PORNO TV, The Pornographic Classic Television Network presents...

Brisco County, Jr.'s eyes narrowed. The movement in the trees was
slight, but noticable to his practiced eye. He raised his pistol,
sighted carefully down the barrel, and fired.

The slug struck a branch in the tree, knocking out a substantial
chunk. The limb swept downward with a sharp snap, swamping the
running man in leaves and twigs.

Brisco dashed up, grabbed the man's arm, and drew back for a
roundhouse punch.

The man threw up his arms. "Don't hit me! I give!"

Brisco pulled him out of the branches, and pushed him back toward
where he had left Comet.

"You made it too easy, Houston," Brisco smiled.

"Easy? You call that easy? Three days on the trail, crawling on my
belly through these woods like a reptile, wading through a swamp and
finally being caught by a falling tree branch?"

"But that's all part of the fun." Brisco laughed.

"You have a strange idea of fun," another voice behind Brisco said.

Brisco spun around, and stared into the barrel of a rifle. He looked
past the open end of the gun up into the face of the man holding it.
He sat tall in his saddle.

"'Bad Bert' Klein," he muttered. "You might know."

"You must have known Houston was heading to meet someone," Klein
grinned grimly. "Come on, boy."

Houston stepped past Brisco, and climbed up behind Klein's saddle.

"Now drop your gun-belt, County. Slowly."

Brisco unfastened his belt, and dropped it to the ground.

"Now step back, five steps."

Brisco followed the instructions.

"Turn around."

Again, because he was still at gunpoint, Brisco turned.

"Now drop your pants," Klein ordered.

"What?!" Brisco sputtered.

"You heard me. Drop 'em."

Brisco unfastened his belt and trousers, and let them drop to the

Klein laughed. "Whad'ya call those?"

"Briefs. They're called briefs. And they're the coming thing in

"Oh really?" Klein mocked.

"Really. They keep my goodies up next to my body -- and away from the
saddle. You really ought to ... " Brisco turned his head slightly,
peering out of the corner of his eye.

"Now what, Klein?" Brisco turned his head. The horse and its two
riders were gone.

He pulled up his trousers, stepped forward and picked up his gunbelt,
and fastened it on. He whistled. "Yo, Comet!"

Comet moved quickly to his side. "Can you track them, Comet?"

The horse snorted, and nodded his head. Brisco swung into the saddle.
Comet headed in the direction Klein's horse had gone.

PORNO TV, The Pornographic Classic Television Network presents...

The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.


The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. was an unusual program to begin
with. Almost a retro-western, with heroes and villians, but with a
science fiction element as well as a well-developed sense of humor, it
should have been a tremendous success.

But it was on the Fox network.

Warner Brothers, the owners of the show, under-marketed the program,
and it died an unsung death after only one season, even though TV
Guide included it in their "Save Our Shows" promotion. (Please note
that TV Guide and the Fox network are both owned by Rupert Murdoch.)
This was probably due to some inter-studio politics, because Warner
was about to launch the WB network, and Warner produced the BCjr

There were no "Brisco County" action figures, no "Brisco County" toys,
no "Brisco County" clothing or t-shirts or halloween costumes...
nothing. No merchandising at all. As Bowler might have put it,

So the series only lasted one season.

The series is now shown in reruns on Saturdays (noon eastern time) on
the TNT network. TNT promotes the show as being "Part Bond, Part
Indiana Jones, and 100% cool." Very apt.

Brisco was the son of a famous lawman. Harvard educated in law,
Brisco turned to bounty hunting after the John Bly Gang murdered his

He was originally in competition with Lord Bowler, a fierce, hulking
black man. The two became partners about mid-season.

Brisco was played by Bruce Campbell, who has turned in fine work in
such tv movies as 'Tornado' and in bit parts in features like 'Congo'
and the brand-new 'McHale's Navy'. He is probably best known --
beyond his work in Brisco County -- as the lead character "Ash" in the
'Evil Dead' movies.

He currently has a recurring role as the boss in "Ellen".

Julius Carry played Lord Bowler, and the lovely Dixie Cousins was
played by Kelly Rutherford.

The "Orb" subplot was the science-fiction element, but the series
itself did not hinge on this one subplot.

Another constant element of the show was Brisco's search for "the
coming thing" -- the new product that would take the world to the next
century. He encountered such things as motorcycles, rockets,
zeppelins, and the phonograph ("why would anyone want to hear the same
song over and over?").

Those of us who are fans are still hoping for a revival of the series
-- even as a tv-movie. But as the show gets further and further away
from its original production dates, that hope is getting dimmer and

The theme music and some of the incidental music were used by NBC
during the Olympics and in subsequent sporting events.


This story breaks one of my personal rules for PORNO TV stories; it
started in production later than 1975.

This story also continues some characters from my "Have Gun Will
Travel" and "Maverick" stories, and is the concluding story in that

The dates given in the series itself placed it in the 1890's; this
would be about twenty years forward from the "Maverick" story.

For fans of the series, this particular story takes place just between
"Hard Rock" and "Bye Bly".

Now back to our show.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: "Brass Balls"

Chapter One: "Bowlered Over"

Lord Bowler rode past the sign that read 'Hard Rock', into the short
street of the small town. His horse walked slowly; it had been a long
trip and they both were tired and hungry.

He pulled back the reins as he approached the livery stable. A boy
ran out to stand beside the horse.

"Fill 'er up, sir?" the boy asked.

Bowler nodded. He slipped out of the saddle, and handed the kid the
reins. "Take good care of him, son. I'll be back in the morning."
He pulled off his saddlebag, and patted the horse on the shoulder.

The boy led the horse into the stable, and Bowler strode up the
street, his saddlebag over his shoulder.

He approached the doorway to the Cafe, a small smile stealing over his
face. He glanced in through the window. The lady behind the counter
was counting out change to a customer. He smiled more broadly.

Bowler waited until the customer left, then he stepped into the

The woman looked up as the doorway darkened, then a broad smile broke
over her face.

"James!" she squealed, "You came back! She ran around the end of the
counter, and toward Bowler. As she got near him, she leaped, wrapping
her arms around his neck and planting a solid, wet kiss on his lips.

Bowler held her tightly, her feet dangling just off the floor.


Comet stepped out onto a dirt road. He shook his head and whinnied.

"Lost it?" Brisco asked. "How could you lose it?"

Comet mumbled.

"Okay, okay," Brisco soothed the horse. "Don't take it so hard.
Anybody could lose a trail on a well-traveled road." He looked up and
down the dirt track. "Not that this one is so well-traveled."

Comet whinnied.

"Never mind. It's getting late. Let's go this way." He headed
toward his left, following the road.


"You must be hungry," Lenore whispered, when she finally broke the

"Uh-huh," gasped Bowler.

Lenore released her hold around Bowler's neck, and slid down his body
to the floor. She took his hand and led him to one of the tables. He
sat down. Lenore picked the saddlebag off his shoulder, carried it
behind her counter and set it on the floor.

"I'll be right back," she cooed.

"I'll be waiting," Bowler smiled back.

Within a few minutes, Lenore was back with a sizable steak. She set
the plate on the table in front of Bowler.

