(fictional story about fictional characters. This is a stand-alone story)

Big Bang Theory: Serial Apist (F-zoo,F-gang)
by shaggy77

Due to Leonard having to work late in his lab at Cal Tech, Penny had reluctantly been elected as Sheldon's substitute chauffeur and while driving him home from the comic book store, her car began to sputter and buck. Sheldon could not resist commenting, "remember in the old days when I would point out that your check-engine light was on...well your check-engine light is back on."

"I know, thank you very much Mr. Obvious," Penny sarcastically acknowledged as the car suddenly just stopped running and smoke poured out from under the hood.

Later that afternoon she knocked on the door of 4A, mostly out of habit and then entered. To her surprise Sheldon didn't even scold her for waiting for permission to enter the apartment where he lived with her boyfriend, Dr. Leonard Hofstater. He and Sheldon were both employed as physicists at Cal Tech as was the always present Raj Koothrappalli and Howard Wolowitz. She asked Leonard if she could speak to him in private and they adjourned to the hallway. On the verge of tears, she held on to his shoulders as she explained, "my life is a mess sweetie; I have no income, no job and now my car died so I can't even drive to auditions...what am I going to do."

She had come from Nebraska to California to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a famous actress, but had been forced to take a job as a waitress at a Cheesecake Factory. A month earlier she had quit her steady job to pursue her acting career full-time...with no luck. Her career to date had consisted of one commercial and a play above a bowling-alley.

"What about that part in the cheesy sci-fi movie," he asked.

Now with tears visible in her eyes, Penny blurted out, "I called back and they had given it to someone else. Now some other girl is going to be famous and when she gets on Conan, she can say that she got her big break when some other actress thought the part was beneath her."

"Hey at least they would be talking about you on Conan," Leonard quipped, trying to lighten the mood.

She stared daggers back at him so he took her hand and led her back to her apartment across the hall, soothing her, "come on let's talk about it...we'll figure something out."

Two night later they were in Penny's apartment preparing to leave. "Please try to cheer up, maybe tonight won't be so bad," Leonard encouraged her.

"Yeah, right...going to get my old job back at the Cheesecake Factory...what could be better," Penny sarcastically replied. "Looking forward to seeing the old gang, especially since the last words I said to them were: good luck bitches, see you at the Oscars."

Exiting the building Leonard suggested, "who knows maybe something good will happen tonight."

"I know you're just trying to cheer me up and I love you for that," Penny answered, "but it's not working and I kinda hate you."

Leonard opened the passenger door on a car parked at the curb that was unfamiliar to Penny, "wait, that's not your car."

He grinned and held out the keys, "I thought we would take yours."

"I don't understand," Penny answered with a puzzled look on her face.

"It's nothing great, but it will get you to your auditions and you won't have to go back to waitressing now," Leonard smiled.

Tears forming in her eyes, she exclaimed, "oh my God, I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," he responded as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. "Well, you could say something...I did just buy you a car," he teased her.

"I love you my little nerd, you are the most thoughtful man on earth," she said, nuzzling her face into his neck.

The very next day Penny rushed into 4A without even the pretense of a knock and Sheldon immediately pounced, "I guess the old colloquial expression of not being able to teach aging dogs new tricks is true...some people will never learn about the proper method of knocking and waiting for permission to enter an abode."

"Stop it you crazy bastard," Leonard poked right back, "you know Penny lives here part-time now, so this is her apartment too."

"Hi moonpie, nice to see you too," Penny glanced at Sheldon, almost singing her reply.

"Only my meemaw calls me moonpie," Sheldon remarked without even looking up from his laptop, "and I'm not mother had me tested."

She stood in front of Leonard with a huge grin on her face and he stated, "you seem like you're in a good mood...what happened since yesterday?"

Putting her hands on his shoulders she began, "I think you are my good luck charm. You said something good would happen and you were right. The director of the cheesy sci-fi movie called and offered me the part!"

