(fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Tutors Sheldon (MF,first)
by shaggy77

After a short but tortuous separation, Sheldon Cooper had realized how much he valued the companionship of Amy Farrah Fowler, and they had gotten back together. Not one to dwell on the past, now the only focus in his life was securing opening-night tickets for the latest, much anticipated, Star Wars film. Joined by the remaining members of the "Four Nerds;" his roommate Leonard Hofstadter, Rajesh (Raj) Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz; they were all "on line" with a separate device trying desperately to reserve tickets the moment they went on sale. Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj all held doctorates and Howard was a noted aerospace engineer, but they were all reduced to childhood by their love for science fiction, and Star Wars in particular. Sheldon was nearly reduced to praying, something that was abhorrent to his scientific mind, when Howard finally managed to obtain the coveted tickets.

Later that day, Leonard's new bride and longtime neighbor Penny, reminded Sheldon that the Star Wars premiere was on the same night as Amy's birthday and that since they had only recently reunited it might not be a good idea to abandon her on her special night. Still totally clueless concerning human interaction, the Hofstadters had to explain to him how Amy would feel emotionally if it appeared Star Wars was more important to Sheldon than his girlfriend. Trusting their instincts, Sheldon had finally acquiesced and agreed to spend the evening with Amy.

The next day Penny was entertaining her best friend Bernadette (Howard's cute wife) when they heard the familiar annoying knock on Penny's door: knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny" and knew immediately it was Sheldon.

After toying with him momentarily, Sheldon entered Penny's apartment and without any preliminaries requested their opinion on his birthday gift for Amy. He gave them three choices, the first two being typically Sheldon: activities that were neither terribly personal, nor did they directly involve them as a couple. When they were rejected by Penny and Bernadette, Sheldon offhandedly stated that he guessed they could have coitus. The girls' jaws dropped open and Penny accidentally snapped the stem on her wine glass. Penny inquired, "that's a pretty big step for you Sheldon, are you sure?"

"Yes, I really want to show Amy how much she means to me," Sheldon replied. After both girls agreed that Amy had been looking forward to this gift for years, Sheldon stated, "well then it's settled, Amy's birthday present will be my genitals." Without further reflection or comment, he left the apartment.

That night the spirit of Professor Proton, dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, visited Sheldon in his dreams and asked Sheldon, "what seems to be bothering you; these visits seem to be out of my control."

"Well hello Professor Proton," Sheldon greeted his favorite childhood TV star, "yes, you seem to only appear to me when I am struggling with a dilemma. You see I have decided to become intimate with my girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler, and now I am unsure how to proceed. I have never been very skilled at personal intimacy and I don't want Amy to be disappointed. Do you have any advice?"

"Oh, is Amy that hot blond I have seen in the apartment," Professor Proton excitedly inquired.

"No, that would be Leonard's wife Penny," Sheldon answered, "Amy Farrah Fowler is a respected neuroscientist."

"Oh right, just my luck...why can't I appear in her dreams," Professor Proton said, sitting on the edge of Sheldon's bed, "well, I know this would be a novel approach for you, but have you considered having someone more knowledgeable in this area tutor you?"

Sheldon thought momentarily and replied, "you are correct that it is extremely unusual for someone to be more knowledgeable than I, but I think your suggestion is valid. Thank you, you may go now."

Shaking his head as he faded, Professor Proton muttered, "if only it were up to me."

The next afternoon as Penny was practicing yoga in her apartment, she heard: knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

"Come in Sheldon," she granted him entrance and Sheldon came through the door with a worried expression on his face. "What can I do for you Sheldon," Penny asked, sitting on the floor.

"Well, I see you're performing some sort of ritual, so I will be direct," Sheldon answered. "You will remember that I have decided to become intimate with Amy on her birthday. The dilemma I have is that you may not realize it, but I am not exceptionally skilled at intimate contact. Truthfully, I am having some anxiety that I will be overwhelmed at the experience, and may actually disappoint Amy on her birthday. That would not be optimal."

"You're right," Penny admitted, rolling her eyes, "that does shock me. But what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm glad you asked," Sheldon continued, "you see I have been advised by a very reliable source that I should seek tutoring in this regard. Do you remember when I paid you $ 40 to give me acting lessons as a way to improve my teaching skills?"

"Yyyeeesss," Penny slowly responded, "where are you going with this?"

"Well," Sheldon told her, "I tried to think of someone I knew who had the most experience in this field, and of course I immediately thought of you."

"Let me see if I've got this straight," Penny indignantly replied, "are you suggesting that I give you love-lessons?"

"I would compensate you most handsomely," Sheldon suggested, "and I am not suggesting that we become emotionally attached; just clinical techniques. Well, what do you say? Amy is your friend also, and I'm sure you would like her to be pleased."

