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Big Bang Theory: The Career Recalibration (Fb,oral,anal,voy)
by Neenah

Penny's acting career was going no-where; she'd moved to California from the Mid-West with the hope of getting lots of gigs on television and the movies which would make her wealthy and famous. But after several years in Pasadena her only paying acting job had been an advert for haemorrhoid cream and even that had only played for a month before being pulled by the company who'd rethought their strategy and gone for a funnier campaign with talking pink cartoon horses.

Her personal life wasn't much better; she had been dating Leonard Hofstadter, a brilliant if geeky scientist (even if he wasn't as brilliant or geeky as his roommate Sheldon), but his wiener had been tiny and his technique had consisted of slowly moving up and down whilst grappling with his asthma inhaler and so Penny had ended it whilst still keeping him as a friend.

She needed to change her life and she had found a way to do it. She got out of the cab and paid the driver before walking a few feet down the sidewalk and entering a small office building. She gave her name to a receptionist and the company she was going to see and the receptionist pointed to the elevator and told her the floor. Penny entered it and pressed the floor number - she felt both nervous and excited as the door opened and she stepped out into the lobby of Shota Angels - one of the biggest agents for Shota pornography boy stars and women they banged. Penny had seen an advert for it in the back of a magazine aimed at aspiring, but not successful actors, and after a few days thinking she had decided to go for it - she loved screwing in new and adventurous ways, and everyone knew that the boys in Shota films might be young, but they were also massively hung. The pay looked good, much better than waitressing in the Cheesecake Factory and whilst it wouldn't be as challenging acting wise as doing Shakespeare for Branagh (or even the Avengers for Whedon) it was still movies of a sort.

Penny looked round the lobby of Shota Angels - on the walls were a number of posters and stills from Shota movies the company had been involved in - sexy women getting banged by huge dicked young boys, the women gobbling a big schlong or squealing in excitement as their front or (and) back holes were penetrated by the large members or sitting cum covered as the boys jacked their jizm over them. There were others seated on the sofas of the waiting area - sexy young women or busty Moms, some new, some established performers - also the Shota stars themselves, sitting with their Moms or older sisters, reading or talking or looking bored as they hung round the lobby. Penny took another long look at one of the boys sitting near her - his pants had a big lump at the top of his thighs, almost so big it threatened to break out. She looked at the other boys, they all seemed as well endowed. It made Penny pussy itch with excitement and hope that soon she'd be returning to having big dick in her having put up with a tiny one for two long. She walked over to the women behind the desk and introduced herself.

The women at the reception said, "Penny. Yes, Mr Morgan is expecting you. Take a seat and I'll call you in a minute."

Penny took a seat and waited. She had barely got comfortable when the women at the front desk answered her phone and then looked at Penny, "Mr Morgan will see you now." She gave directions to the office.

Penny followed them and entered Mr Morgan's office. The agent was in his forties, wearing a suit and tie. He wasn't alone, there was a ten year old boy sitting on one of the sofas off to the side and reading a comic. Penny was momentarily surprised that he wasn't wearing any pants and that his ten inch schlong was dangling between his legs. She looked at him for a moment, mentally devouring the big dick on his thin body - he ignored her and carried on reading his comic. Penny turned back to Mr Morgan, who told her to take a seat opposite him. Once she had done so, he leant forward on his desk and looked her over - Penny was glad she had chosen a low cut top and tiny pair of shorts, which showed her sexy legs. "So you want to do Shota?"

Penny nodded, "Yes. I do."

Mr Morgan continued to look at her, "You look good, but let's see what's underneath."

"You want me to get naked?" Penny blushed.

"You're not going to be much good in Shota porn if you're shy," said Mr Morgan.

"Sorry," said Penny mentally kicking herself for being so naive "I'm not shy," she added and stood up. She pulled off her top, she wasn't wearing a bra so her titties bounced free. She jiggled them for Mr Morgan who looked at them and nodded slowly. He made a downward sign with his finger that Penny thought meant to take down her shorts. She undid them pulling them all the way down to her ankles and stepping out of them. She straightened up and then removed her thong, showing her smooth pussy.

Mr Morgan looked her up and down, "Turn round slowly."

Penny did as he asked, turning in a circle. The boy had put down his comic and was looking at her - Penny was glad to see that his flaccid dick had straightened and hardened as he looked at her. She carried on moving slowly round, ending facing Mr Morgan. He paused, his eyes carrying on looking at her, before he moved his head so he could see the boy behind her and addressed him, "So Billy, what do you think?"

