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Babylon 5: Morality War
by PJ

Chapter 3

Captain Sinclair and Catherine Sakai entered the landing bay
terminal early in the morning, when there were very few people waiting for
passage. Catherine carried a small duffel bag with her few belongings
over her right shoulder while she held Jeffrey's hand tightly with her
own. The couple reached the exit hatchway, a security guard scanned
Catherine's identi-card, then retreated a short distance to give the two
lovers some privacy.

"Well, this is it," smiled Catherine as she gazed at Jeff
affectionately. "I guess I'll see you in a few months."

"It will seem like years," replied Jeffrey as he brushed back some
of Catherine's short, black hair with his hand.

"I'll make it up to you," whispered Catherine huskily before she
brushed her red lips against his cheek.

"This is a hell of a time to ask this, but I've been so happy with
you when we're together..will you marry me?" asked Jeffrey

"Marry you?" blinked Catherine in surprise, her eyes wide with
disbelief. "We've known each other since the Academy, but I never really
thought about it. We always seemed to drift apart, then come back
together in cycles."

"I want us to stay together this time, for the rest of our lives,"
murmured Sinclair as he squeezed both of Catherine's hands.

Catherine looked down at the floor for several moments, her face
frowning in thought. Finally, she looked up into Jeff's eyes, her
expression serene.

"Yes, I'll marry you," answered Catherine warmly.

Jeffrey smiled with pleasure, then wrapped his arms around
Catherine, holding her tightly to his body. Catherine nuzzled Sinclair's
neck, then broke away from his embrace, her eyes misting with tears.

"I better go or I'll never leave," said Catherine before she
kissed Jeffrey quickly on the lips, then marched into the passageway that
led to her waiting scout ship.

Sinclair moved to stare out of a porthole until Catherine's ship,
the Sky Dancer, emerged from the docking bay and sailed gracefully towards
the Jump Gate. The Gate flared briefly as a vortex formed within its
frame, creating a portal into Hyperspace that eagerly devoured the blocky

"Come back soon," whispered Sinclair as he laid his hand upon the
cold glass of the observation window.

Talia Winters hesitantly entered C-and-C, her gloved hands clasped
together against her stomach as she searched the busy room for Susan
Ivanova, the woman she was ordered to meet with.

"Uh, excuse me, ensign," Talia said quietly to a young man
operating the scanner array, "could you tell me where Lt. Commander
Ivanova is?"

"I think she's talking to a group of ambassadors about living
quarters, Mr. Garibaldi would know for sure," replied the ensign quickly.

"Where's Mr. Garibaldi?" inquired Talia.

"The Casino. He's usually there around this time of day."

"Thank you," replied Talia before she left the Command deck.

Loud music pounded the air within the Casino as bright laser beams
illuminated the stygian interior. Alien and human voices rolled with a
blaring cacophony as patrons placed bets at the tables or admired the
beautiful dancers gyrating on three stages. Far against the right hand
wall, Ambassador Mollari and Security Chief Garibaldi drank deeply from
tall, glass mugs, leering at the dancers and laughing almost controllably
at their own drunken antics.

"Ya' know, you're not bad for a Centauri woman," slurred Michael
as he draped his right arm around Lindra's small shoulders.

"You are a gruff barbarian, but I like that in a man," grinned
Lindra as she tickled the underside of Garibaldi's chin.

Both revelers broke out into loud guffaws, then slurped down more
alcohol before demanding a fresh pitcher from one of the serving girls.
The duo's laughter subsided as Ambassador G'Kar walked up to their table
and sat down with a grunt.

"All the other tables were full," growled G'Kar as he purposefully
didn't look at Mollari.

"Great, so now we get the misfortune of his company," whispered
Lindra loudly towards Garibaldi. Michael sniggered at the jab, then
brought up a sober face as G'Kar glared at him. A young blonde girl
placed a full pitcher of ale on the table, then offered G'Kar an empty
mug. Garibaldi elbowed Lindra, then placed at credit chit in his mouth.
The serving girl sighed to herself, then walked over to Garibaldi, bending
over to place her mouth over his as she took the chit with her teeth and
backed away. Garibaldi and Lindra burst into a fresh fit of laughing,
which G'Kar slowly joined with his own bass chuckle. The Narn helped
himself to the pitcher, then looked up to regard the stage as a new dancer
took her place.

"And now, generous patrons, enjoy the erotic dance of Adira
Tyree," announced a human male employee. A slow, seductive tune began as
a young Centauri girl swayed onto the stage and began swirling slowly in
circles, her transparent garments fluttering in the air. The girl's head
was shaved except for one long braid of fiery red hair. She slid her
hands high up a stationary, silver pole, her back to the audience as she
swayed her firm ass hypnotically. The trio at the far table watched in
awe, their mouths agape as they stared at the seductive nymph.

"I hate your race, Mollari, and I would see you all dead in a
moment, but your young girls are magnificent," muttered G'Kar reverently.

"Yes, they are," sighed Lindra as she watched Adira slide her
small hands up and down her buttocks.

"Man, I want to fuck her," blubbered Garibaldi before he took a
long pull from his mug.

"Uh, Mr. Garibaldi?" asked Talia while she stood slightly behind
the security chief.

Garibaldi bent his head backwards and to the side until he could
just make out the blonde girl dressed in a severe suit with a Psi-Corp pin
attached to a lapel.

"Ah, shit, the Psi-Corp," moaned Michael pathetically. "What'd I
do now?"

