(A fictional story about fictional characters.)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 8 (FF,MF,MMMF,DP,DPP)
by shaggy77

Penny couldn't wait, and even knowing full well she was tempting the wrath of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, she ran across the hall from her apartment and burst through the doorway of 4A without so much as a tap on the door. Sure enough, Sheldon jerked his long neck in her direction, scowled, and began his anticipated tirade, " in what alternate universe is it permissible to enter an abode without knocking."

The object of her unannounced visit, her boyfriend Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, was sitting at the desk closest to the door and immediately came to her defense, "how many times do I have to tell you: Penny has a standing invitation from me...she doesn't have to knock...ever. You are one crazy fruitcake."

"I'm not mother had me tested," Sheldon softly answered.

"Yeah, so you say, but I've never seen the documented results," Leonard responded with a chuckle.

Smiling, Penny added, "you are one whackadoodle praying mantis, Moonpie."

He did indeed resemble the mentioned insect as his Ichabod Crane-like body hunched over his laptop, and he told her, "you know only my Meemaw calls me Moonpie."

"Why don't you like me Sheldon," Penny inquired with a puzzled look on her face.

"My personal feelings have no impact on this situation," he responded, "I am merely attempting to maintain some semblance of decorum and propriety. An orderly society must have rules and procedures."

He returned his attention to his laptop and she leaned forward and gave Leonard a quick peck on his cheek. "I couldn't wait to tell you the exciting news," she began, "do you remember the film I was in with Jason Statham?"

"Of course," Leonard grinned, "the one where you stole the film with your scene."

It was far from the truth, but she knew in his heart he meant it, and she loved him for it. "Well, not quite," Penny continued, "but I just got off the phone with the casting director of his new movie...they didn't even go through my agent...and he has personally requested that I be in it."

"See," Leonard assured her, "I told you...he recognizes talent when he is confronted with it." Leonard swung his desk chair around and Penny plopped down in his lap, wrapping her arm around his neck.

"Well, whatever the reason, I have an appointment with her on Thursday in Compton to discuss the audition required. Soooo, I have a favor to ask," she smiled seductively at him.

"You know where the bowl is," Leonard said, reading her thoughts, "switch keys anytime you like. You know you don't have to ask." Leonard and Sheldon had a bowl on a table by the door where they always tossed their house and car keys. Leonard had informed her on several occasions that they could switch cars any time she needed to.

She kissed his cheek again, saying, "you are the sweetest man I have ever met."

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Sheldon exclaimed, "now wait a minute...does this mean I'll have to ride to work in her deathtrap vehicle."

"Of course not," Leonard winked at Penny, "you are more than welcome to take the bus."

"Ha ha," Sheldon replied, staring at Leonard with an exasperated look.

"Moonpie," Penny added, "you don't have to worry...the check-engine light isn't on any more."

"Oh right," Sheldon asked, "I suppose you put another smiley-face sticker over it...and only my Meemaw calls me Moonpie. "

Hugging Leonard, she answered, "no, my knight in shining armor had it just isn't very trustworthy for long trips."

"Knight...yeah right...June 21st maybe," Sheldon scoffed.

Penny looked befuddled, and Leonard explained, "that's just Sheldon's supposed sense of humor; making fun of my height. June 21st is the first day of Summer...the shortest night of the year."

Sheldon snorted; his version of a laugh; and Penny just hugged Leonard's neck even tighter, "don't you dare make fun of my little Ewok."

"Ewoks are short in stature, you know," Sheldon asserted, wanting to make sure she knew she was proving his point.

"No, they're cute and cuddly," Penny cooed as she nuzzled Leonard's neck.

Wednesday evening after an extra day shift at the Cheesecake Factory, Penny unlocked the door to 4B and flopped down on the sofa, kicked her shoes off and let out a big, sigh. She was beat. The past two days had been double shifts and she just needed to crash, but with her audition the next day, she also needed a shower. Involuntarily grunting as she stood up, she peeled off her waitress uniform as she trudged toward the bathroom; leaving a trail of dirty clothes as she went. Deciding on a relaxing bath instead of a shower, mainly because she wanted to lie down and get off her tired feet instead of stand, she turned on the faucets and finished undressing.

Adding some strawberry scented bath oil to the steaming water and placing a folded towel at the end of the tub for a pillow, she eased her magnificent naked body into the toasty water. "Ohhhhh," she groaned as her body seemed to melt in the soothing bath, and all her muscles relaxed. Grasping her loofah and a bottle of body wash, she gently, but thoroughly, scrubbed every inch of her body. Using the body wash for lubrication, she meticulously shaved her underarms and pubic mound until they were as smooth as her perfectly round butt cheeks. When she was satisfied that she was perfectly presentable for her interview, she lay her head against the towel. Looking down, Penny had to laugh when she saw that the only parts of her body that broke the surface of the soothing water were her gumdrop sized nipples. "I wonder how Leonard would like this view," she smiled as she shut her eyes.

Some time later, her body shivered her awake and she was suddenly panicked, not knowing how long she was asleep. Judging by the fact that the water was still tepid, she reasoned that it hadn't been that long, so she pulled the plug, stood and turned on the shower head to rinse off and wash her luxurious blond hair. Stepping out of the tub, Penny used a fluffy towel to pat herself dry, then smoothed moisturizer over every inch of her magnificent body; all the while wishing that Leonard was doing the honors. Wrapping a towel-turban around her hair and throwing on her favorite pink shorts and Hello Kitty tank top, she intended to grab a bottle of water and throw herself onto the couch.

Suddenly she realized she hadn't exchanged keys with Leonard and headed across the hall. Deliberately knocking twice and opening the door, Penny saw Sheldon sitting in "his spot" on the couch and before he could open his mouth, she greeted him, "hi Sheldon, don't mind me...just exchanging keys with Leonard." She hadn't given a second thought to the time of day, immediately seeing that it was dinner time in 4A and that all four nerds were present.

She instantly regretted not wrapping a robe around her when she heard the smarmy Howard Wolowitz greet her, "hubba, hubba...I'll be happy to give you a ride...if you know what I mean." Her nipples were noticeably poking against her skimpy, damp shirt and had the attention of every male in the room...with the exception of Sheldon.

Raj was smiling widely when she replied, "not in a million years Howard...hi Raj."

"Howard, knock it off," Leonard defended her as he sprang to his feet and bounded to the door to meet her. He fished his keys out of the bowl and handed them to her as she dropped hers into it. "Good luck tomorrow," he grinned as he boldly kissed her cheek, and added, "jeez you smell good."

"Thanks sweetie," Penny answered, and put her arms around his neck while planting her lips on his. She could almost feel his chest swell at this intimate display of affection in front of his friends.

"I suppose you'll be joining us for dinner," Sheldon commented dryly.

Separating from Leonard, Penny sarcastically replied, "sorry to disappoint you, but I'm exhausted and I have a big day tomorrow. Thanks for the invitation though...maybe tomorrow."

As she left the apartment, smiling she could hear Sheldon protesting, "wait...what invitation...why would I be disappointed."

Thursday morning Penny selected one of her favorite pale blue print dresses to wear to the interview, along with her "lucky" purple thong. Wanting to make an impression, she decided against wearing a bra so that the "twins" could swing freely and exude sex appeal. Her five inch light blue heels made her incredible legs seem taut and endlessly long. Always keeping her makeup to a minimum, she confidently left her apartment with plenty of time to spare. Getting into Leonard's car she saw a small baggie with a short note attached. It read, "To Hollywood's newest star; just a little something to keep your energy high," and it was signed "Leonard."

The Ziploc was filled with green grapes...washed and stripped from the stems...small, but loving details she noticed this time. "I love you, you sweet man," she whispered aloud as she slid the key into the ignition, and smiled during the entire forty minute ride to Compton.

Leonard's GPS directed her right to the front door of an impressive, shiny multistory office building and she quickly located the casting director's office on the list in the lobby. Penny was happy that it was not the same casting director as Jason Statham's last film...he had been a complete pig. His name was Franz and he and the sleazy Producer had demanded blow-jobs in return for the part. This time the casting director was a woman, and Penny practically floated to her office.

