Fictional story about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 6 (MF,oral,anal)
by shaggy77

Over the next few weeks, Leonard and Penny saw each other as often as they could (although neither one thought it was often enough), but never seemed to have the time to become intimate again (although they both craved some "alone time"). Penny attended several auditions arranged by her agent and picked up as many extra shifts at the Cheesecake Factory as she could. Leonard was involved with an intense research project and used the university's high powered laser lab as often as he could. Of course, he also was responsible for the seemingly never ending task of being Sheldon's taxi driver.

Although they both thought about the time they had nearly made love, neither Penny or Leonard obsessed about it and were content to enjoy each other's company, and learn more about each other. Leonard immersed himself in studying Penny's acting career; the possibilities open to her, the invisible hurdles and politics of the acting business, and he now was a regular reader of Variety. For her part, Penny had become a fast study of Halo and other video games that he enjoyed (she had even beaten Sheldon at Halo, which she reminded him of every time he cast aspersions on her acting career or her libido). Their relationship had grown so strong that Penny seriously considered asking Leonard to move in with her someday soon.

Most of her former friends would have scoffed at her relationship with her lovable nerd, but she had never felt more content or comfortable with another person. Instead of a local bar, which she would have formerly chosen; the local park had become their favorite date place. Recently he had invited her on a picnic to the park and they had spent the afternoon flying kites. It was one of the most enjoyable dates she had ever had, but if you had suggested it a year ago, she would have laughed at the prospect.

He had told her about the history of kites and much to her surprise she found herself totally enthralled. Kites had been flying for over two thousand years and could be traced back to the Han Dynasty. He informed her that Buddhist monks used them as talismans to ward off evil spirits and that kite-fighting was a bona fide sport in Raj's native India and Thailand where participants used abrasive lines to cut the strings of others. They had lay in the grass facing opposite directions with their heads together watching their kites soar high above them.

On this night she eagerly awaited his footsteps in the hallway between their apartments, because she had exciting news. When she heard the voices of Leonard and Sheldon echoing up the stairwell, Penny rushed out into the hall to greet them. Nearly knocking Leonard over, she surprised him with a vigorous hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi angel," he greeted her, "it is so great to see seem in an extra good mood."

"Sorry to disappoint you Penny," Sheldon obnoxiously interrupted, "we just got home from take-out yet."

Nothing could dampen her mood as she responded, "nice to see you too Moonpie," using the nickname that she knew would annoy him.

"Only my Meemaw calls me Moonpie," he pouted as he unlocked the door to 4A.

"Sweetie, I got a call-back from that audition I went to last know, the Jason Statham movie!" It wasn't that she had a crush on Statham or anything, but even though he had only made a handful of big box office films, according to all the magazines, he was one of the fastest rising stars in the business. His third "Transporter" movie was about to be released and it was supposed to mark his launch into major stardom. Appearing in one of his movies would get her much needed exposure, hopefully leading to other parts.

"Oh my God, that is so great," Leonard gushed while wrapping his arms around her and hugging her tight. "A call-back means that they're pretty interested in you , right?"

"I hope so," she admitted, "I hate to ask, but could we switch cars again tomorrow...I have to drive to Burbank."

"You know you don't have to ask...I was just going to suggest it," and he handed her a new set of keys, "this is YOUR set, so from now on just take it whenever you need it. Hopefully you'll need it a lot...when you get the part. If I see the car is gone, I'll just use still stash the keys under the mat, right."

"Wait," Sheldon exclaimed, "am I to believe that you don't secure your vehicle."

"Brilliant deduction Sherlock Sheldon," Penny responded, trying to be as sarcastic as he always was, what's the point...who would want to steal that rust bucket."

"Point taken," Sheldon agreed, "it is a vehicular time-bomb, but suppose some homeless person crawls into the back seat to sleep."

"Well he better be out by the time I come down to use it or he will be relocating," Penny nonchalantly answered.

"Unbelievable," Sheldon shook his head and Leonard grinned from ear to ear because she had gotten the best of his roommate.

"Thank you so are the sweetest man in the world," she leaned in and gave Leonard another peck on the cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, knock off the mushy stuff," Sheldon interjected, "I hope you get the job too."

"Thank you sweetie," Penny was genuinely touched.

"Yeah, then you can pay for your own wi-fi...bazinga," Sheldon rudely stated.

"Speaking of which," she asked, "did you change the password again?"

"Yes," Sheldon informed her, smiling, "it's wepayforwifisoshouldpenny."

"No spaces or caps," Leonard grinned and squeezed her hand. "Can you stay for dinner, it's Giacomos night."

"I wish I could, sweetie but I've got a shift tonight. I just wanted to tell you the big news...I'm really excited. Thanks for the car." Penny cruised through her Cheesecake Factory shift that night, her feet barely touching the floor as dreams of stardom floated through her head. She knew she shouldn't get her hopes up, but a call-back in her career was reason to celebrate. When she got home, she took a nice long, hot shower, shaved everything below the neck, drank a nice relaxing jelly-glass of wine and hopped into bed.

The next morning, she popped her ear-buds in and actually danced around her apartment as she got dressed and readied herself for her shot at an acting future. Deciding on a flirty, short pale blue sundress, with no bra, and her "lucky" purple thong, she slipped on a pair of four inch heels to make her long shapely legs even more taut and sexy and admired herself in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. She had no idea what part they were considering her for, but she was convinced she was going to "kill it" at the audition; she felt like it was now or never for her career.

When she got in to Leonard's car, there was a folded piece of paper on the passenger seat with a big gold foil star sticker on the front. Opening it, she saw that it was official Cal Tech stationery and on it, in red gel pen, Leonard had written, "good luck today gorgeous. Don't forget your old neighbor when you're a big star (get" And he had signed it with just a little red heart.

She giggled at his attempt at humor and thought to herself, "how could I ever forget the sweetest man on earth." All the way to Burbank she had the car stereo turned all the way up and sang to the music, trying to take her mind off any pressure she might be putting on herself. Penny wondered if it were an omen, when the name of the film production company stenciled on the door was Gold Star Productions. There were a few other actors and actresses in the waiting area but she was shown into the Casting Director's office almost immediately. Trying not to show her nervousness, she shook hands with the Casting Director who introduced himself as Franz, and the Producer who Franz introduced as Wolfgang. Franz was a fairly attractive middle-aged man with slicked back black hair and
Wolfgang reminded her of the old porn star Ron Jeremy...he just seemed sleazy, but she knew he was the "money man" so she had to be respectful.

Franz invited her to sit in a large overstuffed leather chair and wasted no time, "here's the deal Penny: we both watched your recorded audition and we would like to offer you a part. Penny's heart fluttered as he continued, "it's just a small part...only one speaking line, but we think you would be perfect, and we need to begin production in about a week. You see Jason Statham has other projects lined up so we need to keep a deadline. The part is a topless dancer in a sleazy bar where Statham's character comes in and a brawl ensues. Your one line would be greeting his character. The pay would be standard SAG wage scale. Take a few minutes, think it over, and we really need a quick answer."

