(fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 4 (MF,FF,inter,dp,dpp,creampie)
by shaggy77

Penny ran to her peephole when she heard movement in the hall, looked over and saw Leonard approaching 4A with his hands full of "take-out" bags. She rushed out into the hall and his face lit up with a wide grin when he saw her emerging from 4B, "hi Penny, what's up. Would you like to join us for dinner...I have plenty."

"Oh, no thanks sweetie, I've already eaten and besides I have a late shift at the Cheesecake Factory; but I need to ask you a favor...or should I say, another favor," she replied smiling.

"You know all you have to do is ask," he assured her and gestured toward his coat pocket, "would you hands are kind of full." She immediately understood and fished his keys out of his coat pocket before unlocking and opening the door for him. When they entered the apartment he shared with his condescending roommate, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, they were greeted by the three nerds occupying the room.

"Hello pretty lady," oozed Howard Wolowitz, as he eyed Penny from bottom to top.

"Well what a surprise seeing you at dinner time," Sheldon sarcastically greeted her; and Raj Koothrapalli simply waved weakly, still not comfortable enough to verbally communicate with her.

"Hello all," Penny returned their greetings, "and sorry to disappoint you Sheldon but I'm not here to eat, I merely wanted to talk to Leonard."

"Wait...why would that disappoint me," Sheldon started, then turned to Howard and asked, "sarcasm?"

"Ya think," Howard shook his head.

Leonard spread the bags on the coffee table and went to the kitchen to retrieve his beverage from the fridge. Following, Penny asked in almost a whisper, "do you think I could borrow your car again tomorrow? I thought mine was fixed, but the check-engine light is back on and I have to go to Compton tomorrow for an interview. It's only a twenty-five minute drive, but I just don't trust the car out of town...we could swap and you could use mine. It would mean a lot to me...."

"Penny," Leonard stopped her, "all you had to do was ask. I would be happy to swap cars with you...anytime." She had automatically thrown his keys in the bowl by the front door after unlocking it and he went over, dug them out and handed them to her, "just give me your keys sometime and we'll swap back when you're done with it. Is the interview about an acting job?"

She was wearing her waitress uniform, and handed him her keys from the vest pocket, "thank you so much Leonard, you are so sweet. Yes, a producer actually called and asked me to come in for an interview...he didn't even say it was an audition. I guess I'll get all the details tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed for me," she beamed as he deliberately crossed the index and middle fingers on both hands. Penny leaned close, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then left the apartment; Howard's eyes glued to her butt.

Her shift that night seemed eternal because of her excitement over her trip to Compton the next day. Penny was anticipating being offered some sort of acting job, based on her phone conversation with the man who had identified himself as Jim Mitchell. At the moment she was not in dire need of an influx of cash, but the salary from her recent Lifetime network and Showtime movie was dwindling after paying off all her debts, and she didn't want to start owing people again. He had been cryptic about the details, assuring her that he would fully explain at the interview. It intrigued her that he kept referring to it as an "interview" and not an audition.

Wanting to make a lasting impression, she decided to chose and lay out her clothes for the next day. After perusing her closet, Penny chose a pale yellow sundress with spaghetti straps that was short enough to showcase her wonderful, long legs and low-cut enough to proudly display her ample cleavage. She decided a matching yellow thong would eliminate any panty-line and going braless would give her some "bounce." The perfect pair of yellow four-inch heels would further accentuate her legs.

Knowing that a nice hot bath always helped her to relax and sleep soundly, she quickly drew a tub full of steaming water, while adding some vanilla-strawberry bath oil. After shucking her uniform and just tossing it over her hamper, she couldn't help but chuckle to herself at the pained look on Sheldon's face if he could see her messy bathroom. When she had first moved in, he had actually snuck into her apartment while she was sleeping and cleaned and tidied. When she was naked, she stopped to admire her nude body on the full-length mirror on the back of her bathroom door.

She slapped one of her perfectly round ass cheeks and there was not a hint of a ripple...firm as a Christmas ham. Cupping her wonderful 36 C breasts, Penny bounced them in her hands and was pleased with their firmness. She knew she was a knockout and enjoyed the looks she got from the opposite sex. Seeing her reflection, she wondered what Leonard's reaction would be if he could see her now, and she had to admit to herself that she hoped one day soon the lovable nerd would indeed be seeing her naked. Penny knew she had fallen for the sweet, nearsighted physicist from Cal Tech and was completely ready for a relationship with someone who was giving, rather than selfish and conceited.

Easing her body down into the toasty water, Penny proceeded to smooth body oil on her legs and shave them from the ankles all the way to her crotch. Not stopping there, she gently shaved her pubic area until it was completely smooth, "just like the day I was born," she thought. Making sure her underarms were just as smooth, Penny then folded a towel for a pillow and relaxed in her fragrant warmth. Several minutes later, her chin flopped against her chest and Penny jerked herself awake. Letting the cooling water out of the tub, she patted herself dry with a fluffy pink towel and smoothed moisturizer over every inch of her torso. "I wonder if Leonard would like to perform this task," she laughed as she slipped on a pair of pink shorts and her favorite Hello-Kitty tank top.

As she left the building the next morning, Penny saw a slip of paper on Leonard's windshield and thought, "on, no poor Leonard got a ticket," but when she retrieved and unfolded it, she realized it was a note. The heading on the stationary read, "from the desk of Dr. Leonard Hofstater," and he had written in ink, "Good Luck today...not that you need luck," followed by a big sappy smiley-face jotted in yellow highlighter. Penny laughed out loud when she saw that he had actually signed it: Leonard Hofstater. "You dear sweet man," she contemplated, "the next time I see you, you're getting a kiss."

Using Leonard's GPS, Penny had no trouble finding the address given to her during the phone call. The office of Mitchell Bros. Inc. was located on the second floor of a fairly new five floor office building, and when she arrived there was no one else in the waiting room. A very pleasant office assistant quickly took her through a maze of hallways and opened the door to Mr. Mitchell's office. He greeted her immediately with a wide smile and a firm handshake, directing her to an oversized brown leather chair in front of his huge wooden desk. Penny would have guessed he was in his forties, about as tall as the "head nerd" and had one of those ubiquitous pseudo-beards; you know the type, it's actually about three days of growth meticulously groomed and shaped.

She leaned back comfortably in the plush leather, crossing her legs and knowing she was giving him a generous glimpse of her thigh. "Penny, I hope I may call you Penny, I am so pleased to meet you. I am Jim Mitchell, and please call me Jim. I'm sure you're wondering exactly why you're here today, so let's get right down to business...time is money in our business. I am a film director and also producer and when I saw your recent Showtime film, I knew immediately that you would be just right for the lead in a new film I am ready to begin production on. You have that fresh faced innocence that is essential for the role I am casting, and quite frankly I am under some time constraints that preclude a lengthy audition process. If I don't begin production, one of my investors is threatening to back out of the deal."

All Penny could think was that it sounded like he was already offering her a part, without even an audition, and she just nodded her head as he continued. "I won't beat around the bush...this will be an adult film; X-rated if you will, but a classy full budget endeavor. Since you had no objection to nudity in the Showtime film, I assumed it would be no problem again. Let me explain the project by beginning with a little history. Have you ever heard of a film titled "Behind the Green Door."

Penny shook her head and admitted, "no, never."

"Well, I guess that's not surprising," Jim continued, "it was one of the very first big budget X-rated movies ever released and kind of ushered in the Golden Age of Porn, as it was called. Of course it was released probably fifteen years before you were born, in 1972. The original was directed by my father Jim Mitchell and my uncle...hence the name of the company, Mitchell Bros., Inc. Anyway to make a longer story shorter, I am producing a re-make of the original; kind of a tribute to my father."

"Have you heard of Marilyn Chambers," he asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Honestly, no...I'm sorry," Penny responded.

"Oh, that's OK," Jim assured her, "she was the star of the original and it was her first starring role. You actually remind me of her and when I saw your flawless body on Showtime, I knew you would be perfect for the role of Gloria. Let me be perfectly clear Penny, the pay scale for this role is top of the line for any type of starring role."

Penny blushed, remembering both the Showtime nudity and the accompanying X-rated version. When she had agreed to this meeting, she had no idea it was for an adult film role and she was having a hard time processing his offer. She knew she wanted to stay away from nudity, and especially sex scenes, but she also knew that high paying jobs are few and far between in her business, and with her lack of credentials. "What exactly would be required of me," she heard herself inquire.