He cut off a bite, and popped it into his mouth, which spread into a
wide, happy grin.

Between bites, the hungry Bowler asked, "D'you know a place where I
can spend the night? Some place with a soft bed and a hot bath?"

"Sure do," Lenore smiled.


"How about my place?" she smiled, her eyes half-lidded. "It's just

Bowler's fork stopped halfway to his mouth. He grinned.


Brisco knew he was approaching a small town when he started to see the
rusted steel cans and debris at the side of the road. As he rounded a
bend and crested a hill, he saw it lying in the valley below.

"A nothing little town," he thought. "I just hope I can get a bite to

He rode warily, watching for Houston and Klein. He didn't spot a
cafe, so he pulled up in front of the small general store.

He dismounted and strode to the doorway. Stepping inside, he nodded
at the proprietor, who stood behind his counter.

Brisco looked around, then picked up a few staples -- some coffee and
a tin of beans, and set them on the counter.

"This all for ya?" the proprietor asked.

"Yeah." Brisco dug in his pocket for money. "Is there anyplace in
town to spend the night?"

The proprietor shook his head. "Mos' folks pass through here in a
hurry. They don' want to stay here long."

Brisco paid for his vittles and picked them up.

"Thanks," he smiled.

He turned to the door. There was a man standing in the doorway.

"Excuse me," Brisco said.

The man stepped forward. Under the lamplight of the store, Brisco
could see he was tall, with red hair streaked with silver.

"Brisco County, Jr., isn't it?" the man asked.

"Depends on who's asking," Brisco countered, warily.

The man smiled. "Keno. Don Keno." He extended his hand.

Brisco shook it, still wary. "Do I know you?"

"No," Keno said, still smiling. "But I feel like I know you. Would
you mind if I treated you to dinner?"

"Mind? No." Brisco looked at the man. He didn't appear threatening
in the least. He wasn't even wearing a gun. "But I didn't see a cafe
in town."

Keno smiled. "There isn't one. But there's always room at my
landlady's table for one more. C'mon." He motioned, and he escorted
Brisco out the door.

Brisco went to Comet, opened his saddlebag, and dropped in the coffee
and beans. He untied the reins, and led Comet after Keno.

"So that's the famous Comet," Keno smiled. "Where's Lord Bowler? And
how's Dixie?"

Brisco's brow furrowed. "You seem to know an awful lot about me.

Keno smiled. He reached behind him to a back pocket.

Brisco's hand twitched toward his pistol.

Keno brought his hand around with a small book. "The dime novels, of

He handed Brisco the small book. It was dog-eared and dirt-smeared.
The cover read 'The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.'

"That's my reading copy," Keno said, and added proudly, "I've got a
mint-condition collection back at my room. No eye-tracks."

Brisco flipped the dime novel open. There was an illustration that
generally resembled him, but differed in some details. He scanned the

"This is trash," Brisco commented. "Somebody's taken some basic facts
and made up a load of garbage around it. Things didn't happen this

He handed the book back to Keno.

"Here's the place," Keno said. "You can tie Comet up right here.
I'll have a boy take him around to the stable shortly."

Brisco nodded. He patted Comet's shoulder. "See you later, Comet,"
he said.

"Does he actually talk back to you?" Keno asked.

"You get that out of that dime novel?" Brisco countered. "Don't
believe everything you read."

Keno and Brisco went into the house. Inside, a large woman with snow
white hair stood, her hands on her hips.

"Did you wipe your feet?" she demanded.

Brisco stepped backwards and quickly wiped his feet on the mat
outside. Keno laughed.

Keno made the introductions. "Mrs. Starr, this is Brisco County, Jr.
Brisco, Betty Starr."

"Pleased to meet you," Brisco smiled.

"One more for supper," Keno said.

"Always room for one more," Mrs. Starr beamed. "Especially a young

Brisco blushed.

Bowler sank down in the clawfoot bathtub. It was big enough even for
his large frame, and the water was nicely hot. He scrubbed himself
off, washing away the dust of the trail and the sweat. When he felt
he was reasonably clean, he leaned back in the tub, letting the hot
water soak the strain of his muscles away. He closed his eyes,

He didn't hear the door open, and didn't realize he was not alone in
the room until the fingers touched his shoulders.

He jumped, splashing, looking for his weapon.

"Easy... it's just me," Lenore said.

Bowler turned. She stood at the head of the tub, soapy splashes of
water trailing down her body. She was completely naked.

"Oh. Sorry..." Bowler stood up, his manhood beginning to swell.
Lenore handed him a towel, and reached for another for herself.

Bowler wiped at himself, looking lustfully at Lenore's body. He
stepped out of the tub, and Lenore wrapped herself around him.

"Now," Lenore whispered, "about that soft bed..."


"So," Keno said, reaching for a roll, "tell me about the Orb."

Brisco's head snapped up. "What Orb?" he recovered and asked, trying
to seem innocent.

"You know very well what Orb," Keno leered. "You've been chasing the
Orb almost as hard as you've been chasing John Bly."

Brisco shrugged. "I don't know much about it, actually. 'Them',
rather. There are -- or were -- three of them at one time. One was
destroyed, leaving two."

"So what is it -- I mean, 'are they'?"

Brisco shook his head. "I don't know. You'd have to ask Professor
Wickwire or Professor Cole. They know much more about it than I do."

"Wickwire and Cole. Those names must have been changed in the book.
I don't recognize them."

"Then perhaps I've said too much," Brisco's eyes narrowed. "What do
you think the Orbs are?"

Keno smiled slightly. "From what I've read in the magazines, some
Chinese railroad workers located one, and it gave them strength to
break their bonds and escape to freedom. It cured the sick, healed
the lame -- and from what I read, raised the dead."

Brisco grinned. "Sounds like Jesus, not the Orb."

"Perhaps," Keno nodded. "But the stories say that it has fantastic
power of healing, and that's what I need."

"Need? Are you sick?"

"For now, let's just say 'wounded'. I have certain ...deficiencies...
that I want to correct."

"And you think the Orb would help?" Brisco's brow furrowed.

"I think so. I'm almost convinced of it. But I need to get hold of
one of them."

Brisco shook his head. "No way. The government's got one of the
orbs; the other's locked up -- and I don't have access to it, nor do I
want to."

Keno's expression revealed his disappointment.


Bowler slid between the sheets. Lenore was right behind him, sliding
her soft, dark skin against his. Bowler gave a soft moan as her lips
met his, her breasts pressed against his chest, the hard points of her
nipples pressing against his chest.

Bowler slid his hands down her sides to the globes of her ass,
massaging them gently as she kissed him, her tongue sliding between
his lips to dance with his.

He slipped his fingers into the crack of her ass, touching the pucker
of her anus, finding her warm, wet slit.

She pushed herself up on his body, allowing his fingers to explore her
body more deeply, slipping into her cunt, covering them with her

She slipped one hand down and grasped his erection, and rubbed its
large head with her thumb. She broke the kiss almost reluctantly, as
she slid back down his body. His fingers slid out of her, as she
positioned his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

She pushed backward, his dick entering her, stretching her cuntlips as
she engulfed it.

