A fictional story about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny's New Job (F-gang,F-solo,orgy,oral,anal,inter,fist,toys,drugs,mc?)
by shaggy77

Even after dating for so long and finally becoming engaged to be married, it never ceased to amaze Penny how thoughtful and lovable her boyfriend; no, make that fiancee; could be. While she was showering, he had slipped into her apartment, left her a small box tied with a glittering silver bow on her living room coffee table, and then left without announcing his presence. As she stood, her now short blond hair still damp, and her body concealed by only a wrapped lavender colored towel, she untied the bow and looked inside. It contained a box of gold embossed business cards printed with her name, contact information and the words "Pharmaceutical Representative" in capital letters. She actually felt her eyes tearing at the thoughtful gesture of her sensitive nerd. After years of just barely scraping by as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory while trying to establish an acting career, she had recently found very lucrative employment at the pharmaceutical company where her friend (and former waitress colleague) Bernadette was employed.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz was a petite blond bombshell with incredible breasts who just happened to be a brilliant microbiologist, and she had worked at the Cheesecake Factory to pay her way through grad school while she earned her PhD. Penny had actually introduced Bernadette to her husband, Howard, who was a close friend of her fiancee Leonard's. Penny often marveled at how incongruous her relationship with any of her current circle of friends was. She was the only one without at least a Masters Degree in something (she had barely scraped by in high school). The "Core Four," or the "Four Nerds" as she thought of them, consisted of her Leonard, Howard, Raj Koothrappali, and Sheldon Cooper...all total "brainiacs." The "head nerd" was Sheldon, who often quoted his IQ as being over 180, and was totally oblivious to normal human compassion. Penny had often thought that he might actually be from another planet. His girlfriend, another scientist, was Amy Farrah Fowler; a very plain girl who was actually Sheldon's perfect match.

When Bernadette had received her doctorate and retained a job at a giant pharmaceutical company in its research division, she did not forget how friendly and helpful Penny had been during their waitress days. Penny had recently quit her waitress job to fully devote her time to her career as an actress, and when it looked like she would have to return to the Cheesecake Factory begging for her position back, Bernadette had secured an interview for Penny in the Sales division. Penny had studied all the materials Bernadette brought home for her, and had "aced" the interview (probably assisted by the short, slit skirt she had worn that day). No matter, Penny was proud of her new position, and had attended all the sales seminars and classes she could sign up for. The position paid very well and Penny no longer had to rely on Leonard for financial help, so she was determined to go to any lengths to keep her job. As she continued to study the cards, she read aloud, "Pharmaceutical Representative, I like the sound of that."

Returning to her bedroom, she let the damp towel fall to the floor and inspected her naked form in the full length mirror on the back of her door. "Not bad," she thought as she cupped her perfectly firm 34 C breasts, "Leonard, you are one lucky nerd." She had a huge presentation scheduled for today with a medical group consisting of several doctors, so she wanted to look her, but still professional. She smoothed moisturizer into her long shapely legs and decided she did not need panty hose, only a tiny pair of pink lace thong panties. No one else would be aware of how skimpy her panties were, but they would give her the confidence of knowing how sexy and desirable she was. Her plan was to go braless, but she decided that with her prominent nipples, she had better put on the matching pink lace bra. Topping the outfit off with a plain, white business-like sleeveless blouse and a tight gray skirt with a slit up the side. The matching gray jacket could be taken off during the presentation for dramatic effect. She would cap the outfit with a pair of five inch heels which would tighten up her calf muscles and make her perfect legs seem endlessly long.

The product she was featuring today was her company's version of the "little blue pill," a substitute for the "V" drug for male enhancement and stimulation. She had been strictly forbidden by her company from mentioning the "V" drugs name, so as so avoid any possible patent infringement or copyright violation. Bernadette had actually worked on the drug in its early developmental stage, but, of course, had finished her involvement long before the testing stage had begun. What made her company's drug unique was that it was administered in the form of an inhaler, just like an asthma inhaler (it could be inhaled directly into the mouth or its mist just inhaled through the nose); and its effect was waiting for a pill to dissolve and be absorbed.

Another unique feature was that it was equally effective on females: it increased the production of hormones and pheromones thus pushing their sex drive almost to the point of nymphomania. In males, of course, it produced an immediate erection which lasted one hour, no matter how many orgasms were achieved. The duration of the drug was exactly one hour in a person of average weight, and the company had named it simply "HARE." The joke around the office was it was so named because the recipient would be able to fuck like a rabbit for an hour. It actually was an acronym for H-human, A-arousal, R-reactive, E-enhancement.

There were several different warnings on the package that only one dose should be used during a four hour period, but it neglected to say what the consequences were. After all the testing and FDA trials and approval, the company had discovered that another unique side effect of HARE was that if a person inhaled more than one dose at a time, it would induce temporary amnesia...the person would completely forget what had transpired in the hour the drug was in effect. Only a handful of executives at the company knew of this side-effect, and they agreed that it would remain their secret. The development of HARE had cost them a small fortune, and they would go to any extremes to keep it on the market. When it came to marketing the sexual-enhancement drug, they had all agreed that with her natural assets, Penny would be their primary salesperson. She had been supplied with an entire trunk of sample size inhalers to distribute on her sales calls.

It was a short drive from Pasadena to Compton where her first appointment of the week was scheduled. The physicians in this particular medical group were frequented by a very affluent clientele, so Penny had decided to devote the entire day if necessary because she really wanted their account. The receptionist led her into the impressive Conference Room so that she could set up her presentation. Leonard had shown her several tricks about using her laptop, wi-fi, a large screen monitor and laser pointer to make her presentation seem incredibly professional, and as she was setting up, she blew him a mental kiss. She really did love "her nerd," and because of him she now felt self-assured and confident as the doctor's began to file into the room and take seats around the massive polished wood table. She had placed written material and a sample inhaler in front of every chair so they could follow her presentation or peruse the material while waiting.