Leonard put his hands on her waist and smiled, "that's fantastic...what happened to the other actress?"

"She broke her leg, and I was his next choice," she gushed, "isn't that know...the part about the role...not the leg know what I mean. We start filming next week."

"It's fantastic...I'm so happy for girlfriend is a famous actress," Leonard agreed and leaned in to kiss her.

After the kiss, Penny corrected him, "well, it's not's a cheesy C grade sci-fi movie. Straight to video, but it's a paying job."

"But once the movie is released everyone will recognize the talent that I already know is there. Hey, you must be a great actress, you almost have me convinced that I am more than just a nerdy, near-sighted computer geek," he offered.

Kissing him again, Penny cooed, "you are so much more, my little Ewok."

"Enough of that, I'm in the room," Sheldon scoffed, "what is this movie about...not that I really care."

"Well, it's about a crazy scientist...hey who does that remind you of...who thinks it would be a good idea if we had an army consisting of soldiers with the intelligence of a man but the strength of an ape, so he introduces the DNA of an ape into a man and he gradually changes into an ape."

"You realize that from a scientific standpoint, that's preposterous," Sheldon began before Penny just kept talking and cut him off.

"Anyway, I will be playing the role of one of the government scientists (at which point Sheldon snorted in amusement) who oversee the project and the ape becomes infatuated with me...that's right Sheldon, I used the term infatuated. The mad scientist becomes obsessed with the possibilities of the ape mating with a female and tries to convince me to let him inject me with ape DNA so I will evolve. I refuse and they try to force me...whatever...I do know there is a shower scene where I have to bare my breasts. I think the only reason the scene is in there is because sex sells."

"As much as I detest the thought of other men seeing your magnificent breasts, I must admit they couldn't have made a better choice," Leonard complimented her.

"You old smooth talker," Penny hugged him, "oh and guess what Sheldon, your old pal Wil Wheaton plays one of the scientists. The working title is: Serial Apist."

"Umm," he grunted, already having moved on from their conversation.

Her first day on the set, Penny was introduced to all the other actors and crew. Wil Wheaton had landed the role of her co-worker; another scientist hired to work on the project. The real surprise was they had acquired an actual ape to play the part of the subject when he fully evolves into an ape/man. The director, Johan, explained that his cousin Jorge owned an exotic-animal rehabilitation ranch and the ape had been abused by a small circus owner and taken away by the courts.

Jorge made Penny uncomfortable with the way he openly ogled her, but he was very knowledgeable about animals and informed her that Homer; they named him that after Homer Simpson; was actually a Blackback gorilla originally from the Congo. He was about ten years old and weighed over 450 pounds. Standing straight up, he was certainly imposing, if not downright scary, as he towered over her. Jorge told her that gorillas have the strength of ten men and that their DNA was 95-99 % similar to humans; a fact that certainly fit right in with the movie. Jorge leered at her and added, "a fun fact is that only humans and gorillas have been known to have face-to-face sex."

She remarked that she was surprised he wasn't in a cage, and Johan told her that he was a big part of the film and he had to become used to interacting with the cast. He did seem very tame and gentle, his large brown eyes seeming almost human. She asked Jorge if she could touch his fur and he replied, "actually it's called hair, not fur, and please feel free. He is quite intelligent and will actually be handling some of the lab equipment while playing the part of the experiment's first subject." When she stroked the gray hair on his arm, Penny found it to be remarkably soft and could feel his huge muscles rippling beneath it.

Over the first few days of shooting, the actor playing the role of the test subject had an increasing amount of hair glued to his arms and head while he evolved into the gorilla. The story line stated that he was a convicted rapist who had been pardoned in exchange for taking part in the experiment...hence the term "Apist." It was indeed a cheesy low-budget movie, but Penny was actually having a good time. After the first two days, Homer would wander around the set mingling with the actors and really no one even noticed him; despite the fact he was a gorilla, he fit right in. He would follow Penny around and mimic her every move. He seemed to be forming a bond with her.

