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Babylon 5: Morality War
by PJ

Chapter 4

The transport ship sped across the blackness of space pursued by
four Starfuries.
The swift fighters flew in a loose square formation as they spat PPG fire
at the fleeing transport. The spheres of plasma fire flared as they
smashed against a psi-shield erected by the transport's sole occupant.
The lead Starfury, its dorsal hull decorated with the black field and
omega symbol of Black Omega Squadron, opened a comm channel after yet
another of its gun strikes failed to damage its target.

"Omega leader to vessel Seven-Tango-Seven, shut down your engines
and surrender your ship or we will be forced to destroy you."

The psi-shield protecting the transport grew brighter as the pilot
increased its strength, making the energy sphere so powerful that it
blossomed like a deadly rose and engulfed the pursuing fighters, ripping
them apart like toys. Alone in the void, the transport approached the
system's Jumpgate, diving into its expanding whirlpool of light.

Jeffrey Sinclair sat quietly upon a marble bench within the Zen
Garden. Small birds and a soft breeze created background noises that
calmed the nerves and aided contemplation. Sinclair inhaled the rich
scents of plants and soft earth, his mind calm as he tried to cast off his
worry for Catherine Sakai. It was two weeks since she had left Babylon 5
for the Rim, her task to survey a planet for Interplanetary Expeditions, a
megacorp that explored abandoned planets for advanced technology.
Catherine hadn't sent any messages since her departure, but that was
expected in her line of work. Jeffrey was familiar with the waiting, it
was like the vigil of a soldier before battle, never knowing when or where
the enemy would strike. Sinclair's thoughts began to grow darker, but
they were interrupted by Ambassador Delenn, who walked quietly into the
garden, then sat opposite Sinclair on another bench.

"Good Afternoon, Captain," smiled Delenn as she bowed at the waist

"Good Afternoon, Ambassador," replied Sinclair. "How are you

"Fine. I was hoping to talk to you privately today," said the
Minbari woman.

"How can I help you?" inquired Sinclair curiously.

"What do you hear about the Rim? Is anything strange going on?"
retorted Delenn.

"Nothing major. Raids among some of the Non-Aligned Worlds have
increased. A few outer colonies have been out of contact for a few days.
Peculiar, but not alarming, yet," answered Sinclair.

"Minbar has also received reports like this," nodded Delenn.
"Some in my government take these incidents very seriously."

"It's a dangerous galaxy. Violence is a way of life on the
frontier," said Sinclair. "I wish it was different, but conflict is
inevitable when different cultures come into contact and interact. I only
hope that Babylon 5 can offer a better solution to all the races of the

"Order can be imposed on the galaxy, but someone must show the
others how to work together. The Minbari are very optimistic about you,
Jeffrey Sinclair. We believe that you can guide the other races to a
better way, through discipline and strong convictions," replied Delenn
earnestly. "There is a legend among the Minbari, about an ancient race
called the Shadows..."

Sinclair's comm link bleeped loudly, interrupting Delenn before
she could finish her sentence.

"Captain! An unidentified transport has emerged from the Jumpgate
and is now floating dead in space. I've sent a squadron of 'Furies to
check it out," reported Ivanova.

"I'm coming back," replied Sinclair before he pressed his link,
then smiled apologetically at Delenn. "Sorry, ambassador, duty calls."

"We'll speak again," acknowledged Delenn with a fragile grin.

Captain Sinclair walked quickly out of the Zen Garden, leaving
Delenn alone to ponder the meditation stones until Kosh floated up behind

*Time grows short,* said Kosh within Delenn's mind.

*I know,* sighed Delenn mentally as she bit her lower lip with

"Captain on deck," said Ensign Corwin as Sinclair marched through
the open hatch and walked quickly to the Observation window. Ivanova
waited tensely, watching as three Starfuries orbited the drifting

"The fighters report no passengers on the ship," said Ivanova as
she glanced at Sinclair standing beside her.

"Send a shuttle out there, have a security team check every berth
on that ship," ordered Sinclair.

