Fictional story about fictional characters.

Author's Note: Just for fun: a little sci-fi TBBT story.

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon IS An Alien (alien/human sex, tentacles)
by shaggy77

For months before the actual occurrence, all Penny heard from the "Nerd Four," was talk about the upcoming "convergence." Apparently for one of the only times in recorded history, all of the planets in our solar system would be in alignment; all in a row. She had read that on that date, the ancient Mayan 5126 year calendar would come to an end which, according to some, signaled the end of the world...the Apocalypse...Armageddon. The self proclaimed leader of the four scientists from Cal Tech, two of which were her neighbors, Sheldon Cooper had scoffed at this theory while pointing out that the Mayan calendar did not come to an end, it merely recycled; started over at the beginning. "Not only that," he obnoxiously declared, "but the planets will not truly be in alignment because they are on different planes."

Penny, had very little interest in science, except for Sheldon's roommate Leonard Hofstadter who just happened to be her boyfriend. She had grown up on a farm in Nebraska; always a cheerleader and in the popular crowd and if you had suggested a couple years ago that she would be in love with a bespeckled, nerdy scientist, she would have laughed in your face. Her usually dates were the hunky, muscular jocks; eye candy but mentally deficient types...just the opposite of Leonard. But the truth was, he treated her like a princess, instead of using her and then throwing her away for someone younger and prettier. She was totally contented with her "little nerd" of a boyfriend. He supported her in everything she attempted as she hoped for her big break in the acting business.

Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj Koothrapalli were all Physicists at Cal Tech and the fourth nerd, Howard Wolowitz, was an engineer at the university and had also done design work for NASA, so they were all obsessed with all things related to outer space...even space based science fiction like Star Wars and Star Trek. One evening after Leonard had brought home take-out from Sczheuan Palace and Sheldon had harangued him for not stopping at the Korean deli to purchase the "good" hot mustard, the topic once again swayed to talk of space and Howard wondered, "I wonder if there really is intelligent life in outer space."

Sheldon immediately scolded him, "how can you be so naive and ignorant. The great Stephen Hawking, the only man alive who even approaches my intellectual level, once suggested that we would be incredibly egotistical to think that in the vastness of the universe, we were the only intelligent lifeform."

"I wonder if they would be friendly," Howard suggested.

"Well, from my personal experience," Leonard chuckled, "the quickest way to piss them off is to sit in their spot."

Everyone laughed at one of Sheldon's most recognizable quirks, but defending himself he commented, "oh right, I'm the alien. You (glancing at Leonard) eat one bite of a dairy product and you immediately make the room uninhabitable; and you (nodding at Howard) even sniff a peanut and you blow up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon."

"Think of it though," Howard continued, "he has the perfect cover. A respected scientist with unlimited access to all of Catechu's labs...he despises and shuns human contact, and is the self-proclaimed most intelligent being on earth."

"And don't forget that abnormally large cranium," Leonard laughed.

Raj whispered in Howard's ear and Howard relayed his message: "he stays at a relatively obscure university and in a crappy apartment so as not to draw attention to himself." Raj could not seem to talk in front of attractive Penny.

"Hey, this is my apartment too," Leonard objected..."and it's not so crappy since we got the most desirable neighbor in California."

"Yeah, and that would explain why he really doesn't show any interest in looking at the stars," Penny added, beaming at Leonard's comment, "because he already knows all about them from personal know like that time you all camped out in the desert to record the big meteor shower, and he stayed home." She remembered it well: they had pitched a tent in the desert, away from all ambient light, to watch the Leonid meteor shower and she had fallen in the shower, dislocating her shoulder. Sheldon had stayed home, so she had screamed until he came across the hall to her apartment and taken her to the hospital."

"Yeah, that was strange," Leonard agreed, "why did you stay home Sheldon."

"This is ridiculous and I won't dignify the topic with an answer," Sheldon sulked as he ate his mekrob. The truth was, knowing Sheldon as well as they thought they did, the other three nerds just assumed that he had no interest in the stars except where mathematics and calculations were involved. He was always perfectly content when figuring the distance to a celestial body, or the angles involved in bouncing a laser off the moon and back. He just had never shown any interest in the aesthetics of anything. Penny had once asked him if he liked her hair up or down and he had replied, "why would I care?" He was incapable of looking at a star just for it's beauty...he would immediately calculate how long the light took to reach earth.

