A story of complete fiction about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Is Leia (MMMMF,oral,anal,dp,cream pie,cosplay)
by shaggy77

It was May 25, and to the normal person (unless it's your birthday or anniversary), that date would probably mean nothing special; but to the nerd, it was the Holy Grail of dates: it was the date that the original Star Wars film was released. It was especially important to comic book storeowner Stuart, whose business was slowly, but steadily, going bankrupt. Business had been horrible, and even his regulars had not been spending much money. He had been forced to lay-off all his employees, and was now working 12-hour days. As the nerd "holy day" approached, he hit on (what he hoped would be) a brilliant idea: he would hold a Star Wars costume party and contest on May 25. There would be a small prize for best costume; probably a plastic trophy of some sort. Nerds weren't concerned with the value of the hardware, they just relished the opportunity to have a trophy of any sort. He could even charge a nominal entrance fee, and they wouldn't object; it would even make them feel more exclusive. Hopefully, once in the shop, they would all be in a good mood and spend some money.

Penny had been forced to watch the movie Star Wars numerous times with her new boyfriend Leonard Hofstadter, and while she didn't share his love for it; she thought it was interesting and fun. She actually was in love with the incredibly intelligent and thoroughly adorable Leonard and enjoyed doing things that made him happy. She didn't share his passion for all things science fiction, but loved seeing him delighted. She knew that growing up super-intelligent had not been exactly a bed of roses for him; a fact driven home especially after meeting his mother. Since moving from Nebraska, and taking up residence in the apartment across from Leonard and Sheldon, this was the most contented that Penny had been. She could tolerate her temporary job at The Cheesecake Factory while she looked for acting positions, because Leonard made her happy. He worshipped the ground she walked on, and she loved him for it. He and his fellow nerd friends had jumped at the opportunity to dress up as Star Wars characters, and possibly win a prize. She was reluctant, but to please "her nerd," she had agreed to accompany them dressed as Princess Leia.

She had balked at the thought of wearing the classic Leia gold bikini, but head nerd Sheldon Cooper had assured her, "Oh no Penny, that costume was not introduced until the third Star Wars installment, now referred to as Star Wars VI. We will all be adorned with attire based on the original film."

Sheldon was the true genius of the group; a fact he continually reminded them of. He and Leonard were roommates, and generally were best friends. The two other members of their "nerd quartet" were Howard Wolowitz, who was your classic leering pervert and lived with his mother; and Raj Koothrappali, who was from India and lived by himself. All were incredibly intelligent, but basically had no other friends, and did everything as a group. They seemed happy enough, although three of them often lamented about the lack of female companionship. Sheldon, on the other hand, had no desire for companionship of any kind; he would have been content to be the last man on earth, as long as there was a robot-manned Chinese restaurant.

The group had purchased an authentic Leia costume for Penny; their way of saying "thanks" for accompanying them to the contest. They assumed they were assured of winning "Best Group Costume" with her in their group. There was actually no guarantee that any other females would be entering. The costume was made up of pure white flowing cloth, kind of like a large tunic. It fastened at the shoulders, and was actually totally comfortable to wear.

She had spent all morning braiding her long blond hair and wrapping the braids to form the trademark Leia buns on the sides of her head. She had seen the movie enough times that she wanted to be as authentic as possible for Leonard, so she decided to go braless, just as Leia had obviously done. When she donned the flowing white robes, her breasts clearly jiggled freely underneath, just like the original Leia's had. She added some sexy red lipstick and white sneakers (she reasoned that no one could see her feet under the robes, so she might as well be comfortable). As she walked around her apartment and admired her handiwork in the mirror, she realized she was feeling very sexy and horny. She was completely naked under the robes except for her sexiest white lace thong; and the flowing cloth rubbing against her bare nipples aroused her and made them hard.

As much as she loved being with Leonard, she knew that it would be a long night at the comic book shop (the domain of the nerd), and devised an idea to liven things up a bit. She knew that the usual refreshments at these events were some snacks and a bowl of fruit punch. She filled the largest "Slurpee" cup she could find with vodka, intending to dump it into the punch bowl. She knew most nerds had an extremely low tolerance for alcohol, so it should be enough to loosen them up a bit.

