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Best Friends Whenever: Friends Never Lie (Mf, ncons, oral, anal, rape)
by Tori ([email protected])

Syd and Shelby, Syd and Shelby, it was always, Syd and Shelby. As much as Syd loved her BFF, she was getting tired of sharing every waking moment with her. It was great that Shelby's parents took her in when Syd's parents moved to Alaska. In addition, Syd and Shelby shared the ability to time travel and their adventures proved both stimulating but, on occasion, dangerous. That was when Syd, the cute tomboy with long brown hair, decided to do something on her own. Something that didn't involve Shelby. So, when she saw the ad for teen models on the internet, she decided to take a chance and check it out.

The next day, Syd told Shelby that she had to stay after school for detention. Syd was often given detention for doing poorly on a test or talking back to a teacher so this was nothing out of the ordinary for her. Shelby said her goodbyes and told her best friend she'd see her at home. As soon as Shelby left, Syd got her backpack and headed downtown to the address of the modeling agency.

When she walked in, she noticed that she was the only girl there. She also noticed that the photographer looked at her like a piece of meat. He eyed the short teen in the ripped jeans, rock band t-shirt and Doc Martins. "Hi there, I'm Jon, what's your name sweetie?" he asked.

Syd came in and introduced herself and said, "I want to be a model."

Jon smiled and told her to follow him. The two walked into the back and Syd saw several sets with backscreens and lighting. She saw that he had both still and video camera's set up all around and then she saw a clothes rack full of costumes along one of the walls.

Jon led her over in front of a large white backdrop and told her to sit on a stool set centered in the middle of the backdrop. Syd set her backpack down and hopped up on the stool. "So, Syd, I'm going to take a few test shots first, OK?"

Syd smiled and said, "No problemo dude."

Jon laughed and started taking some pictures. He had her do different things with her hands and hair, smiling, looking surprised and finally, he told her to look sexy. Syd didn't have a clue as to what he was asking but she gave him her best sultry look which made Jon get up close and snap more pictures.

"That's beautiful Syd. Show me sexy now. Mmmmm, that's right. You're so beautiful baby. Show me that you want it. Show me how hot you are baby."

Syd did her best and then Jon reached over and spread her legs apart and pulled her shirt up.

"Let's try something a bit more risque, OK?" he said.

Syd didn't want to piss him off so she shook her head and let him take some pictures of her with her T pulled up, exposing her small naked breasts. She was getting uncomfortable and knew she should have stopped but all of sudden, he came over and undid her jeans. He ran his hand inside her panties and she felt his fingers touching her kitty.

"Uhhh, what are you doing?" she asked.

Jon just smiled and said, "Relax baby. I'm just getting you in the mood."

Syd closed her eyes and let the older man continue to finger her. When he pulled out, Syd opened her eyes and saw him lick his fingers.

"Mmmm, you're so sweet. Are you a virgin Syd?"

Syd shook her head and then said, "Listen, I changed my mind. I don't want to do this anymore."

She got up and started for the door but Jon stood in front of her and said, "Look baby, I'm just getting you in the mood. How about you go over there and put on that cheerleader outfit, OK?"

Syd thought about it for a second and then went over and took the outfit off the rack. The načve teen looked around and said, "Um, where do I change?"

The photog said, "Right there. Don't worry baby, I'm a professional. It's alright."

Reluctantly, Syd took off her clothes and put on the short skirt and top. It was a little small for her but she managed to get the outfit on.

Jon led her over to the bedroom set and said, "OK Syd, let's get some shots of my sexy cheerleader in her room."

Syd went over and sat on the bed while he set up a couple of video cameras. When he was ready, he grabbed his Nikon and told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. He shot picture after picture of her as he posed her in different positions on the bed. He noticed her hard nipples poking through her top and decided to take a chance. He walked over to her and pulled her top off.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she said.

"Come on baby. You're so sexy. Let's have some fun, OK?"

Syd leaned back on her elbows and let him take some shots. He then had her spread her legs as wide as she could and took more pictures. He set his camera down and came over to Syd and said, "Give me your arm."

Syd sat up and held her arm out.

Suddenly, he attached a handcuff to her wrist and attached it to the headboard.

"STOP!" she screamed.

He quickly got on top of her and attached a second set of cuffs to her other wrist and attached it to the headboard as well.

Syd said, "Wait, don't, I don't want to do this anymore."

Jon didn't say anything. He grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled it off. He then ripped off her cotton panties, exposing the 15 year old's sweet pussy. There was just a wisp of pubic hair starting the show above her pink slit and this turned the photog on immediately.

