A fictional story about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon And Penny Collide (MMF,oral,anal,toys)
by shaggy77

It was supposed to have been a Valentine's Day that fairy tales are written about for Penny and her beloved boyfriend Leonard. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter was a physicist at CalTech Pasadena and when a senior professor had been unable to attend, Leonard had been selected to attend a conference at the site of the Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. He was permitted to be accompanied by one guest, and despite much politicking by his roommate and fellow physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper; he had of course chosen his beautiful girlfriend. They were both excited at the prospect of spending a romantic Valentine's Day in the shadow of the Swiss Alps. Penny had some skiing skills, and Leonard assured her that she could ski while he "practiced falling." Leonard had gone all out with the preparations and reservations; procuring a room with a breathtaking view; making sure that a huge king-size bed was included; and arranging for roses and champagne to be delivered. Penny had purchased special lacy underwear with cutouts in the nipple and crotch areas. It was going to be the weekend of a lifetime.

Then the unthinkable happened: the night before their departure, Penny was suddenly and almost violently sick. It was the flu. When she thought about it later, she could almost pinpoint the moment she contracted the illness while waiting on a customer who was coughing and visibly ill at the Cheesecake Factory. She had always had a good tolerance to sickness and had thought nothing of it...until now. Leonard was completely sweet and caring, and offered to skip the conference, but Penny knew that it was every nerd's dream to see the "big machine" in Switzerland so she urged him to go without her. When he went back across the hall to the apartment he shared with "head nerd" Sheldon to tell him the good news that he could now go to Geneva, he found that Sheldon had contracted the flu from Penny and could not go either. Leonard would be stuck sharing Valentine's Day with "nerd number four," Raj Koothrapalli.

Leonard had called "nerd number three;" colleague Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer, but he had big Valentine's Day plans with his new girlfriend, Bernadette Rostenkowski. She was a tiny effervescent blonde who worked part time with Penny to finance her pursuit of a doctorate in microbiology. Penny found Howard to be a repugnant pervert, but had introduced him to Bernadette when her friend had noticed how happy Penny was dating a nerd. It was true: Penny would much rather date "her nerd" than any of the egotistical jocks she had dated in the past. Leonard was constantly reminding her of how special she was to him; how much he appreciated and adored her. He never took her for granted, or intentionally made her feel less Sheldon seemed to constantly do. She was definitely in love with her nerd and was contented with their exclusive relationship.

Now, alone on what should have been the most romantic day of her young life, all Penny wanted to do was curl up on her sofa with her blanket and bottles of tequila and Nyquil. Unfortunately, three times she had been interrupted by a familiar sound at her door: three rapid knocks followed by "Penny." Knock, knock knock, "Penny." Knock, knock, knock, "Penny." Sheldon was very rarely sick because he isolated himself from human contact whenever possible, so when he was ill, it seemed to him like a life-and-death situation and he did not handle it well. He blamed Penny for his illness and assumed it was her responsibility to care for him, regardless of how miserable she felt. When she reluctantly opened her apartment door, there stood a pathetic looking Sheldon in his blue Star Trek pajamas, with the elasticized cuffs around the wrists and ankles...he looked like an exceptionally tall second-grader. This time he wanted to inform her that he was out of she cared.

Realizing that the only way she was ever going to get any rest, was to go across the hall to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and find some way to get Sheldon to sleep; Penny told Sheldon to go back to bed and she would bring him something soothing to drink. Watching him shuffle across the hall, she quickly concocted a "knock out" drink. She poured some vodka and Nyquil into a half filled bottle of Gatorade; took a few more swigs of her tequila and Nyquil cocktail and trudged over to Sheldon's apartment with her blanket wrapped around her shoulders. When she approached his bedroom door, she smiled as she raised her hand: knock, knock knock, "Sheldon," she called.

She heard him groan behind the door, "I bet you thought that would be funny, and then found it to be quite satisfying," he sarcastically responded, "Come in Penny."

He was sitting on the side of his bed hunched over a vaporizer, and when he saw the Gatorade bottle in her hand he, of course, responded negatively, "If that's for thank you...I don't believe in the claims of the overgrown pituitary cases who advertise that beverage."

Knowing that she had to approach this scientifically to succeed, Penny attempted to persuade him, "You don't want to become dehydrated do you...that could lead to pneumonia...and besides this has been proven to replenish your electrolytes." She had no idea what electrolytes were, but they sounded scientific...and her plan worked.

