Story of complete fiction about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Is A Star Part 1 (MMMFF,inter,oral,anal,dp,fist,cream pie, squirt)
by shaggy77

It had been a couple months since Penny had abruptly quit her waitress job at the Cheesecake Factory to pursue her dream, full time, of being a successful actress. She had submitted hundreds of resumes/photo portfolios; and gone on countless auditions; but so far no job offers. She was now at the breaking point: her money had run out and her credit card was "maxed out." Her boyfriend, Leonard Hofstadter, a professor at the university, had offered to let her move in with him, or to pay her rent; but her foolish pride had prevented her from accepting. Leonard's apartment-mate was Sheldon Cooper, and she was certain that her moving in with them would have been a violation of their infamous "roommate agreement." They were two of the biggest nerds on earth, but she loved Leonard dearly, and was pretty sure that she would one day be his bride. Leonard supported her decision to pursue her acting career, and at least made sure she didn't go hungry...her pride permitted her to accept food. She often hung out at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment with the other two nerds in their group: Raj Koothrappali, a native of New Delhi, and the newly married Howard Wolowitz. It seemed like there was always extra take-out. She knew, though, that if her luck didn't change soon, she would either have to go back to Omaha and admit defeat, or surrender and return to being a waitress.

She couldn't understand why she didn't receive some sort of acting offer; her acting wasn't that bad, and she certainly had the looks. She was a true American beauty...your classic "corn-fed" Nebraska farm girl. She had long wavy blond hair, eyes the color of a clear blue sky, and a face that melted men's hearts. Her body was even better. Her legs were long and shapely, her ass perfectly round and firm, and her 36 C breasts were firm and jiggled only slightly when she moved. She was a "wet-dream" walking. Everyone always wanted to know why she dated a total nerd, and her answer was always the same: he treated her with respect, and didn't take her for granted. It was nice to be be loved for more than sex (although the sex was nice, too...Leonard was so eager to please her; more interested in her pleasure than his own).

As she was reading the "help wanted" ads in the morning newspaper (she had already checked her email and all the on-line acting sites), she vowed that this week would be her lucky week; or she would call the acting career a failure. She noticed an add for actresses to appear in "independent films." Only actresses "over 21" were requested to respond. Before she could call the listed number, she had to listen to the two messages on her machine. Both were depressing: the first was her landlord requesting her overdue rent, and the second was the bank canceling her "maxed out" credit card. A feeling of desperation crept up her spine as she punched the contact number. The phone interview went well, if somewhat unorthodox. The interviewer seemed to be mainly concerned with her age and appearance; and even asked for her measurements. He had explained that the main part they were casting was for a young, attractive female; so he didn't want to waste her time if she didn't meet the criteria. He seemed pleased with all her responses and provided her with an e-mail address, asking that she send him some current photos (including photos of her in a bathing suit or shorts) so that they could confirm her appearance. He said she would be surprised at how many actresses lie about their looks, and when they come for the personal interview, it is a waste of his time. She agreed and they hung up.

Penny wasted no time in selecting some photos from her files; some of her in a bikini, and some in a mini-skirt; and sending them off. Only a couple hours later, her phone rang and it was the man she had spoken to earlier, who now introduced himself as Jeff, the director of the film. He informed her that they were very interested in having her come in person for an interview because she seemed to perfectly fit their needs. He explained that the film was about a young girl who comes to Hollywood with dreams of becoming an actress, only to face the cruel reality that there are very few jobs available. Penny couldn't believe how similar the plot was to her actual life. Jeff quoted her a salary figure that completely knocked her socks off. They set up an interview time for the next day, and Jeff asked her to wear a skirt or dress. She thought this was odd, but figured it was to check to make sure the photos were recent. He gave her the address and told her that even though it looked like an old warehouse; it was actually their set and sound stage, where all their different set furnishings and production equipment were stored.

That night, although being incredibly excited about her new possibility, she refrained from telling Leonard, just in case it fell through, like all the others lately. She happily mooched another Chinese take-out meal from the nerds, and relaxed watching some sci-fi film with them that she really didn't understand. She retired to her apartment alone, telling a disappointed Leonard that she really needed some sleep for a big day of job-hunting tomorrow. She went down to the lobby to check her mailbox before retiring, and found a letter from the local traffic court informing her that if all her overdue parking tickets were not paid in the next ten days, she would be subject to incarceration. As she trudged up the stairs, she found herself wondering about the job offer. Something just didn't seem right to her: the salary mentioned was more than the total of all her previous acting jobs, and those independent films usually didn't pay that much. She shook her pretty head, as if physically shaking off the negativity, and just hoped that she got the job...she desperately needed the money.