Ten year old Billy replied, "I think she's hot - her ass is really round and fuckable and her boobies are that great mix of bouncy firmness without being too big or saggy. And her pussy is making my penis hard."

Mr Morgan nodded in agreement with Billy "She's a possibility," he said to the boy before turning back to address the naked Penny, "I see you've done acting." The blonde nodded as Mr Morgan continued, "Ever done nudity or sex scenes in front of a crew?"

"No," said Penny, then recalling her earlier mistake about getting naked she quickly added, "but it won't be a problem."

"Good," said Mr Morgan, "Let's see what your performance is like, I want to watch you have sex with Billy."

"When? Where? Here?" asked Penny in confusion.

"Yes," replied Mr Morgan impatiently, "I thought you said it wouldn't be a problem?"

"It isn't," replied Penny. She gave a trademarked Penny smile to show she was happy, "I just wasn't expecting it."

"Well, get to it, I haven't got all day," said Mr Morgan as if a young woman having sex in his office with a well hung ten year old was a regular occurrence.

Penny turned towards Billy, he was waiting expectantly, sitting on the couch with his comic closed beside him. The boy's cock had stiffened up to be near ten inches of pumping muscle, which he was stroking as he waited for her. Penny turned briefly back to Mr Morgan, "What do you want me to do?"

"Impress me and make Billy cum," said the agent, "I don't care how."

Penny turned back, Billy's thick slab of meat was making her horny, her slit itching with desire. She got down on her knees in front of him and pushed his hand away from the member, leaving it free for her own tongue to move up and down. As she licked round the humongous member her hand slid down to between her legs and she began to finger her slit, teasing it open and readying it for the big cock. It soon began to juice up as her tongue went round the hard rod and lubricated it as well. She moved up and round the tip, licking the head and pressing her tongue over the eyelet and then down his huge member to the smooth boy balls in his large sack, her tongue sliding over the flesh and round and below the sack. Her head moved up and she opened her mouth, sliding it down over the supersized schlong and bringing her mouth down. Up and down, she went, sucking his rock hard member slowly and seductively, succulently playing with the dick.

Billy groaned in pleasure, "That's good, Penny, suck my big dick."

Penny carried on, she was hoping Mr Morgan was as impressed as the boy, but she didn't dare look, concentrating on sucking the cock, moving her head up and down and positioning herself so that the member slammed hard into the side of her cheek.

She pulled her head back, shaking her blonde hair, she didn't want Billy to cum yet; she had a feeling that Mr Morgan wanted to see more than a blow job and, from her point of view, she wanted his big dick in another hole. She stood up and smiled, "Lie back, Billy," she said, "because I'm going to ride you like you're in the Kentucky Derby."

He lay back, his schlong sticking straight up. Penny pulled apart her labia and lowered herself over him. The cock was thick and wide, pushing at her tight pussy walls as it entered. She moaned and moved herself slowly up and down the big dick, enjoying the feel of it spreading her walls. Slowly she came down further so her legs were either side of his, her knees on the couch and her hands next to his face. His body was so small she felt like she was crushing him, his schlong was so big she felt like he was spearing her. She moved up and down, riding his big dick.

"Oh, oh, oh, " she cried in excited pleasure as his dick pounded at her G-spot. Orgasmic pleasure flowed through her, more strongly as she sped up and came down more vigorously. Her titties bounced and jiggled, and he was grinning as they wiggled just inches over his face. She came down harder, making them bounce for him. "Oh, oh, oh."

"Come on Penny," Billy gasped his hands reaching up to squeeze at her boobies, "Work harder, remember you're a slut."

"Oh, oh, oh," squealed Penny. She moved harder and faster, working her body until she was sweating. The cock pounded deep into her, stretching apart her lips and then opening her hole, it went far up her, ramming hard at her G-spot and making her quiver and shudder with ecstasy. But exciting though it was it was also time to change position if she wanted to impress Mr Morgan and show she should be on his books as Shota girl. She forced herself up, reluctantly unimpaling herself from the huge schlong, which was wet with her juice.

She turned and walked over to a bit of free floorspace, sparing a quick glance for Mr Morgan, who was nodding and looking at least semi-impressed. The blonde lay down on the floor and spread her legs, "Your turn for exercising."

