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Babylon 5: Morality War
by PJ

Chapter 5

Talia rushed to Captain Sinclair's office, her thoughts chaotic as
she pondered the presence of the Psi-Cops and if they would find her
memories of Jennifer's appearance on Babylon 5. As Talia entered the
room, she found two Cops sitting opposite Sinclair talking quietly to him.
While the male turned to watch Talia's entrance, the blonde girl
recognized him as Alfred Bester, one of the more notorious Psi-Cops.

*Hello, Talia,* broadcast Bester with a welcoming smile.

"Mr. Bester," replied Talia verbally before she nodded briefly to
the female Cop.

Bester frowned slightly, then restored his cheerful expression and
rose from his chair.

"If you'll excuse me, Captain, I would like to scan Ms. Winters
outside. This won't take long."

"Very well," agreed Sinclair as he eyed Talia for the first time.

The two Psi-Cops moved to either side of Talia, then escorted her
outside Sinclair's office and waited until the door lowered shut.

*It's been a long time,* thought Bester as he stroked Talia's left
cheek with his gloved hand. Talia tried to flinch away, but something in
Bester's telepathic contact made her freeze in place, prevented her from
fighting Bester's familiar caress. Bester slowly removed his black
gloves, his eyes relishing Talia's discomfort as she realized what was
about to happen. Bester placed his palms against Talia's temples, his
mind pushing more aggressively into the young woman's. Talia's mental
shields melted like hot wax, her body grew limp as Bester rammed his
telepathic probe into her brain, sifting roughly through her memories for
any sign of Jennifer Ironheart. Ms. Kelsey stood nearby on watch,
broadcasting a general repulsion field that made anyone approaching the
passageway change their minds and take another route.

Bester took his time scanning Talia's mind, he watched all of her
many lesbian encounters during her training days and recently with a
telepath named Lyta Alexander.

*You are a horny little slut,* grinned Bester as he took one hand
from Talia's temple and ran it down her neck, then over her panting

*Please..don't,* begged Talia as she lay submissively in Bester's
telepathic thrall.

Bester drew close, inhaling Talia's breath as she gasped in mental
exertion. He gazed in fascination at her moist, red lips, her wide,
alluring eyes. Striking like a snake, Bester shot forward, kissing Talia
lustfully on the mouth, his tongue sliding effortlessly past her slack
lips. Talia moaned weakly, her eyes closing to slits as her body lay
pressed between the wall and Bester's black-garbed form.

*We need to finish this quickly,* rebuked Kelsey.

*Very well,* acknowledged Bester before he pulled his mouth away
from Talia's, leaving a small trail of spittle against her small chin.

*Is Jennifer here?* inquired Kelsey.

*If she is, she hasn't met Talia yet," replied Bester as his cold
eyes ravished Talia's vulnerable frame.

*We should start searching the station then, level by level,*
suggested Kelsey while she watched Bester.

*Let's go,* agreed Bester as he caressed Talia's hip one last

Talia slumped to the floor, her breath coming in loud gasps as
sweat trickled down her face. She wiped her violated lips and chin with
her arm, then leaned back against the cold bulkhead, silent tears sliding
down her smooth cheeks. After a moment, she staggered back to her feet,
then began a stumbling jog back to her quarters.

Sinclair began sifting through his daily reports until the time
grew uncomfortably long. Walking quickly to the door hatch, Jeffrey
discovered that the passageway was completely empty, apparently the
Psi-Cops' scan was finished. Shrugging his shoulders in acceptance,
Sinclair went back to his desk and began composing his own reports to
Earth Force Command when his comm link bleeped at him.

"Sinclair here," said the Captain as he sat back in his chair.

"Ivanova, sir. The Psi-Cops seem to be searching the station,
what's going on?"

"They're looking for a woman called Jennifer Ironheart. She's a
rogue telepath who's committed murder and destruction of property. Have
Security send out search teams to aid the Psi-Cops and find the fugitive,"
ordered Sinclair.

"Yes, sir," acknowledged Susan. "Couldn't the commercial
telepath, Talia Winters, help the Cops? Or how about Lyta Alexander,
she's registered here as well."

"The Psi-Cops have already scanned Talia for information. Lyta is
closed in with Ambassador Kosh right now. She's unavailable," replied
Sinclair. "Just keep an eye on Bester and make sure the Cops have
everything they need."

"Yes, sir," said Ivanova before she cut the link.

Lyta Alexander knelt on the hard floor, naked and shivering as
Kosh floated above her in his imposing encounter suit.

*Open yourself to me,* ordered Kosh.

Lyta instantly obeyed, opening her mouth and eyes wide while
sitting on her ass and spreading her slim legs apart.

*Good,* purred Kosh before he lowered himself to the floor and
unlatched his helmet. Pressure seals hissed as the helmet rose into the
air, releasing a shaft of white light into the room that bathed Lyta's
nude body in warm radiance. Lyta spread her arms apart, welcoming Kosh as
he flew forward, entering Lyta by her eyes, mouth and pussy. Lyta
quivered as Kosh's essence flooded into her, his soul hot and dripping
with passion as he filled her vagina and womb with his light. Lyta's jaws
opened until her facial muscles hurt, Kosh's probe poured down her throat
while two more tendrils blinded her eyes as they entered her mind. The
bodily invasion seemed to last forever, until Lyta felt her body was full
to bursting with Kosh's essence. Suddenly, the assault stopped. The
chamber plunged into darkness except for two small rays of light coming
from Lyta's eyes. The light slowly faded, until Lyta was alone in a room
of pitch blackness.