Bowler took a deep breath, his eyes closing with the pleasure of her
tight pussy around his organ.

She smiled softly, enjoying being 'full' after so long. She settled
down on his body, just lying atop him with her cunt full of cock.


Keno slipped out the back door, and walked quietly to the stable.
Wincing as the hinge on the door squeaked, he slid into the barn.

County's horse, Comet, was in the second stall, the saddle draped over
the side rail.

"Good," Keno mumbled, "he left the saddlebag."

He opened the saddlebag, and dug inside. A tin of beans, a packet of
coffee, and in the bottom of the bag, something wrapped in a piece of

Keno pulled it out. He unwrapped it carefully.

The rod was a cylinder, clear crystal, with a domed gold tip.

Keno held it through the leather covering, not touching the rod
itself. "Yes," he muttered. "The stories were accurate..."

He brushed his fingertips along the length of the rod. A faint blue
glow showed in the interior of the crystal.

Keno smiled.

He reached into a pouch he carried over his shoulder, and pulled out a
glass bottle filled with water. He compared it to the rod. It was a
little shorter, slightly larger in diameter than the rod. But it
weighed about the same.

Keno set the orb rod on the ground, and wrapped the bottle in the
leather covering. He put it back in Brisco's saddlebag.

Using the pouch to avoid touching the orb rod directly, he picked up
the rod and wrapped the pouch around it.

He slipped back out of the barn and into the rooming house.

Brisco rolled over, nearly falling off the cot. He snapped to full
wakefulness. The room was dark, the window open on a moonless night.
He lay on the cot, listening to the sounds of the small town at night.

Somewhere, distantly, there was the sound of a fiddle, the calls of
night birds, and the horses in the stable behind the house.

No, that was one specific horse.

Brisco jumped up and dashed to the window. A dark form was walking
quickly between the barn and the house, clutching a black -- something
-- close to his body.


Bowler held her as he rolled over, putting Lenore on her back. He
pushed up onto his elbows, moving just his hips, as Lenore lifted her
knees, wrapping her lower legs around his hips.

He thrust gently at first, slowly grinding his hips into hers, pushing
his cock deep inside her. She squeezed him back, her pussy grasping
at his thrusting cock, her legs pressing against his ass, pulling him
deeper still.

Her clit pressed hard into the base of his cock; the pressure of his
thrusts aroused her, teased her, prodded her toward the brink of no

He sensed her body tightening. He slowed his thrusts, until he felt
her body soften and relax again. Then he began to move once more,
pushing deep inside, her body clasping at him, wanting more, wanting
... wanting... release.

She gasped as the contractions began, her body quivering, her cunt
squeezing at Bowler's cock. When she could finally breathe again, she
looked up at his smiling face through lidded eyes.

"Oh, James..." she breathed.

"We're not finished yet," Bowler whispered.

He began moving again -- a pelvic movement, leaving his upper body
completely still. His penis thrust deep inside her, rubbing the base
of his cock against her prominent and sensitive clit.

She began to tremble again, her breathing short and shallow. Bowler
slowed, but drove deeper, holding himself deep inside her on each

She climaxed again, her pussy squeezing him. Bowler moaned, and
pushed against her grip, going as far as he possibly could. He came,
an explosion of sensation as his cock pumped her full of semen.

He slid over to his right, rolling her over onto her side, their legs
still entangled, his cock still firmly held inside her.

She kissed him, tenderly on the lips, and snuggled up against him.
His cock softened, but remained inside her, as she drifted into a
light sleep.

When he heard her breathing become even, he closed his eyes, and
holding her tightly against his body, he slipped into slumber.


Don Keno closed the door to his room quietly.

He sat down on the edge of his bed, and unwrapped the orb rod. It
seemed to be glowing with a faint blue.

He set it down on the bed, stood up, and unfastened his pants. He
dropped them to the floor. He put his hand between his legs, feeling
again the scar tissue below the short stub of his penis.

He reached over and picked up the orb rod again, insulating it from
his hand with the pouch. He brought it around, and touched the gold
tip to his penis-stub.

The rod began to glow brightly. Electrical pulses shimmered along the
shaft of the rod, then an extra-bright flash -- like looking directly
into the sun.

The rod clattered to the floor, rolling away from the bed, its glow

Keno fell back, unconscious, onto the bed, his groin glowing with a
faint blue.


Chapter Two: "I Wish I Was In Dixie"

Brisco arose early. He was saddling Comet as Don Keno entered the

"Heading off?" Keno asked.

"Yeah," Brisco nodded. "The trail's too cold by now. I need to get
back to San Francisco."

Keno smiled sweetly. "D'you mind company? I've got some business to
take care of there, too."

Brisco shrugged. "Saddle up," he said. "I don't have time to waste."


The sunlight streaked through the window, directly into Bowler's eyes.
He awoke, squinting and cursing. He sat up in the bed, momentarily

Then he remembered where he was. A large smile grew over his face.
He looked to either side of him, but Lenore was gone.

He turned, and draped his feet over the edge of the bed, ready to get
up, but the door opened.

"Are you awake?" Lenore asked.

She was dressed in a long velvety robe. Bowler admired the way it
clung to her dark skin, and revealed a nice view of her cleavage in

"It's morning," he said.

"Not in here it's not," she said. She stepped to the window and
pulled down a blind, blocking the sunlight. The room dimmed

She shrugged; the robe slid off her body. She climbed into the bed
and onto Bowler.


"Hold up a minute, will you?" Keno said.

Brisco turned his head. "What's wrong?"

Keno winced. "I need to take a whiz."

Brisco chuckled. He pulled back on Comet's reins, and the big horse
came to a stop. Keno halted his horse, dismounted, and dashed into
the bushes.

He unbuttoned his fly, and reached into his pants.

"My gosh," he muttered, as he pulled out his cock. What had been a
short stump was actually growing in length. As Keno examined himself,
he could see the beginnings of a new glans forming on the end of his

He cupped himself; he felt new skin growing there, too, with the
marble-sized new testicles forming within.

He relieved himself, the urine splashing off the leaves of the bushes.
Proudly, he tucked himself back into his pants, and gave the growing
bulge a little pat. He strode manfully back to his horse.

"Everything come out all right?" Brisco kidded.

"Better than you know," Keno nodded.

They headed off down the trail to the city.


Lenore sat across Bowler's lap, his penis, fully aroused and
throbbing, pressed against her abdomen, until she pulled herself up,
allowing the tip of his penis to slide between her lower lips. She
lowered herself again, impaling herself on his shaft, until she had it
all inside her.

She sat still; Bowler enjoying the warmth of her, the touch of her,
the smell of her; Lenore enjoying the feeling of being complete,
attached by her sex to the man she adored.

Bowler began to rock forward and backward, slowly and gently. The
motion pulled his cock in and out of her cunt. Just fractions of an
inch, but a movement they both enjoyed.

She tilted her hips forward, rubbing her prominent clit against him;
He reached around her, grasping the globes of her black ass, squeezing
the soft tissue, his fingers working toward her crack.

She gasped a little as his fingertip pressed against the pucker of her
anus, and gasped again as it entered her up to the first knuckle. She
squeezed her sphincter around his finger, preventing further

"Oh, Baby..." she breathed, "no, no..."