Across the hall, Sheldon and Leonard were preparing for the party, also. Sheldon, of course, had to dress as the most intelligent and dominant character, so he had acquired an original Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi costume, complete with light saber. The light saber had been authenticated as an original prop from the movie, and was very expensive; but cost was no limit for him. Leonard was going to go as Luke Skywalker, but thought the costume made him look too wimpy (and as a nerd; he didn't need any help in that regard), so he had rented an authentic Storm Trooper outfit. It was very elaborate, complete with helmet and boots, and he thought it made him look very masculine and dominant. When Raj and Howard arrived, it was obvious they had not consulted one another on their costume choices, because there were now three Storm Troopers in the apartment.

They immediately began to argue and yell at each other, until Raj had a brainstorm, "Wait, we can all go as Storm Troopers...we can pretend we have Penny, I mean Leia, in custody; just like in the movie." Raj was thinking that with his helmet on, he may just be able to talk to Penny. Normally, he could not converse with a female unless he was under the influence of alcohol.

Leonard and Howard agreed that it was a good concept. They could march into the store with Penny as their prisoner...what a spectacular entrance. They did indeed look very authentic; if there is one-thing nerds are good at, it's attention to detail. Sheldon's costume resembled a hooded burlap robe, but he was extremely pleased with the look.

Penny was putting on the finishing touches of her costume (a little makeup) and admiring her handiwork in the bathroom mirror. She couldn't help thinking, "here I go again, to another nerd gathering," but the truth was she really didn't mind. She enjoyed the way Leonard loved showing her off to his friends, and strangers. When she was on his arm, he didn't slouch and walk with his head down; he threw his shoulders back, stood up straight, and always had a huge grin on his face. He was so proud of her. She liked being treated like a real princess. All of her previous boyfriends had taken her for granted and expected her to worship them; but Leonard was totally different. Leonard had given her back her self esteem, and he loved him for it. They had been good for each other, and their relationship was flourishing. Remembering how boring a nerd gathering can be, however, she quickly drained a couple shots of tequila, grabbed her "Slurpee" cup, and headed out the door.

The nerd quartet were just leaving Sheldon's apartment, and when they caught sight of Penny in her long flowing robes, they gave a combined whistle (all except for Sheldon, of course). Her prominent nipples were clearly visible against the silky fabric, and as she walked toward them, her wonderful breasts wobbled underneath the robes. All three Storm Troopers felt an immediate stirring inside their codpieces.

"You look fantastic," Leonard assured her.

"Yeah, I'll say; I'm ready to join the Alliance," Howard remarked.

Totally oblivious to her sexiness, Sheldon ordered, "well, let's go before we miss the judging."

When they arrived at the comic book store the Storm Troopers lined up, one in front of Penny, and two behind; and marched into the store in perfect step. The jaws of everyone in the store dropped when they saw Penny/Leia bouncing into their domain. She really was a breathtaking sight, even with the ridiculous hair style. The quartet received a standing ovation for their entrance. Following closely behind was, a now peeved, Sheldon. He had misjudged the reaction they would receive, and now felt like his thunder had been robbed.

He entered the shop with a flourish, stating, "I hope you all notice that I am the one who can control all of your minds... probably not much of an effort."

The shop was full of Luke Skywalkers, Obi-Wans, a couple lame Darth Vaders, a Chewbacca whose costume looked like pieces of carpet glued together, a couple more Leias (one with the classic gold bikini, but it was worn by a man), and a man spray painted gold to resemble C-3PO. Stuart, the owner, was dressed as Han Solo. He explained to them that he didn't think he could keep an eye on the shop if he had worn a helmet or mask. Clearly, as a group, they had the most outstanding costumes. Stuart had taken the comic books off one of the center tables and put out the usual offering of assorted crackers, chips, and a big punch bowl. Penny quickly made her way to the bowl, and pretending to ladle punch into her cup, actually poured the contents into the punch. What she didn't know was that Stuart, hoping to loosen his customers' wallets, had already spiked the punch. The original Star Wars movie was playing continually on a (borrowed) large screen TV at the back of the shop, and everyone was enjoying themselves. They were in their element; surrounded by fellow nerds.

