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Big Bang Theory: The New Years Eve Alcohol Syndrome
by Muhabba

Stuart finished hanging the last of the New Year's Eve decorations and headed over to the food table. He'd had to move all the comics to one side of the floor, by.himself, to make room for the table and the dozen or so chairs. He looked around at all the work he had done, by himself, and sighed as he ran his fingers through his short, wiry hair. "What am I doing?" he muttered to himself as he pulled out a flask from his back pocket and took a swig. "Nobody's going to come," he whined before taking another swig. His eyes glanced over the food table and the large bowl of punch in the center. "Might as well enjoy myself then," he mumbled before dumping the flask out into the bowl.

* * *

Leonard's eyes glanced over at the clock on the wall before calling out to his roommate, "Come on, Sheldon. We're going to be late.' He sat down in his usual chair and looked over at his two friends, Howard and Raj, engrossed in their phones. "Come on, guys, put those away. We have to get Penny and head down to the comic book store." They both acted like they hadn't even heard him as he called back, "Come on, Sheldon. We're running behind."

Tall, lanky Sheldon Cooper finally emerged from his room and sat on his usual spot in the couch. "I don't see why you're in such a hurry," he said as he began putting on his shoes.

"I don't want to be late," Leonard answered.

Sheldon finished tying his shoes as he looked up. "Late? Why would you be worried about being late? Based on precious social engagements it's unlikely Penny is even dressed yet."

"I'll help her dress," Howard said with a lecherous grin as he stood up and tucked his phone away. He was nearly a foot shorter than Sheldon and dressed in a button up shirt over a turtleneck and slacks.

The painfully shy Raj stood up between Howard and Sheldon and straightened his sweater vest. "I think we could find her a nice outfit to wear," he said helpfully, completely missing Howard's sexual overtones. "Although I hope she dresses warmly, it's supposed to be chilly tonight."

Howard stared at Raj in disbelief. "Yes. Let's hope the incredibly hot blond dresses in layers," he said sarcastically.

"Penny can dress herself, Howard," Leonard said as he stood up and headed to the front door. "Let's go."

"I still don't see what the big rush is," Sheldon continued as he exited his apartment. "Your girlfriend only lives across the hall."

"I just don't want to be the last one there," Leonard answered as he walked over to Penny's front door and then stepped to the side. "Sheldon, would you like to do the honors," he said with a smirk, indulging his friend's OCD.

"I don't see what you're smirking about," Sheldon said as he briskly knocked three times on Penny's door.

"Penny," Howard called out with a smirk before Sheldon could.

Sheldon glared at Howard before once again knocking briskly three times on Penny's door.

"Penny," Raj called out, trying not to laugh as Sheldon glared at him as well.

Sheldon buffed and briskly knocked three times once again.

"Penny," Leonard snickered.

"Oh, come on. That's just immature," Sheldon said as he crossed his arms across his skinny chest.

Penny's door opened and she stood in the doorway. Sheldon had been right about her not being dressed yet since she appeared to have just gotten out of the shower. She was dripping wet and wearing only baggy shorts and a white spaghetti strap T-shirt. The water covering her tan body had turned her shirt nearly transparent, her pink nipples clearly visible as her large breasts stretched the thin material.

The geeky friends stared in undisguised lust at Penny's nearly exposed chest except for Sheldon who bent down to whisper into Leonard's ear, "See, I told you she wouldn't be ready."

"Oh, hey, guys," Penny said as she held her door open, oblivious as always to the effect she had on the men. Her large tits jiggled slightly as she held her arm out into her apartment. "Come in," she said as she turned around and strutted into her messy home, "I was just getting dressed."

Howard hungrily licked his lips and followed Penny's ass into her apartment as his friends followed him. As Sheldon closed the door behind him Penny pushed Howard out of her bedroom. "I can help myself," she said in frustration before heading back into her room and slamming the door behind her. The door failed to latch and slowly swung back open a few inches, allowing Howard a clear line of sight inside.

With Penny out of the room Raj could speak, his nervousness around girls on hold when they weren't within eyesight. He looked meekly over at Sheldon and Leonard and then down at his feet not noticing Howard pressed against Penny's bedroom door. "Guys, I've got a confession to make."

In her bedroom facing away from the door, Penny took off her tight T-shirt revealing her graceful back and a great deal of golden side-boob to Howard.

"What's that, Raj?" Leonard asked.

As Howard looked on, Penny bent at the waist to pull her shorts down and unknowingly revealing her thick, tan ass to him as he began rubbing his now hard cock through his pants.

Raj looked sheepishly down at his shoes. "Well Stuart's e-vite said we could invite a friend if we wanted."

Grabbing a towel from her bed, Penny began drying her hair and causing her thick ass to jiggle slightly and her large breasts to sway from side to side, giving Howard peeks of her breasts from around her back. "Oh mama," Howard whispered to himself.

Raj couldn't look his friends in the eyes, especially Sheldon, as he continued talking. "And I thought that since we're all friends and we're all ready going together that I could invite somebody else too."

Penny bent at the waist and began drying up one of her well formed legs, her ass pointing straight at Howard her large breasts dangling and jiggling wildly. Howard smiled widely as he pulled his stiff prick out of his pants.

Leonard patted Raj affectionately on the shoulder. "I'm sure Stuart won't mind. Who'd you invite?"

Finishing with her other shapely leg, Penny threw the towel haphazardly on the floor and picked up a bright pink thong. With her heart shaped ass pointed high in the air she slipped it on and pulled it up as Howard jacked off behind her door.

Raj continued looking sheepishly at his feet as he meekly confessed, "Kripke."

"Howard!" Penny shouted as she finally spotted him out of the corner of her eye.

"Kripke?" Sheldon said in barely concealed revulsion.

"Howard?" Leonard said over his shoulder wondering why Penny had shouted it.

"Asshole!" Penny shrieked as she stormed towards her bedroom door, her large tits swaying back and forth.

"My mortal enemy," Sheldon said to Raj in disbelief.

Leonard looked back at Sheldon and said, "He's not your mortal enemy," before turning hid head back in the direction of Penny's shouts. "Howard, what are you doing?" He called out.

"Being a pervert freak!" Penny shouted before slamming her door shut.

"No, wait don't..." Howard started to plead right before the door slammed against his cock.

Leonard walked over towards Howard who was bent over in pain. "What are you doing?" he asked in exasperation.

"Just a misunderstanding," Howard said as he slipped his cock back into his pants before anyone could see it.

Penny quickly opened her door now wearing a purple spaghetti strap tank-top with a pink bra underneath as well as a knee length pink skirt and purple heels. "He was peeking into my bed room again," she angrily told Leonard.

"Howard, stop peeping in on my girlfriend, please," Leonard told Howard. "Now apologize to Penny or we're going to the party without you."

Howard couldn't stand up straight yet so he stared into Penny's cleavage as he muttered his apologies to her. "Sorry, sorry. It won't happen again."