Initially offended by his inference of her vast sexual experience, Penny knew that Amy had been anticipating this encounter for nearly six years, and Sheldon was right: she didn't want Amy to be disappointed. Penny surprised herself by actually considering Sheldon's proposition.

"You realize what you're asking? If we do this, it will involve intimate contact and nudity between us," she inquired.

"Of course I have examined every aspect of my request. Have you ever known me to be anything but thorough? If you will recall, I have already seen you unclothed when you fell in the bathtub. I am prepared for the consequences, no matter how painful or distasteful," Sheldon replied.

"Well, thanks for old smooth-talker. You sure know how to flatter a girl," Penny sarcastically answered.

"I will need your answer forthwith as Amy's birthday is in four days," Sheldon declared, "and if you respond in the negative, I will proceed to option number two: Bernadette."

"Aren't you concerned that if we do this, I may be the first woman you will have sex with and not Amy," Penny quizzed him.

"Oh, Penny, Penny, Penny," Sheldon scolded her, "are you not aware that in this society a man's first-time is not held in high is indeed considered trivial; and there is no physical proof as to a man's virginity. My only concern is that Amy's first-time be memorable in a positive way. Now I must have your answer."

"Sheldon, that is my only concern too, however I do have two conditions: one is that this will remain eternally confidential between us; and two is that since you are availing of my so-called experience, you will never again cast aspersions on my morals or sexual history," Penny demanded.

"I accept your conditions," Sheldon promptly agreed, "now when shall we begin."

It was agreed that they would start the tutorial the next afternoon in Penny's apartment. Normally, if Sheldon was home, so was Leonard, but luckily the timing was perfect. Leonard was working with Raj after work every day on a project involving the method and contents of a message to communicate with possible intelligent life in space. Sheldon could leave CalTech early each day and Leonard would never even know. They weren't concerned with being discovered because Leonard called Penny every day on the way home to see if there was anything she needed. Penny loved him for that; he was indeed the most thoughtful man she had ever known.

Another stroke of good luck was that Howard and Bernadette were currently preoccupied with the task of refurnishing their home, now that Howard had finally agreed to part with some of his late-mother's furniture. Amy had immersed herself in a new experiment involving Capuchin monkeys and had very little free time. Bernadette and Penny had informed her of Sheldon's intentions, and Amy was attempting to calm her excitement by preoccupying herself with work. They had even persuaded her to have a "bikini wax."

Before Sheldon's arrival the next day, Penny made sure to shower thoroughly and moisturize her skin in preparation for their encounter. She was well aware of Sheldon's fixation on personal hygiene and wanted to make sure he felt as comfortable as possible touching her body and having her touch his. To mask her guilt at touching another man, she fortified herself with a couple tequilas and persuaded herself that Leonard would want her to help their friends Amy and Sheldon. "Oh you lucky dog Sheldon," Penny spoke aloud as she gazed at her nude reflection in the mirror, downing another shot.

Her body was exquisite: her breasts a perfect 36 C with just a hint of sag, capped by large pink areola and gumdrop sized nipples. Her creamy skin, soft and smooth as she ran her hand down over her taut belly to her completely bald pubic area. She smiled as she thought of how much this turned Leonard on. Her mound was prominent with swollen puffy lips making for a perfect "camel toe." Turning, she admired her firm absolutely round ass cheeks above long, shapely legs. Suddenly she realized she was becoming aroused at the prospect of her imminent sexual encounter with Sheldon. "Must be the tequila," she mused, "I certainly don't find Sheldon attractive."

Trying her best to mimic the picture of Amy and Sheldon's encounter that she had envisioned, Penny put on the most plain pair of panties she could find (although they were still quite sexy): a silky pair of light blue bikinis and the most "frumpy" nightgown in her drawer: the matching silky nightgown that reached her knees. "At least they're not see-through," she reasoned, noting that she still looked incredible as her nipples poked against the silky material as it caressed them. Throwing on an old flannel robe, she straightened the bed covers because, "this is Sheldon we're entertaining," she thought.

Knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny," she heard and rushed out to the living room to greet her pupil.

Opening her door, there stood Sheldon dressed in trousers and a "Flash" t-shirt. "I didn't know what I should wear," he announced as he entered.

"That's fine," Penny assured him, "now before we get started let's get something straight: I am the teacher and you are the pupil. You must agree to put yourself in my hands, both literally and figuratively, with no reservations or hesitation. Hey, I used the word literally correctly."

"Congratulations," Sheldon countered in his deadpan style, and "agreed."

"OK, since I can't imagine either one of you going berserk with passion and ripping each others clothes off, I am guessing that you will probably agree to get undressed and get into bed together," Penny stated.