The punch was having the desired effect on everyone in the shop. Stuart's regular customers were spending freely, and everyone's inhibitions were disappearing. Even Sheldon had taken a cup of punch after being assured that his was the first with a clean ladle. Penny was, of course, the center of attention. The comic book shop patrons were not used to having a beautiful female present, and she got used to many sets of eyes concentrating on her. Every time someone would pass by, they made sure to rub against her firm body; and a few times they had "accidentally" brushed against her breasts while reaching for a specific comic book. Penny, also, was feeling the effects of the punch as she became increasingly horny. She wished the evening would end so she and Leonard could go home.

Sheldon's mood took a downturn when Penny was voted "Best Costume," and the group was voted "Best Group Costume." Stuart, seeing that his best customer was in a bad mood, quickly invented another category: "Most Original Costume," and awarded a special prize to Sheldon. Sheldon swiftly announced, "don't worry about the engraving; I will have it done myself."

After watching the movie for the third time, the only people left in the shop were the four nerds, Penny, and Stuart. All were completely inebriated by now (it didn't take much for the nerds who were not used to alcohol in excess), and their inhibitions had completely disappeared. They had long ago taken off their uncomfortable helmets and gloves. They began to act out scenes in the film, and Sheldon strutted around trying to make their minds bend to his will. Howard stood next to Penny/Leia and announced, "I think it is time to interrogate the prisoner."

Raj, now under the influence, added, "I agree, we must make the wench divulge the location of the rebel base." They each grabbed one of Penny's arms and Raj demanded, "if you won't tell us, we will torture you and eventually destroy Alderon."

Leonard approached her from the front and commanded her to, "Cooperate Princess or the consequences will be dire."

She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I want you right here and now; I am ready to do anything you want." She dramatically announced to the room, "I will never divulge that secret information; do your worst to me."

Leonard ordered the other two Storm Troopers, "Release her arms so that the interrogation may begin."

As Raj and Howard let her arms drop, Leonard reached up to her shoulders, unhooked the clasps and her silky white robes slowly dropped to the floor revealing her nude body to everyone in the room. As she stood there wearing only her lacy thong and a pair of sneakers, audible gasps and groans could be heard.

Raj was the first to speak, saying only, "You are one lucky bastard, Leonard." Even Sheldon was speechless as they gazed at her milky white skin.

Her breasts were absolutely magnificent: 36 C with large rosy areola, capped by jelly bean sized nipples, which poked proudly from the center. Her naked legs seemed endless, and her perfectly firm ass cheeks were completely on display as her thong disappeared between them.

She winked at Leonard and he commanded, "Let the interrogation begin."

He nodded at Raj and Howard and they immediately attached their lips to one of Penny's un-rivaled tits. As they suckled on her proud nipples, Leonard kneeled down in front of her and gently peeled her tiny thong down her beautifully long legs.

Her pussy mound was as bald as the day she was born, and even Sheldon noticed, "I commend you on your grooming choice Penny, that is very hygienic."

She responded, giving Leonard a wink, "Thank you Sheldon, that is exactly why I did it."

Leonard raised her feet one by one and slipped her panties off over her sneakers. He decided to leave the sneakers on, since they were in a store. She spread her feet apart as Leonard ran his hands up and down her silky legs, caressing his beautiful girlfriend. On his knees; which he thought was appropriate for worshipping his goddess; Leonard used his thumbs to part her puffy pussy lips, and sat back to enjoy the sight of her vivid pink cunt. It was a sight he would never tire of, and he leaned forward to inhale her scent. He slowly inserted his tongue between her slit, and was rewarded with several drops of her sweet nectar.

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj were busy sucking her aroused nipples and fondling her soft tits and belly. Stuart had kneeled behind her and was caressing the most perfect ass cheeks he would ever see. He extended his tongue and began licking along the entire length of her ass crack.

Penny was becoming overwhelmingly aroused from all the attention. She had never had so many erogenous zones stimulated at the same time. When Leonard inserted his forefinger inside her pussy, her knees went weak, and her entire body shuddered as she flooded his face with her cum. If Raj and Howard had not held her up, she would have collapsed onto the floor.

Stuart quickly stood up, moved the punch bowl from the table, and just flung the other contents aside with a wave of his arm. He retrieved Penny's costume from the floor and spread it out on the table. Reading his mind, the other three assisted Penny over to the table where she lay down on her back. She let her marvelous legs hang from the end so that her ass was at the very edge of the table. Raj and Howard just stood and stared at the wonderful sight before them. She was truly a Princess...a goddess. She winked at Leonard and he wasted no time in pleasing his beauty. He walked up to the table between her silky legs, dropped the remainder of his costume to the floor, and nudged the tip of his cock between her slit. As he spread her lips gently apart with his thumbs, he slowly slid his erection inside her inviting cunt.