When she was opening her apartment door, the phone rang and she instinctively ran to answer it, instead of letting the machine pick up (which was her normal routine lately, since it seemed every call was about overdue payments of some sort). She knew it was a mistake the second she heard the voice on the was her landlord informing her that if her overdue rent was not paid in five days, he would start eviction proceedings. It seemed like her whole world was coming unraveled, but she consoled herself by remembering the job offer. If she could just confirm this job, she would be able to pay off all her debts; and maybe it would lead to more opportunities. She had a glass of wine, and began better about her future. She excitedly went into the bedroom to lay out her clothes for the next day. She selected a short, flowery-print dress that would show off her sensuous legs, and buttoned down the front in case she decided she needed to show some cleavage. She would wear her sexiest, lacy pink bra and panties. No one else would know she was wearing them, but they always made her feel sexy and self-confident. She never wore panty hose: with her legs, she didn't need them.

Penny drew herself a nice, hot bubble bath to help her relax; she needed a good nights sleep. She made sure to shave her legs and underarms, and then shaved her pubic area completely bald, because it turned Leonard on to see her smooth crotch. As she was toweling off, she checked herself out in the mirror. "Not a bad piece of ass," she told herself, "I'd hit that," as she gave her ass a loud slap. Her legs were long and shapely, and her skin actually shone from being so smooth. Her ass was so firm you could probably bounce a quarter off it. She turned and examined her front, and was equally pleased. Her breasts were a perfect 36 C and as firm as her ass, with large pink areola topped by jellybean sized nipples. Her bald mound very prominent because of her unusually puffy pussy lips. "Yep, that Leonard is one lucky nerd," she thought, now wishing she had invited him to spend the night. She thought about pleasing herself, but decided against it; she didn't want to get herself all worked up just when she needed to relax. She wanted to be well rested, and at her best, for her interview...she really needed this job.

After the hot bath, she did indeed sleep well, and awoke refreshed. She downed a container of strawberry yogurt, and got dressed. She was going to wear sandals, but decided on a pair of robins-egg blue heels because they caused her leg muscles to be more taut and shapely. She looked herself over in the mirror, and thought, "a school boy's wet dream, if I do say so myself." She unbuttoned the top two buttons of the dress to add even more sex appeal, and left for the interview. The address was in Compton, only about a thirty minute drive, so she didn't really have time to get overly nervous; she was too busy trying to follow the directions Jeff had provided. The directions turned out to be excellent and she found the nondescript warehouse with no problems. There were several cars and SUVs parked outside; some of them appearing to be quite expensive. Upon entering, she observed that the warehouse had been partitioned off into many different sections and rooms. The entrance/ reception area had a central desk and several chairs, like a waiting area.

When she entered, a very tall, statuesque redhead, wearing a mini-skirt came around the desk to greet her, "hi, I'm Lindsey, you must be Penny...Jeff showed me your picture."

"Yes, nice to meet you, Lindsey. I think he is expecting me," Penny answered, impressed with the friendly greeting.

As they shook hands, Lindsey replied, "indeed he is, please follow me."

Penny followed Lindsey to an adjoining office where she was introduced to Jeff. He was all smiles when he shook her hand, and he reminded Penny of that character from the TV show "King of Queens"...what was his name...Doug. Penny declined the offer of refreshments, and Lindsey left the room. The office was your typical office setting with a large wooden desk and what-looked-like a leather sofa, a couple leather easy-chairs and some filing cabinets. Jeff showed her to the chair directly in front of the desk, where she sat gracefully, crossing her legs and showing a lot of thigh as her skirt rode up.

"Penny," he began, "I'm not one to beat around the bush and waste time, I'll get right to it. After meeting you in person, I think you would be perfect for the role of Heather in my film. She is actually the star of the picture, and you would be on camera for almost the entire film. As I explained on the phone, it is the story of a naive small-town Mid-western girl who comes to Hollywood with dreams of becoming an actress; but finds that major roles in main-stream productions are hard to come by. Becoming desperate, and as a last resort, she explores the adult-film industry."

It took a minute for Penny to process this last bit of information, but she finally blurted out, "you mean this a porno flick?"

"We in the business prefer to refer to it as an adult film; but yes, it will be an x-rated film," Jeff calmly stated. "You will be required to be nude and have sex on camera, but I believe the money figure I quoted you yesterday will more than compensate you for your time." Penny was in a state of shock and disbelief as she just sat there, letting Jeff continue. "I assure you that all the actors involved are completely healthy and safe. We would do nothing to bring any added negative attention to our industry."