There was no one else in the waiting room and she was ushered into the inner office almost immediately. The name on the door had been Alisha Braun and the woman greeting her reminded Penny of a stern librarian. She wore a trim gray skirt-suit and sensible heels, with her brunette hair drawn back into a tight bun. Penny was already intimidated when the woman reached her arm out, shook her hand and suggested she sit in the nice leather chair in front of the desk. "I'm sure you noticed my name on the door," she began, "please call me Alisha. I am the casting director for the production company backing Mr. Statham's latest film."

"Let me explain why you are here instead of taking part in the normal auditions. Mr. Statham's last film was a rather low budget affair that ended up making triple the profits that were expected. He seems to think that the unscripted fight scene that you were inadvertently a part of was a big reason for the popularity, and as such he feels like you are some sort of muse." Penny had no idea what that was but figured she could Google it had to be a good thing or she wouldn't be there. "Consequently, he has requested that you be included in his new venture. He has specified that it be a speaking part so that you will be making the top wage scale. You will have several simple lines that I'm sure even an inexperienced actress can handle."

Penny was forming a strong dislike for Alisha because of her condescending attitude, but held her tongue as Alisha handed her a few pages of the script with her lines highlighted. Her part was that of a hotel front-desk clerk, who greeted Statham's character with the lines, " welcome back Mr. Steele," and while handing him the key-card, "your usual suite...we hope you enjoy your stay," and then suggestively, "if there is anything you desire to make your stay more enjoyable, I will see to it personally." Later in the film she hands him a set of car keys while saying, " your car is parked out front Mr. Steele." Immediately after handing him the keys, a gun battle breaks out in the hotel lobby.

"You will be dressed similarly to my attire," Alisha continued, "very business-like and austere. The wardrobe department will need your measurements. When you leave, the receptionist will have all your paperwork prepared: your contract, W-4 form, shooting schedule and anything else you may need. The sound-stage is about a half mile from here. I can't imagine that you will be needed on set for more than a couple days, at most. Do you have any questions?"

Wanting to jump up and pump her fist in the air with excitement, Penny tried to maintain her composure and answered, "no I believe you have covered everything." She couldn't believe it was really happening: she was getting a part on a major movie with one of the fastest rising stars in the business...and all without an audition...and no nudity...and no casting-couch hanky-panky !"

Feeling she was being dismissed, Penny rose to leave when she felt Alisha's hand on her arm. "There is just one more thing," Alisha stated as she directed Penny to be seated again. The casting director leaned back against the front of the desk and quite deliberately began to pull the hem of her skirt up her lengthy legs. She was wearing thigh-high stockings instead of pantyhose and soon revealed that she was panty-less as well. Penny's mouth opened involuntarily and she was temporarily speechless as she stared at the untamed brunette jungle between Alisha's thighs, only inches from her face.

Stammering in shock, Penny inquired, "wait...what...I... I thought Jason asked for me."

Smugly replying, Alisha told her, "that is true; but I could always tell Mr. Statham that you were unavailable. He would never question it. Now, let's see how badly you want this part...see if you can put a smile on my face."

Her spirits suddenly dampened, Penny knew she had little choice as she slid out of the chair and onto her knees between Alisha's spread legs. Her skirt was now bunched around her waist as she stared sternly down at the beautiful blonde face in her crotch. Penny looked up at the not-unattractive German casting director and was reminded of the cover photos in the adult section of the video store that depicted a typical dominatrix...the only thing missing was a riding crop. Knowing her fate was determined, Penny sat back on her calves, began to run her hands up Alisha's legs to her thighs, and closed her eyes. "Oh no," Alisha commanded, "I want to see those gorgeous green eyes while you're pleasing me."

Penny's thumbs brushed against the generous bush as she struggled to find the hidden slit and Alisha's scent of arousal was immediately evident. "At least she smells clean," Penny thought, leaning forward until her face was only a couple inches from her target. Finding her mound, Penny kept brushing curly hair aside to clear a path as Alisha's legs began to twitch in anticipation. Separating the meaty mound, Penny discovered that hidden beneath the dense brown forest were a pair of very lengthy lips, already glistening with natural juices. Prying her apart even farther with her thumbs, Penny leaned in thinking, "well here goes nothing...I hope this part is worth it." Not really wanting to lick the pubic jungle, Penny went straight to the slit and drew her tongue upward from the bottom to the top. She pressed her tongue against the opening until it was flat and wide against Alisha's gap.

Every few minutes she would glance up at her subject, making sure Alisha could see her eyes while she licked. Penny was quite inexperienced at cunnilingus, but a friend had once told her to "just do what you would want done to you," so she continued to lick while using her tongue to probe Alisha's hole. Alisha's bare ass writhed against the desktop as Penny inserted first one index finger into her pussy, and then added the other. She began to finger-fuck the statuesque brunette while still lapping at her opening. Looking up she saw Alisha close her eyes, and her knuckles turn white from gripping the edge of the desk to tightly. Penny took this as her cue to pinch the nub of her clit between her thumbs.

She was rewarded when Alisha's thighs clamped together, trapping Penny's hands, and her entire body twitched as she groaned, "ohhh...yessss...right there you bitch." Penny smiled to herself; congratulating herself on a job well done, assuming her ordeal was over. As Alisha relaxed against the front of the desk, Penny withdrew her fingers and surreptitiously wiped them on the plush carpet. The satisfied casting director tugged her skirt down into place and watched as Penny sat back in her chair, dug a tissue from her purse, and thoroughly wiped her face. Without any sort of acknowledgment of what had just transpired, she dismissed Penny: "don't forget to fill out all your paperwork on your way out...Jeanne will have it all ready for you. Good luck with the part."

Before stopping at the receptionist's desk, Penny made a quick trip to the restroom where she washed her face and hands. Walking back to Leonard's car, her knees felt wobbly but she also felt a sense of pride...she had done what was necessary and now had a part in a big budget movie. Tossing her script into the passenger seat, she grabbed the bag of grapes, thinking, "you dear sweet will never know how much I needed these. I need to get a certain taste out of my mouth." She smiled all the way to Pasadena.

Arriving at her building, Penny smiled again when she noticed that it just happened to be dinner time, and she was actually looking forward to Sheldon's sarcasm when she went to tell Leonard the good news. Opening the door to 4A and dropping Leonard's keys into the bowl, she beat Sheldon to the punch by announcing to the room, "guess who just got a part in Jason Statham's latest film?"

Sheldon quickly remarked, "not that it's any substitute for proper entrance etiquette, but I'll play along...who?"

Leonard immediately jumped up and down while advancing to greet her, "I knew it...didn't I tell you she would nail it, Raj. I am so proud of you." He hugged her tightly and when he released her, she wished he hadn't stopped.

"And guess what," she added, "my shirt stays on."

"Damn," Howard interjected, looking very disappointed.

Leonard walked into the kitchen area and began to put food on a plate for her, saying, "I won't take no for an're staying for dinner."

"I would love to have dinner with my favorite peeps," she answered, "especially my absolute favorite." She winked at Leonard and he actually blushed. "Let me guess, it's Thursday so it must be pizza from Giacomo's. Sausage, mushrooms and light olives."

"Wow, you're good," Leonard congratulated her.

"Yes," Sheldon sarcastically but-in, "maybe she should be my roommate. Leonard forgot the mushrooms."

"How many times do I have to tell you, I ordered them but they forgot to put them on. When I noticed it they gave me the mushrooms on the side," Leonard frustratingly blurted out. He handed Penny her plate and a bottle of water and she squeezed his knee as he sat beside her.

"I never would have figured you for a pizza fan, Sheldon," Penny commented, "you know, all that food mixed together."

"On the contrary," Sheldon answered, "it is my favorite form of food: a round object, cut in triangular pieces, and comes in a square box."

"Hmmm," she responded, "what about know; square, square, and square."