"Fair assumption," Sheldon agreed.

"So let's go into the bedroom," Penny suggested, "and yes I showered and put clean linen on the bed." When they reached the bedroom, Penny shed her bathrobe, threw it on a chair and urged Sheldon, "why don't you get undressed down to your underwear and join me in bed."

"Fine," Sheldon replied as he began to undress; neatly folding his trousers and shirt and carefully placing them on her chair. As she climbed under the covers, Penny noticed that Sheldon's "tighty-whities" were quite baggy, not "tighty " at all; like they were two sizes too large. He crawled under the covers wearing his plain white underwear and undershirt.

"OK, today's lesson will be on foreplay. This should be very important since it is Amy's first time. You know about foreplay, right? You two have kissed," Penny inquired.

"Oh for goodness sake," Sheldon replied disgustingly, "of course we have kissed; at least a half dozen times. I am familiar with the courtship liturgy: kissing, foreplay, coitus."

"Oh how romantic," Penny sighed, "I am going to demonstrate some advanced kissing techniques. You understand why it is necessary for Amy to become aroused, right."

"Yes, yes...arousal...secretions...lubrication. I can read you know," Sheldon scolded.

"Just one more thing Sheldon," Penny added sarcastically, "during our lessons, the less you talk...the better."

Before he could respond, Penny grabbed his head between her hands and planted her lips on his, mumbling, "just follow my lead." She began to kiss him passionately, grinding her lips into his and eventually beginning to probe his mouth with her tongue. When he failed to reciprocate she released him and instructed, "I said follow my lead...and don't worry, I have a new, unopened bottle of your favorite mouthwash in the bathroom. Now let's try again, and this time loosen up."

"Have you been drinking," Sheldon inquired, "I taste alcohol."

"Oh sweetie, do you even have to ask," Penny answered.

After several attempts, Sheldon finally began to respond and when Penny closed her eyes she actually began to enjoy "making out" with Sheldon. "One thing Sheldon," Penny suggested, "I know I have always preferred it when the man closes his eyes while kissing...Amy may also."

"Funny you should mention that," Sheldon responded, "Amy actually suggested the same thing. I shall attempt to remember that technique...although it makes me feel vulnerable."

"Try not to think of kissing as a technique," Penny suggested, "try to just go with the flow. Now I'm going to remove your t-shirt and you will caress my shoulders and remove my nightgown in a similar manner." As he sat perfectly straight, Penny lifted his t-shirt up over his head and carefully tossed it on the foot of the bed. She could tell he was distracted by the presence of the un-folded shirt and directed him, "go with the flow...don't ruin the moment with your you may reciprocate and remove mine."

Penny raised her arms over her head and Sheldon, surprisingly gently, grasped her shoulder straps and pulled her silky nightgown up and off. Mimicking her motion, he tossed it onto the bed at their feet. Noticing that Sheldon was staring at her (seemingly) perfect, naked breasts, Penny spoke up, "you know it's not polite to stare...but what are you thinking?"

"They're asymmetrical you know," he stated matter-of-factly, "the left areola is slightly more elliptical than the right."

"That's the first complaint I've gotten," Penny stated, twisting her torso from side to side causing her wonderful breasts to wobble, "these puppies have gotten me a lot of free drinks. Now remember what I said about ruining the moment. When you first see Amy's breasts, make sure you praise them...not find flaws. She is very insecure about her attractiveness and you need to reassure her."

"Sorry, not complaining, merely making an observation," Sheldon apologized.

Penny took Sheldon's hands in hers and placed them on her warm, soft breasts. "You need to caress them softly...even kiss them," she instructed, "all in the name of foreplay."

She began to rub his nearly hairless chest, hoping he would respond in kind...and he did.

He ran his baby-soft hands all around her beautiful tits, massaging them and weighing them...bouncing them in his hands. He held them in his hands like grapefruit and ran his thumbs over her now erect nipples. Penny was relieved because she had half expected him to show up wearing latex gloves. He seemed to be mesmerized by her gorgeous tits and she asked what he was thinking.

"They are strangely pleasing," Sheldon admitted, "remarkable in their smoothness and those anti-stress balls filled with gel. I think I am beginning to see why men find them so irresistible...besides the Oedipal connotation, of course."

"Oh you sweet talker," Penny answered, "now try to squeeze them, kiss them and focus on the nipples...again, I assure you they are clean."