"Uh..nothing, sir," blushed Talia as Lindra and G'Kar turned to
leer at her. "Could you tell me where Lt. Commander Ivanova is?"

"Susie? She should be at Earharts right about now. She likes a
cold beer after she gets off duty," replied Garibaldi with an insolent
grin. "Say, you're pretty hot, why not stay with us and toss back a few
drinks. You can trust us."

Talia looked at Garibaldi suspiciously while Lindra tried to
stifle a giggle with her left hand.

"No thank you, sir," said Talia as she shook her head. "I really
need to report to Cmdr. Ivanova."

"Later," waved Garibaldi before he fastened his focus back on
Adira, who was now naked and humping the silver pole like a riding jockey.
Talia blushed even more hotly as she picked up the overpowering lust of
the three revelers, then glanced at Adira who smiled at her before
inserting a long finger into a wet cunt. As Talia practically ran out of
the Casino, the three companions clinked their mugs together and roared
with contemptuous mirth.

It was 18:00 when Talia found the bar Earharts and went inside.
This place was bright and airy, filled with relaxing Earthforce personnel
and a few civilians who sat at tables and nursed their drinks with ease.
Talia found Ivanova sitting at the bar sipping from a glass that
definitely did not contain beer. The blonde girl nervously walked up to
the bridge officer, then coughed discretely. Susan glanced in Talia's
direction, then scowled when she saw the Psi-Corps pin on the girl's

"What do you want? I'm off duty," growled Susan.

"When I was settled in on Babylon 5, I was ordered to find and
report to you in person," replied Talia cooly.

"Fine. You've reported in. Welcome to Babylon 5," muttered Susan
as she waved Talia negligently away. The bartender overheard Talia, so
the woman rang a small, brass bell loudly and pointed a finger at the
surprised young blonde.

"Drinks are on her!" declared the bartender before the bar roared
with approval.

"The crew of this station certainly is inspiring," observed Talia

"You'll fit in," retorted Susan before she took a long gulp from
her glass.

Frowning darkly, Talia sat on a stool next to Susan, then ordered
a small drink.

"I don't recall asking for company," snarled Ivanova while she
stared at the array of bottles on the opposite wall.

"You look like you need it," replied Talia.

Susan snorted briefly, but didn't object further as Talia sat
companionably close nursing her own glass.

Lindra Mollari staggered into her richly appointed quarters
supported by Adira Tyree. Stumbling drunkenly, Lindra dragged Adira to
her large, silken bed, then fell limply over the rumpled sheets. Adira
pulled off Lindra's black boots and leggings, then helped the
uncoordinated Centauri ambassador out of her coat and tunic. Clad only in
her bra and panties, Lindra lay outspread on the mattress while Adira took
off her own scant costume then crawled on top of the sheets. The lithe
dancer stretched out next to Lindra, then ran a finger over the beautiful
woman's soft lips. Lindra licked the finger with her tongue, then began
sucking lewdly on the digit. Adira giggled at the sensation, then leaned
forward, kissing Lindra passionately on the mouth. The two female's
mouths caressed each other as their tongues entwined and slid together
like horny snakes.

Adira straddled the prone Centauri woman, then carefully
unfastened her bra, tossing the lacy garment aside as she bent down to
kiss and suck wantonly on the ambassador's breasts. Lindra moaned loudly
as she licked her own lips, then reached forward to fondle the dancing
girl's round, soft tits. Adira bit her lower lip as Lindra pinched her
nipples, the knobs growing hard and erect as Lindra caressed the sensitive
pink dots. As Adira continued to suck Lindra's tits, she lowered her
right arm, pressing her hand against the groaning woman's crotch, then
pushing her panties aside in order to rub her throbbing black-haired

"That feels good," moaned Lindra as she slid her hands over
Adira's warm breasts, then down the girl's flat stomach. While the naked
girl sucked and licked Mollari's flesh, the prone woman pressed her hands
over the girl's buttocks, kneading the firm, smooth ass flesh, then
sliding slim fingers into the crack towards Adira's wet cunt. Adira
groaned with relish as Lindra pushed two fingers into her slit, the digits
plunging deep into her moist vagina to her aching womb.

Lindra moved onto her hands and knees, inviting Adira to ravage
her lovely ass. The pony-tailed girl pushed her face into Lindra's
buttocks, lashing out with her tongue against the naked woman's dripping
pussy. Lindra moaned with a deep ache, her body glistening with sweat as
she pumped her ass against Adira's young face. Adira eagerly lapped at
Lindra's cunt, she sucked the tart juices gushing from the raven-maned
woman's vagina before she thrust her tongue into a quivering, pink slit.
Lindra squeezed the silk sheets of the bed with her hands, the fabric
smooth and slippery as her legs wobbled and her crotch burned with
ecstasy. Lindra's orgasm rushed over her again and again, each wave
snatching her breath and making her pussy spew another stream of sticky
honey. Adira devoured her lover's cunt juices until her lips and chin
were stained with musky jism. Lindra collapsed onto her stomach, then
rolled onto her back, allowing Adira to slide her own nude body atop her

"The Casino owns you?" panted Lindra.

"Yes," replied Adira as she ran her hand over Lindra's right

"How would you like to be my attache?" inquired Lindra with a
mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"My lady! It is unheard of for a slave to hold such an important
position!" gasped Adira in shock.

"I'll buy you from the Casino, then have you declared a free woman
on Centauri Prime. You can be my personal slave," whispered Lindra before
she kissed Adira lightly on the lips.

"I accept, mistress," murmured Adira as she leaned down and kissed
Lindra hard on the mouth.


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