(a fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 5 (FF-gang,F-zoo,dp,dpp,toys)
by shaggy77

It was Tuesday night and Penny and her friend and fellow waitress Bernadette Rostenkowski were standing behind the bar of the Cheesecake Factory. It had been a slow night and they had plenty of time to converse while waiting on the few customers in the restaurant. "I'm going to introduce Howard to April," Penny informed Bernadette, "he did me a favor and I promised I would introduce him to one of my friends."

"But you know I kind of like Howard," Bernadette squeaked in her high-pitched voice.

"Really," Penny responded, "because Howard said he didn't think you were into him."

"What girl wouldn't be interested in Howard, with those smoldering eyes and those tight hoochy-mama pants he wears," Bernadette proclaimed, "you just tell him I'm waiting for him to make the first move."

"Yeah...right," Penny pretended to agree, "OK, forget about April."

"And don't think I don't know where your interests lie," Bernadette teased her, "I see you on Tuesday nights before the boys come in, standing in front of the stainless steel looking at your reflection, fixing your hair and touching up your lipstick."

"Oh that's just a coincidence, I always try to look my best," Penny brushed off her inference.

"Right...and don't think I haven't seen the way Leonard stares at you with that dreamy look in his eyes," Bernadette continued to tease.

"Really...he does? Oh, lots of guys stare at me," Penny answered.

"Yeah, especially when you "accidentally" leave the top three buttons of your blouse undone," Bernadette stated.

"Hey as a scientist you should appreciate that because it's part of a scientific experiment to see if I get better tips...and the results have been overwhelmingly positive," Penny told her.

"Scientific experiment...good one...but seriously, I can tell that with Leonard it's the real thing because when he stares at you he's staring at your face...not below your neck. You really shouldn't let this one get away...I know he's a nerd, but you can't always judge a book by it's cover," Bernadette urged her. "I know he's not the type you usually go out with; all handsome with lots of muscles, but nerds are loyal and will treat you the way a girl should be treated."

"To be honest with you Bernie, we have been out on a couple dates and the last one was the absolute nicest date I have ever been on," Penny admitted.

"And you didn't tell me," Bernadette squealed, her voice reaching an upper octave that only dogs could hear, "come on...spill...did know."

" was just the nicest night. He took me up to the roof for a candle-lit dinner and we looked at the meteor shower. He is just the sweetest guy and it felt like we had known each other forever. It would be so easy for me to fall for Leonard head-over-heels, but I've been burned so many times; I just keep waiting for the REAL Leonard to show know, the one who treats me like crap, Penny sadly added."

"Trust me on this Penny," Bernadette assured her, "I have been around nerds all my life...heck, I'm one of them...with Leonard, what you see is what you get. They only have a dark-side in their comic books. If you let him get away, you'll regret it. I've seen the way he looks at are his princess."

"Thanks Bernie," Penny hugged her friend, "I needed to hear that...I'm going to make this nerd, my nerd."

As if on cue, Leonard, his roommate Sheldon, Howard, and their fellow scientist Raj walked through the door and headed for their usual table...Penny's table. Penny casually walked over to their table, leaned over and kissed Leonard on the cheek and then asked for their orders. Howard, Raj and even Leonard were too speechless to answer, their jaws hanging open at Penny's affectionate gesture, so she just nodded at Sheldon and read what she was writing on her pad, "barbeque bacon cheeseburger, with the barbeque, bacon and cheese on the side." After they had recovered enough to give her their orders, she reached out and squeezed Leonard's hand, then walked into the kitchen, leaving them stunned.

"What the hell was that," Howard demanded, nearly popping a vein in his forehead. Truthfully, Leonard was just as shocked as the rest of them (not being privy to Penny's previous conversation), but he played it cool, "I guess I'm just irresistible."

Sheldon snorted, his version of a laugh, and announced, "isn't it obvious...Penny is playing on your insecurities to increase her gratuity. I'll tell you one thing...she better not try to kiss me."

"Yeah, I don't think you have anything to worry about Sheldon," Howard calmed him, "but I would be happy to give her a big tip...if you know what I mean."

"Yeah Sheldon," Leonard added, ignoring Howard, "after all this time Penny knows she is only going to get the standard 15 % from you...figured out to the penny."

"But seriously," Raj chimed in, "what was all that touching about. Especially after you totally missed the kick-ass birthday party she threw for you...she must have been really pissed."

"Yeah, damn it...I missed it too and she promised to introduce me to her easy friends," Howard sadly added.

"No...she wasn't too pissed," Leonard dreamily added as he was flashing back to the night of his party when Penny had awakened him, slid into his bed and gave him two birthday gifts: her left breast and her right breast. "She is so perfect," he mumbled out loud.

"Stop mumbling," Sheldon scolded him, "here comes our food...finally."

As Penny distributed their orders, she leaned into Howard and whispered, "Bernadette is hot for you...she's just waiting for you to make your move."

"Jeez...what was that," Raj demanded, "when am I going to get a break?"

" seems like Leonard is not the only one who is irresistible," Howard explained, "Bernadette has the hots for me."

That night just before closing, Penny was cleaning up the bar when she noticed one of the last customers seemed to be having an argument with Bernadette. He was an absolutely huge black man with a glistening shaved head, and he seemed even bigger when standing in front of the midget-sized Bernadette. Penny started to approach them to see if her friend needed help, when Bernadette waved her off, "it's OK Penny, nothing to worry about." The imposing man gestured toward the apprehensive Penny and then abruptly left the restaurant.

"Jeez Bernie, I know it's none of my business but is everything all right," Penny inquired, "that dude was kinda scary."

Bernadette collapsed into one of the bar stools and began to spill everything to her good friend: "here's the thing Penny. You know I have been working my way through grad school with this job to supplement my income at the pharmaceutical company. Well they have offered me a huge promotion; heading a division of research; but the job is contingent on my getting my doctorate. That's really expensive. My father helps, but you know he is a retired cop and his pension doesn't go far. I've been able to afford the books and the classes, but this year's tuition was exorbitant."

"Isn't there some kind of assistance you could apply for," Penny asked.

"No, not for this level...only if I was an unwed mother or on welfare or something," Bernadette informed her. "Anyway, can I tell you something in confidence...promise not to tell anyone...ever?"

"Promise," Penny answered, making a zipping motion across her ruby lips.

"Well, truth be told, I am kind of a nympho...I love being naked...and I love sex. I used to do some performing for that guy you saw me with. Sometimes I did it for free, just because I liked it." You could have knocked Penny over with a feather, hearing innocent little Bernadette's confession. "Anyway, when I needed the tuition money, I borrowed it from this guy and his associates; as a last resort of course. Now they want it back...immediately. I assumed they would wait until I got the promotion, which would have meant a huge raise; but they want it now. Since I don't have it, they are willing to let me work it off...but...there is a catch."

"Wow, this is unbelievable," Penny blurted out, "it's like something out of a movie. What's the catch?"

"Well, they need two girls," Bernadette told her, nearly in tears, "he saw you and told me I would have to bring you along; or find someone just as attractive. Penny if you would do this for me I would be forever in your debt...I would owe you big time. I could get you a job at the drug company...anything you want...this would save my life...and I bet they would tip you generously."

Penny was speechless. Her best friend was asking her to do some kind of sex show with her. On the one hand she loved Bernadette and would do almost anything for her, but after recent events she was trying to stay away from getting naked for strangers. Due to the film she had just made, but was not very proud of, for the first time since moving to California she wasn't desperate for money.

Tears were streaming down Bernadette's rosy cheeks as Penny hugged her and whispered, "I'll do it...but Leonard can never know...promise."

