(a fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny's Wedding Night (MMFF,oral,anal,dp,cream pie)
by shaggy77

What had begun as a perfect day for Penny and Leonard, had somehow ended up a disaster. They had left Pasadena full of hope and love for the 261 mile drive to Las Vegas with the intention of being married and enjoying a wonderful honeymoon night. En route, Leonard, with the very best intentions of being totally honest with his future bride, had confessed to kissing another woman in a moment of great turmoil and stress. Penny had said she forgave him but it was gnawing away at her insides like a hungry wolverine. Leonard was the last person she had expected to "play around" on her; he was the classic nerd-boy scientist who could never get a date; but because of his innate sweetness and naivety, the former cheerleader had fallen head-over-heels for him. He was the most attentive, thoughtful, and respectful boyfriend she had ever had and she finally realized that it was partly her own fault that he now had a modicum of courage and confidence.

Leonard had fallen in love with the blonde beauty the first time he laid eyes on her: the day she had moved into the apartment across the hall from him and his roommate, and fellow scientist, Sheldon Cooper. She had been sweet to him but just considered him a nice neighbor and at the time would have laughed if someone had suggested that one day they would be married. Penny was used to dating the empty-headed athlete type; boyfriends who used her for her body and then ignored her. Over time she recognized the incredibly good person inside Leonard Hofstedter and he had grown on her. She had even grown fond of his arrogant, egotistical roommate, even though most times he totally exasperated her.

Leonard's best friends were now her best friends. The other two of the "nerd four" as she thought of them were Howard Wolowitz (a total pervert who leered at Penny whenever she was in the room), and Raj Koothrappali ( a sweetheart from India who could not even talk to her for the first years they were acquainted). They all worked at CalTech and had exceptional IQs (Sheldon was a certified genius and never let anyone forget it). Most people thought of Sheldon as arrogant, but the truth was he just had absolutely no social skills because he had grown up isolated in a lab or classroom.

Penny regretted that her best friend, Bernadette Rostenkowski Wolowitz was not going to be at her wedding, but the elopement had been a spur-of-the-moment thing; some would say calling Sheldon's bluff that they wouldn't do it. Penny had reluctantly introduced Bernadette to Howard when they had both worked as part-time waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory. Bernadette had returned the favor by securing a job interview for Penny at the company where she worked and now Penny was a well-paid Pharmaceutical Representative. The other member of their close circle of friends was also intellectually blessed. Amy Farrah Fowler was a neuroscientist who the guys had set up with Sheldon through an on-line dating service. Mostly shy and reserved, Amy was a plain looking girl who had recently broken off her relationship with Sheldon because of a lack of progress in the courtship.

Despite being upset about Leonard's admission, Penny went ahead with the wedding because she knew he was her soul mate and "because we love each other," as Leonard had so aptly said. He had purchased the wedding package that included a "streaming video" option so their friends could watch their ceremony. Penny had worn a light pink, knee-length dress with black shoulder straps and was, as usual, a vision of loveliness. Leonard had dressed appropriately and Penny had jokingly remarked, "look at you in your little suit."

Leonard had recited his vows which had a scientific theme, and Penny had worked in the words from the "Toy Story" theme song, "You've Got A Friend In Me," because she knew it was one of Leonard's favorite movies. Their friends had gathered in Pasadena to watch the web-cast and had invited Stuart to join them. Stuart had owned a comic book store which the nerds frequented, and when it had burned down, Howard gave him a job helping his house-bound mother. He had become her friend and confidante, and when she had passed away, Stuart was left with living-rights to the Wolowitz home. They missed most of the wedding because Sheldon and Amy were arguing, but agreed to submit positive reviews in the "comment" section.

When they arrived back at their hotel room, anticipating their honeymoon night, Leonard insisted on carrying his new bride across the threshold. "Are you sure you can," Penny joked as Leonard opened the door and swept her into his arms. It was a very romantic gesture until just before they reached the bed and Leonard's back gave out. He was able to throw Penny onto the bed before he collapsed to the floor in pain, which also triggered a severe asthma attack. In the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, Penny called Bernadette to give her an update on her "magical" night.

Everyone except Amy, who had stormed out after arguing with Sheldon, was still gathered together and watching TV when Penny called. They agreed with Bernadette when she suggested, "Penny needs us...she should not be alone on her wedding night." The entire group, with the exception of Amy who would not go "because that ass Sheldon is going," decided to make the four-hour drive to Las Vegas to comfort their friend.