"Well, to put it quite bluntly," Jim told her, "you would be having sex on camera...both male and female. You see the story is about a beautiful woman who is abducted and then ravished. The abduction is completely non-violent and the ravishment takes place in a very consensual atmosphere...nothing is forced. It is all highly erotic, almost dream-like in nature."

"How long would I be given to memorize my dialog," she asked, suddenly realizing she was actually considering the part.

"The funny thing is Penny," Jim informed her, "in the original film, Gloria does not utter one single word of dialog...not one. There is a narrator and the other characters have dialog, but her body movements and facial expressions convey all her emotions. Seeing your work, I am convinced you have the talent to pull that have a very expressive face. Of course, in my version, I would encourage you to say anything that came to your mind when engaged in sexual activity. You would be free to verbally express any emotion, but there will be no written dialog for your part."

"There will be actual penetration and I won't lie to you, the main male actor is quite well endowed...I have contracted some of the main actors from the Dogfart film company," he warned her.

"Dogfart," Penny couldn't help but chuckle at the name, "I've never heard of it."

"It's a production company that specializes in interracial sex," Jim explained, "one of their most popular series is Blacks On Blondes."

"Actually I think I've heard of those movies," Penny admitted. "I never even knew about porn until I moved to California," she offered, "I don't think it's legal in Nebraska." All she could think about was the money she would be making...all the tireless auditions and rejections she could skip.

"Listen Penny," Jim suggested, "let's do this: I will give you a copy of your contract and a paid Fed Ex envelope. Take it home, look it over, consult with whoever you please. If you decide to do the film; and I hope you will; sign it, call the number on the envelope and they will pick it up at your door. Give me a call to let me know it's on the way and I will begin to schedule the shoot. In all honesty, the shoot should take no more than a week from start to wrap and you will be quite a bit more wealthy...what do you say?"

Her mind racing with all the ramifications, Penny nodded her agreement as she stood, "that sounds you need to see me or anything today," she asked hesitantly.

Looking puzzled for a minute, Jim then grinned and eased her mind, "oh no Penny...I already know you have the body for the part. You haven't had any major alterations since you filmed the Showtime movie have you?"

"No sir...none," Penny gave a relieved smile.

Jim handed her the contract and Fed Ex envelope before they shook hands and he reminded her, "I really need for you to make a decision by the end of the week...remember I mentioned the time constraints."

"Thank you for the offer," Penny graciously answered, "I'm sure you'll be hearing from me way or the other."

Sliding behind the wheel of Leonard's car, Penny put the seat back, relaxed and began to read the contract. It contained all the standard "acting clauses" like her permission to release the film direct to video, her acknowledging that the role required nudity and sexual acts, and her liability if she broke any of the contract clauses. When she came to the actual salary quote in black and white, she knew she was hooked. Doing some quick math with a pen in Leonard's glove box, she gasped aloud, "that's more than I'll make in nearly a year at the Cheesecake Factory. I could actually save some money for when my acting jobs are few and far between."

Slumping back against the seat, she reasoned with herself: "I don't want to be a porn actress, but sometimes reality interferes with your standards. This kind of pay-day doesn't come often to struggling actresses and no one I know should be watching porn videos anyway...except that perv Howard...hopefully he develops a relationship with Bernadette because she would keep him in line. I don't want to do this...but I have to. If Leonard ever found out I could always tell him I filmed it before I met him." Before she could over-think her decision, Penny used the pen to sign the contract and then walked back to Mitchell Bros. Inc. and asked the receptionist if she could see Jim.

"I'll see if he'll see you when he gets off the phone...oh, he just hung up, let me buzz him," she told Penny. "Yes, go right in please."

"Penny," Jim greeted her smiling, "is there a problem?"

"Nope," she answered, handing him the envelope and the signed contract, "I just thought I'd save you the envelope. I'll take the role."

"That's fantastic," he responded by extending his hand for her to shake. I will be in touch as soon as possible when the shoot is set up...make sure Jennifer has all your contact info...cell, text, whatever. This is so great; I knew I had made the right choice. Now to celebrate how about if you drop to your knees and give me a blowjob." Penny's grin disappeared and her lower jaw dropped open in shock. Suddenly, Jim stepped forward and hugged her, laughing heartily, "holy shit Penny...I'm joking. You'll find I have a unique sense of humor...when you're in this business that's the kind of thing we joke about. I'm sorry..I didn't mean to scare you. Seriously, it's all business for me...not that I wouldn't love to have sex with a gorgeous woman like you...maybe I'll write myself into the film...ha ha ha. Now get out of here so I can make arrangements for the filming. I'll email you a schedule when I have it finalized."

"Wow, you really had me," she gasped in relief, her smile returning. "OK, and thanks again."

Climbing the stairs to her floor, Penny was nearly floating while thinking of her imminent financial windfall. She quickly knocked and then entered 4A, dropping Leonard's keys into the bowl before realizing her mistake. Sheldon was all over her to remind her, "do you need another lesson in proper door-knocking etiquette, Penny? The socially accepted procedure is to wait for permission to enter."

Immediately Leonard interrupted him, "knock it off you crazy bastard, you know Penny has a standing invitation from me. Hi Penny, how was the, you look amazing."

"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested," Sheldon mumbled, "and just because she has beguiled you, doesn't mean we are all susceptible to her charms."

"I will admit, I do find her absolutely enchanting," Leonard softly admitted.

"Hubba hubba," Howard leered at Penny's legs, and Raj just nodded in agreement.

"Nice to see you too Sheldon," Penny sarcastically greeted him while staring sternly at Howard. "Hi Leonard, thank you. It went great...I got a part!"

She was surprised at how quickly he moved, and before she knew it she was wrapped in his arms and he was hugging her tightly. Before it even registered in his brain that she was hugging him back, Leonard jumped back with a shocked expression on his face, "oh jeez...I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to touch you...I am just so happy for you...please...I'm so sorry."

Now Penny was shocked, "Leonard, it's OK...thank you...I enjoyed didn't have to stop."

Their conversation was interrupted by Sheldon scolding Leonard, "this is regular soy know I only eat light soy sauce. Can't you do anything right? You'll have to go back to Szechuan Palace and get me some light soy sauce...and hurry before everything is cold. It's in the Roommate Agreement that you have to procure the correct condiments: Section 4, sub-codicil 12."

Leonard headed for the door, asking Penny if she was too tired from her day or if she would like to go for a ride. "What a wackadoodle," she remarked and then smiled at Leonard, "I would love to go for a drive with you...we can take my car and I'll drive...I think you deserve a break. Just curious, why don't you just get him a jar of light soy sauce and avoid this."

"Oh I tried that," he responded as they descended the stairs, "but he says that if a jar is opened for more than a week, its contents are contaminated."

"Holy crap on a cracker," Penny exclaimed, unlocking the car door.

"You can say that again," Leonard laughed.

He immediately asked about her part and Penny had to think quick, just telling him it was a film about a woman who is abducted and that she had the lead role.

"Oh my God that is so exciting," Leonard beamed, "I know a famous actress. What studio is making it...when will we be able to see it?"

"Oh it's being produced by an independent company. You know they film it, then they wait until someone buys the rights to it. It may be years before it's released on TV or never know," she avoided his question. Suddenly it occurred to her that something was different about her car, "holy shit, the check-engine light isn't on. Oh my God...did you fix my car."

Leonard tried to downplay the repair, "this morning I showed it to one of the maintenance guys at the college...Tony...he's a real car buff. He was more than happy to look at it; he loves working on cars. He told me the O/2, oxygen, sensor was making the light come on. He wrote down the part, I picked it up at lunch time from Pep Boys, and he installed it this afternoon. He said it was really simple. But he also warned that there were many other things wrong with the car; so please swap cars with me whenever you have to go out of town. It was no big thing."

A tear rolled down Penny's cheek and she gushed, "no big one has ever done anything so thoughtful for me...ever. You are the sweetest man alive and if I weren't driving I would hug you so tight."

"We could always pull over," Leonard chuckled, and suddenly the car swerved to the curb. "I was just kidding."

