A story of complete fiction about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Is A Star, Again (F-zoo,mule,toys,exhib,drugs)
by shaggy77

It had been three long, uneventful months since Penny had been so desperate for money that she had starred in an adult film with three men and a woman. Luckily for her, the film had never been released to the public, but she had still gotten paid for her performance. Since then she had only worked at her chosen profession, acting, a couple of times; and even then she had only appeared as a background actress in two commercials. Once again she was desperate for money, and on the verge of declaring her acting career a complete failure. She wanted to stay in California with her boyfriend Leonard, and not return to Omaha, as a failure. If she absolutely had to, she would swallow her pride and go back to being a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, but she needed a large sum of money right now to catch up on her debts.

She had walked home from another in a seemingly endless string of auditions, because the transmission in her car had failed. Upon entering her apartment, she listened to her phone messages; all of which were from people wanting money owed to them: her landlord with a final warning, her credit card had reached it's limit, and even the phone company threatening to cut off her service. She called her garage and they agreed to let her retrieve her car as long as she paid the bill by the end of the month. Penny knew that if she remained in her apartment all night, she would just sit there, drinking and feeling sorry for herself; so she walked across the hall to her boyfriend Leonard's apartment. All four of the nerds were there eating take-out Chinese food. Leonard was overjoyed to see her, as always, and they shared his meal. The nerds: Leonard; his super-brain roommate Sheldon; the oversexed and recently married Howard; and sad loner Raj, were excitedly discussing their upcoming annual Dungeons & Dragons three-day marathon. For one long weekend, they played the nerd-popular board game; never leaving Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. It was nice to be around her friends, even if she was pretty much excluded from their conversation, and Penny's mind was distracted from her financial mess.

As she was giving Leonard a good night kiss, she made a hasty decision to call Jeff, the director of the adult film she had appeared in, and ask if he had any employment opportunities...she was that desperate. He answered the phone on the second ring and seemed genuinely pleased to hear from her, "hi Penny, of course I remember were fantastic. I'm sorry but the producer I usually work for is still not backing any films. He still owes money to the IRS and, you know how those government agencies are, now he's being investigated by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). He's originally from Ecuador, and there is some question about his visa. I don't think your film will ever be released. But if you're truly in a bind, I am involved in a different entertainment venture right now. I have staged several live-sex shows. The money is good, and you get paid immediately."

Penny paused several minutes to think about that venture. She had already made a porno movie; having sex with three men and a woman on camera, so she asked Jeff for more details

"Well, I produce a show that would be absolutely perfect for you. You get up on a stage and perform a strip-tease; then you pleasure yourself with a dildo and have sex with one other male performer," he informed her. "Penny," he added, trying to cajole her, "with your looks I could charge double what I usually do, and split it with you."

She thought for a minute and asked, "There would be no cameras, right?"

"Absolutely," Jeff assured her, "this is a live show." He jokingly added, "You could add to your resume that you had been the star performer in a stage production."

Penny was truly desperate for money, and since there would be no video proof of her indiscretion; she reluctantly agreed.

"There is just one thing," Jeff continued, "due to all the regulations and licensing complications in this country, the show takes place in Tijuana. That's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here, so you'll have to plan on a whole day. I will pick you up and provide transportation, and be with you the whole time. You do have a passport, right ?"She had obtained her passport a couple years before when Leonard was going to take her to Switzerland to see the Hadron Collider (whatever that was) for Valentine's Day; but had never used it because she and Sheldon had contracted the flu. She confirmed that she did have a passport (if she could just find it). Jeff continued, "That's perfect Penny...or should I say Angelina Lincoln (remembering the porn name that Penny had given herself). Just give me a couple days to set it up...if I use a couple pictures of you to advertise; we will make a fortune on this. I'll pick you up Sunday morning." She arranged to meet Jeff outside her former place of employment, the Cheesecake Factory, because she didn't want to chance any of the nerds seeing her leaving with a strange man. She loved Leonard, and didn't want to take any chances of hurting his feelings. She knew Leonard would give her the money she needed; but she didn't want their relationship to be based on money; and besides, that would officially label her a failure.