He wiggled his finger. She resisted again at first, but she felt
herself relax, and more finger entered her, until he had his whole
finger inside her.

"Oh God," she breathed, "oh, God..."

The orgasm swept through her almost unexpectedly; she threw her head
back, gasping for air as contractions shook her body, clasping his
cock inside her cunt and his finger deep inside her ass.


The mechanism moved with a solid CLACK. The man behind the machine
pressed hard on another key. Another CLACK.

The man grinned. His friend Sam Clemens had been right. The future
of writing was indeed the typewriter. Now, if only the keys had been
laid out in alphabetical order, it would be a lot easier for his
one-finger typing style.

He read what he had just typed: "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."

He settled in with his notes and began to write the next chapter of
his dime novel story. One CLACK at a time.


Later that day:

Brisco and Keno rode into the city, past the venerable Carlton Hotel.

Keno pulled up his horse. "Here's where we part company, Mr. County,"
he hollered.

Brisco turned in his saddle and waved. "See you around," he called

Keno dismounted, tied up his horse, and strode into the hotel. He
stepped up to the desk and rang the bell.

Moments later, a man appeared through a door behind the counter. "May
I help you, sir?"

"I'm looking for a man named Paladin," Keno said.

"Sorry, sir. Mr. Paladin moved out a year or so ago."

"Damn," Keno growled. "You have any idea where he went?"

"We forwarded some of his mail to some place in Oklahoma." He fumbled
with some papers in a filing cabinet. "Here it is ... New Prospect,
Oklahoma, care of general delivery."

Keno nodded. "Thanks." He walked back out to the street. As he got
back on his horse, he touched his saddlebag, making sure the orb rod
was still there.


Comet whinnied, and turned his head to the right.

Brisco followed his gaze, and his face brightened. He tugged Comet to
a halt, and dropped out of the saddle. He walked Comet over to the
hitching rail, and tied off the reins.

"You know I have to check this out," he whispered to the horse.

Comet's head nodded, and he mumbled.

"No, I won't forget you're out here."

He strode into the saloon, past the sign that read "Tonite Only: Dixie


Bowler drew his knife, and stared threateningly at his quarry.

It didn't move.

He thrust with his blade, followed the move with a jab with his fork,
and pulled back a large piece of the steak. He popped the bite into
his mouth, a large smile spreading over his face.

"You like it?" Lenore asked, hovering over his shoulder.

"Shore do," Bowler grinned, his mouth full. He picked up the small
bottle. "Dis stuff makes it taste great. What's dis here sauce?"

"Exactly," Lenore smiled.


Brisco pushed through a large crowd of men standing in the barroom.
They were all standing open-mouthed, gazing toward the stage.

He glanced up at the woman on the stage, making sure it wasn't Dixie.

Then he looked again. It wasn't Dixie, but she was a knockout. She
wore a tight-fitting costume, corseted at her waist, allowing full
breasts free reign above, with only the filmiest covering over them.
He could see the pink aureoles around her prominent nipples.

Her skirt was full behind her, but the front was slit right up to her
-- well, to her womanhood. She wore a dark-colored undergarment, but
left very little to the imagination.

Brisco gulped. Dixie had worn some daring costumes before, but this

He suddenly noticed that she was singing.

Her voice was clear and high. The words were fully articulated, and
she was absolutely entrancing. He had read stories of Sirens, of the
Lorelei, but had never seen or heard one before.

After a moment, he shook his head, and the fog slowly cleared. He
forced himself to look away from the woman, glancing around for the
backstage door.

Locating it, he stepped quickly toward it. As he approached, a large
man stepped in front of the door.

"May I help you, sir?" the big man asked politely, crossing his arms.

"I'm a friend of Dixie Cousins," Brisco said.

The big man smiled. "Do you know how many men use that line?"

"Really?" Brisco frowned. "Okay. Just go in, and tell her that
Brisco County, Jr. would like to see her."

"Brisco County, Jr.? Why didn't you say so?" The big man extended
his right hand. "Jim Melloy. I'm pleased to meet you. Dixie has
told Crystal and me so much about you."

Melloy stepped aside and opened the door. Brisco glanced up at the
big man as he entered. Melloy followed him inside, and closed the
door behind them.

Melloy led Brisco to a door with a sparkling star on it. He tapped on
the door.

"Dixie? Someone here to see you."

The door opened just a crack, and a peering eye appeared. "Who is

Brisco stepped into her line of vision. "It's me, Dix."

"Brisco!" The door opened explosively, and Brisco's arms were full of
Dixie. Her mouth was on his, her tongue pressing into his mouth. Her
body pressed against his, and his hands could feel that she was
wearing practically nothing.

After a moment, he managed to break the kiss.

"Dixie, shouldn't we go into the dressing room? You're almost naked."

Dixie chuckled. "Don't worry about Big Jim. Crystal keeps him plenty
satisfied." She turned her head to address the big man. "Thanks,
Jim. Give me a warning when Crystal starts her last number."

Melloy nodded, and returned to his post at the stage door.

Dixie led Brisco into the dressing room and pushed the door closed.

"Crystal... That's the girl on stage, right?"

Dixie smiled. "Good deductive reasoning. She's married to Big Jim.
Came out here from some place in Kentucky, and we fell in together.
I've been using her as my opening act, but I think she's good enough
to tour on her own."

"She's good, all right."

She chuckled again. "Unless you've recently started smuggling
baseball bats, she's had an effect on you."

Brisco glanced down at himself and blushed. "How do you know it's not
all for you? After all, you're standing there in almost nothing."

"A woman knows," Dixie said, sauntering up to him. She reached down
and stroked Brisco's erection through his pants. "But I also know how
to take advantage of the situation."

She opened Brisco's fly with very little difficulty, reached in, and
pulled out his cock. Holding it with her fingers, she slipped down to
her knees, and engulfed his cockhead with her mouth.

"Dixie, I... Dix..." Brisco sputtered, "Oh, God, Dixie..."

Her tongue slid around his organ expertly, while she sucked gently on
his glans, her fingers stroking the rest of his shaft, her other hand
cupping his balls.

She felt his balls tighten, and clamped her lips just behind the ridge
of his cockhead, just as Brisco's cock jerked and filled the back of
her mouth with his seed.

Dixie leaned backwards, smiling, with just the hint of a drop of come
at the corner of her mouth.

There was a tap at the door. "Last song, Miss Dixie," Melloy's voice

"Thanks, Jim," Dixie called. Then to Brisco, she whispered "Will that
hold you over until after my show?"

Brisco nodded, wordlessly, grinning.

"Now get out of here -- I need to get dressed without any


Don Keno walked down the street, somewhat disappointed that he
couldn't confront Paladin. As he walked, he felt an old, familiar
feeling in his pants. Something he hadn't felt in twenty years -- a
full feeling -- almost as if his pants didn't fit anymore.

He stepped between buildings, then glanced both ways to make sure he
wasn't being seen. He reached down into his pants and felt himself.

By golly, his whole shaft had regrown. He could feel a fully-formed
glans at the end of his cock, under a complete foreskin. He reached
further down. The new scrotum was filled with two nicely-sized

He adjusted himself in his pants. If anything, he was larger now than
he had been before Paladin and the Mavericks had gone after him.