"Well I wasn't," Penny turned to him, threw her arms around him and squeezed him tight. She was so soft, and smelled so wonderful that Leonard just closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. He knew from watching her move that she was not wearing a bra and it just added to the excitement of the moment. "Thank you Leonard," she graciously stated and kissed him square on the lips. They were nearly in front of the restaurant and when Leonard seemed to be having difficulty getting out of the car, Penny realized that he was adjusting the tent that had formed in his pants. "You've still got it girl,' she congratulated herself.

On the drive home Leonard asked, "Penny do you remember when we went out for dinner and you mentioned something about ME asking YOU out sometime. Were you serious or just being nice?"

Smiling, Penny answered, "of course I meant it...I would love that. And just ask Sheldon...I'm not that nice."

"Oh he's insane," Leonard added, "I don't care what his mother says. Anyway...would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night...if not, I understand."

"That would be perfect...I would absolutely love it," Penny declared without a second's hesitation, "it's just that I have a shift tomorrow, so I don't get out until about that too late?"

"That's perfect," he agreed, "pick you up at your apartment around ten."

"It's a date," she grinned.

"I like the sound of that," he thought as he slouched back in the seat and smiled contentedly, noticing how high her dress had ridden up her wonderful thighs.

"You know I'm glad you finally asked me out," Penny teased, "it's been so long since our last date that I was beginning to think you didn't like me."

"Like you," Leonard blurted out, "how could I not like the perfect girl."

Blushing, Penny responded, "that's a pretty high standard to live up to."

"As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing you could do to change my mind," he assured her.

* * *

The following morning, she got a call and a text from Mitchell Bros., Inc. informing her that shooting would begin the following week. She immediately texted back to confirm, and was pleasantly surprised to see that her checking account had already been credited with an automatic deposit from the production company. The rest of the day dragged on as she anticipated her date with Leonard. She had certainly dated enough men, but couldn't ever remember being this nervous. He had not given her any details about their destination so she wore a simple print sundress, pink thong and matching lace bra, and most importantly: flats. She knew Leonard was a little self-conscious about his height, so she didn't want to draw attention to it.

Precisely at 10:00 he knocked on her door, knock-knock-knock, "Penny," imitating his roommate's OCD habit.

She opened the door and smiled, "cute...but if I thought it was Sheldon, I wouldn't have this smile on my face."

Standing there grinning from ear to ear, he greeted her, "hello beautiful, are you ready to be swept off your feet?"

"Hello yourself handsome," she laughed, noticing he was wearing a nice sport coat, "I'm more than ready."

She looped her arm through his, but when he began to lead her UP the stairs, she hesitated, "where are you taking me?"

"You'll see," he grinned and they proceeded up to the building's roof. When they opened the access door, Leonard flipped a light switch and as if by magic the roof was illuminated by hundreds of tiny white twinkling lights.

"Oh my God, it's amazing," Penny exclaimed, "like some sort of fairy land." On one side of the roof there was a small table and two chairs; the table covered with a lace cloth and adorned with a small flower-filled vase and two battery-operated candles. "Leonard this must have taken you all day."

He ushered her to the table, pulled a chair out for her and replied, "anything for my princess...seriously though, there were a lot of trips up the stairs." Opening a huge styrofoam cooler, he informed her, "hope you don't mind I deviated from the usual Chinese or Thai takeout and decided on Italian."

"What, you mean you didn't cook," she teased.

"Believe me, no one wants that," he assured her, "it's from Giacomos." He proceeded to produce a green salad, still warm ziti, and Italian bread. "Sorry it's not real butter," he apologized, "but you know...lactose intolerant." An old-fashioned wicker picnic basket contained all the plates and silverware. Finally he pulled out two wine glasses and a bucket full of melting ice with a bottle of white wine.

"And here I thought you were different, but you're just another guy trying to get me drunk," she continued to tease.

"Jeez no...I'm sorry...I swear that never even occurred to me," he immediately apologized, obviously flustered.

Penny put her hand on his forearm and calmed him, "sweetie I was just teasing. You poor scarred man...who is responsible for all the damage done to your confidence."

"Well, you've met Sheldon," he confirmed, "but really my mother is to blame for most of it I guess. She is a world renowned psychiatrist and I was her first guinea pig. She even wrote a book about all the behavior experiments she tried out on me...but let's eat."

All through dinner they chatted about their work-day, and the people they came into contact with; it was like they had known each other their entire lives. Penny didn't think she had ever felt so comfortable with a man in her life. When they were finished, Leonard stood up, rolled out a couple of exercise mats on the roof floor and covered them with an oversized blanket. Lastly he threw two giant pillows down and stated, "and now you will see why it was better that it was already dark when our date started."

Penny suddenly wondered, "holy shit did I misjudge him, what does he really have in mind."

Leonard offered his arm to her, led her over to the blanket and directed her, "if you will just lay down please."

Sitting on the surprisingly soft blanket covered mat, she said, "just another typical man trying to get me on my back."

"," Leonard pleaded with a hurt look crossing his face, "please trust me, that's not it at all."

"Leonard," she soothed him, "just teasing again."

He crossed to the door and flipped the light switch off, saying, "they're LED's you know...hardly any electricity". It was still surprisingly light, considering they were above the streetlights and he sat down near her, "now just lay back and look up at the sky," he instructed.

Laying her head on the comfy pillow, Penny looked up at the stars and shouted, "oh my God...that is so cool."

"That's the Perseid meteor shower," Leonard informed her, "do you like it."

"It's totally amazing," Penny smiled, "I've never seen anything like it. Does it do that in Nebraska?"

"Yeah, whole Northern Hemisphere," Leonard instructed, "the meteors are remnants of the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle. There can be 60 to 100 meteors per hour."

"Hey scientist," she ordered, "don't take all the magic out of it. It looks like Tinkerbell waved her magic wand. Is this why you set this all up instead of going out somewhere?"

"Well, this, and I wasn't sure if you wanted any of your friends to see you with me," he mumbled.

She took his hand in hers, again feeling a tear roll down toward her ear, "you sweet man...of course I want my friends to see us together. You are the sweetest, most considerate person I have ever met and I want to show you off to the world. This is the nicest date I have ever been on." Turning to him, she could swear she could see his chest pump out. She inched over and snuggled up against him, "it's a little chilly...hope you don't mind if we share body heat." They remained mostly in silence, hand in hand, marveling at nature, only speaking when each tried to be the first to point out a really big meteor.

They were so comfortable next to each other that each began to doze off with Penny's head resting on Leonard's shoulder. Realizing that it was getting very late, Penny leaned over, planted her lips gently on his and kissed him passionately (for at least four Mississippi's); she even let her tongue sneak into his mouth to explore. She wanted so badly to go farther, but knew he might think she was going too fast. Noticing a very sizable tent in his trousers, she reluctantly stated, "well, we both have to work tomorrow so I think we should call it a night."

Without even realizing he was verbalizing it, Leonard blurted out, "I was hoping this night would never end."

"You are the sweetest too," Penny agreed, "but there will be many more...if I have anything to say about it." Now it was Leonard's turn to swiftly brush away a tear before she could see it, as Penny asked, "can I help you clean this all up?"

"No, you've had a long day," he resisted, "this is my gift to you. I'll walk you down and you get some sleep."

* * *

The next evening Penny and her co-workers were just finishing singing "Happy Birthday" to one of the customers when her fellow waitress April nudged her and warned, "oh, no, here comes crazy hamburger guy."

Penny immediately perked up because she knew April meant Sheldon...and where there was Sheldon, there usually was Leonard. "I'll take that table, you don't have to worry," she calmed April.

She approached their table smiling, "what brings you guys here's not your usual night?"

Leonard volunteered, "we're just a bunch of wild and crazy guys...this is anything-goes-Thursday and Sheldon wanted his usual."

"Ah yes," Penny wrote on her pad, "barbeque bacon cheeseburger with the barbeque, bacon and cheese on the side."

Sheldon being Sheldon remarked, "is all that singing and frivolity really necessary?"

"It's someone's Birthday," Penny answered, "and by the way Leonard, will we be seeing you next Saturday for your free Birthday cheesecake."

"He can't eat cheesecake, he's lactose intolerant," Sheldon snorted.

"I know that," Penny retorted, "but he can have carrot cake instead."

Sheldon snapped, "what about the cream-cheese frosting?"