Penny had spent almost three long hours at the hospital while her beloved Leonard was evaluated and treated. He was diagnosed with a back sprain and, of course, respiratory distress and admitted for at least twenty-four hours observation. Given lidocaine for the back pain and a strong sedative to help him relax and breathe easier, the doctor told Penny that Leonard would be sound asleep for several hours, so there was really no sense in her staying at the hospital all night. Giving his hand a gentle squeeze and kissing her husband on the forehead, Penny sadly left the hospital and returned to their honeymoon room.

When she arrived she found a bucket of cold water (formerly ice) containing a huge magnum bottle of champagne which Leonard had pre-ordered from room service. "That sweet, hopeless romantic," Penny muttered as she popped the cork and drank straight from the bottle. It had been a long exhausting day and Penny felt the strong desire to relax in a nice hot bath. Kicking off her flats, which she always wore when she was with Leonard so he wouldn't feel self conscious about their height difference, she drew a nice hot bath and added the complimentary bubble bath which the hotel had provided. Slipping the straps from her dress off her smooth shoulders she let the dress drift to the floor and quickly removed her skimpy see-through lacy bra and panties. She had worn her sexiest lingerie for her wedding night and had planned on performing a strip show for her new husband.

Admiring her nude body in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, she thought to herself, "you're missing out on all this Leonard." Penny was absolutely gorgeous and sexy and she knew it. Her long legs were shapely and smooth, ending in a totally bald pubic area (because it turned Leonard on). A very prominent puffy mound gave her the perfect "camel toe" and was framed by her classic thigh gap. Her ass cheeks were round and firm; and Leonard once remarked that he bet he could bounce a quarter off them. Above a flat tummy, her wonderful 36 C breasts stood out from her chest without a trace of a sag. They were capped by large pink areola and jelly bean sized nipples.

She sat the bottle of champagne beside the tub and as Penny lowered herself into the soothing hot water, she murmured, "oh how I miss my little nerd." The water enveloped her amazing body and she immediately felt more relaxed. Using a folded towel for a pillow the beautiful blonde just lay there for several minutes breathing deeply and letting her muscles relax. She freely swallowed about half the champagne, her heat dilated capillaries absorbing the alcohol almost instantaneously.Using her favorite jasmine scented body wash which she had brought, Penny slowly ran her hands all over her silky skin. She gave her crotch a thorough scrubbing and was tempted to explore her inner folds, but decided she would just stay relaxed so she could get a good nights sleep.

When she arose, feeling slightly woozy from the champagne, the water dripping off her perfect body; the water had been so warm that her skin was now a rosy pink. Searching through her suitcase Penny realized that the only night-clothes she had brought was the short, completely transparent purple nightie that was Leonard's favorite. Her camel-toe was totally visible through the matching thong panties, as were her nipples through the thin lacy material. The nightie was so short that when she moved even slightly, the bottom of her ass cheeks peeked out. "I wish you were here Leonard," she thought as she checked herself out in the mirror, "look at what you're missing." Sitting on the edge of the big king-size bed, Penny quickly finished off the last of the large bottle of champagne. Leaning back against the piled up pillows, Penny began to laugh out loud realizing for the first time that the cheesy Las Vegas hotel had installed large ceiling mirrors. "Wow, do I look great," she laughed.

Just as she closed her eyes, her head spinning from the sudden alcohol intake, Penny heard a familiar series of knocks on her hotel door: knock-knock-knock-"Penny,"...knock-knock-knock, "Penny."

"What the...," she actually verbalized as she staggered to the door. She had not realized how much the champagne had affected her until she reached for the door-chain and missed. "Wow, I'm shit-faced," she thought as she slid the chain off the bar and opened the door a crack.

She was met with the sight of a familiar face demanding, "well are you going to let us in or leave us standing here in the hall...where I'm not sure we're safe, by the way." Penny stood back as Sheldon barged into her room followed by Raj, Howard, Stuart and finally her best friend, Bernadette.

"Hey Penny," Raj excitedly asked, "did you know they have slot machines right in your lobby?"

Bernadette immediately threw her arms around Penny, hugging her tight, and trying to console her, "you poor thing...we didn't want you to be all alone on your wedding night."

Her head spinning, not sure if she was glad to see them or not, Penny suddenly broke down and tears flooded her eyes as she hugged Bernadette back and sobbed, "I really am glad to see seems like nothing went right today."