"HELP!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!!!" she screamed.

Jon just laughed and said, "No one can hear you baby so go ahead, scream all you want."

He reached under the mattress and pulled out two chains with leather bindings and attached them to Syd's ankles. He pulled them tight, spreading her smooth teenage legs wide apart. He then picked up his camera and took some more pictures of her. When he was finally out of film, he walked over and turned on the video cameras. He made sure they were set perfectly in the monitors and then walked over to the bed and took off his clothes. Syd started to cry and begged him not to hurt her.

"Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you baby. I am going to fuck you but hurting you is the farthest thing from my mind." He got on the bed and straddled her chest, smacking his hard cock on her face. "Have you ever sucked a cock before baby?" he asked.

Syd shook her head no.

He rubbed his cock along her pink glossy lips and said, "I guess it's about time you learned then. Now be a good girl and open your mouth."

Syd kept her mouth shut but when he pinched her nose, she had no choice but to open up. As soon as he did, he shoved his cock into her mouth and said, "If you bite me bitch, I will hurt you, that's a promise. Now start sucking."

Syd had no idea what to do. She closed her mouth around the disgusting cock and started to suck it. Jon grabbed two handfuls of hair and began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her mouth. Syd closed her eyes but he said, "Open your eyes and look at me sweetmeat."

She did as she was told and looked up at him as he began to fuck her mouth faster. He started to push more and more of his hard meat deeper and deeper down her throat, making her gag in the process. She was glugging and slurping him as the saliva began to pour out around his cock. Her eyes were watering and several times he made her blow snot out of her nose when he went down her throat.

After several minutes, he finally pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her face. When he finished cumming, he wiped his cock off with her long brown hair and got off of her. Syd started to cry.

He walked over and grabbed a towel and said, "Stop crying. I'm just getting started." After he wiped the cum off her face, he looked at her and said, "Time to get serious baby."

He grabbed a condom and put it on his still hard cock. When he got between her legs, he rubbed his meat along her tiny slit and said, "I'm going to make you a woman baby. This might hurt a little but trust me, you're gonna love getting fucked."

He slowly inserted his hard cock into the young girl's pussy, stopping for a second when he felt her hymen. Then, with one push, he took away her innocence forever.

"OWWWWW!!!!! TAKE IT OUT!" she screamed.

Jon slapped her and said, "Shut the fuck up bitch. I told you it was going to hurt."

He started to slowly fuck his cock in and out of the cute little teen and soon felt her pussy adjusting to his intrusion. Syd closed her eyes tight as the man raped her tiny kitty with his huge cock. He laid down flat against her and started kissing her neck and licking her earlobes. Syd was unable to do anything but lay there and let him rape her. Soon, he was pounding his cock balls deep into her, grunting and sweating all over her.

After almost ten minutes, he sat up, pulled his cock out of her and took off the condom. Jon jerked his cock off, cumming all over her flat tummy and tiny breasts. When he finished, he got off of her and took several more pictures of the cum covered teen. "These are going to make me a ton of money baby" he said smiling as he took picture after picture.

Jon walked over and released her and tossed her clothes to her. "I'm beat baby. Be back here tomorrow and we'll have some more fun."

Syd quickly got dressed and said, "I'm not coming back here, ever. I'm going to go to the police and tell them what you did to me."

Jon walked over to her and slapped her hard, causing her to fall back on the bed. He grabbed her by the throat and said, "No, you'll be back here tomorrow and you won't tell anyone or I'll put these videos and pictures all over the internet. Everyone will see what a whore you are. Do you want that?" Syd looked at him and shook her head. "Good, now get the fuck out of here. Remember, be back here tomorrow and not a word."

Syd ran out of the studio and didn't stop until she was standing outside the house she shared with Shelby and her family. She sat down on the step and cried again. She knew she fucked up but didn't know what she could do about it.

* * *

Shelby looked out of the window and saw her friend sitting on the step. The pretty blonde went out and sat down next to her and said, "Hey Syd, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Syd hugged her and kept crying. Shelby touched her friend's hair and said, "Ewwww, what's this stuff in your hair Syd?"

Syd pulled back and said, "It''s.....cum. OK? Some guy raped me and shot his cum all over me. Satisfied?"

Shelby looked at her and said, "Some guy did WHAT?"

Syd looked at her feet and said, "I got raped Shelbs. I answered an ad for a modeling job after school and the guy raped me. I'm so sorry I lied to you. He really hurt me Shelby. I'm ruined. No guy is going to want me now."