"Yes, I have heard that...well, maybe just a few sips then," replied Sheldon, reaching for the bottle. Penny had taken into account that the flu dulls the senses of smell and taste and watched in astonishment as Sheldon nearly drained the bottle. "Why this has no taste at all," remarked Sheldon, staring at the bottle. When Penny turned to leave, he inquired, "you're not gong to leave me here sick and all alone are you? After all, I wouldn't be sick if it weren't for you...Typhoid Penny." "Did you see what I did there? I named you after the infamous Typhoid 1900 she, like you, was employed in a restaurant and infected numerous people with Typhoid Fever, spurring an epidemic. She was eventually isolated for thirty years and died alone. You don't want to follow in those footsteps do you?"

Penny rolled her beautiful eyes, and forced out an exasperated, "All right...I'll stay in Leonard's room tonight. Right now I'm going to take a long hot shower and then I'll check in on you...just try to remember, I'm sick too."

"Alright then," Sheldon replied, "but don't fog the bathroom all up with steam...I hate that...everything gets all wet and clammy."

"Of course not," Penny sarcastically answered as she left his room, knowing full well that she was going to turn the water up as hot as she could endure. She wanted steam; maybe it would help clear out her nasal passages. She turned on the water and the bathroom was already steamy by the time she had shed her clothes and stepped into the tub. She just stood under the showerhead and let the hot water cascade down her perfect body, for some reason shivering even though the water was almost scalding. She wished Leonard was there with her...he always gave her the most through washing; not missing a square inch of her body and paying extra attention to the most sensitive spots. "I love you, my little nerd," she said aloud to no one in particular as she spread body-wash over her now pinkish skin.

She soaped her perfectly round and firm 35C breasts and noticed that even sick, her jellybean sized nipples were responding to the stimulation. It seemed to Penny that her areola were a more vivid shade of pink...maybe it was the fever. As she scrubbed between her legs with increasing fervor she imagined that it was Leonard's hand caressing her puffy, prominent mound and his fingers slipping between her pouty lips. She looked down between her legs and could barely see her pussy through the thick steam. The comforting warmth of the water cascading over her slippery smooth skin made Penny forget all about the pest that was Sheldon and she convinced herself that she would now be able to fall into a welcome deep sleep. As if on cue, there were three knocks (pounds really) on the wall between the bathroom and Sheldon's room followed by the distinct sound of "Penny." Knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

Abruptly awakened from her calm state, Penny screamed out, "What!"

Shutting off the water so she could hear his reply, she heard, "Come in here right away I need you."

Afraid that something bad had happened as a result of the "cold medication" she had given him, Penny hurriedly stepped out of the shower and almost fell when she became light-headed. Realizing that the heat from the shower had dilated her blood vessels allowing her recent alcohol intake to circulate more quickly, Penny was surprised how tipsy she had become. Because Sheldon sounded so urgent, she didn't bother with clothes, but threw on Leonard's ratty old red robe with the triangles on it and tied the cloth rope around her waist. She quickly wrapped a towel around her sopping blond hair. Inhaling deeply in the steamy air it surprised her that she could smell Leonard's scent on the material, and she smiled at its familiarity. It seemed to calm her and she told herself that the steam must have cleared her nasal passages, and Eustachian tubes allowing her to hear Sheldon...wait a minute, how did she know a word like Eustachian. "These nerds are rubbing off on me," she muttered as she ricocheted off the door frames weaving her way to Sheldon's room.

She burst through the door and found Sheldon laying on his bed in the fetal position and immediately inquired, "Well, what was your emergency, Sheldon."

"I never said it was an emergency situation," Sheldon replied, "if that was the conclusion you arrived at, then you were in error. I merely wanted to remind you that it was your fault I am sick and therefore you should sing "Soft Kitty" to me so I can fall asleep."

Penny wanted to be furious and she knew she had every right to be, but here was a grown man, a distinguished professor, wanting to be treated like a baby. He looked so pathetic laying there that she began to sit on the bed when he reminded her that he was indeed Sheldon, "You look like you're all wet...don't get my bed wet." Not bothering to verbally reply she removed the towel from her hair, placed it on the bed and crawled onto it.

Not giving a second thought to the shortness of the robe or the awkward position she was contorted into, Penny began to rub Sheldon's back and sing, "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...."

Just as she began the second verse she heard Sheldon's voice, "You know you're not wearing any underwear."

Penny looked down and saw that he was staring up between her legs at her crotch. She was sure her already flushed face became even more red as she responded, "I was in a hurry to attend your needs...sorry if you are offended."