That was more than she could say for Johan, the director. He obviously felt the film was beneath him and was only doing it for the money. He was adversarial to everyone and on more than one occasion had told Penny, "just do what I tell can always be replaced by one of a thousand struggling actresses." She was beginning to hate him.

Homer spent quite a bit of time strapped to the heavy-duty exam table, so the scientists could pretend to withdraw samples of his blood and check on his DNA. His handler, Jorge, laughed at the restraints on the exam table, telling everyone that they weren't very realistic because with his strength, Homer could break them like they were kite string.

The next days shooting called for Penny to agree to a date at the beach with Wil Wheaton's character and she was to change into a bikini before leaving the lab. She told them she would provide one of her own bikinis after rejecting the one offered to her. It had been a string bikini that barely covered her areola and mound, and disappeared up her ass crack like dental-floss.

When asked if the bikini scene was really necessary, Johan told her, "this is a low budget, C grade sci-fi sells and we need something to increase wear the bikini."

The scene called for Penny to come out of the locker room, wearing the bikini and a skirt/wrap where Wil Wheaton's character would surprise her and cover her mouth with a chloroform soaked gauze, rendering her unconscious, so that the crazy scientist could inject her with the gorilla DNA. They would strap her to the lab's exam table spread eagle and administer the DNA. Penny inquired, "if it's an injection, why do my legs have to be spread?"

Again Johan answered, "do I need to explain every time: it's a low budget, C grade sci-fi sells...end of story. You have a great body and we're taking advantage of it. All the little sci-fi geeks out there will thank you."

The next day after she had changed into her bikini, she could tell that every male there appreciated her curves. While not a string-bikini, the one she had selected certainly displayed her incredible body. Wil Wheaton could hardly take his eyes off her nearly-naked form. He had developed a crush on her since the first time they met and always wondered what she saw in that short, pasty-faced nerd. The scene progressed perfectly: when Penny emerged from the locker room, Wil placed the gauze over her face, and they struggled, Penny's skirt/wrap falling off leaving her clad only in the tiny bikini. As she went limp in his grasp, Wil lifted her perfect body onto the stainless steel exam table and secured her arms and legs so that she was displayed spread eagle.

Her eyes closed, feigning unconsciousness, Penny was glad she had rejected the string bikini. In her spread position, her own bikini barely covered her mound so she knew that the string bikini bottom would have been forced between her slit, fully exposing her mound and fleshy lips.

Suddenly there was a commotion and Penny instinctively opened her eyes to investigate. Apparently Homer thought that Wil was actually harming Penny and had come to her defense. He grabbed Wil by the shoulder and flung him against the wall as if he was throwing a rag-doll. Everyone gasped collectively and when they began to advance toward Penny, Homer loudly growled and all Penny could think about was the old King Kong movies. He grabbed some of the lab equipment near him and threw it in their direction, and because of his brute strength, some of it smashed through the wall. Everyone stopped in their tracks, rapidly trying to assess the situation.

Homer turned his attention to the captive Penny, tenderly running a thick finger through her bouncy blonde hair. "My God," Penny thought, "his fingers are as thick as a pepperoni stick." He trailed his leathery digit down over her shoulder, causing her to shiver and when he reached her bikini strap, he snapped it like it were a spider web. Sliding his finger down her side, he seemed irritated when he came to her bikini top, hooking his finger beneath it and easily tearing through it. Acting curious now, he lifted it up and flung it over to the other side of her body, causing her magnificent breasts to jiggle as they spread out on her chest.

Everyone had been just standing around stunned and when one of the grips started to advance toward the exam table, Jorge grabbed him arm and suggested, "you saw what happened to Wheaton...I would just stay still if I were you."

"That's right," Johan whispered, "and you cameramen better be filming this...I want this recorded, it could be cinematic gold.