She started to cry again so Shelby put her arm around her and said, "It'll be OK Syd. I promise. We'll figure this out."

After a few minutes, the two girls went up to their room and Syd told Shelby everything that had happened to her. She could see her best friend getting angrier and angrier. Shelby stood up and said, "We've got go back in time and fix this. What do you say?"

Syd stood up and said, "Hell YEAH! I'm in. First, though, I really need to take a shower. I feel so gross."

* * *

An hour later, the two girls high fived each other and time warped back to lunch time that day. They ate in relative silence. Syd thought about getting raped and Shelby thought more and more about how Syd had lied to her.

As soon as the last bell rang, Shelby met Syd at her locker and the two girls headed downtown to the photographers studio. When they arrived at the front door, Syd looked at Shelby and said, "Did you bring your Mom's Taser?"

Shelby reached into her backpack and pulled it out and said, "Yup, right here. Ready?"

Syd shook her head and opened the door. When they walked in, Shelby quickly hid behind a tall stack of boxes.

The photographer came over and introduced himself to Syd, just as he had done the first time. As soon as he started taking pictures of her, Syd looked over and saw Shelby coming up behind the photographer but, instead of using the Taser on him, Shelby walked over and zapped Syd. The young teen fell to the floor with Shelby standing over her. "That will teach you to lie to me you bitch."

Jon came up beside her and said, "I have no idea what you're up to baby but I'm glad you called me. So, what did you have in mind?"

* * *

When Syd woke up, she found herself naked on the bed, chained with her legs spread wide open. She looked over and saw Shelby on her knees giving the photographer a blowjob. "Shelby? What are you doing?" she asked.

Shelby took her mouth off the cock long enough to say, "Getting him ready to rape you again." She went back to sucking the big cock and after a few minutes, she stood up and grabbed the cock, leading him over to her friend. "Go on, fuck her."

Syd screamed, "PLEASE!! NOT AGAIN!"

Jon got up between her legs and said, "Again? What do you mean again? I've never seen you before in my life, have I?"

Syd closed her eyes and felt him enter her pussy. He started fucking the pretty teen hard while Shelby stood and watched.

"Fuck her harder" she said.

Jon began to slam his cock in and out of Syd's tight little pussy. Just as he was about to cum, Shelby reached over and grabbed Syd's hand. The two girls instantly time warped back to school. They were standing next to their lockers with Syd staring at her friend.

Syd hugged Shelby and said, "I'm so sorry I lied to you. I promise, I'll never lie to you again."

Shelby said, "Good. I hope you've learned your lesson. Now, let's go home."

Syd put on her backpack and walked next to her best friend. "Shelbs?" she said.

Shelby stopped and said, "What?"

Syd grabbed her hand and time warped the two to the photographer's studio. She quickly pulled out the Taser and zapped Shelby, rendering her unconscious. Syd dragged her limp body over in front of the photographer who stood there dumbfounded.

He said, "Where the hell did you come from?"

Syd said, "Shut up and help me."

They picked Shelby up and put her on the bed. Syd stripped Shelby's clothes off and helped Jon handcuff her to the bed. When she finally came too, Shelby found herself lying on her stomach naked. She was just about to say something when suddenly, she screamed out in pain as Jon shoved his cock up her ass. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!! TAKE IT OUT!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!!!"

Jon started to pound the pretty blonde's virgin hole. Her ass felt like it was on fire. She looked over and saw Syd sitting on a chair playing with herself.

"Fuck her harder" she said.

Jon put his hands on Shelby's shoulders and slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Several minutes later, he filled her gaping hole with cum just as Syd got herself off. Syd got up and zipped up her jeans. She walked over to Shelby and said, "Now we're even."

When Syd left the studio, Jon was busy throat fucking Shelby. She went back to the house and waited for Shelby to come. It was almost three hours later when Shelby slowly walked into the room she shared with Syd. Syd looked at her and saw her ruined friend gently sit down on her bed.

"So, how's that ass feel Shelbs?" she asked.

Shelby flipped Syd off and said, "Fuck you Syd. How could you leave me there with that animal? Do you know what he did to me after you left?"

Syd said, "How the hell should I know."

Shelby looked at Syd and said, "He called up some of his friends and they all came over and raped me Syd. They raped me for hours. I didn't deserve that."

Syd got up and took out her suitcase. "I'm leaving Shelby. I'm going to live with my parents in Alaska. I don't ever want to see you again."

Shelby slowly got up and said, "Good. Get the fuck out of my house bitch."

Syd and Shelby learned a valuable lesson that day. Never, ever, lie to your best friend.

The End


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