This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Big Bang Theory: Penny's Big Bang (MMF,anal,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Howard and Raj had decided to spend a boy's night out together like they used to do before Howard got married. Howard's wife, Bernadette was working all weekend at the lab and wouldn't be home until Monday. Raj didn't have anything better to do and since Howard was his best friend, he eagerly jumped at the chance to spend some time alone with his old friend. They decided not to include Leonard and Sheldon since Sheldon would insist they come over to his apartment and, quite frankly, both of them had had their fill of Sheldon. They had invited Leonard over but he was going out with his girlfriend Penny and passed.

Howard stopped by the video shop on the way home and picked up a couple of porn DVD's. He and Raj used to sit around watching porn and jerking off all the time before Penny hooked him up with Bernadette. Raj came over at 7pm and they ordered a pizza and put in the first DVD. It was just like old times. They watched for a few minutes and then pulled out their cocks and jerked off to some little teen getting her asshole fucked by 10 big black cocks. They were into the final scene on the disc when all of a sudden there she was. They couldn't believe their eyes. The blonde in the scene looked like, no, it was, Penny, Leonard's girlfriend. They stared at the screen as they watched Penny sucking off three large black cocks and then they all took turns fucking her in the ass. When the scene ended, they looked at each other and high fived. They couldn't believe it. They new she was an "actress" but it seemed like she never got any parts, even though she went on audition after audition. They watched the scene over and over again and jerked off each time they watched her get her asshole filled with black cum. Raj said they should tell Leonard but Howard had a better idea. He told Raj to leave everything to him and that he should come back over tomorrow night. Raj went home and masturbated several times thinking of Penny taking all those big black cocks. He didn't get to sleep for a long time. Howard, the sick pervert that he was, got his shit together and executed his plan. He printed off a screen capture of a close up of Penny sucking a cock and wrote her a little note. It said to be at his place Saturday night at 8pm or he'd show Leonard the DVD. He went over to Penny's apartment at 4am and slid the note under her door. He hoped Penny would see it before Leonard woke up.

His cellphone rang at 10am and it was Penny. She was mortified that he'd found out her secret and after several minutes of begging and pleading, she agreed to come over that evening. Howard told her to wear her tightest black dress and some sexy high heels. He then told her to come without panties. She agreed and hung up. Howard called Raj and told him to be over at his place at 7:30pm and be ready for the night of his life.

Penny told Leonard that she was going out with some friends from the Cheesecake factory after work and Leonard, although disappointed, reluctantly accepted her excuse for not seeing him. He told her to stop by when she got home. She kissed him goodbye and went to work. She had her dress and heels in her bag and would change after her shift.

Howard and Raj were waiting patiently in silence when they heard the knock on the door. Howard let Penny in and they both stared at her. She was gorgeous. Her black dress was several inches above her knees and showed off her beautiful tits. Her stiletto heels made her legs look long and slender. Raj, who couldn't speak without alcohol, took a swig from his beer and told her to come over and stand in front of him. She walked over and he slid his hand up under her dress and began to rub her naked pussy. He giggled and told Howard that she was shaved and smooth as a baby's bottom. Howard walked over and pulled her dress down over her shoulder and grabber her large tits with his hands and played with her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned as the two geeks felt her up. Howard told her that they wanted her to perform a scene from one of her porn videos. She didn't say a word. She got down on her knees and pulled out Howards cock. Bernadette told her it was big but she always thought she was full of shit. In fact, Howard was huge. He had to be ten inches. How can this skinny Jewish guy have this much cock? If she'd had known this before, she would have done him years ago.

Everyone believed she was just a sweet farm girl from Nebraska but the real reason she left was because she'd gotten caught doing the entire football team in a cheap motel after a game and her parents threw her out of the house. She moved to LA to be an actress but the only part she ever got was in a commercial and she had to let the casting guy fuck her to get the part. She took a job as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory hoping to make ends meet until she got another part but she soon ran out of money and started turning tricks on Hollywood Boulevard when she got hired by porn director. She'd been in a dozen or so scenes so far, each one more hardcore than the last. Her last two were gangbang scenes with black guys and next week she was going to do a Sex and Submission scene with James Deen. She was lucky that Leonard and his friends worked during the day so she could go and do her scenes and be home before they were. She loved Leonard but was sure he would be devastated if he ever found out.

She took Howard in her mouth and started deep throating him. Raj got behind her and pulled up her dress and went down on her from behind, licking her pussy and sticking his tongue in her ass. She had douched and gave herself and enema earlier so she'd be fresh for the two nerds. Raj used his tongue like an expert and she was soon having her first of many orgasms of the evening. Howard grabbed her blonde hair and throat fucked her until his balls tightened up and he shot his first load of cum down her throat. She swallowed it all down and licked her lips when he was done. She pushed Raj back onto the couch and pulled out his cock. He wasn't as big as Howard but his seven inches felt good in her mouth as she sucked away on him. Howard stroked his cock and got hard again and got behind her and spread her ass cheeks. He spit down on her little brown asshole and slid his finger inside her. She moaned as he loosened up her ass and then let out a groan when he slid his cock inside. He pushed more and more until he had his big cock buried deep in her ass. She was sucking Raj while Howard pounded her asshole. He pulled out and saw that she was gapped wide open and rammed it home again. He was fucking her ass balls deep and then shot his second load inside of her. He pulled out and Penny felt the cum running down her legs. She turned around and took Howard in her mouth and tasted her ass and his cum. Raj pulled her on top of him and sank his cock in her ass. He told them he didn't mind sloppy seconds and proceeded to pump her butt with his cock. It didn't take him long to fill her ass with another load. They both took turns fucking the blonde beauty until they couldn't get it up any more.

Howard told her that the only way they would keep her secret was if she came over once a week and fuck the both of them. She reluctantly agreed and from that day forward, Raj and Howard had their very own "Fuck Penny Every Tuesday" Tuesday.

The End


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