Proud of his newly-restored manhood, he strutted back out into the
street, a self-satisfied smugness showing in his face.


Brisco stepped up beside Big Jim at his post at the stage door. He
glanced up at the stage, where Crystal was just finishing her song.
As she finished, the lights faded down to darkness.

No longer entranced by the vision of Crystal's bosom, the crowd began
to clap, then stomp and cheer.

The cheering continued as the lights brightened again.

Crystal bowed, deeply. There was an audible gasp from the men in the
crowd as her breasts bobbed and bounced.

Crystal slipped offstage as the applause continued.

"C'mon," Big Jim nudged Brisco. "I want you to meet my wife."

A comic took the stage, and began cracking jokes unheard by the unruly
crowd. Melloy led Brisco back through the stage door, and threw a
bolt, locking it from the inside.

They stepped up to a dressing room across the hall from Dixie's. Jim
tapped at the door. "Crys... It's me."

The door opened immediately. The woman beamed as Jim swept her into
his arms for a big hug.

"Best show yet," Jim whispered.

"You always say that," Crystal giggled. "So who's your friend?"

"Crystal Melloy, meet Brisco County, Jr."

Crystal extended her hand, and Brisco shook it. "I've heard an awful
lot about you," she said, smiling.

Brisco blushed. She had not changed out of her stage costume, and in
this light, her top was totally transparent. Her breasts were smooth,
firm and round, the nipples pink, hard and distended.

Jim whispered something in her ear. She nodded, and reached behind
the door. She brought around a shawl, and threw it over her shoulders,
covering herself.

Brisco blinked, and recovered his senses.

"Now you can look me in the eye," Crystal winked.

"Sorry," Brisco blushed. "Was I staring?"

Melloy laughed. "Don't worry about it. Everyone does. It's what
makes her a hit on stage."

"Hey, I SING, too!" Crystal laughed.

Dixie's door opened, and she emerged, in costume for her performance.
Brisco smiled; her costume was just a little more daring than he had
seen her wear before. The top was ... skimpier, allowing more of her
full breasts to spill out. Her waist was cinched into a tight corset,
and her hips were covered by a skirt with a bustle, but like
Crystal's, it was split up the front, giving a full view of her lovely
legs clear up to her crotch.

Her crotch. Brisco's gaze was arrested as he looked at the dark patch
of curly... lace over her pubis, contrasting to the skin-tone tights
she wore.

"Don't drool, Brisco," Dixie laughed. She leaned over and whispered
in his ear, "At least not now."

She sashayed toward the stage.

"Let's go listen while Crystal changes," Big Jim said to Brisco.
Brisco nodded, still watching Dixie walk.


Don Keno strode manfully down the street. Ahead of him, two men were

They split as Keno walked on, passing him on each side. When they got
past him, they turned and stopped.

One of the two men held a small object. He pointed it toward Keno.

The object glowed with a deep blue.

The two men glanced at each other, then followed Keno at a discrete


Chapter Three: "Is That An Orb Rod In Your Pocket,
Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?"

Bowler stared again at the telegram slip in his hand. "What I want to
know is how in hell he knew I was here."

They sat on her bed, Lenore sitting behind Bowler, who was perched on
the edge of the bed.

Lenore looked over his shoulder, her cheek against his neck. "I guess
it doesn't matter," she whispered. "We'll just have to delay what I
had planned."

"Planned?" Bowler asked. "It doesn't involve a white dress and a
preacher, does it?"

Lenore smiled. "Why? Does that scare you?"

"Some." Bowler nodded. "Not as much as it used to, though."

Lenore slipped her arms around him, low -- around his waist. Both
hands reached his groin, and gripped his massive member.

"Still, there's life left down there, and time before you have to
leave to get back to 'Frisco..."

"Yeah," Bowler smiled. He turned his face toward hers, and was met
with warm, willing lips and tongue.


Don Keno strolled past his horse. He was feeling so good -- so manly
-- that he wanted to enjoy it a little more before setting off toward

The two men following him watched as he paused a moment in front of a

The one carrying the glowing object scanned the area while they
waited. The key glowed brightly when pointed toward a horse tied in
front of the Carlton.

The key-carrier motioned to the other man, who nodded and followed
Keno on down the street. The key-carrier stepped over to the horse,
and looking both ways, opened the saddle-bag.

He reached in and pulled out the leather-wrapped Orb rod. Smiling, he
stuffed the rod into an inner pocket of his overcoat, and quickly
caught up with his companion.


Brisco stood at the foot of the stage, gazing up at Dixie as she
danced and sang. Each time she twirled, her skirt flew away from her
long legs, revealing her pubic lace, and the crowd of men gasped,
thinking they were seeing the real thing.

Brisco smiled, knowing the 'secret'. He could feel Big Jim's presence
behind him, and wondered that he could concentrate on keeping watch at
the stage door and watch Dixie's performance at the same time.

Outside, Don Keno walked up to the door, and examined the poster.


Bowler rode reluctantly toward San Francisco, remembering the sweet
softness of Lenore and cursing Socrates Poole. What could be so
damned important that Poole should telegraph him and order him away
from his woman?

Suddenly, his horse stopped short.

Bowler nearly went over the saddle horn, but recovered himself
quickly. "What is it, fella?" he asked. "Geez-us," he thought, "I'm
beginning to sound like Brisco."

He looked all around him, but saw nothing, smelled nothing, felt

He nudged the horse's side with his boot heel. "Gidap."

The horse stood still and shook its head.

"Stubborn fucking horse," he griped. He dismounted, pulling his
sawed-off shotgun from over his shoulder, and walked down the road, on


Something stung Bowler's arm. He whirled, the shotgun went off, the
scattering shot echoing through the leaves of a tree.

Bowler looked down, and saw a short, feathered shaft sticking out of
his left arm. He holstered his shotgun, grasped the shaft, and tugged
on it.

It came out cleanly. The tip had a smooth, metal point, but no barb.
It was about six inches long, painted in a bright yellow.

The dart went suddenly out of focus.

Bowler looked up. The world started spinning around him, growing
darker, closing in...

He collapsed to the dirt road, senseless.


Don Keno sidled along the back wall of the saloon. All eyes in the
place were on the woman on stage -- an attractive blonde singing and
dancing, wearing a skirt that split in the front to reveal a faux

Two men stood in front of the door to the backstage area -- one of
them was Brisco County, Jr., and the other was familiar -- yes, it was
Big Jim Melloy. He'd gotten a little greyer in twenty years, but it
was the same man.

Keno got a cold chill, remembering twenty years back, the glint of a
knife in the horse barns in Louisville.

He narrowed his eyes, intent on his goal. He slid down the wall.

Brisco and Melloy were distracted. Keno eased the door open, and slid
through, easing the door closed behind him.

He tiptoed down the short corridor, noting the name "Dixie Cousins" on
one door, and "Crystal Melloy" on the other. He listened at Crystal's
door, and heard someone inside.

He turned the knob. The door opened. After all, why should she lock
the door with her husband standing outside?