"Or Howard," Bernadette sobbed, hugging Penny back, "I promise. Thank you so much. I have never had such a good friend before."

The following afternoon as Penny was entering the lobby of her building, struggling with two oversized bags of groceries, Leonard was descending the stairs to check his mail, "hi gorgeous," he grinned from ear to ear, "let me help you with those."

"Thank you my brave knight for coming to my rescue," she joked, "I wasn't looking forward to carrying these up three flights of stairs. Why the hell doesn't the landlord fix that elevator. What happened to it anyway?"

Taking one of the bags and forgetting about his mail completely, Leonard began: "well, funny story...I'll tell you as we walk. I once "borrowed" a container of rocket fuel from the university's was soon after I moved in with Sheldon."

"Why on earth would you want rocket fuel," Penny inquired.

"I thought it would impress Wendy Cho. I'm sure you've guessed, I'm not exactly popular with the ladies, so I need every advantage I can get."

"Well I don't know about the other ladies," Penny told him, "but you're pretty popular with this one. They don't know what they're missing," and she patted him on the butt as they climbed.

"Suddenly this bag seems lighter," Leonard joked.

"So did it work...was she impressed," Penny asked.

"By the time I got the courage to tell her, she had moved on," Leonard admitted, "anyway, one day we were over at Howard's and he showed me a real neat three-stage rocket he had built...but he lacked fuel. Well we brought the rocket over here and I diluted the fuel to match the size of the rocket...or so I thought. Sheldon told me the ratio was wrong, but I thought he was just being know, always right, so I ignored him."

They had reached the fourth floor and he continued, "well the fuel began to smoke and I tried to get in the elevator to take it outside, but Sheldon said there wasn't enough time so he shoved me out of the elevator and closed the door. Almost immediately it blew more elevator. And that's one of the reasons I stay with Sheldon: not only did he actually save my life, but he didn't report me to the police. Actually he has never mentioned the incident since. He is a crazy person, but very loyal."

"So I have you to thank every time I have to lug something up the stairs," Penny fake-scowled at him.

"Yeah, sorry," Leonard apologized.

Grinning shrewdly, Penny suggested, "well, I guess I'll just have to think of some way for you to make it up to me."

As she was unlocking her door, Leonard stammered, "umm, I wanted to ask you if you were free for lunch tomorrow...I was thinking of playing hooky."

"Oh really," she smiled, "what did you have in mind, oh mad scientist."

"I was wondering if you would like to go to the park with me and have a picnic," Leonard asked hopefully.

"I would absolutely love it. That's the nicest invitation I've had in a long time," she answered without hesitation. "Maybe ever," she thought.

The next day they decided to walk to the park and about half way there, Penny took his hand in hers and they walked the rest of the way holding hands. It seemed so natural to Penny and she could tell by the way Leonard puffed out his chest, that he was pleased too. He had carried his wicker picnic basket and something fairly large in his backpack. Spreading out the blanket from the basket, Penny saw him pull a drone out and thought, "well, he IS a nerd." The surprise was, once he showed her how to control it with his I-pad, she was having more fun with it than he was. She even made it hover and take a picture of them kissing.

It was so warm that Leonard had actually striped down to his t-shirt and Penny was impressed at the definition of his arms and chest. "Have you been working out," she quizzed him.

"A little, I've been going to the university gym at lunch time a couple times a week," he admitted.

"And how long has this been going on," she continued.

"Oh I don't know...about ten months I guess," he answered.

"So you started about the time I moved in," she teased.

"Just a coincidence," Leonard blushed.

Letting the drone crash near their blanket, Penny cupped his face in her hands and kissed him gently on the lips, "you are so sweet...where have you been all my life."

They ate the lunch he had packed and then just lay back on the blanket, looking up at the clouds and holding hands.

Back at the apartment building, Penny was all ready to ask him to come into her apartment and share her bed when the door to 4A burst open and a frazzled looking Sheldon ordered, "it's about time...get in here Leonard. Have you forgotten it's Halo night...Raj is already here. You too Penny...Howard is busy with his mother and we need a fourth."

"I don't know how to play Halo," Penny told Sheldon, "and we have other plans."

"Perfect, you can be on Leonard's team. Now get in here, I'll show you how," Sheldon demanded.

Leonard spoke up, "sorry Penny, but you know how he is. He won't leave us alone until we play. Did we have other plans?"

Sighing, Penny gave in, "none that won't wait I guess." Sadly for Sheldon, Penny proved to be a Halo savant, and proceeded to kick his ass; causing him to pout for the next two days.

"Maybe we can catch a movie or something this weekend," Leonard suggested as he walked Penny to her door.

"I'd love to sweetie, but Saturday Bernadette and I are having a "girl's day." We'll see what time we get back. If it's too late, maybe Sunday. Anyway, thanks for a wonderful day...I really loved spending it with you." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, thinking to herself: "if I didn't have to work tomorrow morning I would have your clothes off in about twenty seconds."

Friday night at the Cheesecake Factory seemed to drag on forever. Penny was completely anxious about helping Bernadette "entertain" the next day and kept pumping her with questions concerning what to expect. "This party is supposed to be a bachelor party with the theme being Last Night In Paradise," Bernadette informed her. "Kevin, the guy you saw me talking to, is throwing it for one of his friends and he said there will be about eight guys there. He wants us to wear start with...but they probably won't be on for long, if you know what I mean. You realize when he says "entertain," he means sex."

"Uhhh yeah...I got that," Penny assured her, "all week I've been having second thoughts about it, but I know you'll be in big trouble if we don't go through with it, so you can count on me. Just please make sure Leonard never finds out because I really want to have a future with this guy. You were right: he IS a keeper."

"Thanks Penny, I owe you big time," Bernadette hugged her, "I'll pick you up about 3:00 tomorrow've got a bikini, right."

"That's perfect, I think the guys are having some sort of Dungeons & Dragons marathon, or some such nonsense, tomorrow, so unless you are the Szechuan Palace delivery guy they won't even notice you," Penny agreed. "I have a nice orange bikini which I think would be perfect."

On the drive to the bachelor party, Bernadette handed Penny a large thermos and told her, "it's margaritas...just thought you might need some liquid-courage. I'll finish what you don't drink when we get there."

"My kind of girl," Penny grinned as she opened the top and drank straight from the bottle. She left about half of the contents for Bernadette, who literally poured it down her throat as soon as she had parked the car. Kevin's house was a mini-mansion between Pasadena and Compton and when he greeted them at the door. Penny realized he was even larger than she remembered. He must have been at least six foot five and he reminded her of the guy from the Mr. Clean commercials. There was a table in the foyer that everyone had obviously thrown their car keys on and Bernadette casually added hers. It was then that Penny fully realized that these men were not to be messed with: there was also a pile of belt holsters loaded with semi-automatic handguns. Leading them down to the basement he told them that they should do a little dancing in their bikinis and then maybe a sexy strip.

The basement was your typical man-cave, complete with sofas, a pool table, a long bar, and of course the ubiquitous big-screen TV. The carpeting was so thick that it was like walking on a big sponge. Kevin took them around the room and introduced them to the other seven men, some of which Bernadette already knew. The bachelor turned out to be Kevin's brother Sean, who was even bigger than Kevin. Penny didn't remember all their names, or didn't catch them, because the music was really thumping. They had gone all out for the theme, as each guy was dressed in colorful board shorts and outrageous Hawaiian shirts, and there were huge potted ficus and palm trees everywhere.