Penny glared at Howard for a moment before huffing, "Fine. But don't let me catch you doing it again."

"You won't," Howard said as Raj came over to help him. "She won't catch me, anyway," he whisper as Raj helped him to the couch.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Sheldon began.

"No he isn't," Leonard whispered to Penny who giggled.

"...but can we discussed the 'Kripke Situation'?" he finished.

Leonard began trying to file his friends towards the door so they could finally leave. "There is no 'Kripke Situation. We'll get to the party, you'll say hi, then he'll say hi and then you can both ignore each other."

Everybody shuffled into the hall with Raj still helping Howard to walk and began heading down the stairs. Leonard was leading the group and looked back at everybody. "Just no one mention anything about money, I still have an outstanding bill with Stuart.

* * *

Stuart looked at the small crowd as they entered his store. "Oh wow. People actually showed up," he said depressingly.

Penny gave Stuart an affectionate kiss on the cheek as she said, "Why wouldn't we show up, sweetie?"

Stuart shrugged his shoulders. "Just basing it on my business model," he said halfway under his breath.

"Fewahs," a voice said from behind Stuart.

Sheldon stood stock still like a frightened bird. "Kripke."

"Cooper," Kripke said sternly.

Leonard stood between the academic rivals and addressed them both, "Now everybody play nice."

"Agweed," Kripke said as he held his hand out to Sheldon.

Sheldon eyed Kripke's hand suspiciously before taking it. "I suppose if you can act like a gentleman then I certainly can."

Across the room Raj whined to Howard, "But I was going to say hi to Stuart," as he was dragged to the snack table.

Howard reached into his pockets and pulled out several small bottles. "Just cover me," he whispered as he opened them and began emptying them onto the punch bowl.

"Are you spiking the punch?" Raj asked in wonder.

Howard smirked before filling his and Raj's cups. "Just something to help get this party started," he whispered.

On the other side of Leonard, Penny stood alone. She didn't think of herself as vain but she knew that she was hot and although she got annoyed when Leonard's friends leered at her it also annoyed her when they ignored her and the only thing they liked more than a hot blonde with large breasts was science. Five minutes after arriving, Sheldon and Kripke had gotten into a debate over super string strings or something which Leonard was trying to mediate, Howard and Stuart had started arguing something about Spider-Man's marriage and Raj was still too nervous around her to talk whenever she was in the room, which left her alone at the snack table.

With nothing really to do, Penny made herself and Leonard some drinks and then looked down at the punch and shrugged. She pulled her lucky party flask out of her purse and added a splash to her drinks, shrugged, added another splash, shrugged, added another splash to her's, shrugged, and then emptied her flask into the punch bowl.

After Penny had given Leonard his drink, she began wandering from group to group, leaving him with Kripke. "I still don't see why the waiting line is so long for the new electron microscope," he said.

"It's wike thish," Kripke said as he held his hands about a foot apart between him and Leonard. "The Dean," he started by wiggling is left hand, "is annowed by Shewdon," he finished by wiggling his right hand.

Leonard rolled his eyes. "That's no reason to take it out on everybody else," he said.

"Not ewerybody," Kripke said. "I've for my own pashword." He turned his head to Stuart as the comic store owner asked for them to gather around to pick the movie they were going to watch before the New Year. "Wow, thish is gonna be a snooze fesht," he muttered as he looked back at Leonard. "Wach my bwack," he whispered before pulling a bottle out of his jacket pocket.

Leonard looked around worriedly. "What are you doing?" he whispered to Kripke.

"Kickin' thish party up a knoch," Kripke said as he emptied his bottle into the punch bowl.

Everybody gathered around the snack table and filled up their plates and cups while Stuart held up the movie choices. Penny took one look at the movies and shouted out, "Dreamy British Cheekbones!" before downing her drink and filling it back up.

Stuart looked at his movies in confusion. "I don't... I'm..."

"She means "Star Trek Into Darkness" Leonard said helpfully as he refilled his own cup. "I suppose a little alcohol won't hurt," he told himself.

"Dreamy British Cheekbones!" Penny shouted out again.

"Hear, hear," Raj agreed loudly before taking a drink and refilling his cup.

Leonard didn't think Kripke had put enough alcohol in the punch to get Raj talking with a girl in the room and he didn't know anybody who usually brought alcohol with them to parties except for his girlfriend. "Did you do something to the punch?" he whispered to Penny.

"Don't be silly, sweetie," Penny said, trying to whisper but failing. "Dreamy British Cheekbones!" she called out again.

"Then why's Raj talking?" Leonard wondered out loud.

"Probably had to much punch," Penny said matter of factly as Raj called out in agreement again.

Stuart looked around but didn't hear any objections. "So, 'Star Trek Into Darkness'?"

"Hear, hear," Penny and Raj shouted in unison.

Shrugging his shoulders, Stuart slipped the disk into the projector and turned off the lights.

Everybody filled up their plates and drinks again before the movie started and took their seats as the movie started and the instant Bernadict Cumberbatch showed up Penny squealed in glee. Not feeling nearly as embarrassed by his girlfriend's behavior as he usually did, Leonard tried to calm her without giggling.

Giggling, Penny began nuzzling his neck causing Leonard to giggle even louder. "What are you doing?" he asked as he tried to half halfheartedly push her away.

Penny grabbed the hand that Leonard was playfully using to push her back and placed it on one of her large breasts. "Don't you think that Bumberdink Baddersnatch is soooo cute, Leonard?" she giggled loudly, accidentally drawing everybody's attention.

Sheldon huffed. "Shhh, we're trying to watch a movie," he whispered, not realizing that he was now the only one trying to watch the movie.

Leonard giggled at his obviously drunk girlfriend. "Nooo, you're cute."

"Awww," Penny cooed. "You're cute too," she giggled at her equally drunken boyfriend as she slid her pink tongue into his welcoming mouth and squeezed his hand against her breast.

Howard swayed as he leaned over towards Kripke, trying not to lose his balance. "It's like watching a real live porno, huh, Raj?" he whispered.

"Yeah," Kripke whispered back, "but I'm not Waj."

Howard looked blearily up at Kripke's face who pointed towards Raj on the other side. Howard followed Kiripke's finger until he finally found Raj. He leaned over and nearly lost his balance as he whispered to Raj "It's almost like watching a real live porno, huh, Kripke?"

Raj couldn't bring himself to look away as Penny and Leonard made out in the middle of the floor. "Yes, but I'm not Kripke."

Raj pointed to the other side of him and Howard follows his finger until he reached Kripke's pointing finger and then became lost. Giving up with a shrug he turned his attention back to Penny and Leonard.

Penny giggled as she broke the kiss and Leonard's hand continued to wander over her chest. "Leonard, sweetie?" she snorted as he replied "Uh huh" and nuzzled her neck. "I have a confession," she continued as he tried plucking at one of her hard nipples through her top and bra and mumbled "Uh huh" again. "I spiked the punch," she said before snorting loudly and breaking out into a fit of drunken laughter.