In all, there were eight male doctors gathered around the table as Penny began her sales speech. The presentation proceeded quite well and Penny was feeling very confident as the question-and-answer period began. It seemed all the doctor's were skeptical about the immediate effects that HARE promised to their patients, so Penny had no choice but to suggest they all sample the product and arrive at their own conclusions. One by one the doctors sprayed the mist either directly into their mouth or in front of their noses; and one by one a wide smile appeared on their faces as an immediate erection was experienced. All were seemingly in a very good mood as they quizzed Penny about the effects on females. Not prepared to accept her word on the effect, they urged her to join them in sampling the new drug. Sensing this was the turning point of landing their account or going home disappointed, Penny saw no alternative but to take a sample inhaler in hand and inhale a dose herself. Not sure she had gotten a good whiff, she sprayed a second puff in front of there nose (totally unaware of the effect of a second dose).

She immediately felt her nipples harden and moisture form inside her vagina, as she suddenly not only desired sex, but craved it. As she glanced around the table at all the suddenly very handsome and desirable physicians, the one who had introduced himself as Dr. Johnson, inquired, "Well, Penny; may I call you Penny; are you feeling any effects from the drug?"

"You may call me anything you like," she answered in her sexiest tone, "allow me to demonstrate the effect the drug is having on me." With the assistance of the doctor sitting nearest her, she nimbly climbed up on the table and began a very erotic "bump and grind" dance, accompanied by music only she could hear. Despite the table being quite slippery under her heels, Penny began to perform a strip tease for the gathered doctors. Swiftly she shrugged the jacket off her shoulders and threw it onto the floor, then unbuttoned her plain blouse until it hung open revealing her skimpy pink lace bra. She let the blouse slip off her arms and fall to the table while reaching up to unclasp the front-opening bra. When the straps had fallen off her pale shoulders, she twirled the bra over her head like an old-time cowboy with a lasso. There were whistles and catcalls as her magnificent breasts bounced and jiggled.

She let the bra fly off her fingertips, cupped her perfectly firm tits in her hands, and began to lick her pink jellybean size nipples; first one, then the other. Lewd comments filled the room and she resumed her dance by slowly lowering the zipper on her skirt and letting it drift down her wonderfully long legs. Dressed only in her tiny pink lace thong, she pulled on the elastic waistband and let it snap back several times before gracefully tugging it down over her sexy hips, letting it slide down her legs, and then kicking it off the end of her shoe and onto the floor. She watched one of the doctors retrieve it, hold it up to his nose as he closed his eyes and inhale deeply. Completely nude, except for her heels, in front of eight totally strange men, Penny craved sex more than anything in the world. One by one they were all losing their clothes and Penny stood on the table with her legs apart, stroking her glistening mound.

Her pubic mound was completely bare and glistened in the harsh fluorescent light of the Conference Room. She slid her finger between her bald, puffy lips and spread her juices all around her crotch as she stared at the eight different erections being stroked in her honor. One of the doctors with dark skin, who Penny guessed was of Indian or Pakistani descent stood on a chair and pointed his seven inch cock at her, urging her attention. Penny eagerly dropped to her knees on the table in front of him, grasped his erection in her hand and began to lick its length like a candy cane at Christmas. She had no sooner wrapped her red lipstick covered lips around his crown than she felt his rod twitch and he was spraying the inside of her mouth with his semen.

While she sucked every drop she could from his hard-on, a large, rotund black doctor climbed onto the table and lay on his back. There was no mistaking what he desired as he lay with his enormous black cock pointing at the ceiling. It was the largest cock Penny had ever seen (on a human) and she salivated as she crawled across the table top. As she approached the prone man, he spoke, "a full twelve inches, in case you were wondering."

Penny merely nodded and smiled as her tongue lapped at the huge plum-shaped head. Her heels were causing her to slip and slide as she attempted to straddle and squat on his lap, so she kicked them off and planted her bare feet on either side of his waist. Steadying herself, she used both hands to spread her plump lips wide enough apart so that his cock-head was wedged between them.

Dropping to her knees to give herself more stability, she slowly began to lower herself onto his massive pole. Throwing her head straight back, Penny wailed, "holy fucking shit," as she sank down and more of his giant cock penetrated her tiny hole. Lower and lower her body sunk as inch by inch her entire cunt was being stretched by the doctor's huge probe. When she finally was sitting on his cushioned lap, Penny just sat there, her eyes closed enjoying the sensation of being totally filled with hard cock. She could actually feel her pussy stretching to accommodate the massive intruder. Penny leaned forward, lay on his fat stomach, and whispered, "I love you big fucking cock."

As she lay there reveling in the sensation, another doctor with an average sized penis climbed up onto the table behind her and began to spread her absolutely perfect ass cheeks apart. If not for the HARE enhancing her sex drive, Penny may have protested, but she just glanced behind her and smiled as she watched her new partner begin to nudge his cock into her ass hole. Pushing steadily forward, his crown plowed past her tight sphincter ring and into her ass. As soon as he was in, the doctor shoved forward with all his weight and buried his entire length into Penny's "poop chute." "Oh my fucking God," squealed the new Pharmaceutical Rep as she felt her insides being stretched to new limits.

When they began to fuck her holes simultaneously, Penny thought she was going to lose consciousness. It felt absolutely wonderful and she begged them, "fuck me...stretch my fucking holes." In and out of her cunt and ass they violently reamed her, seemingly wanting to punish her holes. Penny wanted to grab her erect nipples and twist them, but she was trapped against the distended stomach of the first obese doctor. For the next hour Penny received the fucking of her life as eight cocks repeatedly violated every orifice of her body. By the time the drug began to wear off, every hole of her body was dripping with cum.