"No, not offended," Sheldon assured her, "I merely wanted to make sure you were aware of your excellent choice, by the way, of keeping the pubic area's much more sanitary."

Penny didn't reply, but wanted to tell him that she kept it that way because it turned Leonard on. In the short time they had been lovers Leonard had become an expert at cunnilingus...he believed that practice made perfect. She smiled at the thought, felt moisture forming between her legs and continued rubbing Sheldon's back and singing, "Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr." Sheldon sighed and rolled onto his back causing Penny to gasp in surprise: his pajama bottoms had sprouted a crotch tent; and not just a pup tent, but a circus tent. Penny always became sarcastic when she was sick and this occasion was no different as she asked rhetorically, "wow, are you glad to see me Sheldon?"

He stared at her, his eyes red and bloodshot, "Well, I did request your presence, in case you forgot."

Knowing that he was totally oblivious to any sexual innuendo, Penny pointed to his crotch explaining, "No, I am referring to this."

Sheldon logically replied, "Oh, that. It always seems to do that in the morning, but I am at a loss for why it's in that state right now."

Sheldon had interrupted Penny when she was about to pleasure herself in the shower and she suddenly realized that she was still in a state of arousal as she reached tentatively out and grasped his erection through his jammies. Not wanting to frighten him Penny began to gently stroke his penis while singing, "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...."

"You're supposed to stroke my back, not my penis," Sheldon informed her, "although I must admit the sensation is not altogether unpleasant." Succumbing to her desires, Penny reached inside Sheldon's pajama bottoms and grasped his bare penis. Her fingers did not even come close to encircling his fat meat and she compared him in her head to a soda can. It is truly bizarre the thoughts that pop into the feverish mind, and Penny remembered an occasion back on the farm in Nebraska when her father had cut the ends off a soda can and clamped it down to patch the exhaust on the tractor. He had told her that a soda can is about eight inches in circumference and she guessed that Sheldon's penis was just about equal.

She adjusted her position so that her legs were spread wide apart and urged Sheldon, "You know you can reciprocate if you want to."

He glanced between her legs and calmly stated, "Now why would I want to do that?"

Wanting to get a look at his giant hunk of meat, Penny urged him to raise up while she tugged his pajama bottoms down his legs until his cock sprang out. Due to a combination of the fever and the "cold medication" she had given him, Sheldon offered no resistance and allowed her to pull his bottoms completely off. As suspected, Sheldon's cock was indeed the fattest Penny had ever seen. It wasn't as long as Leonard's, only about seven inches, but the girth did resemble that of a soda can. "Holy shit, Sheldon, how have you been hiding that monster," Penny wanted to know.

While offering no objections, Sheldon did voice his concerns, "How exactly will removing my pajamas alleviate my flu symptoms>"

"Trust me Sheldon," it will make both of us feel better, she assured him. Penny could feel her crotch becoming very moist, and it wasn't from the shower water, as she urged his legs apart and crawled between them for a better look at his cock. The belt of Leonard's robe had come loose and her magnificent breasts now hung down in clear view as she bent over Sheldon's groin. She knew there was no way she could give Sheldon a proper blow-job for two reasons: there was no way her mouth would stretch far enough to accept its girth; and her nasal passages were once again too congested to allow breathing through her nose, so she was relegated to being a "mouth-breather." A drop of pre-cum had appeared on his cock-slit and Penny leaned slowly forward, extended her tongue, and gently lapped it off Sheldon's crown.

Again he offered no resistance, merely looking down at her quizzically, so she boldly wrapped her lips around the head of his wide cock. Too large to fully encompass, she sucked on the head and ran her tongue around the sensitive crown while staring up at Sheldon with her wide, beautiful eyes, her long damp hair tickling his thighs. He closed his eyes and moaned, "I don't fully understand it, but that does feel rather pleasant...please don't stop." Pulling off frequently to breathe, Penny continued to suck and lick Sheldon's massive meat stick while shoving the robe off her smooth shoulders and grasping her perfect breasts. Kneading them and pinching the aroused nipples, she felt her body shiver and beg for release. The gorgeous blonde knew she had to feel Sheldon's huge cock inside her, and just prayed that he wouldn't freak out.

When she sat up and removed the robe completely, Sheldon opened his eyes, wondering why she had stopped her oral assault on his penis. "Was it possible that Sheldon Cooper could have feelings of sexual arousal," he asked himself as he gazed on the nude beauty between his legs. He could swear that his stiff penis had become even more rigid as he watched Penny move up to straddle his thighs, her labia actually parting as her vagina hovered over his groin.

