbs slid around her legs, spreading her
thighs open so that her pussy was open to probing. Smaller tentacles
caressed Lyta's heaving tits as the woman panted in ecstasy, her skin
burning with each touch of Kosh's body. Lyta bit her lower lip as Kosh
slowly pushed a phallic-shaped tendril into her cunt, the probe advancing
relentlessly into her vagina until it entered her empty belly and filled
it with pulsing life. The naked young woman groaned with pleasure as Kosh
began pumping in and out of her slit, his member expanding to fill her
fuck hole until it hurt. Kosh's thrusts became so strong that Lyta's feet
left the ground, her back slid up and down the wall as the Vorlon rammed
his tool into her dripping cunt. Lyta's moans grew louder and louder,
making Kosh even more excited until his glowing eyes burned like two small
suns. Kosh turned Lyta's small, naked body around until her stomach,
tits, and face pressed against the cold wall. The Vorlon slid shining
tendrils across the woman's buttocks, relishing the feel of her tight ass
before he pried her cheeks apart and re-inserted his member into her
clenching twat.

"Fuck me, Kosh!" shouted Lyta as she pressed her hands against the
wall, her tits crushed against the polished metal as the Vorlon slammed
his tool deep into her belly. Kosh extended two limbs, holding Lyta's
feet above the floor as he squeezed her curvaceous hips. Lyta's bare toes
dangled and shook with each thrust of Kosh into her pussy, her inner
thighs glistened with her juices as her right cheek pressed against the
wall, her red lips invitingly open as she gasped with each ram into her
womb. Kosh rubbed Lyta's painted lips with a glowing tentacle, the
tendril slid across her moist, pouty flesh, then slithered inside her
mouth. Lyta wantonly began sucking on the limb as it moved down into her
throat, spreading her jaws apart until her mouth was stuffed with his
radiant appendage. Kosh crushed his enormous body against Lyta's nude
form, his tendrils probing both of her orifices while smaller limbs rubbed
across her bare legs and ass.

Lyta orgasmed without warning, her cries muffled by the tentacle
in her mouth as her cunt quivered with released tension. A fresh flood of
honey gushed out of Lyta's slit, over Kosh's member, and down her naked
legs to pool wetly on the floor beneath her. Kosh experienced Lyta's
powerful orgasm from the mental link he shared with her. The spear of
sexual ecstasy shot into his own mind, catalyzing an orgasm of his own
that caused his ghostly body to flare like a new-born supernova.
Kosh gently laid Lyta's naked body to the floor, then he slowly
floated to his open encounter suit, which he quickly re-entered and sealed
shut. The Vorlon floated forward until he looked down on the softly
panting woman, her pale skin slick with sweat. Lyta raised her disheveled
face towards Kosh, her eyes hot with devotion and longing. Kosh nodded in
satisfaction, his eye port closed to a mere point.

*You will serve,* said the Vorlon.

"ISN has just received a report from the Narn/Centauri border.
The Centauri Republic has begun moving more of its Fleet towards the
colonies adjacent to Narn space. Raids and minor skirmishes between Narn
and Centauri warships have increased, signaling a rise in tensions between
the two interstellar powers. Earthforce analysts predict that this is
just the beginning. The clouds of war are looming on the horizon."


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