She spent the day on Saturday deciding what to wear for her strip-tease number, and decided on the classic male fantasy: a Catholic school girl. She selected her skimpiest lacy, purple bra and thong panties; which just barely contained her private parts. She had actually worn them only once before, when she had given Leonard a private performance for his birthday. They were so sheer that you could see the outline of her areola and her slit. She would top these with a plain white, button-up blouse that she could tie around her waist, exposing her navel. The short plaid skirt would showcase her magnificent legs; and instead of the schoolgirl plain black loafers, she would substitute her sluttiest five-inch heels. She modeled her outfit in front of the mirror, and was more than pleased with the results, and told herself, "There won't be a limp dick in the house." She actually loved the effect she had on men; but loved Leonard because he respected her as a person, not just a hot chick. She was nervous about the next day, but was relieved she would only have to perform with one man. When she had made her porn film, she had performed with Derek, a huge black man with about a twelve-inch penis; and Ray, whose dick had been the thickness of a soup can; so she was certain she could handle any man Jeff could choose as her costar.

On Saturday evening she invaded the land of Dungeons & Dragons just long enough to kiss Leonard goodnight, and tell him that she was going on an audition the next day and wouldn't be back until late. As much as he worshipped her, she knew that once Leonard was engrossed in the game, he would never miss her. Penny retreated to her own apartment, and took a long, hot bath using her favorite fragrance bubble bath. For some reason, she wanted to smell nice for her unknown partner. She made certain to shave smooth everything below her neck. As she spread body-wash on her silky skin, she had to admit she was turned on by the anticipation of the next day's events. She used a blow-dryer on her hair to make it nice and bouncy, donned some flannel "Hello Kitty" pajamas, and hopped into bed. Sleep came surprisingly easy.

As she dressed Sunday morning, Penny even sprayed a mist of perfume down the front of her panties, making sure every part of her body smelled inviting. She chuckled to herself that she must be an actress at heart, because, even for a sex show, she wanted to play the part to perfection. She kept her makeup to a minimum, as usual, but added some glossy, bright red lipstick. Jeff met her in front of the Cheesecake Factory, driving a big, black Navigator. He opened the back door for her and she was pleasantly surprised to find his assistant, Lindsey, already in the back seat. Penny had worked with the tall redhead on the porno film, and knew her intimately. The truth was, Penny was getting more anxious about the show, and was really glad to see a familiar face. She greeted Lindsey with a hug, "Hi Lindsey, it's really good to see you. Will you be participating in the show?"

Lindsey hugged her back affectionately and replied, "No, I just came along to keep you company, and to assist you on stage. Henry, that's your costar today, is too much even for me."

Knowing Lindsey was a veteran porn film actress, this shocked Penny and she asked, "You mean even bigger than Derek or Ray?"

"Oh yeah," answered Jeff without elaborating.

"Well, when will I meet him," Penny wanted to know.

Jeff informed her, "He's already in Tijuana; you'll meet him later."

"I love your choice of costumes," Lindsey changed the subject, "that will drive them wild."

As they settled back for the long drive to Mexico, Lindsey produced two glasses and a bottle of tequila, saying, "This was bottled in Tijuana; we may as well get in the mood."

So for the next 2 1/2 hours, Penny and Lindsey (mostly Penny) drank tequila and talked about everything from boyfriends to shoes. By the time they arrived in Tijuana, Penny was totally mellow and relaxed...and drunk. They parked on the side of a large warehouse building, and Penny saw several posters advertising "live sex" bearing photos of her face. She figured they must have been captured from the film, and it listed her name as Angelina Lincoln. Her first thought was that she would like to have one of the posters; but thought better of it...she didn't want to take a chance that Leonard would see it. They entered through a side door into a reception-like area, containing sofas and chairs. Penny peered through the door into the main warehouse, and saw a raised stage surrounded on three sides by bleachers filled with approximately two hundred men (and some women). On the stage was a narrow bench, with no back or arms, and a large plastic tote.

As the two women settled comfortably into the plush sofas, Jeff explained to Penny what was expected of her, "I'll introduce you and you will do your strip number. Then Lindsey will hand you a dildo and you can use it as you see can stand or sit on the bench. After you are finished pleasuring yourself, Henry will come onstage and you will have sex. It's pretty straightforward, but you may improvise any way you wish; as long as the sex acts are performed...that's what the crowd was promised." He offered Penny one last tumbler of tequila; secretly stirring in a tranquilizer that should take effect right after her solo act.