"He can scrape it off," Penny snapped back, and all the time she was talking, she was running her hand up Leonard's arm and massaging his neck. Howard and Raj kept nudging each other, noticing the intimate gesture.

"Forget about the cake," Leonard spoke up, "how did you know my Birthday was next Saturday?"

Penny reminded him, "I did your horoscope remember. I was going to do everyone's until Sheldon launched one of his typical psychotic rants. Seriously will you be here next Saturday?"

Leonard sighed, "I don't think so, I don't celebrate my Birthday"

"Shut up," Penny exclaimed, "sure you do."

"It's no big deal," Leonard explained, "it's just the way I was raised. My parents celebrated achievements and being expelled from a birth canal was not considered one of them."

"That's silly," Penny frowned.

"Actually it's a very sound theory," Sheldon informed her, "his world famous psychiatrist mother published a paper on it.."

"What was it called, I Hate My Son and That's Why He Can't Have Cake," Penny asked. "So you really never had a birthday party?"

Leonard answered, "no, but it was OK. Once when I came home from my cello lesson and saw all my relatives in the house and smelled German chocolate cake, my favorite, I thought there was a party...but it turned out my grandfather had died. It was kinda like a birthday party: I saw all my cousins...and there was cake."

"That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," Penny said.

"Enough chit chat," Sheldon proclaimed, "are you going to take our orders before we starve to death."

Writing on her pad, Penny mumbled, "extra spit on Sheldon's what would everyone else like this evening."

When she left the table, Howard demanded of Leonard, "what the Hell was all that arm rubbing."

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Leonard told him, "we had a date last night."

"What," Howard nearly shouted, "you mean another date...after the first one that we all assumed had been a disaster?"

"That's right," Leonard smugly admitted, "while you all were camping out in the desert to film the meteor shower, I was having dinner with a beautiful girl...and we had a great time."

"Why didn't you tell us," Howard urged, "I don't believe you."

"Well it's true," Leonard stated, "and a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell."

"Oooo, there was kissing," Raj asked.

"That's all I'm saying on the subject," Leonard grinned.

* * *

The next day, Penny was spying on apartment 4A through her peephole, and when she saw Leonard leave to pick up that day's meal, she hurried next door and knocked. Sheldon opened the door and immediately informed her, "Leonard's not home."

Pushing past him into his living room, Penny admitted, "I know...I wanted to talk to you."

"I can't think of anything we have in common to converse about, but OK," Sheldon closed the door.

Noting that Howard and Raj were both present as planned, Penny announced, "I have a great idea...we are going to throw Leonard a kick-ass Birthday party."

"I hardly think so," Sheldon rebutted, "Leonard made it clear he didn't want a party."

"He just doesn't know he wants one," Penny stated, "now here is how it's going down: if you don't agree, I am going into your room, take all your vintage comic books out of their wrappers, and on a random page inside one of them I am going to draw a little happy-face in ink. You won't know which one."

"But mint condition means no blemishes," Sheldon seemed puzzled.

"Do you understand the concept of blackmail," Penny asked.

"Of course...oh... I see," Sheldon finally understood and turned to Howard and Raj, "I have a great idea...let's throw Leonard a kick-ass Birthday party."

* * *

Monday morning Penny was busy trying to mentally plan her upcoming week as she dressed for her first day of filming. She knew it was going to be hectic, with the filming schedule, her Cheesecake Factory shifts and planning Leonard's party. Now that she knew what type of film it was, she wasn't nearly as careful about choosing her wardrobe...she knew her attire would be provided. She had meant to go online and check out the original "Behind the Green Door," but had not gotten around to it, so she was nearly clueless about what lay ahead. "Maybe I'm better off if it's a surprise," she thought as she hurried down the stairs. She and Leonard had exchanged keys the night before and he had asked her to drive carefully.

"And just for the record, it's not the car I care about," he had admitted.

Sliding into the seat, she had to get back out when she noticed a long-stemmed red rose tucked under the wiper blade. "How did I get so lucky," she whispered aloud as she held the flower under her nose and inhaled.

Half an hour later Penny was pulling into the parking lot of the sound stage. Jim had texted her the address and with Leonard's GPS, she had no trouble finding it. It turns out that the address was only about two blocks from his office. Upon entering, Penny could see that inside the massive warehouse, there were actually several complete sets. Jim was there talking with several other people and promptly greeted Penny with a wide smile. He introduced her to the three cameramen and the grips and technical advisors. He explained that in a production such as this, many of the behind-the-scenes people would actually double as "extras" in the film.

There were seven other females present and Jim introduced them all, indicating that they would all have scenes together that day. A very attractive brunette named Sally, who Penny guessed to be in her thirties, was introduced as the only woman who would have a speaking part in the day's shooting schedule. Sally whisked Penny away to the dressing room and she changed into a pants suit, a long coat and a knit hat. When she returned to the meeting room, Jim explained that the first scene was of her having a drink in an outdoor cafe after checking into a hotel; then it would jump ahead several hours and she would be "abducted" while leaving the premises to catch a cab. He explained that a friend of his had agreed to lend the use of his hotel as long as they didn't disturb any customers.

"That's the beauty of digital recording," Jim admitted, "no lengthy set-ups; and the camera can be carried on our shoulders." They all piled into a couple vans and the trip to the hotel took only a few minutes.

For the first shot, all Penny had to do was sit at a table, enjoy the fresh air and have a drink. Sally told her the drink was just sparkling water, but truthfully it contained a mild sedative to assure Penny was relaxed. For the next scene, as the sun was setting, Penny changed clothes in the hotel Restroom and now wore an elegant sleeveless black gown. She had been instructed to not wear a bra under the gown for this scene, just the tiny black thong which she was already wearing. They had given her black heels to wear and they were a little tight, but she really didn't have far to walk. As she was descending some outdoor stairs, two other actors "abducted" her, tied her hands in front of her, and placed a black blindfold over her eyes. They drove immediately back to the warehouse for the next scene.

Penny could not believe how mellow and relaxed she felt, "must be all the yoga finally paying off," she thought. Jim explained that in this scene she would be led into a room, laid down on a bed (which was actually a medical office examination table covered in a sheet), and Sally would talk to her and give her a brief massage...all meant to relax her character Gloria.

Still blindfolded, she was carefully led down a hallway and into a room where Sally removed her blindfold and instructed the men to untie Penny and leave. She spoke in a very comforting voice, insuring Penny that no harm would come to her and that she should just do her best to relax. Urging Penny to sit and then lay back on the bed, Sally gently removed Penny's heels and began to rub and massage her bare feet. Slowly she advanced up Penny's legs to her calves and knees, speaking in such a soothing voice that Penny felt almost like she were being hypnotized. She hardly even noticed the cameraman and he remained mostly out of her sight, choosing to film from above her head. Sally gently pushed her dress up until it was bunched around her waist, exposing her thong and began to caress and massage her smooth thighs.

Penny could feel herself becoming damp between her legs as Sally neared her crotch...and then Sally stopped and began to massage her shoulders, all the while talking to her in her soothing tone. She slid the shoulder straps down Penny's arms so slowly that when her breasts were uncovered, they seemed to jump free of the dress. Flattening out on her chest as she lay on the bed, Penny's breasts were perfection. Sally massaged then, traced circles around her rosy areola, never actually touching her gumdrop sized nipples. Penny knew that her panties were soaking wet and began to twitch under Sally's touch.

And then suddenly Jim yelled, "cut," and Sally just walked away, leaving Penny craving more. "Time for a wardrobe change," Jim explained, "now in the next scene Penny, you will be led through the infamous Greed Door and the other six women you met will proceed to massage you...just go with the flow; you are doing great. You will notice that there are empty seats in front of the stage, I figured you would be more comfortable without an audience. That is the beauty of this digital photography; we can just film and edit an audience in later." Sally held up a sheet for a curtain and Penny quickly changed into a pure white, long-sleeved full-length gown, after removing her panties. The other six women were in long dark gowns, making Penny seem even more prominent.

Two of the women held Penny's arms loosely as they stood behind the door and she could hear someone announce, "you are about to witness the ravishment of a woman who has been abducted." They opened the door and led her out onto a large stage. She could barely make out the empty seats before her because spotlights seemed to be focused on her from every angle. She was barefoot and could feel the soft plush carpet underfoot as the six women began to run their hands up and down her gown, all the while holding her arms as if she might try to flee. Hands began to peel the white material off her shoulders and down her arms. She could feel the material scrape against her already erect nipples as they lowered it down past her breasts and down over her hips. Once the gown was past her wide hips, they let it drop to the stage floor.