As the drug began to wear off, erections started to droop and the doctors reached for their clothes and smocks. Penny, still horny, but losing her partners shimmied off the table and began dressing herself when suddenly a bell sounded from inside her briefcase. Looking inside the impressive leather bag (another thoughtful gift from her special nerd; she told herself she would have to give him something special in return...hmmm...he did like her blow jobs), she spied the old fashioned kitchen timer and her memory began to return. Remembering that when she began her presentation she had surreptitiously set the timer for exactly one hour so that she could dramatically tell the physicians, "and that is how long your patients erections would have lasted." Wait a minute," she asked herself, "if the timer just went off; where did the last hour go...did I already give the presentation...what happened in the last hour and why can't I remember it...and where are my shoes?"

As she was asking herself all these questions, one of the doctors with a huge grin on his face handed her the missing pair of heels and informed her, "that was the best presentation we have ever had. Have your accounting department call here anytime and we will all be placing large orders for HARE, and we will be telling all our physician friends to schedule a presentation from you. It's a very impressive medication. Thank you very much for everything Penny. Before you leave, you may want to stop by the restroom and touch up your...ah... makeup. Thanks again."

Penny's mind was racing: "What presentation," she asked herself, "and why would he be concerned about my makeup?" Then his statement really sank in: she had just made an incredibly large and important sale...she was a success! As she bent down to slip on her heels, she began to realize how very sore her vagina and ass were, and that her panties were literally soaked. Even her face felt wet, and when she wiped it with the back of her hand, there was a sticky white substance clinging to her fingers. Without even thinking, she tasted the fluid with the tip of her tongue and knew immediately that it was semen (she had tasted her share over the years). "Oh my God," she exclaimed in her mind as she gingerly gathered up all her materials and made her way to the bathroom the receptionist had pointed out when she arrived.

She couldn't believe how tender her groin was as she entered the bathroom, and when she looked in the mirror, Penny almost screamed out loud. There was gobs of cum hanging from her tousled hair and it was completely matted down in places. When she reached up under her skirt to lower her panties for inspection, she discovered that there was cum smeared all along her firm thighs and her panties were completely soaked where fluids had dripped out of her pussy and ass hole. "Oh my God," her mind screamed, "they all fucked me and I don't remember a thing. No wonder they were all grinning from ear to ear." Penny was glad she had the foresight to use the "family restroom" because she had it all to herself without interruption.

After completely disrobing and wiping her body clean with damp paper towels, Penny inspected her body as well as she could. There didn't seem to be any scrapes or bruises that she had to explain to Leonard, and aside from her holes being sore there really was no physical evidence of her encounter (that was what she was calling it), so she got dressed, discarded the sopping panties in the waste can, confirmed all the contact information with the receptionist, and began the trip back to the office. She went over the morning in her head a hundred times and all she could remember was beginning the presentation, having them ask her to sample the inhaler, and then the bell going off in her briefcase.

Arriving back at her office, she went immediately to the research department to visit Bernadette and ask for her input. Feeling a new sense of adventure from knowing she wasn't wearing any panties, Penny sat on a stool in Bernadette's lab and asked her many questions about HARE. She did not divulge the reason for the inquiry because she didn't really want Leonard to know she had been repeatedly violated; she just told Bernadette she wanted to learn everything there was to know about the product she was selling, so she could answer customers questions. Bernadette told Penny that she was really only involved in the early stages of development and she should talk to some of the other researchers and request all of the factual data on the drug.

The rest of the afternoon, Penny was disappointed by the lack of progress in her investigation. All the other researchers refused to answer her questions, citing patent secrecy and corporate espionage. She gathered all of the printed material she had gathered, and everything she was able to print from the internet and headed home in her company car. Changing into her comfy pajamas and pouring herself a nice glass of wine, Penny relaxed on the sofa to peruse the information on HARE. When she was finished, she realized that she really was no closer to an answer and remembered that Bernadette had advised her to do her own research if she still had not reached any conclusions. Penny knew what the supposed effect of the drug was, so she locked her door, took her wine into the bedroom and decided to experiment on herself. She set her alarm clock for one hour, in case she had temporary amnesia again, and proceeded to spray a whiff of HARE in front of her face and inhale it.

Almost immediately she began to feel very horny, her nipples became erect and she was aware of her crotch becoming damp. Excitedly, she whisked off her pajama top and began to squeeze and knead her gorgeous breasts, pinching her jellybeans between her fingers. Her arousal increased and she frantically stuck one hand down inside her pajama bottoms and began to rub her totally bald mound, running a finger up and down her moist slit. Not satisfied, she slipped first one, then two fingers inside her damp pussy and started to masturbate herself vigorously. "Oh yes," she moaned, slid her other hand to her crotch and pinched her prominent clit repeatedly until her body trembled and her fingers were flooded with her climax.

Unbelievably, an hour was up and her alarm clock rang out as she licked her own fingers, becoming aware that she was no longer horny. Laying back on the pillow exhausted, Penny took mental notes that she had indeed succumbed to the claims of HARE, but was fully aware of what had transpired in the last hour. If she had learned anything from her scientist boyfriend, it was that one experiment didn't prove anything, so she again set her clock's alarm and this time took a dose of the drug orally, squirting it well into the back of her throat. Penny became aware of the same uncontrollable sensations overtaking her body, shoved her pajama bottoms off her legs, and this time she reached into her bed stand drawer to procure "Husky," the nickname she had given to her purple gel vibrator.

Named "Husky" in honor of her home state of Nebraska; the Cornhusker state, she didn't have much use for it anymore now that she had Leonard. Knowing she had no need for lubrication, she abruptly nudged Husky between her slit, and with not resistance, slid it all the way into her cunt. "Oh baby, I missed you," she whispered to the fake penis as she began to fuck herself; varying the tempo of her thrusts and twisting the ribbed plastic inside her. This hour seemed to go by even quicker than the last, as she heard her alarm sounding beside the bed.