It took a few minutes for Penny's words to soak into Leonard's alcohol and lust soaked mind. He finally realized what he and Penny we're doing in the middle of all their friends and broke away from her luscious body. "I figured," he mumbled as he tried to hide the erection in his pants, "Kripke did too."

Penny tried to get her drunken thoughts to line up and make sense before giving up and breaking out in a new fit of girlish laughing.

"Shhh," Sheldon chided them, still not noticing the sexual charge in the room

Leonard snorted at his friend before looking back at Penny. "I guess Sheldon has a point," he whispered.

"Yeah, in his pants," Penny said causing her and Leonard to break out into fits of laughter. "But it gives me an idea."

"Does this idea involve going back home?" Leonard asked hopefully.

"Wanna watch your own private porno?" Penny asked with a wicked grin.

Hoping this would lead to an interesting game when they got home, Leonard eagerly nodded his head yes.

"One rule 'tho," Penny slurred as Leonard continued nodding his head. "No touching yourself," she said sternly but with a smile as Leonard continued bobbing his head. "Good, let's show your friends what they're missing," she said with a giggle before stumbling out of her chair.

Leonard suddenly stopped bobbing his head. "Wait. What?"

Penny lumbered over to Sheldon and swayed drunkenly as she smiled wickedly down at him.

Sheldon tried to look around Penny at the movie. "Penny, I can't see the movie through you," he said and she immediately took off her top and bra to reveal her large, firm tits to the room causing everybody to gasp in amazement. "Well that didn't help at all," Sheldon said in all seriousness.

As Penny stood topless in the middle of the room nobody made a sound as they took in the sight of her firm, tan tits and hard, dark pink nipples except for Sheldon who kept trying to look around her. Penny placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes at him as he completely ignore her tits which kind of upset her since she was so proud if them. She hadn't had to work this hard for attention since seventh grade. "Sheldon..." she groaned in frustration before bending down, her tits dangling in his face, and grabbing his knobby knees to force his skinny legs apart. She got down on her knees between his legs and immediately began unfastening his pants which caused him to squeal in shock. He began flaying her arms at her but she easily batted them away as she pulled out his soft cock, looked over at her shocked boyfriend, winked at him, and swallowed Sheldon's cock completely.

"Penny!" Sheldon shouted in fear, "That's not hygienic!" Despite his objections he quickly became erect in Penny's amazing mouth and began looking around for help.

Everybody in the room except for Leonard Oh'ed in astonishment at Penny and didn't make a move to help Sheldon.

Sheldon kept trying to squirm out of his seat but Penny easily held the skinny man down by his waist, trapping him as she drunkenly blew him. She wasn't surprised to find out that his cock was just like him, long and kind of thin, the tip of his prick easily reaching the back of her throat as she sucked him. She hummed deep in the back of her throat to stimulate him as she rubbed her dexterous tongue along and around his length as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

Sheldon's head kept swiveling back and forth, looking for help but all his friends and Kripke just stared at his situation in wide-eyed wonder. "Penny, please," he pleaded, "I don't think they make a mouth wash for this!"

Kripke leaned over and whispered into Howard's ear, "Make a nowt about that. We couwd make miwwins," but Howard just keep staring while Raj nodded in agreement.

Even with her swallowing half of his length, Sheldon was still trying to shoo her away so as her head bobbed up and down she had to keep a hold of his wrists to keep him from pushing her away. "I haven't had to work this hard to give a blow-job since junior high," she thought as she ran her warm, wet tongue against the large vein of Sheldon's prick. Despite his attempts to escape she kept bobbing her head up and down, sucking his cock whether he liked it or not.

"I... I... I... I really don't think you should be doing this without a toothbrush near by," Sheldon pleaded. He had no idea what was going on but since it was apparent none of his so-called friends we're going to help him he would have to take matters into his own hands. "Penny, I demand you stop this at once," he ordered in his most authorarive voice.

Penny let Sheldon's cock slide out of her warm, wet mouth and looked up at him from around it. "'Fraid not, sweetie. You may be Mr. Physics big-wig but I'm the Queen of BJ's," she said with more authority before swallowing his shaft again.

"Well... well, I suppose?" Sheldon stuttered. "Wait that doesn't make any..." he started before being distracted by Penny.

As Sheldon was talking above her, Penny pulled her head back to rest the tip of his prick on her tongue before circling it and then suddenly pushing forward and swallowing his entire length into her throat. He came suddenly, his cum filling her mouth and, with pride, she managed to swallow every drop.

Penny let Sheldon's spent cock slip from her mouth as she released his wrists. "Now was that so bad?" she asked as she stood up and wiped her chin with the back of her hand.

Sheldon looked down at his soft penis like he was seeing it for the first time. "I'm going to need a moist towelette and you need some toothpaste."

Penny threw up her arms in frustration. "I give up. Who's next?" she asked loudly to the room.

Quickly shoving Howard and Raj to the side, Kripke lunged at Penny. "I bewive that wood be me, my wady," he said with a bow.

Penny rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Off with the pants," she said unenthusiastically as she twirled a finger tell him to be quick. In a flash Kripke had his pants off and his already erect penis bobbing in the air. "That'll make this go quicker," she thought as she pointed at a chair. "Sit," she ordered and took off the rest of her clothes until she was completely naked in the middle of the room except for her sneakers.

"Oh, wow," Kripke said in astonishment at the sight of Penny's naked body, she was every wet dream he had ever had as a boy. And a teenager. And a young man. And a scientist. And last night. He knew she didn't like him but he didn't care as she grabbed the base of his cock and straddled his lap, he was used to people not liking him. And speaking of people not liking him he looked over at Cooper and gave him a quick thumbs up as the hot blonde he'd never usually have a shot with slowly lowered herself down on his hard prick.

Kripke groaned in pleasure as Penny sat on his lap and let herself get used to the feel of his prick inside her wet pussy. She looked over at Leonard and her pussy gushed at the look of pure lust on his face as he stared at her. She smiled wickedly at him before turning her attention back to Kripke and immediately got pissed when she saw that he wasn't even paying attention to her. Instead of being in absolute awe that she had given someone like him access to her body he was instead making faces at Sheldon. "What's a girl got to do to get some attention around here," she growled as she yanked Kripke's face towards her. "Pay attention," she ordered before pulling his head to her abundance chest and began riding him.

"Oh wow," Kripke mumbled around his face full of firm, full, golden tit. He hungrily began sucking and licking at Penny's breasts as his hands grabbed onto her thick ass, guiding her as her tight pussy glided up and down his stiff pole. He broke away from her chest and looked up at her and said, "Oh bwaby. Yer body is a powem. How do I wuv thee, wet me qwount the ways..."

"No talking," Penny interrupted as she rolled her eyes at him and yanked his head back to her chest to muffled his voice. She began rolling her hips as she slowly began fucking him, not wanting to move to much or his mouth might become detached from her tits. She wasn't a snob, it wasn't because of his speech impediment that Kripke annoyed her so much, it was just because he was soooo annoying and a bit of a dick. He began pinching her ass as she picked up her pace and she decided that he wasn't a bit of a dick, he was just an all out asshole.