"Mmmmmmm yes," she moaned as she came again, providing even more lubrication for his pole.

Leonard's cock was only about eight inches in length, but he never failed to please Penny. She loved the feel of him inside her, and he was a considerate lover; always making sure she was happy. As he slowly began to make love to his Princess, the other men in the room were wasting no time in stripping off their costumes (everyone except Sheldon, of course). Sheldon stood motionless, observing everything around him. Penny could not stop herself from looking around the shop and comparing the various cocks now displayed. Stuart's cock was only about six inches long, but very thick, like a fist. Howard had a very long, probably nine inches, but slender prick; almost like a long hot dog. She actually blinked twice when Raj dropped his Storm Trooper pants: his cock was enormous. It must have been a foot long, and as thick as her wrist. She thought, it was a shame that he couldn't talk to girls, because he sure could make one happy. As she felt Leonard's cock inside her, she thought that it was nice to feel a big one once in a while; but she wouldn't give up Leonard for anything. She felt Leonard increase his pace as he leaned down to nibble on her ear (he knew it drove her wild).

She whispered in his ear, "Go ahead lover, cum inside me." She grasped his ass cheeks and held him firmly against her as she felt his hot seed-squirting deep inside her belly. His moans of utter pleasure were familiar to Penny, as was the twitching of his cock inside her. They made a good team, and were always considerate of each other during lovemaking. As the other four males in the shop watched anxiously and stroked their hard-ons, Leonard finished filling Penny's hole. Even Sheldon, obviously affected by the punch, had absentmindedly raised his robe and was fondling his cock. Penny whispered in Leonard's ear again, "baby, this night can go in any direction you want; you just tell me what to do. If you want me to entertain your friends; I'm open to it. If you want to go home now, just say so."

Leonard thought for a minute, then answered, "I know it must be the punch talking, but the thought of watching you get fucked is kind of turning me on; I'm just afraid...."

He didn't finish his sentence but Penny saw a look of sadness cross his face as he glanced toward Raj, and she knew he was comparing them. She quickly assured him, "If we continue with this, there are two things you must remember: one, this is strictly a one-time deal; and two, you are the one I one can replace my little nerd. What happens here tonight, ends here tonight."

She thought she saw the beginning of a tear in the corner of his eye as he kissed her passionately and softly said, "Ok, but if at any time you want it to stop, you just say so."

Penny agreed and added, "If at any time, you change your mind; if it becomes too much for you, you just signal me and I'll say it's my decision to stop. And remember, I'm acting as Leia...not Penny."

As Leonard let his shrinking cock slide out of it's home, Penny scooted further up on the table until she was lying on it completely. All eyes were on Leonard as he shouted, "What's wrong with you lazy ass Storm Troopers...there is a prisoner that needs further interrogation."

All four advanced toward the incredibly beautiful nude body laying in front of them on the comic book table. They paused to look at each other, not knowing exactly how to proceed in this new situation.

Penny solved the equation for them by teasing, "Storm Trooper Raj, please don't punish me with that huge weapon."

His courage buoyed by the spiked punch, Raj virtually ran to the end of the table with his cock waving in front of him like a giant salami. She was not exactly inexperienced, but this was the largest cock Penny had ever seen, and she was slightly apprehensive as Raj clambered up onto the table between her outstretched legs. She knew she was well lubricated, but this thing was huge. As Raj settled between her silky thighs, he paused to admire the beauty before him. She was truly the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; and his cock was as hard as it had ever been.

Raj, in the spirit of the night announced, "I think the prisoner needs to be restrained for my interrogation."

Stuart and Howard instantly each grasped one of Penny's gorgeous legs and proceeded to spread them as obscenely wide as possible. Her endlessly long legs were now spread almost straight apart and her slit had parted to reveal her juicy hole. Everyone in the room (with maybe the exception of Sheldon) was breathless with anticipation as Raj nudged the crown of his monster against Penny's slit. It still glistened with Leonard's cum as Raj began to push forward, stuffing his log into Penny's cunt. She squirmed beneath him as her cunt lips were stretched farther than they had ever been before.