They passed the bar and they both swiftly downed several shots of tequila for courage and relaxation. Then Kevin showed them to a spacious bathroom, equipped with a huge shower stall and a sofa, so they could change, which for Penny just amounted to removing her jeans and shirt because she had worn her bikini underneath. Bernadette had done the same and unveiled the skimpiest thong bikini that Penny had ever seen. Penny had only seen Bernadette in work clothes or jeans and was shocked at the size of her breasts. They must have been at least 38 DD and hung on her chest like a couple of giant water balloons. The material did not even fully cover her large brown areola and Penny could see that her nipples had been pierced and metal bars inserted through them.

Bernadette saw her trying not to stare and smiled broadly as she explained, "I had them pierced in college. I don't wear the studs much because you can see them through my bra...I also had another piercing." She proceeded to pull the tiny string, that barely covered her slit, to the side and pulled on a tiny gold ring attached to her left labia. Penny's mouth dropped open and she also noticed that Bernadette's pussy lips were unbelievably long.

"Holy shit Bernie, didn't that hurt," Penny exclaimed.

"I was drunk as a skunk," her friend admitted, "the next day it was a little tender. Sometimes when I used to perform for Kevin, I would attach a little chain between my pussy and one of my seems to turn guys on." You could have knocked Penny over with a feather...sweet, innocent little Bernadette was a bona fide sex maniac. "Do you like my bikini?"

Penny could hardly tell she had one on. The string bottom was just that..a string. It disappeared between her ample ass cheeks and the only thing it covered in the front was her actual slit...and only then when she was standing still. Penny had thought her own bikini was revealing, but it was a "granny " bathing suit compared to Bernie's. Bernadette took off her glasses and replaced them with contacts, "they always get lost at these things," she explained. "Well are you ready to perform," Bernadette asked, "or should I just say; are you ready to get fucked? I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

She wanted to say, "no," but Penny had a feeling that with this crowd it was too late to back out now; plus all the booze she had consumed in the last twenty minutes was making any clear thoughts extremely difficult. The first thing she noticed when they walked back into the "man cave" was that her feet sank down into the carpet so far that her toes were nearly buried. The second thing was that she was getting a little dizzy from the tequila and margaritas.

Immediately they were surrounded by large men and when the dance music assaulted their ears, Bernadette and Penny just naturally began to dance. On her very first move, Bernadette's huge jugs flopped out of her bikini top and began to flop around on her chest. She and Penny began to bump and grind, sometimes thumping their asses together; much to the pleasure of the crowd. The men quickly lost their shirts and twirled them over their heads, encouraging the girls to increase their intensity. Bernadette responded by ripping her useless top off and flinging it into the crowd, then untying the sides to her bottom and just letting it fall to the carpet.

She gyrated over to Penny and deftly unhooked her top, allowing Penny to shrug it down her shoulders and letting it fly. Unlike Bernadette, her breasts were 35 C and incredibly firm. They didn't flop like Bernie's bags, but rather jiggled and bounced as she danced. In contrast to Bernadette's large brown areola; Penny's were pink and surrounded large gumdrop sized nipples. Bernadette proved to be a true performer as she dropped to her knees behind Penny, bit down on her bikini bottom and started to drag them down Penny's incredibly sensuous legs. Penny let her pull them down, then kicked them off with her foot. Both Penny and Bernadette had totally bald mounds and Penny could hear Sean yell, "I can't wait to shove my cock up that pussy."

Kevin stepped forward and handed Bernadette a bottle of suntan oil and whispered in her ear. Bernadette danced over to Penny and informed her, "he wants us to oil each other up." She poured oil onto her hands and began to rub Penny's shoulders and arms. When she began to massage oil into her tits, Penny had to admit that she felt a stirring between her legs. Bernie kneeled in front of her friend and started to spread the slippery substance up and down her unbelievable long smooth legs. She reached around and thoroughly coated Penny's firm cheeks before cupping and rubbing her shaved mound; actually slipping a finger between her lips. Penny shivered at Bernadette's touch and put her hands under Bernadette's armpits to lift her up. She surprise herself by kissing the petite blond and pulling her into her body so that they could share the oil.

Penny had never thought about being aroused by another female, but had to admit to being very stimulated by Bernadette's caresses. She quickly grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted it directly onto Bernadette's giant breasts. Using her strong Nebraska farm-girl hands, she spread the oil all over Bernadette's huge tits, paying special attention to her jellybean nipples which were fully erect. Following Bernie's style, Penny dropped to her knees and began applying oil to her friends short, but shapely, legs. Penny loved the aroma on coconut oil and the scent mixed with the scent of Bernadette's excitement was causing moisture to form between Penny's thighs. She gently massaged the oil into Bernadette's mound, pulling her lips out to their full length and making sure they were slick with oil.

Her friend turned so she could have access to her ass. Compared to Penny's round, firm cheeks; Bernie's were large and fleshy and Penny made sure every inch was covered in oil. The display in front of the men was incredible: two beautiful naked blondes, their bodies glistening with oil. Kevin handed Bernadette a long plastic "jelly" dildo and again whispered instructions. The fake penis had to be fourteen inches of purple floppy plastic and Bernadette retrieved the suntan oil bottle and squirted oil all along it's length. "He wants us to fuck each other, ass to ass, doggy style," she shouted to Penny, trying to be heard over the thumping of the dance music. "Don't worry, I've done this before," she calmed Penny, "actually this is my dildo."

They both dropped to the floor and the first thought in Penny's inebriated brain was, "holy shit this carpet is soft...I could sleep on this floor." Down on all fours, their asses against each other, Bernadette reached under and between her legs and began to slide the well lubricated plastic between Penny's slit. The added lubrication wasn't really necessary, as Penny was already completely wet and the fake cock easily slid inside her. When she had inserted about four inches into Penny's pussy, Bernadette began to slip the other end of the dildo into her own cunt. When it was firmly embedded in both their vaginas, the two gorgeous blondes slowly and simply moved their asses together until they were touching and the dildo had disappeared completely into their cunts. "Oh shit," moaned Penny as she felt about seven inches of plastic penis inside her.

"Nice," was all Bernadette had to say, and then, "OK girlfriend...let's fuck." She had done this before and she lead the way by rocking forward until the purple plastic was clearly visible between them. Penny followed her lead and also leaned forward on her hands, exposing more of the fake prick. Then they naturally shoved their ass cheeks together again, impaling themselves on the slippery staff. "You got it," Bernadette encouraged her and they began to rock forward and back, fucking themselves and each other. They picked up the pace and everyone could hear their bare asses slapping together. Bernadette's gigantic breasts swayed under her like a cow's udder, while Penny's perky tits jiggled. Sometimes the dildo was equally inside them both, and sometimes nearly all of it was shoved up just one of them.

Penny had her head down, looking back between her legs at Bernadette's large ass quiver with each stroke, and when she looked up, all eight men had shed their shorts and were stroking pricks of various sizes. One of the two white men, whose name she learned was Sam, stood in front of her and presented his stiff seven inches. It was no secret what he wanted and Penny reflexively opened her mouth to accept his pepperoni stick. He was surprisingly gentle as he slipped it between her lips and let her suck as much into her mouth as she could handle. It wasn't an easy task trying to administer a blow-job while her body was rocking back and forth on the dildo, but Penny was up to the task. Every time she rocked forward, Sam's prick stabbed at the back of her throat. She tried to concentrate on tickling it with her tongue while getting into a steady rhythm with Bernadette.

His balls were slapping against her chin as they hung low in his scrotum, and he began to fuck her mouth more rapidly. She had given enough blow-jobs to know that he was nearing climax so she took a couple of deep breaths before having her throat clogged with cum. Almost immediately he began to squirt his load into the back of her throat as she gulped as much of it as she could. Some of it drooled down her chin as he withdrew and Sam was nice enough to wipe it off with his shorts.