A thousand things were going around in her head as Penny contemplated his offer. First of all, she couldn't believe she was actually considering it. Sex for money...with strangers...on film. She didn't think she had to worry about any of the nerds seeing her: she knew Leonard didn't watch porn...he had her; Sheldon was virtually asexual; she was pretty sure Raj didn't watch x-rated movies; and she knew that his new bride Bernadette would never allow Howard to view any (and he was the one she would have worried about). Was she actually thinking about doing this? Her thoughts turned to the events of the previous day, and she reminded herself of how very desperate she was for significant income. She continued to reason with herself, that it wouldn't really be cheating on would be a job, she would be acting. Yes, that's it, she would be acting, not having sex...and certainly not enjoying it. "I really need this money, and I have no other offers on the table," she told herself, "This is it; now or never." She meekly asked Jeff, "could I have overnight to think about it?"

"Here's the thing Penny," Jeff informed her, "I have found that if you leave here to think about it, you probably won't come back. I really want you for this role. All of your co-stars and the technical crew are here today, and the plan was to begin filming this morning. We usually film the sex scenes first, and add the dialog and the other scenes later; this way all the uncomfortable anticipation is over and out of the way. You could probably get all of the sex scenes out of the way today, and could study the script for the other scenes tonight."

She really was desperate, with her back to the wall. She knew this was probably her last chance to make some big money and pay off her debts, and it wasn't like she was a virgin, as she heard herself say, "Ok, I'll do it."

"Oh that's wonderful Penny," Jeff exclaimed, "I'll just have Lindsey bring in the consent forms and the contract, and I'll introduce you to your costars. Then we can start filming."

When he left the room, leaving Penny temporarily alone, she exhaled forcefully; she thought she was going to hyperventilate. Did she really say "yes?" "Was she really going to have sex with strangers and get paid for it?" "Did that make her a was an acting job, and nothing more." These were all questions she asked herself in her head before Jeff returned with Lindsey.

"We have the contract and the consent forms for you to sign, Penny. The contract states your salary and how many days the shooting should take, and the consent form states that you are fully aware that sex acts will be performed, and that you release the film containing them. Please read them carefully, and id you have any questions, I will attempt to answer them before you sign," Jeff directed her.

Penny's hands were shaking as she read the papers. She was no attorney, but she had signed acting contracts before, and they seemed pretty straightforward; of course she had never signed a nudity clause before, much less a sex clause. As soon as she saw the salary figure in print; she knew she was going to consent. As she handed the papers back to Jeff, she asked, "Did you say we were going to shoot the sex scenes today?"

"Yes, based on previous experience with novice adult-film actresses, I've found that if we put them off and you have too much time to think about it; you probably will want to void your contract...and I simply can't have that. I'm already paying the other actors and crew for today. Believe me Penny, the anticipation is worse than the actual filming. Try to just let yourself may actually find yourself enjoying it," Jeff advised her.

Penny inquired bashfully, "Do you by any chance have a bottle of tequila?"

Jeff laughed, pulling a bottle and a glass out of his desk drawer, "You bet I do. Do you think you're the first actress who has needed some liquid courage? While you're having a belt, why don't I bring the ret of your costars in here to meet you...of course, you've already met Lindsey...she's kind of my girl-Friday."

That shocked Penny even more: she had never even thought about the possibility of another woman being part of the mix. She watched as Jeff left the room, and returned almost immediately with three other men. They all appeared to be about her age, and quite handsome (she was glad of that).

Jeff introduced the first as Derek. He was a large black man, who, if he wasn't a football player, he should have been. He was about six foot, eight inches tall; and towered over Penny. When they shook hands, she couldn't help but notice that her tiny hand seemed to get lost in his huge slab. Next was Ray, who was only about Penny's height, but seemed as wide as he was tall; not in a fat sense, just stocky and solid. When he introduced himself, his hand and fingers were amazingly thick, and he mentioned he was of Hawaiian descent. The last man to enter the room was a tall, slender white man named Frankie, who gave Penny a quick hug instead of a handshake. They all had a shot of tequila (Penny had countless shots, making her throat burn), and made small talk as they got to know each other. The other four actors had worked with each other a few times, but never all four together. They complemented Penny on her looks many times, and tried to make her feel at home, and relaxed. She was beginning to feel more comfortable, but she was certain it was because of the tequila, not the conversation.

Lindsey attempted to relax Penny even more by describing the men, and what she should expect, "Frankie there is the anal specialist; and let me tell you, you'll be glad it's him and not Derek. Derek is hung like a horse, and knows how to use it. Ray is called "the fireplug:" every part of him is short and stout; he is able to cum three or four times, and every time it seems like his stream is endless. Trust me, they are total professionals, and they really will try to get you off."

Jeff finally proclaimed, "Well, time is money; let's get to work. Penny, if you have no objections, your outfit is better than anything we have in wardrobe; so if you don't mind I would like to use it in the film. I assume your underwear is as sexy as the dress."