Inch by inch he slowly pushed forward, stretching the walls of her cunt, as she screamed "Holy fucking shit...fuck me you bastard...fuck the hell out of me."

Howard and Stuart held her legs firm, watching in awe, as Raj's enormous cock slowly disappeared into her tiny hole. They both wondered how such a huge object could fit into such a small opening. Howard used one hand to snap pictures with his cell phone, before Leonard saw him and gestured for him to stop.

Penny's body was writhing violently under him on the table as Raj finally hit bottom, his balls resting against her beautiful ass cheeks. Penny felt like she had lost consciousness and was watching someone else get fucked. The sensation in her pussy was indescribable. She was totally and completely filled with cock, and the feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. She never wanted this feeling to end. Every sensory nerve in her cunt was being touched, as she screamed uncontrollably again, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me!"

Stuart and Howard let go of her legs and she immediately wrapped them around Raj's back, as he began to slowly withdraw his gigantic tool. When he was almost totally out of her pussy, he forcefully slammed it back into her, burying his monster deep inside her womb.

Penny was truly fighting for breath, as she moaned, "Oh my God...oh my God...oh my God."

What Raj had in size; he lacked in stamina. He had not been with a woman in two years and he was now fucking the girl he fantasized about every night. He knew he was not going to last long, so he began to fuck Penny with all his strength and speed. His gigantic cock plowed in and out of her pussy with blinding speed, as her cunt continued to stretch to accommodate him. She locked her heels behind his ass trying to keep him inside her, enjoying the feeling of being utterly stuffed with cock.

Watching is girlfriend lost in the throes of passion was difficult for Leonard. It took every once of resolve for him not to leap forward and put a stop to it, but he loved her dearly, and he would not deprive her of this night of passion. Even if it meant she left him for Raj's gigantic tool; he honestly wanted whatever made her the happiest. It was a classic paradox; although feeling depressed about the turn of events; he found himself incredibly aroused. It was an unbelievable turn-on watching Penny's beautiful bald, tight pussy being stretched by a monster cock. He could not take his eyes off the spectacle.

Raj watched Penny's marvelous breasts crashing about on her chest, and that sight put him over the edge. He slammed his enormous beast into her pussy one last time, ground his pubic bone against hers, and exploded deep inside her cunt. His ejaculation was like a hot explosion inside her, as she felt massive log twitch and spasm. Her cunt was so stuffed with flesh, that there was no room for his cum and it began to squirt back out between his cock and her pussy walls. Her battered lips actually made fluttering sounds as they flapped against his cock, allowing the fluid to escape. She couldn't count the orgasms as her cunt muscles contracted around his pole, milking every drop from his swollen balls. They literally collapsed together, laying on the table like one body with four arms and legs.

Raj began to regain his composure as his impressive tool shrank and slipped out of Penny's stretched out cunt. Penny realized she had been lost in passion, and glancing at Leonard, knew she had some damage control to attend to. She motioned for him to come over, and he surprised her by leaning down and kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss with almost violent passion.

When their lips broke, she assured him, "This is just sex; just a one time thing, right? Always remember, you are the one I am in love with. No one will ever replace you. Raj may have given me a few minutes of pleasure, but you make me happy every day of my life."

"I know...I love you too...and just remember, when we get home tonight; I don't care how tired you are...I'm fucking the hell out of you," Leonard confessed.

Penny laughed, and motioned for Sheldon to come over to the table, "Come over here Sheldon and let me lick your penis."

Sheldon reluctantly approached the table, his penis still nonchalantly in his hand, and replied, "I think not Penny; need I tell you how much bacterium resides inside the human mouth."

"If it's any consolation Sheldon, I am more meticulous about my oral hygiene than I am about my pubic area; and I promise you will like it," she answered.

"Well, since there hasn't been anyone in that orifice ...yet; maybe it would be alright," Sheldon acquiesced, as he presented his seven inch penis to Penny. She lay back on the table with her head bent back over the edge and grasped his erection with her right hand. She began licking the underside of his cock as if it were an ice cream come; tickling the crown with the tip of her talented tongue. After a few licks, she took the entire length into her mouth, leaving his balls resting on her beautiful face.

Withdrawing him for a second, she informed him, "You might be interested to know that this is called tea-bagging."