Kripke ran his hands up from Penny's firm ass to her astounding chest and began squeezing her large breasts around his face, nuzzling her cleavage as he continued looking over at Cooper 's stunned face. He gave his rival another thumbs up as he motor-boated the hot blonde riding his dick and could feel her juices sliding down his balls. He placed one hand back at her thick ass as he used the other to continue mawling her breasts and sucking loudly on the other tit, the wet noises he was making echoing through the silent comic shop.

"Why hasn't he cum yet?" Penny wondered in frustration as she squeezed her lower muscles and clamped down on his cock with her cunt. His teeth got a bit to close to her sensitive nipple and she smacked him on the back of the head. "Hey! Watch it, buddy," she said and he immediately went back to simply sucking on her hard nipples. Suddenly she became inspired. She bent down.and whispered into his ear, "Fuck me and call me Black Widow."

Suddenly Kripke came, flooding Penny's tight pussy with his cum. She stopped rolling her hips and pulled his face from her chest.

"How come you were lasting so long?" Penny asked him.

"I jerk off ewery time I know I'll bwe meeting up wif you," Kripke said plainly.

Penny looked at him in disbelief for a moment before gasping, "Ewww," and quickly climbing off his lap.

Kripke didn't even bother paying attention to Penny's dislike of him, as far as he was concerned he had just gotten laid by the hottest chick he knew so he was doing pretty well for himself. He looked over at Sheldon who still had a look of shock and disbelief in his face. He leaned over with his hand up and said, "High fwive." Sheldon just looked at his hand strangely as he left it up in front of Sheldon's bewildered face.

Penny looked over at Leonard and the look of pure lust on his face which caused her to giggle. She blew him a kiss but he just sat in his chair, panting, and looking at her like she was a goddess. And she felt like a goddess, a slightly swaying, maybe a little bit drunk goddess of every man in the room. And then she saw Howard.

Howard had his cock in his hand, his eyes as wide as saucers while he furiously masturbated. He'd spied Penny's naked body hundreds of times thanks to the cameras he had hidden in her apartment, spent weekends thoroughly abusing his prick as he watched her sleep, eat, bath, use the toilet, watched TV but now here she was, naked in the flesh.

Penny rolled her eyes in frustration at Howard and then held the bridge of her nose as she counted to ten. "Why does he have to look so overly enthusiastic about this?" she wondered before finally looking at her creepy stalker of a kind of friend. "Howard, you're about to get laid, can you please stop looking like that?" she said.

"Like what, babe?" Howard said, genuinely not aware at how over-eager he looked as he stared at Penny. She was completely naked in a room full of men but she was as comfortable having a conversation naked as she was when fully clothed.

Penny threw her head back as she struggled not to yell at Howard. He was just completely unaware of how goofy his face looked right now as he jerked-off over her. "Just... just stop looking... looking like you," she said, surrendering to the fact that even guaranteed to get lucky, Howard acted like a nerd, She finally looked at him and he honestly looked perplexed at what she was talking about. "Fine, whatever. Just get over here," she said as she walked over to the table and sat on the edge.

"That's... that's a rental," Stuart said, unsure what the protocol was in a situation like this but worried about Penny accidentally breaking the table and not getting his deposit back.

"It'll be fine," Howard said as he shuffled towards Penny, staring at nothing but the pink juncture of her golden thighs and nearly tripping over his pants. Regaining his balance and trying to play it off as if nothing had happened he looked back at Stuart. "How much do you think she weighs, anyway?"

"Say a number, Stuart, I dare you," Penny said aggressively as Howard finally made his way between her out spread legs. She grabbed him by his turtleneck and yanked him foreword as she glared angrily at him. "Act creepy just once and I'll yank your prick off," she growled.

"Yes, ma'am," Howard said meekly, getting even more turned on by her attitude, his prick throbbing painfully in need. As he stood between Penny's spread thighs he reached out almost reverently and stroked the golden insides before slowly pushing himself forward. Her tight, white hot pussy slowly parted.around him and he groaned in abject ecstasy as he slowly filled her after all these years.

As Howard slowly filled her wet cunt, Penny looked over at Leonard and smiled angelically at him. His glasses were nearly fogged over and he was sweating profusely as he stared at her in complete lust and it was enough to make her cum despite the fact that she was fucking Howard.

Howard finally pushed the last inch of his prick into the little slice of heaven between Penny's thighs. She wrapped her tan legs around him and rolled her hips up letting him give her another inch of his cock that he didn't even know he had. He looked down at her beautiful face, her blonde hair spread around her like a halo, her breasts were up-thrust without a inch of sage as she panted, her stomach flat and her tiny little pussy stretched tightly around him. He reach up to her tits and squeezed, her hard nipples scrapping his palms.

With a sudden lurch Howard came. The force of his orgasm knocking him back, his thick cum spraying wildly through the air, raining down everywhere as he landed on his naked ass.

Penny stared at the sticky mess Howard had left all over her body, and face. "Howard, you little fucker!" she screamed out angrily.

From the floor, Howard looked up at Penny as she perched on the edge of the table, cum dripping from her tits, face, and hair. "What?" he tried to chuckle, "Premature ejaculation is a compliment, really." He winced when she glared at him and held up his hands helplessly. "What? I usually masturbate when I know I'm going to be hanging out with you but I was busy unlodging my mother from the shower."

Stuart found Penny a towel to clean up with and she stared angrily at Howard as he got his pants pulled up and she wiped his load from out of her eyes. With the last of his seed gone she handed the towel back to Stuart who stared at it in his hand momentarily before dropping it and beginning to frantically wipe his hand off on the counter.

Penny looked around at the room full of horny men and huffed to herself as she placed her hands on her hips. This wasn't going the way she had thought it would and what was worse was that she was sobering up and beginning to realize what it was exactly that she was doing. Embarrassment slowly started flowing through her and she began to blush before her eyes reached Leonard. The look in his adorably cute face told her that he was having the time of his life and that she was, as far as he was concerned, sex itself. She looked from Leonard to Stuart who couldn't tear his eyes away from her thick ass and shrugged her shoulders. "More punch. Stuart, you're next."

Stuart stared blankly at Penny.

Penny stared wickedly back at Stuart. "And I bet I know what you want," she said with a grin. He never moved or even blinked as she downed two glasses of punch and felt the alcohol replace the embarrassment she had been feeling. Moving more boldly and with a slight sway in her step she reached down into her purse before standing back up, grabbing Stuart's shirt and dragging him behind the cash register.

Pressing her naked body firmly against his, Penny whispered into Stuart's ear, "Leonard told me he owes you some money," He dumbly nodded his head as she chewed on his ear lobe. "How 'bout I let you fuck me someplace no guy usually gets to fuck a girl and you forget alllll about that little debt?" She nearly giggled when she heard him choke as she stepped back a little. She cocked an eyebrow and looked into his eyes for a moment before asking him a question. "Do you usually jack-off over me before you see me?"