"That sounds good," said Billy. He got off the couch and pulled of his top so that he was as naked as she was and then clambered onto her, "Let me in, I'm going to screw your ass off."

Penny groaned, "oooh," as Billy's large dick was pushed into her waiting hole, the big boner easing it way down her slick cunthole. He began to rise and fall, thrusting his schlong deep into her slot, whacking his member at her G-spot. The blonde gasped in pleasure, her body bending in pleasure as the orgasmic ecstasy flowed through her. The small ass of the boy went up and down, Penny grabbed it and felt his firm buttcheeks in her hands. "Oooh, ooooh, give it me, give it me you big dicked stud..."

His head buried itself in her cleavage, his sweaty hair tickling at the sides and his tongue slurping at her skin. All the time his buttocks were going up and down like a piston, whacking his massive meat deep into her and making Penny cry out in pleasure, "Oooh, ooohh, yes, ooohhhh, give it me good."

It had been so long since she'd had a dick this big that she was tempted to let him carry on, but there was one more position she wanted to do to show Mr Morgan that she could be a hit on the Shota scene and was ready to be fucked by other boys. She pushed Billy up, "I want to do anal now, you up for it?"

"Yes," the ten year old nodded excitedly.

"Let me suck that dick again, make it nice and slippery," said Penny. She got on her knees and as Billy stood up she took his large meatpole between her lips again and began to suck it. At the same time she pushed a finger into her ass. The schlong tasted of her juice, but she soon had that licked away. She took the prick as far into her mouth as she dared without choking, feeling it press against the far end of her mouth and tickle at her tonsils. Her head went back and then forward, sucking the prick and leaving it soaked with her spit.

But it was her ass she was concerned about. No matter how well lubricated her spit made Billy's dick it would be useless unless her ass was ready to receive him. She carried on fingering her shitter, pushing her finger in and moving it around so that she opened. As it stretched she added a second finger, forcing the digit up her poophole and readying it for the big dick in her mouth. Finally she was satisfied that it was as open and ready as it was going to be without a toy to help (and also if she carried on sucking Billy he might cum in her mouth before banging her butt).

She looked up at Billy "Come on, I want your meat in my shithole, and I want it bad."

She swivelled onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass towards Mr Morgan as Billy moved round behind her. The boy's small hands gripped hold off her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Penny cried out in pleasure as he began to push his huge member into her anus. It filled the hole, stretching it out even further than the fingers and making her moan with pleasure, even as it made her eyes water, "Give it me. Give it me hard up my ass. Give me your big manhood."

Billy carried on pumping, every thrust pushing his big dick further into her shitter and slowly opening the tight hole further. Penny grunted and groaned, moving with his thrusts and enjoying ever second of the massive meat anally penetrating her, it reminded her of all the good sex she'd been missing whilst she had been dating Leonard - though hopefully the drought was coming to an end and this was the first pooper stretchings of many. "OOOohhh, give it me harder, stick it all in."

"Yes," grunted Billy in reply and returned to pounding her butt with vigour. Soon he was balls deep in her ass, the smooth sacks slapping at her cheeks as the ten-inch prong slammed all the way in. He grunted and snarled as he fucked her faster, making Penny squeal with pleasure as she was anally opened.

"Give me dick, I want your massive prick, give it me all," she called out, "ooooh."

"Yes," said Billy.

His schlong slammed deep into her, vigorously ramming her open. He was speeding up, moving like a piston into her shithole, making her cum repeatedly. She shrieked in orgasm. Billy carried on, his big dick on his small body violating her ass in the most pleasurable way imaginable. Penny shook as she came, "Oooh, ooohh, oooohhh myyyy... oooohhh."

"I'm going to cum," grunted Billy.

"On my face," squealed Penny.

Billy pulled himself out and Penny instantly spun round so she was facing him and Mr Morgan. Billy jacked at his huge dong a few times and then it blew, covering Penny's face and naked chest with his sticky goo. It dripped down, her slithering down over her chin and over her tits, slipping down from the nipples and from the tip of her nose, the goo covering her lips and belly. She licked at it - it was salty.

Billy walked away from her back to his seat. Penny watched him for a second, disappointed that he was finished. Then she stood up and took her seat opposite Mr Morgan. He was smiling as he passed her a baby wipe and she began to rub away some of the cum. "How was it?" she asked nervously.

"Quiet a performance, I think we're going to make you a star."


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