"Oh no," Sheldon disagreed, "not imaginative enough, and besides I've never been a fan of foods named for geographic regions. That's one of the reasons I'm not a big chowder fan."

The next day Penny passed Leonard in the stairway of their building and he shyly asked her, "ummm...if you're not doing anything tonight, would you like to come over?"

"There is absolutely nothing I would rather do," she honestly told him, "what do you have planned?"

"It's a surprise," he answered, and she was sure he blushed; peaking her interest for the rest of the day. He did indeed have plans that she never would have guessed. Leonard loved Penny with all his heart, and he believed her when she said she felt the same way, but thanks to his mother's parenting skills, he was the king of insecurity. He wasn't used to anyone caring about him, and still felt undeserved. His insecurity was further fueled knowing that Penny was becoming more well known as an actress, and she was being exposed to many rich and handsome actors. He knew she was way out of his league, and felt he needed to step up his game...spice things up.

That evening after her shift at the Cheesecake Factory, Penny slipped on a light pair of pajama bottoms, and her favorite Hello Kitty tank top before crossing the hall for her date with Leonard. She had been incredibly horny all day, but had resisted pleasuring herself in the tub, hoping that Leonard's mysterious plans would involve sex. So far, he had been too shy to initiate sex; always waiting for her to suggest it. She deliberately did not knock and when she entered 4A, was pleasantly surprised that Leonard was the only inhabitant. "Hi sweetie," she exclaimed, "where is the gang."

"I hope you're not too disappointed," he explained, "but Raj and Howard are hitting some bar, and Sheldon will be at the University most of the night. He and Barry Kripke are vying for time on the new super-computer and this is the only time available. He even said he would call a cab instead of calling me to pick him up...we'll see how that works out."

"So we have the whole night alone," she grinned, "you mean no one will help me if I scream." Seeing an almost frightened look on his face, she continued, "just kidding sweetie...I'm all yours."

He surprised her by saying, "that's what I was hoping...would you accompany me to the bedroom, please." He took her by the hand and led her into his bedroom. It was bathed in dimmed light, the covers on his bed already turned down. Penny noticed a couple thick candles and a large paper bag on his nightstand. Standing facing each other by the side of his bed, Leonard reached out with both hands and slid his fingers through her beautiful blonde hair, cradling her head, drew her near and planted his soft lips on hers. The kiss was magical: tender yet forceful, light but incredibly sensuous. Penny felt her knees weaken as his tongue played with hers.

Finally breaking the kiss, Leonard reached onto the foot of the bed and produced several silk ties, looking Penny in the eyes and asking, "you trust me don't you?"

Without hesitation, Penny responded, "absolutely," and a warmth spread through her entire body as she realized that for the first time in her life she actually trusted someone implicitly...without reservations.

"I know you're not really into science," Leonard began, "but tonight I would like to perform a little experiment with you...maybe you will enjoy science a little more. Are you game?"

Her body beginning to tingle with anticipation, she replied, "I told you...I'm all yours."

Clearly blushing now, Leonard admitted, "it involves you being naked, blindfolded and tied to the bed...but you know I would never harm you. I would die before I would let anything hurt you."

Penny thought she was going to cry, because she knew he meant it, as she raised her arms over her head and asked, "would you like to do the honors?"

Leonard, his hands actually shaking, grasped the bottom of her skimpy tank top and slowly lifted it up and off over her head, revealing her absolutely magnificent breasts. They were a work of art, 36 C and perfectly round and firm with large elliptical areola surrounding pink gumdrop sized nipples. When she put her arms back down to her sides, her tits giggled like the Jello at the University cafeteria. Penny saw Leonard staring lovingly at her chest and knew he was the man she wanted to spend her life with. He kneeled in front of her and it occurred to him that being on his knees was the perfect position to worship his goddess.

Shakily, he grasped the waistband of her pajamas and slowly peeled them down her long, slender legs, leaving a pale blue thong as her only clothing. Resisting the urge to ask her permission, Leonard repeated the procedure and pulled her tiny panties down to her ankles where she stepped out of both garments. His face was right in front of her totally bald mound, her prominent lips clearly outlined by the light behind her and the perfect thigh gap. Looking up at her incredible naked body he fought the urge to bow and say some sort of prayer. Standing, he placed one of the soft silk ties around her head as a blindfold and tied it in the back. Making sure she was still smiling, Leonard backed her up to the bedside and gently assisted her in laying down on her back. "I hope you know it's taking every once of willpower not to ravish you right now," he admitted as he began to tie her right wrist to the bedpost.

Knowing she had goosebumps all over her body, Penny replied, "no one's stopping you, my little Ewok." As he finished with her left arm, she willingly spread her silky smooth legs wide so he could secure her spread-eagle to the four corners of the bed. There was no one else in the world who she would have voluntarily given up all control to, and she wondered what was next.

"Now comes the science part," Leonard informed her, "I'm going to show you that science can be sexy."

"I have to admit this is exciting," Penny admitted as she felt a tiny shiver, knowing she was completely vulnerable and exposed.

As he stood admiring her totally naked body, Leonard stated, "first we are going to do an experiment with heat and cold. As you may or may not know, the sensations of taste, touch and vision are all controlled by the Occipital lobe of the brain. When you are deprived of one of your senses, the others become more receptive and sensitive."

"OK Mr. Scientist," Penny answered giggling, "it's becoming less exciting."

"Just give me a chance," he chuckled, "first, tell me if this stimulus is hot or cold."

He deliberately took a stick match from its box, struck it right next to her head and let the smoke drift to her nostrils before lighting the candle on the bed-stand. Leonard laughed to himself at the stick match: they were the only form of matches or lighters that the tech obsessed Sheldon would allow in the apartment (unless you had a laser-lighter). Leonard had never asked why, just assuming it had something to do with Sheldon's childhood in Texas. No matter what his mother said, Leonard was convinced Sheldon was crazy. Then he silently reached into a glass beside the bed and grasped an ice cube between his fingers.

Ever so lightly, he touched the ice cube to Penny's totally erect left nipple causing her body to jump. "Oh my God burned me," Penny yelled. She had heard the match and smelled the smoke and her senses had deceived her, convincing her that the sensation was heat.

Leonard kissed her cheek while assuring her, "you said you trusted know I would never hurt you. This is science."

He quickly placed the ice cube on her lips, letting it drip into her mouth. "Holy shit...that's amazing," Penny exclaimed as she sucked on the ice cube. Leonard took the cube and began to draw a line with it over her chin, down her neck and then making circles around her pink nipples. He trailed it down her taut tummy, letting it drip into her belly button, causing her abs to twitch at the sexy, feathery touch. Slowly he drew the ice cube from her navel down to her pubic mound. With her legs spread wide, it was easy to very gently push the cube between her bald lips and up into her cunt. "Oh my God, Leonard," Penny gasped as she writhed on the bed. He kneeled between her legs, ran his hands up and down her silky thighs and then leaned in and sucked what was left of the ice cube from her hot pussy.

"Best ice chip ever," Leonard proclaimed as he ran his hands up and down her silky smooth sides. "Are you ready for another experiment? Tell me if this next stimulus is hot or cold."

"Dr Hofstadter, you are an evil, mad scientist," Penny grinned, her body still twitching and begging for release. "Do your worst."

He grabbed the thick candle from the bed-stand, a large pool of melted wax having formed. He had experimented beforehand to determine at precisely what height he could drip wax so that when it made contact with a surface it would not be hot enough to cause any harm, and yet still be in a molten state so that it molded to the surface. With a impish grin on his face he centered the candle above Penny's right nipple, it's gumdrop size making a good target, and then slightly tipped the rod so that several drop of liquid wax fell. When they struck her engorged nub, the wax immediately molded to her skin and hardened. Her body jumped upward and she shouted, "oh you bastard...that's hot wax."

"Correct Miss," Leonard congratulated her, and then noting her label of him, asked, "you're not really mad at me are you...if you are, I'm sorry...I'll stop right now."