"Oh I scrotum resembles a tea bag resting on your interesting analogy," he answered.

She resumed sucking his cock as he merely looked down with a curious expression on his face. In her position, she easily inhaled his penis down her throat; using her tongue to stimulate him. It wasn't long before he became visibly agitated, and began to cum in her mouth. She put her hands back, grabbing his ass, and holding him in place as her mouth milked his cock.

When he was done, he withdrew from the table and simply stated, "Oh my, that did feel nice...thank you Penny."

Penny looked straight at Howard and told him, "I have saved something special for you; something that seems fitting somehow. Come over here and lay on the table."

As if in a trance, Howard climbed on the table beside Penny and lay back as she directed. He couldn't believe that after all his fantasizing; he was actually going to touch this perfect woman. As soon as he was in position, Penny straddled his lap, with her back to him. She sat on his stomach, reached down between her legs and gathered some of the cum leaking out of her pussy with her hands. She smeared it all over his "hot dog" cock and then reached under her and spread the rest around the crack of her ass. Howard couldn't believe his luck...he was going to get to fuck that perfect ass. She raised up, reached down and spread her wonderful cheeks with her hands, and then carefully began to sit down, wedging his cock in her ass hole. As her weight forced her body downward, the head of his cock "popped" through her sphincter ring and she slowly impaled herself. Howard put his hands on either side of her waist and guided her downward, watching his cock disappear into her ass hole.

"Oh my God that's tight," he moaned, as she sat firmly on his lap; completely impaled on his cock.

She just sat motionless for a couple minutes, letting her ass get used to the invasion. She had only done this with Leonard a couple of times; and was not really that fond of it; but it had seemed fitting to let Howard have her ass. When she was getting comfortable having him embedded in her rectum; she lay back on his chest (or what passed for a chest) and stretched her marvelous legs out in front of them.

She then motioned for Stuart to join them, "Don't worry sweetie, I haven't forgotten you. I want you both inside me now."

Stuart almost fell climbing onto the table in front of her. He had read about arrangements like this, but never dreamed he would be a part of one. Penny's slit had still not closed from the abuse it had received from Raj, so Stuart had an easy target for his immensely fat cock.

As if he needed any more encouragement, Penny used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide, saying, "Stuff that big sausage right in there, sweetie."

His cock may have been short, but it was nearly as fat as Raj's, and he had difficulty corkscrewing it into her pussy. Stuart was mesmerized at the sight of her beautiful cunt lips swallowing his fat cock. Even though Raj had stretched her; she was still tight and gripped his pole firmly. She lay back on Howard as he and Stuart began fucking her holes together.

"Mmmm that feels good," she groaned as she felt their cocks sliding in and out of her juicy holes. Once again she was completely stuffed with cock, as she encouraged them, "That's it boys...fuck me...fuck me hard and make me scream!" The feeling of having two cocks inside her, each moving independently, was unbelievable.

Sometimes they would thrust into her in unison, and sometimes they would alternate their rhythm. When they both thrust up into her simultaneously, it felt like they were going to split her apart. Howard put his arms around Penny and hugged her tightly into his body, as Stuart reached out and roughly kneaded her gorgeous tits. He pinched her nipples hard and felt her cunt muscles tighten around his cock as her whole body shook with another orgasm. The cum leaking out of her cunt drooled down and provided additional lubrication for Howard as he thrust up into her ass hole. As her body continued to shudder; Stuart and Howard pounded her holes as hard as they could; urged on by her convulsions.

"Oh baby," yelled Howard as his cock began spurting inside her ass hole. Stuart dropped down onto her sweaty chest as he buried his cock inside her and joined Howard's climax. Penny could feel hot liquid being injected into both holes as their cocks rubbed together inside her.

Penny was exhausted as Stuart and Howard pulled their spent cocks from her abused holes, and climbed off the table with big smiles on their faces. Leonard quickly sat next to her on the table, handed her a cup of punch, and put his arms around her, holding her tight. "Are you OK, my little Princess," he softly asked his dream girl.

"I'm fine lover; just tired; but since this is just a one time thing; if you are willing, there is just one more thing I would like to try. I will probably never get another opportunity," she admitted.

"Does it involve me having my way with you," Leonard wanted to know, as he grinned ear to ear.