Feeling no pain after about half of a bottle of "liquid courage," Penny, unselfconsciously flipped up the front of her skirt to flash her sheer pink panties.

"Wonderful," exclaimed Jeff. He led the group to a set designed to look like a bedroom, the centerpiece being a huge brass, four-poster bed with red satin bedding. "Ok, in this scene Heather, that's you Penny, has agreed to appear in an adult film because she is desperate for money. We're filming this digitally, so once the sex starts, don't stop...just let it flow naturally; we can edit anything later. Don't worry about dialog, just say anything that comes naturally. We can dub any dialogue after filming. I just want the sex to seem natural, unrehearsed...just do whatever seems right. If I want a particular act, I'll tell you, otherwise, just go for it...have fun. Let's start with you undressing Penny...Heather."

Penny noticed several stationary cameras on tripods positioned around the room, and Jeff began filming with a handheld camera. Derek and Frankie led a slightly wobbly Penny to the bed and she stood with her back to it, as they kissed her neck and ran their hands up and down her sides and back. Frankie began sucking on each of the fingers of her left hand, while Derek ran his hands through the blond curls on the back of her neck. Lindsey kneeled in front of her and started to caress up and down Penny's silky smooth legs; her fingers traveling all the way up her thighs and slightly brushing her panties. Ray moved behind Penny and slowly slid the back zipper down until it reached her panty-line. Derek and Frankie then eased the dress off her pale shoulders and lit it float to the floor, leaving her clad only in her transparent pink underwear. Lindsey lifted each of Penny's feet and removed her shoes, while sliding the flowery dress from under her. Hands continued to caress her now bare skin, as Ray unclasped her lacy bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders and down her arms, where it fell to the floor, her wonderful breasts now on full display.

"Wow, you're exquisite," proclaimed Derek, in a Barry White toned voice.

Penny just smiled her thanks, as she was relaxing and succumbing to the sensation of being caressed by eight different hands. Lindsey, still on her knees in front of Penny, grasped her waistband and slowly peeled her skimpy panties over her shapely hips and down her legs. Penny was now completely nude, with four strangers massaging her silky skin. The alcohol was allowing her to enjoy the feeling, instead of being afraid or self-conscious. Derek and Frankie were cupping her breasts, bouncing them, and weighing them. Ray was massaging her incredibly firm ass cheeks and kissing the back of her neck. Lindsey's hands had found their way to her crotch and were beginning to caress her puffy mound, which glistened with her arousal. Penny instinctively spread her long legs farther apart to allow Lindsey easier access.

They collectively backed Penny up to the bed and sat her down on the edge, as the quartet began to disrobe. Penny watched almost breathlessly as they shed their clothing. Ray was the first to lose all his clothes, revealing an incredibly muscular, thick body. For such a wide man, there didn't seem to be any fat on him. Her attention was on his crotch when he dropped his pants, and he uncovered a cock that resembled his body...relatively short (maybe six or seven inches), but unbelievably was as wide as a soup can. Frankie's body was tall, and slender with a cock to match. It was impressively long, maybe nine inches; and thin, like a hot dog. Derek was the last to remove his pants, and Penny had to stifle a gasp, when his log plopped out. It was still flaccid, but hung down almost to his knees; she was guessing it was almost a foot long with a crown the size of a tennis ball. She couldn't help but wonder how thick it would be when he was excited. She thought that the last time she saw a cock hanging that low was on a bull back in Nebraska. Then it suddenly occurred to her: at some point during the day, these cocks were going to be inside her...somewhere. She kept telling herself: this is not cheating, this is just an acting job. But acting job, or not...her juices were flowing and she knew that soon they would be seeping out of her slit.

The last to get undressed was Lindsey, and when she did, her body was spectacular. Penny said to herself, "That is what a porn star's body should look like." Her pendulous breasts were immense as they hung down on her chest; probably 40 D's, with huge areola and long pronounced nipples. She was taller than Penny, even without the heels, and with her incredibly long legs, it seemed like she was all legs and breasts. Her ass protruded and drew attention by being perfectly round. She proved she was a natural redhead by sporting a short, bright red landing strip of closely cropped pubic hair just above her slit. She had that classic gap between her thighs, that showcased her incredibly long pussy lips, as they dangled from her bare mound. Although it was unconsciously, even Penny was attracted to her.

Jeff didn't need to give them any direction, because the professional adult film actors took over...and Penny willingly let them. Combined with the tequila, the situation was overwhelmingly erotic, and she just relaxed and let them use her body. As Penny sat on the edge of the bed, Lindsey kneeled between her wide spread legs and ran her hands up Penny's satin-smooth thighs until she reached her glistening mound. Her thumbs parted Penny's pussy lips, and she began to lick between the puffy mounds of flesh. She curled her tongue and lapped up the juices leaking out, before delving inside Penny's hole. Penny had never been with a woman before, and was surprised how natural and sensuous if felt. As Lindsey flicked her tongue in and out of Penny's pussy, her face gleaming now with lubrication, she continued to caress her thighs.