Not bothering to verbally respond, Sheldon pressed her breasts together, squeezing them into one mound of flesh; then beginning to knead them like bread dough. Penny had stopped caressing Sheldon's shoulders and chest and just sat back to enjoy his attention. He leaned forward, stuck out his tongue and reluctantly licked her left areola like an ice cream cone. After repeating this several times, he duplicated the technique on the right (the more round one) and then, without direction, he took her pink gumdrop between his teeth and nibbled. Penny's body shivered at his stimulation and she felt her crotch growing involuntarily moist. "Oh shit Sheldon," she groaned, "that is very good...Amy will enjoy that."

"I must say Penny," Sheldon confessed, "I do like the scent of your body wash; and the more I contact your breasts, the more I seem to enjoy it. Judging by your breathing pattern, I would say that all that is written about the foreplay-ritual is correct."

"I think you have pretty much mastered the breast aspect of foreplay," Penny declared, "are you ready for the next step: hand to genitals contact?"

She could swear he was reluctant to release her breasts, but he dropped his hands and agreed, "if we must...I do want to please Amy."

"OK then," Penny continued, "just so as not to shock or surprise you; I am going to caress your tummy and work my way down to your groin...when I'm done, you will do the same to me. When you are with Amy, this should be done together, but for now I just want to show you the progression." Penny leaned into Sheldon and started to run her soft hands along his midriff. This area was still under the covers and when she slid her hand inside his underpants she received the shock of her life. When her hand made contact with his penis, she discovered the most enormous hunk of flaccid cock that she had ever felt. Now she knew why his shorts were so baggy. She tried to stifle her surprise, but couldn't as a faint gasp escaped her lips.

"What's wrong Penny," Sheldon asked, "did I do something wrong?"

"Ummm, no's just that...ahh, are you aware that your penis is larger than normal," Penny answered.

"Well, since I have very few, if any, intellectual peers, I guess it stands to reason that I be superior in every aspect. I am aware that my penis is at least twice the listed average size. I hope this will not be a problem," Sheldon declared.

"Not for me," Penny chuckled, "but Amy is in for a big surprise. I think it's time we shoved the covers back so we can lose our underwear."

"You are the teacher," Sheldon declared smugly as they shoved the sheet, blanket and bedspread down to the foot of the bed.

Penny kneeled between his legs and, as he lifted up to assist her, began to slide his underpants down his pasty white legs. She caught her breath when she got her first glimpse of his penis. It lay between his legs like a dormant anaconda. Still flaccid, it must have been a good nine inches and as thick as a salami. He had been circumcised and his crown was large and purple.

Seemingly in the distance, she heard Sheldon mock her, "you know it's not polite to stare."

Crawling up between his legs, Penny grasped his huge cock in both hands and began to stroke it, "I don't know if Amy will know enough to do this, but you can show her how. I assume you masturbated as a kid growing up."
"Oh goodness no," Sheldon admitted, "mother would have never permitted know, a sin before God and all that rhetoric. Puberty was nothing more than an inconvenience for me. I was just receiving my Bachelor's degree when I developed pubic hair." As Penny slid her tiny hands up and down Sheldon's snake, it began to stiffen. "Oh my," Sheldon exclaimed, "I believe that is the first time that has happened; except, of course, for nocturnal penile tumescence...which is perfectly normal you know."

"What," Penny asked, completely baffled at his statement.

"I believe the kids call it morning-wood," he explained, "scientists actually are not certain what causes it, but it plagues every mature male unless there is an erectile dysfunction. It is quite inconvenient when you feel the need to urinate."

Penny continued to stoke his erection, which had grown to nearly a foot long and as big around as a soup can. She felt like she was jerking-off a fence post. "You are going to have to go very slowly with Amy," she instructed, "extensive foreplay will be necessary if she is going to be able to handle this." As she ran her smooth hands up and down his manhood, Penny added, "normally I would pleasure you orally, but I don't think Amy will be that advanced sexually yet, so I think it is more important that I demonstrate how you can please her."

"I must admit that I am finding your attention to be quite enjoyable," Sheldon admitted, "much more so than I anticipated, but I quite agree. Pleasing Amy is the main focus of this lesson."

Penny reluctantly released Sheldon's cock, letting it slap against his stomach, and crawled back up beside him on the bed, aware that she was totally damp. "Now I want you to mirror my actions. Get between my legs and remove my panties," she directed. She leaned back against her pillows, her legs spread and knees bent as Sheldon scooted up between her flawless legs. Grasping the sides of her pale blue bikinis as if they would burn his fingers, he slowly tugged them down her legs as she lifted her ass to permit their removal.

"Oh my," Sheldon remarked, "I applaud your choice to remove all pubic is much more sanitary. I must say that there is much more moisture than I expected."

"Well that happens as a result of the foreplay," Penny informed him, "do you like the bald look?"

"Aesthetically speaking, I really have no preference, or frame of reference," Sheldon admitted, "but as I stated, hygienically speaking it is the desired grooming method."