In the weeks leading up to the "convergence," Howard, Raj and Leonard made plans for a planet-watching party on the roof of their apartment building. Howard was planning on wiring their most powerful telescope through his laptop so that they could watch, what little there actually was to see, on a television screen. Chairs and tables were lugged up to the roof in preparation and they all agreed to bring some refreshments. Howard, of course, invited his girlfriend Bernadette who worked part time at the Cheesecake Factory with Penny. She had a doctorate in microbiology that she financed by working as a waitress.

It seemed strange, but as the event drew closer Sheldon seemed to have even less interest in the occurrence or the party. Penny thought he was acting more odd than usual: he seemed to "zone out" frequently, especially when they brought up the planetary alignment. The others dismissed her concern and assured her that he was just "being Sheldon." On a couple of occasions he had even failed to harangue her for not knocking before entering the apartment.

The evening of the event was a typically cool December night as the three nerds and Bernadette and Penny gathered on the roof of the apartment building. Penny had brought a comforter for her and Leonard to snuggle under as they lay in a chaise lounge chair star gazing. He explained that the solar maximum was thought to be an interaction between Earth and a black-hole. The science really didn't interest her, but she thought he was so cute the way he explained it to her. He did pique her interest however when he pointed to the brightest star in the sky and told her that it wasn't a star at all, but rather the sun's light reflecting off the planet Venus. "You mean that's really another planet that I'm looking at," she inquired incredulously.

"That's right," he smiled, "and it is the planet that reminds me of you. It was named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love."

She cuddled against him under the comforter, kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "you old sweet talker...later tonight you'll be gazing at a different type of heavenly body." As the event grew nearer, Sheldon had not even put in an appearance on the roof and Penny grew worried about their egotistic friend. "I'm going to run down and check on Sheldon," she declared, "he's been acting weird lately."

"How can you tell," Howard joked, and everyone chuckled.

"She's right," Leonard agreed, kissing her on the cheek, "I made oatmeal on French Toast day and he didn't even invoke the Roommate Agreement. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have a friend like you Penny."

Bounding down the stairs with her usual enthusiasm, Penny burst into 4 A (without knocking) and called out, "Moonpie, are you OK...your presence is requested on the roof."

She heard the expected reply, "only my Meemaw calls me Moonpie," but it was as if the words were coming from inside her head and not from someplace in the apartment. And then, "I'm in my bedroom...I need you to join me." Walking into Sheldon's inner sanctum, she found him just standing there in his bathrobe; a blank stare on his face. "Come in and close the door," she heard the words but could have sworn his lips never moved. She did as he requested and it seemed like she had no choice but to obey.

"Hello Penny...thank you for heeding my call," and this time she was certain his lips didn't move.

"You didn't call, I was just worried about you," and now she was sure her lips had not moved either; and yet they were communicating. "Oh my God this is weird...what the Hell is going on," she screamed in her head. She saw Sheldon blink and his eyes were now a cat's eyes...and his eyelids had blinked vertically instead of horizontally.

"You came because I summoned you. Do not be alarmed, we are communicating telepathically instead of verbally, like you are accustomed," he passed his thoughts to her.

Penny felt frightened, but her free will was rapidly draining from her consciousness and she was unable to turn and run. As she stood in front of her strange friend, Penny suddenly became completely calm and willing to follow all his suggestions or commands. "That's more like it," Sheldon thought, "you will follow my instructions and no harm will come to you. Please remove all your clothing."

Not even questioning his motives, Penny began to undress without any embarrassment or hesitation. She pulled her University of Nebraska sweatshirt over her head and her wonderful 35 C breasts jiggled as she threw the garment aside. She had not bothered wearing a bra because she knew she was going to sleep with Leonard that night after their star gazing date. Her tits were a study in perfection: large round pink areola surrounding large, gumdrop sized nipples. They barely sagged when she went without support and Leonard had commented that he could probably bounce a quarter off them.