They lifted her feet one by one, removing the gown and tossing it aside, leaving her standing completely naked. She was absolute perfection as she stood on the stage: her blonde hair cascading over her creamy shoulders, her endlessly long legs ending in perfectly round ass cheeks. Her firm breasts stood out proudly from her chest and when they spread her legs, her puffy lips were clearly visible between her thigh gap. Like magic, there were suddenly twelve soft hands caressing her silky skin, seemingly stroking every inch of her skin at once. Both of her nipples were covered and sucked into warm mouths as fingers stroked her stomach and her ass cheeks. Someone had kneeled in front of her and was licking and then sucking on her fleshy vulva.

Penny felt her knees weaken and two of the women grasped her arms to hold her up. Moaning as a tongue found its way into her vagina, Penny closed her eyes and was surprised when she was urged to sit. A large contoured pillow had been pushed behind her. It was like a tiny sofa: maybe two feet high and not much wider than her wonderful ass.

It was incredibly soft and comfortable as she sat. They pushed her back, directing her to lay down and Penny saw that the pillow fit the contour of her body; it raised her head and her ass. They spread her legs wide, her feet flat on the floor on each side of the pillow. It was low enough so that one of the women could kneel at the bottom between her legs, lean forward and rest her elbows on the pillow while she licked Penny's pussy.

They gently held her arms down on the sides of the pillow, as if she was being held against her will; which was the farthest thing from the truth. The wait for them to resume their pleasurable assault on her body was unbearable, but they finally kneeled along the sides of the pillow and resumed caressing and licking every inch of her magnificent body. One woman was kissing her passionately while another continued to nibble and lap at her cunt. Her nipples screamed for attention as tongues licked up the sides of her tits but refused to contact them. The woman between her thighs began to suck on her exposed clit and Penny's body shuddered as her fluid leaked out of her hole.

"Cut," shouted Jim, "that's a good place to call it a day. I want everyone to be here bright and early tomorrow and we'll pick it up from there. Penny, you were great." Sally brought Penny a robe and she felt totally spent as she sat on the oversized pillow. Jim sat beside her and explained about the next day's shoot. Tomorrow you will get to meet the guys from Dogfart, so get a good nights sleep. In the spirit of full disclosure, we put a mild sedative in your water today. I guess we should have told you, but we really wanted to capture the dazed look on Gloria's face that Marilyn Chambers perfected. My father confessed that she was high on Quaaludes at the time. Don't worry about driving home, the sedative will have fully dissipated by the time you shower and get changed. You were absolutely great today, I am so glad that you accepted the part."

The warehouse was equipped with a full locker room and by the time Penny had taken a nice long hot shower, she felt like her normal self. She sat in Leonard's car for awhile recounting the day's activities before driving home. Deciding to check with Leonard about using the car another day she knocked at 4A and entered when she heard Leonard's voice. She was immediately harangued by Sheldon, "well, well, well, guess're too late, we've already eaten."

"Sheldon, do you always have to be such an ass," Leonard stuck up for her, "the joke's on you anyway because I got a separate order for Penny,' and he handed her a styrofoam container..."it's Thai."

She looked at Leonard in amazement, "thank you sweetie, it's been such a long day I didn't even think about eating."

"Well you take this home and crawl into bed, and you can tell me all about your day some other time," Leonard smiled.

"That sounds like a plan," Penny agreed, "thank you so much. Oh, I wanted to ask you if I could use the car again tomorrow...I would really appreciate it."

"Of course," Leonard told her, "I just assumed you would need it all don't have to ask every day...besides," he whispered, "it's worth it hearing Sheldon whine all the way to work and back."

"I heard that, you seem to forget about my Vulcan hearing," Sheldon reminded them, "and just because the check-engine light isn't on, doesn't mean your car isn't still a death-trap. If I die in a fiery car crash it will be on your conscience."

Leonard smiled and nudged her, "if he should die in a fiery car crash, let's hope the investigators aren't too thorough."

They both laughed and Penny kissed him on the cheek, "thank you for everything. When this shoot is over, you're taking me out to dinner."

Leonard beamed, "you won't have to twist my arm."

* * *

Penny didn't think she would sleep well that night, worrying about the next day's events, but she slept like the proverbial log. When she went out to the car in the morning, there was a single Hershey Kiss sitting on the hood and Penny thought aloud, "what a sweetie." At the warehouse, she was so nervous that she sought out Sally and asked her if she could have another sedative before the day's filming began. In the locker room, Penny stripped out of her clothes and slipped on the robe that she had been left there the day before. Some of the other women were there and they all wandered out to the stage together.

Jim instructed, "OK everyone, just resume your places from yesterday. You don't have to be exact, we can always edit it later, so continuity really isn't a problem; just keep going. After a few minutes, we'll bring Marcus in." Penny shed her robe revealing her flawless nude body and lay back on the pillow while the women took their places kneeling around her. The sedative had kicked in and she was feeling very mellow as their hands and tongues stroked and licked her body. Warmth from her crotch was spreading all down her thighs as they massaged erogenous zones.

Suddenly they all stopped and a spotlight turned to highlight a side door. It opened and a large ebony skinned man gracefully glided through its frame. He was at least six and a half feet tall with a bushy afro. He was barefoot and bare chested with a necklace around his neck made of what looked like lion's teeth. Obviously they had made him look like some kind of African warrior, but the feature that really drew your attention was that he was wearing a pair of white tights with the crotch area cut out. The white against his black skin drew your attention almost as cleverly as what was hanging out of the cutout area.

Penny gasped as she saw that his flaccid cock swung between his legs like an elephant's trunk. It was truly massive and hung down nearly to his knees. Even with her recent film experience, it was one of the most impressive hunks of meat she had ever seen on a human and she felt a tingling between her legs. Hanging between the white tights, it looked truly dangerous. Slowly he walked up to the bottom of the pillow and knelt between her legs as the women grabbed them and spread them even wider. He ran his course hands slowly up her thighs and then parted her fleshy pussy lips with his thumbs, making Penny shiver with excitement. His coal black hands made the pink of her cunt seem even more vivid.

He wasted no time in lowering his head between her thighs and burying his face into her crotch. His nose brushed between her slit, his afro tickling her belly as he began to lap at her opening. His tongue was course and wide and reminded Penny of the tongues on the cows back in Nebraska. Lapping at her hole like a dog at a water dish, Penny lay her head back on the soft pillow and closed her eyes, enjoying the stimulation. The women continued to hold her down: it wasn't necessary but it added to the illusion that she had been abducted and was being held against her will. She felt his tongue extend up into her pussy and her body involuntarily shivered with her orgasm.

Fucking her with his large meaty tongue, his nose repeatedly bumped against her engorged clit, adding to her excitement. All the while, numerous hands were stroking her arms, stomach and tits. He actually began to munch on her fleshy cunt lips and Penny could feel her juices drooling down between her ass cheeks, several moans escaping from her throat. Suddenly everyone stopped and the women slid Penny's naked body down so that her ass was at the lower edge of the pillow. They spread her legs wide and held her in place, presenting her soaking wet slit to her assailant. When he stood between her marvelous legs Penny saw that he was no longer flaccid and that his monstrous cock was now at least a foot long and as wide as a soda can. It was as black as coal, its crown bulbous and purple, seemingly as wide as an orange. It pointed straight out, rather than at the ceiling, probably from its weight.

Penny had prepared herself mentally for this moment, deciding that she would just pretend it was Leonard making love to her rather than some stranger. She tried to ignore the two cameras pointed at her groin, ready to capture the penetration. The man grasped his mighty weapon in his hand and advanced until the crown pressed against her spread lips. He rubbed it up and down several times, making sure it was generously coated with her secretions. Penny raised her head to get a better look, noting that his purple head looked at least twice as large as her hole. He began to push forward and she could feel the extreme pressure against her puffy mound. She was sure that he would have pushed her body up on the pillow if they had not been holding her steady, as the pressure increased while he tried to penetrate her.