He glanced quickly around the small room. A woman was behind the
screen, a costume dress thrown over the top.

Keno quietly turned the latch, locking the door, and stood silently
waiting, until Crystal stepped out from behind the screen. She was
completely naked, reaching for a gown.

She spotted Keno, and started to scream.

Keno rushed forward, grabbing her mouth, stifling the sound.

"Don't do that, dearie," he said, meanacingly. "It's been a long
time, Miss Crystal."

Keno let her go. She stepped back, covering herself as best she could
with her hands.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded. "Where's Jim?"

"Oh, he's outside, not doing his job," Keno smiled. "That woman on
stage -- Dixie Cousins is it? -- she's quite attractive. As are you."

"What do you want?"

"Oh, I have a very specific plan in mind," Keno murmured. "Beginning
with this..."

He opened his trousers, and his cock popped out.

"Oh my god," Crystal whispered. "I thought you ... I mean ... How?.."

"I see you've noticed my new equipment. I've been restored, and I've
got some catching up to do."

He stepped forward again, and grabbed Crystal by the arm. He pushed
her down to her knees.

"Now suck me, you bitch."

He thrust his cock into her mouth. Crystal resisted, turning her

Keno grabbed her head, turning it back toward him, forcing his cock
deeper into her mouth.

Crystal whimpered until her air was shut off; then she gagged.

"Then if you won't suck, you'll fuck." Keno pushed her back, grabbed
an ankle, and pulled up.

He knelt down between her open thighs, and levelled his cock at her

"No," Crystal whined. "No. No. No!"

"Quiet! Or I'll kill you!" Keno thrust, the tip of his cock forcing
itself between her dry vaginal lips.

Keno looked down at himself; his new cock was very large -- even
larger now that it was erect. And in the dim light in the room, it
seemed to glow a little bit with a blue color.

He thrust again, but made little headway into her tight, dry pussy.
He was too big for this bitch -- at least without some lubrication.

He thrust again -- and heard a noise at the door.

"Crystal? Are you all right?" Melloy's voice sounded worried. "Why
is the door locked? Crystal?"

Keno put a hand over Crystal's mouth.


The door flew open, splinters from the broken door frame flying across
the room. Brisco leaped into the room, his revolver drawn.

Behind him, Big Jim Melloy roared. He grabbed Keno, and tossed him up
agaist the far wall of the room.

Keno slid down the wall, his cock stiff and throbbing, a meanacing
stare frozen into his unconscious form.

Melloy kneld down beside his wife. "Crystal, are you..."

"I'm not hurt," Crystal croaked. "I'll be fine."

She stood up, grabbed her robe, and wrapped it around her.

"But what I don't understand, is how..."

"Look!" Melloy pointed. "What's that glow?"

The three of them looked at Keno's body. While the rest of him was
limp and unconscious, his penis seemed to have a life of its own. It
throbbed and pulsed, and a faint blue glow seemed to eminate from it.

"That glow is very familiar," Brisco said, holstering his gun. "Tie
him up."

"That won't be necessary," another voice said.

Brisco turned. Two men were standing in the doorway of the dressing
room. One of them held a glowing key, the other a loaded Colt.


Bowler awoke, groggy.

He was at first aware of a burning sensation in his arm, then as he
regained more consciousness, there was more pain -- the pain of
stretched and sore muscles.

He tried to wipe his face, but his hand wouldn't move. He opened his

The room was dark; he couldn't see his hand in front of his face --
even if he could get his hand in front of his face.

He wasn't paralyzed -- he could feel a restraint around his wrist. He
tested each of his joints. Apparently, he was bound against a wall,
his arms up and his legs apart, like a big black X.

There was something else -- something was pulling downward on his

He tried to push himself away from the wall, but discovered another
restraint, around his waist.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Hey!"

Only silence in response.



"You must be Brisco County, Jr."

"You have the advantage of me, stranger." Brisco's eyes narrowed.

"And I intend to keep it." He motioned with the revolver. "Drop the

Brisco unfastened the belt, glancing over to Crystal.

Crystal saw the glance. She dropped her arms, and allowed the robe to
fall to the floor.

The men stared at her naked body.

The momentary lapse was all Melloy needed. He leaped forward, and
brought his hand down on the intruder's wrist in a chopping motion.
The revolver clattered across the floor.

Brisco jumped toward the other man, landing a roundhouse punch on the
man's chin. Melloy turned the (former) gunman around and pressed him
up against the wall, one arm twisted painfully behind him.

The other man fell to the floor, his overcoat flying open. The
leather-wrapped Orb rod slid out of the inner pocket, and rolled over
toward Keno's body, still propped up against the wall.

As it rolled, the leather wrapping unraveled, and the naked rod ended
up nestled between Keno's legs.

"Oh my gosh!" Crystal gasped, clutching her robe back around her
again. "Look!"

Keno's entire body was glowing blue. His head snapped up, his eyes
opened. The blue glow brightened. He picked up the rod, and stood.

Brisco glanced down at the glowing man's penis, which was still
outside his trousers. It might have been his imagination, or the glow
it was producing, but the damned thing looked bigger still. It was
almost as big around as the man's arm, and the two testicles hanging
below were the size of cantaloupes.

Keno gestured, throwing his hand forward.

Melloy and Brisco were thrown against the wall by an unseen force.
The two intruders lay still.

Crystal stood mute, frozen with fear. Keno gestured again, and her
robe flew off, landing in a heap against the wall.

Keno strode up to her, and wrapped one arm around her. He picked her
up like a straw doll, and stalked out of the room, and down the hall.

The stage door opened in front of him, banging against the wall of the

Keno strode into the saloon. Heads turned, staring. A few men
started toward him.

A wave of his hand, and the entire audience fell backward, several
tumbling over tables.

Dixie stopped singing, and stepped to the edge of the stage, a look of
horror on her face. Keno glared at her, then walked toward the front

Dixie dashed backstage.

In the dressing room, Brisco shook his head as he rose. Bad idea. He
grunted with the pain.

He bent over one of the two still-unconscious men in black and turned
him over. A black folded-leather case slipped out of a pocket.
Brisco picked it up.

Melloy sat up, a hand to his head. "Crystal!"

"She's gone," Brisco grunted. "I expect Keno's got her. Oh, shit."


"These men are government agents. Secret Service."

"Damn. What did they want with you?"

"Information, probably. They already had the Orb rod."

Dixie ran breathlessly into the room. "He just left... glowing like a
firefly, with his dick sticking out -- way out -- in front."

"Can you catch him?" Melloy asked.

"I'm going to do my best." Brisco dashed to the front of the saloon,
untied Comet from the hitching rail, and jumped into the saddle.

"Which way did they go, Comet?"

Comet jerked his head to the right.

"Then let's ride!"

Comet struck out in a gallop, leaving a cloud of dust. Dixie stood at
the front door, looking after him.


Chapter Four: "Houston, We Have A Problem"

Bowler raised his head at the sound. It was a clank, a scrape, and
the creak of a rusty pair of hinges. A little light entered the cell.

"Get in there!" a voice shouted. There was also the sound of a
feminine whimper. A familiar feminine whimper.

"Lenore!" Bowler shouted.