She kicked off the fuzzy slippers she had worn to the roof and swiftly lowered her jeans and thong all in one motion, before tugging them off her feet and tossing them to join her sweatshirt. Her pubic area was completely bald with a puffy, prominent mound surrounding her visible slit. It was your perfect camel-toe, made even more prominent by her classic thigh gap. Long slender legs completed the picture of a teenage boy's wet dream.

She heard Sheldon's voice in her head, "your wide hips are perfect for child-bearing."

"OK," she thought back, not knowing how to respond to his comment.

When she looked up, Sheldon's skin had become more pale and appeared need scaly. He reminded Penny of a character in a movie she had once watched with Leonard where David Bowie had portrayed an alien living on earth. She couldn't remember the name of it (Ziggy Stardust), but it wasn't one of her favorites. He dropped his robe revealing his naked body and her attention was naturally drawn to his groin. She shouted in her head, "I knew it...that explains the baby-soft skin and the lack of facial hair: Sheldon is a girl." Where his penis should have been, there was an indentation. Not exactly a hole, but some kind of opening. His body, of course, was devoid of any hair.

Sheldon's mind corrected her, "not a girl, extraterrestrial alien of this planet. I have been on Earth for over five hundred of your years, inhabiting many bodies in that time. You see my planet was doomed to extinction and we left to find refuge on other worlds."

"Oh you mean like Superman," she offered.

"Quite," he responded non-verbally, "only our mission has nothing to do with preventing crime. Our sole concern is to guarantee the continued existence of our species. We are not here to conquer Earth...merely to survive. Which brings me to why you are here. We can only procreate during the solar will bear my offspring. Tonight I will plant my seed in your womb and in 140 days you will give birth to another generation of my kind. You will raise him as your own until he ventures out on his own. He will be virtually no trouble and will be as you put it "potty trained" before he reaches his first birthday. Of course he will be of incredibly superior intelligence."

"Wait...what," Penny's mind reeled. "What about Leonard...what do I tell him. I think he is in love with me...and maybe I am with him."

"Do not concern yourself," Sheldon calmed her. "Remember, I can read minds and I am certain that nothing will please Leonard more than having a child with you. He will make you an excellent mate. Leonard is extremely loyal and although not in my level, he is actually quite intelligent. He is indeed in love with you and since you met he has never even looked at another female with lust. Also, you are indeed in love with him, and I can assure you that he will make an excellent mate and provider. If he ever needs any assistance in that regard, I will create an opportunity for him."

"But you said in 140 days...that's like... half the time it takes to have a baby," Penny wondered.

"That's correct. My species is advanced in every way; including the gestation period. merely tell Leonard that you have been pregnant for some time and were afraid to tell him. Trust me...he will be overjoyed," Sheldon advised her.

"You may have something," she agreed, "Leonard has joked that if we ever had babies, they would be both beautiful and intelligent. I just never thought that far ahead. How does this work, Sheldon, since you have no penis."

He leaned over, opened his mouth and breathed a light mist into her face and Penny felt immediately aroused. From the indentation between his legs, what can only be described as, two tentacles began to grow. They were gray in color with raised ridges every few centimeters and completely covered with randomly spaced nodules. They reminded Penny of elephants trunks because they were completely flexible and ended with a wide opening. "The nodules secrete a substance that will stimulate your sexual arousal and lubricate your canals," Sheldon thought, "this will all but ensure your fertilization. There are two appendages so as to completely stimulate you. There is a 99.9 % chance of success because my seed will be deposited directly onto the eggs in your womb."

As the ashen tentacles continued to grow, Sheldon's hands had transformed into webbed ones with only three fingers. Attached to each finger were tiny suction cups that Penny thought resembled the ones found on the tree-frogs at the zoo. Sheldon gently reached forward and attached the suction cup fingers to her incredible breasts, actually sucking her nipples into the receptacles. "Oh my," Penny thought as she could feel her crotch becoming moist. The three webbed fingers kneaded her sensitive flesh while sucking on her gumdrops and she could feel her knees begin to wobble. Sheldon's white skin and reptilian eyes should have frightened her, but she felt completely at ease and open to the stimulation.