Penny bit her lower lip when he shoved forward and she felt her slit stretch to the tearing point as his giant crown entered her cunt. "Holy shit," she groaned, watching her mound stretch to admit his log. Penny remembered that although Jim had told her that she would have no dialogue, she was also free to verbalize whatever came naturally during sex. Lubrication was no problem: Penny knew that her pussy had never been wetter; as the nameless man pressed forward. She watched as his gigantic pole slid forward, invading her cunt, stretching her walls as it advanced. Her pussy was expanding as he pushed further, her cunt being stretched inch by agonizing inch.

As she watched, it almost seemed like magic the way his monstrous cock was disappearing into her tiny hole. The contrast between his jet black pole and her milky white thighs was amazing and Penny shivered while watching it. Steadily he slid into her hole, stretching her tunnel until finally his huge balls nudged against her perfect cheeks and his crown bumped against her cervix. Penny knew that she was completely full of cock, and the sensation was incredible. He was definitely a professional, because he flexed his giant muscle inside her and Penny could feel it expand even more. After several seconds, allowing her to get used to his size, he began to withdraw his horse-cock just as slowly, scraping it against every nerve in her tunnel. "Mmmmmmmm," Penny moaned as he withdrew, feeling her pussy shrink.

When just the bulbous head was remaining inside her, he suddenly thrust forward, burying his massive meat into her cunt, his scrotum slapping against her. "Oh my fucking God," Penny squealed, "fuck me, fuck me, jam that fucking cock into me. He grasped her silky thighs in his giant hands and began to thrust up into her with all his strength, pounding his mammoth cock slick pussy. Penny threw her head back against the pillow, her blonde hair framing her beautiful face as his gigantic cock pounded into her, "fuck me, fuck me...stretch my fucking cunt."

Her lips were stretched so wide that with every thrust, her clit was scraping against his pole. She lost count of her orgasms as her body twitched and convulsed; thrusting her hips upward trying to force even more cock inside her. The man never made a sound, he just kept sliding his massive cock in and out of her, fucking her for what seemed like hours, but of course was only minutes. He withdrew and the women slid Penny's now slick body further up on the pillow. Her pussy felt so empty that she reached up to him and he accommodated her by straddling her body and laying on top of her. He immediately slipped his cock into her still wide open hole and resumed fucking her. "Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my fucking hole," she begged.

He now began to lick and bite her magnificent tits as he slammed into her pussy. Penny thought she was going to lose all control as her body went into a spasm, her cunt muscles gripping his meat tightly. She wanted to wrap her shapely legs around him, but they were still being held wide by the women. He varied his pace, first slow for a few strokes, and then he would jam forcefully into her. Penny could feel her cum dribbling down between her ass cheeks and could hear squishy sounds coming from her cunt as he battered her mound. His final thrust raised her off the pillow and then she could feel her belly being flooded with his hot semen. It was like having a fire-hose erupt inside her cunt. "Holy fucking shit... fill my fucking pussy."

When he was through, he slowly backed away and it felt like a snake was slipping out of her. Without a word, he simply stood up and walked off stage, his trunk swinging freely between his legs.

"OK cut," Jim yelled, "that was great. Penny you were outstanding. Someone get her a bottle of water." He sat beside her, "I know you're probably tired, but this will be only a short break." Someone stuffed a towel between her legs as she swung her legs over the side of the pillow to sit up. "I want to go right into the next scene while you are already prepped for the sex scene and we don't want to lose the creampie." She knew what the "creampie" meant from her previous experience and then Jim explained," in the next scene, you will be suspended on a trapeze device while five of the Dogfart men ravish your body. No rules, just keep going and saying what ever pops into your head. In all honesty, once we get this scene filmed, you are pretty much done. OK, places everyone."

Before Penny lay back down on the pillow, one of the other women brought out a bottle of baby-oil, squirted some on her hand and then rubbed it thoroughly between Penny's ass cheeks, alerting her to what was to follow. When Jim yelled "action," they all watched as some contraption was lowered from the ceiling near them on stage. It was a strange looking device with a bunch of large rings and at least three trapezes, surrounding a small platform. Then the side door opened again and five large black men emerged. they were all nearly as large as the first man had been and were dressed the same; in white leotards with opening cut out of the crotch. All five had huge cocks swinging between their legs as they approached the contraption.

One of the men lay on the small platform at the bottom of the device, stroking his prick to erection while another stood in front of him, also stroking himself. The other three jumped up onto the trapezes and hung onto he rings for balance. As soon as they were positioned, the women grasped Penny's shoulders, waist and legs (still spread wide so that the cameras could get a close up of the cum dribbling out of her open hole) and carried her over to the waiting quintet. Repositioning her into a sitting position, the women gently lowered her incredible naked body until the bottom man's cock was nudged between her firm ass cheeks. The way they were holding her, naturally spread her cheeks, exposing her anus and the man began to wedge his large crown against her sphincter muscle while they lowered her body.

Slowly, they let her body slide lower until his purple head audibly "popped" through her ring and into her ass hole. Penny was now grateful for the baby-oil as they continued to drop her onto his pole, stretching her nearly-virgin ass until she was sitting on his groin. Her wonderful ass fully impaled, Penny groaned, "holy shit," as she gritted her teeth. She had never been a big fan of anal sex and certainly not with a cock of this size. Not giving her time to dwell on her painful rectum, another man with a cock at least ten inches long advanced between her legs and began to wedge his crown into her drooling cunt.

The contraption held her at just the perfect height that he had only to push forward and his cock began to slide up into her slippery pussy. With a cock already inside her, her pussy was constricted and he had some difficulty penetrating her, so he just grasped her hips and thrust forward. "Oh my fucking God," Penny screeched, feeling two gigantic cocks inside her body, rubbing together. Nearly two feet of cock was inside her holes, stretching her tunnels as far as they would go...the sensation was incredible. As she sat on the man under her, the men on the trapezes grabbed her wrists and placed their giant poles in her quite large Nebraska farm-girl hands. Her fingers were not nearly long enough to encompass their black rods and she began to rhythmically stroke them. Her pale white hands looked like she was fondling a couple of baseball bats.

The third trapeze artist was lowered in front of her face and when he offered his ebony log to her mouth, she reflexively opened her mouth and he slid it between her ruby red lips. Penny was now being serviced by nearly five feet of hard black cock. The two cocks in her stretched out holes began to fuck her, moving simultaneously in and out of her cunt and ass. The feeling of her holes shrinking and then expanding together was exquisite and Penny moaned around the stalk in her mouth. She withdrew her mouth momentarily and screamed, "oh my fucking God...fuck my fucking holes," then resumed her blow-job. It was nearly impossible for her to concentrate on the penises in her hands, while being double-penetrated and giving a blow-job.

She paused her sucking, and tried to synchronize her hands, hoping they would automatically continue stroking when she resumed her concentration on sucking the giant cock in her mouth. It was an impossible task, so she just kept dividing her attention: first stroking, and then sucking. Intermittently she would cease all her manipulations and just sit back to enjoy the sensation of being double fucked. All her internal nerve endings were being scraped and her body shuddered as her cum flooded her cunt. "Jam those fucking cocks into me," she mumbled around the obstruction in her mouth.

Deciding to concentrate on the black monster in her mouth, she reasoned that if she could get him off, then at least she could breathe more freely. She sucked him deep into her throat, tickling his underside with her tongue and finally he started to pump his load into her waiting mouth. Penny fought to swallow every drop, but could feel his jism dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she nearly choked on his volume. As he withdrew, she gasped for breath, but was now free to concentrate on the tree-trunks in her hands. The massive cocks inside her were fucking her harder now, her magnificent tits flopping aimlessly against her chest. "Oh my God, fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," Penny urged, reveling at the stimulation of their gigantic cocks sliding in and out of her.

Attempting to concentrate on the job at hands, she firmly grasped the black poles beside her head and alternately began to lick their angry purple crowns. They were hanging too far away to actually suck their cocks, but her tongue easily reached their slits. Her entire body was being rocked by the double fucking, but she managed to coax an eruption out of the two pricks in her hands. Their loads flew through the air, seemingly in slow motion, spraying her incredible tits and her blonde mane with copious gobs of white cum. She licked, and sucked every drop she could reach with her tongue into her mouth and swallowed deliberately.