All Penny could think was: "topless...that's not the direction I wanted my career to take, but with Jason Statham starring in the film, I could really get some great exposure...ha, no pun intended. This may be the best opportunity I get for months; and if he becomes a big-time actor, it will look great on my resume."

Wolfgang interjected in a thick German accent, "you see Penny we need a pretty girl who has the looks of a desperate dancer in a sleazy bar. We don't want someone who has gorgeous model-type looks...that would not be believable for a dive-bar. In short, we want someone with your common-girl looks."

"Wow, what a sweet talker," Penny thought to herself, "I have a boyfriend who would argue with your assessment of my attractiveness." Realizing this may be her opportunity of a lifetime, she heard herself blurt out, "I want the part."

"Oh, good...good," Wolfgang declared standing up, "now before we sign any contract we need to see your body."

"Yeah, remember the part is of a topless dancer, so we need to see your body...make sure it measures up, so to speak," Franz agreed, "so if you don't mind removing your dress...."

She knew this was coming, so Penny just casually as possible stood in front of her chair, slipped the straps of her dress off her smooth shoulders and let the flimsy garment drift down her marvelous body to the carpeted floor. Since her only underwear was her purple thong, Penny's virtually naked body was now on display to the two strangers. Her thong barely covered her puffy mound and the string in back disappeared completely up into her ass crack. Wolfgang stepped forward, reached out and cupped her incredible 35 C breasts in his pudgy hands, weighing and bouncing them. Despite herself, her gumdrop sized pink nipples protruded prominently as he manipulated her tits. "Would you mind jumping up a few times so we can see how they will look when you are dancing," Wolfgang suggested.

Even though she was in heels, Penny jumped up and down a few times, twisting her body and making her breasts jiggle and bounce. "Yes, they will do," Wolfgang commented.

Wanting to get this over with, Penny asked, "do you want me to take off my panties."

"No, that won't be necessary," Wolfgang informed her, "as I said you will be a topless dancer, so you'll be wearing a bikini bottom. Now, there is just one other thing before you sign your contract. And with that statement, he and Franz began to unbutton their trousers. "You see this is a perk of being the Producer," he continued, "there are a lot of other girls who want this part, so if you don't mind...on your knees." He shoved his pants and underwear down his stout legs revealing a short but thick hard-on, already erect. Franz, following suit, produced a longer but slimmer penis with a bulbous crown.

As disgusted as she was, Penny knew these sort of encounters were all part of the business for no-name wannabe actresses so she dropped to her knees in front of them. she heard Franz ask his boss, "aren't we going to fuck her?"

To which the crude producer replied, "are you serious...just look at her. We don't know where this skank's snatch has been." Penny could feel her face turning red as she kneeled before the crass executive and she seriously thought of biting his prick clean off, but knew she really wanted the part. Opening her sexy mouth and closing her eyes, she felt Wolfgang plug her mouth with his foul smelling cock and begin to fuck her throat. Her ruby lips were stretched around his girth as he thrust forward. She reached up to squeeze his balls, hoping to speed up the disgusting process, and she felt Franz behind her kneading her magnificent tits. "Suck it good bitch if you want to be in my picture," Wolfgang ordered as Penny sucked him into the back of her throat and licked the underside of his thick rod.

Franz was pinching her pink gumdrop nipples when suddenly, with no warning, Wolfgang erupted in her mouth, flooding it with his jism. Penny made no effort to swallow, allowing most of his load to dribble down her chin onto the carpet. "You should have swallowed more, but it is OK," Wolfgang advised her, "I enjoy seeing your chin covered in my seed... your turn Franz." Quickly Franz scampered around her and unceremoniously shoved his hot-dog sized penis into her mouth. Penny would try anything to speed him up, so she reached behind him and began to squeeze his hairy ass cheeks, actually working a finger up his anus.

Franz slid his cock in and out of her mouth, his shaft now a shiny red from her lipstick. Wolfgang had lost interest and was watching something on the desk's computer as Penny sucked Franz harder, fondling his scrotum with one hand and fingering his ass with the other. Before long she could feel him tense and then he withdrew, squirting his load all over her face and chest. "What pig," Penny thought, but then, "at least I didn't have to swallow any more."

"Nice shot Franz," Wolfgang congratulated him, "she looks right at home." Penny felt totally humiliated, but she also felt almost contented because she now had the part. "Get yourself cleaned up," Wolfgang ordered Penny, "and on the way out give my assistant all your contact information...fill out the W-4's and all that, and sign your contract. We will probably start shooting next week. You should only be required to be on set for one day."

Penny grudgingly thanked them for the part, used tissues from her purse to wipe her face and chest, slipped on her dress and left the office with as much dignity as she could muster. She immediately sought out the nearest restroom where she thoroughly washed off any trace of the two nasty Germans and gargled repeatedly with the sample-sized bottle of Listerine she always kept in her purse so she would always have minty-fresh breath for her interviews. Wolfgang's buxom assistant helped her with all the paperwork, and gave her the only page of the script she would need.

Getting back to Leonard's car, she glanced at the big gold star on his note and, after feeling ashamed momentarily, she chuckled and said out loud, "this may be the beginning of a long career." On the return drive, she thought about her part as a topless dancer and realized she had virtually no experience except for performing a couple sexy dances for former boyfriends. She wanted to be perfect for her first film with a big star and remembered seeing a couple seedy bars on the outskirts of Glendale when she had driven through that morning. On the return trip, the first one she came to was called "Guys" so she parked in the nearly deserted parking lot, checked her makeup in the rearview mirror and then read her page of script for the twentieth time.

Her solo line was actually a greeting to Statham himself: while dancing, she spies him entering the bar and yells, "hey Harry," and waves. Just thinking about it excited her and she wanted to get the dancing part down to perfection. Figuring she could get some tips from dancers in actual sleazy bars, she gathered up her courage and went inside. As if everything was proceeding according to fate, there was a hand-written sign in the front window: Dancers Wanted." It should only take her one or two nights to pick the brains of the other dancers and she didn't even care about the money, but she was smart enough not to tell the owner that she only intended to work a couple days.

Inside it resembled the type of sleazy bar she had seen so many times on television and in the movies. It was dark and there were a few tables scattered around in front of the bar. To the side there was a small stage where a tired looking topless brunette was dancing to a nearly empty room. Penny approached the bartender, who barely looked up, and inquired, "is the owner or manager here?" He just nodded toward the end of the bar where a man who resembled the George Costanza character from "Seinfeld" sat with a pile of paperwork in front of him. He looked her up and down, admiring her long legs and spoke, "I'm Guy...and you are?"