Penny automatically shifted her incredibly long legs, spreading them far apart as she stood facing Sheldon. The tentacles had grown to nearly four feet in length, but were vastly different in width. The smaller of the two appendages seemed to be about as big around as a pepperoni stick, and was now extending around Penny's slender waist and nudging against her perfectly round ass cheeks. It was indeed self-lubricating as it pushed its way between her firm, but fleshy orbs and pressed against her anus. Slowly and steadily the slippery snake began to penetrate her sphincter ring and work its way up into her ass hole. "Oh shit," Penny's mind reacted to the anal stimulation as it slid further up her brown tunnel.

The larger tentacle, which must have been eight inches in circumference, tickled her puffy mound as it searched for her slit. Delicately separating her fleshy mound, the blunt tip found her slit and started to slide up into her moist hole. The ridges and nodules stimulated her inner flesh and she could feel every inch of her pussy tingle from the secretions of the pseudo-cock. She had serviced a couple large cocks in her life, but nothing like the girth of Sheldon's tentacle. As it penetrated deeper into her cunt, she could feel her walls expanding to accommodate it and it felt like she was being split apart. Deeper and deeper into her cunt the alien cock wriggled; far up into her belly.

Her cunt lips were stretched to their extreme and the sensation of the nodules and ridges rubbing and scraping the entire length of her pussy was indescribable. The lubricating secretion was also a stimulus and Penny's body was writhing in ecstasy as the alien cocks fucked her. "Oh my fucking God," she actually screamed out loud, "fuck me...fuck my fucking cunt...fuck me." She would have collapsed onto the floor if the tentacles had not been holding her up. Penny felt delirious as the appendages wriggled and squirmed inside her. She had never been so aroused as the alien cocks slithered in her holes, her body in a constant state of orgasm. "Fuck me...fuck me...stretch my fucking cunt...jam those fucking cocks into me," she screeched as the tentacles actually lifted her up off the floor; fucking her holes as she was suspended in mid air.

She was certain that at some point she had lost consciousness as her aroused body flailed in the air, the suction cup fingers sucking on her engorged nipples. The appendage stretching her pussy had reached her cervix and extended a smaller tube-like appendage up into her uterus, which was now forcible squirting its seed up her fallopian tubes and directly onto her ovaries. Fertilization was all but assured. Sheldon passed his thought to her, " are now carrying my offspring...I hope you realize what a privilege that is."

Suddenly realizing what that meant, Penny begged, "please don't stop fucking me..please...I need more." She had never before been double-penetrated and the novel sensation was driving her crazy. It was nearly too much simultaneous stimulation for her to comprehend and she actually began to drool as she lost control. Her cunt muscles began to spasm as she attempted to grip the huge invader as it slithered in and out of her hole. Feeling the two alien cocks slide against each other inside her, sometimes in unison and sometimes in opposite directions caused Penny to convulse in pure ecstasy and her voice became a high pitched squeal, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," and then just a long screech, "ahhhhhhhhhhhh."

Finally her body went limp from exhaustion and Sheldon's tentacles lay her gently on his bed. "Luscious," was the comment she heard in her head as she felt the appendages begin to shrink and slide out of her holes and retract back into Sheldon's groin. Looking down she saw that her cunt was not the slit she was used to, but rather a wide open hole with her cum dribbling out.

Sheldon spoke inside her head, "the only part of this you will remember will be the suggestions I implant in your cerebral cortex. You will think Leonard is the best lover you have ever had."

Her thoughts interrupted him," actually he IS the best lover I have ever had...because he cares about me. All the others have been wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am...and there haven't been nearly as many as you seem to think. I think I would be perfectly happy with Leonard as my only lover for the rest of my life...he's actually quite well endowed."

Again inside her head, "I have scanned your brain and you are correct: I would have estimated many more lovers in your past...I apologize. You will raise the child as if it were yours and Leonard's. Of course, you will have no memory otherwise. I will be there for his intellectual offense to Leonard, who is very intelligent for a human. Now please get dressed, return to the roof and send the other female, Bernadette, down to me. She will not refuse as I will summon her as well. Thank you for the use of your womb."