Although originally reluctant, Penny was disappointed when she felt the cock in her ass-hole slide out, leaving only the black pole in her pussy. Without warning though, she could feel the second cock nudge against her battered mound, attempting to penetrate her pussy alongside the first. "No fucking way," she murmured as she realized what he was attempting. The man already fucking her reached down and used his rough thumbs to pry her fleshy lips even further apart as the man under her began to slowly gain entrance into her pussy. Inch by agonizing inch the second monstrous cock was being stuffed up into her tight hole. Penny grasped the ropes to steady herself as she felt herself being split apart by the two giant black poles. Feeling her cunt stretch beyond the ripping point, Penny thrashed her body back and forth, the sensation was unbearable.

Finally Penny was sitting on his groin. His massive cock fully inside her alongside the other. She felt exhausted, spent, her body covered in a sheen of perspiration...and then they began to fuck her. "Oh my fucking God," Penny shrieked as she felt her cunt being fucked by two feet of cock. It felt like someone had jammed their closed fist up her hole as their monster cocks stuffed her cunt, fucking her simultaneously. She looked down and saw that they had stretched her so far that she could actually see the outline of their cocks distending her stomach. She was in sensory overload and actually lost consciousness momentarily as they stuffed her pussy.

Regaining her senses, Penny knew what she needed, "cum in me...I need to feel your fucking cum...fill my cunt...fuck me...fuck me hard." She began to pull herself up on the ropes and then drop herself down, jamming herself into their groins, helping them fuck her. The two anonymous men met her pace and started to forcefully slam up into her pussy, their mammoth cocks spreading her wider with each thrust. Penny's cunt was obscenely stretched and she screamed for relief, "fuck me...fuck me...fill my fucking cunt...I need more cock." Finally, they rammed their giant poles deep into her belly and she could feel them erupt inside her. It felt like their cum was scalding as they flooded and pumped her womb and Penny joined them in climax: "ahhhhhhhhhh," was all she could verbalize.

All three just held their places until Penny could feel their giant cocks shriveling inside her like deflating balloons. They backed away, their shrinking snakes slipping out of her hole, leaving her feeling totally empty. The cameras focused on her hole as their combined cum gushed out in a torrent and then slowed to a dribble. The harness held her legs spread wide and you could see far up her stretched out cunt, her flesh an even more vivid shade of pink after all the stimulation.

Penny was totally spent, and when Jim finally yelled, "cut," Sally and another woman had to virtually carry her over to the pillow and ease her down. Jim kneeled in front of her, "Penny you were absolutely sensational...better than I could have hoped for. I will call you anytime I have work for you. Why don't you take the rest of the week off...I think you need it, and I will call you if we have to re-shoot anything. Honestly though, I think we have everything we need from you. I still have a lot of editing to do, and film the background and such, but basically the main stuff is done. By the end of the week, the rest of the money should be automatically deposited in your account. Thank you for being such a trooper."

She spent an inordinate amount of time in the hot shower before getting dressed. She wondered how long her pussy was going to be sore and how long it would take for her hole to close up normally. When she gingerly walked to the car, she decided to try to sneak into her apartment without being seen; she just didn't want to explain why she could barely walk. Leonard had told her to keep the car the whole week, so that wasn't a problem. She planned on resting in her apartment the next day, using her phone to make plans and inviting guests to the birthday party.

Finally trudging up to the forth floor, cursing the broken elevator and vowing to ask Leonard what had happened to it, she saw a familiar styrofoam cooler in front of her door. She pushed it inside her apartment with her foot, not even wanting to bend over, and sat on the sofa as she opened it. Inside was an assortment of take-out food, beverages, and assorted fruit. There was a folded note: From the Desk of Leonard Hofstater, reading, "thought you might be tired, hope there is something here you like. See you soon." and it was once again signed, "Leonard Hofstater," but this time the smiley face had been replaced with a small heart shape, done with a pink highlighter.

"Oh my God," Penny gasped, reaching for some strawberries and a bottle of ice tea, "I think I love this man."

Penny did not leave her apartment at all the next day, actually calling out "sick" from the Cheesecake Factory. Her pussy was incredibly sore and she had bruising on her thighs; she actually put an ice pack between her panties and her pink shorts. Jim called and asked if she could come in the following day to shoot a scene where she was returned to the hotel "unharmed." He assured her that there was no sex involved, all she had to do was change into her original wardrobe, exit the van and walk up the stairs. He inquired about her health and said he was not surprised to hear she was sore, "rest assured that it happens to novices in this business, until you get used to the constant , rough sex." She wanted to tell him that she hoped she would never have to do something like that again, but decided to keep it to herself.

She called Leonard's cell, knowing he was at work and told him she would only need the car for one more day. He readily responded, "oh just keep it the whole week and we'll exchange keys on Friday night...if that's OK with you."

"That's great, thank you so much again," Penny graciously answered, "but I won't be able to visit, I have a shift Friday night."

"That's too bad, but maybe I'll see you on Saturday," and she could hear his almost pleading tone, hoping she remembered it was his birthday.

She felt incredibly guilty for lying, "gee, I kinda have plans for Saturday," and even more so when she could sense his immediate depression when he answered.

"Oh, well OK...well have a great day at the shoot tomorrow. I'll see you when we exchange keys," he dejectedly replied.

Penny felt so bad for disappointing him and just hoped the party would make up for it. she spent the rest of the day laying on the sofa calling all those invited to the party to make sure they were going to attend. Planning to spend all of Friday running errands and making final arrangements, Penny drifted off to sleep and spent the entire night on the couch.

* * *

Thursday, she only spent about two hours in Compton wrapping up her requirements for the film. Jim assured her he would send her a DVD of the finished movie and she drove home feeling a sense of relief. On the way she stopped to buy some party supplies, plates, napkins, some balloons and a small tank of helium. She also bought Leonard a birthday gift and she couldn't resist purchasing some sexy underwear for herself.

* * *

On Friday, she pulled up her checking account and found that Mitchell Bros., Inc. had deposited her entire was more money than she had ever had in her checking account...maybe even more than the sum of the money she had ever had in there. Penny was ecstatic and the fact that she was feeling nearly completely recovered from her film experience made her day even better. She really immersed herself in the party planning, enjoying the anticipation of joy on Leonard's face when he entered the apartment. When she ducked into 4A on her way to work she exchanged keys with Leonard and despite his huge smile, she could sense his disappointment that she wouldn't be with him on his birthday. It was all she could do to not confess tomorrow's plans.

Saturday morning the plan was for the three other nerds to meet in Penny's apartment to go over the preparations. Howard was responsible for getting Leonard out of the apartment so Penny and Raj could decorate. Sheldon had even arranged a secret knock for Penny's apartment...but no one could remember it. When they were all gathered, Penny asked what they all got Leonard for a present. Howard was giving him a book by his favorite physicist, Raj had purchased a limited edition Batman figure and Sheldon replied, "I don't do gifts."

"Are you kidding," Penny exclaimed, "he's your friend."

"The whole concept of mutual gift giving is ridiculous," Sheldon replied.

Howard whispered to Penny, "tell him it's a non-negotiable social convention."

Penny tried it and Sheldon responded, "OK. Wait, it's Saturday and the only places within walking distance are a taco stand and a gas station...someone is going to have to drive me to get a present. By the way what did you get him?"

"A sweater," Penny admitted.

"I bet he returns it," Sheldon smugly told her, "he always returns all his presents."

"OK, fine, I'll drive you," Penny acquiesced in exasperation, "now Howard please go get Leonard out of the apartment so Raj can decorate. Leonard was playing a video game against someone in Sweden and stubbornly did not want to leave so Howard faked eating a granola bar with peanuts, triggering his extreme allergy. Leonard rushed him to the Emergency Room while Raj decorated and Penny drove Sheldon to the electronics store.

She asked Sheldon what he was getting and he replied, "I think a new dual band, high speed digital router."

"You know the gift should be something personal, something he wouldn't buy for himself," she suggested, "does he need a new router?"

"Oh you mean like a sweater," Sheldon sarcastically replied. "A new high speed router would be cool...and it would speed up YOUR wi-fi," he stared at her alluding to her "stealing" their signal.

"Yeah OK, I guess a new router would be cool, and you know what, you may be right about the sweater," she agreed, "I have a couple other things I could give him."

"I bet he returns them," Sheldon declared.

