This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Big Bang Theory: Penny's Perfect Saturday (MF,oral,anal,voy,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Penny was riding Leonard, taking his cock deep into her pussy. She loved his big cock inside of her. Her genius boyfriend might have been shorter than she was but his 8 inch cock was one of the biggest she'd ever had. Leonard flipped her over on her back and drove his cock deep into her pussy. The beautiful blonde screamed his name as she came for the third time. Leonard was almost there when he heard the three knocks on the door. It was Sheldon. He completed his obsessive triple knock just as Leonard filled his beautiful girlfriend's pussy with his cum. Leonard collapsed on top of Penny and shouted for Sheldon to go away. Sheldon knocked again and again and again. Leonard got off of Penny and put on his robe. He stepped outside and asked Sheldon what the hell was so important.

Sheldon pointed down to his pajama bottoms and asked Leonard what was wrong with him. Leonard looked down and saw that Sheldon had a raging hardon. He laughed and told him he had an erection. Sheldon told him that was impossible, someone with a master's and two PHD's didn't get erections. Sheldon told him that's what it was and turned back to go into his room. Sheldon followed and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Penny lying naked on the bed. He stared down at the gorgeous blonde and watched her rubbing her pussy with her fingers. She had her eyes closed and didn't see him. Leonard turned and saw Sheldon standing there and yelled for him to get out. Penny opened her eyes and quickly grabbed the sheet and tried to cover up. She looked down and saw Sheldon's hardon and told Leonard to wait a minute. She waved Sheldon to come over next to her. He stood next to the bed and Penny reached out and grabbed his cock. He had to be 10 inches at least and Penny could feel that it was not only longer but thicker than Leonard's.

Penny pulled his pajama bottoms down and took Sheldon into her mouth. Leonard stood there watching his girlfriend suck off his roommate. Sheldon stood motionless as Penny took him down her throat, swallowing his huge cock and rubbing his balls at the same time. Sheldon had never been with a woman and didn't understand what was happening but he liked the feeling he was experiencing. Penny's mouth was warm and engulfed his cock like a tight glove. She sucked him deep and hard and soon Sheldon shot his load into her mouth. Penny swallowed the warm liquid and then let his limp cock slide out of her mouth. She lay back down on the bed and licked her lips and then went back to playing with herself.

Leonard pushed Sheldon out of the room and told him to never tell anyone what just happened. Sheldon asked if he meant that he had to keep a secret. Leonard said yes, he had to keep this secret even though he knew Sheldon was the worst at keeping secrets. Sheldon went back into his room and Leonard joined Penny in bed. He didn't get a chance to say anything because Penny took him into her mouth and sucked him until he was hard. She climbed on top of him and took him up her ass. She had let him do her in the ass before but only on special occasions. She rode him in a reverse cowgirl position, slamming herself down on his cock as she frantically rubbed her clit. She came several times before Leonard filled her ass with his seed. They both slept like babies the rest of the night.

Sheldon couldn't get back to sleep. He ran the whole scene over and over again in his head. His cock got hard again and he instinctively started to masturbate. He thought of how wonderful Penny's mouth felt when she sucked his cock and soon he came all over his pajama top. He jerked off several more times before finally falling to sleep around 3am. The next morning, both Penny and Leonard were gone when he walked out to the kitchen for his morning cup of tea.

Even though it was Saturday, Leonard had to go into the lab because he was running a crucial experiment and needed to be there to record the results. Sheldon took his bowl of cereal and tea over to the couch, sat in his spot and watched Doctor Who on TV. He was just finishing his breakfast when Penny came into the apartment. She was dressed in a short t-shirt and shorts and sat next to Sheldon. She told him how much she enjoyed sucking him off and without asking, reached down and started to rub his cock. She leaned over and pulled out his cock and took him into her mouth. Sheldon watched the beautiful blonde sucking him and then closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the couch. Penny was a skilled cocksucker and took him deep down her throat. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls as she swallowed his massive cock. Her saliva coated Sheldon's shaft and Penny stood up and pulled her shorts down. She straddled Sheldon and let his big cock slide into her soaking wet pussy. Sheldon was experiencing feelings he's never experienced before. Penny was fucking him and he was loving it. He scolded himself for not doing this before. He'd always hated human contact but this was different. This was wonderful. He grabbed Penny's hips and helped her fuck him by driving his cock deep into her pussy as she came down on it. Penny felt him starting to cum and sat down hard on him and let him cum inside of her. She came at the same time and Sheldon could feel her orgasm on his cock as he pumped his sperm into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long deep kiss, rolling her tongue with his and then placed her head on his shoulder and sat there with Sheldon's cock still inside of her.

After several minutes, Penny stood up and took off her t-shirt and led Sheldon into his bedroom. She undressed him and they fucked several more times that morning. They took a shower together and Penny washed Sheldon and stroked his cock with the washcloth. She made Sheldon cum once more in the shower and then grabbed a towel and dried him off. She got dressed and kissed him one last time and left the apartment. Sheldon sat down on the couch and the only thing he could say was, "fascinating".

Penny and Sheldon never had sex again and they never told Leonard what had happened that day. It was the first time Sheldon ever kept a secret. He was proud of himself. The one person that benefitted from the sexual encounter was Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy. That night after he and Penny had sex, he went over to Amy's and had sex with her for the first time. She was completely overwhelmed by the experience and couldn't wait to tell her BFF Penny. While she was retelling the story of her first sexual experience, she saw the big smile on Penny's face, not realizing that Penny was thinking about that huge cock fucking her earlier.

A few weeks after that Saturday, both Penny and Amy found out they were pregnant. Leonard was elated and Penny accepted his marriage proposal. The two couples had a double wedding. Amy and Penny gave birth only two days apart. Amy had a little girl and Penny had a boy. Everyone said both babies were so cute but what they didn't say was that both babies looked exactly like Sheldon.


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