"Yes, sir," nodded Susan before she opened a comm channel to

Talia Winters left her bathroom dripping and naked as she toweled
her shoulder length blonde hair dry. After drying her nude, lithe body,
the telepath sat at her vanity cabinet, then took a brush to comb out her
shimmering hair. Talia's eyes were closed as she succumbed to the simple
pleasure of running the comb through her golden mane, the bristles hard
and caressing as they ran across her scalp. A delicate hand slid onto
Talia's bare shoulder, startling the young woman as she opened her eyes
wide and discovered the intruder standing behind her.

"Still beautiful," whispered Jennifer Ironheart as her eyes ran up
and down Talia's naked form.

Talia blushed hotly, then rose from her chair to hug her
fiery-haired visitor.

"Damn, it seems like its been forever," moaned Talia as she held
her friend tightly.

"Yes, it's been too long," smiled Jennifer while she stroked
Talia's still-damp hair.

"What are you doing here? How long can you stay?" asked Talia

"Not long. I just wanted to see you one more time," replied
Jennifer with a sad grin.

"Sounds serious," frowned Talia as she led the redhead to the edge
of her bed.

"It is. The Corps is after me," admitted Ironheart.

"What did you do?" inquired Talia.

"It's complicated," replied Jennifer. "The Corps wants me because
of my abilities, they've grown since our days at the Academy."


"I volunteered for a special program. The Corps was trying to use
chemical treatments to enhance psi-abilities, make a P-5 into a P-12, then
make a P-12 into something unimaginable," said Jennifer as she stared at
the floor. "The experiment worked, my powers grew, until they couldn't be
charted on any kind of scale. The Corps was ecstatic, plans were
developed to treat all the telepaths of the Corps, plans to make us so
powerful that no one in Earthgov could stop us. I saw what they planned,
it horrified me. They planned to make the mundanes into slaves, cheap
laborers who would support an empire, an empire of telepaths. I killed
the only scientist who could replicate the experiment, I destroyed all the
materials and data, then I stole a ship and began traveling to the Rim. I
stopped here so I could say good-bye to you, I just wanted to see your
face one more time."

"Oh, Jennifer," sighed Talia as she gazed at her friend in
sympathy. "It sounds like a nightmare."

"It is, Talia," murmured Ironheart while she looked up into
Talia's large eyes and caressed her cheek tenderly, "but it's okay. I'm
with you now, the only woman I ever loved."

Talia drew her former lover close, hugging her tightly, then
parting long enough to kiss her on the mouth, their lips melding as they
joined their minds and experienced a flash of mental ecstasy.

The Jumpgate flared as it disgorged a rectangular, gray transport
that sailed unerringly towards Babylon 5.

"Earth transport ship. The captain says he has two Psi-Cops who
demand we meet with them at once," reported Ivanova as she read a monitor

"What's the status of the security team?" asked Sinclair as he
stood gazing out the Observation window.
"They're almost done searching the derelict. They haven't found
anything yet," replied Susan with a dark frown.

"Great," muttered Sinclair. "I'll be in Customs greeting our

"Better you than me," grinned Ivanova.

Sinclair mock scowled at Susan, then walked with a sense of
growing trepidation towards the exit.

Captain Sinclair's scowl was heart-felt when he entered Customs
and found two Psi-Cops arguing with the Security officer processing
incoming travelers. The talking Psi-Cop was male, of average height, with
short black hair and pale, taut skin. The second Cop was female, a bit
taller than the man, with long, brown hair and smooth, white flesh. Both
Cops wore black jackets and slacks, belts with holstered PPG pistols, and
tight black leather gloves. The male Psi-Cop turned to watch Sinclair as
he approached, then smiled coldly when Jeffrey motioned the guard back.

"Ah, Captain Sinclair. A pleasure to meet the hero of the Border
War," greeted the male Cop politely as he offered his right hand.
Sinclair shook the Psi-Cop's hand firmly, then nodded at the female Cop
standing slightly behind the male.

"My name is Alfred Bester, and this is my partner, Ms. Kelsey,"
offered the male Cop. "Can we move this conversation to your office? The
nature of my mission here is extremely sensitive and vital to Earth
Alliance security."