As she relaxed in bed, she came to the conclusion that the experiment was a success and that one puff of HARE did not induce amnesia. Thinking back to the demonstration, she asked herself, "Did I take a second whiff, just to make sure...I think I did." Penny immediately set the clock again and this time inhaled two distinct puffs from the inhaler. It seemed like seconds later she heard the alarm next to her and when she reached to shut it off felt pain in her breasts. Looking down her silky body she saw that there was a clothespin attached to each nipple and Husky was still protruding from her pussy. She had no memory whatsoever of the last hour and came to the conclusion that it was multiple squirts from the inhaler that produced the amnesia. Wishing she had a video camera to record what happened in the last hour, an almost wicked thought occurred to Penny, "I should experiment with my friends just to make sure my conclusions are correct." She knew there were no harmful side effects; and she rationalized that she would actually be doing them a favor by allowing them to have unlimited, guilt-free sex.

The perfect opportunity would present itself later that week when they were all gathering at Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to view a Battlestar Gallactica marathon on TV. Sheldon was not really a big fan of Battlestar Gallactica, but had acquiesced at Amy's urging. She convinced him that it was always fun to have everyone together, and she would bring the Chinese takeout. Penny knew that experimenting on her friends was underhanded and unethical, but there did not seem to be any harmful side-effects to HARE's arousal increase and she rationalized that would actually be doing them a favor by allowing them to release all their sexual tension... guilt free. She had already formulated a plan: she would purchase some type of air freshener, peel off the label, reattach it to the HARE inhaler, and then ask everyone their opinion on her new apartment air freshener. Nonchalantly she would administer two puffs to all her guests, and only one puff to herself (hey, she wanted to join in the fun), so she would be the only one to remember the hour's events.

On Saturday, after making sure both her and Leonard's apartments were well stocked with munchies and beverages for the all-day marathon, Penny remembered that a couple years before after their apartment had been robbed, Sheldon had installed a "nanny-cam" and it had long since been forgotten (along with most of the "must have" electronic equipment which quickly lost it's luster), but was still in place. It's real attraction was that it recorded directly onto a memory stick, so that it was simple for her to plug in a stick and surreptitiously turn on the surveillance device. This way she would have video proof of what occurred that day. Since it was their "home court" Penny, Sheldon and Leonard decided to be as comfortable as possible and wear their pajamas (Sheldon, of course added a robe since Amy would be there). Penny had invited Amy and Bernadette to stay the night at her apartment so that she didn't have to drive home after watching TV all day, so they had also changed into pajamas.

After running out to pick up the Chinese food, and making sure Sheldon's order was perfect, Penny changed and joined the gang who were gathered around Sheldon's coffee table anxiously awaiting. Joining the seven friends was Stuart, whose comic book store had burned down, and was now the caregiver for Howard's overbearing mother. She noticed that while she was at the restaurant, apparently everyone had brought their pajamas and changed in Leonard's room or bathroom. Bernadette and Howard were so cute in their matching red silk pj's, Sheldon in his Dr. Who ensemble, Leonard in the Star Wars fleece she had bought for him, Amy in a long flannel nightgown (what else), Raj in black silk pajamas that looked like a karate gi, and Stuart in Batman pajamas which he proudly proclaimed had been a gift from Mrs. Wolowitz.

Leonard had invited Howard, Raj and Stuart to stay in the apartment overnight. Stuart called dibs on the sofa, and Howard and Raj had previously bought sleeping bags when they had camped out in the dessert overnight to watch a passing comet without all the ambient light from the city. Sheldon was already in fine form reminding everyone that they would not be able to watch all 4179 minutes of the series in one sitting. Leonard exasperatedly answered, "Yes, we know Sheldon, that's almost three days worth."

"2.902 to be exact," Sheldon proclaimed adding, "I sure don't envy those of you who will have to drive home this evening." He always said what ever popped into his head, no matter how insensitive it might be...that's what made him Sheldon.

After watching the pilot episode of Battlestar Gallactica and finishing the take-out, Penny thought it was time to launch her plan as the paper plates and containers were being collected and discarded. Producing the inhaler/spray form her purse, she announced that she would appreciate everyone's opinion on her new air freshener and she went around the room squirting the mist in front of everyone's faces, making sure to dispense two puffs to each. No one suspected a thing, not even Bernadette. Penny assured Leonard that it would not aggravate his asthma, and when she got to Sheldon, she was greeted by the expected: "Get that foolish thing away from my face."

Penny had to resort to flattery and his already inflated ego to get his cooperation, "But Sheldon, I value your opinion more than any other," she cajoled.

"Well, it is true that my olfactory senses are naturally more advanced...perhaps just a tiny whiff," Sheldon acquiesced. When she quickly squirted two puffs directly in his face Sheldon reacted by waving his arms as if he was "shooing" bees away, and shouting, "Are you trying to kill me woman." He immediately grabbed the inhaler/spray and before Penny could duck, he squeezed two puffs into her face. Penny knew that she was now doomed to forget the entire hour, just like all the others, but remembering the "nanny cam," she felt surprisingly calm and just smiled.

The consensus of the entire group was that she had bought a faulty product because they detected no scent at all. "Just another weak minded person deceived by the evils of modern advertising," Sheldon proclaimed, "other than a trace of the alcohol-based propellant, there is absolutely no scent."

"Yeah, I'm the weak-minded one," Penny thought to herself, "you're the one who buys every new electronic gadget on the market," but she answered, "Well it's not really a scented air freshener, it's more like something to mask the offensive odors." She smiled to herself and just sat back to watch the proceedings, momentarily forgetting that she was also subject to the complete effects of HARE. Since she had sprayed Bernadette and Howard first, and due to their relatively light weight, they were the first to feel the effects of HARE: Bernadette's nipples had suddenly become very visible as they poked against the red silk of her pajamas and Howard's bottoms were beginning to tent as the crotch.

"Oh my is it getting hot in here," Bernadette asked as she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her PJ top, exposing some impressive cleavage which suggested she, like Penny, had not worn a bra under her night-clothes. Watching the TV, Bernadette wistfully stated, "That Apollo sure is a hottie," as her hand disappeared inside her top and she began to massage her breast.