"Now don't go all whack-a-doodle on me Sheldon," Penny pleaded, "I promise this will feel good to both of us...take our mind off the flu."

"I don't know what you are referring to Penny," Sheldon assured her, "but I am a scientist and as such always open to experimentation."

When Penny heard this response, she knew two things: Sheldon was totally under the influence of the "medication;" and she better take advantage of it before it wore off. She raised up over his crotch, grasped his cock in her hand, and began to rub the crown back and forth around her slit making sure that her secretions were completely lubricating the fat piece of meat. When she was satisfied that it was totally slick, she used both hands to pull her cunt lips apart, wedged the crown between her slit and began to slowly sit down on Sheldon's lap. Ever so lowly she lowered herself, feeling the giant cock stretch her cunt farther than it had ever been stretched before. As her lips gripped the huge shaft, Penny could feel each inch stretching her pussy as his cock slid deeper into her belly. When she was finally sitting on Sheldon's groin, she gasped, "Oh my fucking God, Sheldon, your cock is so fucking big." It felt to her like someone had jammed their fist up her cunt. She just sat there motionless for a couple minutes letting the walls of her pussy adjust to the extreme penetration.

"Oh my word," Sheldon exclaimed, "the inside of your vagina is so's like an autoclave."

Her breathing ragged, Penny urged him, "I don't know what that is Sheldon, but I'm hot for you. Now fuck me...jam that big fucking cock up inside my cunt." Assuming his lack of response was due to the fact he had never had intercourse before, Penny began to rotate her body on top of him, corkscrewing his cock even further inside her dripping hole. She reached forward to plant her palms on his skinny chest and began to rise up on her knees, slowly extricating herself from his log. The sensation of her tunnel actually shrinking as she raised up was incredible, but it didn't compare with the extreme pleasure of being completely stuffed with hard cock, so when she reached the crown she swiftly sat down again, impaling herself on his fence post. "Oh my fucking God," Penny squealed as she began to rapidly bounce up and down on Sheldon's giant cock. Her pussy was being stretched to new limits with every violent bounce. "Oh Sheldon, stretch my fucking cunt," she screamed as she rode his pole, "fuck me sweetie...fuck me."

Sheldon just lay there motionless as the beautiful blonde fucked herself on his cock. He had to admit that the sensation was not unpleasant, and he was becoming mesmerized by the sight of her magnificent tits flopping up and down. She was fucking him at a feverish rate now and all Sheldon could think about was, "ooo, do you hear that squishy sound we're making."

The truth was she could not hear much of anything, her head was becoming clogged again; she had resumed mouth-breathing. Penny was exhausted but there was no way she was going to stop...Sheldon's cock felt too wonderful inside her stretched out pussy...sometimes a girl just needed a huge cock. Suddenly Sheldon was staring over her shoulder at the doorway and remarking, "Hi Howard, what are you doing here and what are doing with your phone?"

If she had been her fully conscious self, this would have been her worst nightmare: the perverted, slimy Howard Wolowitz seeing her naked and having sex; but her reaction surprised even her. Without even looking she asked, "Yes, Howard what are you doing here? I thought you had big Valentine's Day plans with Bernadette."

"Yeah, but she got sick too," he replied, "she thinks she took a drink order from the same guy who got you sick, and she says we haven't been going out long enough for me to see her here I am." Howard could not believe his luck: here was the blond goddess that was the center of his wet dreams, feverish sweat glistening off every square inch of her nude body, fucking his friend.

Now Penny turned to look at Howard, Sheldon's cock still lodged solidly inside her cunt, but it was not the phone he was using to take pictures of her that caught her eye; it was the fact that his pants were bunched around knees, and his free hand was masturbating his cock. It was incredibly long, surprising Penny, but also exceptionally thin, like a foot-long hot dog. Her nearly delirious mind then reached an incongruous conclusion: here she was cheating on the man she loved, but realizing that Leonard's cock was the perfect amalgam of Sheldon's and Howard's and therefore perfect for her. It was longer than Sheldon's, and thicker than Howard' short, it fit her perfectly. At that moment she didn't so much feel guilt, as sorrow and loneliness that "her nerd" was not with her on Valentine's Day. She sarcastically suggested to Howard, "why don't you put the phone away, that's not exactly my best side anyway."

"I'll be the judge of that," he mumbled as he put the phone back in his pants pocket.

Hearing Sheldon's next statement brought her back to reality, "Come on Howard, don't just stand there; why don't you join us."