"Hi, I'm Penny," she replied extending her hand to shake, and added, "I wasn't sure if there was a Guy or if the name was just descriptive."

Shaking her hand, a little too long, he answered as if he had explained it a thousand times, "yeah I get that a lot. There used to be an apostrophe but someone took target practice on it. What can I do for you young lady."

"I saw your sign on the window and wondered if you were still looking for dancers," she admitted.

"Do you have any experience...dancing I mean," he grinned lasciviously, never taking his eyes off her ample cleavage.

"I'll admit I've never danced professionally, but I've been in enough clubs and have given enough private shows to think I could fill the vacancy," she confidently stated.

"Well, you're young and not bad on the eyes," Guy admitted, let's retire to my office and have a proper interview. He gestured for her to follow him and they went into a room at the rear of the bar, marked "Private." He pulled a regular office-chair (on wheels) in front of his desk for Penny to sit and he settled into a comfy looking leather chair behind the desk, and then began his spiel, "OK...I'm sorry, what is your name."

"It's Penny," she reminded him slightly annoyed.

"Right,'s the thing," he began, "dancing looks easy, but when a bunch of drunks start yelling lewd comments at you, you have to have thick enough skin to just ignore them and keep dancing. You can't take anything personally. Also I would prefer if you lived within thirty miles, because I can't have you being late because of traffic, or car problems. You will be required to work four night a week, four hours at least; sometimes different shifts, if another one of the girls has to change her schedule. I pay minimum wage, but you get to keep all your tips. Lap dances start at fifty bucks and we split it fifty/fifty. There is no touching by the customers allowed or we are in violation. We are zoned that's all you are allowed to do, or we are in violation of the health code and they can shut me down. Any overly aggressive customers and we do have bouncers. Do you understand the rules?"

Penny nodded in the affirmative and Guy continued, "so if you want the job I will need to see your body to make sure there are no major flaws. I'll admit you have a cute face, so I don't expect any obstacles.

This was becoming a humiliating and annoying habit, but Penny knew there was a perfectly sound reason for his request as she stood in front of the desk, and for the second time that day, she slipped the straps of her dress down her arms and let the garment drift to the floor revealing her incredible body. Guy was playing it cool, but Penny noticed his eyes widen as he stared at her nudity. "Don't get shy on me," he chided her, "remove the panties also please."

She wanted to say, "why do I have to remove my panties if this isn't a full-nude bar," but she just complied and slid her tiny thong down her long shapely legs until she was completely nude except for her heels.

"That's a nice bald pussy," he complimented her, "it's a real shame we're not zoned for full nudity." They could hear the music from the bar, and Guy suggested, "why don't you do a little dance for me so I can see if you can seduce the audience." Penny didn't really know what to do, so she just let her hips sway to the beat and made sure to shake her chest to make her breasts jiggle. "It's a shame your tits aren't bigger," Guy criticized her, "guys who go to topless bars want big tits...but you are a looker. Here's the thing: if you want the job, there is just one more requirement."

When he stood up and began to unbuckle his belt, Penny thought, "here we go again...if I didn't know there was at least one gentleman in the world, I would think they were all pigs."

Instinctively she kneeled in front of the desk preparing to administer a blow-job, but Guy had another idea: "what are you doing...I get blow-jobs from Gayle, the other dancer out front. Stand up, bend over the desk and spread those long legs for me." Penny knew she had passed the point of no return, so she did as he instructed and watched him retrieve a jar of Vaseline from his desk drawer. It was obvious she was not the first interview he had conducted. She had only had anal sex a couple of times, and was not a big fan of it to say the least, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Guy's penis: it was like a foot long hot dog. Even though it was lengthy, the most important aspect was that it was very slender and his crown barely flared at all so it wouldn't painfully stretch her brown hole.

She noticed that there was a pubic jungle around his hard-on and she wondered for the umpteenth time why more men didn't trim their groin area. Women did it to please men. Didn't they realize how unpleasant it was to choke on their curly hair and pick it out of their teeth when they administered oral sex? When she had given Leonard a blow-job, she couldn't help but notice that even her sweet nerd had done some man-scaping. It was so incredibly thoughtful and she had wanted to ask him how long he had been doing it...and why, but she didn't want to embarrass him. She sure had appreciated it though. If men only knew that they would probably receive oral sex more often if they simply trimmed their pubic jungle, the problem would probably solve itself.

As Penny bent forward over Guy's desk, he was slathering his hard-on with Vaseline and watching intently as she spread her seemingly endless legs. "You have one great ass, Penny," Guy flattered her as he stepped between her legs and massaged her incredibly firm and round ass cheeks. Even though she was virtually being forced to have sex, the sensation of his hands squeezing and caressing her ass was making her moist. She bent over farther, presenting her lovely butt to Guy as her tits flattened out against the desk-top. He used his thumbs to spread her rosy cheeks, exposing her tiny puckered hole.

There was a glob of Vaseline on the tip of his cock, and Guy used his crown to spread it all around her brown hole. He grasped her wide hips and began to slowly push forward, the crown of his cock popping through her sphincter ring and into her ass-hole. She grasped the edge of the desk, bracing herself for the invasion as he paused to look at her hole surrounding his meat. Pushing steadily forward, the Vaseline eased his penetration and he slid into her asshole until his scrotum nudged against her slit. "Holy fuck," Penny exclaimed, surprised at how far up her ass he had penetrated.

This reaction seemed to excite Guy who slowly withdrew his weapon, slathering some more Vaseline on it before sliding it back inside her rear tunnel. His prick was so slender, and so well lubricated, that Penny had to admit the sensation of having her ass fucked was not all that unpleasant. Guy began to thrust his cock in and out of her beautiful ass, his hands grasping her trim waist for leverage as he increased his pace. Penny raised up on her elbows so he could reach around her and roughly squeeze her magnificent tits. Guy became mesmerized by the way her firm ass cheeks jiggled when he slammed his cock into her hole.

Figuring she may as well enjoy his assault, Penny reached her right hand down between her legs and slid her middle finger up into her juicy pussy. "Oh fuck yeah," she groaned as her thumb rubbed her aroused clit while she finger-fucked herself. Guy assumed her reaction was a result of his cock in her ass, and he began to jam up into her butt, his balls slapping against her.

"Here it comes babe," Guy yelled as he thrust violently up into her asshole and Penny could feel the warmth of his jism deep inside her as he pumped his load into her. He slowly let his cock slide out of her hole, then casually pulled his pants and underwear up his legs. "Yeah that's one great ass," he assured her as he gallantly handed her a box of tissues.