Bernadette was similarly occupied with a very fat nine inch black cock courtesy of one of Kevin's friends named Lamar. Her cheeks were sunken in and she was sucking with all her skill as he grasped her long blond hair and fucked her face. "Mmmm" they could hear Bernadette moan as Lamar's meat began to fill her throat with his semen. Penny had not climaxed from the dildo, probably because she just had not been able to concentrate on it, so she leaned forward and let it slide out of her pussy. She turned and kneeled behind Bernadette, grasped the purple gel stick and began to slide it in and out of her friend's cunt.

As Lamar slid out of her mouth, noting that not a drop had escaped, Bernadette ordered, "oh yeah...give it to me...fuck my hole." She shoved her ass back as Penny was jamming nearly twelve inches of plastic penis up into her, and suddenly her whole body trembled and she collapsed onto the floor.

Every man in the room began to clap as the two beautiful blondes sat on the floor and Penny withdrew the dildo from it's tunnel. Bernadette, ever the performer, took it from her and licked it from end to end. Kevin slid his arms under Bernadette's armpits and helped her to stand. He was over a foot taller, making her look like a child standing next to him. His cock was fully erect and it looked to be ten inches long and as fat as a French bread loaf. He picked her up like she was a doll and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Reaching down between them, Bernadette encircled his prick with her tiny hand and aimed it between her legs.

Lowering her body slowly, Kevin watched as his tapered crown became wedged between her long slick lips. "Do it," Bernadette demanded and Kevin swiftly lowered her tiny naked body until all ten inches of cock had disappeared into her hole. "Oh fuck yeah," Bernadette exclaimed as she bottomed out against his balls. She braced her hands on top of his shoulders and began to lift herself up and then jam herself down again, fucking herself on his ten inch shaft. He cupped her large ass cheeks and started to bounce her tiny body up and down his prick. "Harder," she urged, slamming her body down to meet his thrusts.

Kevin's cousin Angel, who was built like a basketball player, stepped up behind Bernadette with his long slender lance waving in front of him. Sean threw him the bottle of suntan oil and he squirted a generous amount on his crown before nudging it against Bernadette's anus. Kevin held her steady and Angel bent his knees and shoved upward, his hard-on penetrating her sphincter ring and plowing into her ass-hole. Thrusting upward he was almost immediately buried balls-deep in her brown tunnel. "Oh yeahhhh," Bernadette squealed in her glass-shattering high pitched voice, "I love a cock in my ass."

Trapped between them, her mammoth tits flattened out against Kevin's chest like a couple of air-bags. "Man, look at those fucking tits," Sean yelled as his brother and cousin slammed their cocks in and out of Bernadette's tiny body. "Hey, I'm the groom, the guest of honor, bring that blonde bitch over here," he ordered two of his "bros," indicating the pool table. Penny had been just sitting on the plush carpet, her head spinning, watching Bernadette put on her performance. His other cousins, Hashem and Jake, picked Penny up by her arms, led her over to the pool table and pushed her back so she was laying on it with her ass at the rail and her incredible legs hanging off the edge. She could already tell that Sean had a cruel streak, why else would he try to strong-arm her when she was there willingly. Looking between his legs, she saw what gave him his sense of superiority: his cock was absolutely gigantic...almost inhuman. There had to be fourteen inches of flesh hanging there and it was as thick as a soup can, his crown resembling an angry purple tennis ball.

He began to run his hands up and down her long shapely legs, massaging her creamy thighs. "Holy shit this bitch's skin is like silk," he announced as his huge hands spread her thighs. She was an absolute dream as she lay back, her gorgeous blonde hair spread out over the green felt of the table, her glistening nude body a study in perfection. Hashem and Jake were holding her arms against the table as Sean used his thick thumbs to spread her prominent mound wide open, her fleshy lips soaking wet. Penny could smell the coconut oil on her shoulders and chest and it seemed to calm her. She was here to help her friend, so she may as well try to enjoy it.

Sean rubbed his huge crown up and down her slit, coating it with a combination of her own juices and the coconut oil from the dildo. She could feel him position it at her entrance, pushing against her slit. He increased the pressure, his tennis ball spreading her labia to their extreme. Shoving forward, his head finally plowed through her opening and into her pussy. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction, Penny just bit her lower lip instead of crying out. A sneer on his face, Sean held her taut waist in his oversized hands and jammed the entire fourteen inches of monstrous cock up inside Penny's cunt. She couldn't help herself as she felt the entire length of her tunnel being stretched apart, and she screamed, "oh my fucking God."

"That's right...are you ready to get fucked," Sean questioned her as he very slowly slid his massive pole out of her hole. the sensation was incredible as Penny could feel the length of her pussy shrink as he withdrew. When just the crown was left inside her, Sean once again shoved forward with all his strength, jamming his fat log up inside her belly. Then he began to fuck her as hard and fast as he could, slamming his horse-cock in and out of her now-battered pussy.

Penny closed her eyes and moaned, "fuck me Leonard...fuck your baby."

"The names Sean, bitch," he scolded her and began to fuck her even harder; his groin crushing against hers; his giant cock shoving in and out of her cunt like a piston. Her magnificent tits were jiggling up and down against her chest as her body shook with his violent thrusts and Jake and Hashem couldn't resist as they leaned over and sucked on her pink gumdrops.

Her body was so stimulated that Penny felt delirious and she yelled, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me harder...jam that fucking cock into me." She wrapped her long legs around Sean's waist and pulled him into her, desperately trying to get more of his cock inside her tunnel. Jake and Hashem twisted her torso so that her head was near the side of the table and Aaron (the other white man in the room) nudged his fat eight inch cock against her lip gloss covered lips. Like a baby bird instinctively opening it's mouth for a fat worm offered by it's mother, Penny opened her mouth and let him slide his meat through her lips. It was hard not to bite down as Sean kept slamming his giant snake into her cunt, but she managed to suck on the prick in her mouth.

Getting impatient to be in on the action, Hashem and Jake released her arms and both lay their pricks in her outstretched hands. Closing her fingers around their girths, Penny found their size to be nearly identical, about nine inches of cucumber circumference. With everything that was going on with her body,it was impossible to concentrate on jerking them off, so she just began to rhythmically squeeze their poles like she had squeezed the rubber ball when she had donated blood. She concentrated on the fat log in her mouth, trying to get him to cum so she could enjoy the cock that was stretching her cunt. This was the first one of these parties for Aaron, who was a friend of Jake, and watching the gorgeous blonde inhale his prick was too much for him. Her throat was suddenly filled with his sticky fluid and Penny gagged and began to cough, before recovering and swallowing most of his ejaculation.

When Aaron withdrew, Penny lay back on the table and tried to enjoy the massive prick sliding in and out of her cunt. "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck me...stuff my fucking cunt," she demanded as Sean pummeled her pussy, a thick white froth forming around her entrance. She felt him jam his monstrous meat up into her belly and his body tensed as he flooded her tunnel with his hot load; and her body shuddered as she joined him in climax.. Her pussy was so full that fluids began to squirt out around the sides of his dick as he pumped into her. Subconsciously she had formed a death-grip on the cocks in her hands, but Jake and Hashem weren't complaining. Her legs continued to force Sean against her groin as he emptied the contents of his balls into her hole.

About the same time that Sean was filling Penny's pussy, his brother Kevin and cousin Angel were bouncing Bernadette's tiny naked body between them, their cocks double-penetrating her holes. "Come on, fuck me harder," the insatiable little blond ordered, "is that all you got." Determined to satisfy the cute minx, Angel grasped her petite waist and started to slam her ass down on his prick as Kevin rammed her pussy.

