Babylon 5: Nocturnal Emissions
by David Lenny

The following story takes place after the events depicted in the Babylon 5
episode 'Z'ha'dum'.

"The kind of girl a guy like me doesn't have a chance with." - Security Chief
Michael Garibaldi

Babylon 5 was an Earth Alliance station that had been built in neutral space
to be used as a meeting place where all governments could come and settle
disputes. It was hoped by Earth's government that a war like the one that
Earth had with the Minbari Federation, which almost ended in the genocide of
the human race, could be avoided. Michael Garibaldi had been assigned to
Babylon 5 in 2257 when the Earth Alliance station first became operational.
At least with the help of Babylon 5 things had remained peaceful, but by 2261
the Earth Alliance was broken in two by civil war, the Narns were fighting to
regain their home world from the Centauri and the Shadow war was going full

Then in the middle of all this after years of being supposedly dead Anna
Sheridan the wife of Captain John Sheridan, the commanding officer of Babylon
5, not only popped up on the station out of nowhere but convinced him to go
with her to Z'ha'dum. To the very home world of the Shadows. The people
Garibaldi thought were the enemy. If that wasn't enough, soon after the
captains departure, a Shadow fleet came out of nowhere and surrounded Babylon
5. Well of course something had to be done in response. So, as futile as it
may have seemed at the time, Ivonova scrambled all the Starfuries and had
them take up defensive positions around the station.

Because of the urgency of the situation Garibaldi volunteered to pilot a
Starfury. Within minutes of the shadows appearance Garibaldi found himself in
the cockpit of a Starfury facing down what had to be the largest battle fleet
he had ever seen. As he thought of such battles from old Earth history like
the Alamo, he reminded himself that if he did go down it wouldn't be without
a fight.

With his Starfury's four pulse cannons charged and ready Garibaldi found
himself staring at something that was almost impossible to describe. The
Shadow ships which he was facing looked as if they were arachnid in design
and where if possible a shade deeper then the deepest black which both
reflected and absorbed the light of the epsilon sun. Despite the fact they
were only ships there were an almost intangible quality about them that gave
the impression that they were alive.

Then it happened, without warning, one after another the Shadow ships started
to disappear. As he watched, the disappearing vessels with mounting confusion
Garibaldi saw a Shadow ship heading directly toward him. As he began to take
evasive maneuvers to avoid what was almost sure to be a collision with it the
Shadow vessel changed course slightly and flew over Garibaldi's Starfury. A
few seconds later the Shadow vessel latched onto Garibaldi's craft with a
tractor beam and dragged him along as it cloaked and entered the vast crimson
depths of hyperspace.

* * *

After being towed for over a day in hyperspace Garibaldi collapsed into sleep
from a combination of extreme exhaustion and lack of food. He awoke and found
himself in a room with a bed dresser filled with clothes and a bathroom. A
few minutes after he awoke a woman entered the room wearing the black uniform
of a psi cop Garibaldi took an instant disliking to her the moment he saw
her. The Psi Cops were an internal investigations division of Psi Corp.

Psi Corp was an organization that oversaw the training of telepaths in the
responsible use of their abilities so they would not accidentally hurt or
scan anyone. One way that a telepath could scan someone was by making skin to
skin contact. To prevent this from happening all members of Psi Corp. were
required to always wear gloves. It was also mandatory for all telepaths to
become members of the Corp. If someone did not want to become part of Psi
Corp., they could either be sent to a relocation camp which, according to
some critics of Psi Corp, where no better then concentration camps or take
what was called the sleepers. The sleepers where a chemical compound that
would suppress telephatic abilities. The two major divisions in Psi Corp were
The Psi cops and the Commercial telepaths.

The Psi cops were charged with enforcing all laws pertaining to telepaths
and maintaining the security of Psi Corp itself. The Psi cops had broad
powers especially when it came to investigating any crimes that may have been
committed by telepathy and it was suspected by people both in and out of the
corp, Garibaldi included, that the Psi Cops MAY have done some ethically
shaky things, in order to enforce those laws. One Psi cop in particular had
drawn Garibaldi's hatred was named Albert Bester whom Garibaldi had come in
contact with one too many times to please him during his stint on Babylon 5.

Commercial telepaths were usually employed to participate in business
negations. The commercial telepaths would scan all the parties who were
negotiating to make sure that everything was kept honest. Commercial
telepaths were also sometimes called in by government agencies to scan people
to help with an ongoing investigation.

Doing her best to not let the feelings of anger and dislike she was feeling
from Garibaldi bother her, the woman explained that purely by "accident",
while flying through hyperspace, a squadron of Psi Corps omega Starfuries
came across Garibaldi's Starfury being towed by the Shadow vessel and had
liberated him from his captors. Of course being caring people and concerned
for his well-being his rescuers had brought him back here for rest and
recuperation. When Garibaldi asked exactly where "here" was, all the woman
would say was that he should not worry, get some rest and that he would soon
be back on Babylon 5 where he belonged.