Standing up and trying not to be self conscious about her nudity, Penny accepted the tissues and replied, "thank you. I've never had a complaint." She bent over to retrieve her dress, then slipped it easily on. She balled her thong in her hand before stashing it in her purse. Taking several tissues, she reached under her dress and tried to wipe away his cum as it came drooling out of her asshole. Her intent was to pay a visit to the Restroom before departing, get herself cleaned up and slip on her panties.

"Well, you've got the job if you want it. Can you be here tomorrow night," Guy inquired, "bring a pair of hot pants or bikini bottom."

"I'll be here," Penny told him, and left the office.

Sitting behind the wheel of Leonard's car, she thought, "the things I do for my craft." Glancing again at the note with the big gold star, she felt guilty and yet she knew if she ever told Leonard, he would forgive her...that was just the type of person he was. That was why she knew she had fallen in love with him. In spite of all that had occurred that day, she didn't feel that bad and wondered what the nerds of 4A were having for dinner that night.

After carefully parking Leonard's car, Penny hurried up to her apartment, made sure to wash her face and gargle again, put on a comfy pair of shorts and a tank top, then crossed the hall to 4A and deliberately knocked on the door. A chorus of "come in" alerted her to the fact that the "Nerd Four" was in the house. She burst gleefully through the door and, of course, Sheldon was the first to speak, "I'm thrilled that you have finally learned how to knock...job well done Penny."

"That's very magnanimous of you Moonpie," she answered, "yeah that's right, I said magnanimous."

"Only my Meemaw calls me Moonpie," he scolded before Leonard quickly interrupted.

"So tell us...I can hardly wait to got the part, didn't you...I just know you did," he gushed.

Surprising everybody in the room, she threw her arms around her "special" nerd's, neck and shouted to the ceiling, "I got the part...I'm going to be in a Jason Statham movie!"
Shocking her with his strength, Leonard wrapped his arms around her waist, picked her up off the floor and twirled her around the living room. "Wow, Jason Statham had nothing on you," she whispered in his ear as he set her down.

"Congratulations Penny," Howard oozed, "and I understand you will be appearing topless in this film."

"That is correct Howard...and you are banned from seeing it," she teased the lecherous scientist.

Howard's face was turning red when Raj, who was unable to speak to attractive women unless he was inebriated, leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Raj says congratulations, too," Howard told Penny.

Crossing to the sofa, Penny leaned down, gave Raj a peck on the cheek and answered, "thank you can come to the movie."

Again it was Sheldon who interrupted everyone's revelry, "hello...the pizza is getting cold and there is nothing worse than cold, soggy pizza."

Penny spied the Giacomo's box on the kitchen counter and said, "let me guess: sausage, mushrooms and light olives."

"Wow, Sheldon she's memorized your diet," Leonard stated as he began putting pizza on plates...handing Penny the first slice.

"Something everyone should do," Sheldon acknowledged, and then, "why does she get the first slice...or any slice for that matter."

"Because I say so and I paid for it," Leonard informed him, handing Penny a bottle of water from the fridge.

She kissed Leonard's cheek and told him, "you are my knight in shining armor. Thanks for the use of the car Would you mind if I borrowed it tomorrow night; some of us are going to read lines. After that I should only need it one day for the shoot. I'm only in one scene so it should be quick." She knew she had lied to him about reading lines, but it was a tiny lie and she was researching her part.

"I told you...whenever you want it, it's yours and it's not the quantity of's the quality of the delivery and I'll bet you steal the scene," he announced.

She intentionally bumped her ass against his hip as they walked to the living room area and told him sincerely, "you are the sweetest man I have ever met...thank you. I'm sorry but I don't think we'll be able to get together this weekend. George (her boss at the Cheesecake Factory) left a message on my phone that he needs me to work extra this weekend...something about a convention of Rose Parade planners meeting in town. I'll make it up to you...I want to be with you so much."

Trying not to show his disappointment, Leonard attempted to assuage her guilt, "that's OK, I'm sure the chauffeur of Sheldon's Limo Service will be busy as well. Just hearing you say you want to spend time with me is almost enough. We'll get together next week...after the filming is over...I'm not going anywhere and I certainly hope you're not either."

"Not without my man," she seductively whispered as she sat on the arm of his chair and leaned against him. Leonard could not be more contented, especially since he couldn't help but notice she had neglected to wear a bra and could feel her magnificent soft breast press against his arm. After dinner and destroying Sheldon and Howard at Halo, the excitement of the day caught up to her and Penny found it difficult to keep her eyes open. "I think I'll call it a night," she told Leonard, and he walked her to her front door. "Thank you for everything," she remarked and kissed him passionately on the lips, "I have to work the afternoon shift tomorrow."

The next day she received a text telling her that her scene was scheduled to be filmed the following Monday morning. It informed her that a bikini bottom would be provided by Wardrobe, unless she brought one of her own choice. The address of the set and soundstage was only about a block from the office where she had interviewed in Burbank. She texted Leonard to let him know what day she needed to borrow his car and when she got home from her Cheesecake Factory shift, she tried to squeeze in a quick nap before heading to "Guy's." She was too nervous to sleep so she got up and took a quick shower, making sure to shave every area that would be exposed.

Penny rubbed baby oil into her skin, making it glisten and more supple. Selecting a fairly conservative neon orange bikini bottom, instead of one of her thongs, she got dressed and headed to Glendale. When she arrived at the bar, the evening was just getting dark, masking some of it's sleaziness. Her blood was rushing through her veins when she walked through the front door, her wonderful body concealed by a pair of sweats and a loose fitting shirt. Guy saw her come in and showed her to the small dressing room shared by all the dancers. He introduced her to Gayle, the tired dancer from the previous day and Gayle proceeded to show Penny around, and assigned her a locker.

Gayle told her that she could take the stage right after her set of dances, and Penny confessed that she had virtually no experience and was hoping to learn from Gayle. "Look, all the guys in the bar are horny already, so just remember to swivel your hips and shake your tits...and keep your pussy covered at all times, or the cops will shut us down. You are a real looker, so you won't have any trouble making tips. We actually don't do that many lap-dances because our customers are common workers just making ends meet. Sometimes I do a free lap-dance just trying to get things rolling and loosen up the wallets. All the time Gayle was talking with her, she was topless; dressed only in a skimpy pair of denim shorts. She seemed totally at ease with her near-nudity, so Penny quickly stripped down to her bikini bottom and stashed her clothes in her locker.

Hearing her selected music begin, Gayle dashed up to the small stage and began her sexy dance. Penny just stood by the side of the stage, intently watching Gayle "shake her booty," and taking mental notes. When it was her turn to dance, Penny bounced onto the stage to the beat of "Old Time Rock and Roll" and it seemed like she had been dancing topless her whole life. She was a natural as she just let her body move to the beat of the music, her shapely hips gyrating and swaying while her magnificent tits jiggled and bounced. Her truly perfect ass was accentuated by the bright orange bikini bottom, and she sometimes dipped so low that her cheeks nearly touched the floor. It felt so liberating, her unencumbered breasts jouncing up and down as she danced and twirled.