"Sorry I asked," muttered Penny, "Leonard seems to like it bald, especially when he is licking it."

"Oh for goodness sake," was Sheldon's stunned response, "you certainly don't expect that from me."

Laughing at his shock-filled expression, Penny assured him, "no sweetie, although you and Amy may some day reach that advanced state of mutual pleasure, I was just saying.... Now I'm assuming you have never actually seen a woman's vagina; especially up close, so I think you should be somewhat familiar with it if you expect to please Amy."

"Your assumption is correct," Sheldon returned, "and I must admit that I am somewhat intrigued by your vulva, as I am with any new experience."

"So romantic," Penny whispered, "now don't be afraid to touch it, but be least to begin."

"Your labia majora resemble two halves of a sliced peach pushed together," Sheldon observed as he lowered his face closer to Penny's crotch, "and I detect a very musky aroma."

"They are usually referred to as lips," Penny informed him, "and every woman's lips are different."

"Oh yes, I can see were the reference comes from," Sheldon responded as he inspected Penny's groin.

Penny reached her hands down, hooked her index and middle fingers inside her slit and pulled her pussy lips apart to allow him a more intimate view.

"Oh my," he remarked, "the inner flesh is such a vivid shade of pink...I never would have guessed; and there is already a preponderance of lubrication. Is that what occurs when you are stimulated?"

"Yes, that's what happen when you play with a woman's pussy...vagina," Penny told him as she released her lips and let her slit close, "now I want you to rub my lips and stimulate me." Kneeling between Penny's marvelous legs like a Praying Mantis, Sheldon gingerly reached his hand forward and began to stroke her pussy lips up and down like he was rubbing sun-block on his arm. His fingers were so soft as he massaged her mound that Penny closed her eyes and lay back against the pillows. "Don't be afraid to explore inside me," she urged him, "Amy will expect that."

Gently, Sheldon used his thumbs to separate Penny's pussy lips, sliding the thumbs up and down her slit while spreading her juices. Attempting to satisfy his curiosity and gaining courage, he spread the fingers on his right hand in a Vulcan salute and began to insert his index and middle fingers into Penny's cunt. Finding they easily slid all the way inside her warm, moist hole, he began to slide them in and out. Penny began to moan as she pushed back against the pillows, but was startled when Sheldon shouted, "oh my, that must be your clitoris...I have read about that."

Her nub had indeed made an appearance, and Sheldon began to rub it with his thumb, without any direction from Penny, as he continued to finger-fuck his beautiful teacher. "I'm guessing from your breathing rate and your seeming agitation, judging by the way you're thrusting your hips toward my hand, that I am sufficiently stimulating you," Sheldon stated as his fingers slid in and out of Penny's pussy.

Finding it difficult to catch her breath, Penny merely moaned, "no talking, remember. Oh my God Sheldon...don't stop." Penny gyrated her shapely hips around Sheldon's plunging fingers, reached up to pinch her own engorged nipples, and screamed, "holy shit Sheldon." Suddenly her body convulsed and she drenched Sheldon's hand with her orgasm, startling him and causing him to sit back on his heels; withdrawing his fingers in the process.

"Oh my word, are you OK Penny...did I do something wrong," he inquired, actually seeming concerned.

Penny lay back against the pillows, her gorgeous legs splayed wide, basking in her orgasm and replied, "no Sheldon, as usual you did everything right. You made me know, orgasm. If you do that for Amy she'll be the happiest girl in Pasadena. One tip though, if you're not going to lick your fingers clean with Amy, at least be a little more discreet about wiping them on the sheet."

"Lick mean it's customary to stick them in my mouth while covered with all those secretions," he recoiled, "it's no wonder you people are sick all the time. Well, this was almost fun and certainly informative, but I still have questions about coitus."

"OK my eager little grasshopper," Penny agreed, "but it's getting late. Why don't we resume our lessons tomorrow...same Bat-time, same Bat-channel and mums the word," as she made a zippering motion with her fingers against her mouth.

"Of course," Sheldon acknowledged, "oh and I get it...a reference to the old Batman television series, because of my affinity for comic books...clever. You will, of course, be sure to change the sheets and bathe before tomorrow."

"Of course," she complied.

Suddenly modest, Sheldon gathered his clothing and headed straight for Penny's bathroom. She heard the water running, and the distinct sound of him gargling...and gargling...and gargling.

At precisely the same time the following day: knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

Penny greeted Sheldon at her door, wearing her bathrobe; only this time she was naked underneath. She had once again fortified herself with a couple shots of tequila because she was pretty sure she was more nervous about their encounter than Sheldon. "Welcome, my star student," she greeted him with a wide smile and laughed, "hey have you ever noticed that the word stud is in the word student."