"Well, we're here too," Sheldon reminded her as he turned on the TV. Releasing from Bernadette's arms, Penny went around the room hugging everyone present, totally oblivious to the fact that her nearly naked breasts were wobbling every time she moved and visible to all. Her state of near nudity did not go unnoticed by the men in the room, all of whom were admiring her incredible body clothed only in the skimpiest of nighties. Even with his wife there, Howard hugged Penny a little longer than the others, enjoying the feeling of her warm breasts against him. If she had been paying attention, she would have felt Raj's erection press up against her when they embraced.

"Aren't you going to ask why Amy's not here," Sheldon demanded, "well it's because she revels in my pain and suffering."

In her inebriated state, Penny was still not even conscious of her state of undress. The truth was, she was so used to being around Leonard wearing her skimpy clothes, that this situation did not seem terribly different. Recovering from Sheldon's declaration, she stated, "I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer you, but I kind of drank the champagne...but I guess we could order from room service."

"We're way ahead of you," Howard stated, producing a couple of brown paper bags. Emptying the contents on the table by the window, she saw they had indeed come prepared for a make-shift celebration. Two additional bottles of champagne, vodka, orange juice, pretzels and cheese-doodles completed the treasures, along with the classic clear-plastic champagne glasses.

Stuart immediately poured six glasses of "bubbly" and Bernadette made a toast, "to our best friends on their wedding...too bad Leonard couldn't be here." Even Sheldon reluctantly drank some alcohol. Every man in the room stared hungrily when Penny raised her glass in the toast as her nightie pulled so far up that her entire transparent thong was revealed, along with her barely covered camel-toe. Howard glanced at Bernadette to see if she was going to scold him and found she was also staring at Penny's crotch. After a few more toasts, everyone in the room was feeling tipsy.

Sheldon had found the movie "Back To The Future Part 2" on television and Howard had suggested a drinking game. Bernadette had poured some of the orange juice out of the bottle and replaced it with vodka, shaking if thoroughly. Every time someone spotted an error in the movie, which in 1989 had predicted life in the year 2015, everyone had to down a glass of the mixture. Penny had been trying desperately to forget her disaster of a day, and the combination of alcohol and the jovial company of her friends was just the right remedy. She and Bernadette lounged against the pillows, while Stuart and Howard lay across the foot of the bed watching TV. Sheldon and Raj sat in the chairs around the small table.

At the conclusion of "Back To The Future," the classic Las Vegas film "Showgirls" followed. Sheldon reached to turn the channel as Howard shouted, "don't you dare." A few minutes into the movie, Howard confessed, "you know, Bernadette would have made a hell of a stripper...when we're alone...."

But before he could finish his sentence, Bernadette cut him off, "Howie, no one wants to hear about that," as her face turned a bright crimson.

"Oh yes we do," Raj admitted, "and I bet Penny could have put Elizabeth Berkley to shame; couldn't you Penny." Glancing over at the bed, Raj could see Penny's perfectly formed camel-toe straining against her tiny thong as she sat with her legs drawn up to her chest. Her purple nightie was now Raj's favorite too.

Feeling absolutely no pain, Penny replied, "well, I have been known to put on quite a show for Leonard."

Having had more alcohol than he ever had before, Sheldon proposed, "well, there is only one way to settle who is the better stripper...we must have a contest, and since I have the highest IQ...I will be the sole judge."

"No way Sheldon," slurred Stuart who was licking the rim of a champagne bottle, "all four of us get a vote."

Being forever practical about numbers Sheldon inquired, "but what if there's a tie?"

"Who cares," Howard exclaimed, "we all win."

All their inhibitions had long since been drowned, as Penny shouted, "okay, I'm first." She was already dressed in a nearly non-existent negligee, so there really wasn't much for Penny to remove. Stuart pulled out his phone and pulled up some appropriate music on Pandora as Penny began to shimmy and sway to the heavy beat, her incredible breasts bobbing and bouncing under the thin material. She lowered the straps off her milky shoulders and the flimsy material floated to her feet, leaving her tits exposed to the wide eyes of her friends.

"Wow," was all Raj could say.

"I'll second that," agreed Stuart.

Fondling her perky breasts as she danced, Penny strutted toward the door, bent all the way over to the floor with her back to everyone, and slowly slid her purple thong down to her bare feet. As she stepped out of her panties she heard Howard and Raj suck in their breath as they stared at her wonderful ass. She knew that with her thigh gap, they were also getting a good view of her puffy, totally bald pubic mound. Standing up and turning around, Penny ran her hands down through her crotch and then up to her face, making believe she was licking the juice off her fingers.

"Penny you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," blurted out Raj as he sat on the edge of his chair.

"Hey, not so fast," Howard scolded him, "now it's Bernie's turn."