"Don't you dare sweetie," she laughed, "I'm beginning to like this science stuff." Relieved, he repeated the procedure with her left nipple; her body once again jumping upward. Continuing to let drops of liquid wax fall down the center of her nude body until he got to her belly button, where he allowed it to fill with red wax. Her body squirmed as he left a trail of drips downward until a large drop fell directly on her engorged clit. "Oh God," she moaned, her body convulsing as she reached orgasm..."you are soooo evil."

Leonard just sat back smiling as he watched her body tremble and her natural juices seep out of her slit. He knew he must be the luckiest man on earth as he gazed at her absolutely perfect naked body. He whispered in her ear, "I love you," and began to pick the hardened drops of wax off her magnificent body. He was very careful with the nipple and clitoris mounds of wax, wanting to preserve their molds. He nudged an ice cube against her pouty lips and she gratefully took it into her mouth. "Next will be a quiz. You must guess "fruit" or "vegetable" and try to guess the type."

He retrieved several green grapes from the paper bag and lay one on her sexy tummy before rolling it around with the palm of his hand, letting it rest in her belly button. Then, leaning in and savoring the scent of her arousal, he inserted one, two, three, four, five grapes into her cunt. "Well... fruit or vegetable...and specifically what type," Leonard asked as Penny's ass undulated against the sheets.

Feeling short of breath, Penny breathed, "fruit...grapes...that feels so amazing Dr. Hofstadter."

"Correct again Miss, and now I'll retrieve the objects," he assured her. Using his tongue as a washcloth, Leonard lapped at the sides of her mound, cleaning her juices before using it to scoop one, two, three grapes from inside her tunnel. He dropped the grapes into his hand, then attached his lips to her slit and sucked the remaining two into his mouth. It was pure torture for Penny: she wanted nothing more than to grab the sides of his head and shove it into her crotch...but she was helpless. Leonard crawled up her body, kissed her tenderly and used his tongue to transfer the two grapes into her mouth.

"Thank you baby...mmm...I taste pretty good," she remarked smiling.

"Wonderful," he agreed, "if only I could market that taste. Forget about that cell phone app I was working on with Sheldon...this would make millions."

"Nope"...she disagreed..."this taste is reserved for my mad scientist."

He popped the other three grapes into his mouth and continued, "and now for our next object." He had previously rolled a condom down over a large banana, which he took out of the bag. He had made sure that no dirt or bacteria would enter the body he worshiped. Once again positioned between her splayed legs, he used his thumbs to part her fleshy lips, once again noticing that her right lip was more puffy than the left. Every time he was blessed with this view he marveled at what a vivid pink the flesh on the inside of her pussy was...almost a neon pink. Gently, he nudged the tip of the latex covered banana between her slippery slit and then ever-so-slowly pushed it up into her pussy.

"Oh baby," she moaned, "that feels soooo nice." Slowly Leonard eased the ripe banana farther into her slick hole until it was about half way in, then he slid it lazily in and our of her pussy several times, letting her feel the upward curve as it glided against her g-spot. "Mmmmm," she said, "it's curved just like the world's most perfect penis." She couldn't see, but just knew Leonard was blushing because he knew she was referring to his. "I think I need some more experimentation to determine what the object is," she told him, enjoying having her pussy filled. Sadly she felt him withdraw the object and once again crawl up her naked body. He pulled the condom off, peeled the banana half way and held it under her nose. "Ohhhh, a banana," she guessed.

"Correct again Miss, you are indeed a wonderful test subject," Leonard praised her as he broke off an inch long piece of banana and held it against her plump red lips. Parting them, she let the chunk fall into her mouth and eagerly devoured it. Already preparing for the next test, Leonard retrieved a rather fat cucumber from the bedside bag, already covered with a condom. He slid down her silky body, stopping to gently kiss her incredible nipples and causing her to squirm with desire. This time before inserting the test object, Leonard meticulously lapped up every drop of her sweet nectar that had seeped out of her pussy.

Straining against her bonds, Penny murmured, "you are an evil genius Dr.Hofstadter."
Feeling the object placed against her puffy mound, Penny urged him on by thrusting her pelvis forward attempting to impale herself on whatever phallus he was holding.

Seeing how anxious she was, Leonard pushed the cucumber forward, watching it part her glistening lips and enter her pink hole. It was a tight fit and he had to use some effort to slide the large cuke up into her tunnel. "Oh God...that's big," she groaned in pleasure...push it farther...fuck me with it baby." Leonard responded by sliding the vegetable further up inside her, and then twisting it around as he made several strokes with it. "Holy shit that feels good," she moaned, and then suddenly it was withdrawn. "Come on baby...don't stop," she begged. If she could have seen his face, she would have seen a grin from ear to ear. He knew she was reaching the breaking point where she absolutely had to have release, but he wanted to be the one responsible, not some natural dildo.

Sitting beside her, he reached into the bag, produced a paring knife and proceeded to cut the cucumber in half before holding it under her cute nose. Smelling the unmistakable scent of a cucumber, Penny smiled and stated, "you should save that cuke for a salad later."

She could sense him getting off the bed and going through some motions as he informed her, "there is just one more test, Miss. You have performed admirably."

"You don't pay some unsuspecting coeds to perform these experiments do you Dr. Hofstadter," she cajoled.

"Sorry, my test subjects are carefully screened," he laughed, "so far only one subject has met my strict specifications."

"Oh, and what would that be," she inquired.

He melted her heart when he replied, "I have to be in love with her."

"I want to hug you so bad," she pleaded, stretching against her restraints.

"There is one more test," he informed her as she felt him kneel beside her on the bed.

Suddenly something was pressed against her lips, something warm and soft. Opening her mouth, she smiled when she felt Leonard's hard prick slide across her lips. Mumbling against his penis, Penny stated, "I believe that is of the meat variety, Dr. Hofstadter."

"Correct once again," he proclaimed and removed the blindfold tie. She saw him kneeling beside her, now completely naked and grinning from ear to ear, presenting his cock to her lips. She sucked him deep into her mouth, letting his bulbous crown bump the back of her throat. Closing her inviting lips around his shaft, she began to milk him with her mouth, running her tongue up and down the underside of his hard-on. "You are so good at that," he assured her as he straddled her shoulders, "but I have other plans." He withdrew his penis, letting his scrotum slide down between her wonderful tits. Using both hands, he pushed her warm breasts together, cradling his prick and began to run his shaft up and down between them.

Penny found the sight of his cock-head appearing and disappearing between her tit-mounds to be almost hypnotic. She leaned down as far as her restraints would allow and licked the very tip of his dick on every upstroke. He scooted further down her soft body and then took turns cradling her unparalleled tits in his hands, sucking and nibbling on each gumdrop...kneading and fondling them, enjoying how soft and pliable they were. As far as Leonard was concerned, they were the most perfect tits on earth. He loved how they flattened out on the sides of her chest when she was laying down, and he reminded himself how lucky he was. Now that he had removed the blindfold, he could gaze into her emerald green eyes and what he saw was pure excitement and lust. Her eyes begged him for release.

He kissed his way down to belly button where he licked out the droplets of water that were still there from the melted ice. Running the tip of his tongue down her tummy to the very top of her slit, Leonard caressed her silky thighs as her entire body wriggled beneath him. Kneeling between her wide spread legs, he once again separated her plump folds with his thumbs, and this time blew hot air up inside her. Capturing her right labia between his teeth, he nibbled on her juicy flesh as she moaned, "ohhhh Leonard...where have you been all my life...and don't ever leave." He mumbled something into her crotch that sounded like , "never," as he used his teeth to pull her pussy lip out, then released it to snap back in place. "Please baby...I need to feel you inside me...fuck me baby...fuck me now," she begged.

Leonard's ego could not have been any more inflated as the most beautiful woman in the world (in his mind) begged him to fuck her. Her juices were dripping down from her slit and trickling down between her perfectly round ass cheeks. He flattened his tongue against her opening and attempted to clean her slit, licking as if he were licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. He couldn't wait any longer as he held his cock in his hand and nudged it's peach sized crown against Penny's pussy lips. Penny thought that his penis was the perfect size for her, about eight inches long, fat like a soup can and with an over-sized crown.

