Big Bang Theory: Amy Farrah Fowler, Queen Of The Night (FF,oral)
by Team Swish ([email protected])

Amy Farrah Fowler was having a bad day.

She was late to work due to her OCD boyfriend insisting that she take him by the hobby store to look at the model trains. She was later stuck at a train. The irony of it did not amuse her. Amy was getting frustrated by the lack of physical intimacy. She could barely stand hearing the stories that her friends Penny and Bernadette were telling about their boyfriends in bed while she was lucky to get a two second hug from Sheldon.

Hearing about her friend's sex lives was made her horny as hell. Amy never told Sheldon or anyone else that she was attracted to women as well. It was hard not to constantly flirt with Penny. She often thought of Penny while masturbating

And now this. Someone sent over a box of unmarked vials of blood. She was a neurobiologist. Amy didn't deal with blood really. They were sent to the wrong department. She would have to box them back up and figure out who to send them to and she didn't have time to-

"Crap!" One of the vials slipped and crashed to the table. The top came loose and the blood splashed into her face and mouth. She grabbed a towel to wipe it off her. She noticed the non-disgusting taste in her mouth. She should be repulsed but oddly it tasted really good. Amy placed a finger in the pool of blood and smelled it. Blood. She hesitantly placed the finger in her mouth. It tasted like the sweetest candy. she thought as she placed her finger in the pool again without realizing it.

Amy sat down on her chair and she felt her vision go in and out. Work became the last thing on her mind as her body became tingly and her mind was getting woozy, I should go home. Amy looked at the window and saw the bright light. She slipped on sunglasses as she left her office and drove home.

* * *

*BZZZ* *BUZZ* *BUZZ* Text from Penny awakes Amy.

-Still on for girls night?! The boys are at comic con. I have wine for us and Bernie is coming over later-

A sudden thirst overtakes Amy.

-Wine sounds great. I got a craving. Be over soon-

Amy sit up from the bed she was sleeping, full of energy. She felt like a new person. Thoughts of her day earlier are a distant blur. She went to the bathroom to get ready to go to Penny's. Penny. Thinking about Penny drove her hormones off the chart. She felt her pussy get wet and she started to rub her clit and then her eyes started to glow red in the mirror. Amy froze. What....the...heck. Her eyes faded back to normal. Did I dream that? Suddenly she clenched over with a cramp.....When the cramp was finally over she looked up at the mirror again. Eyes had a faint speck of red. She opened her mouth and stared at her reflection as her canine teeth started to extend and got sharp. Amy felt the remaining goodness in her soul dissipate from her body like vapor as her reflection vanished. She smiled as the events of earlier came back. She rubbed her fangs with her tongue when she realized that Penny was waiting for her.

-- *KNOCK* *KNOCK* Penny, it's Amy.

Penny sitting on the couch and feeling lazy and a bit buzzed from wine already yells at Penny to come on.

"Hey Bestie! Are you ready to have a wild and crazy night?"

Penny's jaw drops to the floor as she looks at Amy. Pale Amy. Did her boobs get bigger? She seems so different. "Shit, I must be drunk already.", Penny mumbled.

Penny is speechless as Amy sits down on the couch next to her.

Amy starts to ramble...

"I've had the craziest day today! I drove Sheldon to the train store before he left for Comic Con, and then I got stuck by a train! Late for work, someone drank all the coffee, got a box of blood vials. I dropped one and some got in my mouth and then I tasted some more and it was SO good....

Penny is barely listening

...Felt weird and then I went home. You texted me and while I was getting ready I saw my fangs. I'm almost definitely sure I'm a vampire. No more reflection either....

"Uh huh" Penny takes a sip.

...and now I feel pretty fucking good. And by fucking good I mean amazing! And by amazing, I mean pretty fucking evil. Cause right now all I'm thinking about is how I'm going to make you lick my pussy until I cum, drink your blood and make you into a hot little vampire like me.

Penny chokes on her wine. "Whh---what?"

Amy smiles wide as her inch long fangs slide out. "Aren't they sexy as hell, baby?"

" don't want to do this. I don't want to die."

"You're not going to die, Bestie. You're going to be immortal. An evil, soulless creature of the night like me. It's like Peter Pan, but with fangs! Honestly Penny, I'm getting so wet thinking about you with fangs." Amy lifts up the skirt she was wearing and shows off her panty less pussy. "See?"

"I've dreamed about this for a long time." Amy's eyes start to glow red as Penny is mesmerized to come closer to Amy. Penny is fighting herself and wants to run away. But the more she looks at Amy's eyes she feels more and more this is what she wants to do. "I like feeling a little wicked. I really want to make Amy feel good....." she tells herself. She leans over and starts to lick. Amy moans. Amy takes a sharp fingernail and cuts herself open above her pussy and blood starts to trickle down to where Penny's tongue is licking her clit. The sudden new taste in Penny's mouth tastes like electric fire. Penny starts to go back at Amy like crazy. "You've done this before you fucking slut. You're so good at eating me out.... Damnit I'm so's head jerks back as she explodes, her eyes glowing brightly. Penny looks up at Amy with red around her mouth and lust in her eyes.

Amy motions Penny to sit on her lap. Penny, without being told, takes her clothes off and lays in front of Amy. Penny is feeling her body tingle all over. "I feel so good Amy...."

"You're about to feel even better."

Amy takes a finger and starts to rub the engorged clit and her other hand and traces a sharp fingernail around Penny's nipple. Penny is panting. Her body feeling the combined effects of Amy's fingers and the evilness starting to course in her bloodstream. When Penny cums with a scream, Amy lifts her head and plunges her fangs into Penny's neck. Penny's mind and body explode and she passes out.

* * *

Penny's apartment door opens. Bernadette walks in.

"Guys, I hope you didn't drink all the wine. You wouldn't believe the hellish day I've had....."

Bernadette stops and is in shock as her senses are assaulted of sex in the air and a half naked Amy with blood on her face on the couch.

A naked Penny saunters out from another room. "Oh hon, we've got plenty to"

Penny smiles at Amy and licks her fangs.


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