"Do I get to meet Henry now," Penny inquired.

"I think it will add to your heightened anticipation if we wait until you are onstage; but trust me, he'll fill you up," Jeff answered. "The audience may get loud and raunchy, but don't worry, I have the toughest security guys in the business," he added. "OK, if you're ready, I'll go introduce you," Jeff stated, grabbing a wireless microphone.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Penny answered nervously, but still drunkenly relaxed.

Through speakers mounted on poles in front of the stage, Penny could hear his voice, "And now the star of the show... the breathtaking Angelina Lincoln!"

Penny exited the reception area and carefully mounted the steps to the stage, where she was overcome with raucous applause and ovation. The sound level was amazing and served to energize and excite her. There were bright lights focused on the stage; the blinding light making it almost impossible for her to see the audience, but the vocal encouragement was enough. She thought to herself, "It's probably better if I can't see them." In her intoxicated condition, the heels caused to her wobble slightly, but she quickly regained her balance. When she reached center stage, there was a large duct-taped X on the floor, indicating where she should dance. She bowed to the audience and blew them kisses with both hands. As classic "bump and grind" music began to thump through the speakers, Penny's body began to sway with the beat. In her mind, she was performing for Leonard, and she tried to block out the sounds of the audience.

As her torso swayed back and forth, she reached up and slowly one by one unhooked the buttons of her blouse, revealing more cleavage as she went. When she had reached the tied shirttails, she purposefully untied them and pulled her blouse open, flashing her skimpy bra and cleavage to the audience. She eased the blouse off one shoulder and then the other, seductively sliding it down both arms until it was off completely. She deliberately whipped the floor with it and then tossed it aside. Throwing her sexy hips from side to side, she teasingly unzipped her skirt, then turned her back to the crowd and let it fall to the stage floor. She kicked it to the rear of the stage and bent over completely; giving the audience a great view of her thong wedged between her tremendous ass cheeks. She twirled a few times and swayed to the music, wanting the crowd to get the full sensuous benefit of the way her thong rode high on her hips, making her legs appear endlessly long.

Penny again turned her back to the audience, reached behind to her bra clasp, as she looked seductively over her shoulder, and deftly unhooked her sheer purple bra. Still facing away from the audience, she shrugged the straps off her pale shoulders and down her arms. She swung the tiny bra over her head and let it fly behind her into the crowd. She placed her hands over her exposed breasts, and turned around to face her admirers. Her hips swaying suggestively, she took her hands away, fully exposing her magnificent tits to the crowd. Her 36 C breasts were so firm that they barely jiggled as she danced to the thumping beat. Her areola were the size of half dollars, and in the center of the circles of pink, were aroused nipples the size of jellybeans. She fondled and massaged her wonderful tits, pinching her nipples between her fingers. She cupped her left breast and lifted it to her lips. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth and she licked and teased her engorged nipple. She repeated this with the perfect right breast, as the applause and shouting increased.

Penny was now completely aroused; her blood coursing through her veins. She squatted down until her ass was almost touching the stage, and hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her lacy purple thong. Still squatting, she shoved the tiny wisp of material down her taught thighs to her knees, and then stood up. Her totally bare pussy was now exposed to the crowd, and the noise level went through the roof. She let the thong drop to the floor, where she hooked it with her shoe and flicked it into the audience. She spread her legs apart and swayed with the music, giving the crowd full view of her nakedness. It was like having a nude blond goddess on stage. Penny turned her back to the audience and bent completely over, her legs spread wide, fully exposing her puffy pussy lips and slit. It was as if stripping was in her blood, as she reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks wide, allowing the crowd to see her sphincter hole. With her gorgeous blond hair almost sweeping the floor, and the heels making her incredible legs seem endless; she was truly an erotic sensation.

She stood back up and faced the audience. As she spread her legs wide, the heels made them seem six feet long. Her wonderful legs were so wide that her slit parted, revealing moisture glistening in the floodlights. She reached down between her legs and used her palm to stoke her damp crotch. The alcohol and the excitement provided by the boisterous crowd had stimulated Penny, and she craved sexual contact. She slid her index and middle finger along her slit and then licked her juices off the fingers.