Her top now dangling off the side of the table, still attached to her other shoulder, Homer ran his finger around her chest, tracing the outside of her tits. Penny could not help herself from the early stages of arousal because the sensation of his soft hair brushing against her gumdrop nipples was exquisite. Homer noticed her tits jiggling and began to push at them with his fingers, causing them to jiggle like Jello. He seemed to be mesmerized by the sight and continued to run his fingers over them; Penny's gumdrop nipples now fully erect.

She lay secured to the table, stunned and frightened and yet she could feel the dampness between her legs beginning to form. Penny had always loved having someone play with her tits and she couldn't help herself, even if it was a gorilla. His head was absolutely mammoth as he leaned over the table began sniffing his way down her body. He forced her breasts aside as he lowered his head, then sniffed at her belly button. Suddenly Penny had an alarming thought: she knew her menstrual cycle was due to begin the next day and she remembered back on the farm whenever she had her period, the dogs would sniff at her crotch and lay their heads in her lap. Her mother told her that male animals have an extraordinary sense of smell for that.

As if reading her mind, Homer began to snort from his huge nostrils, and his head shook vigorously sideways as he continued sniffing down her nearly naked body. She didn't know if he was sensing her period or just smelling the scent of her reluctant arousal, but something was triggering his reaction. He jammed his giant head between her thighs, his wide nose pushing against her bikini bottom. Becoming more and more agitated, he hooked his stumpy finger inside her bikini bottom and ripped it off, lifting her bottom off the table with the force. She was now completely nude, and becoming more frightened by the minute; wondering why no one was coming to her rescue. She looked over and saw that they were still filming like nothing was wrong.

Homer was jumping up and down at the end of the table, and once again pushed his oversized head between her wide-spread legs. His blunt nose forced itself between her slit and actually separated her fleshy pussy lips Penny was definitely wet now and the aroma was driving Homer wild. He began to jump up and down, beating his chest with his fists; and once again Penny was reminded of King Kong. He seemed to be working himself into a frenzy.

Abruptly, Homer jumped straight up and landed on the exam table between Penny's splayed legs. What a sight for the cameramen: an absolutely gorgeous blonde, with perfect tits, endlessly long legs, and a completely bald pussy mound, spread out totally naked at the feet of a huge gorilla. What startled Penny the most was that for the first time, she noticed Homer's could she not: his now erect cock stood straight out from his thick, hairy body. It was huge and black, it was probably only...only...about nine inches long, but its girth was frightening. Penny thought is was definitely fatter than a soda can and the tip was more blunt than a human cock. His hairy scrotum looked like it contained tennis balls. She wanted to, but could not look away as it swung in front of him when he jumped up and down. It drew her attention almost as if she were hypnotized by it.

Without warning Homer dropped to his knees between her pale thighs and suddenly Penny realized he intended to fuck make her his mate. "Somebody help me," she screamed, "what's the matter with you...get over here and help me." But no one budged.

She was becoming nearly delirious with fright, but was thankful that the restraints had been comfortably loose, when Homer slid his huge hands underneath her ass cheeks and lifted her thighs off the table. He began to stab forcefully between her legs with his cock-head, trying to find her slit. Penny knew she was spread so wide that it was just a matter of time before he found her entrance.

He seemed frantic now, increasing the speed and force of his stabs as he kneeled between her legs. Finally he found his mark and his blunt crown forced its way between her fleshy pussy lips. Realizing he had finally penetrated her, Homer slammed his hips forward and in one motion buried his monstrous cock inside Penny's cunt. "Oh my fucking God," Penny shrieked. Although aroused, the pain of her pussy being so suddenly and violently violated by Homer's gigantic cock was nearly unbearable. She saw bright lights in front of her eyes, and may have lost consciousness momentarily as she felt her lips and every inch of her tunnel being stretched to the ripping point.