Losing track of time, Penny was surprised when Gayle relieved her on stage. Between their sets, it was each girls turn to mingle with the crowd and perform lap dances. Penny got a free tequila shot from Danny the bartender, and then mingled with the customers. There were five singles at the bar, one table of three men and another table of five. She knew they were all staring at her breasts, but instead of being self conscious, she took it as a compliment and thrust her chest out proudly.

The table of five motioned her over and they took a collection to come up with the fifty dollars for a lap dance. One of the five was a huge, round black man and they told her he was getting married the following weekend, so this was his bachelor party. In this more intimate setting, she began to feel embarrassed as she danced and swayed her body between his legs, rubbing up against his crotch. When she turned her back to him and rubbed her bikini-covered ass against his groin, she could clearly feel a large bulge straining against his zipper. Penny accepted it as a compliment and thought, "you've still got it kid," as she ground her cheeks into his crotch, "I should try this with Leonard."

He reached around her and was about to grab her jiggling tits when she wagged her finger at him and warned, "not unless you want to deal with David," and she pointed at the bar's bouncer/doorman near the front entrance. David didn't have exactly the body-builder physique, but was shaped more like an NFL defensive lineman: big and bulky, with huge arms and no neck. Gayle had told Penny that he had played that position at USC until flunking out. Penny had responded that she was from Nebraska, and good football players never flunked out. So the chubby bachelor had backed off, and as if it was a consolation prize, Penny turned and shook her incredible bouncing breasts right in his face while gently grazing his trouser-tent with her hand. One of his friends yelled, "whoa Darryl, I think she likes you."

The evening proceeded without incident, with Penny taking her turn at dancing and performing a couple more lap dances; she even did one for a female group. At the end of the night Guy approached her smiling and told her she had done a nice job, then asked her to arrive a little earlier the next night and maybe they would talk about a raise. Penny knew what he meant by "talk;" she may have arrived in California from the farm at night...but not last night. She didn't even feel remorse for not telling him that he would never see her in his establishment again. She figured she had gained enough knowledge about the profession that she could perform competently in the film. Payday was Saturday, so she would miss her minimum wage check, but she did have the tips from her lap dances, and the singles that had been stuffed into her bikini.

It had been a long day, but when she got home she saw that Leonard had stuck another large gold foil star on her apartment door. Smiling broadly at her lovable nerd's handiwork, Penny thought, "I like the looks of that...maybe someday." The weekend flew by with her working double shifts at the Cheesecake Factory; she didn't even have time to have dinner with the nerds. Leonard texted her every day, usually saying how much he missed her and informing her of something thoughtless that Sheldon had done or said. Sunday they went to the paint ball course where Sheldon had become such a dictator that they had fragged him. Luckily Leonard explained that meant they had all shot their own Sheldon had pouted the rest of the day.

Monday morning Penny arose early after sleeping fitfully; her nerves not letting her relax. Wanting to make sure she left a memorable impression on the set, she again shaved her silky legs and everywhere else that would be visible. She smoothed moisturizer all over her body and wore the same orange bikini bottom under her dress, even though in the bright sunlight you could make out the orange outline through the flimsy material. When she stepped out onto the street, she spied a long-stemmed red rose lodged under the windshield wiper of Leonard's car. No note...but one wasn't necessary. Her heart melted at the gesture and she thought, "if someone had told me a year ago that a man this sweet existed anyplace on earth, I wouldn't have believed them."

Following the GPS, it only took her just over a half hour to reach the soundstage indicated on her directions. The warehouse was huge, and seemed to be in absolute chaos as people and equipment flew by her. After wandering aimlessly for a bit, she saw the casting director, Franz, standing by a line of Airstream trailers and approached him. "Oh hello," he greeted her, "I remember you. We hired you for the bar scene, right? Darla will show you to the common dressing room where they will slap some makeup on you. Did you bring a bikini, or do you need to visit Wardrobe." Penny nonchalantly lifted the side of her dress to show him the orange bikini and he nodded. Darla, his assistant hooked her arm through Penny's and began to guide her to the makeup artist's table.

"Judging by your wide eyes," Darla offered, "I would say this is your first time on a major film set."

"Is it that obvious," Penny admitted, "this is so exciting for me."

"I know it looks like complete chaos, but there really is a system for everything," Darla told her, "despite the appearance, everything is completely under control and running smoothly."

They walked to the makeup area where several tables and mirrors were set up and one of the makeup artists swiftly touched up Penny's face, assuring her she had good bone structure. She was surprised when the girl asked her to lower the top of her dress, "we always apply a little makeup to any exposed nipples so they show up better on camera."
Penny shrugged her shoulders, lowered her straps and let the makeup person brush some dark pink "blush" on her sensitive nipples. Penny kept looking over her shoulders trying to spot Jason Statham or some other recognizable star.

She finally met the Director, who agreed with Franz that the bikini and black stiletto heels she had worn, were certainly acceptable for her scene. The bar set was in a back corner of the expansive sound stage and they rehearsed the scene numerous times because of the fight-scene choreography. Penny didn't formally meet Statham since they really didn't interact in the movie, but still found it very exciting to be in his proximity.

The Director had them do two retakes of the scene, took a short break and then called for another. She heard the prop-master complain that "those break-away chairs don't grow on trees," while he was ogling her breasts. It was difficult for her to dance because there was no music; it was to be dubbed in later. On the forth (and what would be the final) take, after Penny spoke her line and waved at Statham, he and the other actor threw caution and choreography to the wind. His adversary threw a chair, Statham ducked, and it hit Penny in the back as she was dancing on the stage. Turns out it wasn't a "breakaway" chair and knocked her to the floor. As she was getting to her feet, Statham and the other actor rolled onto the stage and knocked her off her feet again.

"It's a wrap," the Director yelled, "I love the was so out of control. Thanks everybody."

Penny's day was done and she was incredibly sore; bruises were already beginning to show as she put on her dress, but she was so excited about finally being in a main-stream movie that she didn't care. She got the biggest surprise when Jason Statham came up behind her and introduced himself, "Darla said your name is Penny...I'm Jason. I just wanted to apologize for knocking you down. I know that wasn't in the script, but sometimes I just go-with-the-flow in those fight scenes and they seem to turn out better. I hope you're OK," and he shook her hand. "I hope we get to work together again sometime."

She was nearly speechless and just mumbled, "yeah, I'm fine...thank you." She knew his last statement would be repeated every time she told the story about working with Jason Statham. By the time she reached Leonard's car, she was limping and her back had tightened up, so she decided to stop on the way home and pick up a bottle of wine. As she was coming out of the store with her purchase, a teenager on a skateboard sideswiped her and sent her crashing into the side of a parked car. Sitting on the pavement, more sore than ever, new bruises forming almost instantly, all she could think was, "at least the wine bottle didn't break," as she cradled it in her arms.