"I, uh... Um, yes?" he answered and winced, afraid the beautiful, naked woman's was going to hit him for his honesty.

Penny sighed in frustration. Have all her male friends jerked off over her? She'd always preferred hanging out with guys over girls but we're they just using her to fill their spank-banks whenever her back was turned? "Whatever," Penny shrugged, "Have you done it today?"

"I, uh... I, uh, was to busy getting ready for the party."

"Well, let's get this out of the way then," Penny said before falling to her knees in front of the skinny comic shop owner. With years of practice, her hands quickly undid his pants and pulled out his stiff prick. With Stuart's cock out she opened the small bottle of lube she always kept in her purse because you never know and squirted some onto her hands. She slid her slick digits around the dick bobbing in front of her with one hand and slid her other hand between her legs. She ran her middle finger between her dewy pussy-lips and to her tight puckered asshole.

Grabbing the base of Stuart's cock as she slid her finger into her ass, Penny circled the tip with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. She easily took most of him into her mouth thanks to her miss-spent youth, bobbing her head back and forth, her cheeks hollowing as her tongue rubbed against the shaft. She knew he wouldn't last long because, well, he was Stuart, so she shoved a second finger into her ass, sliding them in and out and stretching the tight muscle of her rectum.

Stuart didn't move, he didn't breath, and he didn't blink. He had no idea whose dream of Penny sucking their dick he had wandered into but he didn't want to do anything to make them wake up. Her mouth was so warm, so wet, her tongue so talented, she was like some kind of porno goddess as she expertly blew him. Suddenly she looked up at him and winked. "I need my inhaler," he gasped weakly as he came, exploding into her mouth and amazed at how she easily she swallowed every drop.

As she swallowed the last of his thick load, Penny pulled Stuart's still hard prick out of her mouth and let him shoot his last bit of sperm on her pink lips. She looked up at him whimsically and blew him a kiss before licking his seed from her mouth and standing up. "Now let's get down to forgiving Leonard's debt," she said as she leaned against the counter on her hands with her round, tan ass pointed back at him.

Penny reached behind her and used Stuart's prick to pull him towards her. He looked down at the tip of his prick almost touching the tight entrance to her puckered ass. "Penny, I ah... about Leonard... you see..." he began to stammer before Penny yanked his prick towards her, her clutching asshole swallowing the soft tip of him and causing his breath to catch in his throat.

Penny grabbed Stuart's limp wrists and brought his hands up to her small waist. "Oh fuck me, you big superhero you," she groaned as she began pushing herself back against his cock, "Make me your Wonder Woman."

"Ohhh God," Stuart moaned at Penny's words, possibly the most erotic words he had ever heard before. He gripped her waist and began pushing himself into her ass, rocking himself back and forth, filling her with his hard dick and fighting back the urge to cum already.

"That's it, sweetie," Penny moaned as she started rolling her luscious, naked body back and forth, fucking herself with Stuart's hard prick. Her firm tits swayed back and forth on her chest as he began meeting her rhythm, fucking himself deep inside of her. She quickly locked eyes with Leonard again and smiled wickedly at her horny boyfriend. "I'm your Wonder Woman. Fuck me like a Amazon Princess deserves. Tie me up with my golden lasso and fuck my tight superhero ass."

From his chair, Sheldon leaned over towards Howard. "I think Leonard's influence and knowledge of comic books has been good for Penny," he said, oblivious to the situation.

Howard stared down at Sheldon in disbelief. "Yeah, Penny's insight on comic books is the best thing going on right now," he said sarcastically.

Sheldon raised an eyebrow as he took a moment to think about the tone of Howard's words. "Was that sarcasm?"

Stuart slid his hands up to squeeze Penny's large, firm tits. Penny grabbed his wrists to hold his hands at her chest as he leaned in and whispered, "About... About Leonard's... Leonard's mo... money," he stuttered.

"I'm your Tomb Raider!" Penny shouted trying to distract Stuart from the money Leonard owed him. She knew Stuart was always having money problems but there was no way any amount of money Leonard owed him could be worth more than a shot at her ass and it was starting to piss her off that he was bringing it up now. "More punch!" she called out before turning back and staring deep into the comic store owner's eyes. "I'm Lara Croft and you're raiding my tomb, Stuart. I'm Catwoman and you're Batman so give me that bat-pole," she ordered, sweat falling from her wildly thrusting body as she felt him shudder against her.

Penny turned back around to brace herself and saw that someone had thoughtfully brought her a large cup of the obviously overly spiked punch. She winked at Leonard and downed the entire glass in one gulp as Stuart held his hips against her thick ass and came, filling her with his geeky cum as the last of the punch slid down her throat. She slammed the plastic cup down just as Stuart slid his now soft cock out of her, his cum sliding down the insides of her golden thighs. She looked around at all the men watching her and boldly shouted, "O.k., who's next?"

As Penny swayed drunkenly around the comic shop, Kripke strolled over to Stuart. "So, ah, jest for futures swake, how much wid Weonard owe wou?" he asked wanting to know exactly how much it had cost the skinny shop owner to get into Penny's round ass.

"Twenty-three dollars," Stuart said still in wide-eyed shock. "I... I tried to... to tell her it was no big deal."


Stopping by the punch bowl first, Penny began staggering naked around the shop before winding back at the punch bowl some how. Shrugging her shoulders she downed another cup of punch before setting out again, completely oblivious to all the men watching her until coming up to Raj. "Oh sweetie, it's your turn," she cooed as she ruffled the scared East Indian man's dark hair like a puppy. She grabbed his wrist and began pulling him over to the table. "Come on, this shouldn't be to bad, I've already jerked you off once," she slurred.

Raj couldn't speak. To any female. Unless he was drunk. Or they were his mother or sister. So rather than argue with Penny he allowed himself to be dragged to the middle of the room, his eyes never leaving her thick, round ass.

"Up, boy, up," Penny ordered as she slapped the table and Raj obediently complied. "Good boy," she said with a pat on his stomach before pushing him roughly onto his back. She began trying to get his slacks un-fastened which should have been easy considering how many men's pants she had done since high school but her sloppy fingers turned it into a complicated chore. Finally she managed to get the button done and the zipper halfway down before his cock exploded from his slacks.

"Oh my God, how did I forget the size of that," Penny gasped as Raj's thick, hard prick pointed up at the ceiling. She had been black out drunk the night she had tried to fuck him and instead just wound up jacking him off so she didn't remember the massive size of his prick until just now. "That's why I didn't fuck you," she said with a slap to her forehead, "You've got a fucking tree in your pants." She looked over his giant dick for a moment, inspecting it's size before just shrugging her shoulders. "Fuck it, I'm climbing that oak tonight. Everyone gather round," she ordered before climbing up and straddling Raj's throbbing cock.