Frankie swung his lengthy legs over Lindsey, straddling her, and presented his long, thin cock to Penny's inviting red lips. As if guided by instinct, her lips parted and allowed him to slide his "hot dog" inside. She had never been a big fan of administering oral sex, but now it seemed so natural, and expected. She closed her lips around his rod and began to suck him deep inside her mouth, until his crown bumped the back of her throat. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, tickling it and encircling the head. Penny was amazing herself at her oral skills, and made a mental note to give Leonard the blow job of his life the next time they slept together...or maybe surprise him at an unexpected location.

Ray and Derek climbed onto the bed on either side of her and began to fondle her tits, stomach, and back. Frankie was running his hands through the hair on the back of her head as she inhaled him. Penny was more aroused than she had ever been; having eight independent hands roaming all over her naked body. Ray and Derek kneaded and caressed her wonderful tits, pinching her jellybean nipples, and rolling them between their fingers. They took her delicate hands and placed them around their hard cocks. Again instinct took over and she began jerking their poles. Her eyes went wide when she felt Derek's size. His cock, now fully erect was over a foot in length and as fat as a Coke bottle, his crown mushrooming around the top of her fist. Her fingers, of course, did not come close to fully encircling their fat tools.

Lindsey, stopped lapping her cunt long enough to nibble on Penny's large, erect clit and Penny's whole body began to convulse in orgasm. Feeling this, Lindsey inserted both her index fingers up into Penny's pussy, and Derek and Ray leaned in and bit down gently on her nipples. In reflex, Penny's teeth closed down on Frankie's cock and the sudden pain spurred his climax, as he spurted his seed into her mouth. His hands forced her head forward and his tool further down her throat, as he continued to pump his cum into her. Penny eagerly gulped and swallowed, and not a single drop escaped her mouth as he slowly withdrew.

As Penny took a needed deep breath, Derek calmly announced in his deep, sexy voice, "I think it's time for some fucking."

If you had told Penny about the way her eyes lit up and the eager look on her face that his statement triggered, she would never have believed it; but she did know one thing: she needed to be fucked...she needed to feel a cock inside Derek backed up on the red satin and lay on his back, his hard-on reaching almost to his nipples; it honestly looked like a tree limb resting on his stomach. Penny (or Heather, she felt less guilt if she thought of herself as a character) scooted up to his huge torso and straddled his waist, sitting back on his thighs. He really was a giant of a man and she thought his thighs were the size of her waist. She grasped his absolutely enormous tool in both hands and pulled it down so that it was pointing at the ceiling. It really wasn't until then that she fully comprehended its did reach up to her breasts, and she immediately wondered how he expected it to fit inside her small body. With her legs spread so wide straddling his massive body, her pussy lips were spread apart, and her juices leaking out. She reached down and captured this precious lubrication; spreading it all along the length of his cock.

Feeling the incredibly powerful muscle in her hands made her even more excited and she knew she had to feel him inside her. She raised all the way up on her knees and inched her body up until she was directly over his tennis ball sized head. Derek reached down with his giant hands and hooked his thumbs into her pussy lips, spreading them wide. Penny rubbed his crown all along her slit, spreading his pre-cum, and then lowered her body until his head was just nudging against her hole. Very slowly she allowed her body to drop, her cunt lips stretching to accommodate his huge head, until she felt it pop through her opening. She looked down, and it looked like someone's leg was sticking into her pussy. She could see her puffy mound stretched wide apart, as Derek released her lips and put his hands on either side of her waist, steadying her. She wanted this cock inside her, and she began to lower her incredible body, placing her hands on his stomach for support. Ever so slowly she went, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of every inch stretching her cunt wider. Nothing like this had ever been inside her pussy before, and she was taking her time getting used to it.

Derek, however, was a porn veteran and knew what made good viewing; so he tightened his grasp on her tiny waist and in one rapid motion pulled her body down, fully impaling her on his monster cock. She immediately had a foot of thick, hard cock inside her, as she yelled out, "h-o-l-y shit!" Penny's eyes went wide, and she thought for sure that he had split her cunt. Then she felt him wiggle it inside her and it was as if the inside of her pussy was on fire. Derek ground his pelvis up into hers, making sure his entire log was in her, and then used his strength to lift her petite body off his waist. He held her there as he slowly withdrew his massive cock, and then just as slowly thrust up into her hole. The feeling was indescribable as Penny felt every inch of her cunt stretching to accommodate this giant pole. Her pussy gripped it tightly as it scraped against every nerve on her channel lining. Her whole stomach felt full as he stuffed his monster up into her cunt. She began to raise and lower her body to his rhythm as he jammed up into her pussy. Her magnificent tits jiggled as her body went up and down, and Derek reached his huge hands up to encompass them...rolling her jellybean nipples between his thick fingers.

