Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex in various combinations.

Were Buffy and Faith always fated to be Slayers? And what of Torrence?
A new teacher, a new librarian, a mysterious stranger who shows up at
the Toro's games. How will these things affect Buffy the cheerleader?

Bring It On/Buffy TheVampire Slayer: Buffy Brings It On! Part 2 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

First period was pretty easy for Buffy. English was a class she was good at,
and Willow sat next to her. The next class, Basic Computers was going to be
rough. Willow was in the advanced class and it was the only class besides
gym/cheerleading that they didn't have together. Willow did sometimes get
extra credit by being a substitute teacher for this class last year.

This year Buffy saw that they had a new teacher, Miss Jenny Calender. Miss
Calender seemed almost, too beautiful to be a teacher. Shoulder-length black
hair set off dark brown eyes and full red lips. A trim athletic body with
firm breasts added to her exotic looks. Buffy wondered if she was Spanish or
Italian. The hour went quickly even with Jason and Brad, also from the
football team, in the class.

Near the end of class a new boy entered the room. Buffy looked him over as
most of the others did. He was tall, fairly good looking, had a decent wiry
looking build. He was dressed in slightly too long jeans, and a t-shirt
bearing the logo 'Dingoes Ate My Baby'. He handed Miss Calender a piece of

"Class, this is Alexander Harris," Jenny said, "He's joining us from Mission
Hills in Los Angelas. Please have a seat."

"Please, just call me Xander," Xander smiled at her.

At the mention of Mission Hills High School Buffy looked at Xander again. For
some reason he now looked somewhat familiar. Mission Hill's beat Rancho Carne
every year. Ironiclly, the only open seat was next to Buffy. Whitney was
behind him, and Torrance sat behind Buffy. As Xander was about to sit down
Jason turned his head and did the 'Loser' sneeze.

Miss Calender's attention was drawn as Coach Grady was at the door and
motioned her out. Xander sat down and turned to the loser jocks still

"Excuse me, was that the 'loser' sneeze," Xander said using the finger
quotes, "I am so surprised that guys with your intellect and refinement
would use such an outdated and so totally tired cliche. Do they still
use the loser sneeze in Kentucky? No, I think they've moved on to guns
and homemade bombs. So guys, I hate to tell you this, but I'm pretty
sure the loser sneeze is officially dead."

Xander then turned around as Jason did another 'Loser' sneeze, getting a
high five from Brad.

"I don't think those morons got the memo on the loser sneeze," Buffy smiled
at him.

"Thanks," Xander smiled," Hi, Xander Harris."

"Buffy Summers," Buffy said, "Is that a band?"

"Yeah, it was my band, well me and Oz anyway," Xander said, "We sucked."

"Really," Buffy grinned.

Coach Grady entered the room with Miss Calender.

"Is 'Thunderbolt' Harris here?," Coach Grady asked.

Buffy looked hard at Xander, mouth open in surprise. She knew she had seen
him before! 'Thunderbolt' Harris was the star quarterback of Mission Hills
High School, three times All State, and considered the best conferance
quarterback since Elway by many top Universities. Buffy just wasn't used to
seeing him without a helmet on.

For their part Justin and Brad started sinking down in their seats. Buffy,
Whitney, and Torrance giggled at the jocks discomfort. Xander didn't answer
Coach Grady and the bell rang seconds later. Xander slipped out of the room
with the rest of the class. Buffy, Whitney, and Torrance caught up to him.

"Hey, Xander," Torrance said.

"Yes ladies," Xander turned smiling.

"Why didn't you speak up when Coach asked about you?" Whitney asked.

"Are you kidding, your team sucks!," Xander laughed, "If I played for the
Toro's I can kiss any chance of college goodbye. No, it's better if I sit
this year out, and claim I was hurt when I apply for college, that way I
can be seen as durable for coming back, and get to keep my dignity."

The three cheerleaders wanted to ask more question's, but they had to get to
their next class as Courtney and Cordelia joined them. 'Man, their teams may
suck, but this school has eye candy,' Xander thought.

"Who was that guy?," Cordelia asked.

"Believe it or not, that's 'Thunderbolt' Harris," Torrance answered.

"Is he going to join our team?" Cordelia asked, "We might actually win a game
or 2 if he plays for the Toro's."

"I doubt it," Buffy said, "That he'll play that is."

"Is he going out with anyone yet?" Cordelia asked.

"Down girl," Torrance grinned.