One of the last rational conscious thoughts that Penny had for the next hour was that the HARE seemed to be working perfectly, causing everyone's inhibitions to become almost nonexistent. As she glanced around the room, all the males were sporting tents in their pajama bottoms, and Raj's appeared to be quite impressive. Sheldon looked down at his crotch and exclaimed, "Oh my, what the heck is going on?" Amy seemed to be supporting Bernadette's question about the temperature by hiking her nightgown up above her knees, and Penny herself, now feeling the effects, unbuttoned her own top almost completely.

The hormones were flowing and all modesty had vanished when Bernadette suggested that the girls perform a striptease for the guys. Amy's subconscious wanted to blurt out something about sexism, but she found herself unable to refuse as she and Penny joined Bernadette in the center of the floor, in front of the TV. As proof that not even the genius Sheldon was immune to the drug, even he did not object to the screen being blocked. Raj took his cell phone out of his pajama's pocket and quickly found a Pandora station with suitable strip-music. Wasting no time, the horny girls began to lose their clothes in rapid fashion. Amy just shrugged her flannel nightgown down off her shoulders and let it drift down her body to reveal that even the dowdy Amy Farrah Fowler had neglected to wear underwear for the evening. Her breasts were much larger than anyone would have guessed, probably about 36B, with large oval shaped brown areola. Her mound was an overgrown jungle of dark hair, but had been shaped into a triangle.

Not wanting to be left behind, the other two girls began to rapidly lose their clothes as Bernadette pushed the sleeves of her silky top down her arms to expose her incredible breasts to the room. They were huge, 38D, with large round pink areola surrounding prominent gumdrop sized nipples. She then swayed to the sounds coming from Raj's phone and shoved her silk bottoms down over her wide hips and kicked them off to the side. Again, the sexy Bernadette had disdained underwear as every pair of eyes in the room stared at her crotch. She had spread her legs wide revealing unbelievable long pussy lips and a completely bald mound. But the thing that had captured their attention was the tiny gold ring hanging from her left labia. She further pumped their hormones when she reached down, took the tiny labia-ring between her fingers and tugged on it, pulling her lip out in front of her. As she swayed to the music, her pendulous tits swung back and forth almost hypnotically.

Feeling left behind, Penny did not even finish unbuttoning her top, but pulled it off over her head and twirled it over her head like a cowboy's lasso. Leonard never got tired of gazing at her perfect tits: perfectly firm and perky 35C with nipples the size of jellybeans and vivid pink. When she followed by wriggling out of her pajama bottom shorts, they saw that she too was completely bald, but her mound was plump and puffy and completely visible because of the gap between her thighs...Leonard loved that gap. The three females stood in front of the TV, draped their arms over each others shoulders and began to dance in a make-shift chorus-line. When they did their high kicks, the boys seemed to lean forward trying to get a better glimpse between their legs. The three pairs of breasts swayed and jiggled as the girls bounced to the music.

Sheldon had already lost his robe, and it was as if they were acting on an unseen cue: the five males stood in unison (even Sheldon) and began to toss their pajamas haphazardly around the room, not the least self conscious. All were sporting erections that waved in front of them as they hopped around attempting to shed their bottoms. Under a hairless chest, Sheldon actually had a nice eight-incher with a crown like a golf ball. Stuart's equipment was a very thick six inches with at head that barely flared at all. Penny's favorite penis, Leonard's, was a satisfying seven inches with a crown as large as a tangerine and balls the size of eggs that hung way down. Howard's penis reminded Penny of a hot dog, long and slender. The biggest surprise, the one that made all three girls gasp was the giant pole revealed when Raj dropped his black bottoms: his cock was enormous. It must have been nearly a foot long and as thick as a soup can with a head like a tangerine. All three girls looked at each other and smiled broadly.

All inhibitions and modesty had been lost and Bernadette broke the chorus-line and made a bee-line straight to Raj, nearly salivating at the prospect of having his tool inside her. She immediately dropped to her knees as if to worship the prodigious penis, sat back on her heels, and grasped it in both hands, pulling it down parallel to the floor. Staring at it in awe, her mouth opened almost involuntarily, her tongue ran out and she lightly licked his cock-slit. She did not succeed in getting it into her mouth, but she sucked on the crown, fondling his scrotum like Queeg fondling his ball bearings. Raj closed his eyes and moaned as her tongue worked on his tip, then grabbed the bottle of baby oil Sheldon kept in the living room (Raj could still hear Sheldon, "without it my elbows get all scaly and scratchy") and squirted the entire length of his cock. He urged Bernadette to her knees and began to run his penis up and down in the valley between her gorgeous breasts. Her eyes crossed as she used both hands to mold her tits around Raj's cock and watched it slide up and down.

Sheldon had taken his spot on the sofa and Amy had taken a seat next to her true love, boldly grasped his penis in her left hand and began to stroke it. "Oh my, that feels surprisingly nice," he stated, and offered no resistance. She bent down and surrounded his crown with her lips, enveloping at least half of his cock. "You know that's very unsanitary," Sheldon lectured, "Do you realize how many germs reside in the human mouth," he continued...after all, even with no inhibitions, he was still Sheldon.

He wasn't certain what Amy's mumbled, garbled reply was but it sounded like, "Shut up, Sheldon."

Penny, drug or no drug, knew who she wanted as her partner, stood in front of Leonard and proceeded to throw her arms around his neck and shove her tongue into his mouth. She threw her legs around his waist, and when she felt his hard-on press against her stomach, she reached down between them to grasp it. Supported by his legs, she wedged his crown between her slit and simply lowered herself onto his cock as they stood in the center of the room. "Mmmmmmm," they groaned simultaneously as he slid completely into her drenched hole. There was no finesse, no foreplay as she began to bounce in his arms, fucking herself on his cock.