Penny swiftly put her clothes back on, climbed the stairs to the roof and told Bernadette that she thought Sheldon would join them if she asked him to. Penny crawled back under the comforter with Leonard and wondered why she was so exhausted and horny. She whispered in his ear, "I hope this planet thingy is over soon because I want you...also, I have something kinda important to tell you."

Suddenly, as if in a trance, Bernadette announced, "I'm going down to talk to Sheldon."

"Don't be too convincing," laughed Howard.

Entering Sheldon's apartment, Bernadette went straight to his room as if being guided by some internal GPS system. Finding Sheldon standing in the middle of his bedroom dressed in his bathrobe (his appearance had reverted to normal), she blurted out in familiar Bernadette fashion, "quit whining about whatever it is that's bothering you and get up to the roof. Your friends have gone to a lot of trouble for this celestial event."

Suddenly a total calm spread over her entire body and she could hear Sheldon's voice inside her head, "thank you for coming Bernadette, now if you would be so kind as to remove your clothing." Without a second's hesitation she unbuttoned her pink sweater and flung it to the floor, followed by her quite plain print dress. Kicking off her shoes into the pile, she reached behind her and unclasped her lacy, but sturdy, white bra. Shrugging it off her shoulders and down her pale arms, her gigantic 38 D breasts flopped out onto her chest. They seemed even larger because she was barely five feet tall. Sheldon's voice invading her head again, "excellent...your mammary glands will provide much sustenance for my offspring."

Glancing up she should have been shocked to see that Sheldon's face was now even paler and seemingly scaly and his eyes had taken on a reptilian appearance, but she wasn't. She merely asked, and realized she wasn't speaking, "what exactly is going on here."

"I know you have an aversion to children, but I sense a strong maternal instinct in you. How else would you tolerate Howard. As I'm sure you have surmised by now, you are completely under my telepathic control, and you may have also guessed that I am not of this earth. I am of a species alien to this planet and I seek viable eggs and a welcoming womb to continue my species. We are only able to procreate during what you call the celestial event, which is why you are here. Momentarily I will implant my seed directly onto your egg and you will be pregnant with my offspring. You and Howard will raise the child as your own. The only difference you will notice will be the rapid development of the child, and a shortened gestation period. You are both scientist's so I'm sure you can explain to Howard that birth control is not foolproof and sometimes tests are faulty and babies are born prematurely."

"Very well," Bernadette thought as she rolled down her dark brown panty hose along with her very modest panties. She was, of course, not surprised in the least at the revelation that Sheldon was an alien. As she stood nude in front of Sheldon, totally unselfconscious, she was a tiny beauty. Her enormous tits hung on her chest, capped by large brown areola and even darker jelly bean sized nipples. With her short legs spread, her incredibly long labia hung down nearly three inches and the left one sported a bright gold labia ring. "A souvenir of a drunken sorority party," she felt the compulsion to explain.

"I see," Sheldon thought, "it shouldn't hinder our task." He let his robe fall to the floor and Bernadette's eyes widened when she observed his lack of genitalia. There was not even time for her to form an opinion before his two slate shaded tentacles began to emerge and grow from his crotch. "You will notice that there are ribs and protrusions on my reproductive appendages," he nodded, "these will add to your pleasure and stimulation. The nodules secrete a lubricating substance that will also stimulate and arouse you; as will the penetration of both your orifices. My seed will be directly streamed up your Fallopian tubes."

Bernadette noticed now that Sheldon's hands had transformed into those resembling the Gray Tree Frog. There were suction cups on his three fingers and she knew that species of frog was capable of changing color from green to gray or yellow, for camouflage. His thoughts suggested, "due to your height, this may be easier if you were to lay on my bed during the process." Without comment she clambered up on his bed, wondering if any female had ever been there before. The sepia tentacles continued to grow and she found herself mesmerized as they waved in the air, wondering how long they would get..