"Are you ready Bernie," Kevin asked.

"I was born ready," Bernadette shouted, "fill me up." She felt her holes grow even warmer as they began to squirt their loads into her, her lithe form shivering as she had he orgasm. Feeling the muscles in her holes spasm around their cocks, Kevin and Angel jammed themselves as far into her as possible and drained their balls.

When he set her on the floor, cum began to drool down her inner thighs and Kevin congratulated her, "Bernie, you're a helluva fuck...just as good as I remembered."

"And don't you forget it," she grinned, "...who's next?"

Penny lay back on the pool table after releasing her grips on Sean, Jake and Hashem. Sean's cock had softened and swung between his legs like an anaconda as he watched his cum dripping out of Penny's cunt onto the floor. Her pussy was still stretched wide open, inviting Jake and Hashem as they crowded between her thighs. They spread her legs so wide that they were almost straight out to the sides of her body, and Penny thought that it was a good thing she regularly practiced yoga. She wondered what they had planned, and then it became obvious as they both started to wedge their crowns into her entrance. Penny knew Sean had stretched her, but both Jake and Hashem had thick poles, so once again she bit her lower lip as she felt them push forward against her labia. Side by side their cocks stretched her hole even farther and Penny thought her pussy was going to rip when they finally slid into her cunt together.

They each grasped one of her silky legs and pushed forward, both cocks slipping up into her juicy cunt. She balled her hands into fists as they continued to push into her, feeling the inner walls of her pussy expanding to accommodate their fat cocks. Because they were standing side by side, they were only able to penetrate her with about five inches of their pricks, but it felt to Penny like one of them had shoved his arm inside her. Luckily there was plenty of lubrication in her pussy and the two cousins began to fuck her. Two big fat cocks sliding in and out of her pussy, and Penny screamed, "oh my fucking God." With each thrust, Jake and Hashem squeezed their bodies closer together, and penetrated her hole a little deeper.

Her pussy was stretched obscenely wide, and Sean yelled at Kevin, "man this bitch loves cock." Penny had actually enjoyed having her pussy stretched by Sean's monster. Although not really a fan of incredibly huge dicks, she hadn't had sex in along time and needed to feel a good hard penis inside her, but the extreme punishment of having two fat pricks stretching her so obscenely wide, was not fun. It wasn't giving her any hurt, plain and simple. She gritted her teeth as they shoved their thick meat into her pussy, their only concern was getting their rocks off inside the beautiful blonde stretched out on the pool table. She tried to stimulate herself by fondling her amazing breasts and pinching her nipples very hard.

She wanted then to finish so that maybe she could actually enjoy her next encounter, so she encouraged them, "cum in me...fill my pussy...cum in me now," and she cupped her perfect tits as if she were presenting them to the two cousins. It worked, as they misread her actual intentions and just assumed she was a nympho.

Jake elbowed Hashem and challenged him, "oh man this chick loves cock...I bet I can cum in her before you can."

"No way man," Hashem shoved him and then both men started making faces like they were trying to pass a kidney stone as they gripped the bases of their cocks. Suddenly Penny's pussy became extremely warm as both men erupted inside her. "You asked for it baby...there it is...enjoy it," gasped Hashem, nearly out of breath. "Ha, I was first," he crowed and shoved against Jake so hard that Jake stumbled and his prick slipped out of Penny's hole.

Penny was relieved and became even more so when Jake shoved back and Hashem also withdrew, leaving her pussy empty and instantly feeling better. Bernadette had seen the extreme violation of Penny and asked Kevin, "do you think we could have a water break?" He threw them each a beach towel and they sat next to each other on one of the sofas while they paused and re-hydrated. "I'm sorry Penny, I didn't know they were going to get so extreme with you...I'm used to it. Will you be OK?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Penny said, "I just needed a break. That Sean is a real asshole."

"He definitely is, I've never dealt with him before, just Kevin and a couple of the other guys," Bernadette agreed. They wiped the perspiration off with the towels and then sat on them so that the cum drooling out of their holes didn't soak the couch.

Sean spoke to Bernadette, "Hey little leprechaun, I want to play with that little body of yours," and he crooked his finger, motioning for her to join him at the pool table. Shaking her blonde tresses, Bernadette walked over to the table where he put his hands under her armpits and lifted her easily up to sit on the edge. Lamar handed him a pool cue and the bottle of suntan oil while he wedged himself between Bernadette's short, but shapely, legs. His flaccid penis hung between them and it was as big as Bernadette's arm. He squirted oil on the stick and then stood back between her splayed legs to admire her tiny pussy. "Spread 'em for me," he ordered and Bernadette reached between her legs, grasped her elongated labia (the left on by her shiny ring) and spread them wide. They were at least two inches long and probably longer as she pulled them to the sides, opening her hole.

With a cruel sneer on his face, Sean began to wedge the handle of the pool cue into Bernadette's juicy pussy, slowly sliding it up inside her. She lay back on the table where Penny had been and began to maul her own giant tits as the cue inched up into her belly. Pinching her jellybean nipples until they turned white, Bernadette moaned, "mmmmm," as Sean began to fuck her with at least twelve inches of the stick. "Oh yeah...that's good," Bernadette groaned as he shoved the pool cue in and out of her cunt, "fuck my little pussy."

Kevin sat on the sofa next to Penny and began to fondle her magnificent breasts, rolling her gumdrop nipples between his fingers with one hand, and cupping her puffy mound with his other. Her slit was still wide open from being violated by his cousins and he easily slid three fat fingers up inside her. "You are absolutely gorgeous Penny, and I can't wait to fuck you. Why don't you climb on," Kevin stated as he sat back on the couch.

Penny faced him and straddled his groin, her knees on the sofa. Reaching down she held his huge pole as she easily lowered her body, impaling herself on his shiny black rod. Normally she would have struggled with his size, but they had already stretched her tunnel and Penny began to rise up and down, fucking herself on his massive ten inches. She had to admit that his cock felt good inside her and she braced her hands on the back of the sofa as she rode his pole. He motioned to Angel, "hey cous, get over here...we make a good team...bring the oil."

Angel swiftly grabbed the coconut oil and spread the lubricant on his long, slender prick, then stepped up behind Penny. She had never been a fan of anal sex, but knew there would be no limits when she agreed to help Bernadette, so she just tried to relax and leaned forward onto Kevin as Angel spread her perfect ass cheeks exposing her sphincter. She was thankful that his tool was fairly slim as he pushed forward and his crown penetrated her muscle ring. "Shit," she groaned as he steadily pushed into her ass-hole.

"No, don't do that," Kevin joked, seeing that she was uncomfortable with the double-penetration.

Penny was taken by surprise and actually laughed, as her body relaxed and Angel took it as an opportunity to bury his nine inch pole up her ass. "Holy fuck," Penny exclaimed, feeling the two cocks wedged into her holes, separated by a thin membrane. Lubrication was no problem, especially in her pussy, as they began to double-fuck the beautiful blonde. The tequila coursing trough her veins helped, and Penny threw her head back, her long blonde hair cascading down her back, and moaned, "holy shit that feels good." The sensation of their long slippery cocks sliding in and out of her holes together was incredible. Kevin reached up and began to knead and squeeze her gorgeous tits and Penny gasped as her body trembled, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...your fucking cocks feel so good."

Kevin grasped her waist so he could watch her breasts bounce up and down, and they started to increase the pace of their thrusts, her tits jiggling like mounds of Jello. Penny was really getting into it as she helped them by bending her knees and then slamming down to meet them as they jammed up into her. "Fill my holes...fuck me good," she gasped when she felt their poles twitch inside her; their loads flooding her insides. "Oh my God that feels good," she gasped as their hot cum squirted up into her tunnels.