Her body felt like a rag doll as he jammed up into her pussy, bouncing her on his waist. He increased his pace, fucking her as hard and fast as he could. "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me," she shrieked as her body shuddered and convulsed, coating his cock with her cum. "Jam that fucking cock into me," she demanded. She reached down and pinched her own clit, as she pleaded, "Fuck me...fuck me harder!" Her body felt like it was one big nerve, as it continued to twitch and cum around his monster cock. She felt like she was losing sanity, her orgasm lasting so long; and she begged him, "Cum inside me...blow your fucking load in my cunt."

"Oh, I will, but not just yet," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her body down to lay on top of his chest. He breathed in the scent of her hair as her head rested below his chin.

Taking his cue, Frankie jumped on the bed and moved up between Penny's and Derek's legs, his "hot dog" fully erect again. Penny, feeling him approach her from behind, assumed she knew his intentions breathlessly stated, "Oh, I don't know; I've never really done that."

Frankie winked at Derek and responded, "I'm sure you haven't; but just relax and you'll enjoy it."

As Penny tried to concentrate on the log inside her pussy, and relax her sphincter muscles; Frankie surprised her by using his fingers and attempting to spread her cunt lips even farther. She suddenly comprehended his intentions when she felt his cock head being stuffed between Derek's cock and her cunt wall. "Oh Jesus no," Penny yelled, "you can't be serious."

But Frankie was serious, as he continued to try to stuff his cock into her pussy alongside Derek's. The truly amazing fact was that her already stretched cunt was actually stretching wider to permit the intrusion. Derek remained motionless while Frankie's long slender cock slowly crawled up inside Penny's pussy. Penny felt like it was becoming difficult to breathe; like the cocks inside her were cramping her lungs. She knew this was not possible, that it was just her muscles tensing, and she forced herself to breathe deeply. Her pussy was already stuffed to capacity as she felt Frankie's tool advance inside her belly.

Lindsey had crawled on to the bed, and was laying back with Ray between her legs, attempting to jam his "soup can" into her pussy. Her long legs were pointed straight up at the ceiling, as Ray, using his weight for leverage, tried to force his huge cock downward into her hole. Lindsey had grasped the long flaps of her cunt lips between her thumbs and forefingers and was pulling them as wide as possible to permit his entrance. He was pushing down so hard, trying to drill into her hole, that when he did penetrate her, he immediately sank all the way in; his body banging against hers.

Frankie had finally succeeded in wedging his entire cock into Penny's stretched out hole, alongside Derek's. They both began to fuck Penny's cunt in unison; matching each other's strokes. She had felt like a pig on a skewer before, now she felt like she was going to lose consciousness. The center of her universe was now her cunt...nothing existed except her cunt and the two cocks inside it. Derek and Frankie began to alternate their strokes: one thrusting in as the other was withdrawing...then returning to matching each other's thrusts. They began to fuck her faster, and she swore they were going to rip her apart.

"; fuck me, you bastards," she swore, "Jam those fucking cocks in me and split me apart." Penny opened her mouth to scream as her cunt went into a spasm, tightening its grip on the penetrating poles. At the height of her orgasm, Frankie suddenly withdrew his cock from her pussy, and nudged the slippery crown against her virgin sphincter. He didn't wait for her to recover from her orgasm and protest; he pushed forward roughly and his well-lubricated rod slid all the way into her ass hole in one motion.

"Aaaaaaah," came out of Penny's mouth when she felt the anal invasion...her ass hole was virgin no more. As Derek held her firmly against his chest, her magnificent tits providing a soft cushion, Frankie began to slide his long, thin cock in and out of her rear hole. Once she got used to the totally unique feeling she had to admit it wasn't as bad as she had feared. Derek released her torso, allowing her to raise up a little, while still pinned between her two lovers. Derek, whose body had been relatively stationery, commenced to withdraw and thrust his giant log into her pussy. Once again she was absolutely, totally stuffed with hard cock. She felt like something was going to burst. The sensation of two hard cocks rubbing against each other inside her body was like nothing she could imagine. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would ever have one cock buried in her ass hole, and the largest human cock she had ever seen hammering into her cunt. Frankie and Derek increased their pace: withdrawing in unison, and then thrusting together deep up into her holes.