Sitting on the side of the bed, a totally naked Penny agreed and clapped her hands, "yeah Bernadette...let's see what you've got."

Bernadette started by kicking off her shoes as she closed her eyes and swayed to the rhythm of the song. Throwing her ample hips to and fro, she reached behind her to unzip the simple dress she had worn for the trip. Penny sat on the bed absentmindedly rubbing her breasts as she watched her friend perform. It was a little awkward, but she managed to shrug the dress off her creamy white shoulders and push her dress to the floor. All eyes were on her flimsy black lace bra and bikini panties as she danced around the room. The material had disappeared up into her ass crack, leaving her ample cheeks completely bare. Her ass was much larger than Penny had imagined and shook like Jello when she danced. The tiny bra could hardly contain her huge breasts, which seemed to defy gravity.

When Bernadette unclasped the front hook, her tits flopped out onto her chest like fleshy water balloons. They were so huge that they seemed disproportionate to her petite body and made her seem top-heavy. Her areola were large and brown, capped by gumdrop nipples which pointed upward. Bernadette strutted around the room, her breasts flopping around on her chest as she walked.

"Whoa," Raj exclaimed.

"See...I told you," Howard answered proudly.

Thrusting her hips forward, Bernadette rolled her black silk panties down her shapely legs and stepped out of them, her legs planted firmly apart. She also had done some extensive "ladyscaping," and there was just a tiny "landing strip" of dark blond hair above her slit. Her labia were unnaturally long and there was a tiny gold ring attached to the left lip.

"You slut," laughed Penny when she saw the labia-ring.

Reaching confidently down, Bernadette tugged on the ring until her cunt lip was stretched completely out in front of her; it must have been nearly three inches long.

Sheldon had long since lost interest in the strip contest and they heard him yell, "ha, there's another mistake...there are no hover-boards," as he watched the movie.

"Hey Sheldon," Howard asked, "aren't you going to vote for the best stripper?"

"Oh who's a tie," Sheldon answered and returned his attention to the TV.

A sly Howard quickly suggested, "this is Vegas, we have to have a winner. I think whoever is willing to go the farthest should be the winner."

Everyone in the room had long ago lost all their inhibitions and Penny walked over to Raj's chair and began to give him a lap-dance. She rubbed and fondled her perfect breasts as she stood between his outstretched legs. "Go ahead," she urged when he tentatively reached his hands out towards her chest. Softly encircling her tits in his hands, Raj kneaded them like mounds of bread and Penny moaned at his touch, "mmmm." She turned away as he spread his legs farther, letting her rub her perfect ass up against his crotch. Feeling his erection against her cheeks, an astounded Penny asked, "holy shit Raj...what have you got in there?"

She turned around, dropped to her knees and began to unsnap, unbuckle and unzip Raj's trousers. Far be it for Raj to refuse if the girl of his wet-dreams wanted to remove his pants, he raised up in the chair and let Penny tug his pants and boxers down his legs. It wasn't easy because his cock-head kept getting snagged in his waistband, but when she had pulled them far enough down, Penny dropped back on her heels and gasped, "hoolllyyy shit." Raj's cock had flopped back against his stomach and it was absolutely gigantic. It was, of course, fully erect and it must have been a full twelve inches in length. As big around as a beer can, it was capped by a peach sized purple crown. Everyone in the room, with the exception of Sheldon, was staring in disbelief; most of them had their mouths unconsciously open.

Still on her knees, Penny reached forward and wrapped both hands around Raj's giant cock, her fingers not touching, it was so fat. Lifting it up and down, she was surprised that it was indeed quite heavy. Attracted to it like a moth to a flame, she automatically opened her mouth and circled his crown with her lips. There was no way she could fir the monster in her mouth, so she just sucked on the very tip, and licked the first drops of fluid from his cock-slit. She began to lick its entire length, from his scrotum to the head; the way you would lick a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. The balls inside his sack of flesh were the size of golf balls and Penny fondled and juggled them in one hand while she slid her other delicate hand up and down his pole. Raj just lay back in the chair watching his dream girl play with his hard-on. He couldn't help thinking," she is perfect...that lucky bastard Leonard."

Not to be outdone, a naked Bernadette stood in front of Stuart as he sat on the edge of the bed, turned deliberately around and bent over so that her hands were flat on the floor giving him an unimpeded view of her ample ass and both orifices. In that position Bernadette's huge tits hung down and swayed beneath her petite body like the world's sexiest udders. "Well, Stuart," she urged, "what are you waiting for; grab that bottle of lotion and stick your cock up my ass."

Stuart looked questioningly at Howard who added, "yeah go ahead...she loves it up the ass."