Sean had gotten bored with fucking Bernadette with the pool cue and decided to see if the eight-ball would fit up inside her. He was thoughtful enough to squirt coconut oil on the black sphere as she spread her thighs as far as possible. Holding it against her slit with the palm of his hand, Sean pushed until it, quite easily, popped through her opening and into her pussy. Impressed with her rubbery slit, Sean challenged her, "if you can squirt that out and make it into one of the table's holes, I won't shove my cock up your ass."

Since his was the largest prick she had ever seen, Bernadette had some incentive as she scooted her body around and aimed her crotch at the nearest side pocket. Squeezing her kegel muscles, which had received much exercise for the past few years, the ball shot out of her hole, narrowly missed the side pocket and miraculously rebounded into the corner pocket. "Ah ha," she shrieked and folded her arms under her pendulous breasts.

Sean looked puzzled for a second, then his sneer returned as he grabbed Bernadette around her tiny waist, lifted her nude body like a rag-doll and laid her face down over the end of the pool table, remarking, "I lied." Luckily, Angel threw him the suntan oil and Sean grudgingly squirted a generous amount into the top of Bernie's deep ass crack. Her cheeks wobbled as he spread them apart and watched the oil drool down into her ass-hole. Without hesitation, he wedged his tennis-ball crown against her sphincter ring and shoved violently forward. It was tight because of his incredible girth, but it may have hurt him more than Bernadette as it peeled back his foreskin.

Bernadette was used to having her ass filled with cock and just lay there feeling him stretch her brown tunnel as he pushed forward. He could only get about half of his huge pole into her ass, but seemed to be satisfied as he began to fuck her. Her ass cheeks quivered as he slammed into her, trying to punish her for some reason. She knew what he was trying to do and would not give him the satisfaction, urging him, "oh yeah...fuck that ass...I love a cock in my ass." Laying against the table, her massive tits flattened out under her like fleshy pillows and she reached under her to pinch her nipples. He grasped her waist in his huge hands and actually picked her up off the table, proceeding to walk proudly around the room with her ass impaled on his monstrous log. He was at least six foot eight inches and she was so tiny that it looked like he was fucking an inflatable doll.

He pulled her up against his chest and began to bounce her little body up and down on his groin, slamming his giant tool into her ass. Her incredible tits were flopping against her chest making slapping sounds as Aaron approached her from the front, his fat eight inches waving in front of him. Kevin's cum was still dripping out of her hole and Aaron rubbed his head between her long lips, nudged his crown against her slit, bent his knees and then thrust upward. Immediately almost the entire shaft disappeared inside Bernadette's cunt and she groaned, "oh fucking yes," feeling her insides being stretched. Aaron and Sean began to pummel her holes with their poles; slamming their cocks into her ass and pussy, her midget body glistening with sweat between them. In and out of her holes they thrust, their cocks acting like pistons. "Jam those fucking cocks into me," Bernadette squealed in her upper octave pitch, "I need it harder."

This seemed to excite Sean and Aaron as they increased the battering her holes were withstanding and used their knees to get extra leverage as they slammed into her. Bernadette's eyes rolled up into their sockets and her naked form seemed to spasm as they simultaneously erupted inside her. "Aaaaaa," escaped from her open mouth as Sean and Aaron filled her holes with their seed, and then her body went limp between them. "Oh my fucking God," she murmured, as Aaron allowed his shriveling prick to slip out of her pussy and Sean carried her over, still impaled on his cock, and set her down on the pool table. Withdrawing, everyone could see up into her ass-hole as she lay face down on the green felt, catching her breath, strings of white fluid dripping out of her holes.

Lamar walked over to the sofa, took Penny's hand and led her to a spot between the chairs, then lay down on the cushiony carpet. He grasped his fat nine inch black cock and pointed it at the ceiling, leaving no question what he desired. Penny straddled his prone figure, her long shapely legs seeming endless as she stood above him, then fell to her knees facing him. She reached down between her thighs and guided his plum sized crown to her wide open slit. Kevin's jism drooled out of her pussy like mayonnaise, coating Lamar's head and Penny slowly lowered her body, allowing his stiff prick to penetrate her cunt. He was nice and fat the way she liked them and she tilted her head back and moaned, "oh that's nice," as she felt him fill her pussy.

She thought to herself that there really was no better feeling than having her cunt stuffed by a nice fat cock, and she began to ride him like a rodeo star. Bracing her hands on his kinky chest, Penny rose her body up and down, feeling his shaft slide in and out of her hole. Lamar started to jam his pole upward to meet her and they were soon fucking almost violently. Penny looked down between them to watch his slick black pole sliding in and out of her and it seemed to increase her arousal. It was a beautiful sight watching the exquisite blond fucking herself on the huge shaft, her magnificent tits bouncing up and down to their rhythm.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her creamy white shoulder, and turned to see Sam standing behind her urging her to lean forward. She lay against Lamar's chest as Sam squirted his pepperoni stick with suntan oil and spread her perfectly round cheeks. Angel's load was still seeping out of her rectum when Sam began pushing into her ass. Popping through her muscle ring, he pushed steadily forward until his balls nudged against her ass cheeks. Since she had already been loosened up by a double-penetration, Penny just lay against Lamar and enjoyed being fucked. The sensation of the two huge cocks sliding in and out of her holes simultaneously was indescribable, and she groaned, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck my holes...I love your fucking cocks."

Starting out slowly and gradually increasing their pace, Sam and Lamar fucked the beautiful blonde. "Holy shit...yesss," Penny shrieked as they jammed their fat cocks up into her, "oh my fucking God that feels good." Not wanting to be left out of the excitement, Sean straddled Lamar's head and began stroking his anaconda in Penny's direction. Trapped between the two men fucking her, Penny grasped his pole with one of her farm-girl hands and started to jerk him off. Craning her lovely neck, she was able to lick his giant purple head; both of them realizing that it would never fit in her mouth, as she stroked him.

"You go girl," Bernadette shouted encouragement as she watched Penny handle three large cocks.

Sean, not content with her tongue licking his crown, reached down and began to roughly grope her incredibly firm tits, mauling them and pinching her gumdrop nipples. She fastened her ruby lips around the tip of his monster and squeezed his balls, hoping to hurt him like he was abusing her tits. It spurred him on and he almost immediately began to spurt into her open mouth. Luckily for Penny, there wasn't much left in his balls and she easily swallowed his load.

Free to concentrate on the cocks inside her, Penny jammed her body back against Lamar and Sam as they fucked her battered holes. "Oh my God that feels good...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," she pleaded, bracing herself against Lamar as Sam plowed her ass. Everyone in the room was just watching the beautiful blonde being double-penetrated, her wonderful tits jiggling uncontrollably. "Fuck me...fuck me...slam your fucking cocks into me," she breathlessly begged. When they felt her body begin to spasm with her climax, Lamar and Sam shoved their poles deep into her holes and unloaded their seed, pumping every drop into her sweaty body. "Holy shit," Penny gasped and collapsed against Lamar's chest, actually losing consciousness momentarily.

Sam's cock began to shrink and he slowly slid out of her battered ass-hole, unleashing a stream of jism. Lamar held her against his chest until his shriveling pole slipped naturally out of her pussy, then gently lifted her exhausted body off him and onto the plush carpet. Penny just lay there, her legs splayed obscenely, and cum drooling out of her open holes.