The visit to the electronics store turned out to be a nightmare for Penny because customers kept approaching Sheldon for advice on their purchases; which he was more than happy to accommodate. "Come on Sheldon, we have to go," she urged, "remember...the party."

"Well someone has to educate the ignorant masses," he answered, now in his glory with people admiring his knowledge.

That wasn't the only problem: at the Emergency Room, the admitting nurse had ignored Howard and Leonard was threatening to leave. Howard called Penny and she ordered him to stall Leonard, "listen if you keep him there longer, when you get to the party I will point out which of my friends are easy."

There was silence on the phone, then Howard answered, "don't toy with me woman."

"I have one friend who punishes her father by sleeping around; another with self esteem issues who is a sucker for a compliment; and another who is an alcoholic and is two shots of tequila away from letting you wear her like a hat," Penny tempted him.

"Consider it done," Howard reassured her...and promptly actually ate a bite of peanut-laden granola. Unfortunately, the Emergency Room staff was overly cautious and when Howard and Leonard got back to the apartment, the party had long since broken up. Opening the door, Leonard found Raj singing "True Colors" on karaoke with no audience. Sheldon was sound asleep in a chair and Leonard's dream girl was curled up on the sofa sleeping.

Leonard thought she looked like an angel as she slept and gently covered her with the afghan from the back of the sofa. He leaned down to kiss her smooth forehead, afraid she might wake up and be angry if she felt his lips on her skin. "Thank you for my party, my angel," he whispered and went to bed.

Sometime during the night, Leonard was startled awake and was surprised to see Penny standing in his doorway. He could tell she had been to her apartment because she had changed into the clothes she usually wore to bed: her favorite pink shorts and her Hello Kitty tank top. Even in the pale light from the moon and the street lamps shining through his window, Leonard could see her incredible nipples poking through the thin material of her shirt. Her long legs looked perfect as she stood there in the classic pose with one knee bent. "I'm sorry I missed your party...thank you so much," he apologized.

"You're apologizing to me," she asked, "you missed it to help your are an incredible person Leonard Hofstater; and how do you know it was me who planned the party."

"You've met my friends," Leonard replied, "none of them would go to that much effort for me...thank you Penny."

"Happy Birthday sweetie," she whispered, "but how dare you go to bed before I could give you a birthday kiss. I saved you a big piece of birthday cake...German chocolate...your favorite. It's in my apartment whenever you want it. You know, I have a couple presents for you, and Sheldon bet me that you would try to return them. " She crept toward the bed, reached down with both hands, gripped the bottom of her tank top and proceeded to pull it up over her head and toss it aside.

"Oh my God," Leonard whispered as he stared at her magnificent naked tits. He watched them jiggle as she threw back the covers and crawled into his bed beside him. He wanted to reach for his inhaler, but didn't want to spoil the mood.

"Happy Birthday," Penny breathed as she leaned forward and planted her plump, moist lips on his. He hugged her into him, enjoying the feel of her breasts crushed against him. He lost count of the Mississippi's as they kissed, their tongues playing with each other.

When they came up for air, they both dropped back against the pillows, lying next to each other. "You know, you can play with your presents if you's OK," Penny invited him

"Happy Birthday to me," Leonard whispered, "you know I feel like the luckiest man on earth right now." He pulled the covers down to Penny's waist and sucked in his breath as he inspected her tits up close...they were absolutely magnificent. Still firm, but they spread out on her chest as she lay against the pillow making two perfectly round mounds of silky flesh. Her pink areola were the size of half dollars, capped by darker pink, gumdrop sized nipples. Leonard sat up, leaned over and began to tenderly knead her wonderful globes; reveling in their size and warmth. He cupped them and weighed them, watching them jiggle against her chest. Her skin was as soft and smooth as silk.

His fingers traced circles around the beautiful mounds, getting closer to her nipples with every circle, but not touching them. He leaned in and began to nibble on her left tit, gripping the flesh gently between his teeth; pulling it out and then releasing it, watching it snap back and jiggling her flesh. Penny could feel the dampness between her legs begin to grow as he massaged and manipulated her tits. He nibbled and bit all the way around her left breast and then repeated it with her right. He licked each wonderful mound, stopping short of touching her nipples, which were engorged and begging for attention. Penny was squirming beside him as he fondled and massaged her tits.

She thought, "my God, he's making love to my tits." She had never had anyone pay this much attention to her breasts: most of her boyfriends merely mauled them for a few seconds while waiting for her to spread her legs. Her pussy was tingling as he continued to squeeze and bounce her incredible mounds of flesh. Suddenly he leaned over, took her left gumdrop into his mouth and tenderly ground it between his teeth. "Oh God, yessss," Penny muffled a scream as she felt herself orgasm, her legs twitching against his. Never before had she climaxed from just having her tits stimulated. "Holy shit, this man is special," she thought and then saw the look of concern on his face.

"Are you OK...did I do something wrong," he begged.

"I've never been better," she smiled widely reaching up to cradle his face, then bring it down to meet her lips. She kissed him for what seemed like an eternity, his hands still rubbing her perfect tits.

"You are so beautiful," Leonard declared when they had broken their kiss, "I'm just afraid this is all a dream and I'll wake up alone."

"It's real sweetie," Penny soothed him, "and I'm hoping you will want to get used to it."

Every time she moved she could feel his hard-on stab against her side, through his pajama bottoms. She had never wanted a man to fuck her more than she wanted Leonard at that moment. She craved the feel of his cock inside her, pumping his seed up into her belly; but for the first time in her life, she wanted a man's respect more than she wanted sex. For the first time, she actually was thinking about spending the rest of her life with someone. Laying back against the pillow, she ran her hand down over his pajamas, caressing his chest. She was not a size queen, she didn't care about his length, but she could tell by the tent in the sheets that he was more than long enough. But as she slipped her hand down into his pajama bottoms, she hoped that he was nice and fat...she did like a cock with some girth.

"Yessss, he is," she shouted in her mind as she smiled and grasped his fat cock. Her fingers did not reach around it and she formed a mental picture as she squeezed his hard meat. No sooner had she tightened her fingers and his cock jerked in her hand and she could feel something wet oozing around her hand.

"Sorry...I'm so sorry...I don't just turn me on so much...I'm so sorry," Leonard kept apologizing, embarrassed that he had cum in her hand.

Still gripping his cock, Penny leaned in and kissed his cheek, "sweetie, no explanation's OK. You saw what you just did for me, and you never even touched me below the waist. There will be plenty of more times...I hope you will want to be with me for a long time."

"Eternity," Leonard put his arms around her and drew her into him; her bare back against his chest. "thank you for today, it was not only the best birthday of my life, but the best DAY of my life."

" mean," Penny corrected him.

"It will be pretty hard to top," Leonard admitted.

"I think we can do it," Penny grinned.

Reaching around her, he began to gently caress her incredible breasts as they "spooned," and he thought, "she even smells vanilla and strawberries," and eventually drifted off to sleep. Slipping into sleep, Penny had never been more relaxed or comfortable in a man's arms.

Sometime later, Penny woke and reluctantly decided to return to her apartment. As she was sliding out of bed, she heard Leonard's voice, "it was wonderful going to sleep with you in my arms."

"For me too sweetie," she soothed him, "I just didn't want to deal with Sheldon in the understand."

"Definitely, but you know with his Vulcan hearing, he probably heard everything we've said," Leonard explained.

As she was putting on her shirt, Leonard added, "Sheldon was wrong you know."

"How so," Penny asked with a perplexed look on her face.

"I would like to keep my birthday gifts," he grinned.

Breaking into a smile, Penny teased, "you don't want to exchange them?"

"Not if I live to be a hundred," he told her.

"You know they won't always be in mint condition," she offered.

"Their value goes more than skin deep," Leonard assured her, "one has to look at the total package to see that they are priceless."

She could feel herself tearing up as she replied, "you know you're pretty smooth for a nerd, Leonard Hofstater."

"I guess I just speak from the heart," he replied, "and that's King of the Nerds." She walked back to the bed, leaned down and kissed him passionately. As she opened his bedroom door, he said, "how am I supposed to sleep after that?"

"You and me both," Penny agreed, "see you in the morning birthday-boy."

(thanks for reading. I know there was a lot of fluff, but I guess I think I am a storyteller. All comments are welcome and [email protected])


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