The room was flooded with light as Lenore was pushed into it, followed
closely by a man with a flaming torch.

Quickly, Bowler glanced around the room, memorizing what was where.
He saw that in one corner of the cell was his clothing, the butt of
his sawed-off shotgun protruding from under the pile. If only he

Lenore fell on her knees, and rolled over to her side with a cry of

"Don't hurt her, or I'll..." Bowler growled.

"You'll what?" the other man snarled. "I don't think you're in any
position to threaten anyone."

"I'm sorry, James," Lenore whimpered. "I never thought they'd..."

"Shut the hell up, woman," the man snarled.

"What's she talking about?" Bowler demanded.

The other man put the torch in a wall sconce. He dusted off his
hands. "It seems your girlfriend was pursuaded to help us trap you."

"They raped me," Lenore whimpered. "And they promised to do it again
and again if I didn't..."

Her speech was cut short by a cry of pain as the man kicked her.
Bowler strained against his restraints.

"Down, boy," the man said, smiling evilly. He turned toward Bowler
and chuckled. "All we want is the Orb rod."

"What are you talking about?"

"The rod your friend Brisco County pulled out of the Orb that John Bly
stole. They put the Orb in the bank vault, but he took out a rod so it
couldn't be powered up."

"Sounds like you know more about it than I do," Bowler moaned.

"Maybe. But you're going to help us get that rod." There was another
creak of hinges. "Sounds like Klein has arrived."

'Bad Bert' strode into the room. "Everything all set, Houston?"

"He still seems a little feisty," Houston said. "But that'll end."

Klein stepped over to the woman on the floor. He bent down, grabbed
her arm, and pulled her to her feet.

He pushed her over to a low bench. Bowler could see some straps and
iron rings on the floor on each side of the bench.

Klein threw her over the bench. "Give me a hand, Houston."

The other man stepped over, and began tying Lenore's hands to rings on
one side of the bench, while Klein fastened her feet on the other
side. She was bent over the bench now, face down, her ass in the air.

Klein reached down and pulled Lenore's skirt up, throwing it over her
upper body. He pulled a knife from a belt sheath. He slipped the
blade under the waistband of her bloomers, and pulled slowly down.
The fabric parted, and Lenore's bare ass appeared.

Bowler strained against the restraints futilely.

Klein slapped her ass. Lenore screamed. Bowler grunted, pulling at
the chains. Houston chuckled.

Klein unbuttoned his trousers, and pulled out his cock. Stroking it
to erection, he turned to Bowler and smiled. "Now watch carefully,
big boy."

He turned back to Lenore, and placed his cock at her dark, puckered

Houston chuckled.

Klein thrust once. Hard. Lenore screamed as Klein's cock plunged
deep into her asshole.


There was a wagon with a two-horse team in the ditch at the side of
the road. Brisco pulled up, and asked, breathlessly, "Did you see...?"

The grizzled old man looked up at him. "A penis riding a horse with a
naked woman draped over the back?"

"Sounds right," Brisco nodded.

"Ran me off the road. About two minutes ago."

"Thanks," Brisco said, tipping his hat. "I hope there's not too much

"Nothing I can't handle. But when you catch that son of a bitch, I'd
like a piece of him."

"You might have to stand in line," Brisco smiled. He clicked his
tongue at Comet, and the big horse took off down the road after Keno.


Klein thrust again, and again Lenore groaned. Bowler pulled against
one of the chains on his arm.

Was it his imagination, or did he feel a slight give that time? And
was it the chain or his arm?

Another thrust, another groan, another pull on the chain.

It was definitely moving!

Houston watched greedily as his associate reamed Lenore's asshole.
"Can I go next?" he asked.

Klein didn't answer. He thrust again.

The next thing Houston was aware of was a slight rattle and a 'whoosh'
of a chain in the air.

Bowler had managed to pull one of the chains loose from its mounting,
and had swung it around in a wide arc. The metal chains caught
Houston across the side of his face, and wrapped itself around his

Bowler pulled mightily on the chain, and it whipped back, spinning the
unconscious -- or dead -- Houston against the wall. He swung it
again, catching Klein around the waist. The chain wrapped around him.

Bowler heaved it back, and Klein spun around. Bowler saw shit and
blood on the man's cock.

Klein pulled out his revolver.

Bowler tugged on the chain as Klein fired.

The bullet strayed from its intended path as Klein's hand jerked
upward. Bowler felt his left hand -- still tied to the wall by its
chain -- sting, then the sudden release of pressure.

The bullet had knocked the pin out of the hinge of the shackle.

Bowler pulled back the chain again, and cracked it like a bull whip.
Klein's gun rattled across the cell. Another swing of the chain, the
tip snapping against Klein's chin. The unconscious man dropped to the

Bowler reached down and unfastened the weight pulling down on his
penis. Breathing a sigh of relief, he then turned his attention to
his feet, and finally the strap around his waist.

He stumbled as he dropped to the floor. Recovering, he limped over
to the bench where Lenore lay whimpering. He unfastened her shackles,
and held her gently while he kept an eye open for movement from Klein
or Houston.


Brisco pulled back on Comet's reins, pulling the big horse to a stop.
Ahead on the side of the road was Keno's horse, riderless, nibbling on
some grass.

He dismounted, drawing his revolver.

A small whimper from some bushes drew his attention. He turned, gun

Huddled in the bushes, a naked Crystal tried to cover herself, until
she saw that it was Brisco.

Wordlessly, she pointed down the road. Brisco nodded.

Staying as quiet as possible, Brisco edged down the road, on alert.

A few moments later, he saw something he could never have believed.

Lying in the road was a four-foot penis, with bushel-basket-sized
testicles. It seemed to be erect, pulsing, its foreskin pulled back
and its glans purple and distended.

Struggling against the weight of it, Brisco saw a weakened and pale
Don Keno.

In one hand, he held the Orb rod, which was glowing brightly.

"Stay back," gasped Keno. "Keep away from me!"

"Let go of the rod, Keno. It's killing you." Brisco said, calmly.

"No! No! I've got to get to Oklahoma! I've got to..." Keno whined.
He pushed the head of his penis toward Brisco.

"Watch out," Brisco warned. "That thing might be loaded!"

Keno stroked the cockhead with one hand. The penis glowed blue and
pulsed. "You bet your ass it's loaded. Stay back!"

Brisco holstered his revolver, and raised his hands in front of him.
He took a step backwards.

"Uh-oh," Keno gasped. "I can't stop it! It's going to..."

The penis jerked. A stream of white goo gushed from it, landing in a
puddle at Brisco's feet. It glowed faintly.

"Yuch!" Brisco jumped backwards, as a second gush issued from the
giant cock. "These are my favorite boots!"

Keno was reeling, his eyes half closed.

Brisco could see that the glow from the Orb rod was getting brighter,
and Keno's body was beginning to glow as well.

"Let go of the rod!" Brisco ordered. "Do it now!"

"No..." Keno almost whispered, his strength completely gone.

Brisco watched helplessly as Keno writhe as the penis began to glow.
Then Keno's body began to shrink, his legs shortening visibly.