After a brief break to hydrate, the action resumed until everyone was totally spent. Bernadette and Penny were sitting next to each other on the luxurious carpet, trying to avoid all the damp spots when Kevin took Penny's hand and led her over to the sofa. He then announced, "the evening is done except for the finale: Bernadette, you remember Bruno." He went over to a side door, opened it and in bounded the largest dog Penny had ever seen. It was a Great Dane, with emphasis on the great because he was the size of a small pony. Bruno was white with black blotches and he immediately went over to where Bernadette was sitting and began to lick her face.

"Hi Bruno," she greeted him, "you're such a good boy...but I was hoping I had seen the last of you." She stood up and the huge dog's body was as tall as her breasts, which he began to lick. After a couple laps, he dipped his giant head, nudged it between her legs and sniffed. His long pink tongue began to lap at her slit, which was still open and Bernadette's knees buckled. He was so strong that he lifted his enormous head and actually lifted Bernadette's tiny body off the floor.

"Nope, one more time for old times sake," Kevin said, "and then your debt will be paid." "They are old friends," he explained to Penny.

Bernadette immediately got on her hands and knees, giving new meaning to the term "doggy style" and Kevin produced small socks from behind the bar which he easily slid onto Bruno's front paws. "We don't want to scratch that creamy skin," he explained, and led Bruno over to Bernie's backside. The dog immediately started to sniff the tiny blonde's large butt and Penny had to stifle a laugh because of the similarity to a normal dog's greeting of another dog. His dark red penis began to protrude from it's furry sheath and grow as he sniffed between her legs. She accommodated him by spreading her knees as far apart on the carpet as she could, turning her cute face to watch the huge dog.

His penis was now nearly nine inches of thick, raw-looking meat, about as thick as a kielbasa, and a long string of pre-cum was hanging off the tip. He seemed agitated as he straddled her tiny body from behind, his front legs on either side of her back as his waving cock sought her juicy hole. He kept stabbing his groin at her ass attempting to hit pay dirt, his red-veined penis actually looked angry. Bernadette shoved her ass higher, trying to help him find his target and finally his tip found it's way between her slit. With one mighty shove, Bruno buried his fat cock into Bernadette's wide pussy and he began to hump his conquest.

"Allll righttt," everyone shouted when Bruno finally penetrated her cunt, their fists thrusting into the air. "Now this is a fucking show," Sean yelled, as Bruno's hind legs inched underneath Bernadette and his cock began to thrust in and out of her pussy almost so fast that they could barely see it. He was fucking her cunt so fast that Penny half expected to see smoke coming from her hole.

Despite herself, Penny could feel her nipples becoming hard from the spectacle and Kevin, sitting beside her, reached over with his muscular arms and pulled her onto his lap; still facing away so she could watch the show. Grasping her thin waist with his giant hands, he lifted her up until his fat ten inch cock was pointed straight at her slit. Penny reached down, never taking her eyes off Bernadette, and guided his crown into her cunt as he slowly lowered her. When she was completely impaled on his monstrous cock and sitting on his lap, she just leaned back against his chest and they watched the show. Every now and then, Kevin would flex his meat inside her and Penny would reciprocate by clenching her pussy muscles around his pole. He reached up to cup and knead her marvelous tits as they watched Bruno and Bernadette. Again, she admitted to herself that she absolutely loved the feel of a big fat cock inside her pussy.

Faster and faster, Bruno fucked Bernadette's cunt as her massive tits swung underneath her like giant water balloons. "Holy fucking shit," Bernadette gasped as his meat thrust into her belly. One thing about dogs is that they have no stamina when it comes to sex, and before long Bruno began to howl and his hind legs twitched as he emptied his doggy semen into Bernadette's hole. "Holy fuck," Bernadette yelled as it felt like her pussy was on fire. As soon as he had ejaculated, Bruno's cock had knotted and it was nearly impossible to withdrew from her cunt. Luckily Bernadette had already been obscenely stretched by the many cocks she had just serviced, and Bruno finally managed to unplug his swollen prick. Strings of doggy-cum drooled out of her pussy, which Bruno happily cleaned with his tongue.

Kevin leaned Penny over until she reached out and braced herself against the floor with her hands as he began to ream his horse-cock in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Her legs were wrapped around his waist backwards and she looked like a wheelbarrow being pushed by Kevin as he thrust in and out of her dripping hole. "Oh fuck yesss," he yelled as he pumped another load of cum into Penny's well-used pussy. He quickly withdrew, watching her hole stay wide open as she curled up on the plush floor.

Bernadette and Penny took a shower together, helping each other to scrub all the semen off their battered skin. Penny was incredibly sore, while Bernadette seemed none the worse for wear. "Thanks again Penny, I really owe you," Bernadette assured her friend as they were dressing. When they left the bathroom, everyone had dressed and was crowded around the pool table where Lamar and Aaron were engaged in a contest of eight-ball.

Kevin handed Penny a wad of bills, which she later counted and added up to seven hundred dollars, and told them, "We took up a collection for you Penny...Bernadette, consider us square. I hope you ladies will be open to future performances."

Bernadette answered, "It's a possibility, but if I get my promotion, I shouldn't need to borrow any more money. Maybe we'll get together some time just for fun though."

"This was just a bit extreme for me," Penny added, "but thanks for the money."

When Bernadette dropped her off, Penny gingerly walked bowlegged up to her apartment and quietly let herself in, not wanting to draw any attention from 4A. she immediately drank a full bottle of water, collapsed onto her bed without changing clothes, and slept soundly through the night.

When Leonard called the next day and asked her if she would like to catch a movie that night, Penny's first reaction was to say "no." She was exhausted from the previous day's workout and more than a little sore, but the desire to spend time with the man she was beginning to recognize as her "soul mate" outweighed those factors and she readily agreed. As soon as she saw his beaming face, she knew she had made the correct decision. He even let her select the movie and she chose a nostalgic showing of the classic Casablanca at one of the revival theatres. Leonard didn't complain once that it wasn't about a superhero or space travel and smiled the entire time.

They held hands throughout the film and Penny lay her head on his shoulder until he lost all feeling in his arm. About halfway through the movie, she realized that she had never in her life felt more contented. On the way home they stopped into an old-fashioned neighborhood ice cream parlor where she had mint-almond chip and he ordered a lime shaved ice (lactose intolerant, you know). They had gone to the early showing, so when Penny was unlocking her apartment door, she naturally invited Leonard in. "Are you sure," Leonard sounded almost surprised, "I know you had a long day yesterday with Bernadette...and I wouldn't want you to get tired of me."

"I don't think that will ever happen," Penny boldly told him, pulling him into her living room and closing the door. As soon as it closed, Penny wrapped her arms around him and mashed her lips against his. "I've wanted to do that all night," she broke the kiss and tugged at his arm, urging him to sit on the sofa.

"Yeah, me too, know...I didn't know if you would get mad if I tried it," he admitted.

"Leonard...I'm your girlfriend, right...of course I want you to kiss me," she scolded him.

"You are," he nearly shouted, his eyes widening and his grin spreading, "you do?"

She sat next to him, threw her legs on top of his and leaned in as he engulfed her in his arms and drew her into him. Cupping her radiant face in both hands, Leonard kissed her both tenderly and passionately at the same time. They kissed until both needed a break to breathe. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hand through his chest hair and surprisingly firm chest. "That feels nice," he encouraged her, and she leaned over to kiss his neck.

Leonard began to nibble on her graceful neck and earlobe. "Oh God Leonard," Penny moaned, "that drives me wild...I guess you would say it's my kryptonite."

She had surprised herself with the Superman reference and Leonard sat back in shock, and laughed, "you've got to stop hanging around with're stating to sound like one."