Willow joined the cheerleaders.

"Hey Buff, my lockers stuck, can you give me a hand?" Willow asked.

"Sure," Buffy smiled and nodded.

The 6 girls walked over to Willow's locker. Buffy yanked on it, and to the
surprise of everyone, especially Buffy, ripped the locker door completely

"Whoa! Someone had their Wheaties this morning," Courtney said.

"I'm sorry Will, I didn't mean to," Buffy said turning red.

"The door hinges must have been broken already," Whitney said, "Maybe that's
why it was stuck in the first place."

"Makes sense to me," Torrance said.

"Guess I'd better report this to maintenance at lunch," Willow sighed as she
got her books.

They propped the door back up as best they could. Willow didn't keep anything
of value in her locker, and what few pictures she had taped up she didn't
care if anyone saw or even stole. Since they all had the same class they then
continued their daily routine, although Cordelia seemed excited at the
prospect of Xander Harris playing football for the Toro's.

The lunch bell rang at the end of third period. Buffy, Willow, Cordelia,
Whitney, Cortney, and Torrance joined up with Kasey, Carver, Darcy, and
Harmony at the park across the street from the school. For awhile they
talked about the usual teenage girl stuff. Then something dawned on Buffy.

"Y'know, I wonder if we're in a rut," Buffy grinned.

"What are you talking about?" Cordelia asked.

"Look at us," Buffy continued, "Here we are, the most popular girls in
school, plus the smartest girl, and who are we always with. Each other."

"So, we have no life," Darcy laughed, "We're the best cheerleaders in the
country 5 times running and we have the trophys to prove it."

"And this may be our strongest line-up ever," Harmony added, "Big Red and
Pike were the only seniors last year."

"That's true, but Buffy does have a point," Torrance said, "We practice until
dark every day, when we go to the Bronze we all go together, half the time we
sleep at each others houses."

"And who do we dance with at the Bronze?" Buffy said, "Jan and Les, and
Aaron, and the other guys on our squad."

"Hey, I like being with you guys," Willow said, "As the only non-cheer person
in the clique it gives me babe status by proxy."

"Point taken," Codelia said, "Even in the summer, we go to cheer camp for 2
weeks, but we do extra study with Willow the rest of the summer."

"I like it this way," Kasey said, "Well, we like working out and looking
good, and making the guys drool."

"We've been friends a long time," Carver said, "No matter who makes captain,
we'll always be friends."

Buffy grinned. The girls formed a circle and all of them put their hands in.
Cordelia and Buffy had often been rivals, but it was true, they would stick
with each other, no matter what.

Fourth period came and Buffy walked into the library for a book. Another
surprise. There was a new librarian in the school too.

"Hello," the man said in a distinct British accent, "Buffy Summers, I

"How did you know?," Buffy asked confused.

"Oh, that's not important right now," the man smiled, "Here's the book you

The librarian reached under the counter and slid the large book over to
Buffy. The title read 'Vampyr'.

"Um, I think you have me confused with someone else," Buffy said as she was
getting weirded out.

"No, no mistake," the man smiled pushing the book towards her.

Buffy did a hasty retreat out the door. The book she had been looking for
forgotten. Later on Buffy told Willow about it.

"Who is that guy?" Buffy whispered.

"It says here his name is Rupert Giles," Willow whispered back as she was
hacked into the school's computer, she had broken the schools code in 3
minutes when she had been a freshman, "That's a funny name, Rupert, sounds
like bad vegetable. Well, not much on him. He is British, highest honors
from Oxford, highly recomended. Hmmmm. Nothing about any personal life, or
any previous job positions. That's very odd. His files are so coded I don't
think even I can break them."

"That's okay," Buffy said, "He's very weird, not sure I want to know anything
about him."

Finally last period rolled around. Big Red led them through a Tae Bo session,
pleased that they all kept up. This was followed by a review of some of their
more basic cheers. Being the first day of school and her last session, Big
Red called a halt after only 2 hours.

"Okay, time to cast those ballots for your next captain," Big Red said.

The vote was unanamous. Even Cordy had voted for Buffy.

"This is quite a surprise," Big Red smiled, "Make me proud Buffy. Make us all
proud. And lets win Nationals for number 6!!"

Despite Big Red's previous bossiness, everyone cheered. Hugs were exchanged
all around as Buffy stood in front of everyone.

"Let's hear it for the Toro's!" Buffy yelled to more cheers.

end of Chapter 2


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