Suddenly there was an added boost of applause, and Penny realized that Lindsey was ascending the stage. She was absolutely stunning; wearing a tiny, almost nonexistent, white string bikini. As she strode across the stage, her huge 40 D breasts literally bounced on her chest with each stride, and the contrast of her long scarlet hair against her pale skin and the white bikini top was incredible. She waved acknowledgement to the audience, and went straight to the large plastic storage tote. She produced a large, fleece blanket which she spread out on the bench. Then took a very tipsy Penny by the hand and guided her over to face the crowd and straddle the low piece of furniture. Penny sat on the very edge of the bench, marveling at how soft the blanket felt against her firm ass. She spread her legs, exposing her shaved slit to the audience and once again began to rub her smooth mound with her palm. The alcohol and electricity of the crowd had combined to make her unbelievably horny. She could hear the din of the crowd, and yet she felt at peace; almost like she was all alone. She tweaked both of her aroused nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and then let her delicate hands slide down her torso to her crotch.

Penny hooked her fingers inside her puffy pussy lips and spread them wide, revealing her vivid pink cunt. She spread her lips so wide that she was sure even the men in the back row could see up her pussy. She bent forward as far as she could, as even she tried to look up inside herself. The sight of her spread lips fascinated her, and she tried to pull them farther apart. Lindsey had reached into the tote and retrieved a purple gel-like dildo, the shade of which matched Penny's discarded underwear. At it's base was a molded replica of a scrotum, and the plastic penis must have been a good fourteen inches long. She pulled out a plastic squirt bottle filled with some sort of lubricant and proceeded to coat the entire length of the fake cock. Penny had sat back up straight and was massaging her wet mound with one hand, and fondling her magnificent tits with the other. Lindsey approached the aroused blond and presented her with the slick plastic penis.

A wide smile spread across Penny's face as she accepted the dildo, grasping it by the ball-sac. Lindsey kissed her passionately on the lips and then walked back offstage. Penny continued to smile as she watched the flexible penis wiggle in her hand. She ran it up and down between her tits, and gently licked the tip. The sight of the large phallus had increased her arousal, and she now had the overwhelming need to feel it inside her. All thoughts of the crowd left her head, and she could have been in the middle of Times Square for all she cared...she needed something inside her, now. Penny grasped the purple penis in both hands and nudged it against her damp slit, then twisted the fake cock, corkscrewing it through her lips and into her cunt. The lubricant must have contained some type of stimulant, because her lips felt like they had a thousand tiny ants crawling on them, causing her knees to feel weak. Without any more preliminaries, in one swift motion, Penny jammed the entire dildo up inside her pussy. As the scrotum slammed against her mound, Penny threw her head back and yelled, "H-o-l-y shit that feels good!"

As the audience cheered it's approval, Penny's body twitched and shivered as she had her first orgasm of the day. The stimulant coating the dildo, now coated the inside of her pussy, making it feel like it was on fire. She spread her magnificent legs even wider, and began to jam the fake cock up inside her cunt with all her strength. In and out of her pussy at blazing speed, she slammed the purple plastic. She used both hands to force as much of the dildo into her as possible. Penny was totally oblivious to her surroundings as she furiously fucked herself. Countless cameras and phones were snapping pictures, and Penny had no clue. She was fucking herself so violently, that a creamy white froth was building up around her pussy lips. Her shoulders hunched forward as she concentrated on cramming every inch of the phoney cock into her. She enjoyed watching its length disappear into her hole. The heat inside her became unbearable and her body went into another spasm, as she came around the dildo again. This time as her body shook, she lay back on the bench, exhausted; the dildo still protruding from her pussy.

Suddenly a total calm descended on her body, as the tranquilizer finally kicked in completely. It was as if she were standing off to the side, looking at her own body; aware of what was happening , but unable to fully participate. She lay back on the bench, feeling the soft fleece under her, her pussy still filled with plastic. The stimulant felt like a thousand tiny fingers were massaging her insides, and she could feel her fluids leaking out of her hole, and drooling down between her wonderful ass cheeks. She could now hear the audience chanting the name, "Henry...Henry...Henry."