Penny was so full of cock that if felt like they were going to burst through her stomach. As she felt them sliding in and out of her stretched holes, triggering every nerve inside her, her entire body began to twitch uncontrollably as she had, yet another, orgasm.

"Son...of...a...bitch. Fuck me...fuck me harder," she howled, her body squirming as they buried their cocks in her.

Derek glanced over her shoulder at Frankie and inquired, "You ready?"

"Ready," answered Frankie, as they both increased their pace; now thrusting up into her battered holes in a frenzy.

Suddenly they slammed their cocks violently into Penny's holes and held there. She could feel their cocks expand even more inside her, and tried to scream, but no words came out of her mouth; just a guttural screech. Their cocks jerked inside her as they emptied their seed. Her belly felt like it was on fire as they spewed their hot cum into her holes. She writhed between them as all three reached their climax together. They flooded her ass and pussy and the fluids were already being forced back out of her holes. Feeling their hot spurts inside her was the most overwhelming sensation Penny had ever felt.

Frankie withdrew from her ass and continued squirting on her ivory back, then sat back on the bed. Seeing this, Derek wrapped his arms around Penny and in one strong motion, flipped them completely over so that he was on top of her. He slid his incredible monster out of her stretched out pussy, and continued to spurt his sticky stream all over her magnificent tits. Penny thought to herself, "how long can this guy keep cumming?"

When he had finished, he began to fuck her impressive tits. He reached down and pushed them together, making a well-lubricated channel for his still hard cock. With his huge hands, it was easy for him to squeeze her tits together and pinch her aroused nipples at the same time. Penny had, of course, had her tits fucked many times; but there was something different about watching his monstrous black cock sawing between her "money-makers."

Cum was still oozing out of his slit, when he instructed her, "open your mouth."

Penny did as she was told, and suddenly his penis erupted again, shooting a stream of white right between her shiny red lips. She stuck out her tongue to capture the stray drops, and slurped up every trace.

Ray had pulled out of Lindsey and was now urging Derek to move aside, "Hey, it's my turn...I have a deposit to make."

Derek rolled off Penny and sat on the side of the bed, as Ray clambered into position between her splayed legs and teased her by rubbing his cock-head up and down her opening. She looked down between her thighs, and thought that his cock did indeed resemble a soup can. Her battered cunt had been completely stretched out by Derek and Frankie, but together they still were not as fat as Ray's tool. Frankie and Derek sat on either side of Penny and used their fingers to pull her pussy lips apart, so that Ray could gain entrance. Using Derek' cum, as it oozed from her hole, for added lubrication, Ray gradually ground his weapon past her cunt lips and expanded her channel even farther. As soon as he had pushed past her cunt lips, Ray used his weight to force himself downward and his entire "soup can" disappeared inside her cunt. The sensation of being utterly and completely stretched and filled with his cock was indescribably intense, and Penny's eyes rolled back in her head as she opened her mouth to scream.

Before any sound escaped her lips, she felt something cover her mouth; and opening her eyes, saw that Lindsey had straddled her head and lowered her crotch onto Penny's face. Penny had never eaten another pussy before, but the act just seemed to come naturally. She stuck out her tongue and inserted it into Lindsey's hole, as she lowered it onto Penny's mouth. Immediately she began to drink Ray's cum as it drooled out of Lindsey's pussy. She sucked each of Lindsey's elongated cunt lips into her mouth and nibbled on them.

Ray began to jam and thrust his thick monster into Penny's pussy, almost creating a vacuum with his huge plug. Penny discovered something incredibly sensuous then: when a cock that large is filling every inch of your cunt, it automatically makes contact with the elusive G-spot. Penny's whole body began to convulse and spasm as she came around Ray's pole. She had been tickling Lindsey's clit with her tongue, and accidentally bit down on it as her body jerked uncontrollably. It was then that she discovered that Lindsey was a "squirter," because her whole face was suddenly drenched in her juices.

Spurred on by the way Penny's cunt gripped his monstrous cock, Ray began to violently stuff it inside her. Penny's head rolled from side to side and she felt like she were drowning as she shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me."

Ray, thrilled by watching Penny's perfectly firm tits jiggling in time with his thrusts, began to stuff her pussy as hard as he could; grinding his pelvis into hers. Without warning, he erupted and the force of his stream gushed against her womb. It was as if someone had turned on a hot hose deep inside her belly, as Penny felt his scalding cum flooding her cunt. There was no place for the incredible amount of cum to go, as his cock was completely plugging her opening. Penny felt her cunt walls distend even more to accommodate his stream, and her body writhed beneath his. Lindsey had been right: his cum seemed to be endless.