As Howard was almost instantaneously shucking his clothes, Penny blurted out, "Wait...what...." It was then that she was certain that Sheldon was "out of it," because the real Sheldon would never suggest sharing anything with anyone. It wasn't so much that he was selfish (although that was part of it), so much that he just plain possessed no social skills whatsoever.

Howard approached the bed, gave Penny a lecherous wink, tapped his phone/camera, and suggested to her that he might want to "hook-up" with her on a regular basis. "After all," he smugly stated, "we wouldn't want Leonard to find out about this."

"No, we wouldn't," she surprised him, "and depending on what kind of future you see yourself having with my friend Bernadette, I don't think she would be very happy to know her boyfriend forced his way in here and raped me; because that is what I will swear happened. And by the way, I know you will delete those pictures, right. I think what we have here is a Mexican-Standoff, so let's just enjoy the moment."

"Bitch," Howard mumbled under his breath, then added, "but what about him," nodding at Sheldon, "the human tattle-tale."

Penny proclaimed, "I don't think he is going to remember anything; he's so hopped-up on Nyquil and vodka I'm surprised he's still conscious."

Howard had climbed onto the bed behind Penny and was about to ask how they were going to proceed when she leaned over, grabbed the bottle of baby-oil Sheldon kept on his nightstand (not for the reason most people would guess...this was was to prevent scratchy elbows) and handed it to Howard. "Here, please do me a favor and use this. It somehow seems appropriate that you get my ass-hole." Penny had never been particularly fond of anal sex, but did indulge it occasionally to keep from being predictable; and was finding the thought of a double-penetration quite intriguing. She had never attempted it before, and the opportunity seemed too perfect to pass up.

Sheldon was getting fidgety and that was a good thing because the more he squirmed, the more his giant cock stimulated her cunt. She knew the window of opportunity was dwindling and soon Sheldon would pass out, but she couldn't let that happen before she felt his cum inside her. As Howard squirted the lubrication along his length, Penny leaned forward until she was laying on Sheldon's smooth chest. He was nearly incoherent now as the Nyquil "cocktail" took full effect and he giggled, "look at your breasts squished between us...they look like you like pancakes...let's make some."

Penny reached behind her and spread her wonderful ass cheeks as Howard nudged his purple crown against her ass hole. Since his cock was relatively thin, when he pushed forward it quite easily broke through her sphincter muscle and slid into her ass. Without pausing, Howard grasped Penny's thin waist and pushed steadily forward until the entire twelve inches was buried in her ass hole. "Now that is a great ass," Howard congratulated her as he began to slowly fuck her.

"Oh my fucking God," shrieked Penny as she felt her body stretching to accommodate the two cocks. Having her ass filled, made Sheldon's cock feel even larger as her holes stretched and the sensation of the two cocks rubbing against each other inside her was indescribable. "Oh shit...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," Penny demanded as she thrashed between the two nerds. Howard began to slam in and out of her butt while Sheldon still just lay there; but somehow having her cunt stretched around his monstrous cock was enough. Although never a fan of anal sex, the sensation of Howard's totally slick "hot dog" sliding in and out of her ass was almost soothing and Penny was totally enjoying it (although she would never admit it to Howard).

Having his cock stimulated by Howard's seemed to arouse Sheldon and he began to move his hips ever so slightly, fucking Penny without even realizing it. "Your cocks feel so fucking good," she screamed, "fuck me...fuck me."

Howard reached around Penny, grasped her perfect tits and began to pinch her jellybean nipples between his bony fingers. "Just to let you know," he whispered in her ear, "you're about to get as ass-full."

In her feverish, drunken state, Penny tried to concentrate on what to do next and she reached down between their bodies and began to squeeze Sheldon's balls. Suddenly his entire body began to convulse...his arms and legs flailed uncontrollably and Penny thought she had killed him. Then she realized it was just Sheldon over-reacting as usual as his cock began to pump her full of his cum. He was now actually fucking her as his body thrust upward into her pussy. "Ahhhhhhh, oh my fucking God," Penny breathlessly screamed as her body twitched and went into a spasm when she felt Sheldon's scalding hot cum squirting deep inside her cunt. When she felt her ass filling up with Howard's seed Penny thought she was going to explode...she had never had such an intense orgasm...she almost lost consciousness as her sweaty nude body writhed between them.

Sheldon's cum seemed to be endless and Penny suspected that he had never before had an orgasm. "Fill my cunt sweetie... fuck my holes...jam those fucking cocks into me...fuck me harder," Penny screeched as she ground her pelvis against Sheldon's.