"Oh yeah," she thought, "Henry. I had forgotten about Henry...get him out here, I need to be fucked."

She heard cheers again and saw Lindsey approach her. Again Lindsey kissed her tenderly and then gently grasped the end of the dildo and very slowly slid it out of Penny's pussy, leaving her feeling terribly empty. She held it up to Penny's mouth, and she sensuously licked her own juices off the entire length. Lindsey urged Penny to move a little forward until her perfectly round ass cheeks were right on the edge of the bench, and then she did something unexpected: she used nylon straps with Velcro fasteners, and secured Penny's outstretched legs to the legs of the bench. In this position her legs were completely splayed apart, and she was unable to move them. The tranquilizer was having a calming, sedative effect on Penny, so she was not the least bit alarmed at this, and merely wished Lindsey would lick her pussy. Lindsey leaned over and whispered to Penny, "Your wait is over. You are about to get the fucking of your life...I'll be right back with Henry."

Penny perked up at this; her pussy craving for relief. The audience seemed to go wild and Penny looked over to see Lindsey leading some kind of four-legged animal onstage. It resembled a small horse, and Penny wondered what Lindsey was doing with it, and where was Henry. Lindsey led the animal over to the bench, and spoke to Penny, "This is Henry. He is a mule, which is a cross between a horse and a donkey. He is smaller than a donkey, but has a cock the size of a full-size horse. If you will remember, Jeff said you would be required to have sex with a male partner...he never specified a man. Trust me Penny, just relax and enjoy."

Surprisingly, Penny was still totally mellow, and fascinated by the animal. Her pussy craved attention and she saw Henry's furry sheath hanging between his rear legs. "Rear legs," she chuckled to herself, "whoever thought I would be having sex with a partner with rear legs." She sat up and reached out with both hands to caress the protrusion underneath Henry's belly. Seeing how anxious Penny was, Lindsey retrieved the lubricant/stimulant bottle from the bin and squirted some of the contents on Penny's hands. As Penny massaged Henry's sack, his cock began to grow from the sheath immediately. Penny's mouth hung open as it just continued to expand in her hands. The stimulant was having the same effect on Henry that it had on Penny, and in no time his cock was fully erect. What a magnificent specimen it was. Its crown was mushroom shaped and very spongy and pliable. The first nine inches were about as big around as a Coke bottle and light brown in color; and then a raised ring encircled the shaft. This was followed by another ten inches of thicker cock; about the diameter of a soup can, which was black in color. Penny would have been shocked to realize that a drop of drool had escaped the corner of her mouth, as she anticipated what was to follow.

As Penny continued to caress and massage the stimulant/lubricant over the entire length of the enormous shaft, she could swear that it became even more rigid in her hands. She brought the soft tip up to her face and her tongue was drawn to it like a magnet. When she gently licked the large slit at the end of the mule's penis, his rear hooves pawed at the stage nervously. The animal scent excited her as she licked more of the hard shaft, attempting to take it into her mouth. She sucked on the spongy tip, while running her hands up and down its length. The crowd was working itself into a frenzy, watching this beautiful blond sucking on the mule's huge cock. Lindsey could see Penny's hips writhing on the bench, and knew she was ripe. She led Henry down to the end of the bench where Penny's legs were shackled wide open, and assisted him in straddling her prone body. His cock nearly dragged on the floor as she maneuvered him into position between Penny's inviting legs.

Penny, never even considering that her partner was not human, needed to be fucked. She craved a cock inside her, and reached down with both hands to spread her pussy lips far apart. The bench, of course, had been specially made to present Penny's pussy at the perfect height for Henry to enter her. As Henry straddled the bench, Lindsey urged him slowly forward until the head of his cock was nudging between Penny's slit. Lindsey made sure the head was perfectly aligned and then guided him forward, watching the soft crown disappear inside Penny. Penny thrust her hips upward, trying to impale herself on this massive pole; yearning to get fucked. She was frustrated that her legs had been secured, but they had been strapped to the bench to prevent injury from too much penetration at once. She felt the spongy head just inside her entrance, and needed more. Lindsey guided Henry forward slowly until the first nine inches of mule cock were buried in Penny's pussy, stretching her soaked cunt lips. Penny did not even hear the chant of "Go...go...go," coming from the audience.