Sitting gingerly behind the wheel, she checked her messages and saw that there was a text from Leonard wondering how her day was going. She answered back that the movie shoot was great, but explained about her mishaps. "Going home to soak in a hot tub and crawl into bed," she told him, "miss u."

California afternoon traffic was terrible, but when Penny had finally virtually crawled up the stairs to her apartment, sitting in front of 4B was a large Costco bag. Opening her door and nudging the bag in with her foot, she collapsed onto the sofa. Inside the bag was a half dozen bottles of ice tea, two large re-useable ice packs (already frozen), a bottle of her favorite bath oil, and a large bottle of Advil. There was no note, but tears began to form in her bright green eyes and she mumbled to herself, "oh my God, I love my sweet little nerd."

The following evening Penny had a scheduled movie date with Leonard, but her body ached with every movement and she knew she would never be able to endure climbing up and down three flights of stairs, let alone sitting for two hours in uncomfortable theater seats. She was reluctant to cancel the date because she had come to the realization that there was no one she would rather spend time with than "her sweet nerd," so she decided to ask him if he would mind just staying in for the night. When she heard him knock on her door (he didn't even use the fake "Sheldon knock"), she just called out that it was unlocked and he entered to find her relaxing on the sofa in her "sweats" watching a ubiquitous rerun of "Friends."

Before she could make her proposal, he held up two bags of Szechuan Palace take-out and declared, "I know you're really hurting, so I thought you might like to just stay home and relax."

"Oh my God, Leonard," she gushed as she gingerly leapt up from the couch, threw her arms around him and kissed his lips passionately, catching him totally by surprise, "you claim you don't believe in psychics, but I think that's because you ARE one. I was going to suggest the very same thing. You are the most thoughtful man alive. Are you sure you don't mind...I know we had plans for the movies."

"I know I'm not a genius like Sheldon...he keeps reminding me...but let's explore my options: go to the movies where a giant wearing a hat invariably sits right in front of me and my shoes stick to the floor where someone spilled soda; or stay here snuggled up on the sofa with the most beautiful girl in California...just the two of us. It's a tough choice, but I'll take option number two any day," Leonard offered. "And by the way, I told Sheldon we were going out, so he won't be bothering us."

"Just California," Penny teased, sticking out her lower lip in a faux pout.

"Correction...the universe...and that's saying a lot because it's rumored there are some real hotties in the Andromeda galaxy," Leonard grinned, and then more seriously, "it is OK if I stay, right...or would you rather relax alone...because I would totally understand."

"You dear sweet man," Penny thought she was going to cry, "I don't think I am ever going to let you leave," and in that simple exchange, she was certain she had found the love of her life. "Would you get some ice tea from the fridge?"

After the meal and the traditional fortune-cookie (Penny's read: "familiarity breeds contentment"), they curled up on the couch; Penny leaning back against Leonard and his arms wrapped around her. Leonard told her about Sheldon's latest tirade: something about the wrong mustard on his food and she talked about the film she had worked on. "My body is so sore and achy," she admitted, "if this is what it feels like to get old, I'm not looking forward to it."

Leonard suggested, "I think it all depends on who you have to grow old with."

Penny stopped complaining instantly, turned her body in his arms and surprised him with a warm kiss. "You are so right," she agreed as she settled back against him, sighing in contented discomfort.

"I may be totally out of line, but here goes," Leonard reluctantly suggested, "I think what you need is a good massage.

"Are you volunteering," Penny inquired excitedly, "because I would absolutely love that."

"Then I am definitely volunteering," Leonard stated, hugging her against him.

Penny slowly stood up, grasped his hand and led him into her bedroom. As she disappeared into the bathroom she said, "there are a pile of big beach towels on the chair, would you spread a couple of them on the bed, and I'll go get out of my clothes...I don't want to get them all oily."

"Do you have massage oil," Leonard asked, catching her inference.

Her voice drifted out of the bathroom, "there is a bottle of baby oil on my don't think these baby smooth elbows and knees come naturally do you."

"Silly me," Leonard chuckled, not sure if she could hear him or not, as he spread the soft terry cloth towels on her bed.

When Penny emerged from the bathroom, Leonard was standing by the bed waiting and she was wearing a flimsy pink robe tied at the waist and short enough to show off her wonderful legs. Turning her back to him, she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and as it drifted down her body to the floor, it was revealed that she was completely naked. Leonard sucked in his breath so sharply that Penny heard it and as she was crawling onto the bed and lying face down, she remarked, "well, you've seen most of it anyway and I don't think there is any reason for a man not to see his girlfriend you?"

He had never before known what a remarkable word "girlfriend' was, especially combined with the word "naked," and he stuttered a reply: " reason at all...and I was correct to amend my statement from California to universe. D-d-does this mean you consider me to be your boyfriend?"

"That's how it works, isn't it," Penny responded, her voice slightly muffled by the pillow, "now you'd better get those clothes off or they'll get all stained...and I don't want to hear Sheldon complaining about how your clothes smell like baby oil on laundry night." Leonard set a speed record for undressing down to his boxers and heard Penny say, without even looking around, "that means everything." Embarrassed at his erection, Leonard complied and then reached for the baby oil bottle, noting that it was infused with aloe vera and vitamin E.

As he stood by her shoulder spreading oil on his hands, Leonard stared down the length of her totally nude body and thought, "oh my God she is the most beautiful creature in the world...she is perfect and she called me her boyfriend. Her perfectly round ass cheeks looked like someone had split a cantaloupe and glued the halves onto her body. He held her right arm with both his hands and began to massage it's length, gently but firmly working the oil into her already satiny skin. When he had finished, he moved to the other side of the bed and gently worked on her left arm and shoulder. He was careful to use extra tenderness around the bruises which had manifested themselves on various locations of her body.

When he changed sides, Penny couldn't resist taking a peek at her masseur's naked body and smiled when she saw his erection bobbing in front of his abdomen. It seemed even larger than she remembered from the time she had held it in her mouth, but resisted asking him if he was indeed enjoying the massage as much as she was for fear of spoiling the mood. She did inquire, "where did you get so good at massage...your hands are like magic wands." It was incredible, but she was not only beginning to feel moist between her legs from looking at his penis, but was becoming totally relaxed at the same time.

"Well, when you grow up a nerd, you do a lot of know...just in case you ever get lucky enough to put your hands on a real girl," Leonard replied, and she definitely detected a note of sadness in his voice, "although you never really expect to. I've done a lot of reading about the various types of massage and this is a combination of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques. I'm really glad that you like it. You've got a lot of bruising, and I'm trying to be gentle. If you feel better, then that's all that matters. Ummm, I don't mean to be forward, but really the best way to massage your back is for me to climb on the bed and straddle your body...I promise I won't put all my weight on you."