There was a complimentary tiny bottle of lotion on Penny's bed-stand, and Stuart grabbed it a he sprang to his feet and began to shove his pants down without even bothering to unfasten them. Looking back over her shoulder, Bernadette was having second thoughts when she saw Stuart's penis spring up from his pants. It was only average in length, about six inches; but its girth was extraordinary. It reminded Bernadette of a beer can sticking straight out from his groin. Squirting the lotion along its length and onto her ass, Stuart wasted no time in lining his crown up with Bernadette's ass-hole. It was as if he was afraid he was suddenly going to wake up from the best dream of his life as he grasped her fleshy cheeks, spread them apart, and pushed forward.

Bernadette could feel the pressure against her sphincter muscle as Stuart attempted to penetrate her rear hole...and suddenly he surged forward and was inside her. Bracing her hands on the floor, Bernadette pushed backward as Stuart pushed forward and she felt her entire ass being stretched. When she felt his balls slap against her pussy, she groaned, "shit I love the feel of a cock in my ass." Stuart grasped her tiny waist and began to forcefully hump his cock into her ass- hole, her giant tit-bags swaying and bouncing beneath her like pendulums keeping the beat.

Raj and Penny were busy concentrating on their own desires and were paying no attention to the others. Licking Raj's prodigious pole, Penny could feel her crotch becoming wet. "Raj this is my wedding night," she stated calmly, "I need to be fucked. Would you please fuck me?" Raj was completely overwhelmed by her request and rendered speechless, as he just nodded in the affirmative. He felt like his cock had just grown an extra inch and was now so hard he could have pounded nails with it. Penny stood and turned with her back to him as he inched forward in the chair, spreading his legs and leaning back.

She straddled his waist, raising up on her tip-toes as he pointed his enormous cock at the ceiling. Reaching down, she used her fingers to pull her puffy mounds as far apart as possible, feeling how incredibly wet she was in anticipation. Feeling Raj's bulbous crown wedge into her slit, Penny thought, "this is for you Leonard, my dear sweet little nerd," and she began to lower herself onto the largest cock she had ever seen on a human.

Inch by incredible inch she impaled herself on Raj's monstrous penis, her cunt stretching as he penetrated her. She could feel her pussy lips straining to accommodate Raj's gigantic cock; her tunnel being stretched apart all the way up into her stomach and it was exquisite. The only cocks she had ever seen that were larger than Raj's were on horses back in Nebraska. After what seemed like an eternity, she was finally sitting on Raj's lap, his entire horse-cock imbedded deep inside her cunt. She sat there on his groin beginning to relax, just basking in the feeling of being completely stuffed with hard cock.

And then he began to fuck her. As his hips began to thrust his mammoth meat in and out of her hole, Penny shrieked, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...stretch my fucking cunt." Planting her hands on the arms of the chair and her feet on the carpet, Penny raised and lowered herself on Raj's pole as he thrust up into her. The feeling of his horse-cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy was incredible...indescribable and Penny moaned, "oh my God that's good...fuck me Raj...fuck me," as her body shivered in climax. Raj loved watching her perfect ass slap against his groin as she jammed herself down on him, impaling her beautiful body. He couldn't have been happier: he had his cock buried in the pussy of the most beautiful girl he had ever known.

Howard loved Bernadette and loved watching his wife being fucked in the ass, but he had always lusted after Leonard's bride, so he sat on the foot of the bed and stared as Raj slammed his cock into her bald pussy; her absolutely perfect tits jiggling with every thrust. Howard thought that Penny had never looked more beautiful as sweat glistened off every inch of her naked body. When Raj paused momentarily to catch his breath, Penny saw Howard staring and suggested, "I know you've always wanted to, so why don't you come over here and fuck me." Howard sprang to his feet, then paused and looked questioningly at Raj. "Don't worry," Penny assured him, "I want you both in my cunt at the same time."

Kicking off his shoes as he walked, Howard wasted no time in losing his pants and boxers. Penny was pleased when she saw that while his cock was quite long, it must have been a good nine inches, it was slim like a hotdog. This was something she had always fantasized about, but had never tried...the truth was that even though everyone seemed to think of her as somewhat of a slut, she had never been with two men at the same time. Probably if she had not been "shit-faced" she would have never done it without Leonard being one of the men, but passion was now in control and she eagerly anticipated the experience.