Lindsey slid down the bed beside Penny, and began to suck on Penny's right nipple as she pinched her left "jellybean" between her thumb and forefinger. Derek and Frankie lay their cocks in Penny's hands and she instinctively closed her fingers around them and jerked. Sweat was dripping from Penny's wonderful body as Ray finished pumping his seed into her, and withdrew his cock with an audible "pop." She no longer had a slit between her legs; just a round, wide open hole. The pink of her cunt almost seemed to glow, it was so vivid with all the capillaries engorged with blood. Lindsey began to tongue Penny's belly button, and stuck her left hand between Penny's legs, coating it with the oozing juices. Lindsey cupped all five fingers close together, and started to twist them into Penny's stretched out hole. With surprising ease, Lindsey's entire hand slid into Penny's juicy cunt; before Penny could even comprehend what was happening.

Penny gazed down between her immodestly spread thighs, and saw that Lindsey's hand, all the way past her wrist, had disappeared inside her. It didn't feel any different from Ray's huge cock until Lindsey spread her fingers inside Penny's cunt and began to stimulate her from the inside. Lindsey twisted her hand back and forth inside Penny's pussy, and began to rapidly fist fuck her. It was almost like having five cocks inside her, as Lindsey's fingers stimulated and scraped her cunt walls. Penny's hips bucked against Lindsey's wrist, and she squirmed and quivered as she came once again. It felt to Penny like Lindsey's entire arm was inside her and she attempted to scream, but just a rasping groan escaped her lips. Lindsey clenched her fist as she plunged it into Penny's cunt, over and over; her knuckles spreading Penny's lips even wider.

Penny had clenched her own fists tightly around Derek and Frankie's cocks, like she was gripping the safety bar on a scary carnival ride. Their steel-hard rods responding by cumming in her hands. Lindsey withdrew her fist and held it up to Penny's mouth so she could lick it clean; her tongue flicking between Lindsey's outstretched fingers. Lindsey returned the favor and kneeled between Penny's magnificent legs so she could lap up the juices as they drooled out of Penny's hole. Penny's cunt now resembled a tunnel for toy trains, it had been stretched so completely.

Jeff finally yelled, "cut," and put the camera down on the floor. He turned off all the stationary cameras and returned to the bed where Penny had just collapsed from exhaustion. He offered each of the actors a clean towel to clean up with, and stated, "wow...that was fantastic guys. Penny, you are a natural. We'll take a break to recover and hydrate and then film a couple more minor sex scenes. Then we can call it a night. Tomorrow we can shoot all the set-up scenes, and dialog. This film should be a wrap the day after tomorrow."

When Penny sat up, she felt the fluids flood out of her still stretched out hole, and trickle down her thighs. As she made her way to the bathroom to clean up; she realized she was walking bow-legged, and her pussy was quite sore. She was still a little tipsy from the tequila, but most of that had evaporated through her perspiration. She wet a portion of the towel and wiped the copious amounts of cum from her thighs, and cleaned her face with cold water. Staring in the mirror, she thought she looked pretty good for someone who had just been a participant in an orgy.

After filming a couple of minor, uncomplicated sex scenes, Jeff told the crew and actors that it was enough for the day. After making sure Penny was sober enough to drive, her co-stars hugged her "goodnight," and she drove off towards Pasadena. She smiled when she thought of the mind-blowing sex she had experienced that afternoon; even though her pussy was sore. Her stretched hole had closed and she now had a slit again; even though it was somewhat loose. She made a mental note to delay having sex with Leonard for a couple days just in case he noticed the difference. Tomorrow she had to return to the set to film the set-up scenes and dialog, but there should be no more sex scenes. Jeff had told her that she would be paid as soon as the filming was over. He had asked her to come up with a "porn name," that they could use in the credits...assuming she didn't want her real name used. She had decided to call herself, Angelina Lincoln; after her favorite actress and a city in Nebraska.

About two weeks after making the porn film, Penny was still fretting about Leonard somehow finding out about her venture. She had almost decided that it would be best if she told him before he could find out from another source, when her phone rang. It was the director of the film, Jeff, telling her that he had bad news concerning the film," I'm really sorry Penny, but the producer...the money man...behind the film has run into severe problems with the IRS, and needs all his capital to avoid jail-time. There is no more money for the production and distribution costs, so the film will not be released any time soon...or ever. Sorry if you were counting on this to lead to a big break for you. You should be happy though, because at least you got paid; he still owes me money. I really hope we can work together again sometime; you really could have a great future in this business. If I find out any more, I'll call you. Keep my number in case you have any questions."

After thanking him, Penny immediately began dancing happily around her apartment. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders: she didn't have to tell Leonard, and no one would probably ever see that film. She didn't have the heart to tell Jeff, but she hoped she would never see or hear from him again. Now if only she could get a legitimate acting job.

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