She cheerfully replied, "hop on cowboy, and don't worry about the weight; I'm a big girl."

Leonard carefully climbed onto the bed and straddled her torso, making sure to put most of his weight on his knees as he actually sat on her beautiful ass cheeks. He poured a pool of baby oil onto the small of her flawless back and began to gently work his slippery hands over her warm skin. Penny wondered why she couldn't feel his cock laying on her back and had to stifle a giggle when she realized it was because it was pointed at the ceiling. He spent extra time on her tense shoulders, using his thumbs to work on her tight muscles. Spreading the oil all around her back, he gingerly massaged her sides and made sure he didn't ignore the flesh of her breasts that had flattened out to the sides of her chest.

Feeling like all the cares of her world were being rubbed away, Penny sighed, "Leonard, you have the hands of a magician," and she meant it. It felt like she were melting into the towels; like her body was Silly Putty in his hands. He backed up onto her hamstring area and finally got a close-up view of her incredible ass cheeks as he kneaded the wonderful mounds in his hands. His thumbs slid deep into her crack as he rubbed her perfectly round cheeks.

"Not to be nosy," he asked, "but what does the tattoo on your right buttock mean."

"Oh that's the Chinese symbol for courage," she volunteered, "do you like it."

"I absolutely adore it," he assured her, and leaned to kiss it.

Cautiously he swung his leg to one side of the wonderful naked body under him and climbed off the table. He dribbled baby oil all along the lengths of her wondrous calves and the backs of her thighs and began to press his thumbs into the bottom of her left foot. "I've always thought of feet as the ugliest part of the human body," he thought to himself, "but even Penny's feet are beautiful." She unconsciously spread her legs slightly to allow him better access as he began to manipulate the muscles on her left calf and then her silky thigh. Leonard felt like a pervert, but his eyes focused on the spot where her legs met and he could clearly see the bottom of her slit as it pressed against the towels. He was careful to avoid contact with her vagina as he rubbed oil into the upper leg and then switched to her right foot, where he started his journey upward once again.

Penny had relaxed to the point where she had dozed off, and when Leonard was done with her backside, making sure to rub her cheeks a second time, he tenderly kissed her left cheek and whispered, "sleep tight my angel." He retrieved another big terrycloth towel from the chair and gently covered her naked body.

Picking his clothes up off the floor, he stubbed his toe on the bed frame and mumbled, "yeow...shit."

Waking immediately, Penny looked back over her shoulder and asked, "where do you think you're going Mr. Magic Hands, that's only half a massage." As she was talking, she turned over on the bed and ceremoniously tugged the towel covering her body and tossed it on the floor. Leonard dropped his clothes where he stood and just stared at the most magnificent nude body he had ever seen. It was like looking at one of the Playboy magazines he had concealed under his mattress as an adolescent. Her body was the definition of perfection. He had, of course, seen her marvelous breasts on two other occasions, but he had never had the privilege of gazing at her pubic area. She was completely bald and her mound rose from her body like two halves of a peach. He knew he was just standing there staring at her pussy, and he finally actually shook his head to redirect his gaze.

"Well, do I get a complete massage," Penny smiled, watching his face turn red.

"Yes...yes of course...sorry," Leonard struggled for words as he squirted baby oil on his hands and held her right arm as he began to rub oil into her skin. He was thankful when Penny closed her eyes, so she didn't see him staring at her naked body. He wanted to remember every square inch just in case he never saw it again. This time when he had finished with both arms, he went to the foot of the bed and continued with her right foot and leg. As he advanced to her smooth thigh, Penny spread her legs to allow him better access and he could clearly see her wonderful pussy lips were already glistening with moisture. Again he avoided her pubic area and repeated the technique with her left leg.

Climbing onto the bed with her, Leonard straddled her groin and squirted a pool of oil right into her belly button. With both hands he began to spread the baby oil all around her taut stomach and sides, then gradually circled around her magnificent breasts, watching them jiggle as he surrounded them. Her pink gumdrop nipples engorged as he began to knead her soft tit flesh, his slippery hands gliding across and around her pliable mounds. Penny's naked body began to wriggle beneath him as he expertly manipulated her tits. He absolutely loved the way her beautiful breasts flattened out on her chest when she was laying down and it was evident the way he worshipped them with his hands.

It felt to Penny like he was making love to her tits and she couldn't help but moan as he continued to fondle them. She looked down between her breasts and saw a look of complete concentration on his face as he tweaked her nipples. Further down she saw his huge erection waving in front of him and could feel her groin tingling in anticipation. He gently rolled her large nipples between his fingers, trapping them and gently pinching her nubs. "Oh my God Leonard, you are so good at feels so amazing." He leaned forward and licked her light pink areola, first one then the other, never neglecting either one and not even minding the taste of the oil. He caught her nipples between his teeth and tenderly nibbled and chewed on them, making Penny's slippery body squirm.

He scooted his body back, while she reflexively spread her magnificent legs, and kneeled between them, once again squirting baby oil onto his palms. He started to knead the flesh of her creamy inner thighs, working the oil deeply into her skin. Thinking that he would never tire of running his hands up and down her silky thighs, with every stroke, his thumbs got nearer to her puffy mound and Penny's body squirmed from side to side trying to urge him on. Finally Leonard placed his slick palm directly on her prominent mound and rubbed oil from bottom to top. Penny instinctively spread her legs even farther apart as he worked the oil into her slit with his thumbs. Gently he spread her pussy lips apart revealing the most vivid pink flesh he had ever seen. When he had spread her lips wide with his thumbs, he thought her flesh looked like a small pink butterfly had alighted between her legs.

Slowly he worked his thumbs into her slit, just up to the first knuckle and then leaned over to blow warm air up into her hole. The scent of her arousal was overpowering and Leonard could feel his erection pulsate with excitement. He extended his tongue and began to lick up the sides of her slit, first the left lip and then the right. Gradually her dark pink nub of a clit had made it's appearance as he continued to lick the sides of her pussy. Penny's naked body began to writhe in front of him as he gently inserted his tongue inside her as far as he could, using it to scoop up her juices. He drank of her nectar, lapping at her cunt as if it were a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Very gently, Leonard started to actually chew on her fleshy lips. He paused, sucked her clit into his mouth and tenderly bit down. Suddenly her body convulsed and his face was drenched as her cunt squirted it's fluid like a child's water pistol.

Surprised, Leonard drew his face back and looked at his naked beauty as she twitched and gasped. Breathing heavily, Penny gasped, "oh my God Leonard, that has never happened before. I have read about women who have squirting orgasms, but I didn't really believe it. That was the most amazing felt like I lost I was over-stimulated. You are the most amazing lover...are all nerds this good?"