Penny laughed and informed him, "It certainly does. I know it seems impossible; but I would like to try to have you and Raj fuck me at the same time...both in my pussy. Now that I have been stretched out a little, I want to try it."

Leonard thought for a minute, then let his erection do his thinking, "As long as it's just a one time deal; and you really would like to try it...there is nothing I would like more than to fuck you right now."

Penny let out a hearty laugh, and they called Raj over to ask if he would participate.

"Are you kidding me," he asked incredulously, "I would give anything to have my penis inside Penny again."

Sheldon had lost all interest in the proceedings, and was watching Star Wars for the fourth time that night, as Penny directed Raj to lay down on the table beside her. As he lay back, his incredible erection pointed toward his head and resembled a loaf of French bread growing from his groin. Penny, glistening with perspiration (which somehow made her even more sexy) straddled his lap, facing his feet, and fondled his mammoth pole against her stomach. She used the three loads of cum drooling out of her pussy to completely coat his tool, and then leaned down to flick her tongue along his slit. Raj's cock reached all the way up to her glorious breasts, and Penny was once again in awe that this monster could fit inside her. As she winked at her sweet Leonard, she saw that the three men gathered around the table were all stroking their cocks in anticipation of the show. Not wanting to keep them (or herself) waiting, she raised up above Raj's groin, while he pointed his log straight at the ceiling. She very slowly lowered her body until the crown made contact with her slit; then used her fingers to spread her pussy lips even wider than they already were. Cum was still dripping from her hole as she gradually sat down on his lap, impaling herself on his monstrous cock.

She threw her head back, and her mouth opened wide as she gasped for breath. It felt like her whole stomach was full. She wondered if he stood up, if he could walk around the store with her hanging from his tool. The feeling was incredible as she fondled her own magnificent tits. Strangely enough, Leonard thought she had never looked more beautiful or sexy. The thought that went through Stuart's head was that she looked like she was sitting on a fence post. She just sat there for a couple minutes, letting her cunt adjust to this invasion; then gave Leonard a sly look, crooked her finger, and beckoned him to join her. Leonard swiftly scooted onto the table in front of his princess, and wrapped his arms around her; hugging her tight as she sat impaled on Raj's enormous weapon. He backed off and immediately took her right nipple between his teeth and nibbled, causing her to moan loudly.

"Let's try this baby," she encouraged him, as she lay back on Raj's hairy chest. Raj reached around her and began to knead her flattened breasts. Leonard crawled on his knees between their two sets of legs, his stiff erection leading the way. Raj threw his legs off the sides of the table to give them more room, and Penny bent her knees while spreading her legs as wide as she could get them. She reached down and attempted to pry her cunt lips even wider to admit Leonard's cock. She had been stretched enough so that there was actually a small space to start. Leonard lay his cock on top of Raj's; underside to underside; and began to stuff it into Penny's wonderful pussy. Planting his feet solidly on the table, and using his legs for leverage; Leonard pushed forward forcefully as his cock slowly began to disappear inside Penny's cunt; somehow finding room beside Raj's. Deeper and deeper inside her totally stretched out hole, Leonard jammed and stuffed his cock-meat. It was almost painful for Leonard's foreskin, the fit was so tight. Finally, his balls rested against her bare mound; and all three stopped to breath.

Penny had been gritting her teeth and holding her breath while Leonard breached her pussy. She kept waiting for her cunt lips to tear from the assault; but her hole somehow accommodated both cocks. She had read somewhere that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain; and she now knew what that meant. It had been almost painful when Leonard began his penetration; but now the sensation was indescribable...glorious...more pleasurable then she could have possibly imagined. The lubrication provided by the three loads of cum had made the double penetration possible. When Leonard and Raj began to slowly withdraw their steel hard shafts, it was as if her entire insides were being dragged out. As her thoroughly stretched pussy walls molded to the cocks, every nerve ending in her cunt was being caressed simultaneously.

When they shoved back into her, the sensory overload was more than she could withstand and she opened her mouth and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...jam those fucking cocks up me!"

When Leonard and Raj began thrusting and withdrawing in unison, her orgasms were so plentiful that they just coincided and combined into one continuous climax. Her body was convulsing out of control, as they felt her cunt muscles spasm and squeeze their cocks. When asked later, Penny would swear that she actually lost consciousness because her brain could not process the total excess of pleasure. Her arms and legs were flailing recklessly as they fucked her rubbery cunt.