Behind Leonard, Penny spied Howard stroking his cock as he stared at her naked body, and suggested, "Go ahead Howard, I know you want to." He grinned from ear to ear, reached beside Raj and grabbed the baby oil, and stood behind Penny. He dripped oil onto his "hot dog," used both hands to spread Penny's perfect ass cheeks farther apart and began to nudge his cock-head up into her puckered hole. She accommodated him by pushing her body backwards until his crown popped through her sphincter ring and into her ass. "Holy shit," Penny exclaimed as Howard stuffed his penis up into her ass hole, joining Leonard's inside her. She was now trapped between two hard cocks as she bounced up and down, her arms still around Leonard's neck. The sensation of having two cocks in her separated by only a thin membrane was incredible. She could feel them stretching her when they thrust up together, sliding against each other as they fucked her holes. "Oh my god," she moaned, "holy shit...fuck me."

Bernadette stood and shoved Raj backward with both hands causing him to sit abruptly in the chair. She straddled him, her knees on each side of him in the chair as she reached down between them and grasped his tool. Everyone in the room was in a state of pure lust; not just wanting sex, but craving it. Raj's cock looked like the penis of a giant with Bernadette's tiny hand not even coming close to encircling it. She looked down between them and spoke, as if talking to Raj's prick, "I need to feel you inside me now," as she rubbed the already slick head up and down against her slit. Her long lips slipped back and forth and her labia-ring sparkled against his dark flesh. When she had him lined up with her hole, Bernadette began to bend her knees, sitting down on his pole as her cunt lips stretched wider than they had ever stretched before. Her hole stretched wider and wider to accommodate his tangerine crown until finally his giant head disappeared inside her pussy.

Bernadette did not stop, or even pause to get used to her huge invader, she pushed steadily downward impaling herself on Raj's monstrous cock. Stuart, standing next to them thought, "Where the hell is all that cock going; there is no way it could all fit inside tiny Bernadette." But it did.

Raj's gigantic pole was soon buried "balls deep" inside Bernadette's cunt and she threw her blond head back and shrieked, "Holy fuck, yes." She had a wild, depraved look on her face as she began to frantically ride Raj's immense log. Up and down she bounced, violently stuffing herself full of cock, stretching her tiny cunt wide open. "Fuck me you Indian devil," she screamed, "jam that fucking cock in me." It really was an amazing sight, it was like watching her fuck herself with a fence post. Her tremendous tits were flopping uncontrollably, slapping against them both. Seeing Stuart stroking his penis as he watched them fuck, Bernadette ordered, "Stuart, jam that cock up my ass," as she leaned forward trapping her wonderful globes against Raj.

When Stuart was in place behind her, spreading her ample ass cheeks apart with his hands, Bernadette instructed, "Don't worry about lubrication, Howard fucks my ass all the time, just shove it in." Despite this admission, Stuart's penis was much fatter then Howard's, so when he had difficulty gaining penetration to Bernadette's brown hole, Howard tossed him the baby oil bottle...which Stuart miraculously caught. Slathering oil on his stumpy log, Stuart resumed his assault on Bernadette's round cheeks. Pushing steadily and forcefully forward, trapping her petite body between him and Raj, Stuart's stout cock finally slid into her ass and just kept on sliding until he was buried up her sphincter. Raj resumed pumping his giant cock into her pussy and Stuart met his thrusts inside her.

Bernadette's holes were being simultaneously stretched by two thick poles and the feeling was indescribable as they penetrated her. She thought this must be what it feels like to give birth as her body expanded to accommodate them. Raj's enormous cock was touching her cervix and she thought Stuart was going to tear her ass hole. There was pain mixed with pure pleasure but she wasn't sure where the delineation was, she just knew she wanted more of it. "Oh my God...fuck me you bastards...fuck me," Bernadette screamed, "holy shit your cocks feel good."

Even the usually reserved Amy and Sheldon had completely succumbed to the HARE as Amy licked his penis like a lollypop. She had years of pent up sexual frustration to release as Amy pushed Sheldon back onto the sofa and slid down his body to sit on his lap. "I am not technically a virgin," she admitted to Sheldon, "but you are going to be my first man."

A lifetime of inhibitions released, Sheldon simply replied (a miracle for him), "Well if you think it's best...I trust your judgement in these matters. Do you think we need some sort of contraception?"

"Sheldon," Amy answered, "I am extremely regular in my cycle and I am not ovulating at this time," and she grasped his very nice eight inches in her right hand, raised up on her knees over his crotch, separated her lips with her left hand and began to wedge his crown between her sopping wet slit. "OK Shelly, I've waited years for this," she announced, moving her knees off to the side so that she no longer had any support, and her body immediately sank down, impaling her on Sheldon's prick. "Oh, my Shelly...your penis is finally inside me," Amy yelled to the heavens.

"Oh my" Sheldon exclaimed, his legs kicking in the air behind Amy like he was riding a bicycle, "it is so warm in your vagina. This actually feels very nice. I can't believe we're having coitus...together." Instinct took over and Amy began to raise up and down on Sheldon's cock, fucking herself on his shaft. She grasped his hands and brought them up to her breasts, where he seemed to take the hint and began to squeeze them.

"This is inexplicably very pleasing," he offered as he continued to knead Amy's soft mounds. He became engrossed with her nipples as he began to pinch them between his thumbs and fore fingers, causing Amy to moan with pleasure. Bouncing up and down on Sheldon's penis, Amy reached down, grabbed his ass cheeks, and urged him to thrust up into her. He finally understood the suggestion and began to force his hips upward, thrusting his cock into Amy's cunt as she lowered herself to meet him. Working up a steady rhythm, Sheldon began to slam up into Amy's pussy, proclaiming, "I rather enjoy this coitus...who would have thought."

"Well, for one...I would," Amy answered, "now, too much talk...just fuck me you sexy devil. In words you can comprehend: thrust that magnificent penis into my vagina until you ejaculate." And in their own way they began to fuck each others brains out.

Howard knew he would probably not last long, he was butt-fucking the gorgeous Penny who he had lusted after for years; before he met Bernadette (and still fantasized about). As the threesome stood in the center of the living room Howard began to pump Penny's perfect ass full of his semen, jamming his "hot dog" as far up her brown tunnel as he could. Feeling his hot fluid deep inside her ass, Penny tightened her legs around Leonard, kicking his ass with her heels. When Leonard felt Howard's cock begin to twitch against his, he proclaimed, "I love you Penny," and commenced to shoot his load all the way up her cunt.