She felt his bulbous head spread her wet lips and begin to penetrate her hole, his cock just fat enough to stretch the walls of her cunt. Watching him concentrate on piercing her tight hole, Penny knew he was "the one" for her. He was trying to be so gentle, even though she wouldn't have minded if he had simply ravished her. Once his fat crown had gained entrance, Leonard pushed steadily forward until his cock was buried "balls deep" inside her warm, juicy cunt. Her body trembled and shook as her climax rocked her: "oh my fucking God, Leonard...I love your fucking cock...fuck me baby...fuck your Penny...fuck me." The anticipation had been excruciating and now her body felt like it had exploded.

She stared down between her breasts, watching Leonard's now glistening pole slide in and out of her hole, feeling the walls of her pussy expand and contract. "Oh my God I love being fucked by this man," she thought as he leaned forward and bit down on her left nipple. "Fuck me baby...jam your fucking cock into me," she demanded as he increased his pace. Wanting her to share in the encounter, Leonard reached out to all four extremities and pulled on the slip knots in the ties, freeing her limbs. Even though the binds had not been tight, initially her hands and feet felt the "pins and needles" sensation as full circulation returned. She wrapped her long, slender legs around Leonard's waist, holding him tightly inside her as she cradled his face in her hands and kissed him passionately.

When she broke the embrace, Penny looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I love you Leonard shove that big beautiful cock up my pussy and fuck me as hard as you can." And he did. She knew he was serious when he removed his glasses, folded them, and set them on the night-stand. He began to slam his cock in and out of her, twisting and gyrating his hips so that he made contact with her entire hole. "Oh my God, Leonard, how did you learn to fuck like cunt feels like it's on fire."

"Nerds just try harder," he gasped, nearly out of breath as he shoved his hard-on into her cunt and ground his pelvis against hers. He grasped her wonderful ass cheeks in his hands for leverage and shoved into her pussy even harder. He trapped her swollen clit between them and Penny could feel her body spasm out of control. "Ahhhhhhhh," she shrieked when he began nibbling on the side of her neck, a sensation that always drove her wild. "Fill me up baby," she demanded, "cum in me...I need to feel your hot seed inside me." Wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him closer, their two naked bodies made one mound of sweaty flesh. Suddenly it felt like he had literally erupted deep inside her cunt, and Penny could feel his hot stream of cum spurting into her belly. "Oh my God...I've never felt that before long have you been saving up for me."

"All my life," he blurted out, not making a conscious effort to sound romantic, it just came out that way. Leonard continued to pump his seed up into her pussy and Penny moaned, "holy shit...fill me baby...oh my God that feels good." When he was done, they were both completely spent; both from the physical exertion and the over-stimulation of their senses. Penny released her arms and legs and just sprawled out on her back in Leonard's bed. He kissed her tenderly and then rolled off to lay beside her, slipping his arm under her head. She could feel their combined fluids seeping out of her cunt and remarked, "wow, someone is going to have a big wet spot tonight...I'm glad it's you."

"Oh," he replied sounding disappointed, "I was hoping you would stay."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea...there is nothing I would rather do," Penny admitted, "but what about Sheldon."

"Well the one good thing about Sheldon is that he always knocks before entering a room," he teased her.

Knowing the dig was aimed at her, Penny playfully punched his left arm. Leonard drew back, pretending to be hurt: " that Nebraska farm girl strength." He rolled off the bed, hurried to the bathroom and returned with a nice fresh, thick bath towel. Penny rolled to the side and he placed it over the wet spot so they would be comfortable for the rest of the night. Jumping back into bed Leonard pulled Penny into his body; her back to his front, and they began to spoon...he kissing and nuzzling her swan-like neck.

"If you keep that up, you won't be relaxing for long," she suggestively teased. Just laying there enjoying each others company and making small talk about work, Penny could not resist questioning his motives for the incredible night: "sweetie, this whole night has been absolutely wonderful, but it was such a change for you. Up until tonight you have asked my permission to even touch my breasts...why the sudden change."

"I'm sorry...should I have asked you first," he apologized, "I knew it was too much...but I just hope you enjoyed yourself. Next time...hopefully there will be a next time...I'll ask for permission."

" was totally great," she assured him, "please don't stop trying to surprise me. You know I love you. I loved every minute, but it was just so You can tell me; we shouldn't have any secrets." She knew she was being a hypocrite; a word she never would have used a year ago; with all the secrets she had kept from him to avoid hurting his feelings.

Hesitantly, he admitted, "well, OK. It's just that you're going to be a big star, hanging out with a lot of rich, famous and handsome actors; and I'm Leonard the nerd scientist. I'm so afraid that you're going to realize that...let's face it, I don't have much to offer to compete."

Twisting in his arms to face him, she kissed his lips roughly, then replied, "you're not just Leonard the nerd're MY Leonard the mad scientist, who I'm in love with. Those other people are all so superficial and are the real deal...totally sincere and honest...and you're mine. I'm not going anywhere, sweetie." Their arms wrapped around each other, they kissed for what seemed like an eternity before beginning to doze off. Just before falling asleep, Penny vowed that she would cure him of the insecurity that had been instilled in him by his mother (and now Sheldon) for so many years. He had planned a really special night for her and she began to plan one for him. Of course their slumber was interrupted at 4 AM by a call from Sheldon needing a ride home from the University. Leonard apologized for his friend but Penny just brushed it off, "I should go across the hall anyway...I don't need a lecture from him in the morning...see you later sweetie."

A few days later she received a call that shooting had begun on the film and they were expecting her on set the next day. Penny was so excited that she not only bathed with her favorite bath oil and shaved everything that needed shaving (even though she knew she would be keeping her clothes on this time), but she even paid to have her nails manicured and pedicured. Knowing that she would be clothed by the Wardrobe Department, she even "dressed down" and wore her "skinny jeans." She didn't feel the need to impress anyone now that she had the part. Having exchanged keys with Leonard the night before she excitedly got into his car for the short trip to Compton.

On the seat she found a note written on his University stationery with the Dr. Leonard Hofstadter heading, that read "now that you're a star, you should look like one." Also on the seat was a small velvet bag tied with a drawstring that contained a fancy pair of RayBan sunglasses. Checking herself out in the rear-view mirror, she smiled and murmured to herself, "you dear sweet man." All the way to the set, she thought of the night she was planning for him.

Arriving at the sound-stage, Penny was ushered into the Wardrobe area where she was quickly fitted with an austere-looking gray skirt-suit. The skirt was calf-length, so even her long shapely legs were not as asset. Her hair was put up in a school-marm bun and even her makeup did not particularly flatter her. She had memorized her lines perfectly and was totally prepared when called to the set, which perfectly resembled the lobby of an upscale hotel. Jason Statham was on set and broke into a big smile upon seeing her, " glad to see you. I'm glad you were free for the part...I think you're my good luck charm. I knew Alisha would take care of you."

"Yeah right," Penny thought, but actually responded, "Mr. Statham...Jason...thanks so much for thinking of me. This is a big step for me. I'll do my best not to screw it up."

" know I like to wing-it anyway," he laughed. They rehearsed her first scene where she hands him a room card several times, then filmed it a couple more. Since her only other scene (along with a couple other actors) was on the same set and they wouldn't be using the set again after that, they prepared for the shoot-out scene next. Since the scene was supposedly on another day, Wardrobe had her change into a different color blouse and Jason changed ties while Makeup added some cuts and bruises to his face reflecting a fight which had supposedly taken place between scenes.