Penny's hips thrust and swayed as she attempted to get more cock inside her. Lindsey allowed Henry to inch forward until the raised ridge popped past Penny's opening. Penny, feeling her cunt lips being stretched, raised her ass off the bench and tried to jam herself further onto the mule dick. Satisfied that Penny could now handle the entire length, Lindsey let go of Henry and let nature take its course. Henry, smelling Penny's arousal, knew what was required of him and stepped forward; immediately slamming the remaining ten inches of thick, giant cock deep up into Penny's belly. She now had nineteen inches of mammoth mule cock inside her and Penny shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me!"

It was like having someone's whole arm shoved up inside her cunt, as Henry began to fuck her. Henry flexed his massive tool, and actually lifted Penny up off the bench, totally impaled. The crowd roared as they watched this magnificent blond being fucked by nineteen inches of gigantic mule cock. Penny's eyes rolled in her head as she shuddered and twitched in orgasm. Never had she felt so out of control. It was as if every nerve in her body was being stimulated. Her belly was so full of cock that it was hard for her to get a deep breath. She would never have believed that her cunt would stretch that far. She felt like she had been admitted into could anything feel so wonderful. As Henry's hips thrust forward at a blazing speed, fucking Penny harder than she had ever been fucked; she could feel her cunt lips stretch to admit him; and screamed, "Fuck me...fuck me...jam that fucking cock into me!"

Henry's soft crown made contact with her womb as the walls of her pussy stretched to the breaking point. Penny's eyes rolled up and back into their sockets as every inch of her cunt was stimulated. Her body was in a constant spasm as she experienced more orgasms than she could count. Henry continued to plow and slam his monstrous cock in and out of Penny's stretched hole. If her legs had not been secured, he would have shoved her body completely off the bench. The audience yelled and screamed encouragement, and wondered how such a petite body could contain that much cock. Penny's once concave stomach had distended from the enormous log inside her. With every violent thrust, it seemed like her cunt stretched even more. Penny reached up and stroked the soft gray fur of Henry's belly as it hovered over her. She began to harshly pinch her own nipples as the mammoth cock battered her pussy. Her head thrashed back and forth, her wonderful blond hair flying, as his gigantic weapon scraped the inside of her cunt.

Suddenly his pace increased and it was as if a fire hose was shooting hot water deep up inside her belly. As Henry squirted his copious cum into Penny's cunt, she reached sensory overload. He opened her mouth to scream, but found that she was so delirious with pleasure that she could not even form words; she just uttered a low, guttural , animalistic, "Aaaahhhhh." Her whole body went into convulsions as she climaxed for what seemed like an eternity. Henry was still fucking her, pumping her full of his seed, when she collapsed, virtually unconscious on the bench.

When Henry had finished, his enormous cock shrank immediately; the change was remarkable. It felt to Penny like a balloon inside her cunt had suddenly been popped. He backed up one step and his now totally flaccid penis slipped completely out of her hole, trailing long stringy ropes of cum with it. Lindsey stepped forward and maneuvered him away from the bench, where he was content to just stand and stare at his sex partner. Lindsey removed the straps from Penny's beautiful legs and sat on the end of the bench cradling Penny's head in her lap. With Penny's legs still spread obscenely wide, her hole resembled a tunnel. Her cunt was so stretched out that Lindsey was positive she could have shoved her entire arm into it, and Penny might not even feel it. As she stroked Penny's sweat-damp hair; Penny began to regain her senses. She gingerly sat up, causing fluid to gush out of her wide open hole; soaking the blanket and the floor. The roar of approval from the audience was deafening, and Penny halfheartedly waved.

As Jeff returned Henry to his stall backstage; Lindsey gathered up Penny's clothes, wrapped a robe around her shoulders, and assisted her into the reception area. Fluids drooled down her thighs as she walked, and her cunt was very tender from the assault. Lindsey told her that unfortunately they did not have shower facilities for her, but that there was a bathroom and plenty of clean towels to clean up with. She assured Penny that after the long drive home, she would be fully sobered up and feeling much better. Penny admitted to Lindsey that she just felt exhausted...what she didn't confide was that what she really wanted was to be fucked again.

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