Brisco stepped forward, avoiding the puddle in the road. But there
was nothing he could do. Keno's legs were completely gone, and now
his arms were sliding back into his torso, leaving just his hands at
his shoulders.

Keno's eyes were wide, disbelieving. And they stayed that way as his
neck slid into his torso, until only a tuft of silver-tinged red hair
was showing between the man's shoulders.

Brisco thought he was going to be sick.

Keno's torso began to shrink, being drawn into the giant penis. But
as disgusting as it all was, Brisco couldn't keep his eyes away from
the phenomenon.

Keno was gone. All that was left was the penis, lying on the roadway,
beginning to become limp. It quivered, and the shaft bent, turning
the glans toward Brisco. The slit on the tip moved.

"Help me," it said, in Keno's voice.


Klein's hand moved. Not very far, but it moved. His eyes opened

He tried to move his arms, but they were bound. His legs also failed
to function.

As consciousness came back to him, he figured out where he was. He
was strapped face down to the bench where he had tied Lenore.

"Wake-up time," Bowler said, his voice low and threatening.

Klein felt something behind him. He realized that he was naked from
the waist down, and that something was touching his anus.

He held his head up, turning it as much as he could to look behind
him. He saw Bowler standing there, naked. Something large and black
was in Bowler's hand.

"What are you going to do? Fuck me up the ass like I did your girl?"
Klein's voice cracked.

"Not with my dick," Bowler smiled, grimly. "Hell, I wouldn't even
fuck you with Houston's dick -- which I could do because he had a hell
of a hard-on when he died." He held up the device in his hand. "But
I will fuck you with this."

Klein's eyes widened. "Oh, shit!"

"Shit is right," Bowler growled, touching Klien's anus with the barrel
of the sawed-off shotgun. "I'll have to buy me a new gun."

He shoved the shotgun, and it slid slowly into Klein's asshole. Klein
screamed with pain as the metal barrels stretched his orifice. A
trickle of blood dripped down toward the man's limp cock.

Bowler shoved again, and six inches of the shotgun slid into Klein.
"How does that feel, ass-fucker?"

Klein screamed again. Bowler let the sound subside before he cocked
the shotgun, so that Klein could hear the mechanism click.

"Oh God," Klein whispered, "No, No! NO!"

Bowler pulled the trigger.


Brisco stared at the giant cock as it twisted upward, resting on the
testicles in an upright position, like some kind of obscene snake.

The shaft bent, the cockhead 'looking' at him.

Brisco pulled out his revolver and pointed it toward the thing. Where
to shoot?

He fired, putting a round into the cockhead. Then another round into
the middle of the shaft, then a round each into the testicles.

The Penis gurgled, blue-glowing blood flowing from the wounds and the
slit in the tip of the glans.

It fell over backwards, writhing for a moment before it became still.

Then before Brisco's eyes, it began to dissolve, until it was a mere
puddle of black liquid in the roadway. The Orb rod lay in the middle
of the puddle, the blue glow disappearing slowly.


"Is he dead?" Lenore whimpered.

"Nah," Bowler said, wiping off his gun with Klein's shirt. "He just
fainted. It was almost as good as having the damn thing loaded."

"Should we send Sheriff Viva back for him?" Lenore asked.

"Tomorrow," Bowler replied. "Maybe. Maybe the day after."

Bowler paused a moment, looking at the dead Houston lying on the
floor, his cock still hard and stiff. "Wait. I've got an idea."

He picked up Houston's body, and tugged it over to Klein. He propped
the dead man over the unconscious one, knelt down and pointed the dead
man's erection at the Klein's bloody asshole. Then he stood up, put a
foot on Houston's butt, and shoved it down. The dead cock slid in.

"Serves the bastard right," Lenore smiled.

Bowler took Lenore's hand and led her to the door.



"So that's the story," Brisco said. "Don Keno became a giant penis,
and the Orb rod's in the bank vault with the Orb -- where it's safe."

"I do wish I could have seen that," Dixie smiled. "But then, if
you've seen one giant cock, you've seen them all."

Her fingers were wrapped around Brisco's cock. They were lying naked
in Dixie's bed, a four-poster with a soft feather mattress, and
smelling sweetly of Dixie's perfume.

"This one's big enough for me -- even if it doesn't glow blue," she

Dixie flexed her fingers, and Brisco's cock throbbed. She moved
around over him, straddling his hips. She held his cock upright, as
she raised herself up.

She smiled, licking her lips, her eyes half closed, as she lowered her
body onto and his, sliding herself around his cock until he was fully
inside her.

She arched her back, her breasts bobbing a bit. Brisco reached up and
pinched her pink nipples between his fingers.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, moving her hips in small circles, rubbing her
prominent clit against his pubic bone.

She smiled down at him.

There was a tap at the door.

"Ignore it, it'll go away," she murmured, leaning forward, draping
herself over Brisco's body.

She kissed his cheek.

There was a tap at the door.

Dixie began to flex her hips, drawing Brisco's cock in and out of her
cunt, a slow, deliberate motion, which pressed her clit against the
base of his organ with each stroke.

There was a tap at the door.

"Awww, shit," Dixie whispered. "Hold that thought, Brisco."

She pulled off of him, and dragged a sheet over his body -- a sheet
that tented over his erection, she noted. She grabbed a robe and
threw it over her shoulders, holding it together in front.

She opened the door a crack.

"Socrates, what do you want?" she asked the thin fellow.

"Miss Dixie," Socrates said, removing his derby hat. "Is Brisco

"Yes, he's here, but he can't talk to you. He's busy."

"Busy?" Socrates blinked at her, then his gaze drifted downward. He
noted that her robe didn't quite cover Dixie's frame, and one pink
nipple was showing through a gap in her grip.

"Oh God," he began to stammer. "I-I-I'll come b-b-back l-l-later."

"Maybe tomorrow," Dixie drawled. "Or better yet, the day after."

She closed the door, and threw the bolt. Shrugging off the robe to
land in a pile on the floor, she sashayed back to the bed. She threw
off the sheet, and climbed back into the bed.

Brisco whispered, "Who was that?"

"Your Boswell," Dixie shrugged, reaching for Brisco's cock, guiding it
back into her.

"My Boswell?" Brisco asked.

"Socrates Poole."

"Why do you call him 'my Boswell'?"

"You do know he writes those stories for the dime novels, don't you?"
Dixie slid down Brisco's cock.

"Mmmm," he moaned. "No, I didn't. But it all fits."

"You bet it fits. Fits pretty well, I'd say." She began to move up
and down, using her legs to lift herself up and lower herself again.
Her breasts bobbed invitingly.

Brisco reached up and pulled her upper body toward his. As he kissed
her, he rolled over so that she was under him. He began to thrust,
using just his hips, slowly.

Dixie met each stroke with a forward-and-back movement of her own,
tightening her vaginal muscles around Brisco's large, veined cock.

As her breathing became shallow, Brisco speeded up his stroke, until
with a small "Ooop", Dixie's cunt squeezed tight around him, and Dixie
brought her legs up to clamp him inside her.

Brisco was about to come, too, and as she relaxed, he pushed into her
as deeply as he could and he erupted.

They lay in each other's arm, breathless, as the sun faded slowly in
the West.

The End


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