This scene included her handing Statham's character a set of car keys, and then two gunmen burst into the lobby for a gunfight scene. Everything was going smoothly until, once again, Statham decided to ad-lib the scene. He leaped over the counter, grabbed Penny around the waist and slammed her to the floor to shield her from the gunfire. This time was not as violent as the last and Penny didn't think she would even get any bruises out of it. Statham thanked her for doing such a great job (even though she really hadn't had any choice), and everyone on set seem to be thrilled with the scene. She would never forget his last words to her that day: "I really enjoy working with you Penny, I'm sure we'll see each other again. I'll put out the good word to other directors."

After making sure the take was perfect (and it was a good thing it was, considering how the set had been trashed), one of the director's assistants thanked her for coming and told her to make sure and take advantage of the free buffet. Changing back into her own clothes, Penny couldn't stop smiling at how well everything had gone. There was some traffic on the return trip and it took her nearly an hour to get back to Pasadena. Noticing the time of day, she didn't bother stopping for food, knowing she would be welcome to join the nerds for dinner (well, welcome by nearly everyone)...and she couldn't wait to tell Leonard all about her great day.

Standing outside 4A she knocked three times, then burst into the room and yelled, "Penny."

"Ha, ha," Sheldon sarcastically stated..."at least you knocked this time."

She had taken care to wear her new "shades" and when Leonard saw her her shouted, "the star is here...all hail Hollywood's newest superstar," and he feigned bowing at the waist in her direction.

Tipping her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, she haughtily remarked, "no bowing necessary...a simple kiss of the hand will be sufficient."

"I'll kiss something," Howard remarked under his breath as Leonard scowled at him.

"Please tell us all about your day," Leonard encouraged as he fetched a plate from the kitchen area to share his Chinese take-out with her.

"It was fantastic...better than I expected," she gushed after kissing his cheek. "Jason Statham likes me."

"I'll bet he does," Howard smugly commented, "how many times."

"Howard," Leonard raised his voice, "stop being such an ass."

"Speaking of asses," Howard whispered to Raj as Penny bent over to pick up a napkin.

"I just meant he almost guaranteed me other parts in the future," Penny clarified her comment. "Even you can't spoil this day for me Howard," she reprimanded him. During dinner, she told them all about the film, the sets, the buffet...everything exciting. Leaning over she whispered to Leonard, "don't make any plans for Saturday night...I have plans for you." She wished she could have taken a picture of his smile.

Penny worked a long shift of Friday at the Cheesecake Factory so she would have all day Saturday to spend on preparations for Leonard's big surprise. When he came through the door of her apartment that night he already had a grin from ear to ear in anticipation. "Guaranteed no interruption from Sheldon," he sighed..."how often do I get to say that. This night is all ours." On the coffee table, he spied a bowl of lime wedges, a salt shaker, a bottle of tequila in a bowl of ice, and two shot glasses. When Penny came out of her bedroom he saw she was dressed in you short pink terrycloth robe, which showed off her incredible legs to perfection. He whistled when he saw her, his breath actually coming in short gasps. "I'm sorry...I know that was completely's just that know...WOW." Even from across the room he could smell her strawberry scented bath oil.

"You charmer," she teased him, "don't ever apologize for that kind of reaction...what did you think I was going for. Now, you are way overdressed for a night of watching the movie I picked up with your girlfriend...go get into your PJ's." He actually ran across the hall, donned the Star Wars jammies that Penny had given him for Christmas and ran back. He couldn't remember the last time he had run that far. When he returned, she was curled up on the sofa, her bare legs tucked under her, waiting for him to nestle in beside her. She turned on the DVD player and the movie "Striptease" flashed on the TV. "Have you seen this movie," she asked.

"Every red-blooded American male saw this movie when it came out," Leonard stated, "even nerds... it's an erotic classic. Demi Moore was so hot."

"Well, my sweet little horn-dog," she teased, "tonight we are going to play a little drinking game while watching the movie, and then I have a big surprise for you. Every time we see Demi's breasts we take a shot of tequila. Let's have one now to get things rolling." And they did. By the time the film was half way over, they were drinking shots if there was even a hint of a breast. They went from licking their wrists to wet them, sprinkling the salt there and then licking it off after the shot; to Penny wetting her neck and sprinkling the salt there so Leonard could lick her soft flesh. When the credits began to roll, they were both totally wasted, their words beginning to slur. The tequila bottle was nearly empty so Penny opened another and put it on the coffee table. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily, her tongue probing his mouth, which tasted like lime.

"And now for your big surprise," she announced as she carefully made her way into the bedroom, "be right back...don't go anywhere."

"I wouldn't leave this spot right now if we were under attack by the evil empire," Leonard thought, fidgeting on the sofa with anticipation. When she came out of the bedroom, Penny was dressed like Demi Moore in the first strip scene of the movie: dark skort, white long-sleeved dress shirt with long tails, one of Leonard's ties (he recognized it from their special night in his room), dark blazer and to top it off: a men's fedora that she had picked up at a thrift shop that week just for this occasion...and, of course, black five-inch heels. He began to clap, but when he tried to rise to greet her, she roughly shoved him back down just like Demi Moore had with her customers.

"You just relax and enjoy the show," she instructed him, "you earned it." She retrieved the tequila from the table before shoving it aside, took a long swig and then licked her fingers. She transferred the saliva to her neck, sprinkled salt on the spot and bent over so Leonard could lick it off. When he did, she handed him the tequila and after he took a swallow, she took a lime wedge in her mouth and transferred it into Leonard's. She could see his pajamas already "tenting" as she put a CD on of the soundtrack from the movie and began to dance where the coffee table had been. They were both totally inebriated and had long since lost all inhibitions as Penny began to bump and grind; throwing her wide hips back and forth and thrusting her pelvis in his direction. She got a chair from her small table and used it in her dance; leaning on it and prancing around it.

Suddenly the door flew open and the equally drunk duo of Howard and Raj burst in. They had been at a Goth bar and were dressed in black: Howard wearing "tattoo sleeves and black eye make-up. "Is Sheldon here...we tried the apartment," Howard slurred, "we wanted to bug him the way he does us. Oh, damn...looking good Penny." When Leonard had gone to change into his PJ's, he had neglected to lock the door.

"Oh... oh," Raj stammered, "she looks like Mrs. Bruce Willis from that one know the one." Since he was completely drunk, Raj didn't think twice about talking in front of Penny.

"Come on guys," Leonard whined, "you know he's in Texas for his Meemaw's 70th birthday party...I drove him to the airport this afternoon. We discussed this." The odd part was, Penny never stopped dancing. Howard and Raj slid onto the sofa beside Leonard, each taking a swallow from the bottle and watched the blonde goddess of their wet-dreams strutting her stuff. "You guys have to go," Leonard told them.

"No, wait," Penny objected, "don't you think this is exciting. Did you guys bring bills...I work for tips you know." It must have been the actress in her (or the exhibitionist), because she was really enjoying showing off in front of Leonard's friends...of course the tequila didn't hurt. While Howard and Raj fumbled in their pockets, Penny took off her hat and held it out. Howard folded two dollar bills lengthwise and dropped them in the hat while Raj did the same with a ten. She dumped the money on the floor and threw the hat into the corner, hearing a crash as it apparently knocked something to the floor. Squatting down, she shoved the skort down to her ankles, then stood up and kicked it into another corner of the room, revealing a tiny black thong.

All the while swaying to the music, she lowered the jacket off one shoulder and then the other, finally letting it slide down her arms where she twirled it over her head and let it fly. She deliberately unknotted the tie, took it off and passed it between her marvelous legs. Dipping and gyrating, the beautiful blond used the tie as if it were dental floss and she was flossing the gap between her thighs, running it back and forth through her crotch. "You are one lucky bastard Leonard," Howard told him as he slapped his back. Penny tossed the tie and then used the chair to perform one of Demi's famous moves from the movie. Standing behind it she proceeded to do a sort of somersault over the chair, stopping with her head resting on the seat and her endlessly long legs pointed straight up toward the ceiling.