Leaning back against Raj's flat chest, Penny reached down, inserted her fingers into her pussy beside Raj's meat, and pulled her cunt lips as wide as she could. Lubrication was no problem as her fluids seeped out around Raj's rod, and Howard rubbed his crown in a circular motion making sure to coat the entire head. Not even sure if she could accommodate them both, Penny stretched her lips to their max and stared down as Howard positioned his cock at her entrance. Raj withdrew slightly so that he and Howard could push into her at the same time, hopefully making entrance easier. Howard, standing between her legs, began to push forward into her slit but could not seem to get past her cunt lips. Penny scooped some of her juices from underneath Raj's cock and smeared it around Howard's crown. He and Raj pushed into her hole at the same time and suddenly she felt them both inside her cunt at once, widening her flexible tunnel as they shoved deeper.

They did not stop pushing until their cocks were buried balls-deep inside her pussy. Her hole was stretched so wide that Howard was in constant contact with her clit and Penny was in a constant state of orgasm. The sensation could only be described as exquisite pain, and Penny's body shook between them, her arms and legs twitching in sensory overload. Her cunt felt like it was going to burst and she swore that they must be pushing against her diaphragm because her breathing was coming in short gasps. They paused, impaling the beautiful blonde between them and enjoying their triumph; both thinking the same thing: that they couldn't believe they were finally fucking Penny.

Raj and Howard began to slowly withdraw their poles and Penny could feel her pussy shrink as they exited...then they forcefully jammed their weapons back inside her to the hilt. She actually saw silvery stars in front of her as they filled her cunt with their meat and she screeched, "holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...jam your fucking cocks into me." Raj reached around her chest and began to squeeze and knead her magnificent tits as he and Howard shoved their cocks in and out of her sopping pussy. "Oh my God...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy," Penny demanded as they pounded in and out of her. Howard and Raj had never been so aroused in their lives; they were fucking the girl they had lusted after ever since she moved into the apartment across from Sheldon and Leonard.

Penny wiggled and twisted her nude body between them trying to get as much cock inside her as possible; she felt absolutely insatiable and could not get enough. "Fuck me...fuck me," she demanded, "shove your cocks up my pussy...fill me up...I need to feel your cum in me." Howard slid his hands up and down her beautiful thighs, watching his cock drill in and out of her cunt, not wanting this moment to ever end, but knowing he wanted nothing more than to spew his seed up inside her belly. He glanced over at Bernadette just in time to see Stuart pump her plump ass full of his semen, white drops leaking out of her ass-hole and dripping onto the carpet as her pendulous tits swayed back and forth.

It was too much for Howard to take, and he thrust his cock as deep inside Penny's pussy as possible and began to spray her tunnel with his cum. When Raj felt Howard's rod twitching against his, he too shoved his giant cock all the way to Penny's womb and began to shoot his stream into her hole. Penny's cunt felt like it was on fire and her body convulsed and trembled as her cunt muscles contracted and squeezed their logs. "Oh shit...fuck me...cum in me...fill me up," Penny moaned as she clawed at her own tremendous tits, pinching her nipples until they turned white.

Reluctantly allowing his shrinking cock to slide out of Penny's hole, Howard turned to find Bernadette squatting down, a champagne bottle perched on the floor beneath her. Stuart assisted her by holding the bottle steady as she used her hands to stretch her unbelievably long pussy lips around the bottle's neck. Once the rim was wedged between her labia, she simple sat down, the bottle disappearing up into her pussy. "Oooo that's nice," Bernadette groaned, and she sat back on the floor, the bottle firmly wedged inside her. "Thanks Stuart," she graciously stated, "I think I'll take it from can't be too careful with glass." She began to fuck herself with the champagne bottle, the glass shining with her juices.

Raj had been a gentleman and let Penny sit in the chair after his now flaccid cock slid put of her pussy. It now hung between his legs like an elephant's trunk. Penny felt exhausted and yet still incredibly horny and graciously asked Sheldon, "how about you sweetie, would you like some of this."

Sheldon jerked his head away from the TV and scolded them all, "what is the matter with you people? We had a perfectly good game going here until you all had to give in to your carnal desires. Well I won the there."

"OK sweetie," Penny surrendered, "just thought I'd offer, especially since I don't think you're going to get anything from Amy any time soon." When she got up to walk to the bed, a flood of cum began to stream down her inner thighs. She retrieved Howard's boxers from the floor and began to wipe herself as she lay back against the pillows. Splaying her wonderful legs obscenely wide Penny saw that her slit was now a wide gaping hole and she suddenly had a desire to fill it. Seeing Bernadette perform on her bottle, Penny reached for her magnum bottle on the bedside table and easily slid it up inside her pussy. It was a huge bottle and yet Penny had little trouble shoving nearly the entire thing up into her cunt.