The sensation of both holes being filled with hot fluid sent Penny over the top and her body convulsed as she joined them in climax, "holy shit baby, shoot your cum in my pussy...fill me up lover." Both Howard and Leonard emptied every drop from their balls into her tight holes, pumping her full of semen.

As Howard's shrinking prick slipped out of Penny's firm ass, Leonard suddenly realized how weak his legs felt. He had been supporting Penny's magnificent body the whole time they had been fucking, and he sank to his knees, taking her naked body with him, his cock still inside her. "Oh my little nerd, I love you," Penny assured him, "you must be exhausted. This time I will do all the work."

All three paused to watch when they heard Howard's blond bombshell wife shrill screaming: "that's it boys...shoot that cum up into me...fill my holes...oh, yes, yes." Her nude body was writhing on top of Raj as Stuart pinned her against it, emptying his balls in her ass while Raj shot his load up inside her belly. Her blond head shot backward so hard it knocked into Stuart's chin causing him to see stars. She ground her pelvis into Raj's as her body went into a spasm, both men feeling her holes squeezing their cocks. No sooner than Stuart's deflating penis slipped out of her anus, Bernadette was crooking her finger at her husband, urging him to come and service her needs. Howard nodded to Penny and went to join Bernadette, as Penny climbed off of Leonard and began to lick his deflating rod.

"Mmmm, I taste pretty good," Penny admitted as she licked her fluids off her fiancee's pole bringing it back to erection.

"I'll second that," smiled Leonard as he stretched out on top of someone's sleeping bag.

Bernadette stood, Raj's pole sliding out of her pussy and ordered Howard to sit in the chair as soon as Raj got up. All inhibitions gone, Bernadette was in her glory: taking charge, and giving orders. Truth was, she loved bossing people around. Howard excitedly followed her orders, stroking his already returning hard-on. As soon as she was certain her husbands cock was sufficiently stiff, Bernadette straddled his lap, facing away from him, reached down between them to grasp his tool and sat gently down, stuffing his hard-on up her already stretched ass hole. "Oh yeah, come to papa," Howard gasped and reached around her to corral her huge tits. He bounced and weighed her giant breasts like water balloons as she ground her ass down into his groin, feeling his cock inside her ass.

Once again Bernadette made a demand as she told Stuart, "don't go away, get that baby oil bottle and squirt some on your hand." Stuart complied as Bernadette lay back against Howard's chest and splayed her creamy white legs as wide as she could get them. Stuart questioningly kneeled between her legs as she and Howard leaned back in the chair. He wanted to lick her long, fleshy cunt lips and pull on the ring with his teeth, but was reluctant because he could see gobs of Raj's spunk seeping out of her slit. Ending all uncertainty, Bernadette instructed him, "I want your arm inside my pussy...I want you to fist me."

Stuart wasn't sure if his eyes grew wide or not, but the idea of sticking his entire hand inside Bernadette's cunt somehow intrigued and excited him. Dripping with baby oil, he immediately spread her lips with two fingers and inserted them into her hole. He didn't think the baby oil was necessary as Bernadette's pussy was literally drenched. Stuart's face was so close to her opening that he could feel the heat escaping as he added a third and then forth finger. He wiggled them around and used them to spread her slit so wide he could see the most vivid pink flesh he had ever seen. Stuart could not resist the temptation to lick her prominent clit and nibble on it, being careful not to feast on any of Raj's deposits. He had to take her labia ring between his teeth and tug on it. If lubrication was a question, it no longer was because Bernadette's body shivered as she flooded Stuart's face with additional juices.

He was slightly unnerved, his hand being so close to Howard's cock which was wedged up Bernadette's ass, but her pussy was like a magnet to him as Stuart cupped his thumb inside his extended fingers and slowly pushed forward until his entire hand slid past her opening and disappeared into Bernadette's pussy. "Oh shit," she shrieked as she felt Stuart's hand inside her, wedged up against Howard's cock. The sight of his hand inside of Bernadette's hole was mesmerizing and Stuart continued to push until his whole wrist was buried in Bernadette's cunt. He could feel Howard's cock pushing against her membrane of skin as he began to wiggle his fingers around inside her. His fingers and thumb were tickling the inside of her cunt in all directions, hitting all nerves including the legendary G-spot. When Howard began to fuck her ass at the same time, Bernadette's legs flew out to the sides, her toes pointed, and she screamed, "ahhhhhhh," as her body convulsed uncontrollably. Stuart continued to fist-fuck her and Howard jammed his cock up her ass, as they did not let up on the stimulation. Bernadette's giant tits flopped uncontrollably on the sides of her chest as she was lost in orgasm, her tongue hanging out of her open mouth.

Penny, Leonard, and Raj were watching wide eyed as Bernadette enjoyed being violated and Penny quickly conceived a plan for her own ravishment. None of them were aware of it at the time, of course, but they had HARE to thank for their freedom to experiment sexually. With the increased libido and elimination of inhibitions, they were all totally free to explore their fantasies and deepest desires. Right now Penny had a desire that needed fulfillment. Leonard, even though under the influence of HARE, was still totally in love with his blond beauty and he just gazed up at her magnificent naked body and his penis throbbed with desire.

Leonard lay back on the sleeping bag as Penny straddled his groin, her back to him and he didn't even care was her plan was; he just knew he would love it. In one swift motion she reached down between her legs, grabbed his erection, aimed it at the ceiling and just sat down...Leonard's hard-on buried to the hilt in her already wet pussy. Leonard thought to himself as he moaned, "oh it's good to be home." He wiggled his cock up into her rhetorically saying, "I love fucking you babe."