Then it had begun, days that were filled with Garibaldi being treated and
examined by Psi Corp. physicians. When the treatments had started, he found
himself feeling more tired and lethargic with each passing day. After the
first couple of days when he asked, Garibaldi was told that the bouts of
sleepiness that he was experiencing were just being caused by the drugs they
were giving him and that the added sleep would help him recuperate faster.
His first thought after hearing the explanation was that it was just a bunch
of Psi Corp. garbage just like about almost anything else that came flying
out of their mouths. Nevertheless as Garibaldi was painfully aware, he could
do nothing about his situation.

After the third day of his convalescence Garibaldi started having dreams
every night about a woman whom he had not seen in years, Talia Winters.
Garibaldi had met her in 2258 when she had been assigned to Babylon 5 by Psi
Corp to serve as the stations commercial telepath. Talia was a slimly built
blond of medium height who had more, importantly to Garibaldi, a very
beautiful personality that matched her physical beauty.

Yet it was to never be for the two of them. Despite all his attempts to win
her interest romantically, the most Garibaldi had with Talia was a very cool
friendship. He eventually resigned himself to the fact that they would never
be lovers. Despite all the reasons she had given him, he felt she had never
talked to him about the real reason for his being what he felt was rejected
out of hand. The real reason he suspected was that they were just too
different from one another and she was unable to deal with it. The difference
between them was that she was a telepath and he was not. It had not been the
most ideal of situations for him especially when she would tell him what a
wonderful person he was and he would then think of all his feelings for her
and the potential they might have had together if she had only given it a

Then in 2259 Lyta Alexander a rouge telepath who was on the run from Psi Corp
arrived on Babylon 5 claiming that someone on the station was actually a spy
as part of a Psi Corp sleeper program. The way it worked was that Psi Corp
had an alternate personality implanted within the individual's sub-conscious
without their knowledge. The alternate personality would influence their
actions in ways that allowed them to find out what Psi Corp needed to know.
With Lytas' help the B5 command staff began searching for the Psi Corp. spy
and they found that it was Talia Winters. The only way to find the spy was by
telepathically transmitting a code word to someone mind, which would cause
the alternate personality to replace the person's original personality. And
so when it was discovered that Talia was the Psi Corp. mole she was forced to
leave Babylon 5. So Garibaldi had been a friend of Talia until her departure
from Babylon 5. So he had to be content with the idea that if the two of them
were to ever be together romantically it was to be only in his dreams. Dreams
which had occurred over the last few years with less and less frequency,
until they stopped totally. Until now when his dreams about Talia resumed.
They were something like this...

* * *

Talia entered the room and stood by the bed as she gazed down at the sleeping
form of Garibaldi. She leaned over him and slowly caressed his cheek with her
black gloved hand. After a second she lifted her hand to the level of her
eyes and contemplated the glove. She then took off her gloves and with both
hands resumed caressing his face. As Talia caressed him, she luxuriated in
the feel of his smooth skin. It was a special feeling for her since as a
telepath she had always been forced to wear gloves to prevent her from
accidentally doing something like she was about to do now.

As Talia let her hand glide over Garibaldi's cheek using her telepathic
abilities, she reached out for his slumbering mind. As her mind touched his
she took a second to appreciate the absolute peace that sleep brought him.
Talia brought him out of his deep sleep to a state between full consciousness
and sleep. In his current state of semi-consciousness he would be able and
react to things as if he were fully awake but he would perceive things as if
they were part of a dream. Since the implanted personality had taken control
of Talia there was very little left of her original personality. What was
left felt a strong physical attraction for Garibaldi and she didn't care what
she did as long as it meant having him.

Staring down at Garibaldi, Talia leaned over and passionately kissed him on
the lips. As her lips locked with his, Talia felt Garibaldi pull away from
her and she found herself staring into his eyes. "Talia is that you?"
Garibaldi asked in a dazed and confused sounding voice as he sat up. "Yes
Michael" is all Talia said in reply as she resumed kissing him. Garibaldi
wrapped both his arms around Talia's waist as he slowly pulled her down
toward the bed.

As they lay there on the bed kissing one another Talia and Garibaldi's hands
began to wander and caress each other. Garibaldi's hand slowly moved down
Talia's back and began massaging one of Talia's buttocks. "That feels
delightful" Talia purred in Garibaldi's ear as she moved her hand between his
legs and began running it over his crotch. Garibaldi hugged her closer to him
as he began to suck on her neck and a low soft moan escaped from Talia. She
wrapped both arms around him holding Garibaldi tightly to her as he sucked on
Talia's neck with ever increasing pressure.

"Hold up for a sec Michael" Talia said slowly pulling back from him. She rose
from the bed and quickly removed all her clothes, dropping them on the floor
next to the bed. " So you like?" Talia asked.

"No" Garibaldi replied as he took in the sight of her naked body "I love it!"

"Well so do I." Talia said in response as she removed the blanket from the
bed exposing Garibaldi clad in only his pajama bottoms.

Talia lowered herself onto the bed and, straddling Garibaldi's waist, sat on
top of him. Leaning forward she began running her hand lightly over his firm
chest and then down toward his stomach and finally his crotch where she
resumed playing with his penis through his clothes. In response, Garibaldi
sat up putting his arms around her again and began sucking vigorously on one
of her nipples.