"Very humorous," Sheldon replied in his normal sarcastic tone, "I certainly hope I am your only pupil. Before we proceed I need to clarify something: I assume that birth control is not a concern today, correct?"

"You are correct; I am on the pill. But why would you make that assumption, if I may ask," Penny replied.

Sheldon calmly answered, "well judging by the frequency of your coitus with Leonard, you would be declaring bankruptcy by now if you were purchasing prophylactic condoms."

"Ah yes...those Vulcan ears," Penny muttered. " FYI, I happen to know that Amy has been on contraception for two years now, hoping that someday you would make a woman out of her. Now Sheldon, before we proceed to today's lesson there is some womanly advice I would like to share with you. I know you really want to please Amy and show her how much you care for her, so please stop thinking of lovemaking as just technique and clinical progressions. I realize that intimacy is new to you but you must stop thinking about every little movement and what comes next. I repeat what I said yesterday: go with the flow. Try to appreciate that you are with the woman you love, and relax. OK now let's go in the bedroom and get those clothes off."

Completely unselfconscious after the previous day's activities, Penny shed her robe, leaving her completely nude and climbed onto the bed. Sheldon removed his shoes, socks, pants, t-shirt (todays' selection had a picture of an atom), and finally his Superman shorts. "Oooo, nice undies," Penny teased him, "and not far off, in terms of the equipment." She had almost forgotten how huge Sheldon's penis was and felt her nipples stiffen as he sat on the side of the bed and swung his legs around. As he sat next to her on the bed, his cock lay between his legs like an elephant's trunk and Penny could feel herself becoming moist. Putting one arm around his neck, she blew hot air into his ear and lay her other hand in his lap, just barely making contact with the base of his flaccid cock.

Sheldon made a mental note of the blowing in the ear, vowing to himself to try it with Amy and tried to steady his breathing and relax. He swiftly came to the conclusion that Penny was right: he should quit trying to make this a procedure and just try to enjoy the moment. He was in bed with one of the most attractive females he had ever seen, and she was naked...waiting for him to make love to, not make love to her, because he didn't love her...she was waiting for him to fuck her. It suddenly finally occurred to him, "oh my goodness...I'm going to fuck Penny." The statement echoed through his brain.

As soon as Penny enclosed Sheldon's shaft with her fingers, it almost immediately began to stiffen and was soon pointed at the ceiling. "That was certainly easier than yesterday," she thought to herself as she began to stroke his enormous erection. Without any direction or encouragement, Sheldon reached between Penny's silky thighs and began to run her damp mound. He traced her slit with his middle finger from bottom to top and down again. Spreading her legs to make access easier for him, Penny was surprised when his finger began to penetrate her slit. Delving between the folds of her lips, Sheldon easily slid his finger deeper into her pussy as she squirmed, pressing her warm thigh against his.

He withdrew his finger and rubbed her now wet mound with his palm as he changed position and kneeled between her wonderful legs. She released his penis and put both palms against the bed for support as she pressed back against her pillows and closed her eyes. With Sheldon now between her legs, Penny spread them as far as possible, making sure he saw the gesture as an invitation. She thought to herself that he didn't seem to need any further instruction; male instinct, even for Sheldon, was taking over.

Sheldon sat back on his heels and just looked at Penny. "My goodness she is beautiful," he thought, and she was indeed. She was a blond goddess with absolutely perfect tits that just barely flattened out on her chest as she lay back. Her silky smooth skin glistened with the sheen of the perspiration of her arousal. Gorgeous, long shapely legs spread wide to expose her bald pussy mound. She was a living dream...and she wanted him.

Penny opened her eyes, saw Sheldon staring at her and was tempted to tease him with their line: "it's not polite to stare," but changed her mind when she noticed that the longer he stared; the longer and thicker his giant cock grew. She was sure it was over a foot long and as thick as her wrist, and she couldn't wait to feel it inside her. The stated goal of preparing Sheldon to please Amy was the farthest thing from her mind. "Sheldon...sweetie," she called softly and his head jerked as if she had awakened him from a trance, "fuck me."

Sheldon methodically took three long breaths to relax himself, thinking, "this is it...I'm finally going to have, not coitus...I'm going to fuck. Don't over-think this Shelly. Let your instincts take over...go with the flow, he psyched himself." He watched as the incredibly beautiful creature in front of him reached down between her sensuous thighs and used her slender fingers to spread her labia majora... no, pussy lips... wide apart; giving him a perfect target. The sopping wet, vivid pink of her open slit was as inviting as a pristine, state-of-art laboratory and Sheldon felt his, cock...throb so hard that it ached. He realized he had never before felt the emotion of lust, but he liked it. Penny smiled at him and nodded her head in the affirmative as he crawled up to meet her crotch.