There was so pausing to allow her to get used to his size. Homer was an animal, a beast, and he immediately began to fuck her as fast and hard as he could, slamming his mammoth cock in and out of her stretched out cunt. As he continued to batter her pussy, at least Penny's body was responding with more lubrication. With every thrust Penny's pussy walls stretched a little more, making the experience less painful and actually more pleasurable. She actually liked the sensation of having her cunt completely filled with a hard cock, and she closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was Leonard fucking her.

Her lips were stretched so tight that her clit was being scraped by Homer's massive pole with every stroke and her body convulsed, "oh my God...fuck me...fuck me you bastard, fuck me." The crew just watched as Penny's cunt was being stretched by the gorilla's giant black cock, her perfect tits flopping against the sides of her chest. Just when Penny thought he was fucking her as hard as he could, Homer increased his pace; his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy like a piston.

With seemingly no effort, Homer reached one of his long arms down to Penny's right foot and easily snapped her restraint from the side of the table, freeing her leg. He proceeded to do the same with her other appendages until she was not attached to the table anymore. So swiftly she didn't realize what was happening, he withdrew his penis and flipped her body over so that she was face down on the table with Homer still between her legs. He grasped her waist and pulled her into him, once again stabbing his cock-head against her crotch. It was easier this time because Penny's slit was now a wide open hole waiting to be fucked.

His soft, strong arms circling her tiny waist, Homer plowed his thick pole into Penny's cunt as they both kneeled on the table. ""Holy fucking shit," Penny gasped as he began slamming his massive meat into her pussy, his balls swinging against her belly, "fuck me, fuck me." Her arms extended and her hands flat on the table as he held her in the doggy-style position, Penny actually thought he was penetrating deeper into her belly. With every thrust, her wonderful tits swung beneath her and her ass cheeks jiggled when his massive body slammed against hers.

Knowing the situation was out of her control, Penny just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of having her cunt stretched to its extreme by Homer's gigantic cock. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed, "your fucking cock is so fucking big...fuck me...fuck me...jam that big fucking cock into me." Of course Homer didn't understand a word, but he did feel how her cunt muscles were going into a spasm and squeezing his cock. He began to fuck her even harder, his cock slamming in and out of her cunt at a frantic pace. Without warning his seed began to fill her pussy as he continued to pump into her. Homer growled and snarled as he erupted inside her belly, squirting his cum deep up into her tunnel.

It felt like scalding water was being poured into her cunt as Penny felt him empty his balls into her. His cock twitched and jerked as his cum filled her and Penny finally passed out from over stimulation. Homer's penis immediately shrank and slipped out of Penny's battered hole and he gently lay her down on the table on her back and climbed off. He retreated into a corner and curled up. Jorge assured everyone, "OK, now is our chance to secure him. Gorillas are just like us: after sex they just want to curl up and go to sleep."

After securing his collar, Jorge walked over to the exam table where Penny was still unconscious. Her naked body was exquisite as she lay on the table, her legs splayed obscenely wide; her pussy now a big wide open hole instead of a slit, with Homer's jism drooling down between her perfect ass cheeks. Jorge remarked as he unbuckled his belt, "it seems a shame to let this body go to waste." Everyone in the cast and crew took their turn climbing up on the table and fucking Penny's cunt; some of them twice (with the exception of Wil Wheaton who was still too woozy to stand.)

When Penny regained consciousness, Johan made sure that the on-site nurse checked her out. Penny wanted to express her outrage, but was just too exhausted. Johan assessed her of the situation, "it's like this Penny, you try to take any sort of legal action against us and the footage we shot here today becomes public...I don't think you want that. After a couple days off, we'll all meet back here and finish the film...without Homer of course. This remains our secret as long as you play ball." Of course, in the back of his mind, Johan planned to use the unique film at some point in the future; maybe not in the US, but somewhere.

Penny was too tired and sore to argue and vowed to go home and think about it, but she knew she really didn't have any bargaining chips. "Will you at least pay for my bikini," she asked, and Johan just smiled.

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