Slowly, she parted her legs until they were horizontal to the floor, in a complete split, her thong disappearing into her slit. Pausing to let them get the full effect, she continued over the back of the chair and ended up sitting, facing them. All three, who had been rubbing their groins, applauded and Howard and Raj leaned forward to stuff folded bills into the waist of her thong. They began to whistle and holler, encouraging her to continue. Winking at Leonard, she stood and strutted in front of them, thrusting her shapely hips from side to side. Once again squatting to the floor, she slid her thong down her legs before kicking it off to the side. When she stood up, her shirttails hid her now exposed treasure and she sat back down in the chair facing them. Keeping to the beat of the song, she abruptly spread her legs wide giving them an unobstructed view of her totally bald mound.

Quickly she closed her legs, teasing them in the most literal sense. "Oh my God did you see that," Raj yelled, at no one in particular, "you ARE one lucky bastard Leonard." Despite his reservations about his friends seeing his girlfriend exposed, Leonard could not help but feel proud of their envy...and, of course, completely turned on. Penny stood and very slowly unbuttoned the bright white shirt until it was completely open. Turning her back to them, she let it slip off her shoulders and down her arms, before removing it and twirling it over her head. Her bare back revealed that she was not wearing a bra. She tossed the shirt aside and turned to face them with her arms folded over her chest. Hips gyrating suggestively, she raised her arms over her head allowing her perfect breasts to flop down against her chest.

She was now completely naked, except for the heels, and she was magnificent. Her shoes made her leg muscles even more taut and they seemed to be endlessly long. Howard actually slid off the sofa in his excitement and all three males were unconsciously rubbing their groins. "Holy shit," Raj exclaimed as Penny continued to bump and grind her nude body in front of them, pirouetting so they got the full effect of her incredible shape. All three men passed the bottle back and forth, taking long swallows (although they didn't need it).

"Hey, what about me," Penny pouted. Leonard took a huge swig of tequila, stood up in front of her, pressed his lips firmly against hers and let the liquid drain into her mouth. "Ahhh," she moaned pressing her nude body into him, "that was sooo sexy." He sat back down between his friends while Penny resumed her dance. At one point she dropped to her knees between Leonard's legs, reached out and began to caress his crotch. "It seems like someone is enjoying the show," she grinned. And then shocking them and reaching to either side of him, she started to fondle the groins of Raj and Howard. "It seems everyone is enjoying the show," she winked at Leonard, "but I think everyone but me is don't want me feeling self-conscious do you?"

The alcohol had definitely taken over as Howard and Raj looked to Leonard for guidance and he shrugged his shoulders while shoving his pajama bottoms and boxers to the floor. They nearly fell over each other kicking off their shoes and losing all their clothes. Sober, they would have been self-conscious about exposing their bodies to each other, but the possibilities offered by this blonde goddess trumped all other feelings. As Leonard pulled his top over his head, Penny kneeled in front of him and winked as she lowered her head to his crotch and began to lick the length of his penis. Keeping eye contact with her lover, she reached to the sides and grasped the poles of his friends. Howard's reminded her of a hot dog, but she had almost forgotten about the massive log sprouting from Raj's groin. His cock was nearly a foot long, as thick as s soda can with a crown like a tangerine. Her fingers could not fully encompass it's girth.

Concentrating on her favorite penis, the thick eight-incher in her mouth, she moved her head up and down it's length, tickling the underside with her tongue. It was impossible to perform three tasks simultaneously, so she just tried to keep squeezing the pricks on her hands. No one complained as they watched her blond head bobbing in Leonard's lap, her hands firmly around their rods. Raj looked at Howard, the biggest teeth-baring grin on his face and nodded toward Penny's hand surrounding his pole. Howard nodded his head back and forth violently, acknowledging his contentment. Raj could not resist any longer, and reached down to cup Penny's firm right breast as it hung invitingly down. It was so warm,soft and firm, he nearly ejaculated in her hand. Following his lead, Howard did the same with her left.

Pushed past the point of no return by the alcohol and desire, the four friends just concentrated on enjoying each other. Penny pulled back and moved to the side between Howard's skinny legs, where she leaned in and took him completely into her mouth. Being greedy, he reached his bony hands down and began to knead both her incredible tits. Leonard and Raj stroked their own pricks as they watched Howard get a blow-job from the most beautiful girl they had ever seen. By the way Howard began to thrust his hips upward into her face, Penny could tell he was about to cum, so she quickly pulled her head from his lap and scooted over in front of Raj.

His cock looked like a huge kielbasa growing out of his crotch and she could swear she could actually see it throbbing with excitement. Grasping it in both hands, Penny licked the very tip, and tasting his pre-cum she realized that each man's fluid had a very distinct and different taste. His crown was so bulbous that she could just barely get her lips around it, but there way no way it would fit past her teeth. Holding his pole in her hands, she thought that there was no way a human cock should be that large. Unable to get his shaft in her mouth, Penny settled for licking it from his balls to the tip.

Leonard had very mixed feelings about watching the girl of his dreams handle other pricks, but was proud that she was the object of their desires; and she seemed to be enjoying herself, which was really his only concern. He and Howard kneeled beside her and Leonard started to knead her wonderful tits from behind, while Howard caressed her perfect ass cheeks. Howard extended his hand under her body and discovered that fluids were actually dripping out of her smooth slit. He boldly slid his middle finger inside her, causing her to moan as she licked Raj's crown.

Deciding to take charge, Leonard announced, "I think it's time Penny received some pleasure...she's done such a good job of making us happy."

Releasing Raj, Penny stood up and threw her arms around Leonard's neck, pulling him into her and kissing him deeply. She was surrounded by a forest of hard logs and he let her decide how exactly to proceed. "Howard, run into my bedroom and get the baby oil from my nightstand," she directed and he was there and back almost before she could finish the sentence. Taking the bottle from him, she squirted some into her palm and then grasped his "hot dog," smearing it completely. "Lay down on the couch," she instructed, and he launched himself onto his back. "It seems only appropriate that you get my ass," she chuckled as she backed up to his prone body, his legs hanging off the side of the sofa.

Straddling his slender body, Penny reached behind her to spread her perfectly round cheeks, exposing her rear hole, as Howard took aim. Looking over her shoulder and smiling to herself at the look of pure concentration on Howard's face, she bent her knees until she felt his cock-head make contact with her ass. Knowing he was well lubricated (and small), Penny lowered her naked body, feeling his prick easily penetrate her sphincter ring.
"Oh shit," Howard groaned as her warm anus enveloped his penis, "that's one tight ass."

"Thank you Howard," Penny acknowledged as she sat on his groin, his "hot dog" embedded in her brown tunnel. She had never been a big fan of anal sex, but she really didn't have to worry about Howard stretching her uncomfortably. She had to admit she actually enjoyed the snugness of his prick in her ass. Continuing to direct, Penny surprised the other two by telling them to both move forward. She sat astride Howard with his slim prick jammed up her ass, her lovely legs hanging off the side of the sofa, telling Leonard, "sweetie, you straddle my right leg, with your right leg between them; while Raj straddles my left leg with his left leg next to yours."

When they were in place; it taking a minute for their inebriated brains to comprehend; Leonard looked at Raj as they both began to decipher what she had in mind. Leonard whispered to her, although they were all so close that everyone could hear, "are you sure about this, my angel."

Leering at her boyfriend, Penny assured him, "oh I'm sure...and there's nothing angelic about it." Whispering in his ear, she eased his fears somewhat, "don't worry sweetie...I still love you and you alone; but you said it was my turn for some pleasure."

His cock becoming more hard by the second, Leonard shrugged his shoulders and said, "can't disagree with that."

"Yeah, it's her turn...don't be selfish," Raj spoke up, afraid Leonard was going to call a premature halt to things.

"Raj, I think you should be first," she instructed, "would you please shove that beautiful brown love-stick up my pussy."

"It would be my pleasure," Raj agreed as he leaned forward. Penny lay back against Howard's nearly concave chest, reached down with both hands and used her fingers to spread her fleshy folds apart. Raj, like Leonard, just stared for a few seconds, enjoying the sight of her bright pink pussy welcoming him.