"That's, ah... that's a rental," Stuart said meekly as everybody surrounded the table.

Howard smirked at Stuart in disbelief. "If mama wants the table then mama gets the table."

Penny growled and rolled her eyes in frustration before glaring at Howard and Stuart. "Will you two stop acting like you?" she said angrily, "This is supposed to be all hot and empowering and stuff."

"Sorry," Howard and Stuart said meekly.

"Good. Now everybody watch me fuck Raj," she said and everybody nodded their heads as she gripped the base of his shaft. She was amazed that her hand barely fit around the base and a moment of hesitation caused her to rethink what she was about to do until her eyes locked on Leonard at the head of the table. He stared at her with lust and wonderment and the look tightened things low in her stomach, making her hornier and more determined to give him a show he'd never forget.

The moment the tip of Raj's prick slipped into her pussy, Penny's eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned at the pressure she felt. Even the softest part of his prick was stretching out her tight, little hole and she found herself once again wondering how she was going to fit all of this inside of her. She opened her eyes and saw all the guys staring at her the same way Leonard was and it caused her to grin, she ruled here and they all knew it and to prove it nothing was going to stop her from showing them how well she could fuck, how well Leonard had it at home, how she was, as far as they were concerned, the queen of sex.

With the first inch of Raj's massive prick inside of her, sweat dripping from her forehead, sweat dripping from her sexy, nude body, Penny barked out, "Punch!" A glass quickly appeared in front of her and she downed it and felt it flow through her body. She slid down slowly on the pole inside of her, her cunt stretching to the limit as she let gravity pull her down. Suddenly she felt a small pair of hands squeezing her boobs and a sweet voice in her ear.

"You can do this," Leonard whispered to her and Penny believed him as one of his hands slid down to the wide open juncture of her trembling thighs. He began circling her clit with his fingers, encouraging her to take the whole of Raj's cock and she knew that she could do it for Leonard's sake, to show him how lucky he was to have her and despite the intense pressure she was feeling she couldn't stop, it was the principle of the thing.

Panting and grunting Penny rocked her hips slightly, letting gravity pull her down, Leonard's fingers helping her down and fit Raj's giant prick inside of her. She heard Leonard whispering lovingly in her ear and smiled that she had such a good boyfriend to help her through this difficult time.

"Wow, it's like watching an anaconda trying to hide inside a cheerleader," Howard whispered to nobody in particular.

"Gwood won," Kripke said, "High fwive."

Howard looked over at Kripke. "Stop trying to high-five everyone. What is it with and high-fives?"

Stuart's eyes darted from the hot blonde trying to fuck a telephone pole to the small, metal legs of the rental table. "I'm never getting my security deposit back," he whined.

Sheldon attempted to pat Stuart's back without actually touching him. "There, there. I have some sanitizer you can borrow."

"Fuuuuck!" Penny gasped out as her pussy finally swallowed the last of Raj's shaft. She looked down at the awkward, wide-eyed scientist and smiled down at him waiting for some kind if acknowledgment of her accomplishment. When he didn't say anything she growled down at him, "Really! You still can't talk to me?" When all he did was smile awkwardly and shrug she slapped him on the chest. "Whatever," she mumbled in frustration before turning back to Leonard. "Sweetie, get over her and watch me fuck your freakin' friend for crying out loud," she said angrily.

Leonard scurried around to the front of the table. "Yes, dear," he said giddily.

Penny leaned back as much as she could with Raj's pole fighting to keep her sitting upright. Finally she got her hands on his knees, displaying her body for the whole room, her hair matted to her face, her gleaming tits swaying on her heaving chest, and her pink, little pussy stretched tightly around Raj's cock. She began slowly sliding her body up and down his shaft, his girth stretching her like nothing she had fucked before, his length reaching places she had no idea she had, no matter how well her pussy had been explored.

As she began getting used to the baseball bat of a dick filling her, Penny began moving faster as she looked at everybody looking at her with amazement in their eyes. She felt like pure sex as her golden body thrust up and down on Raj's dick, sweat cascading down her tan flesh and flying off of her. Her tits swung up and down and her spread thighs ached with exertion as she fucked the largest cock of her life and smiled maniacally. Every man in the store had erections, even Sheldon, and they were all there because of her, all wanting her and it was the sexiest she had ever felt.

"I'm cumming!" Penny shouted as her orgasm suddenly crashed over her causing her fit body to convulse in pleasure with stars exploding behind her eyes. She collapsed forward and heard the first noises from Raj as she bent his trapped cock in her cunt as she fell forward, her large tits pressed to his chest. His grunt of pain turned to a different kind of grunt as she felt him lurch beneath her and fun, filling her tight pussy with his thick, hot load.

Raising her head up, Penny looked down at the dumbfounded scientist. "Wow, Raj. It feels like a fire hose down there."

Still unable to speak Raj smiled awkwardly up at Penny. "Uh..."

"God damn it, Raj," Penny shouted before slapping his chest again and leaning up, her large breasts dangling beneath her, "How can you still not be able to talk to me after that!?" She looked around at everybody staring at her with wonder in their eyes except for Kripke who was was moving towards Raj.

"Gwood jwob," Kripke said to Raj as he held his hand up to his panting, fellow scientist,."High fwive."

"Goddamn it," Penny growled in frustration. Everything she had done tonight was pretty impressive, including fitting Raj's freak of a cock inside of her, and all that doofus Kripke could do was high-five the guys that she had fucked. Hell, she had been the one doing all the work. She looked over at Leonard and he was of course looking at her in wonderment like she was a sex goddess and yadda, yadda, yadda but she was still doing all the work. She hadn't had to work this hard for attention since elementary school.

"Dammit, Kripke," Penny shouted, "I'm the one doing all the work around here, why are you high-fiving everybody else?"

Kripke thought it.over for a second. "Gwood point," he said before holding his hand up to Penny, "Hwigh fwive."

"Oh, whatever," Penny muttered, "Let's get this over with."

* * *

After having Howard and Leonard hold Sheldon so she could aggressively blow back to full hardness, Penny chugged two more cups of punch and got everybody into position. "Can you see good from there, sweetie?" she asked Leonard in his chair. "I don't want you to miss anything."

"It's a rental," Stuart mumbled defensively.

"I can see fine," Leonard said as he cleaned the steam from his glasses.

"That's good," Penny said as she sat perched over Stuart on his back. "The floor's not too cold is it, Stuart?" she asked with a sneer.

"It's a rental," the shop owner said defensively again.

"I'll show you a rental," Penny grumbled angrily as she lowered her lubes ass over Stuart's prick. "Haven't had to work this hard for anal since the junior year car wash," she muttered under her breath.

"I don't think that's a proper insult," Sheldon said, finally resigned to getting another blow-job from Penny.