*It's been a long time since I wore flesh,* remarked Kosh as he
used Lyta's hands to caress her own stomach and tits. *I almost forgot how
pleasurable it was.*

Lyta bit her lower lip as Kosh used her hands to caress her
thighs, then rub her cunt sensually.

*You're getting wet, already,* whispered Kosh as he caressed
Lyta's slit with long,
slim fingers. Lyta panted softly, her body burning with lust as she
relinquished control of her hands to Kosh, allowed him to probe her vagina
and make her suck the honey from her own fingers. Lyta fell onto her
back, her legs spread lewdly apart as Kosh pumped two digits into her
pussy, the fingers making squishy sounds as cum began to dribble onto the
floor from her red-tufted snatch.

"Kosh! Oh, god!" moaned Lyta as her naked body wriggled on the
floor, her skin slick with sweat as she finger-fucked her own pussy. Lyta
cupped her right breast with her right hand as her left hand pumped in and
out of her quivering labia. She squeezed her ripe tit, then licked the
hard nipple with her tongue, encircling the pink knob while leaving a
trail of saliva that dripped down to slide between her creamy breasts.
Lyta threw back her head as a shudder traveled down her stomach and
exploded in her crotch, releasing a torrent of musky juice over her
thrusting fingers and firm, inner thighs.
Kosh gathered Lyta's cum with her fingers, then pressed the sticky hand
against the naked woman's mouth, relishing the taste as Lyta obediently
sucked her own fluids from her digits, moaning with ecstasy at her own
slutty behavior.

*Bathe and get dressed. I wish to explore the station,* ordered

Talia looked up and down the passageway, then quickly slid her
identicard into her door slot, crouching under the rising door then
swiftly palming the interior portal button. The door descended back down
while Jennifer entered the living area drying her wet hair with a yellow

"How did it go?" asked the naked redhead.

"They didn't find anything about you," replied Talia as she rushed
forward and hugged her friend. "But the scan really hurt. Bester did
things to me."

Jennifer made soft, soothing noises while Talia sobbed into her
bare shoulder. Jennifer stroked Talia's golden hair, caressing the crying
girl's mind with peaceful thoughts until she finally calmed down and
pulled away.

*Thanks,* smiled Talia faintly as she wiped tears from her cheeks.
"What are we going to do now? Bester and Kelsey are searching the
station for you."

"I have to go," said Jennifer with a regretful expression. "It's
almost time for me to change."

"Change? Into what?" asked Talia nervously.

"A new life form," murmured Jennifer as she let the towel in her
hand fall to the floor, her naked body beginning to glow with a warm,
golden light.

Talia backed away from Jennifer, her eyes wide with disbelief and
a little fear as she pressed her body against the wall. Jennifer lowered
her gaze, watching Talia affectionately while her body began to transform
into pure mental energy. The door to Talia's quarters rumbled and shook,
then fell inwards to reveal Bester and Kelsey with drawn PPGs.

"Lower your shields, now!" shouted Bester as he tried to enter
Jennifer's mind.

"It's too late, Bester. You failed," smiled Jennifer as she
lashed out with a psi- blast, smashing Kelsey into unconsciousness.
Bester grimaced with pain, but fought back, aiming his PPG and firing
several shots at the glowing woman. Talia screamed in protest, lurching
forward to protect her lover. One PPG shot smashed into Talia's back,
sending her to the floor like a limp doll. Jennifer roared in fury,
extending her hand and launching a plasma bolt at Bester. The Psi-Cop
yelled in agony as the right side of his body was engulfed in
flesh-searing heat. Bester dropped his gun and fell to the floor of the
hallway while Jennifer knelt beside Talia, who lay barely conscious on her

"I'm so sorry," said Jennifer as tears of liquid fire dripped from
her eyes. The mental being touched Talia's back wound with her hand,
mending flesh and soothing raw nerves. In an instant, the nearly fatal
wound was gone, completely healed without a scar to mark it. Talia sat
up, looking up at Jennifer with gratitude and love.

"I love you, Jennifer," whispered Talia as she reached forward to
touch the woman's light.

"And I love you, Talia. Forever," replied Jennifer with a smile
before she leaned forward to kiss Talia's quivering lips. As the two
women's mouths touched, Jennifer filled Talia's mind, imparting something
to the girl's essence.

"Never forget who you are, Talia," warned Jennifer as she hugged
the girl, enfolding her in an orb of light. "Fight to retain your soul.
I've given you something that might help."

Floating away, Jennifer began ascending towards the ceiling,
smiling lovingly at Talia until she disappeared into the bulkhead.
Emerging into the void of space, Jennifer sailed past the empty transport
ship, destroying it with a focused thought before she disappeared into the
quiet Jumpgate.

"Bester is in stable condition," reported Dr. Franklin while Capt.
Sinclair watched the patient from an observation window in Med-Lab. "I
repaired the damage to his torso, and I was able to save his right arm,
but it won't function anymore, the nerves were too damaged."

"Ms. Kelsey?" inquired Sinclair as he turned to gaze at the female
Psi-Cop, who sat next to Bester's bed staring at him intently.

"Some minor bruises and a head-ache from a psi-blast. I gave her
some pain- killers," replied Franklin.

"Good work," nodded Sinclair before he left Med-Lab to write yet
another report to Earthdome.

Talia sat at a table in her quarters, a steaming cup of coffee
sitting abandoned next to her as she pondered her encounter with

"Keep my soul? A gift to help me remember myself? What did she
mean?" agonized Talia while she leaned back in her chair, her thoughts
jumbled as she sat in the dark, alone.


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