The bottle was cold and she was apprehensive of it breaking so when she saw Stuart standing next to the bed intently watching her, she was struck with an idea, "Stuart, how would you like to fist-fuck me?" Not even bothering to verbalize an answer, Stuart's "beer can cock" sprang straight out from his groin and he literally jumped onto the bed between her gorgeous legs. Bending her knees upward and planting her feet flat on the bedspread, Penny spread her legs as far as she could so that Stuart would have plenty of room. Her vagina was still wide open with semen dribbling down between her firm ass cheeks, so Stuart slathered the slippery fluid all over his hand.

"My God she's beautiful," Stuart thought as he gazed at the blonde goddess as she lay totally nude and spread, in front of him. Cupping his thumb inside his outstretched fingers, Stuart began to gingerly slide his hand through Penny's opening, her puffy lips spreading to accommodate him. She had been so thoroughly stretched that penetration was no problem at all, and he was soon wrist deep inside her cunt. He opened his hand and tickled the inside of her tunnel with his fingers, contacting her infamous G-spot.

"Ohhhh shit," Penny gasped as her body trembled, "fuck me Stuart...fuck me." Her toes curled under as Stuart closed his hand and actually began to fuck her with his fist. He had read about fisting, but never dreamed it was actually possible; or that he would ever be a participant. Penny's head thrashed back and forth on the pillow and she felt delirious as Stuart jammed his fist in and out of her cunt.

Raj had reclaimed his chair, and when Bernadette saw his mammoth pole sticking straight up as he watched Penny being "fisted," she craved the feel of a giant cock inside her. She walked over to his chair, her massive tits flopping on her chest and without even waiting for an invitation, straddled his groin facing him and sat on his lap. Stroking his log with both her tiny hands, she saw that his cock extended all the way up to her chin. Bernadette wrapped her enormous breasts around his meat and began to slide them up and down, essentially fucking her tits. On every down-stroke, when his engorged crown popped through, she would lick the drops of pre-cum off his cock-slit. She looked Raj straight in the eyes and with her sexiest tone, simply stated, "I want you to fuck me now."

A huge grin on his face, Raj gripped her tiny waist in his hands and helped her to raise up far enough so that his cock had room to stick straight up. Bernadette gripped her elongated labia and extended them, totally enveloping Raj's oversized crown, nudging it against her slit. She was already totally wet from her encounter with the champagne bottle, and without warning she simply picked her feet up off the floor and let her body slide down the entire length of Raj's massive cock. "Oh fuck," Bernadette squealed as it felt like she had been impaled on a fence post, and her body twitched and jerked on his lap in climax. Leaning forward on his chest, her giant tits flattening out like cushions, she gasped, "your cock is so fucking big Raj...fuck me with it."

Needing no further encouragement, Raj began to thrust his hips upward lifting her tiny body with each stroke as he jammed his monstrous meat up into her. "Oh fuck that's good," Bernadette breathed as she felt her cunt strain to accommodate him. Looking over her shoulder she saw her husband watching her and crooked her finger, beckoning him, "Howie, my favorite hole is empty...why don't you join us." As Howard approached the chair, his nine inch hot dog waving in front of him; Bernadette reached behind her and spread her ample cheeks wide apart, giving him a target. He could see a dollop of Stuart's cum inside her brown hole providing all the lubrication he would need, so he wedged his crown against her sphincter and just pushed forward.

Pushing steadily forward, Howard shoved all nine inches straight up Bernadette's rear tunnel, feeling how much tighter it was now that he was sharing her insides with Raj's monster. "Ohhhh, that's nice Howie," Bernadette groaned, "nobody does my ass like you baby." Feeling Howard's familiar cock in her ass-hole was like sliding her foot into an old favorite, broken-in shoe and she just relaxed against Raj's chest as they began to slide their cocks in and out of her holes. Truth was, Bernadette had been double-penetrated many times before: everyone just assumed that Penny was the slut, but actually it was the sweet, demure Bernadette who had serviced nearly a hundred men in her young life. She was a sex addict who craved the feel of a hard cock inside her.

She sat up so Raj could play with her huge tit-bags as he jammed his monstrous cock up inside her...God how she loved a huge cock. Raj leaned forward, put his face between her breasts and just squeezed them against his head. It felt like two warm pillows against his face and he shook them up and down. He backed off them and began to bounce them in each hand, weighing them and watching them jiggle like bags of Jello. Her gumdrop nipples were so inviting that he began to nibble on them, first one, then the other. The harder he bit down, the more Bernadette seemed to love it. She adjusted her body so that Raj's massive pole was making contact with her enlarged clit and her petite body shivered. "Fuck me...fuck me," Bernadette begged as Raj and Howard started to slam their cocks into her holes. Her pussy was making a "squishy" sound as Raj's horse-cock crammed into her.