"Shut up, Sheldon," Penny said as she slowly lowered herself down, her arms and legs burning as her thick ass slowly slide down Stuart's cock, stretching her open again. She moaned in a mixture.of pleasure from his cock and frustration at the amount of effort it was taking her to get gang-banged by a room full of nerds, The things she did to show her boyfriend how sexy she was.

As her ass took in the last of Stuart's cock, Penny began laying back on top of him. "Hold me up, Stuart."

Stuart placed his hands flat against Penny's back as she reclined on top of him. "I don't think I can hold you up," he said worriedly.

Penny rolled.her eyes. "I'll help, it'll be o.k.," she reassured him. Looking up she spotted Raj. "O.k., Raj, your turn."

Raj just stared down at Penny straddling Stuart with his cock in her thick ass for a moment before nodding his head meekly. Straddling Stuart's scrawny legs he positioned his cock at the entrance to the blonde girl's wet, also well lubed, pussy. He looked into her eyes with worry for a moment, stopping himself from pressing forward.

At first anger flashed through her before Penny realized that Raj was worried about hurting her because she was his friend, "It'll be fine, Raj. I'm already loosened up and I added a bunch of lube, so I'll be fine," she reassured him.

Raj smiled before pressing forward. He had thought her delicate little pussy was tight before but with Stuart's penis inside of her ass she was even tighter now, almost to the point of pain. He screwed his face up in concentration as he tried to apply a slow, steady pressure while holding himself back from just thrusting forward but after what seemed like forever he was finally buried balls deep inside of Penny's pink pussy. He tried not to think about how close his junk was next to Stuart's and as he pushed it out of his mind, Howard's bare as was in suddenly in front of his face.

"Hey, mama, how 'bout we get this party started," Howard said as he straddled Penny's spectacular chest.

Penny glared angrily up at Howard, "Howard, what did I say about acting like you?"

"Sorry," Howard said meekly as he placed his cock between Penny's large tits and then squeezed them around his shaft.

Penny looked at the last two of the guys and saw Kripke about to say something to Sheldon as they stood on either side of her head. "No talking and no high-fiving, got it," she told Kripke.

"Yes, ma'am," Kripke said meekly before presenting his cock to Penny.

"And you," she said as she turned her head to Sheldon, "No running off because I've got a key to your apartment. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am," Sheldon said meekly as he moved his penis closer to Penny's mouth.

"All right, guys," Penny said addressing her group, "Start out slow and if anybody tries anything weird or kinky I'll smack the snot out of you, just ask Howard. Got it?" Howard winced at the memory of Penny popping him in the nose as he nodded with the group. "Good," Penny said before winking at Leonard. "You may now fuck me."

Penny's boys did exactly as they instructed. Raj pulled out slightly before pushing back in as she rolled her hips up, sliding Stuart's cock out of her ass slowly as Raj's monster cock slowly filled her. Howard began fucking her large tits without squeezing too hard or talking to her. Kripke also wasn't allowed to talk to her as he slide his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face while she bobbed her head back and forth, sucking him firmly into her mouth. She tugged on Sheldon's prick with one hand while she helped Stuart hold her up, keeping a firm grip on the skinny physicist's base, mostly just to make sure he didn't run off before she started sucking on him.

She let Kripke's prick slid wetly out of her mouth before pulling Sheldon's cock in and he did exactly as ordered and began fucking her mouth. She could hear him counting to himself to keep in rhythm with everybody else and she smiled around his shaft as she slid her tongue along his length, paying more attention to his dick than Kripke's because he was her friend. Friends should always getting better blow-jobs than acquaintances.

Penny moaned around Sheldon's cock as Howard began sliding his thumbs over her hard nipples. She smiled more over his thoughtfulness as he fucked her tits and thought about winking up at him as a way to thank him for thinking about her needs but decided she didn't need to encourage him into trying something weird. He could be so creepy sometimes. Stuart and Raj were, of course, the perfect guys to fuck, just happy to be there. Stuart didn't move as she rolled her hips up and down, fucking her ass with his cock, his only job to lie their, hold her up, and get fucked. Raj fucked his giant log gently in and out of her gushing cunt, her juices spilling out and covering his groin and Stuart's lap.

Penny switched cocks in her mouth, moaning and gasping in pleasure as she was fucked better than she had been since junior high. She nearly bit into Kirpke's prick as a sudden orgasm over took her, her naked, sweaty, golden body shaking underneath a sea of men whose only purpose was to fuck her. And since she was a giver, she let them. As she came down from her gushing orgasm, she began laughing around the girth of Kripke's cock in her mouth. She released his hard prick and laughed out, "Ha! Good work, guys! Keep it up!" Pleasure, joy, bliss, every positive emotion she could have rolled over her as she used her tongue to draw Sheldon's prick into her mouth.

As her boys did what ever they had to do to pleasure her, Penny tried to savior everything they were doing to her. Kripke rubbing his prick along her face, desperate to get back inside her mouth. Sheldon actually letting her eagerly suck his cock. Howard treating her firm tits with the respect they deserved as he eagerly fucked them. Stuart doing everything his skinny little body could just to hold her up. And dear, sweet Raj, fucking her as gently as possible with the deadly weapon he kept in his pants. Her firm, tan body was shoved back and forth by nearly half a dozen men desperate for her and she loved it as another orgasm began to quickly rise.

Her eyes began to flutter as Penny felt her orgasm begin to over take her. Sweat was rolling down her body from exertion and by the burning and shaking in her arms she knew it was time to finish. She released Sheldon from her mouth and quickly swallowed Kripke, holding Sheldon close to her mouth. She sucked hard on Kripke's cock as she fisted Sheldon, pointing him at her mouth as she stuck out her tongue, circling the tips of their cocks. She felt bad for a moment that Kripke wasn't getting the hand-job that Sheldon was but Sheldon was her friend so Kripke would just have to make do.

Tightening her lower muscles, Penny squeezed down on Stuart and Raj's pricks until they felt trapped inside of her and they grunted with the pressure. She believed in taking care of her body and both of the boys could feel how far she took it.

And as she felt the pressure building all around her, Penny looked up at Howard as he continued fucking her tits and winked at him.

A wink was all it took for Howard to cum, showering Penny's unbelievably firm tits and gracefully neck with his thick, white load.

"Oh, dear," Sheldon said as he came, his seed showering down on Penny's face and into her open mouth. Kripke followed him, his load mostly filling Penny's mouth but some landing on her chin. Looking in horror at what he and Kripke had done, Sheldon hurriedly pulled up his pants. "Don't worry, Penny. I'll find you a toothbrush and some Noxzema," he stuttered before running off to find the supplies.

Stuart and Raj came at the same time, filling Penny's tight, wet pussy and even tighter ass with cum and triggering her orgasm. Stuart lost his hold on her as her body began to thrash around in pleasure and she landed on top of him. She slid wetly to the floor beside Stuart and Raj, her muscles spasmming and twitching with the strongest orgasm she had ever had since Mr. Martin's shop class in high school.

With Penny twitching in pleasure beside them, Raj and Stuart had nothing to block them from staring into each other's wide eyes. Raj blinked down at the comic store owner and asked, "So, was it good for you?"