"I really couldn't say...we really don't talk about our sex life; except for Howard of course; because it is basically nonexistent," Leonard responded with a grin on his face. "I'm just glad I could make you happy. I hope you're not going to conduct some kind of experiment to see if other nerds can do it."

"My dear sweet lover," Penny assured him, propping herself up on her elbows, "I'll leave the science to are more than enough man for me. There is just one thing: I need you to make love to me...I need to feel that big beautiful cock inside me. Will you please fuck me Leonard?"

Leonard could feel his erection actually throbbing as he heard the words that he thought he would only hear in his fantasies. He hoped he wouldn't actually shed a tear as he gazed upon the most beautiful nude body he would ever see. Penny reached beside her, grabbed a throw pillow and wedged it under her delectable ass, tilting her groin upward to make deeper penetration possible. Leonard had to keep telling himself to go slow...don't rush things. His hands were still covered with oil, so he quickly wiped them off by stroking his penis, making it glisten with lubrication. He crawled on his knees farther up between her legs until his groin was against hers, massaging her tummy momentarily while he tried to control his pace.

They both watched as Leonard again used his fingers to spread her fleshy lips while he nudged his plum-sized crown between her drenched slit. Their eyes met and Penny whispered, "it's OK baby...fuck me." Leonard pushed forward, watching his head spread her slit as he slid inside. Pushing steadily forward into her slippery cunt, he didn't stop until he had completely penetrated her hole. his balls resting against her soft cheeks. Penny trembled as she climaxed again, "oh my God feel so fucking good inside me." Again she thought to herself, "his cock is perfect for me. It's eight inches is the perfect length and it's fat enough to stretch my pussy...I want this cock inside me for the rest of my life." She knew it was ridiculous, but being with Leonard made her feel like a virgin again.

Feeling the muscles of her tunnel spasm and grip his penis even tighter, Leonard knew he had to just pause momentarily or he would join her in orgasm. Even in his fantasies he didn't imagine her pussy would feel so wonderful wrapped around his cock. Her cunt felt like it was on fire and it gripped his rod like a condom one size too small. He thought that if he died tomorrow, his life would be complete. Reaching forward, he began to knead her marvelous tits, circling and then pinching her gumdrop nipples. Recovered from her latest orgasm, Penny urged, "fuck me baby...fuck your Penny," her hands grabbing fistfuls of terrycloth."

Leonard slowly withdrew until just his crown was left inside her, then just as slowly slid back up into her belly. He was in heaven: he was fucking the girl of his dreams and it was just as wonderful as he imagined. Her cunt was so hot and wet and tight. It was as if he had never been with a girl before. Penny threw her head back against the pillow and reveled in the pleasure as she felt her tunnel shrink when he withdrew and expand when he thrust into her. Gaining confidence, Leonard increased the pace of his strokes, sliding his cock in and out of her hole. A white foamy froth built up around her slit as he started to slam his hard-on into her pussy. He moved his hands underneath her, grabbed her perfect cheeks and drilled his cock up into her belly.

"Oh my fucking God, lover," she squealed, "jam that big beautiful cock into me...stretch my pussy baby. You feel so fucking good." Faster and harder Leonard jammed his cock into her pussy, fucking his beautiful girlfriend as hard as he could. He ground his pelvis against hers, mashing her clit as he drove inside her. "Holy fucking shit," Penny screamed uncontrollably as her magnificent nude body shivered and twitched. Wanting to prolong her orgasm, Leonard leaned forward and bit down on her left nipple as she just groaned, "ahhhhhh," her head shaking from side to side against the pillow. Leonard just smiled and thought how beautiful she was with her golden blonde hair spread out on the pillow as her slippery naked body thrashed under him.

For nearly a minute Penny just lay back on the bed, her body nearly limp from over-stimulation as she basked in her orgasm. Leonard's cock still buried inside her, she wrapped her silky legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her cunt. "Cum in me baby...fill my pussy with your seed. I need you to cum inside me," she begged. Words he never thought he would hear from the gorgeous blond neighbor who was the object of all his fantasies, and the target of his immeasurable and limitless love. He lay on top of her magnificent body, sharing her oily sheen and began to slowly and purposefully slide his cock in and out of her juicy hole, relishing each and every stroke.

He gently cradled her beautiful face with his hands and kissed her plump lips deeply and passionately, thrusting as far up inside her cunt as he could go, and grinding their pubic bones together. As he broke their kiss, Leonard nibbled on her earlobe and neck, driving her nearly insane with arousal; then tilted his head back and Penny could feel him explode deep in her belly, flooding her pussy with his hot seed. His cock twitching and pumping inside her, Penny joined him in climax as the muscles in her tunnel contracted and squeezed his fat meat. "Oh my God Leonard," she screeched, "fuck me baby...fuck your little Penny...I love you sweetie."

Continuing to pump his jism into her hole, Leonard began to slam his prick into her almost violently, fucking her as hard as he could. He had heard her declaration and wanted to prove he was worthy by giving her the best fucking of her life. Even after emptying his balls into her sweet pussy, Leonard never lost his erection and began to thrust in and out of her as if it was the first time. "Holy shit Leonard," Penny exclaimed when she realized he would not even need time to refresh, "you are the best lover I will ever have...and the last. Fuck your girlfriend with that big fat beautiful cock. Stretch my cunt, baby."

Loud "squishy" sounds were evident as their combined fluids drooled out of her hole and Leonard slammed his pole in and out. "Your pussy is so tight," Leonard gasped, nearly out of breath from the workout.

"That's because your cock is the perfect size," Penny assured him, "you feel so right inside me...fuck me baby." When they were totally spent, they lay naked in each others arms making occasional small talk, but mostly in silence. It was as if they didn't need words to know what the other was thinking. Penny closed her eyes, completely content, and Leonard just stared at the face of his angel.

Leonard finally spoke, "you know how some people say it gets weird when friends become lovers?"

"Yeah," she answered.

"Well I don't think it feels you," he inquired, "it feels wonderful to me."

"I couldn't agree more," a wide smile painting her face, "but this is going to change things between us you know."

"How so," he asked, trying to mask his fear of the usual rejection as his body tensed.

"Well...I never again want to be without you," Penny declared, "so be warned that if you ever try to leave me, I'm prepared to go all Nebraska on your ass."

His body went limp as if all the cares in the world had evaporated, and he responded, "that won't be a are the girl I have dreamed about all my life."

She raised up on her elbow, leaned over and kissed him tenderly, then noticed that his cock had once again achieved full erection. Grasping it in her hand, she grinned and stated, "you are insatiable...fuck me lover."

(Thanks for reading my story. It's not perfect, but it's just for fun. Comments are always appreciated and [email protected])


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