Disclaimer: A BTVS/Bring It On crossover. All character are owned by Joss
Whedon, or MCA/Universal and are used without permssion or compensation.
Despite the appearance of Pike from the original Buffy movie, Buffy looks
like Sara Michelle Geller not Kristy Swanson.

What if things had been differant? What if Buffy and Faith had simply been
cheerleaders? Or were they always destined to be Slayers no matter what the

Some chapters NC-17 for explicit F/F sex in various combinations, including
Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Willow, cheerleading squad orgys etc.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Bring It On: Buffy Brings It On! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Buffy Summers woke up with the alarm, reluctantly as always. But for once
she was actually looking forward to school. Or certain aspects of it anyway.
Today was the first day of her senior year, and quite possibly the day she
became head cheerleader of the 5 time National Champions, the 'Rancho Carne

Buffy knew that she was going to win. Whitney was going to vote for Courtney,
Courtney was going to vote for Whitney, they were lesbian lovers and everyone
knew it even though they denied it. In fact, Whitney was called 'Whip me' by
the other girls because she was known to love being whipped by Courtney.

Cordelia was going to vote for herself and would get Harmony's vote. But
Kasey, Darcy, Carver, and all the guys were solidly behind Buffy. Buffy
dressed quickly and headed downstairs. Her mother and father had probably
been fighting again since he was already gone. Her little sister Dawn was
eating a bowl of cereal. Dawn was also somewhat excited as today was her
first day in high school.

"Hi sis," Buffy smiled giving her little sister a quick peck.

"I know, you don't know me if anyone asks," Dawn grinned back.

"I'm not that bad, am I?," Buffy asked grinning.

"No comment, on grounds that I'm ticklish and you're sadistic," Dawn laughed.

Buffy laughed. Truth be told the sisters had grown closer the last 2 years as
their parents grew further and further apart. Their father rarely even came
home anymore. Usual excuse of working late, but they knew he was having an

All thoughts of that were pushed aside as the new school year was starting.
Both sisters hoped that maybe, just maybe, they could all have a new start.

"Has Pike called?" Buffy asked as she ate an energy bar, followed by orange

"No, but then again he's starting college at UC San Diego today," Dawn said,
"But he did promise you he'd pick you up. Why a cheerleader? Aren't there any
studs on the football team?"

"Dawn! Does our mother know you talk like that," Buffy said in mock outrage.

"Just asking," Dawn said, "They can't play worth a crap, but I was kind of
hoping there might be a couple of cute ones. Having you as a sister might be
good enough to get me some cutie leftovers."

"When did you stop playing with Barbies? Last week?" Buffy asked laughing.

Dawn blushed. Despite all the pin ups in her room she still barely knew that
boys existed thanks to her own cheerleading in junior high. In fact Dawn
didn't know how to tell her older sister that she felt funny when she saw
other girls, especially her own sister, naked. These feelings were causing
her to masterbate, even though she barely knew what that was, despite some
sex education classes the year before.

Buffy had barely finished breakfast when Pike pulled up and honked. Dawn
rolled her eyes. She had never liked Pike, and the fact that he was a male
cheerleader didn't add anything to his resume in Dawn's eyes.

"Gotta run sweetie," Buffy smiled, giving Dawn another quick peck.

Buffy ran out the door waving to the smiling Pike. Buffy and Pike kissed as
she got in his car. The drive was short enough to walk to, but Pike had been
giving Buffy a ride since he had gotten his license.

Pike and Buffy did all the small talk, promises to write all the time, even
though they would still be in the same town. Kissing still Buffy got out as
they arrived at school.

"Call me tonight," Buffy said.

"You know it Buff," Pike grinned as he drove off waving.

Buffy watched him go then turned to see her best friend and next door
neighbor Willow Rosenburg. Willow was definately a brain. Her acadimic
creditials were so high that colleges all across America, and even a few
in Europe were taking an interest in Willow. Willow was so cute she was
even pretty in her own way. Buffy gave her a hug.

"Oh Willow, I missed you so much," Buffy said, "I need help with my math."

"Buffy, we live next door, I spent most of the summer, including yesterday
with you," Willow smiled, "And the first bell hasn't even rung yet, we don"t
have any homework yet."

"Sorry, old habit," Buffy sheepishly said causing Willow to laugh.

"Hey, Buffster!" Jan yelled as he and Les walked over.

"Guys!," Buffy yelled as she waved over 2 of the guys on the cheerleading
squad, and her friends.

Larry and Mark, two of the loser football goons were also in the area. Larry
gave out a 'Queer' cough as the Jan and Les joined Buffy and Willow. Jan
stepped foreward, but Buffy grabbed his arm.

"Don't let these losers get to you," Buffy said, "They can't even score a
touchdown, much less win a game."

Larry and Mark laughed as they walked away.

"God, those neanderthals really piss me off," Jan said.

"Let it go guys," Buffy said, "We all know who the winners in this school

"Yea, those muscleheads are just pissed that we have all the trophys in this
school," Les added.

The first bell rang so they quickly headed for class. Buffy was relieved when
she saw that Willow was in almost every class with her.

end of chapter 1


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