"Yes, thank you for asking," Stuart answered, not knowing what to say and sending the twitching Penny into fits of giggles.

Penny, her view finally unblocked, looked over at Leonard. She had no idea what the look on his face meant bit judging by the tent in his pants It was a good look.

Suddenly a voice from the.other end of the store drew everybody's attention. "Oh, dear," Sheldon gasped, his clothes fixed with him holding an arm full of cleaning supplies. "We missed the count down."

Naked and covered in her friend's cum, Penny broke out into another fit of giggles.

* * *

"Leonard, I'm fine," Penny shouted from her shower. After they had returned home she had insisted on getting cleaned up immediately. "I wasn't that drunk, just really, really relaxed," she said with a grin she knew he could hear, "So stop worrying about it." She turned off the shower and stepped out, grabbing one of her pink, fluffy towels. "You did enjoy it, right?" she asked as she dried off her sexy, well fucked body.

In Penny's bedroom, sitting on her bed with a painful, aching erection, Leonard shrugged his shoulders. "Well, yeah. It was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen," he said meekly.

"And considering your internet history, that's saying something," Penny said as she dropped the towel and began fixing her hair.

"I guess," Leonard agreed. "Wait, you've looked at my internet history?" he asked worriedly.

Penny began drying her hair causing her to have to yell. "Sweetie, I'm your girlfriend. I've been through your internet history, your call logs on your phone, and your text messages, it what girlfriends do," she said matter of factly as she finished with her hair and began putting on her make-up.

Leonard squirmed on the bed and tried to readjust his pants. Penny had refused to let him touch her since the, whatever it was, at the comic store and now he had to wait on her to finish whatever it was that she was doing. "Does that mean I can go through your phone?" he asked.

"No, sweetie, it's a girl thing," Penny said as she put her lip gloss down and began to get dressed.

"That hardly seems fair."

Opening the bathroom door, Penny let it frame her like a picture. "We make up for it in other ways," she said with a sly smile as Leonard stared at her. Her outfit was all purple, the cups of the bra lifting her large chest up like a shelf on her chest as the gauzy material below it flutter down to just below her purple panties, transparent enough to show off her flat stomach and just how tiny her panties were. "So, how much did you enjoy your evening," she asked coyly.

For the first time in his life, Leonard acted without over thinking. Or without any real thought at all. In a flash he was off the bed, pinning Penny to the wall, reaching up on his tip toes and forcing his tongue into her mouth. She giggled at his reaction before moaning lustfully into his mouth as he pressed himself tightly against her.

Penny gasped out in surprise as Leonard yanked down the cups of her bra, freeing her tits, and began devouring them. In a instant he had her hard nipples sizzling with desire as he pawed her chest, sucking forcibly at her large breasts. It was the most forcible he had ever been with her and she loved it, her hot pussy already gushing with desire.

Leonard threw Penny onto the bed as he quickly shoved down his pants and underwear, releasing his pent-up, throbbing cock. He practically jumped on her, straddling her amazing chest and wrapping her firm tits around his shaft, using her sensitive flesh to jerk himself off. The look of delight in her eyes and her panting moans spurred him on, fucking her tits as he twirled his thumbs around her nipples.

Giggling with glee, Penny pushed her chest out to let Leonard use her breasts however he wanted, fucking them to his heart's content. She had never seen the animalistic look of lust in his eyes before and her while body throbbed as he stared at her. He released her breasts and jumped off of her, standing above her for a moment, staring at her before grabbing her by her wide hips and rolling her over on her stomach. With her stomach pressed against the bed and her knees on the floor, her ass with stuck up high in the air and he gripped her pretty purple panties and yanked them down her thighs, practically growling in need.

Leaning over Penny, Leonard shoved his aching cock balls deep into her gooey cunt in one stroke causing her to squeal out in surprise and pleasure. Holding her by her slender waist he began jack-hammering away inside of her with enough force to slide the mattress off the box springs with every thrust. Her high pitched squeals quickly turned into one, long, continuous moan of lust as he pounded into her, her thick ass-cheeks rippling as his hips slapped wetly against her.

Penny gripped the bed sheets in her fists, her eyes were wide, and her mouth hanging open as she panted with every violent thrust of her boyfriend's angry cock. Her bed frame groaned with every shove of Leonard's prick into her welcoming cunt as the mattress slid out from under her, lowering her chest down more and raising her ass up. With her chest pressed against the box spring, she felt Leonard pull out of her hungry hole and part her thick ass, running his thumbs over her tiny asshole and making her body shiver in anticipation as she groaned in need

Leonard placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to Penny's tightest hole and began shoving himself forward. With a constant, steady pressure he slowly parted her her around him, her ass gripping him tighter than any fist. He could hear her groaning underneath him, encouraging him to fill her totally as she accepted his length until his cum bloated balls were resting in her sticky pussy lips. He started fucking her slowly and deeply, building up the pace and letting her get used to the feel of him buried completely inside of her.

The legs on the far side of the bed collapsed, angling Penny's ass up even higher as Leonard fucked her harder and faster. "F-u-u-u-u-ck," she stuttered as a small string of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She groaned low and deep in her chest as she came, her orgasm feeling like a warm, throbbing explosion from low in her abdomen, filling her with a golden light as her boyfriend fucked her ass like a rabid animal.

Groaning as Penny's already tight ass clamped down on his prick while she came, Leonard held himself still inside of her, letting her ride out her orgasm with him buried as deeply as possible. When her amazing body started to relax he pulled his prick out of her ass with a obscene, wet pop and hurriedly rolled her over on her back, her firm tits swaying across her chest. Kneeling next to her head he thrust his dick into her mouth and throat, fucking her beautiful, glowing face.

With Leonard's balls slapping wetly against her cheek, Penny tried her best to suck on his cock but was still recovering from one of the most intense orgasms of her life, easily surpassing anything she had experienced at Christian Sleep-Away camp. She wiggled her tongue weakly against his shaft and relaxed her throat muscles, letting him slip far past her mouth. He humped her face wildly before pulling out and aiming his cock at her beautiful face fisting his prick as fast as he could.

As Leonard furiously fisted his prick Penny smiled sweetly up at him, her eyes and smile dazzling him. He came suddenly in what was probably the strongest orgasm in his life, his cock erupting like a fire hose over her sweet face and heavenly tits, coating them in the largest load of his life. As his cock softened his knees collapsed causing him to slide bonelessly onto the box spring above Penny's head with a soft grunt.

Penny used the last of her top to wipe off Leonard's cum from her face and tits before laying her head on his soft stomach. Her outfit was tangled, mussed, ripped in places and covered in cum while he was still wearing his T-shirt, soaks and sneakers but she had no doubt they still made the cutest couple ever.

"Happy New Year," Penny said with a dopey grin on her face.

Leonard could only stare blankly at the ceiling and groan with his glasses broken on his face.

The End.


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