Penny threw her legs out straight and they began to twitch as Stuart's fist hit her G-spot and clit simultaneously, "oh my God...right there Stuart...fuck me." She didn't know how many orgasms she had experienced in the last hour, but each one seemed better than the last, and as she clamped her thighs around Stuart's hand, Penny threw herself back against the pillows. "Holy shit, thank you Stuart," she graciously exclaimed as she again spread her marvelous legs, releasing his arm.

"Oh you're welcome Penny, I would do anything for you," Stuart admitted as he sat on the bed between her legs gazing longingly at her incredible nude body.

Penny saw the look on his face and knew that she had the opportunity to fulfill someone's fantasy; and how often does someone like her get that chance. Staring at his beer-can cock, Penny innocently asked, "Stuart would you do me a favor? Would you please fuck me; I really need to feel you cum inside me." She spread her legs even farther, inviting him to enter her. Penny thought she actually saw moisture gather in Stuart's eyes as he positioned himself on his knees between her silky thighs and present his crown at her opening. With all her recent activity, sliding his fat cock into her pussy was like sliding a hot knife through butter. Her puffy lips gripped his swollen meat and the inside of her cunt felt like heaven to Stuart. He couldn't believe it; he was now fucking the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

His wide cock felt wonderful inside her and Penny wrapped her long legs around him, locking her ankles and forcing him deeper inside her cunt. If her mind had been totally lucid at the time, she would have marveled at the elasticity and flexibility of the human vagina, because without her even noticing, her pussy had contracted and was now firmly gripping Stuart's thick cock. Not even being completely stretched by a closed fist could stretch it out for an extended period of time. Stuart was intent on making this last as long as possible and he alternated long slow strokes with fast hard thrusts as he fucked Penny's pussy. He had dreamed about having his cock inside her so many times, and now he never wanted it to end. He pushed himself up on his hands so he could gaze at her naked body as he thrust up into her. Her incredible tits were still firm and pointing straight up as they jiggled with each stroke.

But the more he stared at her nakedness, the more aroused he became and suddenly he wanted nothing more than to fill her cunt with his sperm. He began to thrust faster and harder, jamming his prick into her wonderful hole. Stuart grasped her thin waist and pulled Penny onto his cock as he thrust into her. "Oh my God Stuart," she gasped as he pounded her cunt, "fuck me sweetie...fuck me...I need to feel your hot cum inside me."

In and out of her juicy hole he jammed his thick cock, "faster than a speeding locomotive," the prolog from the old "Superman" show popped into his mind. He was fucking the girl of his dreams and he couldn't hold out any longer. "Ahhhhhh," he shouted as he slammed into her as far as he could and began to pump his seed deep inside her belly. Stuart had already emptied his balls into Bernadette's ass, but he couldn't seem to stop cumming as he pumped long and deep into Penny's pussy, "God your cunt feels great."

"That's it sweetie...fuck me...cum in me...fill my pussy," Penny encouraged him as her cunt muscles milked his cock.

"All right, I want you boys to cum in me at the same time...are you ready," Bernadette inquired as she squirmed her body between them attempting to stimulate them even more. She felt Raj erupt deep inside her belly like a fire-hose had been turned on and she thrust her crotch down against him to gain maximum penetration. Feeling Raj's prick twitch against his, Howard began to fill her ass-hole with his hot seed. "Oh shit...that's so fucking good," Bernadette gasped, "fuck me boys...fuck me good...fill me." Bernadette fell against Raj totally spent as they crammed their cocks up into her holes, spraying and squirting their hot fluids into her. Her huge tits surrounded Raj like a big hug as they spread out around him.

When they were done, their cocks shriveling, Bernadette climbed off Raj's lap and a steady stream of white fluid dribbled down her milky thighs. Howard offered her his boxers to clean up and as they all got dressed they heard Sheldon, "well if you're all finally done satisfying your animalistic urges, we can all watch the end of "Back To The Future -3; oh and by the way, I'm sending Amy pictures of your performance so she will know she made the correct decision of not to join us tonight," as he held up his I-phone.

All the way down the hall you could hear a chorus of five people screaming, "nooooo!"

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect, but remember, it's just for fun. Hope you enjoyed it. I welcome any feedback. [email protected])


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