Holding his giant cock in both hands, Sheldon nervously rubbed the huge crown up and down Penny's drenched slit. He was a man of science and was well aware of the importance of proper lubrication. Even though he had done extensive research on the female reproductive organs and knew the supposed flexibility of the vagina, he had serious doubts as to whether his cock would fit inside Penny's pussy. Noting that she seemed to have no reservations and had asked him to proceed, Sheldon held his tool against Penny's slit and gently pushed forward. They both watched as his purple crown began to part the fleshy folds of her cunt, stretching her slit farther than it had ever been stretched before.

Penny bit her lower lip as Sheldon pushed forward attempting to gain entrance to her juicy tunnel. She tried to pull her pussy lips farther apart as she felt Sheldon applying more pressure against her hole. "It's OK sweetie, keep going," she encouraged him, "no matter what I may scream, don't you dare stop." Applying steady forward pressure, suddenly Sheldon's head penetrated her opening and his huge crown was inside her. "Holy shit, Penny exclaimed, "that's fucking big." After pausing to make sure she had not been injured, Sheldon did indeed let instinct take over and began to push his enormous cock deeper inside Penny's cunt. She could feel the length of her pussy being stretched to new extremes as he slid into her inch by inch. It felt like he was sliding his arm up into her belly. For a moment Penny could not decide if the sensation was pain or pleasure...then she was utter ecstasy.

Just as he was nudging against her womb, Sheldon stopped...his entire gigantic pole was inside her. He had closed his eyes, relishing the sensation of his cock sliding into it's warm, wet sheath. It was incredible. Why had he not tried this before, he thought. Her pussy gripping his penis so tightly was the most wonderful sensation he had ever experienced, and he had Penny to thank. He vowed to make this the most pleasurable experience of her life...or at least try. "This feels so amazing," he assured her, and opened his eyes.

Penny felt like a skewered piece of meat, impaled on Sheldon's monstrous cock and it was indeed amazing. Her belly was so full that she could swear it was constricting her breathing and she croaked, "yes it you know what to do...go with the flow, sweetie...fuck me."

They both looked down between their bodies as Sheldon very slowly and gently began to withdraw his cock. He was mesmerized by the sight of his cock emerging from her hole coated with her juices, the folds of her lips gripping his shaft. "Oh my god Sheldon," Penny groaned as every nerve ending inside her tunnel was being stimulated simultaneously. It seemed to take an eternity for his entire length to be withdrawn, and then he began to push back into her, just as slowly. He was enthralled by the sight of his cock disappearing, inch by inch, back inside her like one of Howard's stupid magic tricks.

Penny watched as his horse-cock slid up into her hole and couldn't believe the entire thing fit inside her. It was the most exquisite sensation she had ever experienced. She was completely and utterly stuffed with hard cock, and it was wonderful. Sheldon repeated this rhythm several times, then when he had completely withdrawn, except for the crown, he shoved forward with all his might, jamming his pole into her pussy so hard his balls slapped against her perfect ass. He felt her cunt muscles spasm around his cock and Penny shrieked, "oh my fucking God." He watched as her hands formed fists, grasping the sheets, and her legs shot out to the sides, toes curled downward. "Holy fucking shit...fuck me Sheldon...fuck me," she screeched and he could feel her pussy becoming hot.

If hormones had not already taken over, Sheldon would have been shocked at her reaction, but he went with the flow and began to thrust in and out of her cunt as hard and fast as he could. "Oh that's it sweetie," Penny moaned as her incredible naked body thrashed beneath him, "jam that big fucking cock into my pussy...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." Teaching himself, Sheldon began to alter his strokes: first fast, then slow, as he slammed his monstrous pole in and out of Penny's stretched out cunt.

Suddenly he felt overcome by a new if he were out of control. Sensing this, Penny threw her arms around him and ordered, "stop...just stop. We're not done here and the teacher has a few tricks left to teach you." Sheldon ceased thrusting and just held still as Penny reached down between them, grasped his cock at the very base, and pinched. Swiftly, the imminent feeling abated and Sheldon relaxed; his cock still deep inside Penny. "You were about to cum...climax...ejaculate," Penny informed him, "that is how you delay it. You can do it yourself whenever you feel you're about to lose, where were we." She lay back against her pillows and watched Sheldon's cock as he slowly withdrew it from her hole, then groaned as he shoved it back inside. "Oh yeah sweetie, that feels so fucking good."