"Very well, if you'll both follow me," replied Sinclair as he led
the duo out of the bustling Customs area.

"I'll get to the point, Captain. I'm searching for a woman named
Jennifer Ironheart, a rogue telepath that the Corps believes has fled to
Babylon 5 to meet with someone named Talia Winters. Do you know of Ms.
Winters, Captain?" inquired Bester.

"Vaguely. I believe that she is a commercial telepath stationed
here by the Corps," replied Sinclair. "What did this Ms. Ironheart do?"

"I'm sorry. That's classified information, strictly
need-to-know," smiled Bester.

"I need to know if this woman threatens my station," retorted
Sinclair as he walked behind his desk and sat down.

Bester and Kelsey sat in chairs facing Sinclair while Bester said,

"Very well. Ms. Ironheart was part of a Psi-Corps experiment. We
were working to enhance telepathic abilities, to make us even more
productive to all the citizens of the Earth Alliance. Ms. Ironheart got
out of control, her abilities became too much for her and she fled, after
killing one scientist and destroying several million credits worth of
experimental equipment. She stole a transport ship, the very one hanging
outside of this station, then began fleeing out to the Rim. We tracked
her here, and we believe that she'll try to acquire Ms. Winters'
assistance. We need to find Talia and scan her, see if she's met with
Ironheart yet. Would you call her here, please?" asked Bester graciously.

"Ivanova. Call Talia Winters and tell her to come to my office
immediately," ordered Sinclair from his comm link.

"Yes, sir," acknowledged Susan.

Talia Winters lay prone on her back, her tongue sliding wetly up
and down Jennifer Ironheart's cunt as the redhead pressed her crotch over
Talia's lovely face. Jennifer held tightly to the head board of the bed,
her pale skin beading with sweat as she gasped with sensual pleasure from
Talia's attentions. The two women's minds were linked, Jennifer tasted
what Talia did as she ate out Ironheart's cunt while Talia experienced the
results of her own pussy diving. Talia reached up with her hands,
squeezing and fondling Jennifer's tight ass while the redhead bit her lip
and rubbed her breasts against the smooth wall.

"Ah, it's so good!" moaned Jennifer as she gyrated her hips,
grinding her slit against Talia's sucking mouth. Talia groaned huskily in
reply as she thrust her tongue deep into Jennifer's vagina, licking the
quivering walls of her fuck tunnel until it clenched involuntarily.
Talia licked up and down Jennifer's snatch, rubbing her nose in red pubic
hair, inhaling the panting woman's musky scent as she slid her tongue up
against Jennifer's small ass hole, coating the orifice with glistening
saliva. Jennifer pressed her left hand against the wall as she reached
down with her right, rubbing her fingers between her firm ass cheeks,
plunging a long finger into her anus while Talia buried her mouth inside
her lover's dripping cunt. Jennifer's naked body shook as erotic tremors
assaulted her hot flesh. The red-maned woman turned around so that she
lay across Talia's nude body, her head between Talia's outspread legs.
Jennifer positioned her face over Talia's crotch, then leaned forward to
begin a lewd oral assault on the blonde girl's pussy. Talia moaned loudly
with pleasure, then moved her head forward so she could continue her
ravishing of Jennifer's sopping wet twat. The two naked females licked
and sucked each other's pussies endlessly, their naked bodies writhing
together in an erotic ballet as their minds melted into one powerful
sexual waterfall.

"Ms. Talia Winters, please meet with Captain Sinclair in his
office," said Lt. Cmdr. Ivanova over the room's intercom.

"Oh, shit!" gasped Talia as she pulled back from Jennifer's
throbbing cunt, then wriggled from under the naked woman's body.

"The Psi-Cops are here," said Jennifer as she reclined upon the
bed, her naked body relaxed like a sated tigress'. "Come here, Talia."

Talia sat on the bed next to Jennifer before the woman leaned
forward and kissed Talia warmly on the lips.

"This will protect your mind if they try to scan you," whispered
Jennifer with an alluring smile.

"I hope so," grinned Talia as she left the bed and rushed to put
on her clothes. "I really hate being scanned by the Psi-Cops."


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