"Oh my," was all Sheldon was coherent enough to mutter as his cum continued to erupt into Penny's hole. Subconscious reflexes took over and he actually began to thrust his hips upward, jamming his enormous log up into her cunt stretching her walls even farther.

"Holy fucking shit," Penny blurred her words as she could feel Howard's semen drooling out of her ass and mixing with Sheldon's to further lubricate her pussy, "fuck me...fuck me."

Howard jerked his penis out of its warm tunnel and squirted his remaining fluids all over Penny's pale back, creating white blotches all along her vertebrae. He swiftly scooted around on the bed, straddled Sheldon's head and aimed his cock at Penny's face. The few remaining squirts landed on her forehead and dripped down her nose, as she gave him a look that could kill. She surprised him though when she winked at him, stuck her tongue out and caught a drop that fell from the tip of her nose. He smiled broadly and slid down to sit on the edge of the bed, watching the two friends who were still coupled. He stared between Penny's legs and was still amazed how wide her pussy had stretched to accommodate Sheldon's tool.

Completely exhausted, Penny raised up on her knees and let Sheldon's shriveling cock slip out of her cunt. She immediately felt empty and somehow lonely. Sheldon whimpered drowsily, "would you mind getting off of me...I'm sick you know." Before she was entirely off his lap, he had already begun to curl up in the fetal position. Penny used his pajama bottoms to wipe his groin and then pulled the blanket up to cover him.

As she sat on the edge of the bed beside Howard, not even self conscious about her nudity, she realized that her legs were wide apart and Howard was staring as if hypnotized between them. Glancing down she was surprised to see that her cute little slit had been replaced by big wide open hole that resembled a toy-train tunnel; and a river of white fluid was drooling out of the bottom. The only thing that distinguished her pussy from a train tunnel was the color. Her entirely flushed blood vessels had created the most vivid hot-pink tunnel that any toy train aficionado had ever seen. It was as if she could read Howard's perverted mind and she was too exhausted to resist as she lay back on the bed, spread her legs even farther and agreed, "go ahead, whatever you want."

A huge grin on his face, Howard cupped his thumb inside his other four fingers and ever so gently twisted his hand into Penny's widely stretched cunt until it was all the way inside her; wrist deep. Sheldon's cum provided all the lubrication necessary as Howard began to slowly fist fuck Penny. Her body squirmed as Howard increased the speed and she groaned, "oh my fucking God...fuck me Howard...fuck me." He wiggled his fingers inside her, touching her G-spot and every other nerve as her hips bucked against his wrist. He closed his hand and jammed it as far up her as he dared, violently fisting her cunt...his hand sliding in and out with blazing speed.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," was all Penny could say as she felt her cunt spasm around Howard's wrist. Her magnificent legs stuck straight out, she pinched her jellybean nipples until they ached and she flooded Howard's fist with her juices as she experienced a massive orgasm. The combination of the sensory overload, Nyquil, tequila and her fever finally was too much to bear and Penny lost consciousness with Howard's fist still inside her.

Observing that she was still breathing, a grateful Howard removed his hand from her pussy, and proceeded to carry her (with some difficulty), into Leonard's room. She had given him carte-blanche permission to do anything he wanted, so he arranged her nude body flat on her back in a spread eagle position and used his phone to take pictures of her from every possible angle. He took close-ups of her wide open cunt with drops of Sheldon's cum still visible. He fucked her pussy several times, taking "selfies," although he could barely feel it since her hole was still stretched. He licked her cunt and bit her nipples, taking pictures of everything.

He searched Leonard's room; found one of his authentic, authorized and numbered Darth Vader action figures ("stupid Penny would have called it a toy," he muttered to himself) and slid it up Penny's pussy so that just the black head stuck out. He had already thought of a caption for the photo: "Lord Vader emerges from one of space's deepest black-holes," and laughed out loud at his wit. Even though they had an arrangement and he could never show the pictures to anyone, he would always have them for his own enjoyment. If things didn't work out between him and Bernadette, he would be assured of sex with Penny unless she wanted Leonard to see the evidence. Howard was feeling pretty good about things when he finally pulled the covers up over the most perfect nude body he had ever seen and made his way out of Leonard's room. Feeling magnanimous, before he left the apartment Howard placed a bottle of water on the nightstands next to both their beds, knowing that they would be dehydrated when they awoke.

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect but I hope you enjoyed it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. [email protected])


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