Staring at her incredible nude body, Raj nudged his huge crown against her plump slit. Lubrication was no problem as her juices were leaking out of her hole and running down to coat Howard's prick in her asshole. Her body quivering with anticipation of being penetrated by Raj's gigantic cock, Penny encouraged him, "go ahead Raj...fuck me." She felt the pressure of his giant crown against her opening...and then he pushed forward and penetrated her. "Oh, shit Raj," she moaned as he spread her pussy. Too turned on to be careful, he lunged forward and immediately buried the entire length of his massive cock inside her cunt. Feeling the entire length of her tunnel expand to accommodate his monstrous meat, Penny yelled, "oh my God...that is so fucking big."

Leonard was torn: on one hand he could barely tolerate seeing the love of his life being used by someone else; but on the other hand he was finding it incredibly erotic watching a giant cock slide into her tight juicy pussy. He didn't know whether to cry or fondle himself. He was brought back to reality by Penny begging him, "OK sweetie...time for my favorite cock...fuck me baby." Leaning against Raj, trying to gain room, Leonard placed his crown against her lips. Still holding them open with her fingers, Penny tried to pull them further apart. Pushing forward with all his strength, his cock as hard as steel, Leonard could not seem to penetrate her already plugged hole. Encouraging him, Penny suggested, "go ahead baby...jam it in me...fuck me baby...I need you inside me."

Attempting to corkscrew his prick beside Raj's, Leonard scooped the fluid that was drooling down her ass cheeks and rubbed it on his head. Having no luck entering her, Leonard grasped her slender waist and shoved forward. It felt to Penny like her pussy lips had split apart, as Leonard's cock slid inside her alongside Raj's. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed as the two cocks stretched her cunt. Using the momentum of his initial penetration, Leonard steadily pushed forward, his cock stretching Penny's cunt to new limits with every inch. It felt like someone was shoving their arm up her cunt and Penny lay back against Howard, seeing white light flashes in front of her eyes. Leonard and Raj pressed against each other as they both tried to stuff more of their cocks inside Penny's completely stretched pussy.

Reaching up, she began to maul her own tits, pinching her gumdrop nipples so hard they turned white. When they both began to slowly withdraw their poles, scraping against every nerve ending inside her, Penny screamed, "oh God, oh God, oh God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." In unison, their cocks acting as one gigantic log, Raj and Leonard began to fuck the magnificent blonde, sliding them in and out of her completely stretched out hole. Her hole was even tighter because of Howard's dick in her asshole. Howard tried to fuck her rear hole, but was being crushed by her body and was content to just be inside her.

She reached up and put her hands on Leonard's waist, caressing his skin, just to let him know he was still her man. As they picked up the pace, both Leonard and Raj were mesmerized by the sight of her marvelous tits flattened out on her chest and flopping around like Jello filled balloons. Simultaneously having the same idea, they leaned forward, each taking an excited nipple between their teeth and gently nibbling. They began to fuck her hard, rocking her body up and down. She was so gorgeous, her naked body glistening with perspiration, and her long blonde hair spread out over Howard's face. A white froth had formed around her entrance and their cocks together had the same effect of someone shoving their fist up her cunt.

Looking down, Leonard watched her fleshy cunt lips gripping their cocks; drawing them out on withdrawal and then disappearing up inside her when they thrust. They were scraping against her engorged clit with every stroke and the sensation of having her pussy stretched to it's extreme was exquisite. "Oh my fucking God," she screeched as she had yet another orgasm, her entire body trembling. "Fuck me...fuck me...holy shit I love cock. Fuck me harder...stretch my fucking cunt."

Feeling their cocks rubbing against his, separated by a thin membrane of skin, Howard could not hold out any longer. His prick was inside the ass of the object of his wet dreams and he shoved upward and began to empty his balls deep in her ass. Penny could feel the warmth in her ass and her body squirmed. She loved the feeling of her pussy being utterly stuffed with hard meat; the sensation of them sliding in and out; her vaginal walls stretching and contracting. She couldn't imagine a better feeling in the world and she never wanted them to stop fucking her.

Howard reached around her chest and began to squeeze and knead her wonderful tits; capturing her swollen nipples between his fingers and pinching. As he lay beneath her, his penis still inside her ass, he could feel it growing hard again. "Holy shit," Penny breathlessly begged, "fuck me...fuck me...I love your fucking cocks...jam your fucking cocks up my pussy." Leonard and Raj looked at each other and nodded as they slammed their poles up into her cunt. Together they began to spurt their seed deep into her belly, flooding her cunt with their hot streams. Leonard reached down and roughly massaged her protruding clit as her body began to spasm.

It felt to Penny like a hot water bottle had burst deep inside her pussy and she completely lost control, her body twitching and shivering as she joined then in orgasm. "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fill my fucking cunt...cum in me...fill my hole...shove your fucking cocks into me." Feeling them pump every last drop of cum into her stretched out pussy, Penny suddenly felt exhausted and virtually collapsed onto Howard.

Leonard and Raj just stood there, their cocks draining into her hole, watching the magnificent blond lost in rapture. When they were done, they stood between her legs until their pricks naturally shriveled and slipped out of her wide spread hole. Howard eased her nude body off him and gently lay her on the sofa, her eyes seemingly glazed over. "Wow," yelled Howard, and when he did, it seemed to bring Penny back to consciousness.

Leonard had run into her bathroom and retrieved a towel, which he gingerly handed her. "You are such a sweet man," she acknowledged, taking the towel and wiping her forehead. That wasn't what he had in mind, but he kissed her tenderly as he helped her get unsteadily to her feet. Feeling a warmth run down the inside of her silky thighs, she looked down and saw a river of white fluid escaping her pussy. It was as if a light bulb illuminated inside her head, and she stated loudly, "hey where is everyone going...the show isn't over yet."

Sitting in her "stripper chair," Penny splayed her wonderful long legs revealing that her slit was now a wide open hole, dripping cum onto the towel which she had folded and put under her ass. Grinning, she reached for a tequila bottle, unscrewed the top, and drained the last drops into her mouth. Then she grasped the empty bottle in her right hand and began to slowly insert it, neck first, into her stretched out cunt. With absolutely no resistance, the entire bottle disappeared up into her pussy until all that was visible was the bottom glass.

"Holy shit," exclaimed Raj as Penny held the bottle by the bottom and began to fuck herself with it.

"That's one lucky bottle," proclaimed Howard as he sat on the sofa right in front of her to watch.

Leonard kneeled beside her chair and started to nibble on her left nipple while fondling her right. All three men watched the bottle appear and then disappear as she fucked her juicy pussy. The green glass was coated with a combination of Penny's natural lubrication and their cum. "Oh God,' she groaned as the bottle thrust inside her at a dizzying speed. Throwing her head back, her legs shot straight out as she held the fat glass dildo inside her and came around it's girth.

Leonard wrapped her in his arms and they staggered toward her bedroom. He suggested to Raj and Howard that they go across the hall and spend the night there, since they were in absolutely no condition to drive...or give an Uber driver directions. All four friends were still completely wasted and would not have any clear memories of the night's debauchery. Penny would blame Leonard for her soreness, accusing him of being her horny little Ewok...and he would gladly take the blame. As he turned back her covers and helped her to lay down, he gazed lovingly at her nude body and whispered in her ear, "I love you."

As he lay against her, she mumbled, "I love you too, my sweet little nerd."

In the morning, Howard woke up on Sheldon's sofa as Raj came shuffling out of Leonard's bedroom. Howard asked, "did we see Sheldon last night...I don't remember anything after leaving that bar."

Raj replied, "no, Sheldon went to Texas, remember. We did see Leonard and Penny...I think...he must have given us his key."

"Well where is he," Howard wanted to know.

"Ooooo, he must have spent the night at Penny's," Raj grinned, his head pounding with a hangover.

"That lucky bastard," Howard exclaimed..."why couldn't it have been me."

(As always, thanks for reading my story. It's not perfect but remember, it's just for fun. Comments are always appreciated. [email protected] )


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