Her huge breasts flattened out on her sides like oversized water balloons and she watched as his webbed fingers attached themselves to her fleshy bags. "Mmmm," her mind moaned as her aroused nipples were sucked into the suction cups. Sheldon massaged her tits as they undulated against her chest. Bernadette spread her shapely legs wide and bent her knees, inviting the flexible appendages to penetrate her. Sheldon's mind suggested that she wedge a pillow underneath herself to make access to her holes easier. The smaller one snaked its way across the bedspread, separating her ample ass cheeks and began to wedge itself into her ass hole. Immediately the lubricant began to stimulate her sex drive and made her skin tingle. "Holy shit," her mind screamed as the alien snake inched its way up her rear tunnel, and the suction cups kneaded her tits.

The hormones secreted by the nodules were absorbed into her blood stream and Bernadette's body craved sexual release. She reached down between her legs, grasped her elongated labia and spread them wide, opening her pussy to better accommodate Sheldon's penetration. The larger tentacle was wider than a soup can and Bernadette knew that she had never been fucked by anything that large. "Do it," her mind urged, "stretch my pussy."

As soon as the gray alien limb made contact with her opening, a hot, tingling sensation spread up the entire length of her tunnel, courtesy of the lubricating stimulant. "Holy shit," she verbally blurted out as her hips began to circle on the pillow. Slowly, the giant alien cock pushed into her cunt, spreading her hole wider than it had ever been. Bernadette lifted her head to look down between her breast mounds and watch the monstrous invader slither up into her pussy. She released her lips and marveled as the gigantic gray snake penetrated her tight opening and pushed her labia up inside her. Her cunt was being stretched beyond imagination and Bernadette threw her head back against the bed and screeched, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me."

The farther up her tunnel the immense probe advanced, the more stimulating fluid it spread, until it felt like her cunt was on fire. The giant tentacle expanded, contracted and undulated inside her pussy like a huge anaconda, and Bernadette was aroused more than she would ever be. Feeling both of her holes being penetrated and stretched and assaulted simultaneously, she wailed, "holy fucking shit...fuck my fucking holes...jam those fucking cocks into me...fuck me...fuck me." The muscles lining her pussy began to spasm; trying to grip the slippery shaft inside her. Her tiny body writhed in ecstasy on the bed as the alien Sheldon continued to fuck her, stretching her cunt even wider.

He reasoned that it was logical to please his subject since he was using her womb to incubate his offspring. He stood by the bed watching his tentacles shove up into her pussy and ass, her huge tits sloshing up and down on her chest. He had to admit he was fascinated by the way her long pussy lips gripped his appendage as it slid in and out of her vagina. Deep inside her belly Bernadette could feel a tickling sensation and Sheldon assured her in her mind, "your egg is now being fertilized...the procedure is a success."

Learning from his previous experience with Penny, alien Sheldon continued to fuck Bernadette. Her body writhed and squirmed as the alien cocks stretched her holes by expanding inside her. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed as it felt like she was experiencing one continuous climax. She thrashed on the bed, thrusting her pelvis upward in an attempt to get greater penetration. Reading her mind, Sheldon extended the giant cock, allowing it to bump against her cervix. He expanded its girth, stretching her cunt and fucking her even harder, scraping her clit with the ridges and nodules. Bernadette felt like her pussy was going to explode and she screamed, "holy fucking shit...stretch my fucking cunt...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me."

When Sheldon reattached his suction cup fingers to her engorged nipples, the additional stimulation was excessive and Bernadette lost consciousness for several seconds. When she awoke, Sheldon's tentacles were slithering out of her holes and receding back into his body. He gradually was regaining his normal appearance and communicating to her, "you will remember nothing of this encounter...only what suggestions I have implanted in your brain. You will return to the roof with your friends and tell them I may join the group later. Thank you for the use of your womb."

Feeling in a daze or some sort of trance, Bernadette swiftly dressed and ascended the stairs to the roof, where she relayed his message. Putting her arm around the effeminate Howard, she asked, "are there any pickles here...I have a craving."

(This story was just for fun...thanks for reading. [email protected])


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