"OH Michael!" Talia said passionately "that feels sooooo good!" She began
fumbling with his clothing trying to get his penis out, with little success.

"Talia" Garibaldi said "get off me please." Talia complied and stood next to
the bed waiting while Garibaldi worked the rest of his cloth's off. "So what
do you think?" Garibaldi asked.

Talia laid down on the bed next to him and took his penis in her hand and
started to play with it. "Well" Talia said "I think I waited too long to get
a hold of this thing."

As Talia took his stiffening rod and resumed running her hand up and down it,
Garibaldi started to suck on one of her breasts while playing with the other
one. "That feels good." Garibaldi said.

"You like that." Talia responded "Then you should love this." She gave him
one final squeeze and then maneuvered so her face was right above his crotch.

Taking his testicles in her hand and squeezing on them ever so slightly Talia
began to play with them as she began to lick the head of his penis. She
started to lick her way down one side of his tool and then up the other all
the while playing with his balls. Taking the head of his rod into her mouth
"That feels great Talia!" Garibaldi exclaimed as he watched his rod disappear
into her mouth. After a few minutes Talia began to take first one, then other
of his balls into her mouth while with both hands she began to play with his
now rock hard member.

After a few minutes' Talia said "I think you're about ready." she then
positioned her crotch above Garibaldi's face. Grabbing hold of her buttocks
he started to eat her out as Talia's lips started to work their way back down
his tool. She continued bobbing her head up and down while one of her hands
played with his balls and Garibaldi started to lick away at her now swollen
clitoris. They continued like that with Garibaldi licking and sucking
alternately at her clit and slit attempting to suck down every last drop of
her juices. Talia continued to play with his balls as she licked and sucked
away at his penis with ever increasing lust.

As she was sucking a way at him and licked away at some pre cum that had
seeped out Talia said "Okay Stallion this cowgirl wants to go for a ride."
She gave his tool one final lick and positioned her crotch over it and began
to slowly impale herself on it.

"Oh god your tight" Garibaldi exclaimed as his tool finished entering Talia
and began to slowly push upwards with his hips.

"No let me do that Michael" Saying this Talia began to slowly bounce up and
down as she took Garibaldi by the back of the head and guided his mouth to
one of her nipples. Taking his cue from her, Garibaldi wrapped his arms
around her an started to suck on one of Talia's breasts as she continued
pumping up and down on his member with her hips.

Garibaldi sucked on Talia's breasts each in turn as she began to increase the
rhythm as she moved up and down. "Oh yes! You feel so good in me!" She yelled
as Garibaldi sucked on one of Talia's breasts with ever increasing vigor. He
then slipped an arm from around her so he could play with her free breast.

Garibaldi lifted his head away from Talia's breast and lowered her toward him
and kissed her. "Talia" Garibaldi said "I can't believe this is finally
happening I..."

"Shut up." Talia said cutting him off, her voice full of lust "And keep on
fucking me." She bent back down mashing her lips on his as she resumed
kissing him and Garibaldi continued to thrust deeper and ever deeper into
her, all the while increasing the pace of their love making.

As they kissed Talia's lips parted and her tongue forced its way past
Garibaldi's lips and began to play in Garibaldi's mouth. Garibaldi's tongue
returned her tongues attention as he pulled her toward him mashing her
breasts upon his chest. All the while their gyrations having reached a fever
pitch Talia screamed "Oh god!" as she orgasimed and she heard Garibaldi let
out a loud moan as he orgasimed right along with her. Their bodies spent,
they fell upon the bed and lay awhile entwined in each others limbs. "You
know" Talia said "Michael it was very good and I wish we had done it sooner."
Taking her hand and kissing it Garibaldi said "So do I Talia." And that is
where his dream ended.

* * *

She took his head in both her hands and gently kissed him on the lips. While
she kissed him, Talia used the physical contact to telepathically connect
with his mind and put it back into the state of sleep she first found him in.
Slowly unentwining herself from him, Talia said "You were good tonight stud I
can't wait until tomorrow."

Getting up from the bed, Talia took a long appreciative look at Garibaldi
before she covered him up in the bed sheets and she gathered her clothing
from the floor and began dressing. Just as she finished getting dressed,
Talia heard her link beep. Removing the link from her pocket she answered it.


"Ms Winters are you finished having your fun now?" Talia heard Bester
asked impatiently.

"Yes?" Talia responded "the doctors can have him now."

"Thank you." Bester said "A few more nights of reconditioning his mind and he
will be programmed to do what we want him to and we should be ready to return
him to Babylon 5."

"And by the way" Bester continued "why I'm even bothering to let you fool
around with him like this is beyond me. I mean the man is a mundane for gods'

"Well" Talia responded "some might say it's your generous nature, but I know
you better then that."

"Well., anyway" Bester said "I will expect you in my office in ten minutes
Ms. Winters."

Then Talia heard him terminate the connection and she put her link back in
her jacket pocket and as she started to leave the room some Psi Corp. Medics
entered and not so gently lifted the sleeping Garibaldi on a gurney and
wheeled him out of the room.



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