"Me too sweetie," she grinned and her adorable dimples made her look like an angel; but what she had on her mind was far from angelic. Raj was just standing there absentmindedly fondling his "third leg," hypnotized by the sight of Bernadette's tit bags flopping aimlessly in front of her when Penny called out to him in her sexiest voice, "Oh Raj...would you like to fuck me." Raj didn't have to be asked twice: the girl who had been the source of the majority of his wet dreams was totally naked and asking him to fuck her.

The fact that she already had a cock in her pussy perplexed him and as he approached the engaged couple he inquired, "Penny I would very much like to have sex with you, but it seems you are already involved. Oh, hi Leonard."

Leonard peeked around Penny's back and just smiled and waved, enjoying the warmth of Penny's pussy around his penis. "Well, it's like this Raj," Penny explained, "I want you both in my pussy at the same time."

"Oh, I see...OK," agreed Raj, willing to do anything to get his cock inside the blond beauty. Penny lay back against her Leonard, spread her incredible legs as wide as they would go (she looked like a gymnast doing a split), hooked her fingers inside her pussy lips beside Leonard's cock and spread them as far apart as possible. "Holy cow she is beautiful," thought Raj as he knelt between their legs. He laid his club on Penny's stomach and it extended up well past her belly button. It was still well lubricated from Bernadette's pussy as he nudged his huge crown between Penny's slit, the underside of his cock against the underside of Leonard's. As he attempted to push forward, it didn't seem like there was any way he could fit into Penny's already occupied pussy. She reached down with one hand, scooped up some of the cum that was drooling out of her holes and slathered it all over Raj's tangerine crown.

Pure lust on her sexy face, she looked Raj in the eyes and assured him, "I want your beautiful cock inside me." Leonard put his arms around his magnificent girlfriend and began to massage her glorious tits, rolling the jellybean nipples between his fingertips and vigorously pinching them; hoping the increased stimulation would further loosen her opening. Raj knew that if he could just get the crown to break through her slit, the rest would be easy. Gazing at the most beautiful naked body he had ever seen, his cock was hard as steel and he knew it was now or never as he forcefully thrust forward and saw his head disappear into her hole. Penny's cunt hole had stretched farther than it had ever been and she felt a sharp pain, followed by the most pleasurable sensation she had ever known. As Raj pressed all his weight forward, his monstrous cock penetrated Penny's hole stretching her cunt beyond imagination. Her body thrashed between them as she felt every inch of her cunt stretching to accommodate their cocks, and screamed, "oh my fucking God, your fucking cocks are so big."

Just when Penny thought she could relax a little...they began to fuck her. Their cocks acting as one as they withdrew and then slid them back up her pussy, stretching it all over again. They began to pick up the tempo, their cocks plowing into her hole as she lay on Leonard's chest. To Penny it felt like a horse cock was fucking her. She had seen horses mating back in Nebraska, and she just knew that this was what the mare felt like. Not only was she being stretched wider than seemed possible, but Raj's giant cock was reaching spots inside her that had never been touched before. His crown was reaching her womb and the feeling was indescribable. They began to slam their cocks into her pussy, violently fucking her hole. Penny rolled her head from side to side as she climaxed repeatedly, shrieking almost incoherently, "oh my fucking god...fuck my fucking hole...jam your fucking cocks into me...split my fucking cunt."

She looked down and could actually see the outline of Raj's pole as it distended her stomach. Leonard wrapped his arms around her sweating chest, Raj grasped her tiny waist in both hands, and they began to fuck her as hard as they could; slamming her hole with their logs. Their cocks were a blur as they fucked the most beautiful girl either one of them had ever seen. There was no mistake: they were not making love to Penny...they were fucking her. As if on cue, both their cocks began to jerk and twitch simultaneously; a steady stream of cum spraying her cunt as they jammed them up into her belly as hard as they could. Penny had totally lost control as she felt her cunt expand even more to accommodate their eruptions. The inside of her pussy felt like it was on fire as they flooded her with their semen. Her arms and legs twitched uncontrollably as their hot cum started to squirt out the sides of her slit. She opened her mouth to scream, but produced only unintelligible sounds as her body convulsed around their cocks, squeezing them and milking every drop of cum from their balls.

Raj and Leonard seemed to pump their cum into her cunt for an eternity, stimulating every nerve inside her pussy. Finally, more out of exhaustion than anything else, they stopped thrusting and felt their abused cocks going limp. Raj slipped his snake out of Penny's pussy, and gravity caused Leonard's to slide out. Penny lay drained on top of Leonard feeling their combined fluids drooling our of her pussy, which she knew was still wide open. She whispered in his ear, "I love you babe." They all looked over to the chair where Bernadette was still sitting on Howard's lap, his cock still inside her ass hole. Her legs were splayed to the sides revealing a huge open hole between her legs. Stuart's fist had left her pussy stretched wide open, and it looked like you could drive a model train up her tunnel.

Amy was still riding Sheldon like a cowgirl does a bucking bronco, and he was meeting each thrust. They had always thought of Sheldon as being asexual, so the sight of him thrusting his penis into Amy was shocking. Suddenly he began to shake and called out, "oh good heavens...what's happening...make it stop," and he tried to shove Amy off his groin.

"Oh no you don't," Amy ordered him, laying down on top of him, "I've waited too long for just ejaculate in me and like it."They could tell Sheldon was clueless as he came inside Amy's pussy and her body shivered, joining his orgasm. "Make love to me you magnificent beast," Amy moaned as she smiled and relaxed on his chest.

Almost simultaneously the eight friends in the room started to feel self conscious, and slowly gathered up their clothing and got dressed. By the time the HARE effects had worn off completely, none of them remembered anything that had transpired in the previous hour. They were all aware that something had happened, because parts of their bodies were either sore or wet. As they all settled back to watch Battlestar Gallactica, even though it seemed they had missed an entire episode, Penny was the only one with a clue what had happened. She could not remember the last hour, but she did recall what she had planned and she anxiously awaited as opportunity to retrieve the memory stick. What was that catch-phrase on the sports channel: "let's go to the videotape."

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect, but remember: it's just for fun. As always, I welcome and appreciate any comments and suggestions. [email protected] )


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