Howard and Stuart crowded closer around the table to get a better view. It was an incredible show: here was the most beautiful woman they had ever known, completely naked with two cocks hammering her pussy. They watched how her bald lips gripped the cocks when they withdrew, and then were forced back inside her when the cocks thrust forward again. They looked at each other in awe, not believing how wide her cunt was being stretched. They felt the need to be a part of this spectacular display, so they each grasped one of Penny's wrists, and laid their cocks in her hands. The only thing Penny could concentrate on now was her pussy, but reflex action took over and her hands instinctively clamped down around their rods. She wasn't jerking them off, but merely squeezing them very tightly. This was good enough for the two nerds, as they put their hands around hers, and assisted her. Having the hand of this blonde goddess wrapped around their dicks was enough stimulation for Stuart and Howard, who soon began shooting their seed into the air.

Leonard and Raj had already had one orgasm, so their stamina was almost limitless, as they continued to stretch Penny's flexible pussy. She draped her legs over Leonard's shoulders as they drove their cocks deep into her belly.

As she felt their cocks drag against her cunt walls, Penny looked into Leonard's eyes and pleaded, "Fuck me, baby...fuck me." Raj didn't exist right now, just her sweet little nerd who was giving her more pleasure than she thought possible. She saw that he was meeting her gaze and mouthed the words, "I love you." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly, as she felt their cocks increase their rhythm inside her.

Leonard wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly as he continued to drive his cock into her pussy. Raj was nearing the point of no return and was now jamming his enormous log up into Penny with all his strength. He put one hand on each side of her petite waist, and pulled her down onto him; meeting his thrusts. Leonard, feeling Raj increase his tempo, hugged Penny even tighter as he drove his cock into her battered pussy. Raj and Leonard simultaneously erupted in Penny's womb. She felt their cocks expand, stretching her cunt even more; then her insides were bathed in incredible heat as their cocks blasted their contents inside her.

"Oh baby," was all an exhausted Penny could say, as Leonard continued to hold his angel close to him.

The session seemed to release new energy in Raj, who quickly withdrew his shriveling monster and bounded off the table; elbowing Howard, "Did you see me...I fucked Penny twice."

"Yeah I saw you...I got pictures," whispered Howard, so that Leonard wouldn't hear.

As Penny gingerly swung her legs over the side of the table, joining Leonard, she looked at her soaking wet costume that had been beneath them the entire time.

Leonard retrieved his plain white T-shirt that he had worn beneath his costume, and handed it to her saying, "Hey, those Storm Trooper uniforms chafe."

She laughed as he helped her pull the shirt over her head, and down over her magnificent chest; her erect nipples poking sexily through. She sat with her legs wide apart, looked down, and saw that her cunt had remained a wide-open hole. A mixture of sticky fluids persisted in drooling out of her pussy, running down the side of the table. She glanced sideways at Leonard and confessed, "I think I'm going to be a little sore for awhile, sweetie."

"I can't imagine why, my little porno princess," Leonard laughed as he hugged her against him. "Would you mind if I tried one more thing, this would be the perfect time," he sheepishly asked.

"Anything you desire, sweetie, my body is your body," she replied with a peck on his cheek.

Hugging her close to him, Leonard reached between her spread legs, cupped all five of his fingers together, and began to insert them into her wide open hole. There was only minimal resistance, as his entire hand slipped into Penny's pliable cunt. She looked at him in shock, not believing that his whole hand, up to his wrist was entirely inside her. As he began to open and expand his fingers inside her pussy, it was as if an electric current was stimulating her.

Her legs jerked open wider as she suddenly came around his hand, and she yelled, "oh my God, Leonard."

He wiggled his fingers around inside her cunt and must have energized the legendary G-spot, as fluid literally squirted out of her hole, coating her milky white thighs.

"Jesus Christ, Leonard...I didn't think I would be able to cum again for days," Penny admitted breathlessly.

"Wow," Leonard said softly in her ear, "I doubt we'll ever be able to do that again."

She kissed him passionately, tied her wet robes around her waist, and remarked, "I love you, my little Storm Trooper...let's go home."

(Thanks for all the feedback...please keep it coming. Most of my stories are the result of reader suggestions. I had a good time writing this one; hope you enjoy it. [email protected])


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