Penny scooted down so that she was laying flat on her back and began to shove her wonderful hips upward to meet his thrusts as Sheldon drove his giant cock into her pussy. He placed his hands on either side of her to support himself as now the only part of their bodies that was touching was their genitals. He loved the sight of his cock plowing in and out of her magical pussy as her naked body writhed beneath him. Her marvelous tits flopped against her chest as he slammed his monstrous cock into her hole. "Oh my God Sheldon," she begged, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me with that giant fucking cock." Every time he withdrew, his tremendous girth scraped the walls of her tunnel, causing her body to shiver in response. It was as if she had lost consciousness; she had no sense of time or her surroundings...the only thing that existed in her mind was the elephant- sized cock stretching her pussy.

"Oh Sheldon," she groaned breathlessly, "your fucking cock fells so fucking good...fuck me sweetie...fuck me." She jammed her pelvis up to meet his thrusts, their naked groins slapping together. He watched her wonderful tits flopping up and down to their rhythm like bags filled with his beloved Jello. Sheldon had stopped his orgasm several times, but even though this was new to him, he could sense that he would not be able to postpone it again. He began to thrust into her hole faster and faster, loving the feel of his hard flesh sliding in and out of her juicy opening.

Penny sensed his impending climax and wrapped her wonderful legs around his waist, locking her ankles together behind him, pulling him even deeper into her belly. She encircled his neck with her smooth arms and drew him down to her, their sweat-soaked flesh becoming one figure. As his pelvis ground against her clit, Penny's body began to jerk and quiver as a series of orgasms overcame her. Feeling her pussy muscles squeezing his cock, Sheldon arched his back as he drove as deep into her cunt as he could.

He had never experienced this sensation before and Sheldon shouted, "ahhhhhh," as his cock started to twitch inside her and his built up cum erupted against her cervix. "Oh my...what's happening...that feels so wonderful," he shouted as he instinctly pumped his seed into Penny's warm hole.

It felt to Penny like a fire-hose was gushing deep in her pussy, "that's it sweetie...fuck me Sheldon...cum in me baby...fill my fucking cunt." Sheldon kept pumping and with nowhere to go in her stuffed hole, his cum began squirting out between his cock and her pussy, running down between her perfectly round ass cheeks. Her cunt muscles milked him as he pumped into her and it seemed like the longest orgasm of her life. When he was finally done and Penny had released her grip, Sheldon sat back on his heels and looked questioningly at her. Even the feel of his shrinking snake slipping slowly out of her pussy made Penny shiver.

"Do I receive a passing grade teacher. Will Amy be pleased with my technique," he inquired as Penny placed a pillow under her head. "How much do I owe you for the lessons?"

"Sheldon, you were wonderful...Amy will be very pleased. Just remember to go slowly," replied a worn out Penny. "And I can't accept money for what we just did...what would that make me."

"Oh yes...I see," Sheldon nodded.

"How about this," Penny proposed, "for the next six months you give me the wi-fi password without me having to beg, or you making any comments about me being a freeloader."

"I would miss that interplay between us," Sheldon admitted, "but, agreed and thank you."

As Sheldon unexpectedly began to curl up in a fetal position beside her, Penny quietly replied, "you're welcome sweetie."

He suddenly looked so vulnerable that she was tempted to sing "Soft Kitty" but knew he would say, "that's only for when I'm sick."

As she scooted her still completely naked body up on the pillows, Penny could feel Sheldon's copious ejaculation running out of her wide open hole in a stream. "I'm going to have to change these sheets," she mused to herself. Laying back relaxing, she began to reflect on the afternoon's events. Pleased she had helped Sheldon and Amy and trying not to feel guilty for cheating on Leonard, she was once again convinced that Leonard was the perfect man for her. While it was wonderful to have a huge cock once in a while, Leonard was the perfect size for her. She could never take a cock like Sheldon's on a regular basis; certainly not the frequency with which she and Leonard made love.

Penny knew that her pussy was going to be sore for a couple days and hoped Leonard would be tired from working the extra hours with Raj. She couldn't fib and tell him it was "her time of the month" because he would know. He didn't consciously time her menstrual cycle, it was just that his analytical mind would not let him ignore the known dates.

What Penny didn't know was that Leonard and Raj had decided to knock off early that afternoon, and that while Leonard went back to the University to compile some data, Raj decided to ask Sheldon to come to the comic book store with him. Finding the door to Sheldon's apartment uncharacteristically unlocked, but no one home; Raj had tried Penny's door to find it also unlocked. He was about to call her name when he heard the distinct sounds of lovemaking coming from her bedroom. Not being able to resist the possibility of seeing the blond goddess naked, he had peeked around the corner and seen the incongruous sight of Penny being fucked by a praying mantis. But that story is for another day....

(Thanks for reading my story. It is not perfect, but remember it is just for fun. Comments are always appreciated and welcome. [email protected])


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