"I know there's one nerd I'm not going to stop seeing," Penny chuckled as she nuzzled against his neck. Penny could feel her crotch growing damp and she teasingly asked, "I was wondering if you would like to play with your birthday gifts."

"I was hoping...but didn't want to seem too forward," Leonard smiled shyly.

Penny grasped the hem of her blouse and whisked it off over her head, exposing her skimpy, virtually see-through lace bra. "Would you do the honors," she asked, her eyes teasing him as she turned her back to him. With surprising deft, Leonard unclasped her bra and she shrugged it off her arms and tossed it in the general direction of her shirt. They were just as marvelous as Leonard had remembered: two absolutely perfect tits hanging on her chest, defying gravity with their firmness. Penny straddled his legs facing him, her knees beside him on the sofa. She could feel his impressive erection pressing against her as he leaned forward and began to nibble on her left breast, trapping her flesh between his teeth and then letting it snap back.

He fondled her tender flesh, caressing, nibbling and squeezing; yet never making contact with her now sensitive nipples. Licking all around her tits and massaging her back, he had Penny squirming on his lap until she begged, "oh dear God...please suck my nipples." Cupping her left tit in both hands, Leonard bit down on her erect gumdrop and Penny's body shivered in climax. She pursed her lips and moaned, "mmmmm," as he repeated this with the right nipple. "How did I get this lucky," she thought as Leonard continued to nibble on her chest. "My God you're good at this," Penny congratulated him.

"Penny, your breasts are absolutely perfect," Leonard whispered as he leaned down and swirled his tongue in her bellybutton. Slowly he was pushing his hand down her tummy and under the waistband of her pants.

Penny had never wanted to have sex more that she did at that moment; she craved to feel her lover's cock inside her for the first time, but she snapped back to reality; she was still very sore from yesterday and there were actual bruises on her thighs that would be impossible to explain. Very reluctantly she grasped Leonard's hand as it attempted to delve between her legs and pushed it back to her tit.

Immediately Leonard apologized, "I'm so sorry Penny...I know...I'm so sorry, I just wanted to make love to you...I promise it won't happen again."

She knew his psyche had been damaged so many times, that he need to be reassured, "sweetie, it's OK. I want to as bad as you...I promise; but it's my time of the month." It was only a tiny lie: her cycle was due in a couple days. She reasoned that by the time it was actually over, they could finally make love.

"Oh," Leonard sounded both disappointed and relieved, "Sheldon did mention that it was due."

"Wait...what," Penny sounded incredulous, "Sheldon tracks my the hell does he know."

"Please don't be mad at me," Leonard pleaded. "When I was leaving for our date, you know the guys, mostly Howard, were teasing me and Sheldon made the comment. I guess one day when you first moved in, he saw a feminine product in your grocery he just knows. It's not intentional, it's just that where numbers are involved he can't help himself. If you mentioned a month five years from now, he could tell you the dates your period is's just the way his mind works..completely subconscious."

Penny climbed off Leonard's lap and sat beside him, hugging his head to her incredible naked chest, "I'm not mad at you sweetie...just disappointed...and that Sheldon...what a wackadoodle." Leonard couldn't take his eyes off her wonderful breasts and became further aroused by the way they wobbled when she moved. "Because you're such an understanding sweetie, I have a special treat for you."

"I've already had my treats," Leonard answered with a huge grin, staring at her amazing tits.

Penny slid off the sofa and kneeled between his knees, her sensuous eyes never breaking contact with his. Reaching up, she unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. Grasping his waistbands, she tugged as he eagerly lifted up off the couch and pulled his pants and boxers down and off his legs. Getting her first glimpse at his cock, a gasp escaped Penny's lips.

"I hope you're not disappointed," Leonard mumbled.

She had held it in her hand once before on his birthday, but until now had never seen his prick, and she assured him, "oh my God's perfect," and she meant it. Penny was not a size queen, and it certainly was not as large as some of the monsters she had handled that weekend, but to her it was indeed perfect. It was nice to be stretched once in a while, but not on a regular basis. In her mind she had always thought that a cock of about eight inches and thick would be the perfect size for her...and Leonard definitely measured up to her expectations. It was certainly long enough, thick as a soda can, with a crown the size of a juicy peach. This was torture for her: she wanted desperately to feel him inside her, but knew she just couldn't...not today.

Leaning forward, her tongue swiped the tip of Leonard's erection, licking the drops of pre-cum off his prominent crown and then tasting them. Grasping it in her large Nebraska farm-girl hand, her fingers couldn't quite touch. She licked his large purple head like she would lick a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day and Leonard leaned back against the sofa moaning. Her soaked panties were clinging to her crotch and the desire to have Leonard fuck her was nearly overwhelming. Opening her mouth so wide that she was afraid her jaw would dislocate, Penny felt his peach-sized crown pop through her lips and into her mouth.

Leaning forward, she stuffed about half his prick into her mouth until it nudged the back of her throat. It's girth was stretching her lips and there was barely room in her mouth for her tongue to play with his shaft. Her head began to bob up and down on his cock and Leonard moaned in response, "that feels so wonderful."

He reached down between them and began to knead and fondle her glorious tits as they bobbed in front of her, rolling her gumdrop nipples between her finger and eliciting a long moan from his blond goddess. Penny thought to herself, "Bernadette was right...he's a keeper. No man has ever played with my tits the way he does." She squeezed his scrotum and his golf-ball sized gonads while running her tongue on the underside of his penis.

"I'm sorry, but I have to warn you," Leonard shyly confessed, "I'm going to cum any second."

Penny backed her mouth off his rod momentarily and said, "thanks for the warning sweetie...I can't wait to taste you," and she surrounded his prick with her mouth once again.
Almost immediately his cock began to jerk and twitch, her mouth filling with his ejaculation. "Holy shit," she told herself, "even his cum tastes sweet...I just wish it was in my pussy." Leonard pumped and Penny swallowed...every single drop. She even licked the sides of his cock, cleaning him as he lay back into the sofa.

"That was the most incredible experience of my life," Leonard gasped, short of breath, "thank you."

"Sweetie, you don't have to thank me for sex," she smiled, licking her lips, "it was my pleasure. I should be thanking you...where did you learn to fondle breasts like that?"

"Google," he grinned as he hooked his arms under her armpits and urged her up to sit on his lap.

He hugged her into him, feeling her incredible tits pressing into his bare chest and asked, "I know it's late but I was wondering if I could stay a while longer...I just love holding you in my arms."

"Oh my God Leonard," I know you don't believe in psychics, but I was just going to ask you if you would come to bed with me. I feel so safe and contented when you hold me." Taking him by the hand she led him into her bedroom and said, "I'll be right back," as she disappeared into the bathroom. He had retrieved his boxers and slipped them on before climbing into her bed, forgoing a shirt. Penny went into the bathroom and swiftly shucked off her pants and panties, which were so soaked that her juices were beginning to drip down her thighs. She slipped on her favorite Hello Kitty pink shorts, which were just long enough to hide the bruises and decided not to bother with a shirt. "I wish I weren't so sore...I really want to feel him inside me," she murmured to herself.

Leonard watched her climb into bed, her magnificent tits jiggling and after a long, passionate kiss she lay against him; her back to his front. He wrapped his arms around her naked torso, cupping her breasts and drawing her closer. Penny pressed her body back against him, feeling his erection laying between her ass cheeks. Completely relaxed and contented, she began to drift off to sleep. When he was sure she was asleep, Leonard whispered something he wouldn't dare say when she was awake, for fear of scaring her off : "I love you Penny."

He jumped when she mumbled something in return, not quite unconscious yet. Leonard thought it was "good night," but it was actually, "love you, too."

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